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July 2008
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Thais are fat
The Health Ministry told its citizen that Thailand is now the fattest country in Southeast Asia.
The Health Ministry urged every village and town to start exercise clubs to erase the obesity scourge that has lead to 40 million being overweight.

BKK Police in Pattaya
On Saturday July 12 2008 Royal Thai Police officials from Bangkok inspected Walking Street bars.
It is not known if they enjoyed the visit...

Fake Pattaya
British and Irish tour operators are in town and Pattaya authorities are trying to show their town in a good light.
The Go-Go Girls remain in their bikinis.

Buddhist holidays
On Asanha Bucha (July 17th) and Buddhist Lent (July 18th) usually bars have to remain closed, but the bar owners are still waiting for an official notice...

Crazy Dave
Soi Chaiyaphoon:
In God we trust, everyone else pays cash.
Crazy Dave is known for his 65 Baht Breakfast, including Toast, Butter, Marmalade, Eggs, a Sausage, some Ham, Beans and a large cup of Coffee or Tea. Available around the clock.

Thai Police
Thai police are obviously not capable of finding an elephant in a phone booth - but Pattaya police catch every motorcycle driver not wearing a helmet.
At least on some days...
On other days they should consult an eye specialist too.

A Man of Principle
The new Mayor of Pattaya promised the eradication of Pattaya's red-light venues.
He already put it into practice:
Almost every evening heavy rain stops any desire of spare time activities.

Viagra Substitute
Every slice of a cool and fresh watermelon has effects similar to Viagra.
Watermelons contain an integrient called citruline. It triggers the production of a compound that helps relax the body's blood vessels.
Citruline is found in the flesh and in the rind of watermelons, reacts with the body's enzyme and changes into arginine. Arginine is an amino acid that benefits the heart as well as the circulatory and the immune system.
Arginine boosts nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps with angina, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems.
Citruline is found in all watermelons, but its highest concentration is in yellow-fleshed types. Accidentally most of the citruline, about 60%, is found in the rind.
Watermelons are a great way to relax blood vessels without any drug effects.
The only drawback:
You tend to run to the bathroom - instead of...

Lam Morrison's
Rock Bar for sale
Lam Morrison's Rock Bar on Soi Marine Plaza is for sale. Morrison already left the bar on July 1st 2008.
Rumors say that he is making his return in early August to The Blues Factory, where he performed from 2002 to 2007.

Chonburi cancels
Chonburi Governor said he was directing Pattaya City to cancel all beach bed and umbrella concessions for Pattaya Beach, Jomtien and Koh Larn.
Chonburi Province had ordered Pattaya City not to renew them.
A new arrangements started on July 1.
The new concession allows only one operator to have only one lot, measuring 7 x 7 meters.
The city would take legal action if anyone is infringing upon the rules, the Governor warned.

Walking Street's Landmark
It seems Pattaya City Hall forget to finish the entry to Pattaya's Walking Street...
We have to admire this 'beautifull', but empty and unfinished, high tech skeleton since many months.

