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June 2008
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Coyote Dancers
on Soi 7
Tiger Club Soi 7
The former Tattoo Bar on Soi 7 changed its format and name: Tiger Club Tattoo Bar got a Coyote Club.

Liquid Lounge
The successor of Stereo Lounge on Soi Buakhaow is called Liquid Lounge and will open soon as a Coyote Bar.

Ka-Dik reopens
Ka-Dik, a former Coyote Club on Soi Honey, reopens as 'Ka-Dik Club House'.

BadaBing in the dark
BadaBing On Soi 8
BadaBing, the disco at the Baron Hotel (former Prince Hotel) on Soi 8 closed the door.

A-Go-Go's on the block
The Windmill Club, Insomnia Gentlemen's Club, Catz A-Go-Go, Hooty's A-Go-Go, The Dollhouse, Highway Star A-Go-Go, Sexy Girl A-Go-Go are up for sale along with Mandarin Club on Soi 6 and Taboo A-Go-Go on Soi 16.
A few others will fellow...
The former Mistys's on Soi Pattayaland and Rock Girls on Soi 15 already found 'new hands'. The new owner of Rock Girls changed its name to Smile Rock Girls A-GoGo.
The successor of Misty's on Soi Pattayaland is called Legs and will be a Thai girls club.
It is possible to make money in the bar industry but it isn't easy.
The farang market is shrinking with each year. The managing director of the 5-star Royal Cliff Beach Resort expects that, within a few years, Pattaya will be a resort town for Indians, Russians and Chinese.

5 Baht isn't enough
Baht Bus Driver want to increase their fares.
The Pattaya Baht Bus Cooperative is saying that the legal limit of 5 Baht is no longer economical with the increase in the price of gasoline.
If there is a legal limit of 5 Baht, why Farangs have to pay the double, or even more than that?

Rip off in Sattahip
A group of businessmen hired a group of Long Neck Karen tribal people to sell products in a cottages with thatched roofs in Sattahip.
The admission fee is 20 Baht for Thais and 250 Baht for Foreigners.

THAI stops non-stop
On July 1st 2008 Thai Airways International will reduce their frequency from seven flights a week to five on the Bangkok - New York route.
THAI will suspend its non-stop Bangkok to New York flights as the route is running up heavy losses due to soaring fuel prices.

A-Go-Gos go dark
Highway Star at the Pier Bar Complex has closed. It is up for sale.

Ka-Dik, a Coyote Club on Soi Honey, shut down the lights too.

Beer Bars re-open
The beer bars at the Voodoo complex on Walking Street re-opened on June 5 2008.
The former A-Go-Go is being converted into a closed bar.

Tony's Shopping
Tony's, Pattaya's institution running entertainment venues, short-time hotels, restaurants and fitness clubs, is on the way to open a shopping center on Pattaya's Third Road. Rents will start at 3'500 Baht/month only.
Tony's doesn't ask any 'key money'!

Baby Dolls
Baby Dolls, the successful A-Go-Go Bar on Soi 15, has changed hands and shifted from 19:00 to 20:00 opening.
Ricky, formerly with Sisterz A-Go-Go, is the new manager.

Turn on
A new research is endorsing an old wisdom: A man's freshly showered body is the greatest turn-on for women.

Researchers at the Medical Research Council's Human Reproductive Sciences Unit in Edinburgh have discovered the secret of sexual desire. They are working on a pill using a hormone that releases Type 2 gonadotropin. The hormone bolsters the brain's desire for sex.

