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April 2009
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April 1st 2009
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The Party is Over
The Party is Over
Pattaya Sweethearts reported last week that Wet 'n' Wild A Go-Go on South Pattaya Road closed its door.

Changes in sight?
Gamebird 2, the Irish Pub on Soi 15, off Walking Street, and the (now) closed Mandarin Club on Soi 6 are looking for (female) dancers and are ready to pay up to 15'000 Baht/month.

Ice on ice
Ice on ice
The dimmed Ice on LK Metro is now working without dancing girls.

Yanee opens another Pizza Pizza
Yanee opens another Pizza Pizza
Yanee, one of Thailand's most popular TV Stars, opens her second Pizza Pizza outlet at the Groundfloor at CentralFestival Pattaya. Her first outlet in Pattaya is at 'The Avenue', also on Pattaya's 2nd Road.

Magic Move
Tuxedo Magic Castle moved its Show from Pattaya Second Road to Pattaya's North Road.
You will find the new Showcase opposite to the well-known Gems Gallery.

Next Festival
Next Festival

attracts Beer Bars
McDonald's attracts Beer Bars
The small, but unsuccessful shops around the new McDonald's on Second Road's ailing Moonlight Complex (also known as Dragon Bar Complex) get demolished.
They have to make space for new 'open' bars.
Unconfirmed rumours say that the well-known Cosy Bar (Soi 2 Bar Complex) will open a bar there too.
McDonald's attracts Beer Bars

Indian Restaurant
Indian Restaurant
The new building in front of Sabailand Body Massage on Second Road will get an Indian Restaurant on its second floor - instead of the announced Fast Food outlet...
The former Cosy Bar 2 in that building changed its owner and its name: Yuth Bar.

B-52 Nightclub
closed its 1st Floor
B-52 Nightclub closed its 1st Floor
B-52 Nightclub on Soho Square closed its 1st floor, but not its Boulevard Café on front of the club. Its Dancing remains open and some of the clubs' Russian Ladies are dancing again.
The club seems to be on its last legs...

Learning Thai
with a Beer
Learning Thai with a Beer
Billabong Bar on Soi LK Metro announced free Thai lessons for farangs on Mondays.

Big Bang!
Big Bang!
This isolator worked as a perfect circuit breaker. At about 22:00 on Friday March 11 2009 it got red and exploded with a big Bang at about 22:15 on Soi 15, off Walking Street ...
Big Bang!
... and Illusion A Go-Go and Republica Disco on Walking Street got black. At about 24:00 the lights (and the life) came back.

Pattaya in the News
Thanks to the Red Shirted protesters the lovely Resort of Pattaya got free News coverage around the world...

Thai Banks
pinch your money!
Effective from April 17th 2009 onwards, all cardholders of debit or credit card registered in foreign country will be charged 150 Baht per transaction when making withdrawals via any ATM in Thailand.
Thailand tries hard to scare off its last tourists.

Silver Medal
for Thailand!
Indonesia & Thailand are Asia's most corrupt countries.
Cambodia ranks 3rd.

New Bar
Fortuna Bar
Fortuna is the name of a new bar across from Soho Square on Walking Street. It's the second bar that opens at the new bar complex. C&C Bar was the first - and it's still running!

Compare Prices!
5 litres of ordinary Drinking Water costs 28 Baht at Tesco/Lotus.
6 litres of ordinary Drinking Water costs 30 Baht at BigC.
At Carrefour 6 litres of Mineral Water costs 30 Baht.

Something new
I heard a lot of speculations about the new building replacing the small shops between Lobster Pot and King Seafood on Walking Street, but according the latest information the building will open as a new bar complex.

Pattaya's Sophon Cable TV kicks out Channel NewsAsia
Channel NewsAsia
Singapore's Channel NewsAsia is known for its unbiased news coverage about Asia (including Thailand).
The military and the new government never appreciated the channel's critical reports about the current situation in Thailand.