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Pattaya News Flash July 2008
NightWalker's News
Soi 8
New Bars in Front of Baron Hotel
New Bars in Front of Baron Hotel
The new bars in front of the Baron Hotel on Soi 8 are ready to open.
Some girls are already waiting to meet you (again).
The former bars in front of the hotel, once known as Prince Hotel, had to close in Mai.
Chalaos Bar on the Block
Chalaos Bar on the Block
Chalaos Bar on the Block
The well-known Chalaos Bar on Soi 8 is on the Block.
If you should be interested, please call the published number.
Chalaos Bar on the Block
Demolition on Soho Square
Demolition on Soho Square
Work is on the way to remove the small shops in between the Shop Houses on Soho Square.
Ice on Soi LK Metro
New Coyote Club on Soi LK Metro opened on July 19 2008.
Ice on Soi LK Metro
The new Club replaces Gorkle A-Go-Go and follows a similar concept and design as the popular Club Blu on Soi Buakhaow.
Ice on Soi LK Metro
Thailand announces economic stimulus plan
The six-point plan includes tax cuts for diesel and gasohol 95, free electricity and water for small households using less than 150 units per month, free buses for Bangkok residents and free third-class train travel.
Authorities estimate that 3.2 million households nationwide will qualify for the breaks on water bills and 6.47 million households for the electricity waiver. Another 9.86 million households using 81 to 150 units of electricity per month will benefit from the 50% discount. But, 'if you stay at home and turn on the airconditioner all day, then you should pay', Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej said.
Perhaps the package may actually encourage people to use less electricity and water to make sure their consumption stays within the levels that would qualify them to get free use of the utilities.
Excise tax cuts for fuel will take effect from July 25, while the other measures will run from August 1, 2008 until January 31, 2009.
Possibly Thai people will now turn off their television set(s) if nobody is following the program(s). Perhaps the current situation will teach Thai people to order or prepare only as much food they can eat and not let go half of the food to the trash. Until now most Thai people are used to live beyond their means.
Fast changing Pattaya
On June 23 2008 we reported the opening of a new A-Go-Go, the new Tiger Club II, above Paris A-Go-Go on Soi Diamond. A day or two later we learned that the owners already closed the new club and transfered the ladies to the neighboring Tiger Lounge. It is said that the bar itself is more attractive than any of the dancers working there.
Utopia A-Go-Go Soho Square
The BonCafé Coffee Bar on Soho Square closed its door.
Soho Square could be an attractive place - but it's overloaded with small (and mostly non-performing) shops.
Bartime's on Walking Street
The Blue Ice Bar, to the right, has to make space for something new.
Most of the Lady Boys posing in front of Blue Ice Bar left the place.
At the end of May 2008 we reported that the enlarged Utopia Lounge on Soho Square opened a new Disco called Coyoty's. The disco is now an A-Go-Go Club. It changed its name to Utopia A-Go-Go.
The Russian Band playing on the Ground Floor at the B-52 dancing on Soho Square disappeared with the tourists from Russia. The B-52 stage is empty - and its bar usually too.
BonCafe closed
Bartime's, the new Restaurant with sea view and its nice boulevard café on Walking Street are now fully working - and are waiting for guests like you.
Blue Ice Bar
'People's Television' resumed broadcasting
Thailand's pro-government People's Television (PTV) which supported the ousted government of prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra returned to air pro-government programmes. Its inaugural broadcast was abruptly halted more than a year ago by the September 2006 coup-makers.
PTV sees itself standing for democracy and the restoration of the elected, representative government.
Initially, PTV will be transmitted via the MV5 channel of the Thai Com satellite network, previously owned by Mr. Thaksin, five hours daily between Monday-Friday.
PTV's inaugural broadcast on March 1, 2007 was stopped abruptly when the state-run Communications Authority of Thailand refused to grant an Internet link from Bangkok to Hong Kong, saying that it never received PTV's application for Internet access.
Just another lie of the military junta.
Do not believe in Experts
Experts are always wrong
Politicians and newsmakers believe in experts. It's an easy way not to use the own brain - and to deny all responsibility.
Long time ago experts told you that the earth is a disc. You know: They were wrong.
