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August 2009
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Free Tourist Visa
Click here to read all about Thailand's new Free Tourist VISA regulations.

History repeats
The flying Merkel
Introduced in 1911 and known as 'The flying Merkel', this motorcycle was decades ahead of its time.
Perhaps the same is true for German's chancellor Merkel - who knows?

Swine Flu update
On August 26, 2009 Thailand's Public Health Ministry announced that 119 people have died of the A(H1N1) flu so far.
The ministry estimates that 500'000 people across the country have been infected.

Sex Slavery
in Thailand
Officials of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) rescued eight Vietnamese women aged 17-21 from Kiss Me karaoke shop in Holiday Hill Hotel on Phakdi Road in Betong district, Yala, South Thailand.
The women were confined on the second floor of the karaoke shop and were forced into prostitution.
The raid was launched at the request of Vietnamese police.

New Indian Restaurant
New Indian Restaurant
The new and beautiful Indian Restaurant replacing the popular 'Zum Simpl' on Pattaya South Road, opposite off Bamboo Bar, is now welcoming hungry visitors. Its name: Raj.

Known as Pattaya's most noisy place, Soi Marine Plaza, is now a quiet location. Most of its bars are already demolished.

Empty Entry at
New Living Dolls One
During May 2009 Gamebird, the Irish Bar in front of New Living Dolls One, closed - this week Too's Bar, located on the left side of the small Soi to the famous A-Go-Go Club, shut down the lights.
Signs tell that both bars are on the block.

New Erotic Shows
The closed Republica Disco on Walking Street get converted into an Erotic Cabaret.
In a few weeks The I Ron Wild Girls Club will produce 'Erotic Sexy Shows' at this address.
Lets hope the police will close their eyes - and/or support the bustle.

Skilled Work Force
According to Chonburi's Senator Surachai Chaitrakulthong Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled work force...
Skilled Work Force
Just another work of Thailand's skilled work force': In the middle of a sidewalk at South Pattaya Road.

Seen on Television
'Pattaya Condominium - built to the highest European standards'.
With flimsy 7cm walls?!

Amazing Thailand
The deputy rector of Bangkok's Thammasat University wants that Thailands Culture Ministry is asking celebrities to wear clothes appropriate to the time of day - and a Social Cabinet should tackle the issue of students wearing uniforms inappropriately.
The deputy rector insistes students are wearing appropriate clothes to classes.
Thailand's Interior Ministry already decided that A-Go-Go dancers have to be strictly covered up the entire night (even during socializing activities?)...

A Sign of
Global Downturn
During this month 2 large bars at prime locations on Soi 8 closed and are still available for new investors.

Noisy Phuket
Following complains about nightly noise from the new Phuket Restaurant on Pattaya's 3rd Road Pattaya Police visited the venue on Friday morning, July 14th 2009.
The Police checked the identity cards of the customers and fined the owner of Phuket for serving alcohol 'after hours' to underaged visitors.
Apparently Pattaya Police can't handle heavy noise polluters the correct way.
The Phuket Restaurant as well as the 2 venues across the street are very popular meeting points for Thais and are usually crowded with visitors until the morning hours. Their sound systems run on full power during whole the night. It's impossible to enjoy a healthy sleep in the neighbourhood of the three restaurants.

Chicken Shed
Chicken Shed
The 4th bar that opened on Saturday June 27 2009 at the new Sangkaew Bar Complex got a name: Chicken Shed.

New Coffee Shop
New Coffee Shop
Opposite of Bamboo Bar the new WaWee Coffee Shop opened.
It claims to donate 1 baht from every glass of coffee sold to the Northern Coffee Fund.
For more information please click here.

Pattaya can be very romantic
Pattaya can be very romantic
Hotel & Bar Clair de Lune on Walking Street.

Fire in Jomtien
Fire in Jomtien
On Friday August 07 2009 at about 17:50 a fire at a high rise building in Jomtien was alarming Pattaya's beach visitors.
Pattaya's fire brigade acted fast and gained control of the blaze in about 25 minutes.

In Malaysia all businesses have to display their goods with price tags, but in Thailand...
Imagine Pattaya's Beach Promenade and its ladies wearing price tags: '300 Baht', '500 Baht', '1'000 Baht', 'price negotiable', 'cash only', 'do not accept credit cards' or 'up to you'...

