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CeBit: The Hackers won
During his speak at CeBit, the world largest High-Tech Show, Eugene Kaspersky made it clear:

The war against viruses is over and the hackers won. No security software can keep up with the new malware.

Mikko Hypponen, chief reaserch officer at F-Secure, trumpet the same horn: It's a war between good and evil.

Researchers at Symantec found that the US generates more malicious computer activities than any other country. They said that sophisticated hackers worldwide are bending together in highly effiecient crime rings.

Criminals can buy verified credit card numbers at $1 only. A complete identity, including date of birth and an US bank account, a credit card and government-issued identification numbers, costs as little as $14.

According to Simantec, China is the runner-up, followed by Germany.

26% of the world's infected computers were in China.

During the last 2 years I had my problems too. Each time after visiting Thailand's (Sanuk or Sanook is the Thai word for FUN).

Thank you for the fun...

Internet Café's can provide problems too. At least, I know one at Pattaya's Central Road, not far from the TOT building.

If possible, keep your NoteBook and your Memory Sticker closed.

The growing numbers of cellphones running Microsoft's Window Mobile Software seems to be the next target of the criminals. Happy phoning!
Please buy pirated Microsoft Programs
If you go to Pantip Plaza (in Bangkok), at least please buy pirated Microsoft programs, Jeff Raikes said. He is the president of Microsoft's Business Group.

It's the first time a software producer admitted that pirated software might convince people to buy the real thing later.

You don't have to go to Bangkok to get pirated software. Some shops at Tukcom (also known as ComCity) here in Pattaya sell it too.
The world's largest TV manufacturer has suspended a plan to produce more white goods at its Thai factory.

TCL Corporation's reason for its decision: political and economic uncertainities.

If the situation improves, TCL will reconsider its plan.

TCL became No. 1 when it merged with Thomson of France in 2003.
Pattaya News Flash April/May 2007
NightWalker's News
Happy faces
Happy faces at Rolling Stone 2
Rolling Stone 2 Walking Street
Happy faces at Rolling Stone 2: Pattaya-at-Night has the pictures.
Police went around Pattaya
On April 21. Police went around Pattaya to give a spot check inspection of Beer Bars, Karaokes Bars and other entertainment places.

Pattaya Police got many complaints about Karaoke Bars in Naklua being too noisy, having a lot of prostitutes and under aged people. During the raid Police checked the urine of 30 women and 15 male. Three of the women aged 29 & 35 years proved to be drug positive. They were taken back to the Police Station in Soi 9 for further investigation.

On May 2. the Police was out again for license inspection of night entertainment venues. But first the Police inspected staff and guests at the PP 69 Cabaret Show. One guest was found with drug positive urine. The 25 year old man was taken back to the Police Station. Later, the Police moved to Pattaya Soi 6 and discovered 9 venues with incorrect licenses. The owners had to escort the Police to Pattaya's Police Station for further investigation.
In Debt
A poll released by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation and Abac Poll Research Centre tells that 60% of Thai workers shoulder an average debt of 116'000 Baht. The findings come from a survey conducted in 13 provinces nationwide. A quarter of those surveyed owed money to loan sharks.

One in 3 spend 815 baht a month on alcohol. Slightly less than half of all interviewed spend an average of 395 baht on lottery each month.
Almost half of the workers felt stressed by work.

Now you know why so many women are working in Pattaya. You can imagine where your money goes - and your gold...
A Motorcycle for a mere nothing
Newcomer Platinum just launched a brand new 125cc motorcycle for a mere nothing: 19'800 Baht.

The motorcycles are assembled in Thailand from parts sourced from Taiwan and mainland China. The engines are made in Japan.

Platinum (also known as Monaco) is part of the taiwanese Hensim Group.

In Pattaya you can buy Platinum motorcycles from a shop on Pattaya's 3rd road, just across from X-zyte disco. The shop manager is a farang from England.
Lewd Temple Dance
Miss Ladda from the Culture Watch Centre has handed police photos of what she claimes to be a sexually provocative dance in a Samut Sakhorn temple.

After looking at the photos the centre director felt the dance was lewd and racy, comming close to a striptease.

According to Miss Ladda, the organisers of such shows charge customers between 60'000 and 100'000 Baht, depending of the size of the troupe.

