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May 2008
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Music Lounge closed
Stereo Music Lounge and Guesthouse on Soi Buakhaow closed its door. According to rumors the venue will reopen as a Coyote Club.

A Go-Go Club closes
Tramps A Go-Go on Soi Diamond closed the door.

Partially open
Bartime's opened its Boulevard Café on Walking Street.

Mistys A Go-Go relocated
Mistys A Go-Go relocated
On Friday May 9 2008 Mistys A Go-Go relocated to its new Club Mistys on Soi 15, off Walking Street. All the Girls and Staff moved to the new location. The bar on Soi Pattayaland closed.

Hammer Disco
Hammer Disco
Hammer Disco on Walking Street opened its second floor discotheque with (and for) butterflies.
Hammer Disco

Voodoo in the Dark
Voodoo in the Dark
Voodoo A Go-Go and its Bars shut down the lights.

New Club for Ladies
Dude Club
If your lady needs a sexy boy for some happy hours, she goes to the new Dude Club on Soi Bongkot. Farang Ladies can use this service too. Nemesis...
Dude Club

More Stupid Ideas
On Sunday May 4 2008 Pattaya elected a new Mayor. The new Mayor seeks to eradicate the red lights of Pattaya and to build a tramline transportation system...

19th Hole closed
The bar on Soi Marine Plaza closed. The new owners will open a Freelancer Meeting Place called Goodfellows.

Malibu Bar closed
The popular Katoey bar on Soi Post Office closed.
The new Tina Malibu
The owner opened a new Malibu, called 'The Tina Malibu', at the corner of Soi 10 / Second Road.

Salsa in Pattaya
Salsa in Pattaya
Every Sunday Salsa dancing at the SalsaAmante Latin Dance Studio & Cantina from 16:00 - 22:00
and every Friday Slasa Workshop from 20:00 - 21:00.
For more information click the SalsaAmente Website!

A Go-Go Club closed
Gorkle A Go-Go on Soi LK Metro closed its door.

New Owners
X Zone Girls, the A Go-Go Club on Soi 16, got new owners with Belgian passports.

Barfine: 1'500 Baht !!!
Sisterz A Go-Go on Walking Street introduced a 'Supergirl Barfine' of 1'500 Baht before midnight and 1'000 Baht after midnight.
The shows are OK, but the barfines...
The Beatles have the answer: Let it be.

Ocean 10 Dancers
Ocean 10 Dancers
The reopened Ocean 10 Club tries everything to attract customers.
Military Police likes to look too
Even Thai Military Police likes to have a look...

Perhaps that's the reason why Thai Military joined Tourist Police and Pattaya Police on Walking Street.
Or, perhaps, they like to present their 'futuristic' helmets only. Who knows.
Ocean 10 Dancers
My girlfriend told me that this helmets are a special design to protect larger brains and give more volume to the smaller ones - same effect as my push-up bra - she said.

Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage
New open air restaurant with an oversized LED-TV Screen at Thaiwat City Walk, also advertised as Pattaya Promenade, Pattaya City Walk or New Walking Street.
Pattaya City Walk
The name of the new shopping centre next to Royal Garden Plaza is 'up to you'...

High Tech Problems
Tourist Police had to evacuate and to safeguard the Ice Blu Bar
On May 2 Volunteers from Tourist Police had to evacuate and to safeguard the Ice Blu Bar below the Lollipop advertisement on Walking Street. Pattaya's notorious 'High Tech' installation technic of signboards caused the problem...

Pattaya Police informs
Traffic fines should be paid at police station.

Traffic Police Captain Supin Naoprakone noted that traffic fines should be paid at the police station. If money was solicited by any of his officers, he wants to know it.

The Captain's phone numbers at his Office are:
Landline: 038-424-186
Mobile: 081-425-9330

No phone calls while driving

Since May 08 2008 it is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving a vehicle on a road, unless using a hands-free device. Offenders will be fined 400 to 1'000 Baht.
Honest Taxi Driver
Taxi driver returned a briefcase containing 473,984 baht.

Thai government has rewarded and praised a 34-year-old taxi driver from Sakon Nakhon who returned a briefcase containing almost 500,000 baht in cash to a Japanese businessman who left his bag in the taxi in Bangkok.

