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July 2012
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New A Go-Go
Since July 27th Soi Diana's popular Papagayo Coyote Club opened an A Go-Go Bar - called PAPAgogo - at the same location, but in a separated room - for people that are in the mood to eye up more skin(s).

LK Metro News
On the way to open
The new black venue on Soi LK Metro, located between Mash A Go-Go and Queen Club A-Go-Go is looking now for its staff. It will open soon as a 2-floor Coyote Club.

Indian Dance Club opened on 2nd Road!
Indian Dance Club opened
At the Southern end of Pattaya's Second Road Pattaya's first Indian Dance Club with the name Thai Night City Club 1 opened.
Indian Dance Club opened
You can't miss it. It is conveniently located between the street's two popular Kebab boothes.

Leam Bar opened
Leam Bar opened
Leam Bar opened on Soi 7, just in front of the Soi's Clinic A Go-Go Club.

We are a Disco too!
We are a Disco too!
Club 23 on Soi 8, a well-known Coyote Bar, announces that it is a disco too! The Soi's only one!

Barbican Pizza
Barbican Express Pizza
Barbican Express is Pattaya's latest outlet for Pizza located near the entry to Soi Diamond on Soi Phratamnak. The new outlet has an easy to read menu-card for our visitors from Arab countries.

New Sign
New Sign
Xzone A Go-Go installed a new immense sign in front of its club on Soi 16.

It's Low Season
Xzone A Go-Go on Soi 16 sells the beer during Happy Hours for 39 Baht, Club Relaxx A Go-Go, at the same address, for 29 Baht only...

Sorry, but we had to close!
Goodbye Berlin!
Goodbye Berlin!
The well-known Restaurant and Café Berlin, located across from Pattaya's famous Bamboo Bar, closed and is on the block.

Star Dust Beer Garden closed!
Star Dust Beer Garden closed!
Star Dust Beer Garden, located near the Dolphin Turnabout on Pattaya's Second Road, had to close. It was once popular for its open air bars and Ladyboy shows.

Not so easy
The Eazy Room Bar, located on Soi 15 and the successor of the failed Eazy Room A Go-Go, had to close too.

Closure on Soi 8
Temporarily closed
Fiik Bar on Soi 8, the neighbour of Sexy Girls A Go-Go, closed (temporarily?).

A&W closed!
A&W closed!
A&W, the fastfood outlet at CentralFestival's top floor, closed.
It's the second time the fastfood chain closes a shop in Pattaya.
About a decade ago A&W closed its restaurant at the beach front entry to Soi Post Office. Pizza Hut was its successor.

Dairy Queen closed!
Dairy Queen closed!
DQ Dairy Queen, located on CentralFestival's ground floor, closed. A few month ago DQ already closed its Hamburger Outlet on the 5th floor of the building.
Burger King is occupying DQ's empty space.
With its inflated prices, Burger King is by far Pattaya's most expensive Burger outlet.

Turkish Food on Walking Street
Turkish Food on Walking Street
Walking Street's Turkish Food Corner doesn't sell Ice Cream only, since a few weeks it also sells Turkish Kebab.

Promotion Time
Snatch an opportunity:
Many hotels in the resort offers discounts until September 30th 2012.

Caramels at Restaurant
Caramels at Restaurant
The Caramel Strip Hall at Bali Hai Entertainment Complex changed it's format and is now integrated into the Caramel Restaurant and Gentlemen's Club.

In my home country Rex is the most popular name for dogs.
In Pattaya Rex seems to be the name of Pattaya's latest nightclub at Bali Hai Entertainment Complex.
If I can trust media reports it replaces the failed Caramel Strip Hall and is an establishment I can't afford...

Gasohol Warnings!
Mitsubishi says Thailand's fuel quality is responsible for the malfunctioning of fuel gauges in cars.
Gasohol in export countries is of much better quality and doesn't produce such problems.
If you run a motorcycle in Thailand you should avoid Gasohol too. Its bad quality can destroy the carburator...

Ladyboy Facts
Eleven per cent of transgenders surveyed in Chonburi had HIV, soaring to 20 per cent among those aged 29 or over.
Infection rates among transgenders are thought to be on the up, as high-risk lifestyles, including prostitution and drug use take their toll.
A study published by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) says HIV prevalence rates among transgenders across the Asia-Pacific could be as high as 49 per cent.

