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May 2009
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Happy Internet
 Happy Internet
Seen in Jomtien

Coyotee's reopens
Coyotee's, the A Go-Go club on Marine Plaza, reopened after being closed for about 2 weeks with an all new crew but under the same management.

Welcome to the Club!
With so many scandals reported from Members of Britain's Parliament, we are certain Great Britain will join the ever growing Club of Banana Republics very soon.

Deadly Phi Phi Island
After holidaying on Phi Phi Island two foreign tourists have died mysteriously and two others are seriously ill.
The causes are unknown. Both couples spent their holidays in the same hotel.
The Department of Disease Control in Bangkok is investigating.

From your pocket
Thailand approved an increase in excise taxes on cigarettes, liquor, and beer.
Cigarette prices will rise by 3 Baht per pack, beer and liquor prices will raise by about 3 Baht per bottle.
Thailand's Finance Minister hopes to generate around 12 billion Baht in additional income.

Loma A Go-Go closed
Loma A Go-Go closed
Loma A Go-Go on Route 33 (Soi 33) in Naklua closed its door.

Black & White closed
Black & White closed
X-Zone's Black & White A Go-Go on Soi 16 of Walking Street closed its door. The bar is on the block (again).

Out for Gamebird
Out for Gamebird
Gamebird, the well-known Irish bar on Waking Street is on the block. The ladies and the lights already have gone.

B-52 crashed
B-52 crashed
B-52, the Russian bar, dancing and showclub with ladies from Russia closed its door.

Lonely Dreams
Lonely Dreams
Dream's Bar Beer on Soi 8 doesn't employ Coyote dancers any more.

Hammer Disco closed
Hammer Disco closed
Hammer Disco, the second floor dancing on Walking Street, closed.
The CandyShop Disco on the first floor of the same building remains open. It attracts a lot of sexy girls every evening.
Hammer Disco closed

Swagath closed
Swagath closed
The Indian restaurant on Walking Street that replaced the former Circus A-Go-Go, later known as Angels A-Go-Go, had to close too.
The venue is waiting for a new investor.

A Go-Go to Rent
A Go-Go to rent

Mandarin reopens
Mandarin reopens
Mandarin Club on Soi 6 reopened.

Dynamic City
Pattaya is a dynamic city. City Hall is working day and night to keep our citizen and visitors happy.
Therefore we can't announce our activities a few weeks or even months in advance.
You have to live with our last minute publications for our latest event(s).
And we don't want Phuket or any other destination copies our ideas before we have launched them.

Gold Medal for Pattaya named Pattaya the World's No.1 place for sex.
The silver medal got to Tijuana, Amsterdam got the bronce medal only...

Guinness World Record for Pattaya
On Saturday April 25th 2009 2'047 aqua aerobics participants made a new Guinness World Record with their exercise in Pattaya's dirty Beach.

Thailand joines the Dirty Dozen
Thailand has not made sufficient progress' in combatting various kinds of intellectual property rights (IPR) offences, said the annual report of the US Trade Representative.
Along with Thailand, the US Trade Representative named China, Russia, Algeria, Argentina, Canada, Chile, India, Indonesia, Israel, Pakistan and Venezuela as the world's worst IP offenders.
Barack Obama's US Trade Representative identified five popular areas in Bangkok as among the world's most notorious Markets: Pantip Plaza, Mahboonkrong (MBK) shopping centre as well as Klong Thom, Patpong Road and upper Sukhumvit Road areas.

Walking Street
Lobster Pot
Lobster Pot now with seasoned rice (Sushi).

