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November 2008
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Can't fly home?
Relax in Pattaya!
In many parts of USA and Europe temperature is 5 degrees below normal...

Ice Club A Go-Go
Ice Club A Go-Go Soi LK Metro
Ice Club on Soi LK Metro reopens as A Go-Go Club.

Club Insomnia
Club Insomnia
Club Insomnia on Soi Marine Plaza closed its door. It got replaced by the beautiful new club on Walking Street.

London - Kuala Lumpur: £99!
London - Kuala Lumpur: £99!
Air Asia will introduce the new service next year. The price does not include taxes and surcharges.

Tony's Bizarr Barzaar Bazaar Village ...
Tony's Bizarr Barzaar Bazaar Village
Bizarr, Barzaar or simply Bazaar?

New Fast Food Outlet on Second Road
New Fast Food Outlet on Second Road
About 50 meters from the crossover Second Road / South Road Koo Koo Pollo opened its new Restaurant.

Avenue's Beer Garden
Avenue's Beer Garden
At The Avenue Singha Light opened its Beer Garden with live music.
Avenue's Beer Garden
Blacky and his Band are playing every evening.
Avenue's Beer Garden
In addition to beer from Singha and Asahi, Thai food can be ordered too.

McDonald's expands
McDonald's expands
After months of inactivity work starts again at Pattaya Dragon on 2nd Road: McDonald's will open a new food outlet.

Clocktower not ready for Loy Kratong 2008!
Clocktower not ready
'I told you that we will be ready for Loy Kratong - but I forget to tell you the year: 2009 or 2010' a smiling worker told me.

Switzerland's famous 'Fasnachtschüechli' hand-made at the Loy Kratong Temple Market in Pattaya.
It doesn't taste the same, but it is as close to it as a Thailand made 'Rolex' to a Swiss made one...

Soaped Customers
Most producer reduced the weight of their soaps from 90 to 85 or even 80 grams. No price-reduction of course.

B 52 Band is back
B 52 Band is back
The Russian Band at B 52 Bar on Soho Square is back with a nice singer. I also could spot a growing number of tourists from Russia in town.

Bank removed
Bank removed
The UOB Bank booth on Soho Square got replaced by a Chang Beer Garden with a 'Thai Bull'.
Bank removed
Thai Bull on Soho Square

New Bank Booth
New ATM and Exchange Booth
Bangkok Bank opened its new ATM & Exchange booth on Walking Street, just across from Soho Square.

New Bars
Mr. Krit Beer Bar Soi 3 / Second Road
Noi One Bar Soi 3 / Second Road
Coy Bar Soi 3 / Second Road
Mr. Krit Beer Bar, Noi One Bar and Cozy Bar already opened at the new building in front of Sabailand Body Massage.

The Zone
Soi 15, off Soi Buakhaow
The Zone is a new Coyote Club on Soi 15, off Soi Buakhaow.
The Zone Soi Buakhaow, Soi 15
The correct address is Soi 15, off Soi Buakhaow, and not Soi Chaloem Phrakiat or Chalerm Prakiat Road as I could read somewhere else. Soi Chalerm Prakiat is the former name of Sai Sarm (3rd Road).

NightWalker denies
NightWalker categorically denies all rumors saying the money banks around the world are badly missing is in his pocket.
On the contrary, his girlfriend urges him constantly to check his bank account for the arrival of his pension.
After following the latest news, she doesn't believe anymore that money administered by Swiss banks is safe.
She - as well as her Thai girlfriends - insist that money in their hands is as secure as in any bank account around the world.

Curious World
Many, if not all of Pattaya's high- and often overpriced restaurants have raised their prices, but at the cheap food outlets in this city I get my food for the same favorable price as in the months before.
And not one of the 'cheap' food outlets was forced to close.
Since the last price hike, the 'food' at Burger King, KFC and McDonald's is (heavily) overpriced.

Club News
Club Blu News
The 500 Baht barfine at the famous Club Blu on Soi Buakhaow/Soi LK Metro includes the use of their shorttime rooms on the second floor.
The rooms feature queen size beds, lights on dimmers, free condoms, a good shower and plenty of fresh towels.

The actual worldwide money crisis shows drastically what happens, if we produce, sell and buy all the goods on credits.
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NightWalker's News
Coup Rumors
Government urged Thai military to stay in the baracks.
Government says: Bangkok Airports remain closed until December 01 2008

TAT's slogan 'Amazing Thailand' got definitively a completely new meaning during the last few months.