Thammanoon Munkong fired
Pol. Col. Thammanoon Munkong, a Pattaya Police Officer, was urgently transferred on June 21st after letting arrested gamblers free.
When the police brought the 74 gambler suspects to Pattaya Police Station, Pol. Col. Thammanoon Munkong entered the meeting room, switched off the lights and pulled out the plug on the computer with all the evidence.
The consternated Police was able to record only 13 names and seize some of the gambling equipment.
A few weeks before, on May 29th, the Police raided another gambling den in Central Pattaya. They found only one employee. The Police believe that the gamblers were tipped off before hand.
Our source believes that the very same Pol. Col. seemed to be the informant. He was part of the raiding Police and had all the information before the operation started...

Our Police meet
On July 18th Officers from Pattaya Police, Tourist Police, Immigration Police, Highway Police and Marine Police discussed persistent problems with Jet Skis Scams, petty crime involving Transsexuals and others on Pattaya Beach.
The Officiers decided that on Beach Road every 300 meters Police Security Points will be set-up to assist tourists should they require it.
They also aggreed that Jet Ski scams seem to be a problem with tourists.
We understand that a reorganisation of their own activities will be necessary until tourists can benefit from the announced improvements...

Hand, foot and mouth disease in Thailand!
The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has ordered 18 schools closed and some classes at 11 others suspended because of the outbreak of the hand, foot and mouth disease.
A total of 12'581 cases of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) were reported in the country from January 1 to July 5, a deputy government spokesman said.
Since the possibility is high for the disease to spread further, Thailand's cabinet ordered the Public Health Ministry's to take measures to prevent and control HFMD.

The numbers
International Arrivals to Thailand:
January - May 2012
China: 943'161
Malaysia: 916'367
Russia: 578'687
Japan: 534'556
Korea: 457'644
India: 405'719
United Kingdom: 372'746
Australia: 354'646
Germany: 326'733
USA: 321'552
France: 276'617
Canada: 101'050
Africa: 71'666
New Zealand: 38'615
Sri Lanka: 27'320
Bangladesh: 26'533

Another Coup d'état?
On July 5th 2012 Thailand's Constitutional Court began hearing an incendiary charter amendment case that could lead to the dissolution of the ruling Puea Thai party.
The court is set to rule over claims of the Democrats that plans by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra's party to amend the constitution are a threat to the deeply-revered monarchy.
Opposition Democrats also accuse Yingluck's party of seeking to redraw the country's charter to enable the return of her divisive brother Thaksin, who was ousted from power in a coup by royalist generals in 2006.
If the Constitutional Court judges find that the amendment plans threaten the monarchy, it could lead to the dissolution of the party.
Two pro-Thaksin premiers were forced from office in 2008 in judicial rulings, making way for the Democrats - who have not won an election in 20 years - to take power in a parliamentary vote.
The Democrats(!?) have the support of Bangkok's notorious Elite and Thailand's Military.
Thitinan Pongsudhirak, of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, said Thai people were tired of the systematic effort to undermine and subvert democratic institutions (by Thailand's Military and Bangkok's Elite). There will be a severe backlash if we see yet another repeat of the usurpation of electoral rule, he said.

Friday July 13th
Thailand's Constitution Court on Friday afternoon dismissed the five petitions against the government's charter amendment bill.
It said there was no evidence to prove the alleged intention to topple the constitutional monarchy and the democratic administration.
After the verdict was announced, supporters of the red-shirt United Front for Democracy gathering in front of the court building and other areas cheered and waved in joy and excitement.
In Thailand Friday the 13th seems to be a happy day...

Yellow Shirts threaten to hit the streets...
After the court's verdict Maj Gen Chamlong Srimuang and Pipop Thongchai announced that their People's Alliance for Democracy (also known as PAD) will bring its supporters onto the streets again if Parliament goes ahead with passage of the constitutional amendment bill on its third reading.
The yellow-shirt movement of PAD supporters would closely monitor developments and as soon as the bill enters its third reading it would call a meeting and then announce further action against the government and the bill's backers, said Maj Gen Chamlong.
The so called People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) is an organisation with close ties to Bangkok's Elite, the Democrat Party and Thailand's Military.

