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June 2009
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Do you know?
Google Map doesn't know Pattaya's Walking Street nor its Beach Road.
On Google both streets are labelled as 'Phatthaya sai 1'.

Swine Flu
On Monday June 29 2009 the number of A(H1N1) influenza cases in Thailand has risen sharply to 1'330, including the 30 cases reported from Pattaya and Sattahip.
A 40-year-old Thai woman died June 20 at a Bangkok hospital, a 42-year-old Thai man died Saturday June 27 2009 at a hospital in Chon Buri province. The 3rd victim is a 21-year-old navy cadet. He died on Monday June 29 2009 at the Somdej Phranangjao Sirikit Hospital (Queen Sirikit Hospital) in Chonburi's Sattahip district.
Authorities had announced all week that the only Thai suffering from a serious case of the flu had recovered. The Public Health Ministry refused to say why it had covered up the news of the first victim but called on the public to remain calm.
Never believe in an politician.
Thailand's Flu Guidelines.

A Go-Go reopens
Byblos A Go-Go on Soi Diamond/Soi Pratamnak reopened on June 27 2009. The venue was closed for renovations.

State Railway of Thailand on Strike
The labour union of the SRT began a nationwide strike on Monday in protest against the state enterprise's restructuring plan.
On Wednesday Rail services returned to normal after the government agreed to delay a restructuring plan for the debt-ridden State Railway of Thailand.

New Simon
New Simon
Walking Street's new bar complex is called Simon - as its 'brother' opposite of Tony's Disco.

Thailand claims
Thailand claims to be the world's number one destination for medical tourists.
1.25 million tourists visit Thailand for medical care, beauty 'restoration' and gender change.

Stupid Officials
Stupid Officials
Stupid officials are not restricted to Soi 9 only, they can be found at City Hall and in Chonburi too:
On Monday June 15th 2009 City Hall ordered workers and officials to clean up Walking Street as part of a campaign to prevent the spread of H1N1 flu.
The responsible people for that order should ask a doctor or consult the internet about the spreading of viruses.
The pictures from this event got around the world and showed the people how stupid Pattaya's officials are.
The Governor of Chonburi as well as Pattaya's Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome headed the cleaning team.

The cleaning of Walking Street was necessary...
Epidemiologist: The virus originated in Pattaya.
an epidemiologist told Pattaya-at-Night.
'We know the deadly virus very well. The virus originated in Pattaya. It works like most of our Bar Girls. If there is any possibility, the virus avoids people older than 60 years. No other virus has this characteristic. It's Pattaya - unmistakable!'
'There was no other choice. We had to clean Walking Street to remove all traces of a possible connection between the virus and Pattaya', the epidemiologist explained the silly cleaning of Pattaya's most famous street.

Soho Square News
Soho Square News
Wildcats Bar on Soho Square shut down its lights.
Soho Square
Soho Square also closed its Nightmarket.

Hot Tuna
Hot Tuna
Hot Tuna Bar on Walking Street got some modification.
The owners installed a large bar with chrome poles for dancing girls. The big stage for the orchestra disappeared.
There is a new small stage for a single entertainer, but during the last few days the venue played canned music only.

If times are bad...
If times are bad...
...prices for foods go down: Olala on Soi 7 sells Wiener Schnitzel for 99 Baht, Subway its 6 inch sandwiches for 59 Baht (instead of the regularly, but overpriced 89 Baht), at Living Dolls Showcase you can enjoy a 39 Baht drink during Happy Hours and at Sisterz A Go-Go Happy Hour drinks are 38 Baht only, but it is recommended to ask the price for Ladydrinks (or Barfine) - before you make your order.
Carrefour Food Court introduced (Thai) menues starting at 20 & 25 Baht.
During December 2008 the Shopping Centers promised the Commerce Ministry to make available 25 Baht meals, but it took 6 months to create them...

Drink and Drive
Hyundai is announcing an exhibition of its latest cars for July 4th 2009 at the Town in Town Hotel.
Free beer(s) for every visitor...

Bad Behavior
On June 16th 2009 Thailand's Public Health Minister Witthaya Kaewparadai enjoined provincial health and hospital chiefs not to release any numbers of A(H1N1) influenza cases, known as Swine Flu.
Only hours after the announcement, amazing Thailand's Prime Minister said he talked to Public Health Minister about this matter. He said the ministry will not stop reporting flu cases.
Thailand's Public Health Ministry runs its own Website with recommendations in English.

And the name is - TORUS
And the name is - TORUS
Torus is the name of Pattaya's latest dancing on Walking Street.
It is located opposite of Rolling Stone 2 Bar and provides the same funny seats as CandyShop.