On November 27 Bangkok University released a poll. The poll claims that support for the PAD had dropped below 12 per cent in Bangkok.
Nevertheless PAD's leaders and its supporters are terrorizing the Kingdom, its government, its airports and its tourists.
Old Thai Saying: The provinces elect governments, Bangkok topples them.
Wise Guys & Bad Girls meet at Goodfellas
Goodfellas Walking Street opened on November 29
Goodfellas Walking Street
Goodfellas, just opposite of Pattaya's famous Marine Disco, replace the outdated '19th hole' on Walking Street.
Goodfellas is a beautiful bar, restaurant and meeting point for Pattaya's Freelancers, every sport fan, gourmet and lover of Hollywood's gangster movies with terraces, a Pub, VIP-rooms, small lounges and a lot of large TV-sets.
No surprise - it is managed by prominent members of Pattaya's Swiss Mafia...
To enter Goodfellas' second or third floor use the now illuminated Soi Lucky Star and the Hollywood inspired stair.
The large mirrors on the stair are a dream for every woman and every kratoey, but a horror for every fat belly.
Goodfellas Stair
Goodfellas Soi Lucky Star
New A Go-Go on Soi 3
Maximum Club opened on Saturday November 29
Maximum Club opens on Saturday November 29
Maximum Club, the new A Go-Go in front of Sabailand Body Massage on Second Road, corner of Soi 3, opened on Saturday November 29 2008.
Thailand's International Rally started on Walking Street
20th International Rally
On Friday November 28 the 20th International Rally of Thailand started on Walking Street and blocked the traffic until about 21:30. If you are interested click The Rallystart was a festive occasion covered by TV cameras and therefore most of Pattaya's notables attended the event. Later in the evening they all walked(!) to the opening party of Insomnia's Bar and Nightclub, almost all the celebrities in black clothes and shiny black shoes.
Pattaya's celebrities on the way to Insomnia
Insomnia outshines its competitors
Club Insomnia got Walking Street
Club Insomnia on Walking Street
Insomnia opened its new Bar and Nightclub on November 28 2008 on Walking Street
The bar on the ground floor and the nightclub on the second floor are both 'airy', but my girlfriend told me: nice but cold.
Insomnia closed its former venue on Soi Marine Plaza 'forever'.
Club Insomnia on Walking Street Club Insomnia on Walking Street
Top: The bar has a small stage for Insomnia's lovely Coyote dancers.
Club Insomnia goes Walking Street
Top: You can't miss the new club. Advertisements already start in front of Lucifer's Disco.
Right: Insomnia's main advertisement outshines all its competitors.
The venue itself is located about 90 meters ahead of Lucifer between
Ocean 10 Club and Hooty's A Go-Go.
Club Insomnia goes Walking Street
Celebrities after the party
After Insomnia's party I could spot some of Pattaya's 'celebrities' on Walking Street, undecided if they should have a look at the beauties at Sweethearts A Go-Go, Hot Girls, Lollipop or Champion's A Go-Go. Lastly they decided to admire the Russian dancer in Polo's window. 'Money saver!', said my lady.
'Why they look at that lady and don't walk down to the pump station at the entry to Walking Street. Since a few days it smells terribly bad', she bleated again.
'It seems the boys from City Hall are not married. They attend all the opening parties in the same clothes - and never accompanied by a lady', my girl told me.
For sure, this Friday wasn't her best day.
Tony's Festival of Food
Tony's Food Festival
Tony's was too optimistic with its timetable: Tony's food festival wasn't ready on saturday and will now open during the first week of december 2008.
Bad News: Anarchy in Thailand
Governments around the world tell their citizen not to fly to Thailand.
Army chief Gen Anupong Paojinda tells the Thai Government to step down! With his declamation he is supporting the anti-democratic mob.
PAD Mob occupates Suvarnabhumi Airport and its air traffic control tower. Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang Airport closed!
Flights heading to Suvarnabhumi will be diverted to U-Tapao Airport (now also known as Pattaya International Airport).
Warning: PAD supporters are armed.
Thai TPBS television broadcast pictures of the violence on the main road to the capital's old airport Don Mueang. The footage showed shots being fired from a truck into crowds after rocks were thrown. TPBS said its cameraman had been threatened at the scene and that PAD personnel attempted to seize his tape.
No coup, but...
Army chief Gen Anupong Paojinda ruled out the possibility of another coup, but First Army chief Lt-Gen Khanit Sapitak pointed out the decision does not rest solely with Gen Anupong. Lt-Gen Khanit said that the military had prepared contingency plans for a worst-case scenario.
The abbreviation 'PAD' stays for 'People's Alliance for Democracy' and is a misguidance - it should stay for 'People Against Democracy'.
