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April 1st 2009
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Free Fitness
Tony's Fitness Clubs offers 1 hour free fitness every day for every overweighted person.
Male weighting over 90Kg and female weighting over 70Kg can get 1 hour free fitness at any of Tony's Fitness Centers until their body matches Tony's own physique.
Tony decided that Kratoeys weighting over 80Kg (70+90/2) can join Tony's fitness plan too.
Free Fitness
Our city is an important tourism town and needs beautiful people. Beauty is the main selling point in Pattaya. It might affect tourism if we left it the way it is, Tony said.
All my clubs are full of beautiful Thai women. It's a real pain to their eyes to see all this overweigthed Westeners, Tony explained his initiative.

Arm Wrestling at
Royal Garden Plaza
Arm Wrestling at Royal Garden Plaza

Inform your Lady:
Free Education
for all students!
Thailand's Ministry of Education has put the 15-year free education policy into action after transferring more than 18 billion Baht to local schools.
The free education policy covers fees for education, books, educational tools, student uniforms and recreational activities.
About 11.8 million students nationwide will benefit.
Most Thai people believe this information is a joke - it's not - it's true!
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Pattaya News Flash April 1st 2009
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Creating the Future of Pattaya
Utapao International Airport Pattaya recommends:
Fly Pattaya Itthiphol Airways.
Stop the Press!
Thailand is defending Asian Traditions
Starbucks Tea & Money
The ever growing number of Coffee shops are a danger to old asian traditions: Tea time and Tea money.
Thailand's new government decided to ban the producing, importing, selling and brewing of coffee. Coffee shops all over the country have to close or replace the words 'coffee' or 'café' in their brand names and signs by the term 'tea'.
McDonald's and Starbucks already announced to support Thailand's new policy. McCafé will change its name to McTea, Starbucks Coffee to Starbucks Tea & Money. The signs will be replaced during the next few weeks, spokesmen from the two companies said.
Pattaya Police shocked
Police ordered the removal of indecent exhibits
Police ordered the removal of indecent exhibits
When a Pattaya Police Officer walked on the 2nd floor of Royal Garden Plaza with his girlfriend, he first didn't trust his eyes. After a second sight he decided to inform immediately his supervisor.
Together, the two good police men instantly removed the indecent exhibits and arrested the distraughted reseller.
'We do not accept the presentation of weird and indecent goods in our city. Resellers can sell goods like this everywhere else in Thailand, but not in Pattaya. Pattaya is a well known holiday destination for families. Pattaya has to remain clean', the police said.
The officer's girlfriend left her boyfriend shortly after the incident. She is now living with a Farang. 'I can't stay with a man that has indecent thoughts at the sight of a simple mussel' the lady told Pattaya-at-Night.
New Regulation
Parking permitted on Zebra Crossings!
Pattaya Police can't protect Pedestrians any longer.
Parking permitted
Street Art in Pattaya Pattaya police informs that parking on zebra crossings isn't an offence any more.
Thai drivers of motorcycles and cars, as well as the police itself, will never understand why they have to handle a walking person with gloves.
Pattaya's streets are designed for vehicles and not for ramblers.
There are over 700 Baht Buses as well as a few thousands Motorcycle Taxis cruising on Pattaya's Street, therefore nobody is forced to walk on any of our streets. It is in the interest of every pedestrian to take care himself. We can't protect the incurable fools confounding our Sois with hiking trails, the police said.
Starting from April 1st 2009 zebra crossings in Pattaya are Street Art, the spokesman added.
Pictures: Street Art in Pattaya.
Global Warming
Pattaya is fighting Global Warming with new Regulations
Pattaya Beach
Pattaya's Beach has been washed away due to global warming.
'Our city is an important tourism town and needs to be continuously developed' Pattaya's Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome said. 'Global warming is a seriously threat to Pattaya, its beaches and its citizen.'
'Pattaya Beach is 3 km long and 10-20 meters wide. It has significantly been washed away due to global warming and if it is left the way it is the beach will continue to narrow. Therefore Pattaya will modify the environment and scenery to make the beach area better for the public, including increasing recreational spaces, especially for the disabled, children and the elderly. We will widening Pattaya Beach by at least 50 meters', Mayor Itthiphol said.
Air conditioner for every room Global warming is a real threat to every human too, our beloved Mayor said. Therefore Pattaya City Hall decided that every room in the city has to be equipped with an air conditioner.
Today's air conditioner are enviroment friendly. They don't produce any emissions. They get their power from a socket in a wall.
The only problem with air conditioner is their high price, but Pattaya City Hall has a solution for this problem, Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome said. Every single Thai living here in Pattaya will get a cheque worth about 15'000 Baht at City Hall, which will help to buy and install a high quality japanese made air conditioner.
