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August 2008
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Pattaya Police gets new Motorcycles.
Pattaya Police gets new Motorcycles
Pattaya Police gets about 50 new Mini Choppers from Tiger, a Thai motorcycle manufacturer.

Coleen's Bar closed
Coleen's Bar closed
Coleen's Bar on Walking Street (under the tree) closed its door.

77 A-Go-G0
on Soi Yamoto
77 A-Go-G0 on Soi Yamoto
77 Bar is the name of a new Girlie Club on Soi Yamoto, a few meters only from the well-known Wonderfulbar Bar. During September 2008 it will open as a Go-Go Club.
77 A-Go-G0 on Soi Yamoto

NEW Bad Cat Club
with coyote dancers
Bad Cat Club
Bad Cat Club, a bar with coyote dancers, opened on Pattaya's Second Road, between the Avenue Shopping Center and Soi Diana Inn.

Walking Street
gets Airport
Walking Street gets Airport
The owner of Hot Girls and a few other A-Go-Go Clubs on Walking Street will open Air Port Club.
Happy landing.

Play Girls
on Walking Street
Play Girls on Walking Street
Play Girl A-Go-Go on the second floor of the new Air Port Club Building already opened.
Play Girls on Walking Street

Pattaya reports decrease in
Tourist arrivals
The Tourism Authority of Thailand reports a decrease of 30 percent of tourist arrivals in Pattaya during the first three month of the year.
The director of the TAT in Pattaya blames the rising cost of gasoline and the cost of living in general as the main reason for the lack of visitors.