Not a believer?
Cambodia announced a troop pullout from the demilitarised zone near the disputed Preah Vihear temple.
It is nothing but a propaganda trick, a Thai Army source says.
Nevertheless, the Thai Army already had to reduce the number of its troop: The (actual) Pheu Thai government didn't approve a monthly allocation of 30-million-baht budget for the Suranaree Taskforce, so troop reductions were necessary in certain areas.
The rejection of the budget is seen by some as a government attempt to pressure the army to bring down troop numbers as the Yingluck Shinawatra administration and Cambodia premier Hun Sen have been on good terms.
The Democrats and the Thai Army still remain the big incalculable variable in Thai politics.

New Trouble at Suvarnabhumi Airport
On Thursday, July 5th, Thailand's main airport was closed for repairs about at 20:30.
It forced 11 aircraft to divert to three other airports: Three aircrafts had to fly to Don Mueang, seven to U-tapao and one to Chiang Mai. The subsidence also caused delays for 200 take-offs and landings.
A small area at the northern part of the western runway was found to have subsided by about 5cm.
Airport General Manager Somchai Sawasdeepon insists the subsidence on the western runway was caused by normal wear and tear, but Airline Managers questioned if the airfield had been built with proper civil engineering techniques and high-standard construction materials.
Aviation experts said they were astonished by the large number of soft surface problems at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport, once touted as Thailand's Pride...
The AoT Manager stressed the airport's safety should not be put in doubt as the AoT has safety standards to maintain.
Update: On July 16th 2012 Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra discussed congestion problems at Suvarnabhumi Airport with officials.
She ordered officials to decrease the number of day flights, increase the number of night flights and urged the officials to use Bangkok's second airport, Don Mueang, to help ease congestion at Suvarnabhumi.
Suvarnabhumi airport has the capacity to handle 76 flights an hour. However, it actually serves only 55 flights per hour because the number of flights it can operate is limited on the western runway.
Therefore Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra ordered officials to speed up the 62-billion-baht second phase of the expansion of the airport's passenger terminal and the construction of a 13-billion-baht third runway to increase the Airport's capacity.

Thailand is ignoring Safety Standards
Thailand has not been very serious about safety standards, Industry Minister Pongsvas Svasti said on Wednesday July 4th 2012.
Motorcycle riders don't even wear helmets here and there's a long way to go to educate people about safety standards, the Minister added.

No Skills!
Thailand's problem is that workers have no skills, at least not the skills investors are looking for, Thailand's Finance Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong said on Wednesday July 4th 2012.

We are anything but a Skilled Workforce
The workers from Nine Engineering Department had to go back to Second Road to redo repairs to drain covers.
Floods of motorists and bikers complained about uneven pavement and drains that didn't lie flat on the pavement.
Pattaya's workers are known for their flimsy street repairs all over our beautifully ruined city.
A spokesperson from the department said that 'we are very busy, fixing three or four road problems a day. We urge the public to be patient in waiting for street repairs'.
The result: After the repair the road is as bumpy as before...
We simply call the workers lazy and their works anything but professional.
Chonburi's Senator Surachai Chaitrakulthong is luring potential investors from Taiwan and other countries by promising 'Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled workforce'.
The contrary is true, Thailand's problem is the lack of a skilled workforce.

Don Mueang reopens
Thailand's former International Airport, widely known as Bangkok Don Mueang Airport, will reopen for commercial aviation on August 1st, not on October 1st as earlier planned.
After its opening, Don Mueang airport will become another important source of revenue for the country, in addition to Suvarnabhumi airport, Thailand's Finance Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong said.
As long as there is no political violence and no natural disaster Mr Kittiratt expects the number of foreign tourists will significantly increase over last year.

Police still busy
Pattaya Police is still busy in collecting 100 Baht bank notes from suspected prostitutes.
On Sunday morning, July 1st, Police arrested suspected prostitutes on Pattaya's Beach Road, at the entry to Walking Street, on Phratamnak Road and on Jomtien's Beach Road.
The Police recorded the names of the arrested men and women, collected the money and let them go back to their prefered meeting places.

No helmet? You pay!
On Soi Phratamnak Pattaya's Police makes great business almost every evening with all that 'clever' motorcycle drivers not wearing helmets.
Obviously Pattaya's ladies think it's not worth to protect their nice heads and stupid brains...