Phuket goes Pattaya
Phuket goes Pattaya
On Pattaya's Third Road Phuket opens a new Bar and Restaurant. The venue has its own beach.
Nice idea: If the Farangs don't go to Phuket - Phuket goes Pattaya.
If you stay at Buffalo Bar, it's about 500 meters only to Phuket...

Welcome back to Pattaya
Welcome back to Pattaya
About 10 years ago A&W closed its fast food restaurant at the corner of Beach Road / Soi Post Office. Now A&W is back in Pattaya, on the 6th floor of CentralFestival.
At the new restaurant you have an amazing view over Pattaya's Beach.
During the old times A&W was well-known for its Root Beer and its Heineken Beer Garden.

Fun Room A-Go-Go on Soi 15 reopened.
The club is managed by the same people running BJ A-Go-Go in Soi BJ.

On Saturday night, June 13, an insulator at this transformer in front of Happy A-Go-Go exploded. The touts from the club left the place in panic, but the firework ended before my camera was ready. Chock dee for everybody.

Chill & Pepper
Chill & Pepper
Chill & Pepper, the Restaurant on Pattaya's South Road closed. For a few days a message told, that it will reopen in November, but this info was removed later.
Update: The venue converted into a Thai noodle kitchen.

Time Out
Time Out
La Grillade, the French Restaurant on Walking Street, takes a time out.

Holiday Inn Pattaya
Pattaya's new Holiday Inn on Beach Road will open soon.
Pattaya's new Holiday Inn on Beach Road (Northern Pattaya) will open soon.
But the workers don't have to hurry: PBTA (Pattaya Business and Tourist Association) is expecting a 50% drop in tourist arrivals for Pattaya and the rest of the country.

Dancing at Dusk
Every Sunday at 19:00 at The Avenue Pattaya.

New Governor
Chonburi got a new governor and as usually at such events the new governor has set out clear (?) new rules and new procedures:
He urged officials from Banglamung, Pattaya, Sriracha and Sattahip to get better organized and to use the provincial database information system.
He also said that the antiquated garbage-processing systems used across the province urgently need a solution.
Clear words...!?

Wind powered mobile phones in Pattaya
Thailand's largest mobile-phone operator AIS (Advanced Info Service) introduced the industry's first wind turbine-powered system for cellular base stations in Pattaya.
The move is part of the company's policy to promote the use of environmentally friendly energy sources.

Bar for every Body closed
Bar for every Body closed
Streamline Bar, also known as the 'Bar for every body', on Soi 7 closed.
Zum Pfälzer Bier Stüble closed
Its neighbour, the well-known German 'Zum Pfälzer Bier Stüble' Bar and Restaurant closed too.

New Bars
on Soi Diana Inn
New Bars on Soi Diana Inn
The new Little Susie's Bar, a few meters from Kiss, Food and Drink, is small but very busy.
New Bars on Soi Diana Inn
Pa Pa, the Kiwi Magic Bar on the same street offers entertainment with 'women' of both genders.

Good Bye Money!
With GM entering Chapter 11 America's taxpayer lose 50 billion US$...
'What is good for GM and its workforce is good for US Taxpayers as well' President Obama explained the situation.

No Money!
Due to 'budgetary delay' Pattaya City isn't able to distribute free school uniforms to all students in public schools as part of the government's policy of free public schooling...
'Parents must understand that all students will receive two free uniforms for sure but they may be delayed until the second semester' a spokesperson from Pattaya's Education Office said.

Russian Roulette?
B-52, the dancing on Soho Square, reopened at the end of May.
It also was open on June 1st, but I couldn't spot any visitors. On June 05 only the ground floor bar was open.

