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February 2009
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Coyotes back on Soi 7
The Tiger Club at the Tatoo Bar on Soi 7 reopened again as Coyote bar.
And the lovely ladies are waiting for you!

Crazy Job!
A few weeks ago I was walking on Soi 7 and saw that an A Go-Go Club was closed. I asked the neighbours what happened and they told me: 'The club closed'.
A few days later I walked the same street and saw that the club opened again.
About the same story happened on February 16 2009.
A street vendor on Soi 8 told me that Utopia closed. I go to Soho Square. No activities, no touts. I aproached a tout from Utopia Lounge and he told me that the A Go-Go club closed. 'Does it open again' I asked him - 'No' the tout answered.
On February 17 a street vendor on Walking Street told me that a new A-Go-Go opened on Soho Square. 'Are you kidding me?' I asked the lady. 'No' she said, 'go and have a look yourself!'.
I go to Soho Square - and what I see - Utopia A-Go-Go is open and for shure - at the back of Soho Square, at the Soho stage, a new club opened.
Counter Soho claims to be a 'classy club' with A-Go-Go shows.
Counter Soho
If something happens in Pattaya, then it happens at Soho Square...
Open, close, reopen, remove, replace, relocate, exchange - almost daily.
Oh yes, I forget to report: UOB reopened its exchange booth on Soho Square.
UOB reopened its exchange booth on Soho Square

New Law will
protect Consumers
From Feb 20 2009 onwards, a new law will be in effect to ensure that consumers find it easier to file a suit for negligence.
Click here for
more Information.

Mixx x 3
Mixx x 3
Mixx, the Dancing at the 3rd floor of Bali Hai Pier Plaza opened its 3rd playground: The Blush Club, presenting Bangkok's most beautifull Coyotes (at least in the eyes of the club's management).

Amazing Pattaya
Pattaya Police reports to have confiscated 16 slot machines and arrested 20 gamblers at The Avenue Plaza shopping mall.
According to the Police, the room was behind a hidden door in the mall beside Major Cineplex.
No information how it was possible to install and run this illegal machines in that well-known plaza.
Police only said, that the owner of the slot machines is still being sought... and sought... and sought... and...

69 closed
Sakura Club 69 on Soi 15, off Walking Street, closed and is on the block

Not closed
Not closed, but on the block
Illusion, the 'sandwich' club with entries on Soi 14 and Soi 15, didn't close as mentioned in some blogs, but is on the block.

Remains closed
Remains closed
Fun Room A Go-Go, also on Soi 15 and next to Sakura, remains closed and on the block.

Forgotten Airport Link will open soon
The Airport Link from downtown Bangkok to Suvarnabhumi airport is set to open for passengers on Aug 12, the birthday of Her Majesty the Queen.
The construction of the 28-km route is 96 per cent complete, but the luggage-loading service at some stations, including the baggage carousel system, would not be ready on the opening day.
Non-stop trains will collect a fare of 150 Baht, but trains that stop at every station will ask between 15 and 45 Baht only.

Club B4 closed
Club B4 closed
Club B4, a club at the entry to Soi Diamond closed its door.

No Alcohol?
Thailand's Public Health Minister is considering a ban of alcohol sales during Songkran this year in a bid to reduce deaths and road accidents.
The official holiday for Songkran is between April 13 and April 15 2009.

New Sign
New Sign
New sign for the enlarged Silver Star 3 A Go-Go on Walking Street. It also reflects the change in anticipated customers.

Pattaya Music Festival
The popular Pattaya International Music Festival 2009 will happen on different locations along Pattaya's Beach Road and at the Bali Hai Pier from March 20 to March 22.
All open air concerts are free.

gets new duty
Embassy gets new duty
Embassy, the club on 3rd Road that had to change its format every few months will get a new life with a new name:
The Girls...
New life starts on February 26 2009.
Happy Birthday!

Think Thai - Think Big
New on Walking Street: Big hats for (small?) heads, bargaining starts at about 1'500 Baht.
Unfortunately not waterproof, can't replace my umbrella.

Changed name again
Changed Name
From New Walking Street to Pattaya City Walk, Thaiwat City Walk, Pattaya Promenade and now Baywalk Residence. Every few month a new name - tHaT'S pAtTaYa.