Unexpected Trouble for Jet Ski Vendors
Officers from Banglamung and Pattaya arrested 7 men suspected of dealing drugs to Pattaya notorious Jet Ski vendors and tourist guides.
Two of the arrested suspects are speedboat driver themself...

Enriched Tap Water
Enriched Tap Water
On July 3rd 2012 our tap water was gracefully enriched with red worms.
It wasn't the first time.
A few days ago we encountered the same problem.
A few months ago a spokesman from Pattaya's Waterworks told the press that the city's water has drinking water quality.
Be careful using tap water here in Pattaya, even when using water from the many Osmosis vending machines.
30% off all water from vending machines is contaminated a test in Bangkok revealed - don't think the situation here in Pattaya will be better!
myLady™ told me that she can't recommend Pattaya to their vegetarian friends anymore...

No Shortage of Water
A Spokesman from the Water Department assured that there is no shortage of water. There is sufficient amount of water in all reservoirs to cater to the needs of residents and tourists for the rest of the year.
He not elaborated on the quality of the water delivered by the Water Department...

No F1 Circuit in Pattaya?
No F1 Circuit in Pattaya?
Tourism and Sports Minister Chumpol Silpa-archa announced his ministry would conduct a feasibility study on building an F1 circuit near Chiang Mai's Royal Park Ratchapruek.
Chiang Mai had been selected for the project because the ministry aimed to make optimum use of the property surrounding the flora expo site, which generated revenue for the Highland Research and Development Institute - a state enterprise that supports research and development of royal projects in highland areas in the North.

Be aware
2012 is the Year of English Speaking, the Thai Ministry of Education announced.
The program will be initiated in schools and will involve plenty of academic activities. It will let teachers and students have opportunities to speak English and build their confidence in using it without excessive concern about grammatical errors.
NightWalker and his Team have the same approach - since many years...
Previous Publications
Pattaya News Flash July 2012 - The Source
NightWalker's News
New Banknotes
Thailand launches new Banknotes
To mark the 80th birthday of Her Majesty the Queen and the 60th birthday of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn the Bank of Thailand has launched commemorative 80-Baht and 100-Baht banknotes.
The banknotes will be available from August 9th 2012 onwards.
They will be encased in a hard-paper cover and are priced at 120 Baht each.

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Pattaya's new Beach Promenade
The World's first Beach Promenade
with even/odd day walking regulation
Pattaya's new Beach Promenade
Pattaya's new Beach Promenade
Footways designed to generate additional income for Pattaya's Police.
Walking Regulation
The sketches from Pattaya's New Beach Promenade show dramatically the shortcomings of the design:
The footways are too small, they just provide the space for a small buggy.
To solve the problem our ingenious Mayor proposed an even/odd day Walking Regulation for Pattaya's new Promenade:
During even days walking on Pattaya's new Beach Promenade will be permited only from North to South, during odd days from South to North only.
If we publish the Walking Regulation in Thai only, we can generate an additional income for our Police Organisations, our clever Mayor said.

Sketch of the proposed Walking Regulation.
Translation by NightWalker.

All information published on this page are as accurate as possible, but this one is a joke - based on facts obtained from Pattaya City Hall.
Pattaya's empty Beaches
Pattaya's empty beaches

All pictures published on this page are as accurate as possible - this one too!
The Nightmare of a Tourist in Thailand
The Dirty Family Resort of Pattaya
Family Resort Pattaya: Naklua
Family Resort Pattaya: Naklua
Unhealthy Family Resort Pattaya: Dirty Beaches in Naklua

Please read Definitely More Garbage published in May's News Flash!
Wong Amat Beach Naklua
Did I bought in the best Location?
Did I choose the wrong Location?
Did I really bought in the best Location?
Did I choose the wrong Location?
As a regular visitor of our beautiful City you know the advertisements for Wong Amat's unsold Condominiums: I bought in the best location! Really?

Please read Definitely More Garbage published in May's News Flash!
Free Living 1st Year
Free Living 1st Year

Do you still believe that Pattaya is short of condominiums?
Pattaya's Beautiful Beach
The Beach's Reputation tarnished again!

