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November 2007
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During September 2007 we discovered that an unknown person or organisation changed links on some of our files. In the first week of November the same people deleted relevant files on two of our internet accounts.

The people used our very own IP address to connect with our server.

This incident shows again:

In Thailand it can be very dangerous to carry important data on a memory stick, especially if you use the stick at an internet café, or if your computer communicates via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Dioxin level in Phuket is 40 times the acceptable standard.
High dioxin exposure is behind the sharp rise in new respiratory and lung cancer cases in men and breast and cervical cancer cases in women.

60 new cases of cervical cancer were reported in Phuket last year. The number of new lung cancer patients is even much higher.

The lack of efficient waste management is the cause of the high Dioxin level and some other environmental problems.

Attempts to solve waste problems had achieved little because local administration organisations were not coordinating their efforts.

Burdock Disco Club closed!
Burdock Disco closed
Burdock Disco Club at the Palladium Complex on Soi 1 closed its door.

During the last three years Burdock was the forth and last attemp to revitalize the once popular Palladium Dancing.

It failed again.

Climax A Go-Go
Climax A Go-Go
German investors bought the Climax Rock Bar for a reported sum of about 10 million Baht. It will be converted to another A Go-Go and is due to open in December 2007.

Pattaya Police raided Tukcom
Pattaya Police raided Tukcom
On Saturday Night, November 17, Pattaya Police arrested three members of a CD counterfeiting ring and seized over 30'000 illegal VCDs, MP3s as well as disk writing equipment worth over 6 million baht at a shop located at the Tukcom Shopping Center in South Pattaya, also known as Comcity.

Apple updated its Safari for Windows Browser
Apple updated its Safari for Windows Browser
Apple just released its new version 3.0.4 of its Safari for Windows browser. They managed to correct many bugs of the earlier versions. With version 3.0.4 you can enjoy all our sites without restrictions.

Walking Street 6
Rumors tell that Soi 6 will become a Walking Street:
It will be closed to traffic each evening from 18:00.

Some weeks ago a report said that police wants to ban all ladies in sexy outfits from Soi 6...

Baht bus driver should be happy: There isn't any possibility to park your car in the neighbourhood of Soi Sexpresso.

New Bill
On November 14 2007 the National Legislative Assembly approved a new bill:

Motorists will face a fine between 400 and 1'000 baht using a cell phone without hands-free equipment.

Floods in Koh Samui
Hundreds of tourists were left stranded.

On Thursday Nov. 8 2007 the island of Koh Samui was officially declared a disaster zone after two days and a night of heavy rain.

The water level on the main road was 30 centimetres. All air services are grounded.

Since Friday Nov. 9. Koh Samui is returning to normal and Bangkok Airways resumed its flights.

The flooding on Koh Samui had caused up to 100 million baht in damage.

Clean up the Beach
According to news reports, Pattaya Police, the Tourist Police and Immigration Police will made regular checks along the beach for prostitutes and others who were involved in activities which will contravene the law.
Fun on the Beach
A company called Creative Juice created two new slogans to promote Pattaya on the local market as a top tourism location:

The Most Fun Beach is Pattaya


Pattaya Fun Beach City

No comment.

iFarang ©2007
Beggars are back
Beggars are back on Walking Street: Moms with her (?) babies sitting or laying on the street, underaged boys dancing or playing balls in the middle of the street and minor girls jumping on farangs. Every beggar hopes to get a part of your pocket.

All this happens a few hundert meters only in front of the apparently sightless Tourist Police and its volunteers.

iFarang ©2007
French Fries
If your are out for some food that looks like french fries, you can get it anywhere in the city: Usually oily and cold.

But for tasty french fries there are almost no alternatives to McDonalds and KFC.

iFarang ©2007
Not ready
Not ready for small cars
Thailands Government is promoting Thailand as a production center for small and economic cars, but Thai citizens like it big and pompous.
Not ready for small cars
Everytime Thais spot a Smart or the new small three wheelers (a 3 seater) they burst into laughter.

iFarang ©2007
Amazing Thailand
83% of Thais would not inform the Election Commission or concerned officials of vote-buying practices.

Most Thai citizien are willing to accept corruption during an election... unbelievable.

iFarang ©2007
Ridiculous People
Politicians as well as their counterparts in the military are wearing expensive clothes, often decorated with worthless awards.

Talking in public they speak sweetly and well mannered.

They all seem to have a long-lasting and impeccable memory.

But no matter where you meet them in this world, they rarely believe in anything they say or do.

This women and men are the most selfish and untrustworthy people in the world.

iFarang ©2007
Beach Vendors
Pattaya has a very nice beach with a lot of comfortable deck chairs, but it's simple impossible to sit down, relax and enjoy the sea:

Every few minutes a beach vendor tries to sell you his goods or his service: Massage, seafood, thaifood, fruits, sunglasses, toys and ice creams and everything at excessive prices.