Experts told you that the Solar System is round. They were wrong. It's asymetrical. Voyager 2 proved it.
Experts told you to use biological fuel. They initiate a soar in food prices and a decrease in food production.
Experts told you that the earth is warming up. They were wrong.
Now experts tell you that the earth climat is changing. The climat of the earth changed constantly during the last few million years.
Experts told you to invest in ABS funds - and you lost your money.
Experts told you that spinach is the number one source of iron. They were wrong.
A few years ago experts told you that spaghetti are the reason for your overweight. They were wrong.
Experts told you to drink soyamilk enriched by calcium. They were wrong. The body can't resolve calcium in soyamilk.
We even found an expert recommending Pattaya as your next holiday destination...
The more you believe in experts - the more you will run into problems.
Experts have one thing in common: They are unable of logical thinking.
Transvestite won a village head election
The residents in Tambon Tai Ban Mai, Pak Nam, Samut Prakan elected Choochat Dulayapraphatsorn, also known as 'Je Kob' (sister frog), as village head 'man'. The 46 years old transvestite defeated three male candidates in the village election.
'Even though I am a transvestite, I can do hard, physical jobs just as well as the men, if not better' he/she said.
In the future, there might be a prime minister who is a lady boy.
Thailand is very open-minded on the whole and Lady Boys are an unmissable and obvious part of Thai culture.
People's Alliance for Democracy
PAD shows its (real) face.
People's Alliance for Democracy is openly suggesting that the military be made a legitimate player in Thai politics.
On Tuesday July 8 2008 chief adviser of the Supreme Command, Gen Pathompong Kasornsuk, appeared in full uniform on PAD's stage.
Dear PAD: In a democracy the military should not get involved in politics. The military's job is to defend the country against outside threats.
The confrontation between the People's Alliance for Democracy and the Government already worsened Thailand's economic situation.
July 5 2008 at Royal Garden Plaza
International Laughing Contest
International Laughing Contest
The chairman of the Thailand Laughter Club says that stress can be treated with laughter. It's a free medication that doesn't need any equipment. It can also be used for other afflictions such as heart disease, obesity, pulmonary disease, and insomnia.
Laughter therapy can help any people facing problems or illness.
Laughter therapy activates the blood circulatory system. Overweight people who underwent laughter therapy for six weeks lost between three and four kilograms without dieting.
It's all very well for him to laugh: The chairman of the Thailand Laughter Club had a good living from his laughter therapy for the past 11 years...
NightWalker's News Flash is a laughter therapy free of charge.
NightWalker is misleading the Public
NightWalker isn't walking anymore.
Be warned: He prefers to move around Pattaya on his 150(!)cc Chopper.
We are considering to change his name to NightDriver.
No Ploblem
New Survey says Thailand will soon have more boys than girls.
No Ploblem: Or do you know an other country that has so many boys being gays or khatoeys?
Choose a younger wife
New Survey says more than half of Thai women aged between 55-59 stopped having sex.
70% of men remain sexually active.
High Tech in Thailand
Taxi Meters cannot be reset.
A technical bug in resetting taxi meters barred taxi drivers from legally charging new fares which took effect on July 3 2008.
Coup planned
According to an intelligence report a military officer hatched a plot to capture returning Prime Minister at the airport.
According to an intelligence report a military officer hatched a plot to capture returning Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej at the airport and to remove him from power. In 1991 Thai military overthrew then Prime Minister General Chatichai Choonhavan in a similar manner.
The plot is linked to rumours that PAD (People's Alliance for Democracy) is in cahoots with some military officers who were involved in the September 19 2006 coup.
Usually the airplane carrying Thailand's Prime Minister has to land on Wing 6 at the air force headquarter at Don Muang Airport.
It is suggested that the plane should be rerouted to Suvarnabhumi airport.
The incident shows again that People's Alliance for Democracy is a veil of the Thai military. The name of the organisation is misleading the public. PAD is not - and never has been - a democratic movement.
