Pattaya News Flash
New A-Go-Go
Honey Sisters?
Sisterz - New A-Go-Go Wakingstreet
Former Honey A-Go-Go
reopened as
Sisterz A-Go-Go
New Sign - Call 1155
Tourist Police - Call 1155
Tax Rise
Immediately effective tax rise on spirits and cigarettes.

August 29. 2007: Spirits go up by 9 to 12 Baht a bottle and cigarettes by 1 to 3 Baht a pack.
Dry Christmas?
Thailand's Election Commission said the general election would be held on 23 December.

The official rule is that the evening before the election and the whole day of the election will be dry days in the bars.
No alcohol will be on sale at shops and shopping centers around the country.

It is expected that politicians will spend 30 to 40 billion Baht for their election campaigns.
Cleanup Third Road
On Wednesday (August 29.) Banglamung District Officials accompanied by Pattaya Police raided a number of Karaoke Bars on Pattaya Third Road.

7 person failed urine tests, 4 of the bars raided were found not to possess licenses and were shut down.
Cleanup Soi 6
Monday evening (August 27.) Police visited Soi 6 and Soi 6/1 for drug testing and went off with two truck loads of girls and lady boys.

Just another attack on Pattaya's nightlife.
Cleanup Hot & Cold
On August 19. Pattaya Police raided the Hot & Cold A-Go-Go Bar on Soi Post Office.

Two women performing naked on stage were charged and the manager arrested.

The police asked the tourists to leave the bar and closed the venue.
Cleanup Pattaya
Seen on Soi Pratamnak and on Walking Street:

The polite Tourist Police stops 'underdressed' Ladies as well as 'would be Ladies' and give them tips for correct dressing.
Cleanup the Beach
Cleanup the Beach
Thailand: HIV/Aids Crisis
The UN and international Aids campaigners have raised concern over a sharp increase in infections among Thai housewives.

In Thailand up to 40% of the 18'000 new HIV cases found each year are housewives.

Most housewives contract the virus from their promiscuous husbands.

Same situation in Papua New Guinea and Cambodia: In Papua New Guinea 50% of all new cases are housewives, in Cambodia at least 46%.

The latest statistics show one-fith of the Asian population is HIV positiv.
Made in Thailand
Made in China' isn't a 'brand name' anymore. During the last few weeks 'Made in China' got a bad reputation.

'Made in Thailand' often isn't a warranty for a reliable product too.

The mechanics of cigarette lighters 'Made in Thailand' get broken before you could use all the gas in the lighters.

Brakes on bicycles 'Made in Thailand' are mostly an useless accessory.

Door locks 'Made in Thailand' lock the door a few months only before they get broken. The same happens with water pumps and faucets 'Made in Thailand'. Very often these products are working a few weeks only.

Sometimes I got the impression that only the big japanese companies try to produce usable products in this country. Nevertheless, the list of poor quality products 'Made in Thailand' remains endless.
Paid Protests
Whenever superstores have plans to open supermarkets in the province, a deputation from Bangkok turns up in the area.

Their job is to persuade villagers to go to Bangkok to protest the plan.

The deputation provides a free bus ride, free food and 500 Baht in cash for each 'protester'.
Men-only VISA Card
Walk like no other..

UOB Thailand intruduced a men-only VISA card, co-branded with wiskey maker Johnnie Walker.

The 'Black Card' offers premium discounts and special privileges at local restaurants, golf clubs, fitness centers, boutique hotels and resorts.
Pattaya News Flash September 2007
NightWalker's News
Price hike (not only) in Restaurants
Many, if not most restaurants in the city rised the prices of the menues.
During August and the first week of September we noticed a price rise on the menu cards in many restaurants in the city. Without any notice the restaurants rised the prices of the served food between 4 and 10 %.

Some food stalls in the city rised their prices too: Since September you have to pay about 5 baht more for the street food.

Swensens is no exception: Swensens rised the price of their monthly promotion Ice Creams from 59 Baht to 69 Baht everywhere in Pattaya.

Do you know that KFC sells its chicken at its Royal Garden outlet more expensive than at other KFC outlets in the city? The price difference is about 10 baht/menu.