This kind of show dance is popular in temples all over Thailand.
Fun with Google
Fun with Google
A few days ago I checked Google for some news about PTV (Peoples Television) and the search engine asked: Did you mean iTV?
iTV got closed by the new government and PTV doesn't get a connection to the internet. Thank you Google for the joke.
Control of inappropriate Media
Thai government has set up a national commitee to place controls on television, magazines, websites and films to ensure a safe and creative media.

The Deputy Prime Minister said the commitee will seek cooperation from booth, the public and civil sectors to keep a close watch on all kinds of media, with the most urgent target being the internet.

The Hong Kong-based Asian Human Rights Commission launched a new website to host a Thai petition against censorship of the internet in Thailand.

The original petition was set up in January by Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT) and calls for an end to the illegal censorship of websites in Thailand.

FACT estimates that over 32'500 websites are being blocked by Thai police and another 13'500 by the Information and Communication Technology Ministry of Thailand.
Coup d'Etat
The last two coups in Thailand have a lot of similarities:

On February 23rd 1991 the military ousted elected Prime Minister Chatichai Choonhavan, on September 19th 2006 they removed elected Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

In booth cases, the military had the support of a group of people and some academics.

In both cases, the military used the same reason for the coup: Abuse of power and alleged corruption.

And in both cases, there were strong calls by the public to return to democracy with an elected government.

During the 1991 coup, the coup-makers learned a bitter lesson in trying to perpetuate their power.

Today, it seems that the people from the Council for National Security (CNS) try to play the same game again.
Koh Samet
Entry Fee to watch polluted Beaches
The island of Koh Samet is a national Park and a popular destination for visitors of Pattaya.

To visit Koh Samet all foreigners have to pay an entry fee of 400 Baht, an increase of 100% on last year.

The money should be used to the conservation and the development of the island.

But the once beautiful beaches are full of rubbish and the island's resorts are in constant struggles to keep their parts of the beach clean.

At the time of writing, the 400 Baht entry fee gives you the unique chance to adore Koh Samet's beaches polluted by styrofoam, plastic bags, lightbulbs, cigarette lighters, all kinds of bottels and a lot of other funny things.

Unseen Thailand...
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Funny News
Sex Education for Panda
Chaing Mai Zoo is the home for two giant pandas. But until today, Xuang Xuang and Lin Hui failed to produce the anticipated youngs through natural mating.

Next month, Lin Hui, the female, is expected to ovulate. Today, the zoo is keeping the two apart.

Ignoring the fact that pornos are a no-no in Thailand, Xuang Xuang, the male, got his own TV set showing video clips of pandas mating.

The zoo's director said Xuang Xuang has shown interest in the video clips. During the last few weeks he watched the pornos daily.
Business first
Air pollution crisis
Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai as well as Chon Buri suffers from an air pollution crisis.

A dust level of 120 ug/cu m seems to be acceptable, but Thailand's Pollution Control Department measured a level of 207 at Lampang, 197.7 at Chiang Mai and alarming 159 ug/cu m at Chon Buri, the province of Pattaya.

In fear of a possible effect in tourism at Songkran, the governers are refusing to declare their provinces disaster zones.

They prefer to protect the tourist operators at the expense of the general population.
Funny News
No Technology at all
The Information and Communication Technology Minister said it is silly to have a big annual technology show when the country doesn't even make any technology.

Thailand is not a technology manufacturer, he said, and postponed the show from August until the last quarter of the year.

Thailand's big dream is to be a high-technology hub.
Funny News
Radio Thailand
Radio Thailand broadcasts its Thai national news in a language that is difficult to understand or totally incomprehensible.
According to the station's newscasters it's 'English'.

The format of Radio 107FM, a new 'international music station' operated by MCOT, fits Disneyland mentality with its whistles, bells and hoots.
They call it Sanuk.
Funny News
Good News
For good news turn your radio to 98.5 Breeze FM.

Monday to Friday they broadcast a Morning Show from 7.30 am to noon. In plain English and supported by great music.
Funny News
Western Values
A deputy chief of Police Region 1 blamed technology and Western values for the alarming number of juvenile sex offenders in Thailand.

It's easy to shift responsibility.
Funny News
Drop in Quality
The president of the Advertising Association of Thailand said that Thailand's TV commercials dropped in quality last year.

Nevertheless Indian and Chinese advertisers are imitating the unique 'sense of humour' in Thailand's commercials.

Thai TV commercials face difficulties in expressing core messages explaining products to consumers.
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