The taxi driver managed to find the Japanese man through a Bangkok-based, police-run radio station.
Amazing Thai Military
Thai military declares Transvestites as mentally unsuited to becoming trained killers if they do not revert to being men within 30 days of applying to the draft board.
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Pattaya News Flash May 2008
NightWalker's News
A successful business idea on Pattaya's Beach Road: Your future for 50 baht...
New Disco on Soho Square
New Disco on Soho Square
Above the enlarged Utopia Lounge opened a new Disco called Coyoty's.
New Bar on Soho Square
New Bar on Soho Square
Wildcats, a new beer bar with pool tables opened on May 20 2008 on Soho Square, off Walking Street. It has a second entry via Soi 16.
Happy Bathing
Pattaya City itself, not the hotels, exhausts its stinky wastewater directly into the beach. Photographed on May 13 2008 at 20:18 at the Pier Bar Complex.

The water that Pattaya City is pumping into the sea has the same bad smelling as the stench on Beach Road, in front of the pumpstation.
Apparently the wastewater doesn't get any treatment.

We heard from a privat investigation of a belgian biochemist. He collected sea water at various spots in Pattaya and Jomtien and tested the samples at his laboratory in Belgium. His advice: Don't take a bath at Pattaya's beaches.

Pattaya's Nightlife is less dangerous than its sea. With such a high contamination of its sea, Pattaya is an unsuitable seaside resort.
Having the same degree of contamination in Europe, most, if not all, countries would close its beaches for the public, the biochemist said.
Eye Catcher on Walking Street
Eye Catcher on Walking Street
The Hammer Disco Girls.
The Tina Malibu Bar & Restaurant
The Tina Malibu Bar & Restaurant
Tina opened his or her 'The Tina Malibu Bar & Restaurant' at the corner of
Soi 10 / Second Road. The shows start at 21:45 and 23:45.
Troops Movements
Military training is our job - we have to train at night
First army region commander Prayuth Chan-ocha said on May 03 2008 that the political situation is fragile and he is worried about it, but he insisted that the army does not plan to stage a military coup.

He was explaining recent troops movements, which have renewed rumours the military is once again getting ready to stage a coup d'etat and overthrow the elected government.

'We just do our job. Without training, soldiers will be weak.' the commander said.

In 2006, a few days before the army started the coup, another spokesman insisted too that Thai military has no plan to stage a coup. Let's hope that at least this time the army tells the truth.
Cobra Gold 2008
A Special Event for Pattaya's Service Girls.
Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, and the United States announced their participation in the Cobra Gold exercise to be held in Thailand from May 8 to May 21, 2008.

Cobra Gold is a regularly scheduled joint and combined multi-national exercise hosted annually by the Kingdom of Thailand. Cobra Gold 2008 is the latest in a continuing series of exercises designed to promote regional peace and security.

Usually the American soldiers include Pattaya's service girls in their exercises.
Pattaya's new Freelancer Meeting Place
Pattaya Beer Garden opened on April 29 2008.
Pattaya Beer Garden
Come and see Pattaya's newest and biggest bar and its first real freelancer meeting place. Please check the Pattaya Beer Garden Website for more information and its latest news.
Tourist Statistics
Does the Tourism Authority of Thailand tell the true?
Statistics says that 2007 14'464'228 tourists arrived in Thailand. According to TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) Region 3 Office Pattaya had 6.62 million visitors. That means, statistically, that about every second visitor arriving in Thailand stayed at least a few days in Pattaya.

Hotel operators in Pattaya say this information is wrong. According to their information the number of visitors has decreased.
But TAT insists that the number of new hotels opening, especially large hotels, is spreading the business more thinly...

Perhaps both parties are right. The number of tourists from the United States, from United Kindom and from Germany decreased significantly (-16%, -17% and -11%!). Usually these tourist spend most of their holidays in Pattaya.

On the other hand tourist from Russia and Earstern Europe flooded all over Thailand. Pattaya also could catch up a lot of Chinese and Japanese tourist, mainly because Japanese and Chinese refuse to go to Phuket for cultural reasons (tsunami). But these tourist usually spend a few days only in Pattaya.

Dear TAT:
If your numbers are correct, why your advertisements always tell that Phuket is the country's most popular tourist destination? Your ads tell a lie!
According to your very own numbers Phuket had 4.7 million visitors only!
Phuket isn't Thailand's most popular destination, but its most expensive one.
Take a close look at your numbers: They will tell you that Pattaya is Thailand's most popular tourist destination.
Thailand: The United States are watching you
Thailand could face economic sanctions from World Trade Organisation
The United States put Thailand, China, Russia, Argentina, Chile, India, Israel, Pakistan and Venezuela on the elevated 'priority watch list' for failure to protect American movies, music and computer software against piracy.

The United States looks forward to working with the new Thai government to seek resolution of these (piracy) concerns. The United States recognises that in 2007, Thai law enforcement officials continued to conduct actions against infringing activity at the retail and distribution levels. Despite these efforts, however, piracy and counterfeiting rates remained high.