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Information for Pattaya City Hall
A Beach needs Maintenance
Even Pattaya's Beaches need some maintenance
Beaches are naturally very dynamic and may erode or accrete through storms, seasons and waves. In many cases beach erosion problems are the result of prior shortsighted decisions.
Coastal erosion simply means that a stretch of beach receives less sand than flows away from it. Beach Resorts all over the world are using 'Sand Shuffling Ships' that are collecting the sand deported by the waves and bring it back to the beaches.
It's a pity, but until today Pattaya never took care of its beaches. There are companies in Belgium and in Holland that are specialised in recreation of beaches. Use their knowledge! They have a lot more experiences that any university in this country.
The Sea isn't as lazy as our Officials...
Even Pattaya's Beaches need some maintenance
Pattaya's Nature needs Garbage!

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Colourful Paradise
Your Passion is still a Possibility in Pattaya!
Colourful Paradise?

Your passion is still a possibility in Pattaya and not only on Walking Street...
Your Tour de Siam
Le Tour de Siam
Organised by Bike Professionals from Switzerland:
Monkey House
Monkey House
A few meters in front of Soi 7th's Clinic A Go-Go a Monkey House opened.
The Monkey House replaces the Streamline Bar at the same location but is a lot more comfortable than Pattaya's original Monkey House in Soi 9.
We are looking for Beautiful Coyote Dancers!
Soi Buakhaow's Rehab Bar & Lounge
The Rehab is looking for Coyote dancers!
Soi Buakhaow's Rehab will open soon as a Bar & Lounge - and not as another A Go-Go or Coyote Club as primary rumors published by Pattaya News Flash told last month - some internet sites tell.
Nevertheless, fact is that since July 23rd 2012 a banner in front of the club tells The Rehab is looking for 'Beautiful Coyote Dancers'...
The new venue is located in front of the all new Blue Rahtree Entertainment Complex near the Southern end of Soi Buakhaow and will open soon.
Soi Buakhaow's Rehab Bar & Lounge
Boat Bakery
Boat Bakery
The Boat Bakery located on the Southern Part of Pattaya's Second Road got a slight face-lift. The Boat Bakery is one of Pattaya's 'oldest' restaurant, but still one of its cheapest. It is serving tasty and inexpensive food since 1970!
New Love Motel
New Love Motel
A small Bungalow Motel opened a few meters behind Pattaya's Central Road. Enter Soi 14 from Central Road, turn right into the first small Soi and look out for the Natthayawadee Resort & SPA sign.

For more information about Pattaya's Love Inns please visite
Nice Family Hotel in South Pattaya

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On the Way Back to Success?
On the Way back to Success?
The ailing Avenue on Pattaya's Second Street will reopen as a Fabulous Entertainment Complex, a large banner promises... We will keep an eye on.

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Please use the buttons above to navigate between the pictures!

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Shooting Gallery
Shooting Gallery
Shooting Gallery
Shooting in Pattaya
Shooting is popular in Pattaya, not only on Pattaya's 3rd Road and around the Bali Hai Pier.
If you like shooting as a hobby, there is a possibility on Pattaya's Beach Road, between Soi 7 and Soi 8 or at the new Shooting Gallery on the 6th floor of Beach Road's CentralFestival.
Both location are an eyeshot from Pattaya's Soi 9 Police only!
A few kilometers out of sight from Pattaya's Police Station is The Pattaya Shooting Range.
The Pattaya Shooting Range is located near the Dolphin Roundabout at the Northern end of Pattaya's Second Road at the ground floor of Pattaya's famous Tiffany's Show building.
As pacifists we recommend to do your shootings with a good camera.
It's less dangerous, you will get a lot of nice memories - and, perhaps, you don't need to wear ear protectors.
No Bargains in Thailand
Nikon P510
The Tourists Authority of Thailand (TAT) is touting Thailand as a shopping paradise. It's not true. Most Branded Products are more expensive than in your country, but Thailand still remains the Paradise of Copycat Products.
Shopping in Pattaya
This excellent camera is designed by Nikon at its headquarters in Japan and is manufactured for Nikon in China.
In Thailand you have to pay 14'990 Baht (including 7% VAT) for this outstanding camera. The price includes a 1 year national warranty.
In most Countries of the European Union (EU) the very same camera costs about 13'990 Baht, including about 20% VAT(!), and an international 3-year warranty.
In the United States of America you can get the Nikon P510 for about US$ 390 (≈12'000 Baht), or less, not including a sales tax.
Nikon launched two cheaper versions of this camera, the Nikon L310 and the Nikon L810. The Nikon L310 costs 7'490 Baht here in Pattaya, the Nikon L810 is priced at 8'990 Baht. Check price & waranty in your country before you buy!
Technology News EXTRA!
Google's new Nexus 7 Tablet PC
Google Nexus Tablet PC
On June 27th, 2012, Google released its Google Nexus Tablet at Google I/O at San Francisco's Moscone Center.
Google and Asustek Computer jointly developed the 7-inch Nexus Tablet PC. It is manufactured by Taiwan's Quanta Computer in China.
Google's Tablet will cost US$199 including an 8-GB memory and one of the world's fastest CPU.
A 16GB version of the Nexus 7 is priced at US$ 249.
Google's Nexus 7 Tablet PC runs on Android 4.1 and is currently supporting more than 600'000 apps.
The Nexus 7 will initially be available in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia, with other countries expected to follow soon.
Google's new Nexus 7 Tablet PC
Google's Nexus 7 is running on a Nvidia Tegra 3 chip set, including a quad-core ARM based CPU and a 12-core GPU, along with a 1280 x 800 HD display. The tablet offers a front facing camera, supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Near Field Communications. The Nexus 7 is supporting up to nine hours of video playback and up to 300 hours of standby time on a full charge.
Update (June 29th, 2012): We just learned that Google will release a 10.1-inch tablet soon.
An exemplary dressed passenger
An exemplary passenger