Promotion only
Sex on the Beach
Seen on Walking Street:
Sex on the Beach
190 Baht at Bartime's.

The management of B.J. A-Go-Go decided to reopen Fun Room A-Go-Go. They closed the club about 2 weeks ago on July 20th 2009.

Plane crash
on Koh Samui
On Tuesday August 04th 2009 a Bangkok Airways plane skidded off the runway and crashed at Samui airport. 68 passengers and four cabin crew boarded the plane in Krabi.
The pilot was killed and seven people hurt when the ATR72 twin turbo-prop crashed into an old control tower now being used as a parking area for fire engines.

Another coup?
On Monday August 03th 2009 local Thai dailies reported that high-ranking officers dissatisfied with the Democrat-led government's efforts to tackle economic problems, social division and political conflict were planning a silent military coup.
Former supreme commander Gen Boonsang Niampradit said on Tuesday the rumors 'were totally groundless', but no comment was available from the current military commander(s)...

Reopened after a speedy renovation
NOK bar(s) on Walking Street reopened after being closed for a few days only. It was a very speedy renovation.
Reopened after a very speedy renovation

Reopened after a speedy renovation
BLACK & WHITE Bar at the entry to Walking Street was closed to for two days only. It got a very pleasant 'make up'.

The Wonder
didn't happen
The Wonder didn't happen
The Wonder Girls from K A-Go-Go on Soho Square danced their latest show on July 31, 2009. The venue closed.

Unpopular State Railway of Thailand
Thailand's State Enterprise Policy Office reports Thailand's railway system made up just 2% of the country's available transport services.

Don Mueang
Don Mueang airport, Bangkok's old airport managed by AoT and owned by the Thai Military, generates a monthly income of about 45 million Baht, but the airport's monthly expense is about 100 million Baht...

La Grillade
La Grillade reopened
La Grillade, the excellent but affordable french restaurant on Walking Street, reopened.
La Grillade reopened