Air Conditioner Double Pricing.
To finance this action we got a simple but effective solution, Pattaya's Mayor said. All vendors of air conditioner will double the selling price of air conditioners to Farangs.
Double pricing is a popular and an effective way to take the money out of the Farang's pockets. It is popular all over Thailand - and Farangs do not go on the streets to protests, they simply pay with a smile, the Mayor added.
Water has to be collected.
The water produced by the air conditioner has to be collected and can be used for cooking, cleaning clothes, washing the dishes or flushing toilets.
It is no longer allowed to let trop the water into the Sois of Pattaya.
Pattaya is an enviroment friendly city, Pattaya's Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome said.
Later, when economy recovers, we will roof Pattaya and will provide a constant temperature of 25º Celsius all around the year, Mayor Itthiphol added. 'I will inform the public as soon as I have finished my plans, probably as early as next year. But in the meantime I will ask the shopping centers around the city to open their doors and windows during the hot season to help cooling down the streets of Pattaya with their air conditioners'.
U.S. High Technology in Pattaya
Pattaya uses Magnets to steer Baht Buses through City Streets!
Magnets steer Baht Buses through City Streets
Pattaya, the first town worldwide to steer baht buses the safe way. Magnetic guidance technology allows for a bus to safely follow closely behind another. During peak commute times extra vehicles can be added, much like extra cars on light rail trains.
Revolutionary Pattaya
The thought of a car moving along city streets while its driver has both hands off the wheel is alarming. But the modified Baht Buses introduced today, steered not by drivers, but by a magnetic guidance system developed by engineers at the University of California, Berkeley, performs with remarkable precision.
Special sensors and processors on board the buses detect the magnets in the pavement and are controlling the steering based upon the information it receive. The drivers maintain control of braking and acceleration, but the steering is completely automated, allowing the buses to pull into stops to within a lateral accuracy of 1 centimeter, or about the width of an adult pinky finger.
Researchers say such precision docking would help shave precious seconds off of the time to load and unload passengers at each stop, adding up to a significant increase in reliability and efficiency over the course of an entire bus route. For example, precision docking could potentially negate the need to deploy wheelchair ramps and make passenger queuing more efficient.
Moreover, the ability to more precisely control the movement of the bus reduces the width of the lane required for travel from 12 feet - the current standard - to 10 feet, researchers say.
"It is our mission to improve mobility across Pattaya, and maximizing transportation system performance and accessibility through this technology helps us to achieve our mission," said Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome. "The rising cost of fuel has created greater interest in public transit. This technology could convince more people to get out of their cars and onto buses, and as a result, reduce congestion."
In the system launched today, sensors mounted under the buses are measuring the magnetic fields created from the roadway magnets, which were placed beneath the pavement surface 1 meter apart along the center of the lane. The information gets translated into the bus's lateral and longitudinal position by an on-board computer, which then direct the vehicle to move accordingly. For a vehicle traveling 60 miles per hour, data from 27 meters (88 feet) of roadway can be read and processed in 1 second.
Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome added that the system is robust enough to withstand a wide range of operating conditions, including sun, rain, snow or flooding, a significant improvement to other vehicle guidance systems based upon optics.
At the moment, the magnetic guidance system is only used to control the steering for the bus, but on test tracks it has been used for full vehicle control - including braking and accelerating - creating a true "auto-pilot" system for the bus. At any time, the driver can resume manual control of the bus.
The engineers at the University of California, Berkeley are now working on a magnetic guidance system for Pattaya's motorcyle taxis.
Together with Itthiphol Khunplome, Pattaya's visionary Mayor, we will revamp Pattaya's notorious traffic, a researcher at the university said.
Stupid Official
There is no fool
like an old fool:
Condoms are not the answer to HIV.
Pope Benedict 2009
No booze ban
for Everybody
The National Committee on Alcohol Consumption Control has rejected the proposal to prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages during the Songkran Festival.
The Committee fears a ban may hurt the economy and the tourist industry.
Seen on Beach Road
On Monday March 30 2009 the Committee agreed to allow alcoholic drinks to be sold during Songkran, which is the Thai New Year celebration and will happen from April 13th to 15th 2009.
However, alcohol sales will be banned on national religious holidays, including Visakha Bucha, Makha Bucha, Asarnha Bucha and Buddhist Lent days.
No problem: Every single Thai, including the underaged and all officials, knows where to get beer and whiskey during this days:
Almost all small shops in this amazing country do not bother about any of the imposed restrictions and sell the desired liquids 'under the table'.
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