All pictures published on this page are as accurate as possible - this one too!
Safety First?
Safety First?

Thailand's Industry Minister: Thailand has not been very serious about safety standards.
2012 is Thailand's Year of English Speaking
Be aware: 2012 is Thailand's Year of English Speaking
Everything for Turist...

Seen across from Walking Street's Soho Square...
Pattaya's War against its Trees
Pattaya's War against its Trees
An Artist from City Hall created this impressive sculpture...
Pattaya's War against its Trees
Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool
City Hall seems to install a swimming pool in front of Big C Extra!
The Nightmare of a Pattaya Lady...
The Nightmare of a Pattaya Lady...
Our monthly Air-Card Report
Our monthly Air-Card Report
Do you think you can do some work with a download speed of about 60 kbps without losing your temper? Thailand's Mobile Provider still sell their Air Cards as High Speed communication devices!
Last Month
Happiness A Go-Go
Queen Club A Go-Go
Tesco/Lotus express Rahtree Bar Complex
My Girl Massage & SPA
La Ferme Restaurant
Frozzen Gelati
9th Apartments
Carl's Jr. Fastfood
Secret Recipe Beach Rd.
Angle Karaoke & Pub
Rus.Cabaret Club
Sabai Club Walking Street
Circus Soi Diamond
Spaghetti Factory
Boom Boom Bar
Streamline Bar Soi 7
Zum Pfälzer Bier Stüble (will re-open)
Casablanca Beer Bar
Charoen Naklua Road
Pan Pan City Walk
House of Condom BigC
Club Relaxx A Go-Go
Model Club 2nd Road
Big Events:
Pattaya elected new/old Mayor

For more information
click June News.
I am watching you!
I am watching you!
Bag in London
Seen on a Bag in London (GB)

Why they already know it?
Fake Olympic Kits
In light of Egypt's economic situation the Egyptian Olympic Committee signed with a Chinese distributor - and what they got?
Fake Olympic kits!
The workout bags had a big Nike logo in the front but the zippers had an Adidas branding on them.
112 Olympians are representing Egypt at London 2012.
To get satisfactory gear the Olympians have to spend more than $300 from their own pocket.
Corruption seems to be everywhere...
World's #1 Bankrupt?
The World's Number 1?
After years of consumer complaints over broken contracts and below standard services Thailand's California Wow Fitness Centers may be ending in bankruptcy court as Bangkok Bank sues the company that believes to be the world's #1.
Eric Levine
The company was founded by Eric Levine.
It sells lifetime memberships but regularly closes facilities.
If Bangkok's Central Bankruptcy Court declares the company bankrupt, then club members can file claims for damages from the Legal Execution Department.
A lack of exercise is now causing as many deaths as smoking across the world.