A real mess.

iFarang ©2007
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Warning: Internet Cafés in Pattaya and Thailand
Some internet cafés are using key-logging software!
Key-logging software are 'recorders' that stores all key-strokes made on any given machine. The administrators can then look over their records for 'user names', 'passwords' and 'bank account/credit card details'.

Do not store personal data on a memory stick or any memory card you are using at an internet café. A soon as you plug in the storage device, a program reads out all the information on it.

Before entering critical data call the 'Task Manager' (press 'Ctrl' + 'Alt' + 'Delete'). The 'Task Manager' lists the machine’s inventory. If the 'Task Manager' is blocked or lists software that you don't know, do not enter any personal data on that computer.

For an even more accurate test, we recommend to install a 'Process Explorer' on your memory stick. You can get them as 'Freeware' in the internet. They list all the programs running in the background.

A program installed at a popular internet shop in Pattaya transmitted the collected information to an account in Hong Kong, at other shops a similar programm sent the data to accounts in the Ukraine and in India. All Shops denied to know anything (in Thai: 'mai lu si') about programs running in the background and collecting personal information...
New A Go-Go on Soi B.J. off Walking Street
Gothic A Go-Go, Soi B.J. off Walking Street
Hopefully the ladies don't date back to the twelth century...
Blackout in Pattaya
Pattaya Police lost its last Friends in Pattaya
Blackout in Pattaya

Blackout in Pattaya

Blackout in Pattaya
Police shuts down Pattaya's Nightlife
November 02. 2007 was a black sunday morning for many Farangs and a lot of Thais in Pattaya.

At about midnight four cars from Tourist Police arrived on Walking Street.

The officers and some volontiers started patrolling on Walking Street.

Two officials drived a police pickup up and down the street.

The people could feel it: Something is in the wind.

The lights got down at 2 pm
At around 02:15 the police ordered all bars and dancings to close the lights and the music.

Many people, mostly those who had to leave the dancings, got angry.

Some Farangs told me, next time they will spend their holidays in the Caribbean or elsewhere, but not in Thailand anymore.

Spotting the police car in front of a 24 hours shop on Walking Street a Farang shout out: 'Now they close 7-ELEVEn too...'

Many Ladies used their mobile phones to inform their friends and their families about the incident.

Not only Farangs got angry - more than once I could hear Thais saying: 'Stupid. It's time, Taksin comes back.'

At last here in Pattaya a growing number of Thai citizens seems to be sick of the current unelected military junta and the unnecessary police operations on Pattaya Beach and Walking Street. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Pattaya City itself publicize Pattaya as 'Fun City' - but, where is the fun?

A Thai lady told a Farang: 'Police is stupid. Many ladies don't have any choice. They attended the school during 4 or 6 years only. Therefore they can't get a regular job in this country. They have to go with Farangs, otherwise they don't have the money to support their children and families.'
Bargain in Pattaya
Bargain in Pattaya: 2 for 18 Baht
The Sticker tells: 2 for 18 Baht only...
Vague Future
Former General Sonthi Boonyaratkalin,
the September 19. 2006 Coup Leader,
now Deputy Prime Minister:
There were only three people plotting last years military coup. That's me and two assistants (General Sonthi Boonyaratkalin during an interview with a radio station).

August 22. 2007:

General Sonthi Boonyaratkalin denies rumours, which had caused a stockmarket slump, that some sort of further coup was in the works.

November 10. 2007:

Coup Leader Sonthi Boonyaratkalin refused to rule out staging another coup d'etat if the People Power Party (PPP) loyal to ex-premier Thaksin Shinwatra wins the election on December 23.
"It is a future matter that we shall have to wait and see," Deputy Prime Minister Sonthi said when he was asked whether a coup will be staged if PPP gets to form a new government.

November 12. 2007:

Deputy Prime Minister Sonthi Boonyaratkalin declared he will not run for election to the House or the Senate, but did not rule out holding a ministerial office again in the future.
General Sonthi said he would accept whoever the people elect to head the next government, including Mr Samak, the leader of the People Power Party (PPP).

November 20. 2007:

Mr Sonthi confirmed People Power party (PPP) leader Samak Sundaravej’s claim that the CNS had attacked populist policies and also gave orders to bring power back to the people.

'The army is obliged to do that because it is part of the Internal Security Operations Command’s responsibilities,' Sonthi explained.

'This responsibility is just as important to us as addressing the fight against poverty or dealing with natural disasters. We are not singling out any political party in particular.'

To be continued.
36-year Jail Term for Sex with underage Girls
The Supreme Court upheld a 36-year jail term given to former deputy Senate speaker Chalerm Promlert
Mr. Chalerm was arrested in January 2001 after being accused of paying procurers to find him teenage girls for sex.

He was the deputy speaker of the Senate at the time.

The four girls, who were under 15, were reportedly paid 4'000 baht each.

The Supreme Court presiding judge felt Mr Chalerm should be punished severely because he broke the law while he was a senator.