Royal Garden Plaza seems to be a pricey place - not only for food...

Even copycat watches at Royal Garden outlets are more expensive than elsewhere in Pattaya.

The cheapest watches in Pattaya cost about 199 Baht - in Bangkok (at MBK, The Platinum Fashion Mall and Pantip Plaza) you can buy them for 99 Baht...

Carrefour 'adjusted' its product line: Many of its low price goods, mostly sold under the Carrefour label, disappeared from the shelfes. The most popular drink in my fridge, a 10% grape softdrink (1 liter 14 baht) is no longer available - dear Carrefour, was it too cheap to generate any profits?

Ice Cream: Pattaya has a lot of Ice Cream outlets now and most claiming fat free fruity products. Nevertheless, Pattaya's best Ice Creams I eat at the Boat Bakery, Second Road across from Soi Pattayaland. At Boat Bakery most Ice Creams are below 30 Baht, even after the price rise. Its product have a better taste than all the so called 'American' or 'Italian Ice Creams' you buy in Pattaya. A real bargain!
Bali Hai Plaza
The new Bali Hai Plaza
at the end of Walking Street opened its doors.
Bali Hai Plaza
Thailand and the European Union
Thailand will not sign a memorandum of understanding with the EU to monitor Thailand's general election
Thailands prime minister said:

'We'll go by our own law. We do not want other people to exercise powers over our officials.'

'We in Thailand have a track record across history. We are not a failed state or on any watch list.'

'We are mature. We can solve our own problems. I don't think we need anybody to teach us how to vote.'

The secretary-general of the CPD (Campaign for Popular Democracy) accused ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra to be behind the EU's move to oversee Thailand's general election. He said:

'I wonder if the EU has acted at the urge of a lobbyist company hired by someone.'

The facts:

Before the August 19 referendum on the draft charter, public discussion on the content of the draft was restricted, due to an imposed martial law in some provinces in the South, the North and the Northeast. Some opponents of the charter were arrested. The military seized documents and campaigning materials against the charter. Nevertheless, 70% of the voters in the Northeast voted against the draft constitution. A tough lesson for the coup leaders.

Because of the political and economic uncertainities, Thailand suffers an economic slowdown. Many people fear a further military coup.

Nevertheless, according to Thailand's Prime Minister 'Thailand is under a normal situation'...

Maybe the military leaders should decide themself who should win the next election.
Virtual Police on China's Computer Screens
China is sending out two virtual police officers to patrol the internet
The virtual officiers, a man and a woman, appear either on a motorcycle, in a car or on foot every 30 minutes at the bottom of the screen.

The pair will monitor all websites and online forums an internet user is surfing on.

Dictatorships seem to have a lot of problems with the free internet.

In this case at least, big brother lets know the surfer 'I am watching you'.
Tornado hits Soi 6
Soi 6 gets its 5th A-Go-Go Club:
Former E & T Bar in Soi 6 turns to Tornado A-Go-Go.
Tornado A-Go-Go Soi 6
Tornado A-Go-Go Soi 6Located a few meters only from Pattaya's Second Road the new A-Go-Go opened on September 5. 2007.

Soi 6 has now 5 A-Go-Go Clubs:

Betty Boup
Pook Bar
Kiss Kool Bar

Pattaya itself has more than 70 A-Go-Go venues. Pattaya Swethearts, the website, lists them all.
Tornado A-Go-Go Soi 6
Hard Times
Hard Times for Bar Owners
Tourist Police, Pattaya Police, Officials from Bangkok Police and Police Officers from the Children and Women's Division from Bangkok, they all are inspecting Bars, A-Go-Go Clubs and Dancings all over Pattaya.

All these inspection seems to suggest that the Police will not stop the crackdown on entertainment venues.

I believe, these unnecessary crackdowns could have an adverse affect on Pattaya's Tourism.

What about crackdowns on real criminals?