Pattaya on Sale
Shops and Shopping Centers in Pattaya advertise 'SALE' whole the year.
It starts with New Year Sale, New Season Sale, Mid Season Sale, End of Season Sale, New Collection Sale, Surprise Sale, Last Sale, Millionaire Annual Sale, Crazy Days Sale, Mid Year Sale and logically ends with the End of Year Sale.
... and all advertisements promise 30-70%, sometimes even 80% discount - nevertheless, I don't buy - I wait until TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) announces Thailand's 100% discount sales campaign...
Stupid Slogan
Seen on Thai TV:
Garnier Shampoo - for a long lasting relationship...
We try to top this stupidity in our headline(s).
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Pattaya News Flash August 2009
NightWalker's News
from Pattaya, where all your Nightmares became true - today.
Utapao International Airport recommends:
Fly Pattaya Itthiphol Airways.
iFarang™: Happy Birthday!
Pattaya not ready to stage a
Birthday Party for one year Financial Crisis.
Pattaya is well-known for its parties, especially for the birthday parties the bars are celebrating for their customers, their bosses and their staff. It is said that many girls like this festivities so much that they are celebrating their birthday every few months.
Therefore Pattaya-at-Night had the brilliant idea to launch a week long birthday party to mark the 1st anniversary of the worldwide financial crises, with Pattaya-wide free beers, free foods and free bar fines.
But we sorry, we failed - we couldn't find any sponsors supporting such an event. We contacted a lot of institutions, but we always got the same answer: We are supporting bank offices only and car makers or our own pockets, but not ordinairy people...
iFarang™ ©2009
Food on the Beach
Food on the Beach
Beer Chang (who else?) was celebrating its Food on the Beach 2009 Festival with Concerts, Food and Beer Chang of course. August 27th until August 29th 2009 on Pattaya Beach Road between Soi 4 and Soi 6.
Food on the Beach
Food on the Beach
Food on the Beach
It is always a big experience for westener to see that Thais do not lose the temper even if they have to follow stupid stopgaps for more than 10 to 15 minutes.
'We already know that people drinking Beer Chang can't be very intelligent', a neighbour told me with a smile.
Food on the Beach
Countless people followed the concerts every evening.
Thailand in Transition
From the Land of Smiles to the Land of Scams
On Saturday August 15th 2009 Thailand's Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva visited the airport to get first-hand information about problems at Suvarnabhumi.
The visit came after he promised on Thursday to clean up the issues affecting the airport's tourism image.
Problems at the airport include conflicts between shoppers and duty-free staff, dishonest taxi drivers, unlicensed tour guides and luggage theft.
Airports of Thailand Plc (AoT) president Serirat Prasutanond said a police office on the third floor would be renovated and equipped with the tools needed to facilitate police work so suspects would not have to leave the airport.
AoT chairman Piyaphan Champasut said 205 unlicensed taxi drivers and 83 illegal tour guides had been arrested and fined for operating illegally at the airport. The arrests come as part of a crackdown implemented over the past week.
Mr Piyaphan said scores of illegal tour guides and taxi drivers were arrested and fined, but they simply came back the next day. AoT is now calling on state security agencies to draw up new measures to deal with problems at Suvarnabhumi airport including baggage theft and alleged extortion of tourists.
A few days ago another spokesman from AoT explained the situation: 'It is hard to stop the illegal operations because most of those involved were either related to or close to AoT staff'.
Now you know it.
But scams don't happen at Suvarnabhumi Airport only. There are reports that security guards at Bangkok's Skytrain Stations found a new way to enhance their income: They (falsely) accuse foreigners of littering and are asking fines up to 10'000 Baht. The Skytrain Station's billboards are informing (in Thai only) that littering will be punished with 2'000 Baht, but most tourist can't read Thai...
In the past a host of politicians and officials showed Thailand's citizens how to get rich by extorting money, now everybody tries to get a piece of the cake.
Please check Scams-in-Pattaya too!
Pattaya City Hall launched 17 million Baht 'Scam'
Pattaya's 17 million Baht advertising campaign incited a backlash with angry tourists.
Pattaya - Be our Guest On August 8, 2009 officials from Pattaya City Hall called an emergency damage-control meeting with local tourist-oriented businesses.
Many angry visitors, mostly local Thai tourists, are calling the 'Pattaya Be Our Guest' promotion a scam and are complaining that no discounts or freebies were actually available.
In fact the fine print of the promotion had not been properly explained and is hard to understand for most people.
The advertising campaign gives the impression that Pattaya is offering free rooms and a lot of other discounts.
But Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome rejected criticism that the 'Pattaya Be Our Guest' media blitz was a waste of money and a scam.
'It was never our intention to give any free rooms to all Pattaya tourists', Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome said during the meeting, 'They were only intended to be granted as gifts for the winners of TV and radio show games'.
The 17 million Baht campaign was launched by Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome, his brother Wittaya Khunplome (the Mayor of Chonburi's Provincial Administration Organization), GMM Live and GMM Media. The four were also the organizers of the Pattaya International Music Festival earlier this year.
Somchai Kunplome, also known as Kamnan Poh and the father of the two Kunplome brothers, is currently hiding himself in Cambodia. Thailand's Police is hunting him for corruption and a few other offences. According to the police, he is also implicated in a murder. During many years Somchai Kunplome was the mayor of Saen Suk, was involved in the expansion of Bang Saen and had (or probably even has) very good connections to other communities in Chonburi, including Banglamung, Naklua, Jomtien and Pattaya.