Asean Summit
Asian Summit
During the Asean Summit, scheduled from April 4th to April 12th 2009, parking isn't permitted on Pattaya's Second Road, but during April 4th everybody was ignoring the regulation. That's Pattaya.
Asian Summit
Thailand's Government relocated the summit from Bangkok to Pattaya.
Bangkok couldn't guarantee a proper event.
Thaksin's Red Shirted supporters are holding protests in the capital.
Over 700 red-shirted protesters from Pattaya already joined their friends in Bangkok.

Healthy A Go-Go
Healthy A Go-Go

Since a few weeks the Police is omnipresent in Pattaya.
Police visited venues on Walking Street, on Soi LK Metro, at Naklua and a lot of other locations in and around Pattaya. The reasons for the abrupt wake up of Pattaya's Police:
1. Thailand's new government reawaked Thaksin's "war on drugs". During the military regime drug suppression was virtually nonexistent.
2. School holidays. During the holidays many parents from the North and the North-East bring their children to Pattaya to make some money. The police distributed leaflets warning that it's illegal to employ people under 18 years of age in the service industry. But there are always a few patrons ignoring the advice from the police.
3. Asean Summit: The world should know:
Pattaya is a dreamy Family Resort and not the Sex Capital of this world.
Pattaya's ladies (and kratoeys) are talented entertainers only, and not what your TV station likes to tell you...
Pattaya's nightlife is puritanical.
Lewd shows in Pattaya are an invention of the popular press.

Barcode at CandyShop
Barcode at CandyShop
CandyShop is the popular dancing on the first floor of Hammer Disco.

Inform your Lady:
Free Education
for all students!
Thailand's Ministry of Education has put the 15-year free education policy into action after transferring more than 18 billion Baht to local schools.
The free education policy covers fees for education, books, educational tools, student uniforms and recreational activities.
About 11.8 million students nationwide will benefit.
Most Thai people believe this information is a joke - it's not - it's true!

Motorshow 2009
Motorshow 2009
Motorshow 2009
Motorshow 2009
Motorshow 2009
Motorshow 2009
Motorshow 2009
Motorshow 2009
Motorshow 2009
Motorshow 2009
Motorshow 2009
Motorshow 2009
Motorshow 2009
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Pattaya News Flash April 2009
NightWalker's News
from Pattaya, the prefered Destination for Families, the ASEAN Summit, all red
shirted Citizen of the Kingdom of Thailand and all other People loving Fun.
Utapao International Airport recommends:
Fly Pattaya Itthiphol Airways.
Traditional Thai Puppet Theater
Traditional Thai Puppet Theater
What was announced as a Stalactites Bar will be the home of Joe Louis' Traditional Thai Puppet Theater.
Traditional Thai Puppet Theater
The Theater will open in a few days in front of the new Fraser Resort on Pattaya City Walk.
Executive Cars at Royal Garden Plaza
Executive Cars: Fiat 500
Everything that is expensive (here in Thailand) is on show at Royal Garden Plaza.
Executive Cars: Ferrari
A Nightmare: Pattaya's Electro-Installations
Waiting for Power
April 22, 2009:
On Wednesday night part of Soi 13/3 and Soi 13/4 (Pattayaland 1 & 2) as well as a part of Beach Road were in the dark. The requested electricians couldn't fix the problem, so they left this part of the town in the dark.
Waiting for Power
Vendor at a shoe shop are waiting for customers and the comeback of the light...
Waiting for Power
HiTech Installation Tuesday, April 28, 2009:
Thanks to this Masterpiece, installed by Thailand's skilled work force, Calypso Bar, Performance Bar and the adjacent Pharmacy on Walking Street were left without power until 23:30.