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Pattaya News Flash June 2008
NightWalker's News
New A-Go-Go Club on Soi Pattayaland
Legs Club Soi Pattayland
Legs Club is replacing Misty's A-Go-Go on Soi Pattayaland. Misty's moved to Soi 15 of Walking Street. Legs Club is surrounded by Boys Club, but its dancers are real Thai Girls - in every sense.
New Business Idea
Tracking down posters of Nude Girls on Pattaya Forums
Pattaya Police is hunting down amateur pornographers and their models publishing their photos on the internet and demanding payoffs under threat of jail time.
Officers are going around all the bars looking for the girls and then getting the girls to tell them who shot the photos.
Then they're hitting the girls up for small amounts of money and the farangs for big money.
Smiling Rock Girls
Smiling Rock Girls
Rock Girls A-Go-Go on Soi 15 of Walkingstreet closed its door. A new owner reopened the club as Smile Rock Girl's A-Go-Go.
Stalactites in Pattaya
Stalactite in Pattaya
New bar will open soon on Pattaya City Walk: Another attraction in Fun City.
New Rights for Women in Thailand
Mrs or Miss? It's up to you!
Since June 04 2008 a change of the law is enabling women to choose their title in front of their name and to change from Mrs to Miss or from Miss to Mrs whenever they want.
The Female Title Act allows women to choose whether they want to use Miss or Mrs, including after marriage. All they need to change their tiltle is their ID card, the house registration paper and a document showing their marital status.
You have now to check all her papers to know if your darling is married or not. The ID-card doesn't tell it anymore...
People's Alliance for Democracy wants a new coup
PAD tries to create conditions for the army to come out of its barracks and take action.
The protest against the government led by the People's Alliance for Democracy is entering its third week.
If the police turn its weapons against the protesters, the army must bring the police under its control, PAD leaders have urged.
On June 10 2008 PAD demonstrators rallied at the Revenue Department and PRD headquarters.
The alliance called on staff of the Public Relations Department (PRD) and Mcot Plc to stand up and fight the current government.
PRD and Mcot are state-run broadcasting agencies, but Mcot has close ties with Thailand's army too.
Mcot runs Cannel 3 and Modernine TV ( also known as Channel 9) as well as a nationwide network of at least 62 radio stations.
The Royal Thai Army owns two TV channels, Channel 5 & Channel 7.
A member of the PAD runs his own TV station - ASTV - a satellite TV station owned by Mr Sondhi's company
One of PAD's leaders is Maj-Gen Chamlong Srimuang.
If the army has learned something from the last coup it would be wise not to take sides with either camp.
Nevertheless, the whiff of another coup continues to hang in the air...
Thailand's army is an incalculable risk in this country - a threat for the democracy.
A new broom sweeps clean
Pattaya's new mayor and his 24 newly elected councilors want to clean up Pattaya
During their first meeting on June 2 2008 they presented their development strategy for Pattaya:
1. Providing four car parks for large tour buses to prevent them entering the city.
2. The adjustment of traffic lights and traffic lanes.
3. To close Pattaya Beach Road to traffic from Friday to Sunday.
4. A closer control of entertainment outlets and other places such as internet cafes.
5. The management of public places in accordance with official regulations.
6. Better security of lives and property for residents and visitors.
7. Efficient collection and disposal of garbage and wastewater.
Pattaya-at-Night is tracking your efficiency.
Pattaya Beer Garden
Don't be shy - just say Hi!
Freelancer at Pattaya Beer GardenAt Pattaya Beer Garden YOU must make first contact.
If you can't or won't do that then the Beer Garden is probably not for you.
If you approach a lady at the bar I can almost guarantee that you will not be rebuffed. The girls are there to find a man after all.
So don't be shy - just say Hi!
The rest will follow naturally and without pressure.
Please check the Pattaya Beer Garden Website for more information.
Russians take the Lead
Russians outpace all other Farangs in Pattaya
In 2007, 889,656 Russians visited Pattaya, up 84 per cent from the previous year, making them the leading market for the resort after only Thais, 1.51 million of whom checked into Pattaya hotels last year.
Although Russians have been visiting Pattaya for more than a decade, only in the past two years have they started to buy up Pattaya properties. And the trend is catching on. This year Russians will account for 40 per cent of all property sales in Pattaya.
Before Russians rushed into Pattaya's property picture, the main buyers at the resort were British, Germans and Scandinavians.
Pattaya bay and its beach, once upon a time the site of a peaceful fishing village, was first discovered by American soldiers based in Thailand during the Vietnam War and then rediscovered by European tourists in the late 1970s and 1980s and rediscovered once again by South Korean, Chinese tourists in the late 1990s. Today Russians can't seem to get enough of the place.
A new Stupidity
Thailand's Minister keen to patent 'full moon party'
Commerce Minister Mingkwan Saengsuwan plans to patent the full moon party. He said he had instructed his officials May 25 2008 to patent the full moon party, to prevent other countries from copying Thailand's famous festival.
The all-night beach bash is held each full moon on the tourist island of Koh Phangan. The party draws large numbers of young foreign tourists.
The idea of copyrighting the full moon party, the minister said, came to him after he learned that Singapore had organised a similar party on its artificial island of Sentosa.
The Minister forget that Thailand did not invent the present-day full moon party. It was brought to Thailand by travelling hippies during the late '70s from Anjuna in Goa, India. Like many other things, Thailand has copied and absorbed it.
The Egyptians, Romans, Hindus, Christians and Buddhists also have full moon celebrations that have been around for almost 2.000 years.
The same procedure as last time
PAD is on Bangkok's streets again
The anti-government People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) has announced it will hold new street protests. In a statement, the PAD claimed the content of the charter amendment motion filed by coalition MPs and a group of senators was clear evidence that both the legislature and the executive branch have taken an action deemed detrimental to the country, religion and the monarchy, as well as the people.
But the reality is that Thailand's elite and its 'allies' in the military never will accept a voting for a party linked to Thaksin Shinawatra. They will try everything to topple the current government.
The result of the election has upset the military's top brass and Bangkok's elite as well.
People's Alliance for Democracy has close connections to Thailand's military. One of PAD's leaders is Maj-Gen Chamlong Srimuang. He said that the PAD will continue to fight until the government complies with its demands.
The People's Alliance for Democracy is urging four coalition parties to withdraw from the government and has stepped up its call for Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej to resign if he wants the group to end its protest.
Despite promising not to interfere in the current political tensions, the army already has set up a centre to closely monitor every rally by the anti-government People's Alliance for Democracy.
PAD's leaders know, if they run the protest long enough, the army will help them to remove the unwanted government. It's a shame that about 5'000 protesters in Bangkok can topple the verdict of many millions of Thai voters.
The PAD's huge street protests in mid-2006 were at least partly responsible for the military coup.
One can clearly see that Thailand is still a long distance from a decent form of democracy.
Open-air Hairdresser
Open-air Hairdresser
At the Family Mart on Soi Buakhaow (near the NightMarket) a sexy Hairdresser is working open-air...
Any society that has a military bank, military television and military radio stations is suspect.
In any civilised society the military should be under the control of the civilian government.
The military should be banned from all independent business activities that might let them feel secure in funding unauthorised and disruptive activities.
iFarang ©2008
On Friday June 20 2008 the mobs from anti-government People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) clashed with the police in Bangkok.
They are provoking a new military coup.
Unload Features
Feature Overload is 'Out'!
A recent survey conducted by Kelton Research shows that users of mobile phones prefer to pay only for what they believe they will actually use. Only 27% want all the bells and whistles.
Each cellphone has a different power socket to charge. Think about this, if you can sophisticate so much of features, can't you get simple things right? Universal cellphone charger to adopt to any phone.
In China every phone have to have an USB look-alike connector for a standardized charger, otherwise they don't get the approval. Even Nokia got the message - but in the rest of the world...?
Last Word
Last Word
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