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January 2008
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Smoke(r)-free Nightclubs!
The Ministry of Public Health announced that smoking will be banned in all air-conditioned entertainment venues throughout the country next month.

The new ban, expected to be imposed on Feb 17 2008, will stop smokers from smoking in nightclubs, pubs and open-air markets(!).

Outdoor restaurants will be required to set up nonsmoking areas.

Those breaking the restrictions will face a fine of 2'000 baht.

Buffalo Bar
Since December 2007 the famous Buffalo short time bar employs coyote dancers to entertain its customers. The bar has convenient ST rooms upstairs. Barfine starts at about 500 Baht.

Big Brother is watching
Thai Police has asked the TOT to allow it to monitor the phone numbers of people logging on to the Internet.

Blue Lagoon A Go-Go
The Toots on Beach Road announce the club now as 'Blue Lagoon Bikini Fun Pub'...

New Coyote Beer Bar
Wildcats is on the way to open a Beer Bar with Coyote Dancers at Soho Square.

Another dry Weekend announced
The military-appointed Election Commission (EC) announced a Senate election on March 2 2008.

All the bars have to be closed at 18:00 on Saturday March 1 2008.

All the bars have to stay closed during the day on Sunday March 2 but are free to open after 20:00.

No Beer, no Wine, no Wiskey and - as a reader of our News Flash you already know it - no Soda Water with your meals too...
Pico Projector
Microvision is unveiling a battery operated, full-color laser projector at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
Microvision's Pico Projector.
The PicoP can project a widescreen, WVGA (848x480 pixels) DVD quality image.
Democracy in Thailand
Thailand is not a democracy and never has been in all reality while the army wields such power.
Laughing Police
More than 1'000 traffic policemen are currently receiving laughing lessons in order to ease the stress of working on the dirty streets of Bangkok.

According to their instructor, laughing replace the carbon dioxide by oxygen and is increasing brain and body alertness...

Laughing allowed.
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4 Months old Baby for Free
A Pattaya Sweethearts likes to give away her Baby.
On September 2007 a Pattaya Sweethearts gave birth to a lovely girl. Now she is looking out for somebody taking her 4 months old unwanted daugther for free. During January 2007, when she got pregnant, she had so many customers she simply doesn't know the father of her baby and her parents don't want to raise 'a bastard'.
Overcharged or simply a new case of corruption?
Military Junta overbuys Jet Fighters.
The lovely military junta recently approved the procurement of six Swedish-made Gripen jet fighters at a cost of 19 billion baht by the Royal Thai Air Force. In real money they pay over 94 million US dollars per aircraft.

The Czech Republic recently paid for the same jet fighter about 68 million dollars including the training of technical staff, spare parts and land equipment. It would be interesting to know why the Gripens for the Royal Thai Air Force cost about 25 million dollars more per aircraft than the Nato-spec Gripens ordered by Poland and the Czech Republic...
Bird Flu in Thailand
Thousands of chickens were found dead.
Thailand's Livestock Development Department reports that the deadly H5N1 virus has been found at a farm in Nakhon Sawan's Chumsaeng district after thousands of chickens were found dead.

The Livestock Development Department warned customers to eat only properly cooked chicken meat.

Thailand has recorded 25 human cases of the H5N1 strain of the bird flu virus, 17 of them fatal, since the outbreak began here in 2004. The H5N1 strain has killed 219 people worldwide since 2003.
Bird Flu in Thailand 2
More Bird flu outbreaks confirmed.
Just about a day after the alarming Bird flu outbreak in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand's Livestock Development Department detected the H5 strain of bird flu at a chicken farm in tambon Sak Lek of Sak Lek sub-district.

Mr Sakchai from Thailand's Livestock Development Department said the situation in two provinces was not worrisome as the infected areas were far away from densely-populated communities.

In Uttaradit three chickens had died mysteriously in tambon Nampai of Nam Pat district. They were suspected to have died from bird flu.

The Public Health Ministry has ordered the stockpiling of 2.4 million anti-virus pills. If any patient was infected with influenza or pneumonia or had had close contact with dead poultry, they could be given the anti-virus pills immediately.

Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Thira Sutabutra said consumers could buy avian flu-free poultry products at outlets guaranteed by the Livestock Department or labelled 'Q-Mark' by the ministry.
Deadly Land of Smiles
Thailand is one of the most dangerous places on earth for its British residents.
On average, about 50 civilian UK nationals are murdered around the world each year (excluding terrorist attacks).

At least 17 Britons have been murdered in Thailand since 2003.

This means that almost 10 per cent of all murders of Britons abroad are committed in Thailand - a chilling figure, given that Thailand comprises only 0.6% of all foreign travel from UK shores.

The domestic murder rate in Thailand is roughly five times higher than in the UK, a fact not seen in its tourist authorities' glossy brochures...
Thailand has a new Government!

On Saturday, January 19 2008 Samak Sundaravej, leader of the People Power Party (PPP) which won the election on December 23 2007, unveiled a six-party coalition to govern the country.

The cabinet, including the prime minister, will be announced next week. It represents about 315 of the total of 480 elected MPs.

On Friday, the Supreme Court threw out all legal challenges which could have prevented a PPP lead government.

'It took a long time to get here,' Mr Samak told the media.

Let's hope Thai military will return to the baracks and will stay away from politics - forever. The coups and the military juntas proved a few times that Thai military harmed the country significantly. Many foreign investors lost their confidence in Thailand.
The military junta did its job properly
On January 15 2007, Thailand Independent Television (TITV) was abruptly seized by the Public Relations Department of the Prime Minister's Office, so as to complete the transfer of its control to the so-called Thai Public Broadcasting Service (TPBS), a creation of the fast-tracked Public Television Act sponsored by the government installed by the military coup.

The once popular iTV emerged from the people's struggle against military dictatorship in the early 1990s. On March 07. 2007 Thailands military junta closed iTV, changed its name to TITV and hired MCOT to run the formerly independent station.
iFarang: One hand washes the other...?
On January 15 2007, the junta insalled cabinet appointed the five members of the Thai Public Broadcasting Service's (TPBS) interim board.

One member, Mr Thepchai, a veteran journalist, is the focus of criticism for his possible conflicts of interest. He is a younger brother of Suthichai Yoon, a director and editor-in-chief of the Nation Group.

Nation Group runs the 'independent' Nation newspaper as well as the 'independent' Nation (TV) Channel.

In my view, both publication supportet the coup maker.

This was reflected in the Nation Multimedia Group's share price, which rose 7.4% after Mr Thepchai nomination, despite the 11.36-point drop in the SET index.
Laughing Thai Military
Foreign analysts fear a new, military-backed 'stealth coup'
On Saturday January 5. 2008 the military oppointed Council for National Security (CNS) dismissed allegations by the People Power Party (PPP) that military figures who launched the 2006 coup are behind alleged efforts to overturn the party's election win through election red cards as laughable.

Foreign analysts have said they fear a new, military-backed "stealth coup" will overturn the results of the December 23 2007 election.

The pro-Thaksin PPP won 233 seats in the December 23 polls, exceeding most analyst's expectations, but 65 PPP candidates who won seats in parliament in the December 23 election have still not been endorsed by the military-appointed Election Commission.

The Supreme Court is also set to hear charges that PPP is a nominee of the disbanded Thai Rak Thai party, which, if proven, could see the party disbanded and the December 23 election results overturned.
'Sweet Thai' Maids
Singaporeans like maids from Thailand, India and Burma
Increasing numbers of maids are being hired from Thailand, India and Burma by Singaporean employers claiming their temperaments are sweeter and they are better behaved than Filipinos and Indonesians.

The Burmese have become particularly popular, just as in Thailand. From employer feedback, the problems of Burmese maids are less complicated. Those who are university graduates can read and understand English even if they do not speak it well, a Singaporean newspaper reported on Sunday, January 6 2008.

In Singapore, the average monthly salary for maids is 300 Singapore dollars or just about 6'900 Baht in real Thai money...
Blowing in the Wind: Weekend walking on Beach Road
Blowing in the Wind
Friday January 4 2007 20:00:
Second Road one way traffic!
Blowing in the Wind
Friday January 4 2007 20:00:
Beach Road one way traffic!

During December 2007 the Governor of Chonburi ordered Pattaya to close its Beach Road to traffic on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and to open its Second Road to two-way traffic during the Weekends. The order should become effective on January 1 2008.