'The defendant was well aware that what he did was a serious crime,' the court said in a statement.

Two Teachers get 50 Years each
Two teachers at a primary school in Sai Mai ( a Bangkok district) where sentenced to 50 years imprisonment each after the Criminal Court ruled they were guilty of sexually abusing five girls aged between 7 and 8 years during June 1 and August 10 2006.
With Ladies like this one, we suggest Lam Morrisons to rename his Club to Birdsnest...
Lam Morrisons Club
New Venues
New Places-to-Go in Pattaya
Popcorn A Go-Go
Popcorn A Go-Go
on Pattayaland
replaces All Girls A Go-Go.
at the corner of Phratamnak Road / Soi Diamond runs now a Go-Go Club too!

Its entry is on Soi Diamond.

The small, but attractively decorated A Go-Go bar may be found upstairs.
Insomnia Gentlemen's Club
Insomnia Gentlemen's Club
on Soi Diamond replaces Supermodels A Go-Go.

Usually there are 2 Coyote-dancers on stage at one time, but they are dancing for a very short stint only.

Topless dancing happens upstairs.
Ocean 10
Ocean 10
Ocean 10
The new IN place on Walking Street about 50meters in front of Tony's.

Black is the predominant color. Most girls are dressed in the same color.
Black in black, but the visitors seem to like it.
Eastiny Plaza
Eastiny Plaza
Eastiny Plaza
A new hotel with a large entertainment area in Soi 8.

Will open soon.
Oasis Coyote
Oasis Coyote
On Soi 8
An Italian Gelateria on Beach Road
about 50 meters from Royal Garden Plaza, on a new Street called New Walking Street.
Suvarnabhumi Scams
Suvarnabhumi Airport:
A disgrace to Thailand

When you arrive through Immigration and Customs you are accosted by a mob of people who want you to take their so-called taxi to your destination.

If you ask about public taxis, they often say that there aren't any.
Wise Words
Thailand should recognise that Internet censorship is a barrier to progress.

Jimmy Wales
Founder of Wikipedia
Noisy Thailand
Thais live with perpetual loud noise from birth to death.

Many Thais suffer 5-10 decibel hearing loss by the time they are 21.

Many Bangkokians have the same hearing loss, comparable to New Yorkers at the same age.

To protect your ears, ear specialists recommend to wear earmuffs during dancing at Pattaya's Discos.
All A Go-Go Clubs
Pattaya Sweethearts
Bloody Election?
Police expect bloody conflicts ahead of the Dec 23 2007 election.

Police promised keeping an eye on twelve provinces where they believe killings by gunmen are most likely to take place.

The names of gunmen and bodyguards protecting politicians will be put on a watch list.

Police said competition between candidates to hire canvassers could lead to clashes between politicians.

Influential figures could also use this opportunity when politicians were fiercely vying for votes to take revenge on their business opponents and blame the killings on political conflicts, police said.
No Sense of Moral

An Abac poll from Assumption University shows that more than half of the Thai respondents would be willing to put up with corruption within the next government if it means their livelihood will be improved and more than 82 percent of them said they wouldn’t think twice about committing a dishonest act if it meant that they would be missing out on an opportunity.

The survey also revealed that those with an elementary school education had higher morals than those with a university degree or higher...
Vote-buying will not disappear from Thai politics.

In rural areas many people do not rely on the state.

They seek security from village headmen or other local persons of influence.

Rural people usually receive their favours from their patrons and not from the state.

Therefore the local patrons get the money from the candidates.

University academics have claimed that more than 20 billion baht would be spent to buy votes.

Without altering the social structures in Thailand, rural people will vote with their patrons. It's in their very own interest.
Nasty Trick
Halloween Party at Baby Dolls A Go-Go

The venue offered free food and a 2 for 1 beer.

A bargain? No!

The management asked a bar fine of 1500 Baht during this night!

Nothing comes for free in Pattaya City. Sooner or later you have to pay the bill.
Mobile Phone Tracking
Thai Police traces Mobile Phones

Thai police traced a Canadian paedophile to a specific shack in Nakhon Ratchasima by tracking calls between him and his transvestite kiddie supplier in Chaiyaphum.
GPS Tracking Services
Available in Bangkok

Services like Loopt and Buddy Beacon allow a member to see where their friends are as dots on a map, with labels saying who they are.

The service is available in Bangkok.

For more information please click 'Mobile Phones' in the menu above.
Clean up the Beach
Clean up your Beach
Report bribe requests
BRIBEline is a website collecting information about the official or quasi-official entities - governments, international organizations, security forces, state-owned enterprises, etc. - around the world that solicit bribes.

Bribes include payments in cash or services, gifts, donations to specific charities or organizations, business or personal favors - anything of value to the recipient that is given in order to obtain a needed service, gain market access, win new business, or avoid harm to your personal or business interests. A request for a bribe could be a clear demand or a more subtle suggestion.

You know if you have been hit up for a bribe. Report it here.
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