Thailand is doing too little to crack down on rampant piracy of American music, movies, computer programs and other products. At street markets as well as at some shopping centers the shelfes are full of copycat products.
Beach Vendors
City Hall speaks and promises a lot - but doesn't do anything
Beach Vendor
Pattaya's beach vendors try to sell
Beach Vendor
everything: Toys and ice creams
Beach Vendor
clothes and towels
Beach Vendor
Beach Vendor
any kind of food
Beach Vendor
Beach Vendor
Beach Vendor
and nail care products.

It's nearly impossible to relax on Pattaya's beaches: Vendors turn up every few minutes. Do not buy any goods or services at the beaches. It's simply too expensive.

During February 2008 the City Hall promised to remove undesirables vendors from Pattaya's beaches, but so far nothing happened.

The City Hall people are known for big announcements and promises, but not for deeds. They don't understand that deeds are better than words.
No water shortages this summer?
Who tells the truth?
During February 2008 Pattaya's Mayor mentioned that the Maprachan Reservoir is suffering from months of no rain and the situation could become worse in the coming months.

Now the Chonburi Irrigation Department says that there will be no water shortages this summer, with enough reserves to provide tap water for everyone and to still keep enough on standby to provide for the city during the traditional drought season.

Time will tell...
Utopia Lounge needs Dancers
Utopia Lounge
Utopia Lounge on Soho Square (Walking Street) pays 9'000 to 14'000 Baht a month for coyote dancers plus an additional 50 Baht for every Lady Drink a customer orders for the lady.
Low Season Promotion
Low Season Promotion
Low Season Promotion
The new Eastiny Plaza Resort & SPA on Soi 8 starts into the low season with a special promotion including Breakfast.
Who has the Power in Pattaya?
An unclear situation
According to some lawers Pattaya is a specially administrated city, and the power to administrate belongs to the mayor of Pattaya. The Chonburi governor only has the power to consult and monitor the situation.

Nevertheless, the Chonburi governor tries to extend his power all over Pattaya.
Another Newspaper Hoax?
Uncertainty about the Future of Thailand...
On April 25 2008, the front pages of virtually every Thai newspaper was dominated by reports that Prime Minister Samak had told a group of Thai businessmen that after the constitution is amended, a general election would be held and a new government would be elected to carry out its work under the revised charter.

But Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej dismissed reports that he planned to dissolve the parliament and call for snap polls after the revised constitution is in place.

The (false) message was distributed by the official Thai News Agency. TNA is part of MCOT Public Company Limited and has close ties to the Thai Military.
On February 7 2008 Air force chief Chalit Phukphasuk said that 'there are other ways than a coup to terminate roles of those in power'.

Is distributing false information one of it?

After a week rife with rumours of a military coup, Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej on April 27 2008 charged that forces aligned against his government are trying to goad the army into seizing power again.
Mr Samak also said he heard about some of the PAD (People's Alliance for Democracy) actions. The PAD's huge street protests in mid-2006 were at least partly responsible for the military coup of September 19 of that year.
Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej said the PAD is trying to repeat history.
No Climax
According to a recent research by condom manufacturer Durex 70% of Thai women cannot achieve orgasm.

Thai women cannot reach orgasm because their partners do not know how to help them, the report says.

Chinese & Japanese women must endure the same lousy sex as Thai wifes.

Italians, Spanish, Mexicans and South Africans women enjoy the best sex, Durex says.

Now you know why Italian and Spanish men are popular among Pattaya's service girls.
They are not only more generous, they can spend some satisfaction too.
Land of fools?
Sometimes I got the impression that I am living in a land full of fools: Road users are ignoring red lights and one way streets, are using their mobile phones while driving their cars and motorcycles(!) and motorcycles drivers do not wear any helmets. People here seems to believe that traffic regulations are made to improve the income of policemen.

iFarang ©2008
Soi Chaiyapoon
Soi Chaiyapoon is a popular street with a lot of bars, restaurants and guesthouses.

But Soi Chaiyapoon is one of Pattaya's badest roads. It's a torture for every car and motorcycle and during rainfalls a large part of the street gets flooded.

I know this street for more than 20 years.
In all that years the lovely people from City Hall promised to improve the situation.

Nothing ever happened.
A small Soi just got the treatment Soi Chaiyapoon badly needs
A small Soi just got the treatment Soi Chaiyapoon badly needs.

City Hall currently is improving streets all over Pattaya. Streets where officials and influential people are living. But Soi Chaiyapoon doesn't have any influential people - it is a tourist street only and City Hall simply doesn't spend any money to improve tourist streets.

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