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Sawadee Resort
Click for Sawadee Resort & Fishingpark Sung Noen, Korat
Sawadee Resort & Fishingpark Sung Noen, Korat.
Phone: 083-3672839
Sawadee Resort Korat
DiDi's Bar
DiDi's New Bar on Central Road
We got it:

DiDi's new Bar is on Central Road! About 200 meters from Tops Supermarket and about 100 meters from the Beach Road.
Illegal phone services
Every mobile phone concession in Thailand is illegal.
The Council of State and the Ministry of Communication Technology shocked the nation with the statement, that every mobile phone concession was flawed, illegal or simply scurvy.

They announced that all phone companies have to negotiate new contracts.
Illegal duty-free-shops
King Power sues AoT (Airports of Thailand)
In March AoT terminated the contacts with King Power, reasonning that King Power obtained them without passing the scrutiny process of the Public Privat Venture Act

On June 4. King Power filed two lawsuits with the Civil Court demanding massive compensation from AoT.

King Power runs most duty-free-shops at Suvarnabhumi, Chiang Mai and Hat Yai airports.
Funny News
Illegal Government
During discussing the news mentioned above, one of my Thai friends told me, that he is just waiting until a government declares itself illegal...
Old Technology
But Google & Co can't read it
After month of testing a lot of different internet sites with all the different browsers we could get, we decided to use a 10 year old technology to display the content of our pages: Javascript.

It is the only way to ensure that all the browsers show the content of our pages the way we want to present it.

Now we discovered, that the main search engines are not capable to read the content of our pages.

It's a shame. They use Javascript themself to display their ads and their content and to write their coockies on your harddisk, but are short of reading other peoples content in Javascript.
Pattaya News Flash June 2007
NightWalker's News
Another new A Go-Go
Soi 7 gets an all new A Go-Go
On June 8. a new A Go-Go opened its doors on Soi 7, citing to have Pattaya's most beautiful ladies on its stage. Let's have a look! At least I know one really beautiful lady and she is very excited to got the chance to work at the new club.
New A Go-Go on Soi 7
New Flying Rules
Flying Rules as of June 1st 2007
Scores of passengers unaware of the carry-on liquid ban that took effect at all Thai airports for the first time yesterday (June 1st. 2007) had to dump oceans of liquid products, chocolate and soaps before boarding their flights.

The ban is in line with a safety directive of the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

According to the director of the Suvarnabhumi airport, the restriction is not applied to liquid products that passengers buy from duty-free shops at Thai airports, as long as they are placed in sealed and transparent plastic bags tagged with notices specifying clearly the sources and the purchase date of the products.

Here are the new rules:


Liquids, aerosols and gels including drinks, creams, perfumes, sprays, gels, toothpaste, lipstick, lip balm and similar substances in containers with a capacity over 100ml must be placed in check-in luggage(s).

Carry-on Luggage:

Each item is 100ml or less.

All items must fit in a transparent and re-sealable plastic bag. Maximum capacity not exeeding one litre.

Only one bag per person.

Exeptions: Description medications, baby food, special dietary items

Duty-free items:

These should not be taken out of the sealed bag. Passenger must be ready to show receipts for the purchases.

Be advised that each passenger must check with their destination airport regarding their policy.

For example: If catching a connecting flight within EU, your in-cabin duty-free items will be confiscated.

Each passenger must be ready to present plastic bags, personal computers and jackets at the security screening point.

Chocolate and soaps are strictly banned by some destination countries like Israel. Therefore they where also banned from being carried on flights at Thai airports too.
Excise Taxes on Cars
Thailands tax structure for cars differs significantly from western countries
Excise Taxes on Cars
Under the current framework, passenger cars with engines of no more than 2'000cc carry an excise tax of 30%. Cars with larger engines burden a tax of 40%. Pickup trucks on the other hand, pay an excise tax of just 5%. For the popular double-cab trucks the government asks 12%.

This tax structure explaines why the more economically cars with smaller engines do not have any chance in the Thai market. Under the current tax structure a Smart gets simply too expensive.
Fake prepaid cards
AIS losses about 8 million baht
AIS, Thailands mobile phone giant, acted fast after its officers found that a large number of calls were being made using unregistered 'prepaid' cards. According to AIS, the transaction went undetected for about 3 month.

After looking for similar cases at the police station, an arrest warant was sought for a 34 year old Thai. He was on bail for allegedly hacking into the computer system of another mobile phone provider in 2005. TA Orange (now True Move) incurred a loss of 105 million baht.

Police said, the hacker has a degree in political science from an university in Bangkok and can hack into a computer system in less than 10 minutes. The hacker was arrested on May 15 in Bangkok in an apartment in Lat Phrao.

He posted popup advertisements on popular websites offering 100 baht and 1'000 baht cards. The cheaper cards could make phone calls up to 1'000 baht, the more expensive ones up to 10'000 baht.
Household debts now at 134'190 Baht
New survey shows an increase of 13 %!
The survey, conducted by the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, interviewed 1'189 households nationwide and showed that the imbalance between income and expenses is on the rise.