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Pattaya News Flash May 2009
NightWalker's News
from Pattaya, the City attracting Thailand's most beautiful Women
Utapao International Airport recommends:
Fly Pattaya Itthiphol Airways.
Pattaya the cheap way
Pattaya's cheapest Drink: 3 Baht!
Pattaya's cheapest Drink: 3 Baht!
The Pharmacy at the southern end of Beach Road, just in front of the 'Alt Heidelberg' restaurant, sells a tasty, healthy and cold drink for 3 Baht only.
If I am thirsty and near this shop I always take the opportunity for an inexpensive refreshment - since more than 20 years!
The glass is in the cooling box inside the pharmacy, next to the one on the photo, and ready to pick up and drink.
Pictured News
New Hotel in Pattaya
Centera Beach Hotel
The well-known Nova Lodge Hotel on Pattaya's Central Road got a new owner and a new name: Centera Beach Hotel.
New Bar on Waking Street
Ling Bar Walking Street
Ling is the name of the third bar opening at the new bar complex opposite of Soho Square.
New Coyote Club in Northern Pattaya
Located at the Northern end of Pattaya's 3rd Road, The Girls Club changed its format: The Bar is now working with some Coyote Girls.
Until a few month ago, the venue was known as Embassy Club.
During the last few month the club attracted mostly Thai customers.
New on 3rd Road
And now the sad News from Central Pattaya:
Hot & Cold A-Go-Go on Soi Yamoto closed the door.
Hasse Soft Rock Cafe,
The World Famous Coops Bar and
The Wild Chicken Bar and Restaurant,
all located in Soi Praisani (Soi Post Office), closed their doors.
Closed and for Sale
Closed and for Sale
Lighthouse, a very nice Bar and Restaurant on Pattaya's Second Road, located between Soi 8 and Soi 7, had to close too.
For Sale
Little Mo's Bar for Sale
The Lighthouse' neighbour, the small Little Mo's Bar didn't close yet, but is on the block too.
The owner, a nice Thai lady, knows to speak some English as well as some German and is looking for a buyer.
New Taxes
Thai Government needs additional money
After a large rise in the excise tax on alcoholic beverages, Deputy Finance Minister Pruttichai Damrongrat explained the government's need to raise extra revenue and hit tobacco by saying the government had the people's best interests at heart!? The extra tax would encourage people to smoke less. Cigarettes were bad for their health, he said. Nevertheless the Minister expects the tax hike would increase government revenue by more than 30 billion Baht in the coming financial year.
The new tax will raise the price of a packet of locally made cigarettes by 3 to 5 Baht.
Energy Minister Wannarat Channukul annonced the rise of the excise tax on oil and oil products. He forget to mention healthy reasons for the tax rise, but 'the subsidy would be eased when global oil prices fall, keeping the pump price constant', the (illusionary) Energy Minister said.
Foreign investments in Thailand plunged more than 40%. Eventually the merit of the Thai military.
ATM Extortion Racket
Robbers are Beliers too.
Thai Bankers' Association's secretary-general Twatchai Yongkittikul said that the 150-baht ATM access fee imposed by many Thai banks largely came from new transaction charges imposed by international service providers.
Thai Bankers' Association told you a lie: A MasterCard spokesman denied that the 150-baht ATM access fee stemmed from any recent fee change. MasterCard last notified member banks in October 2007 about a 0.2% increase in fees effective from January 2008.
The same Procedure as Every Year
April 29 2009: The same Procedure as Every Year
A few minutes of heavy rain and parts of Second Road as well as Soi 10, Soi 11, Soi 12, Soi 13, 3rd Road, Soi Buokhaow and Soi Chaiyapoon are ready for foot baths.
Dear Mayor of Pattaya, before you try to bring a Sky-Train (or any of your other toys) to Pattaya you should fix the basics in this city. Your toys don't solve any of Pattaya's real problems. They only stuff the pockets of some people.
New beautiful No-Name Dancing opened
New beautiful No-Name Dancing opened on Walking Street
The dancing at the new building on Walking Street, opposite of Rolling Stone 2 Bar, opened its first floor. Managed by French People, the new venue will get its name later this month. It's a beautiful open dancing, like CandyShop or Bamboo Bar, but with a very special ambience. The perfect place for beautiful people.
Royal Garden Plaza
Comming soon to Royal Garden Plaza
The cinemas at Royal Garden Plaza had to make space for the new attraction: Louis Tussaud's Waxworks. Royal Garden Plaza says: It will open 'soon'.
Bars go McDonalds - Cosy Bar already there
Bars go McDonalds
The first bar at the Dragon Bar Complex on Pattaya's Second Road, the well-known Cosy Bar from the Soi 2 Bar Complex, already opened and could welcome its first guests. It is located just across of the new McDonalds. The place has a lot of (free) parking lots and the fast food outlet is open around the clock.
New Life for an old acquaintance...
New Life for an old acquaintance...
The former home of Insomnia and Lam Morison's Rock Club gets some face lifting for a new venue.
Thailand Travel Festival May 1st - May 3rd 2009
Thailand Travel Festival May 1st - May 3rd 2009
The great Beach Road Festival.
Thailand Travel Festival May 1st - May 3rd 2009
Cultural Shows near Soi 4 from 18:00 until about 23:00...
Thailand Travel Festival May 1st - May 3rd 2009
Thailand Travel Festival May 1st - May 3rd 2009
... happy faces and and dancing feet around the clock.
Thailand Travel Festival May 1st - May 3rd 2009
It would be nice to have decorations like this around the year.
New Hotel ready for Bookings
New Hotel ready for Bookings
The new Nova Platinum Hotel on Soi Pratamnak welcomes tourists.
The hotel also opened a very nice Italian restaurant called Zia.
The new restaurant announces to prepare 'the best pizza in Pattaya'.
Sexy Place
Sexy Place
The new lingerie shop on Pattaya South Road, a few meters only from 2nd Road.
Swine flu
Swine flu in Thailand
The Public Health Ministry did not reveal details of the cases of two Thais who contracted H1N1 influenza. 'We did not want people to panic', a spokesperson of the Ministry said and expressed confidence in Thailand's ability to cope with the situation.
Thailand's Disease Control Department confirmed the outbreak of Chikungunya disease, a virus spread by mosquitoes. It has struck the South with over 15'000 people infected. The symptoms are similar to dengue fever.
There are 36'000 deaths annually from influenza in the US. No figures available from Thailand.
Clock Tower
Bali Hali Clock Tower
City Hall put its new Bali Hai Clock Tower on stream. The four watches show Pattaya's Thai time in realtime around the clock and around the tower.
Thai Time
Last Word
Thai ladies are like farmers - Petrus never can satisfy them.
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