Chonburi's Senator Surachai Chaitrakulthong said Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled work force.
What this 'skilled work force' installed on Second Road, on Walking Street and, of course, on Pattaya Beach Road - you can admire it yourself every single day.
American Soldiers describe the electric infrastructure in Iraq as a nightmare.
The infrastructure is about the same as in Pattaya, they told me.
Songkran at Bali Hai
Songkran at Bali Hai
Splash-water-free entertainment every night from April 14th to April 18th 2009.
Songkran 2009
Thailand's New Year & Water Festival
While Pattaya is (officially) celebrating Songkran from April 18-20, the rest of the Kingdom will celebrate Thailand's New Year from April 13-15.
In reality Songkran in Pattaya will be one single big party from April 13 to April 20, but City Hall decided on March 25 2009 to close Pattaya's Beach Road on April 19 2009 only from 09:00 to 22:00, from the Dolphin Roundabout in North Pattaya all the way to Walking Street, for the popular water splashing.
Water splashing in Naklua is announced for April 18th 2009.
Water splashing from & with cars will be forbidden, as every year, but will (inofficially) happen on Second Road, North Road, Third Road, Central Road and South Road.
According to City Hall there will be no shortage of water.
Happy New Year, Thailand
Thai Army clashes with Protesters
On April 13th 2009, Thailand's New Year, Thai Army opened the fire to drive away the Red Shirted protesters from Bangkok's streets.
The troops are using teargas, watercannons and weapons.
For more and unbiased information please use BBC and Channel News Asia.
Usually Bangkok Post is a good address for information too, but in situations like this, it is not clear how long the newspaper(s) can publish uncensored articles.
Bangkok Governor has cancelled all Songkran activities hosted by city hall after the government declared a state of emergency.
Thailand is taking measures to secure major ports and airports, a government spokesman said.
China already urged its citizen to avoid any travels to Thailand. Hongkong, Australia, Singapore and Russia updated travel advisories to urge their citizens to avoid the summit city of Pattaya and exercise greater caution around all of Thailand.
Protest leaders called off their demonstration in Bangkok in the morning of April 14th 2009. The decision came a day after skirmishes in Bangkok, which left two dead and 113 injured. "We have stopped the protest but we haven't stopped the fight for democracy", a spokesperson said.
Pattaya United online!
Pattaya United - Click for more information
I am football. I am soccer. Click for more information.
New on Walking Street
Exclusive new Pub and Hotel
will open soon on Walking Street.
New on Walking Street
Just in front of Soho Square and across from Rolling Stone Bar, Walking Street will get a new exclusive Pub and Hotel. On Walking Street will be the Pub. In front of the pub, a large terrace will have a Boulevard Café. On the back of the building, on the Sea side, and partly over the sea, a Boutique Style Hotel will open. All built with an unique Ambiance you can't find a second time in Pattaya. In fact, the design as well as the managers are from France.
More news in a few days.
New Feeling on 2nd Road
No Parking
Asean Summit makes it possible: No traffic jam on 2nd Road and on Pattaya Beach Road. It's a pity that we don't have events like that every single day.
New Hotel
Fraser Resort
The new Fraser Resort on Pattaya City Walk opened. It's a beautiful new Hotel between 2nd Road and Beach Road, a few meters only from Royal Garden Plaza.
New Background
New Background for Soi Buakaow Market
Soi Buakaow Market got a new background: Central Festival Pattaya Beach.
Nice Place
Nice Place
Police Car on Walking StreetThe world famous Walking Street in Pattaya could be such a nice place - without police ...
Improving the Beach
Pattaya is fighting Global Warming with a new Beach
Pattaya Beach
Pattaya's Beach has been washed away due to global warming.
'Our city is an important tourism town and needs to be continuously developed' Pattaya's Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome said. 'Global warming is a seriously threat to Pattaya, its beaches and its citizen.'