The Land of the Free
According to Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT) Thailand's police and government censors now block more than 50'000 websites.
Police censorship, authorised when Thailand was under military rule from 2006 until 2008, remains in effect even though the law permits authorities to block sites only with a court order.
ICT Minister Ranongruk Suwunchwee said she ordered the blocking of websites without court authority, because 'getting a court order can take time'.
FACT runs a bilingual Thai-English website at
According to the International Press Institute ( Thailand joined nations who used 'censorship in the name of tradition, religion, culture and national reputation'.

A Go-Go reopened
Popcorn A Go-Go on Pattayaland 2 (Soi 13/4) reopened on February 1st 2009.

A Go-Go closed
Spicy Girls A Go-Go on Soi Post Office closed on January 31 2009.

New A Go-Go
New A Go-Go
First A Go-Go on Soi 8 opened on January 28 2009 with a big party.

CentralFestival says:
He must be feel at home with all the censorship Thailand's military backed Government provides.

Police officers from Chonburi inspected a flea market in South Pattaya and detained 2 stall owners.
One was selling 25 fake Levis and Wranglers Jeans, the other one 68 fake shirts of brand names like Billabong, D & G, Diesel, Lacoste, Polo, Puma and Versace.
Buffoons, at shopping malls in Central Pattaya the officers could seize hundreds - if not thousands - of clothes with fake brand names.
Chonburi Provincial Police says that they raided a four-story warehouse in Soi Buakhaow and confiscated fake goods worth more than 10 million baht.
A 20 years old caretaker was arrested, but, as usually, the owner of the business escaped before the police arrived.
According to the police the four-story building in Soi Buakhaow was full of fake goods, including cigarettes, 'Nike' and 'Puma' shoes, eyeglasses as well as all kind of fake 'brand name' clothes.