The survey also showed a rising number of people earning between 10'000 to 20'000 Baht a month has sought loans and more and more people have obtained undocumented loans - money by loan sharks.

79% (!) of the interviewed workers admitted they where in deep debts...

They blamed higher consumer prices, interest rates and oil prices for their debts.
Crosswalks in Pattaya
Pattaya's Funny Street Designers
Pattaya's Funny Street Designers Pattaya's designer of crosswalks must be very funny (or drunken) people.

This one on Pattaya's Beachroad, near Royal Garden Plaza, isn't an accident.

In front of Pattaya's Police Station they did it the same way...

Don't overlook the blue sign at the end of the crosswalk: It's just another joke from Pattaya's street designers!
Goodbye DiDi, Goodbye Sultans
Soi 7: An Era Ends
Goodbye DiDi Pattaya can change its face very fast.

A few weeks ago I was walking in Soi 7 and saw DiDi's Bar and the other four or five bars at this place in full action.

Today my camera had to take this picture.

Very sad...

Even the dog had a sorrowful face and left the place very fast. No more fun...

Didi run the Bar on Soi 7 for more than 9 years. Taxi drivers told me, that DiDi will temporary run a bar in front of the Brauhaus on Pattaya's Second Road, but I couldn't meet him there. DiDi's new Bar is on Central Road about 150 meters only from the Beach and it's running hot.

The Flipper Group bought the ground and will open another new hotel in Pattaya.
Sawadee Resort & Fishingpark Korat
A beautiful Resort opened in Sung Noen
Sawadee Resort & Fishingpark Korat Situated on the main road from Saraburi to Nakhon Ratchasima, about 35 km in front of Nakhon Ratchasima is Sung Noen.

The new Resort with beautiful Bungalows and a nice Fishingpark is about 1 km outsite of the busy town and can be easily reached by Bus or Railway. The trains usually stop at Sung Noen.
Each Bungalow has its airconditioner, fridge, balcony and TV as well as its own shower room. Price for a night starts at about 600 Baht.

The Sawadee Resort runs its own Restaurant and the Sunset Music Bar.
For more information please contact the Sawadee Resort by phone (in Thailand: 083-3672839, international: +66-83-3672839)
or visit its website: Sawadee Resort Korat.
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Open to Hackers
Mobile phones are open to hackers
At the monthly meeting of the Bangkok Chapter of the Projekt Management Institute (PMI) Roland Van Kleuen, managing director of Globeron, demonstrated how easy it is to read the messages and the phone numbers and to change the language of a remote mobile phone:

Sending someone a nice picture from your phone using Bluetooth is all you need to do. During the transmission you can read out the recipents stored information.
Funny News
Rainy Times
Rainy Times It's rainy times in paradies and you can feel it everywhere in Pattaya, Jomtien and Naklua.

The 'show' happens at the same places as last year (and the year before).

Good old traditions don't get changed in Thailand.
Laos Earthquake shaking buildings in Bangkok
On May 16 a powerfull earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale jolted many parts of Thailand.

The epicenter of the quake was in northern Laos, only about 95 kilometers from Chiang Rai. It lasted about 30 seconds.

No injuries were reported. But the quake caused many people to flee their houses.

On May 15 a first shock of 5.1 on the Richter scale happened in the same area.

Tall buildings in Bangkok are at risk because the soil in the capital is very soft.
Cashing in
Representatives from Grammy collecting money from venues.
Representatives from Grammy Music in Bangkok, Thailands largest music producer, go around in Pattaya to inspect and collect money from venues that play music in public.

Beer bars, karaoke bars, restaurants and guest houses they all must pay an amount of money between 3,500 & 10,000 Baht per year for a license in order to be able to play music for their customers.

Small businesses have to pay around 3'500 - 5'500 Baht per year, larger ones must pay between 6'000 & 10'000 Baht per year.

Grammy claims to be the representative for foreign music that takes care of copyrights for Thai songs and foreign songs in Thailand.

Some people fear that RS Promotion, No. 2 in Thailand's entertainment industry, will play the same game.
Silence is comming
Music from 6 am until 2 am only.
People who want to open their own entertainment venues such as bars, restaurants and discotheques must apply for a license at the District Office.

Places with music are allowed to open only from 6 am until 2 am. Venues that want to open at times other than the above must not play any music because it causes disturbance to the public.

The police have the duty to warn venues who violate and if they don't listen then the police will send the case to the District Office and the venue's license will be determined.
Apple on Windows
Safari on Windows
Apple Inc. is introducing its Safari Internet browser for Windows. Apple claims that Safari is loading an Internet site twice as fast as Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

We already tested the latest version of Safari for Windows: Forget it!

Safari has a pretty face, but is the badest browser of all running on our computers.

Safari can't read the most simple attributs like 'BOLD'. It also have a lot of problems reading style sheets.

Dear Apple: It never was a problem to design a fast browser, but it seems to be a problem to make a perfect browser.

In many tests, Apple's new Safari browser showed the same kind of problems as Konqueror on Linux.

According to our tests it uses Gecko version 20030107! (outdated technology in a new face?)
Try it:

A double-click in an empty space brings you back to the top of the page!

This feature should work on most browsers.