It is well-known that PAD core leader Sondhi Limthongkul has high regard for the former caretaker of the Council for National Security (CNS) ACM Chalit Phukphasuk. The CNS was set up by the military junta.
Struggling Thailand
Political wrangling inhibit high tech development.
Poor countries like Laos and Cambodia can boast some mobile technologies and services that Thailand lacks.
Thailand's current political instability is the major case for the lack of third-generation (3G) mobile services in Thailand.
Thailand's Information and Communication Minister said that he would push for the intruduction of mobile broadband services within the next 12 months - if the current government survives.
3G licences involve a broacasting component which is supposed to be the job of the National Broacasting Commission (NBC), which has never been formed...
Liquid Lounge
New Coyote Club on Soi Buakhaow
New Coyote Club on Soi Buakhaow
Liquid Lounge replaces the former Stereo Music Lounge opposite to the popular Blu Club at the entry to Soi LK-Metro.
Liquid Lounge has added a couple of stages for Coyote Girls.
It seems that an increasing number of Pattaya's Ladies like to shake their bodys in front of their potential customers...
Pattaya Promenade
Outdoor TV on Pattaya Promenade (or Thaiwat City Walk)
Outdoor TV on Pattaya Promenade
The oversized LED screen has a surprising good quality - but the sound distributed by the 10 Bose speakers is simply terrible...
New Meeting Point for Freelancers
Goodfellows Located opposite from Pattaya's popular Marine Disco a few investors are finishing a new meeting point for Pattaya's Freelancers.
It will be be known as Goodfellows.
Can they repeat the unexpected success of Pattaya Beer Garden....?
Self Praise
ASC calls its Work a Success
The Assets Scrutiny Committee (ASC) wrapped up its task on June 29 2008, a day before it goes out of existence after filing four legal cases against ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra and cronies.
The ASC was set up by the military junta. It was given the task of finding and punishing corruption during the Thaksin years.
The agency had conducted investigations into 24 cases but has been able to file just four lawsuits against politicians, none of which has come to full trial yet.
According to ASC seven other cases with completed investigations are being considered for possible prosecution.
But ASC's investigations into five cases had been incomplete and the Office of the Attorney-General (OAG) returned them to the ASC for more evidence.
Just another case of wasting taxpayer's money by the military junta.
Hepatitis B
Three million Thais are carrying the Hepatitis B Virus.
75% of the world's 350 million Hepatitis B carriers reside in the Asia-Pacific region. An estimated three million Thais are thought to be carrying the virus today. However only 15% are undergoing proper treatment.
Hepatitis B is a major health threat for the country as millions of people have the disease. But most of the patients only learn about it when it's already too late. Most of its victims in Thailand are males. The virus can cause chronic infection in the liver. There is no cure for the disease.
Demolition of Bars on Second Road
The Bars in front of Sabailand have gone
Cosy Bar Cosy Bar 2, Krits Bar and Noi's Bar in front of Sabailand had to close to make space for a new shophouse.
It is said that the new building will house new bars with (shortime?) rooms to rent on the 2nd and the third floors.
Most of Cosy Bar's ladies and lady boys can be found at the new Cosy Bar at the Soi 2 Bar Complex, just at its main entry on Second Road.
You can't miss the bar:
Just look out for Pattaya's most beautiful Lady, but be warned - it's a Lady Boy.
Cosy Bar is also the working place of the pictured lady.
A real Thai girl.
Optimistic TAT
Tourism Authority of Thailand publishs new numbers
According to TAT's latest statement Thailand welcomed 14.46 million foreign visitors during 2007, a 4.65% growth over 2006.
TAT says that 2008 will be the year of Thai tourism.
According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand the first 3 month of 2008 already showed an increase of 13.3% of foreign tourists.
In the first 3 month of 2008 Thailand welcomed
2.101 million (same period last year: 1.854 million) tourists from Asian countries
1.444 (1.279) million from European countries
0.289 (0.253) million from America
0.506 (0.445) million from other countries.
The Tourism Authority of Thailand hopes that the tourism revenue for this year will surpass one trillion Baht, with 800 billion Baht coming from foreign tourists.
Let's hope you have the money to make TAT's expectation comes true.