South Pattaya
South Pattaya
Pattaya discovers its pedestrians...
...Pattaya is even installing lights to protect its pedestrians.
South Pattaya
Now Amazing Pattaya has to tell its drivers that a red light means that they have to stop their vehicles...
Copycat in Thailand
Make your very own Honda Motorcycle
Make your very own Honda Motorcycle
An importer and distributor of replacement parts for motorcycles in Bangkok sells 'original' number plates to its Thai customers. He also distributes engines Made in China.
Any comment superfluous...
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For visitors of Thailand and Pattaya, the type of tourists threatened by extinction.
Pattaya International Airport recommends:
Fly Pattaya Itthiphol Airways.
Has own Website
Has own Website
Has its own Website:
For shure, Pattaya goes its own way. Usually Thai organisation have to use a Thai address...
Hot season starts
Openair Cinema at Buffalo Bar
Openair Cinema at Buffalo Bar
When the nights get warmer the open air cinemas come back to town again.
Pattaya is Love...
Pattaya is Love
... and Pattaya is Fun (produced by Farangs)...
and Pattaya is Fun
... and Fun (involuntarily produced by Thais)...
We speak Thai and are thinking the Thai way too...
...and Fun (produced by US Navy)
Fun on Walking Street
Cobra Gold Warning: The fun stops at P72 Bar & Restaurant, Walking Street!
Fun in Pattaya
International Bed Race
International Bed Race
Happens every night all over Pattaya, but sometimes it is a public event on Beach Road and Walking Street, organized by our otherwise prudish City Hall.
Fun in Pattaya
Fun in Pattaya
Repley's Yamaha Fino? It's just a new gag from the people that combined the nostalgic Vespa look with the successful marketing concept of the Swatch watch.
Luxurious Shopping has its Price
Royal Garden Plaza
Royal Garden Plaza: 35 Baht
35 Baht
CentralFestival: 35 Baht
35 Baht
Tesco/Lotus - BigC
Tesco/Lotus: 29 Baht
29 Baht
The same is true for almost any other food outlet and any other shop in Pattaya running branches at Royal Garden Plaza or CentralFestival.
Nice to look and nice to listen
Nice to look and nice to listen
The beautiful string Trio plays (old) pop-songs and not classical music at Pattaya's new CentralFestival Shopping Center.
CentralFestival presents Pattaya's new Samlor
But our Mayor's Dream remains a Dream
CentralFestival presents Pattaya's new Samlor
CentralFestival presents Pattaya's new Samlor
Last month Pattaya-at-Night reported that Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome had to shelf his plans to introduce skytrains & cablecars in Pattaya.
Now he has to shelf his dream to replace Baht Buses and Motorcycle Taxis by Samlors.
CentralFestival, Pattaya's new Shopping Complex, presented our Mayor's dream vehicle: The Crystela Samlor. It shines and glitters like our Mayor, but it simply costs to much: 2'190'000 Baht.
Our Mayor's dreams are expensive...
We already know it.
Vote for a new government?
Vote for a better Thailand?
Vote for a new government or a better and/or less expensive KFC?
Calculation Problems at Tesco/Lotus?
52 - 48 = 8! 22 - 20.5 = 2.5!
Calculation Problems at Tesco/Lotus
Calculation Problems at Tesco/Lotus
On February 05 2009 we discovered the pictured advertisements at Tesco/Lotus in North Pattaya.
The large one tells you that 2 bottles of Coke cost 48 Baht only (instead of 2x26 Baht). The Add sugests that your saving is 8 Baht (in reality 4 Baht only!). The second Add says that a bottle of Pepsi costs 20.5 Baht only, instead of 22 Baht. According to the people at Tesco/Lotus a saving of 2 Baht and 50 Satang!
We suggest: Use a calculator before writing any adds - or go back to school!
We do not think that this is part of a planned misinformation of Tesco's customers. Nevertheless, we can not understand why not at least one person of Tesco's staff reports or corrects the errors.
Interesting too: The 'official' selling price for one 1.5 liter bottle of Coca Cola (or Fanta) is according to BigC 24 Baht, according to Carrefour 25 Baht and according to Tesco/Lotus 26 Baht!
The Loong Nuad
An American Soldier in Pattaya
An American Soldier in Pattaya
Pattaya's best guarded Bar on Soi Bongkot (Pattaya 3rd Road)
Classic Vehicles on Soi Buakhaow
'Restauration' of old Honda Motorcycles
Classic Vehicles on Soi Buakhaow
Classic Vehicles on Soi Buakhaow
Classic Vehicles on Soi Buakhaow
Classic Vehicles on Soi Buakhaow
Classic Vehicles on Soi Buakhaow
Nice and funny people creating funny vehicles.
Classic Vehicles on Soi Buakhaow
Quality Made in Thailand
Made in Thailand
After using the bicycle for 1 year only its joint flange got broken. Neither the seller nor the repairshops had a replacement part in stock, but all said a repair will cost between 1'200 and 1'800 Baht.
A motorcycle shop in Buri Ram did the repair for 150 Baht only...
Made in Thailand
Pedal got broken on a 2 months old bicycle. One week after the first pedal the second pedal got broken too... The pedals identification number: FP-826.
Friends told me, that not only Turbo face quality problems, the same happens with bicycles from L.A., A-One and Coppi too. Most Thai manufacturers know the word 'quality' only, but not its meaning.
Warning: Tesco/Lotus and Carrefour are selling Bikeline branded pedals. The pedals don't fit most of the bicycle Tesco/Lotus or Carrefour are selling. The pedals threaded bolts are larger then the thread on their bicycles... A set of Bikline Pedals (FP-855) costs 129 Baht at Tesco/Lotus, but 79 Baht only at Carrefour (February 11 2009).
Brakes on bicycles 'Made in Thailand' are mostly an useless accessory.
New law will protect customers.
From Feb 20 2009 onwards, a new law will be in effect to ensure that consumers find it easier to file a suit for negligence, the Office of Consumer Protection Board announces. Consumers have the right to seek legal redress for purchased goods that are substandard and/or cause physical injuries the spokesman said.
Consumers would simply have to file a complaint or ask authorised foundations to do so for them. With the new law, business operators will also be encouraged to improve the quality of their goods. The new law shifts the burden of proof on to the producers, importers and/or retailers of the goods.
Bali Hai Pier
Chinese New Year in Pattaya
Chinese New Year in Pattaya
Chinese New Year in Pattaya
Chinese New Year in Pattaya
Many Farangs joined the Chinese New Year Festival at Bali Hai Pier from January 24th to January 27th 2009.
Chinese New Year in Pattaya
Look-a-likes from China:
Looks like the popular Marroni from Italy, but doesn't taste the same.
Chinese New Year in Pattaya
Look-a-likes from China:
Also on sale during the Chinese New Year Market: Looks similar to a Barbie, but sells for 69 to 100 Baht only. Beautiful clothes from 29 Baht to 39 Baht.
On Sale
Sabai Empress
Sabai Empress, Pattaya's newest Hotel on 2nd Road, not even opened but already on the block.
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