Attack against Tourism
Thailand's Interior Ministry orders to shut down all bars and clubs at 03:00
Thailand's Office of Local Administration, a department of the Interior Ministry, has ordered Banglamung authorities to shut down all bars, pubs and dancings at Walking Street and on Pattaya's 3rd road at 03:00.
Moreover, A-Go-Go dancers have to be strictly covered up the entire night.
Pattaya Police started its 10-day crackdown on Friday night, August 14th 2009.
The Police even invited all major Thai-language news papers to 'escort' its stupid escapade: Pattaya City just started a 17 million Baht advertising campaign on Thai TV and radio to revive Pattaya as a tourist destination.
You can get the impression that a bunch of fool politicians is leading the country's tourism industry into a disaster.
Pattaya - the city that keeps you sleeping.
Update: As mentioned above, Pattaya Police announced the event as an 10-day crackdown. On August 22nd many bars on Walking Street closed around 06:00...
No action - empty words only
Pattaya Police breaks its promise!
Touts promises Sex Shows
Touts promises Sex Shows
Touts promises Sex Shows
Touts promises Sex Shows
Touts promises Sex Shows
Touts promises Sex Shows
Touts promises Sex Shows
At meetings during June and July 2009 City Hall and Pattaya Police promised to clean up Pattaya from beggars & touts. 'There is now a plan to clean out the beggar communities and step up enforcement', a spokesperson said.
We made the photos on Saturday July 08 2009 on Walking Street. The awfull attacks of the touts is especially annoying between Walking Street's Tourist Police information booth (!) and Soi Diamond and around Tony's Entertainment Complex.
They all seem to work for the same venue and try to lure customers with illustrated cards and promise 'Sex Shows'. The police walking on the street apparently is overlooking this touts.
According to Pattaya Police Superintendent Col. Sarayut Sa-nguanpokai Pattaya's police officers were a bunch of clock watchers. He is right. And his comment is apparently correct for Pattaya's Tourist Police too!
During June 2009 the police already checked out the bar in question. 'The sales pitch of the touts are more risqué than the offerings inside the bar', Pattaya Police Captain Somchai Chaikananukul said.
Therefore: Ignore all this offers...
Bonsoir Pattaya
Le Moulin Rouge de Walking Street
Le Moulin Rouge de PattayaWith the opening of 'Le Moulin Rouge de Walking Street' our Mayor can say 'Pattaya got a waft of Paris'.
Moulin Rouge is the latest addition to Walkings Street's ever growing numbers of A-Go-Go Bars.
It is located on the second floor of Pattaya's famous King Seafood Restaurant.
The venue let some of its East European ladies dance in a window above the restaurant's entry.
Therefore do not expect to hear some French. The main languages in the club are Russian, Russian, Thai and English.
The shows at the Moulin Rouge of Pattaya don't reach international standards - but the prices of its drinks certainly do...
Another calculated rip off in Pattaya.
On the left side of the building, on top of King's Seafood Café, the owner is providing some space for new bars, I was told.
Full House
The famous Pattaya Beer Garden
When other venues are locking out for guests, the Pattaya Beer Garden is already full of people. We took the picture at about 17:25.
New Busstation
The Yellow Bus to Mukdahan got his own Terminal
New Bus Terminal to Mukdahan
New Bus Terminal to Mukdahan
New Bus Terminal to MukdahanThe Yellow Bus connecting Pattaya with the North-Eastern town of Mukdahan got his own terminal.
The new terminal is about 800 meters from the well-known bus terminal on North Road, where it used to stop, but is located at the Shell Gasoline Station on Sukhumvit Road, just in front of Bangkok Hospital Pattaya.
For a few weeks you can start your trip to Mukdahan at the new or at the 'old' terminal, but on return the bus will stop at the new location only.
The place has an airconditioned waiting room and very nice but small coffee shop.
Beat the recession!
Dine for 99 Baht!
Low Season
Low Season
Beat the recession:
All you can eat for 99 Baht - not in the Korat and not in Udon Thani - but in the middle of Pattaya on Soi Diana Inn, opposite of the MegaBreak Snooker Lounge. Drinks are not included in the price of the food.
The condition:
You have to order one drink at least.
The restaurant is open from 15:00 - 23:00.
Mirage crashed
It's no illusion: Club Mirage closed and is on the block.
It's no illusion: Club Mirage A-Go-Go on Soi Diamond closed and is on the block.
It's no illusion: Club Mirage closed and is on the block.
The Magic Castle reopens on Pattaya's North Road
For more information please click Tuxedo's Website.
Tuxedo, the magic academy and theatre, moved its mystic castle from Pattaya's Second Road to Pattaya's North Road, about 50 meters in front of the well-known Pattaya Bus Terminal.
Low Season
Low Season - Low Room Rates
Low Season - Low Room Rates
Please click into the picture for more information.
Turbo Extreme - The 9-Month-Bicycle
Another example of 'Quality made in Thailand'...
Turbo Extreme - The 9-Month-Bicycle: Broken Pedals
Both pedals broken after being in use for 2 months only.
Turbo Extreme - The 9-Month-Bicycle: Rust
Rust everywhere.
Turbo Extreme - The 9-Month-Bicycle: Rust
Rusty screws on both brake-handles.
Turbo Extreme - The 9-Month-Bicycle: Rust, torned Spoke
Torned spoke (after 9 months in use).
Turbo Extreme - The 9-Month-Bicycle: Brake
After 9 months: Brake ready to replace.
Turbo Extreme - The 9-Month-Bicycle: Tire
Tires ready to replace: Made in Thailand by a company called Camel: Crannies on both tires. The bicycle was in use for 9 months only, stored in the house and not in the sun.
Ok, the bicycle wasn't expensive by western standards, but for most Thai buyers it costs more than half of their monthly income.
Turbo Products are on sale at all major shopping centers and at 'selected bicycle shops' around the country.
Turbo Extreme - The 9-Month-Bicycle
The name of the product: Turbo Extreme. Made in Thailand - be proud of it.