As the pictures above show - nothing happened. The stupid order got cancelled.

Sometimes we get the idea that some officials publish some orders only to get mentioned in the media, to give the people the impression that their government is working, no matter how strange their inspirations in reality are.
Pedestrian crossings in Pattaya
Pedestrian crossing in Pattaya
Parking near or on a Pedestrian crossing can get very expensiv now in Pattaya. The police keeps an eye on.
Pedestrian crossing in Pattaya
But with the exception of some taxi drivers (!), most drivers are still ignoring Pattaya's Pedestrian crossings.
Pattaya Countdown 2008
Pattaya Countdown 2008
Pattaya Countdown 2008
Pattaya Countdown 2008
Pattaya Countdown 2008
Pattaya Countdown 2008
Pattaya Countdown 2008
Pattaya Countdown 2008
Internet Fraud
The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) warns:
The DSI has found that there are currently about 100 websites operating a new form of chit fund schemes in Thailand. Internet surfers usually see pop-ups or internet ads telling the surfers that they have won alluring prizes, such as a car, a house or cash. But one condition is that prize winners are required to wire money to accounts of chit fund operators.

Chit fund operators can often make up to five billion baht through their scams, the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) said.

Pattaya-at-Night does not publish any popup advertisements. Advertisements on our pages are from Google only. Google ads are foolproof.
New A Go-Go Club on Walking Street
Magic Place A Go-Go Walking Street
The famous Climax Rock Bar on Walking Street changed into a Magic Palace A Go-Go. The club is located at Polo Entertainment, next to Lollipop A Go-Go.
The management generously installed a few showers for 'dirty girls'.
Made in Thailand
In our September News Flash we wrote 'Made in Thailand' often isn't a warranty for a reliable product. Some readers wouldn't believe it.
Here some new examples we found during the last weeks.
Door Lock
Door Lock (Made in Thailand):
In use for 3 months only.
New House
New House: (Made in Thailand):
Just fixed...
Tap (Made in Thailand):
In use for 2 months only.
'High Tech' in Thailand
'High Tech' in Thailand: Walking Street (near Soho Square) - Safety first...?
Reach out your arms and you can touch it - perhaps you will survive it.
No Picture
New AVENUE Plaza Pattaya:
Badly impregnated woodwork.
Take a look yourself: Its on the third floor at AVENUE Plaza Pattaya.
No Picture
Water Meter at the new TOT building on Central Road: The meter is placed in the middle of the walking area - unsecured - of course...
The coup leader speaks again...
On January 25 2008 Sonthi Boonyaratkalin, the coup leader said, 'I believe in Pol Lt-Col Thaksin's good character. But I am not quite so sure about other people'.

Perhaps he should do some investigation on his very own character first...
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Price hike on
Dairy Products
Last year I bought my 4-pack of joghurt for 34 - 36 Baht and the 2-litre bottle of milk for 62 Baht.

Since a few days I have to pay 50 Baht for the joghurts and 72 - 79 Baht for the milk.

To hide the price hike on joghurts the producers introduced a new but smaller package which they sell at the old price.

A New Year surprise - despite the strong Baht.

Cigarettes increased in price too: 1 Baht.

iFarang ©2008
Deadly New Year
Road accidents in the seven most dangerous days during the New Year holiday have killed 401 people and injured 4,903 throughout the country.

Drunk driving was the main cause of accidents. Speeding, reckless driving and motorcyclist not wearing helmets were blamed for the rest.

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Last Minute Decisions
Pattaya is a tourist destination with tourist coming here from the whole of Thailand, from Asian countries and from all other regions of our world.

Tourist usually have to plan their holidays months in advance.
A fact our lovely government from Pattaya never will understand.

The decision to hold a new year countdown was made during a meeting on December 13 2007.

Last minute decisions are a speciality of our government since many years. It never will learn to plan in advance.

Most tourist destinations are capable to publish a calendar of events, Pattaya isn't.

iFarang ©2008
High Speed Internet
So called 'High Speed Internet' connections provided by TOT and CAT here in Thailand are mostly awful slow.

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Politicians and Generals don't think - they decide.
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