PAD says that rural voters in Thailand are too poorly educated to be allowed to elect a parliament.
Some influential, powerful and rich people with strong links to armed forces are financing PAD, its rallies, its ASTV TV-station and its ASTV Newspaper.
It is said that Thailand's Drug Barons are among PAD's supporters too. Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his successors want to eradicate them.
PAD is not - and never has been - a democratic movement. Its leaders always suggested that the military be made a legitimate player in Thai politics.
Please Read: Thai crisis exposes class struggle
iFarang: Prearranged Game
Military's way back to the power
On November 26 2008 Army chief Gen Anupong Paojinda recommended the step down of the Prime Minister and urged the parties to arrange a new election.
Prime Minister and Defence Minister Somchai Wongsawat rejected the idea.
PAD's leaders said that a new election won't remove the problem.
PAD and the Military already know that the outcome of a new election will be a great desaster for the Military, the 'Democratic' Party and the PAD.
Nowbody likes loose his face. PAD's goal is to bring the military back to power. The military likes to be back in power, but without the stigma of another unwanted coup. PAD and the Military will play their game until their time will come, regardless the country's economy, the country's image abroad or the investors confidence.
To reach its endgame, the PAD has to destabilize the country and to call in the military. This would allow the PAD to rewrite the current constitution and to fashion the rules of the democratic game to guarantee elite representation in the elected parliament through partial appointments.
iFarang ©2008
iFarang: ABC & T
What have Afghanistan, Burma, Colombia and Thailand in common?
All these countries are large scale drug producers and drug distributors.
BBC says that influential, powerful and rich people with strong links to armed forces are financing PAD, its rallies and its ASTV TV-station.
Thailand's drug business is controlled by influential people. Everyone interfering their business will be removed.
For the first time in Thailand's history, former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra as well as his successor former Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej wanted to erase Thailand's Drug Barons. They got their lessons. Acting Prime Minister and Defence Minister Somchai Wongsawat will get his lesson too - he is supporting Thaksin's war against drugs.
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Happy Birthday Pattaya City!
Pattaya City celebrated its 30th anniversary
Happy Birthday Pattaya City!
On Saturday November 29 2008 Pattaya City celebrated its 30th anniversary with a ceremony at the Great King Taksin Monument and at City Hall with free food for everyone and an exhibition of photographs showing Pattaya’s development from the past to the present.
Photo shows Soi Buakhaow during a rainy day & City Hall's forgotten promises.
New A Go-Go on Soi BJ, off Walking Street
New A Go-Go on Soi BJ
New A Go-Go on Soi BJ
New A Go-Go & Disco Club on Soi Diamond
New A Go-Go on Soi Diamond
Opposite to Byblos A Go-Go the new Club Mirage opened on November 20 2008.
Club Mirage
Right: In front of Club Mirage is the entry to B4, a new Disco Club on the
2nd floor of the building.
Club B4
News from Soho Square
News from Soho Square
News from Soho Square
Top: The large signs and the beautiful fountain at the entry to Soho Square disappeared. Russian ladies replaced them...
Top Right: A band is playing at the openair stage in front of the Chang Beer Garden.
Right: Utopia's A Go-Go Girls are greeting from and are dancing on the 2nd floor.
News from Soho Square
News from Soho Square
At least a dog...
At least a dog...
At least a snoopy dog is interested what happens at the new Bubbles A Go-Go on Soi Pattayaland.
Pattaya City Walk
Pattaya City Walk
The exclusive Stalactites Bar on Pattaya City Walk will open in a few weeks.
It could be a perfect place for exhilarating ghost stories.
Pattaya City Walk
Bamboo Boo Malibu
No sign, no advertisements, but full house
No sign, no advertisements, but full house
It seems that the new meeting point at the corner of Second Road / Soi Post Office will be a success. Almost every evening on my way back home I can see that Bamboo Boo Malibu is full of happy people.
BigC Center had to change its name
BigC Central Center
Right: Mr. Krit Beer Bar, Noi One Bar and the new Cozy Bar opened already.
Maximum, the A Go-Go Club located in the basement, will need another few weeks until it can open its door.
The second floor will have a fast food restaurant.
The remaining 3 floors of the building will provide 18 'Thai style' one room apartments.
BigC's center on Pattaya's Second Road was known for many years as Central Festival Center.
For the new Central Festival Pattaya Beach on Beach Road it had to change its name to BigC Central Center.