Update: The bicycle's story ends abruptly: In the night from August 23 to August 24 2009 theft(s) have stolen the bicycle of our contributor.
New Nightmarkets
Nightmarkets at The Avenue and on Soho Square
Nightmarkets on Soho Square
Soho Square's Nightmarket opens now every day from 18:00 until 02:00 - and not only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays as announced on the banner.
Nightmarkets at The Avenue
A large Nightmarket opens every evening in front of The Avenue shopping center on 2nd Road, opposite of Soi Yamoto.
Nightmarkets at The Avenue
This 2 musicians play every evening at the entry to The Avenue and give their best that you can't ignore them.
Taxi Meters in Pattaya
A Case for Pattaya's Tourist Police
Taxi Meters in Pattaya do not use the built-in meters
All Taxis (not Baht Busses) on Pattaya's Streets have built-in Taxi Meters, but the drivers don't use them, not on short distances and not on long rides.
Our recommendation: Don't book them!
Give the Taxi drivers the time they need to learn how to use the meters.
Taxi Meters in Pattaya do not use the built-in meters
New Bars under an old Roof
'Recycling' in Pattaya
New Bars under an old Roof
Between the Apex Hotel and the Diana Inn on Second Road 3 new bars opened under an old roof...
Happy Birthday Switzerland
August 1st 2009: Switzerland's 718th National Day.
Flag of SwitzerlandThe picture on the left shows the Swiss flag in its original dimensions.
The sign seems to be very popular in Pattaya as well as all over Thailand.
But please be aware that almost all goods on sale at Thai markets and at Thailand's Street vendors carrying the Swiss cross are fake products.
In Thailand the Swiss flag is often, but falsely, used to signalize clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, drug stores and a lot of other health services.
Many people here do not know the difference between the Swiss cross and the Red cross signs, as well as the white cross on a green background and the green cross on a white background.
Swiss International Air Lines, an international carrier and the successor of Swissair, is using this sign too, but with slightly modified dimensions. Both airlines were known as Swiss national carriers. Their managements, incorporating many Swiss politicians, flew Swissair into bankruptcy. Swiss itself was plagued with loss and the Swiss government gave the airline the then-equivalent of $1.5 billion, which was used up within two years only. The Swiss taxpayers had to pay the debts of both companies.
Since July 1st 2007 Swiss International Air Lines is owned by the Deutsche Lufthansa AG. The gradually integration started on March 22nd 2005.
Since Lufthansa manages the carrier the airlines is making profits. Lufthansa maintaines Swiss as a separate brand through a company called Air Trust.
Therefore Switzerland doesn't have a national carrier anymore, but, in full contrast to predictions of Swiss politicians, the country remained on the maps.
Global Downturn
Viewing television during the last few weeks I observed that the international finance crises not only left big losses in some pockets, but also affected the ability of free speaking of so called money experts.
Or how do you explain that many experts appearing on television channels around the world are stutterers now or are explaining everything with the significant words 'ehhhh', 'ehhhh' and 'ehhhh'.
iFarang™ ©2009
Silly PitPit says
Every street in Pattaya is a one way street - one way in both directions.
Before you buy one of these popular automatic motorcycles, check your conscience and your bank account.
No matter what Yamaha and Co. tell in their leaflets, an automatic motorcycle consumes between 50% and 70% more gasoline than a handclutched bike.
Last Word
Chinese is the language of Pattaya's future - or is it an Indian dialect?
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