Update: Due to soaring oil prices TAT cut its projection for the number of international visitors and tourism revenue on July 08 2008.
About 15 million (down from 17 million) foreign visitors are expected in 2008.
Corrected revenue projection for this year is 600 billion Baht.
THAI announces
High fuel prices and slowing traffic forced THAI Airlines to terminate some of its high-profile non-stop flights.
July 1st 2008: No more non-stop flights between Bangkok and New York.
July 1st 2008: Only 5 flights between Bangkok and Los Angeles, down from seven flights a week. New: Stopover in Osaka starting from October 2008.
Thai will soon terminate another non-stop flight between Bangkok and Aukland, now at 5 flights a week. The flights to Aukland will done through either Sidney or Melbourne.
THAI's profit plunged 48%, its fuel bills jumped 45.4%, compared with the same period 2007.
Skyrocketing prices already forced 24 smaller carriers to cease operation in the first five month of 2008.
Some airlines are slowing speeds in order to reduce fuel costs - you should do the same while driving your car.
It's not a dramatic change, but it can save a lot of money:
Southwest Airlines will save $42 million this year with slower flights.
American Airlines has recently announced that it will soon lay off up to 25,000 employees and ground hundreds of aircraft and slash flights.
United Airlines and Qantas are reducing routes, ground aircraft and retrench staff.
Former top THAI executives reckon that THAI Airlines can easily shed one-third of its 26,000 employees without affecting its operations.
New A-Go-Go Club on Soi Pattayaland
Legs Club Soi Pattayland
Legs Club is replacing Misty's A-Go-Go on Soi Pattayaland. Misty's moved to Soi 15 of Walking Street. Legs Club is surrounded by Boys Club, but its dancers are real Thai Girls - in every sense.
Lecturer fired
Thammasat University fired the engineering lecturer who was accused in April of asking a female student to perform oral sex on him in exchange for a better grade.
Dangerous Thailand
InsureandGo says Thailand is the country where Britons are most likely to become crime victims.
The majority of crimes took place in Europe, with visitors to Spain suffering the most.
Almost twice as many crimes against Britons have occurred in Spain as in the second-most 'dangerous' country - France.
However, based on the numbers of Britons who go to each country every year, Spain is actually relatively safe and, proportionately, Thailand is the country where Britons are most likely to become crime victims.
An estimated 10% of British visitors to Thailand suffer crime.
Ranong declared an official malaria zone.
Ranong public health authority has declared the province a malaria zone.
The number of malaria cases in the province since the beginning of this year had reached 1,464. 76% of them were in Kra Buri district.
57% of the malaria patients found in Ranong were Thais, 43% were Burmese nationals. Most patients were between 25 and 54 years old.
Malaria is a common infectious disease in Ranong. Malaria patients could be found in the area all year round, particularly in communities in forest areas adjacent to the Burmese border. The number of infections usually rose in the rainy months of May and June.
Signs of malaria infection were high fever, severe headache, feeling cold at normal room temperature, and muscle pain throughout the body.
Survey Scam continues
If you are walking along Pattaya Roads attractive young people carrying clipboards try to stop you and asking you to fill out a 'survey'.
Of course the survey is a sham, and they are actually after contact details so that high pressure salesman can ring your hotel and try to sell you timeshare holiday homes.
Actually the touts are working in front of The Avenue, at the entries to Pattaya Promenade (Second Road and Beach Road) and at the entry to Walking Street (until Tourist Police arrives with its cars).
If you can't resist a small talk with this touts, give them a wrong address and a fake phone number.
City Hall promised to clean up Pattaya from touts, but so far nothing happened.
White-Collar Crime
White-Collar Criminals are Owners of Casinos
Veteran politician Vatana Asavahame, wanted for jumping bail in a corruption case, was found hiding in his casino in Cambodia's Poi Pet border town at the Poi Pet Resort hotel, one of the two casinos in which he holds major stakes in Cambodia. The other is the Grand Diamond hotel.
Some politician are promoting casinos in Pattaya.
That's just one reason why we strictly oppose all plans to run casinos in Pattaya.
Last Word
The army is the enemy of ordinary Thai people.
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