iScientist™ ©2012
Drinking even moderate amounts of alcohol increases dementia risk, US research suggests.
For that reason some UK experts recommend alcohol limits should be tightened for older people - Journalists included.

iScientist™ ©2012
Enough is Enough!
A chain is no stronger than its weakest link.
Accept that the Euro was a miscarriage.
How the European Union works
Every single Farang here in Thailand knows exactly how the EU works:
The Farang is Germany
His Grilfriend an Official at the European Union
Her family the member nations of the EU
And everybody ask for money without doing anything for it...

iExpert™ ©2012
Great Impact!
Acer says the impact of the debt crisis in Europe is worse than expected...
Acer says the impact of the debt crisis in Europe is worse than expected...
Stop wasting Money!
The IMF stops the support of Greece.
The countries in the Eurozone should do the same immediately.
The politicians in Greece are cheating all European countries. They never will fulfil their promises.

Update: On July 23rd, 2012, a spokesperson from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said 'IMF is supporting Greece in overcoming its economic difficulties...'
On July 24th Moody's lowered its Aaa credit ratings to negative for Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
Moody's cited rising uncertainty about Europe's debt crisis.
A documentation produced by ZDF and broadcasted by DW (Deutsche Welle) - among other TV-Stations - shows that Greece missinformed the EU all years long about its finances.
With the help of Goldman Sachs Greece manipulated the numbers.
Invest in Great Britain!
Great Britain is the place to invest, England's Prime Minister says.
Don't believe every stupidity politicians tell!
Check the facts always yourself - and ask investors why they left the country...
The UN 'mission' in Syria is nothing than a gigantic waste of money.

iExpert™ ©2012
Welcome to the Land of Scams! Click for Info.
Free Parking
Parking in Pattaya is free, collecting money is illegal!
Don't pay the unauthorized parking fee collectors at Beach Road's parking area near the entry to Walking Street!
In case of difficulties call Tourist Police (1155) or Pattaya's Call Center (1337).
Do not call Pattaya Police:
It seems that at least two officials from Soi 9 are involved in the scam!
Warning #1
Do not ride Jet Ski in Pattaya!
Pattaya City Hall doesn't do anything to stop the scam!
Warning #2
Do not sit under a Coconut Tree!
Before you sit down on Pattaya's Beach Promenade please check if there are some coconuts above your head. Dropping coconuts can be deadly.
They kill worldwide 150 people every year.
Warning #3
No Thai Ladies please!
Warning #4
Avoid mosquitoes, they spread the Dengue Fever
Warning #5
Stop Nuclear Plants!
No Nuke Please!
Never forget Chernobyl, Hiroshima & Fukushima!
Man-made Disaster
The nuclear accident at Fukushima was a man-made disaster and not only due to the tsunami, a Japanese parliamentary panel said in its final report on the catastrophe.
iTthiphol™ claims
Pattaya's Beach Road needs an additional 3rd traffic lane.
We have to give the Tour Bus Operators the chance to park their vehicles in two rows - at least!

iTthiphol™ ©2012
Technology News
All New iPhone
Our man in China reports that Pegatron just started the production of an all new iPhone for Apple.
Pegatron is a Taiwanese manufacturer - and an affiliate of ASUS - with factories in Shanghai.
It is known that Pegatron is the second OEM maker of a new version of Apples's iPad.

Microsoft to release Windows 8 in October
Microsoft on July 18th announced that its next-generation operating system will be available on October 26, 2012.
As with every other new operating system from Microsoft Windows 8 goes on sale later than previously announced: Microsoft first promised to make the new operating system available in August 2012.
And as with every new OS, Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer told the audience the new Operting System is simply the biggest deal for this company.
Microsoft needs a big deal, the company just announced its first ever loss...

Windows 8 a Catastrophe!
Microsoft's new Operating System Windows 8 will be a catastrophe for PC game makers, the boss of a game software company said.
On some versions of Windows 8, Microsoft's built-in Windows Store will be the only way to get downloadable software such as games.
Microsoft takes a cut, up to 30%, of every sale made through its store...

Facebook in the red!
Facebook has plunged to a quarterly loss of $350.6 million (£226 million) due to payouts associated with its much-hyped stock market flotation in May.

Tablet price battle!
Tablet prices are dropping in the US:
Samsung's 7-inch Galaxy Tab is now priced at US$219, down from US$399 in various stores such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy.
White-brand tablets are on sale for as low as US$59.
Google Nexus 7 has a price tag as low as US$199!