It's the same company that runs the two shopping centers.
New Bars
The closed bars in front of Sabailand Body Massage (and across from BigC) get replaced by a large shopping house - with bars of course.
New Bars
World Class Entertainment in Pattaya
World Class Entertainment in Pattaya
Pattaya presents Thailand's most beautiful Ladies, Kratoeys, Gays and Cattles.
Now I am just waiting for Pattaya's first Pork and Chicken show.
Central Festival Pattaya Beach will open on January 15
Central Festival Pattaya Beach will open on January 15 2009 with a colorful Mardi Gras** Parade on Pattaya Beach
Central Festival Pattaya Beach According to the Central Department Store Group the festive opening celebration itself will continue for two months from January 1 to March 1 2009.
Central Festival Pattaya Beach is a large department store and a 5-star hotel on Beach Road and on Soi 9.
The new Central Mall has a space of 210'000 square meters. It will accommodate 200 top of the line stores, well-known Italian restaurants and brand name fashion stores. In the complex will also be an IT Center, an entertainment center, a tourist information center, a fitness center, a spa and an evening market.
**Mardi Gras is known as the final day of the Carnival. Most famous for their Mardi Gras celebrations are Rio de Janeiro, New Orleans and - starting from 2009 - Pattaya.
Pattaya Mardi Gras being planned as an annual tourist draw.
The only problem: Why celebrate the end of Carnival if we don't have any....
Central Festival on November 12 2008
Central Festival on November 12 2008, a lot of work to do until January 15 2009.
New at Bali Hai Entertainment Plaza
New at Bali Hai Entertainment Plaza
Wonderful, a club designed mainly for japanese visitors of Pattaya, and Starbucks Coffee shop for the rest of the world.
Pattaya's Mayor
Our new Mayor is presenting his dreams.
During his election campaign Itthiphol Khunpluem, now the elected new Mayor of Pattaya, promised his supporters to solve Pattaya's chaotic traffics with a tramline transportation system.
Monorail During a meeting on October 1 2008 Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome unveiled his ambitious plan at City Hall.
Mayor Itthiphol said a world tourist destination such as Pattaya should have a mass transportation system of international standard.
Thai Engineering Consultants Co. Ltd. (TEC) and MFC Asset Management Public Co. Ltd. representatives presented details for the construction of a four-billion Baht monorail public transport system in the city along the same line as the BTS in Bangkok.
Nevertheless, as a Thai our Mayor should know that any kind of railway transport system will not work in Pattaya or will give new opportunities to keep the Baht Buses on the streets. Thai people in Pattaya don't like to walk. As an example: To bring the clothes to the laundry, all my lovely neighbours use their motorbikes. Not one of my neighbours is walking the 25 to 50 meters between his house and the laundry.
Tucson's stagecoache On October 10 City Hall presented another new idea of our new visionary Mayor: A cable car. Sometimes it's good that City Hall's plans usually vanish with the dust - otherwise, it could happen that our beloved Mayor converts Pattaya just into another Disneyland.
I recommend Mayor Itthiphol Khunpluem to visit Tuscon's Western Town. It has a transportation system based on stagecoaches - that's fun and it runs without electricity, fuel or gas!
Renovations on Walking Street
Renovations on Walking Street
A few years ago City Hall wanted to close Nang Nual, Pattaya's most popular Seafood Restaurant, as well as almost all other businesses on the sea side of Walking Street. Now Nang Nual is renovating its entry and its staircase and some of its neighbours are doing the same. In a few weeks the southern part of Walking Street will have a completely new face.
It's part of history too - a history you can learn from. It tells you that nothing City Hall ever plans, promises or declares has to come to reality.
Like a bad movie
Like a bad movie
This part of Walking Street is like a scene from a bad american gangster movie, but here it's reality, real life, and therefore at least the Italian restaurant is OK.
Funny Sign
I am International Clinic
Relax, until I am Invoice.
IT City Pattaya
Pattaya City Hall plans to convert Pattaya into a complete IT city.
The city will have a TOT wireless internet network covering the 2.5 km long beach. Pattaya will be the first city to have a WiFi Beach in this country.
Futhermore, CAT Telecom is developing (!) a 10Mb fiber optic ADSL cable connection to all housing.
According to City Hall Pattaya will be the first location in Thailand to have complete wireless (!?!) internet coverage.
It's a pity that City Hall's plans never will work in reality...
Last Word
Red traffic lights in Pattaya are decorative street art.
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