'Pattaya Beach is 3 km long and 10-20 meters wide. It has significantly been washed away due to global warming (or something else...) and if it is left the way it is the beach will continue to narrow. Therefore Pattaya will modify the environment and scenery to make the beach area better for the public, including increasing recreational spaces, especially for the disabled, children and the elderly. We will widening Pattaya Beach by at least 50 meters', Mayor Itthiphol and his City Hall said.
Bangkok Motor Show 2009
Bangkok's Motor Show attracted a lot of People
Bangkok Motor Show: BMW's Mini
Happy driving! You don't will see a lot, but at least people will see your car ...
Bangkok Motor Show: BMW's Mini Cooper
Mini Cooper, always an eye catcher, but Thailand's men (and their cameras) showed more interest for the ladies on the booths...
Bangkok Motor Show:  Foldable Motorcycle
Yamaha Concept Motorcycle: Foldable.
Bangkok Motor Show: Streamlined Motorcycle
Yamaha Concept Motorcycle: Streamlined.
Inspired by Vectrix, the little-known but increasingly famous maker of electric scooters presented a similar bike during the Milan Motorcycle Show 2007.
Bangkok Motor Show: Illuminated PlexiGlas
Suzuki Concept Motorcycle: New feeling - sitting on illuminated PlexiGlas.
Bangkok Motor Show: For me and my Baby only ...
Suzuki Concept Motorcycle: For me and my Baby, no seat for my wife ...
nevertheless, everybody is taking a picture - but from the ladies only.
Bangkok Motor Show: Spyder
The new 3 Wheeler from Spyder.
Bangkok Motor Show: Honda Scoopy
Honda's new 50cc Scoopy.
The nicest Vespa copy I ever saw, inspired by Yamaha Fino.
Bangkok Motor Show: Eyecatching
An eyecatching Honda Click.
Bangkok Motor Show: Tiger/Stallion Puppy
This motorcycle presented by Tiger/Stallion is probably the best solution for Pattaya's streets: Small, handy, lightweighted & cheap. Low fuel consumption: About 1.6 lt/100km. No unneeded plastics. 26'900 Baht only and a fun to drive!
Bangkok Motor Show: Mazda MX5
The new Mazda MX5
If you have the money to drive it in Thailand - you don't will speak about its price!
Bangkok Motor Show: Proton Savvy
The new Proton Savvy from Malaysia: 399'000 Baht.
Bangkok Motor Show: Chery
The new Chery QQ from China: 379'000 Baht.
Bangkok Motor Show: Chery
Not for sale, but beautiful small: A nameless 2-seater from Chery.
Bangkok Motor Show: Honda
Probably the most revolutionary design and technology comes from Honda: This motorcycle seems to run without electricity or fuel! I couldn't find a tank for the fuel so I asked a few people from Honda's booth. Nobody could find the tank on this new scooter. I had a lot of technical questions at this and at other booths too, but I never got an useful answer.
Thailand's 'skilled work force' wasn't working at Bangkok's Motor Show 2009, or it doesn't exist...
Honda's new Scooter runs on gasoline: During a second visit I could find the fuel filler with the help of a japanese expat: It is hidden by a plastic cap, just under the lady's heel, but, please, don't tell it to Honda's staff!
Boutique Sexy Third Road
Not from Bangkok's Motorshow, but from Pattaya's Third Road: Boutique Sexy.
There is no fool
like an old fool:
Condoms are not the answer to HIV.
Pope Benedict 2009
No booze ban
for Everybody
The National Committee on Alcohol Consumption Control has rejected the proposal to prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages during the Songkran Festival.
The Committee fears a ban may hurt the economy and the tourist industry.
Seen on Beach Road
On Monday March 30 2009 the Committee agreed to allow alcoholic drinks to be sold during Songkran, which is the Thai New Year celebration and will happen from April 13th to 15th 2009.
However, alcohol (and Soda Water!) sales will be banned on national religious holidays, including Visakha Bucha, Makha Bucha, Asarnha Bucha and Buddhist Lent days.
No problem: Every single Thai, including the underaged and all officials, knows where to get beer and whiskey during this days:
Almost all small shops in this amazing country do not bother about any of the imposed restrictions and sell the desired liquids 'under the table'.
Economical Crisis
No matter which channel I choose, CNN, CNBC, FOX or BBC, they all speak 24 hours about the current economical crisis.
Every nurse, every doctor, every clinic and every hospital knows that a patient never will recover without daily good news.
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