I can't understand, why every lady seems to know where to buy the 'drugs' - but apparently nobody from the Police.
Tourist Police warns
Tourist Police in Bangkok warns:
Tourist Police warns
Full Service' SPA
A SPA ('sanus per aquam' or 'health through water') in Bangkok, run by a policeman and his wife, provides 'Full Service' for its customers.

The couple just opened a branch in Cambodia.

Some of the service girls there are Thai ladies. Working 3 months in Cambodia, the Thai masseuses claim to earn more money in Cambodia than working three months at the SPA in Bangkok. And they don't have to fear any crackdowns.

The owners take care of the 3 month Visa and the necessary Work Permit.
Shopping in Thailand
In Thailand you buy your Ferrari at the Shopping Center...
Shopping in Thailand
The Paragon Shopping Center in Bangkok has selling booths for Ferrari, Maserati, Lambourghini and some other luxury cars.
Shopping in Thailand
This beautiful Harley-Davidson was also on display at the Paragon Center. A one seater in black and chrome - for the lonely Cowboy only - not for Ladykillers.
Kebab on Walking Street
Walking Street has a few Kebab Booths now. During the last week I tasted them all.

If you know the Kebab prepared on Soi 8 (near All Day Cafe), the Kebabs sold on Walking Street are disappointing, not worth the 50 or 60 baht the vendors are asking for.
Super Sound
Best Band plays on Walking Street
Pattaya has a few dancngs, some play disco music only, some let you dance to live music and others present a mixture of both styles, but to my taste, the best sound you can dance along you will find at Hammer on Walking Street. The band plays black music with a touch of real african beat.
Hammer at Walking Street
Not always to the taste of Thai ladies:

A few days ago I could fellow a discusssion between two very nice ladies in front of Hammer. 'I don't like that music' one lady told the other. 'Do you want Loog Thung or a Farang' here girlfriend responded. Later, the two beauties joined the other sexy dancers at Hammer. They both got happy...

Loog Thung is some kind of Thai country music.
Touts everywhere
Hello Sir, where do you come from...
Beware of touts. They try to get your attraction on Beach Road (in front of Mike, Royal Garden Plaza, new Bangkok Bank office), Pattaya's Second Road (the Avenue, Big C) and on Walking Street.

Some touts on Walking Street try to sell tickets to Sex Shows just about 100 meters in front of Walking Street police.

Remember: Sex Shows are illegal in Thailand.

The other ones, usually approaching you with 'Hello Sir, where do you come from..', like to get your current address to sell any kind of services.

Ignore them!

Beware of Africans in Bangkok.

At large shopping centers in Bangkok (Siam Square, Paragon, MBK and others) a growing number of Africans, mostly from Nigeria, tries to approach you. Proposing dubious businesses, they are out for your money only. They are hard as flint: Recently at Paragon, a Nigerian followed me for more than 10 minutes. He gave up only when I approached a security man.

Ignore their approach.
Bitter Lesson for Thai Students
Money doesn't let win a Competition.
During the annual robot contest, the ROBOCON, for university, college and polytechnic students in Hanoi, the Thai team from Chachoengsao Technical College got its lesson. It's not a huge budget, but the analytical thinking, perfect planning and good decision-making that lets win a competition and this wasn't the strong point of the Thai students solution to the problem. The Thai team spend 500'000 Baht into their robots, but it failed to reach the Final.

Other Asian schools differ from Thai institution in the way they guide students to study in depth in targeted subject areas and to practise hard.

A good Thai student represents 'His Masters Voice'. Autonomous thinking students are not wanted in Thailand.

For Thai students of all ages, learning has to be 'Sanuk' (fun), not hard work.
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All A Go-Go Clubs
Pattaya Sweethearts
Economic Downturn
Since last month about 160 factories have laid off thousands of employees and closed their gates...

At least 300 factories quietly closed over the past 18 month.

A drop in export orders is the reason.

An increasing number of manufacturers will likely close unless the government can control the Baht's value at 34 per US Dollar.
On the Rise
Drug smuggling on the rise.

Since the coup on Sept. 19. 2006 drug smuggling in the North of Thailand is on a steady rise.

The current situation is as severe as it was six or eight years ago.