From iPhone to Note
Asian's Juppies are dumping their iPhones in favor of Samsung's Note.
Samsung's smartphone has a larger and better display they say.

Apple urged to tell the true!
An UK judge has ordered Apple to publish announcements that Samsung did not copy the design of its iPad.
Apple also has to publish a notice on its website with the same content. The message should remain on Apple's website for at least six months.

HTC victory over Apple
Apple lost a key patent battle against smartphone rival HTC in the high court in London on July 5th 2012, meaning that the Silicon Valley company cannot ban certain of the Taiwanese firm's products in Britain.
The decision could affect other Apple cases in Europe against HTC, Motorola and Samsung.
The UK court ruling is the latest round in an international patent war between Apple and rivals that make handsets and tablets using Google's Android mobile software, which is now the most used on smartphones worldwide.
Instead of making better products, Apple is using the courts to ban products from its competitors.

Apple makes revisions
Our source tells us that Apple has made small revisions to its latest iPad.
It is known that Apple's new iPad, which will be released around the next holiday season, has some overheating problems.
The company has enlarged the device's lens hole and is taking further measures to prevent overheating issues.
The battery too is being revised for the same reason. Apple is replacing the backlight module. Instead of using two LEDs, the new module will use a one LED structure only. The extra LED is reportedly adding to overheating. Using one LED will help solve the overheating issues.

Apple starts production of 7-inch Tablet
According to our Technology News from May 2012 Apple's new 7-inch tablet should be released in August.
Because of the overheating problems mentioned above Apple had to reschedule the roadmap.
The suppliers have to ship the components for the iPad Mini in August to meet a manufacturing start of September.
Apple's new iPad Mini will have a screen size of 7.85 inch and a resolution of 1024 pixels by 768 pixels. It is expected to go on sale during September or October at a price of between $249 and $299.

Dual Camera 7-Inch Tablet: 2'990 Baht?
Dual Camera 7-Inch Tablet: 2'990 Baht - available on paper only...
BigC announced in its leaflet from June 29th to sell a dual camera 7-inch touch tablet running on a Cortex-A8 1.5GHZ CPU for 2'990 Baht, including Android 4.0. The front camera has VGA resolution (enough for chatting), the back camera 2 MegaPixels. Display: 800x480 pixels.
But at BigC's outlets is a completely different tablet with a 1.0GHZ CPU for 3'990 Baht on sale!
Just another BigC scam?

Another setback
for Intel
Intel's ultrabooks (using the company's overpriced chip sets) suffer from weak sales, therefore notebook brand vendors have turned to push ultra-like notebooks. They took the market by storm.
The result: Slim panels and metal chassis face serious shortage.

New 10.1-inch Tablets
Dell and Hewlett-Packard (HP) will launch 10.1-inch Windows RT based tablet PCs during the fourth quarter of 2012.
The PC's will be equipped with processors developed by Texas Instruments and Qualcomm respectively.

NightWalker's Technology News
Car ran out!
2012 is Thailand's Year of English Speaking

2012 is also City Hall's Year of English Speaking.
Do you know that...
... it is estimated that one in 165 Thai males is a Kathoey (Ladyboy)?
... Burapa University estimates Pattaya will be without beaches within the next 5 years?
... workers from Nine Engineering Department are transforming Pattaya's Sais and Sois into bumping streets?
... Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome transforms Pattaya into a shopping paradise? In his Resort you can buy everything, even love and sex...
... Myanmar is the official name of Thailand's revived neighbour and not Burma or Birma?
... Thailand's tourism is at risk from Myanmar's travel boom?
... between January and June 2012, the number of foreigners flying in to Myanmar's Yangon and Mandalay airports was 50% higher than during the same period in 2011?
... Chinese continue to rank as Thailand's top tourism group?
... 1.2 million Chinese visited Pattaya in 2011, ranking second only to Russians and a notch ahead of Indians?
... China's ambassador suggested to erect signs in Chinese and train Pattaya's police officers to speak Chinese language?
... 12 people commit suicide everyday in Thailand?
Seen at Tukcom
Android in me
Android in me

We are still in Pattaya...
Written in the Sky...
Written in the Sky
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