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Pattaya News Flash August 2008
NightWalker's News
People Against Democracy
The 'People's Alliance for Democracy' (PAD) tries to provoke a new coup d'etat.
On August 25 2008 tens of thousands of demonstrators assembled for 'one last protest march' to block highways, Bangkok streets and access to Government House to try to force Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej and his government out of office.
One of the PAD leaders said: 'If we fail this time, we'll quit and surrender the country to them. When people don't care about us, we won't have to care about them. Let others take over the country.'
According to Mr. Sondhi, a core leader, PAD's strategy is to paralyse the administration and the country. It includes the seizure of Government House and all ministries along Ratchadamnoen avenue , disrupting the airports in Phuket and Hat Yai, and blocking roads.
On August 26 2008 about 2,000 demonstrators led by PAD core member Somsak Kosaikul rallied in front of the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives on Ratchadamnoen Road.
The People’s Alliance for Democracy entered the back entrance of the state-run National Broadcasting Service of Thailand (NBT) television station on Viphavadi Road and forcing it off the air. The group forced all employees to leave the building.
Other PAD protesters invaded the Transport Ministry and the Finance Ministry.
The road leading to Government House was blocked, forcing the government to cancel its weekly meeting.
In southern Thailand, thousands of PAD followers from Surat Thani, Ranong, Chumphon and Ranong provinces blocked off roadway access in Chumphon’s Muang district.
Army chief Anupong Paochinda insisted that 'the military will not stage a coup d'etat. The public must not panic and must carry on their daily lives. The army will not get involved in politics', but Supreme Commander Boonsang Niampradit and chiefs of armed forces attended a meeting to discuss about the political unrest.
According to BBC London some influential, powerful and rich people with strong links to armed forces are financing PAD, its rallies and its ASTV TV-station.
PAD (People’s Alliance for Democracy) should be renamed to 'People Against Democracy'.
Soi 8 NEWS
The new Dream's Bar Soi 8
The new Dream's Bar Soi 8
The new Dream's Beer Bar on Soi 8 has stages for coyote dancers.
Golden Times Bar Soi 8
Golden Times Bar Soi 8
Golden Time Bar on Soi 8 got a face lifting.
Bada Bing Family Dancing
Bada Bing on Soi 8 reopened as
'Family Dance' Club.
New Bars in Front of Baron Hotel
The new bars in front of the Baron Hotel are now fully working.
PAD Protests at the British Embassy in Bangkok
Hunderts of policemen had to protect the Embassy on August 19 2008
PAD Protests in front of the British Embassy
PAD Protests in front of the British Embassy
PAD Protests in front of the British Embassy
ASTV, PAD's own TV Station, was there too.
Most TV Stations had at least one camera team at the site.
PAD Protests in front of the British Embassy
People's Alliance for Democracy core leader Chamlong Srimuang, who led the 7'000 protesters, said the PAD would like to submit a letter to the British Government to ask them to return Thaksin 'to receive justice in Thailand'.
PAD Protests in front of the British Embassy
About 500 police officers patrolled the rally.
The self-righteous people who subverted justice and democracy in Thailand, illegally and violently overthrowing legally elected Thaksin Shinawatra in a coup d'etat, are seeking to punish him and his family further.
These people are hardly on the side of right and justice.
New Look
Airy Soho Square
Soho Square improved
Soho Square: The small shops disappeared.
A new bar adopting the popular ice look opened on Soho Square: Absolut.
Counter Club
A new venue scheduled to open on October 15 2008: Counter.
Wages in Pattaya
The new Air Port Club is looking for Dancers.
The new Air Port Club is looking for Dancers.
Dancers will get between 10'000 and 15'000 Baht/month, Showgirls between 13'000 and 18'000 Baht.
Improving Pattaya
Pattaya City Hall prefers to work with dilettantes and is wasting the money of its taxpayers and tourists.
Improving Pattaya with dilettantes
Pattaya Beach Promenade: Is this the work of a Thai professional?
Improving Pattaya with dilettantes
Cutting trees by Thai dilettantes: Any hobbyist will do a better job in his garden.
Olympic Gold for Thailand
Olympic Gold for Thailand Thailand's 24-year-old weightlifter Prapawadee Jaroenrattanatarakoon overpowered her opponents to win a gold medal for her country. Prapawadee also broke the Olympic record by lifting 126kg.
More than 300 people in their village in tambon Nong Pling Nakhon Sawan watched the action on a giant TV screen. A big tent as well as some food was organized by the Nong Pling tambon administration organisation and her relatives. Beverages were provided by sponsors.
Prapawadee , also known as Nong Kae, has saved enough money from her weightlifting career to build her family a home and set her father up with a business selling fried ice cream.
The provincial administration organisation chief has pledged to give her a 300'000-baht prize. Nong Kae would also be asked to be a tourism ambassador.
The deputy provincial governor vowed to send a procession to greet her at Suvarnabhumi airport and to stage a welcome-home party in Nong Pling.
Prapawadee will become a multi-millionaire as she will get at least 15 million baht in bonuses from the government and private companies. She will also receive another one million baht from the Olympic Committee of Thailand for breaking the Olympic record.
A fair wage: 'I have been at the training camp in Chiang Mai for eight years, but returned home only three times', Nong Kae said.
Think carefully before buying Thai Orange Juice!
Thais consume excessive amounts of sugar.
Laboratory tests by Mahidol University on 22 samples of orange juice found many contained dangerously high levels of sugar.
The tests revealed some concentrated orange juice and orange-flavoured drinks contain 11 to 15 teaspoons of sugar per small bottle or pack, compared to about seven teaspoons per similar-sized can of carbonated drink.
The Department of Medical Services recently reported that Thais consume excessive amounts of sugar, with an average of 20 teaspoons per person a day. The recommended health standard is no more than 10 teaspoons a day.
An excessive intake of sugar can lead to increased a risk of many diseases, including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.
The lab tests also found that the juices contained less vitamin C than claimed on the label.
The Foundation for Consumers said consumers should switch to fresh fruit, such as guava, for vitamin C intake. A 100g serving of fresh guava contains up to 230mg of vitamin C.
Pattaya's most popular Nightclub Area?
Pattaya's most popular Nightclub Area?
Sometimes a dream come true, but more often than not, it remains a dream.
New Format?
New Format?
Customers are replacing the Coyote Dancers - and suddenly the bar is full off people...
Angels left Walking Street
Well-known A-Go-Go Club on Walking Street closed
Angels left Walking Street
During the last week of July 2008 Angels A-Go-Go on Walkimg Street closed its door.
Environmental Pollution
The best you can do against environmental pollution is to stop eating steaks and cheese and drinking milk.
Every single cow farts about 600 litres of metangas every day.
In fact, these animals are the biggest environmental polluter on earth, but even in the European Union they can do it tax-free.
Everything is cheap in Pattaya - even the jokes.
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Even the most beautiful woman becomes quite ordinary after a few days.
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