It's the result of a lack of systematic cooperation between police, soldiers and officials.

Drug producers in Burma have built scores of factories along Thailand's border.

Almost all smugglers benefit from help from men in uniform.
New Closing Time
Closing time in Pattaya has been brought back to 2am.
High Season starts
High Season starts early this year.

The rooms in my neighbourhood start to fill up. During low season 1 or 2 girls only are living in each room.

But on August 31. and September 1. the rooms got new life. There are now 3 to 5 girls living in each room.

Some are real stunners.
At least, my lady already got jealous when I was watching out for the new arrival.

At Saturday night I could spot some new faces at Hammer and at Bamboo Bar too.
Funny News
A newcomer told me that she speaks Thai only, but will start learning 'phaasaa farang' (Farang language).

When I asked her which farang language she likes to learn, she looked at me with big eyes. She didn't know that the Farangs speak english, german, french and a lot of other languages.

She thoughts the Farangs here in Pattaya are speaking 'farang'.

That's Thailand.
Soi 8
Latest news tells that Soi 8 will get a new dancing bar at the Prince Hotel: Oasis Coyote.

Rolling Stone, the well-known bar from Walkingstreet opened a branch at the same location: Rolling Stone 3.
Soi Phettrakun
Soi Phettrakun, a street that connects Pattaya North Road with Central Road, is a new entertainment area.

It all startet with the openning of 'Differ', a high class Dance Club.

Now 'New Hollywood' is comming to this street.

A new restaurant club playing Carabao based Thai songs mainly is on the way to open its doors too.

The street has ample parking spaces. Today a must to attract Thai customers. According to a new statistic, 30% of Thais already own a car.
Google Phone
Apple called its iPhone 'revolutionary'.

But if the speculations about Googles new Mobile Phone are even half true, the iPhone users will drop their overpriced gadget as quickly as they did buy it.
GPS Tracking
By tracking your GPS Mobile Phone your company (or somebody else) can track your movements.

For more information click 'Mobile Phones' in the menu above.
Freedom of Speech 1
During the last few days I tried to get a copy of Bangkok Post at Bangkok's Skytrain Stations.

Everywhere the same answer:'No have' or 'We only have The Nation'.

If you are interested in neutral information click here for Bangkok Post.
Freedom of Speech 2
Local Radio Station Operators have to broadcast the News Broadcasts provided by the Public Relations Department of the Royal Thai Government three times a day.

Radio Stations who fail to comply with the regulations will be forced to close.
Freedom of Speech 3
The popular video sharing site 'YouTube' has been blocked for many months along with 'Metacafe'.

On June 26. the official censor of 2006 Military Coup announced he will lift his ban on 'YouTube', but now the Junta added 'veoh' to the list of blocked video sites.

It seems that some people in Thailand are clearly getting paranoid over video sharing sites.
Ban lifted
The Thai government said Friday, August 31. 2007, it has lifted a four-month ban on YouTube after the popular video-sharing Web site's operator agreed not to allow videos that violate the country's laws or are deemed offensive to Thai people.

On September 03. 2007 the Thai government lifted its ban on Metacafe & veoh too.
No further Coup
Thailand's army chiefs seem to have overestimated their popularity. Only 58% of the voters used the voting boxes and only 57% said yes to Thailand's new constitution written by a military-appointed panel.

Three days after the August 19th's referendum General Sonthi, the army chief, felt obliged to deny rumours that some sort of further coup was in the works.

You remember:
A few days before the September 19. 2006 coup, the coup-leaders denied similar rumours...
Large Company
A country is nothing else than a large company.
It should be run accordingly.
Report bribe requests
BRIBEline is a website collecting information about the official or quasi-official entities - governments, international organizations, security forces, state-owned enterprises, etc. - around the world that solicit bribes.

Bribes include payments in cash or services, gifts, donations to specific charities or organizations, business or personal favorsĀ - anything of value to the recipient that is given in order to obtain a needed service, gain market access, win new business, or avoid harm to your personal or business interests. A request for a bribe could be a clear demand or a more subtle suggestion.

You know if you have been hit up for a bribe. Report it here.
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