Pattaya News Flash June 2009
NightWalker's News
from Pattaya, a City that knows how to waste its money.
Utapao International Airport recommends:
Fly Pattaya Itthiphol Airways.
Wat Chaimongkon South Pattaya Road
Wat Chaimongkon
No. 4 open
No. 4 open
On Saturday June 27 2009 the 4th bar at the new Sangkaew Bar Complex opened with a big party, nice ladies and excellent food.
The small Sangkaew Bar Complex is opposite of the ailing Soho Square.
Big Show on Walking Street
Big Show on Walking Street
At about 21:15 on Wednesday June 24 2009 Pattaya's Tourist Police produced its great show on Walking Street. More than 25 officials and volunteers saluted their big boss and walked with him through our Walking Street until Soho Square. During his march on Walking Street, his limousine and the cars and motorcycles from the Highway Police moved from South Pattaya Road to the Gems Shop in front of Soho Square to end this unnecessary show on Pattaya's famous street.
Strangely enough, the police and the press couldn't watch any beggars, street vendors, sexy katoeys or 'sexy shows' and 'Ping Pong shows' crying touts. The street was unusual boring - as during a rainy day time. Perhaps good for us: The big boss couldn't (or wouldn't) see the real life on Pattaya's Walking Street.
Big Show on Walking Street
A first time visitor to Pattaya told me: I not expected to see this kind of silly demonstration of power in Thailand. I know shows like this from communist countries only and from banana republics.
Thailand not ready
Thailand not ready for free Elections
'Thailand is not ready for free elections in the near future', Thailand's Prime Minister said in News broadcasted on June 22nd 2009 on Channel News Asia.
During the same broadcast interviewed tourists said 'making holidays in Thailand isn't dangerous - as long you avoid all places occupied by Thailand's military'.
No Safety without Military Police?
To create good impressions and public safety in Pattaya Chonburi's new Governor Senee Jittakasem said in a briefing on May 26 2009 'joint police and military patrols have to be resumed in Pattaya'...
Perhaps the new Governor should ask Tourists first about their feelings making holidays in a city secured (or occupied) by Thailand's Military Police.
Ready to take off
Ready to take off
After more than a year of intensive work and preparation Joe Louis' Traditional Thai Puppet Theater opened its impressive restaurant with its integrated and authentic Thai entertainment on Pattaya City Walk in front of the new Fraser Resort, a few meters only from Royal Garden Plaza.
Enjoy the unique atmosphere and lifestyle from 'good old Thailand' - once called Siam. That time never will come back to reality. It will remain history.
There is no fool like a Police fool
Police arrested 100+ people on Pattaya Beach
During the early hours of Thursday 11th 2009 Pattaya Police arrested more than 100 ladies, gays and katoeys enjoying the pleasant breeze on Pattaya Beach.
At Pattaya Police Station the officials registered the names, asked a fine between 100 and 200 Baht and released them with a warning not to be seen on Pattaya Beach again.
This stupid clean-ups happens once almost every single month.
There is no fool like a Police foolOn the other days the (same ?) policemen (and volunteers) are sitting on the beach and are enjoying the attendance of the beauties themself.
With the exception of some katoeys the ladies sitting on Pattaya's Beach Promenade do not bother any tourists. They give you a lovely smile only or a soft 'hello'.
The real annoyance happens on the other side of the street by the pushier touts from the (Indian owned ?) tailor shops and the attractive young people carrying clipboards & asking you to fill out a 'survey'. The 'survey' is a scam!
It's time Pattaya Police arrest and remove this people from Beach Road. The toots are destroying Pattaya's image and reputation, not the beauties.
If Pattaya Police doesn't clean up Pattaya from that annoying touts Pattaya Police itself remains Pattaya's greatest joke.
Jokes came true in Pattaya
Regular readers of this page will remember:
In our Pattaya News Flash from October 2008 we published a joke under the title 'Formula One has to come to Pattaya'.
Now we are just learning from City Hall that Pattaya's Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome has plans to bring professional auto racing to Pattaya. According to City Hall Pattaya will organize professional car racing next year.
It seems that Nightwalker is a clairvoyant.
8 months ago he published the following vision:

Formula One has to come to Pattaya
Pattaya's perfect Formula One Circuit. Printed Courtesy of PAPPA Co., Ltd. All Right Reserved.
City Hall and its Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome are known as clever people.
After the phenomenal success of Singapore's Grand Prix Night and the worldwide coverage of the event Pattaya's big people decided that Formula One has to come to Pattaya ASAP (as soon as possible).
'No other event can generate as much money and publicity in practically no time. That's exactly what we need - no work, but a lot of money. The ladies in Pattaya already got it - and City Hall can do it too - we learn quickly.'
City Hall said that Pattaya is a modern tourism city that already has a high international reputation among fast and reckless drivers of cars and motorcycles.
'Pattaya also has the perfect infrastructure to host such an event', City Hall said.
'We not only have endless numbers of High Class Bars, A-Go-Go Clubs and other Entertainment Places, Pattaya also has a lot of First Class Hotels, Restaurants, Escort Services and Massage Parlours - and Beach Road, Walking Street, Bali Hai Pier, Arthachinda Road, Third Road and North Road make a perfect Formula One Circuit. Pattaya can outperform Singapore in almost every case.'
'Pattaya Police and its well trained Volunteers can handle all security problems and our sophisticated Sophon TV crew is capable to capture whole the event and transmit it to the rest of the world. City Hall itself has a proven record of large event organisations and we are well-known for our last minute decisions.'
Bang Saen, a village about 50km in front of Pattaya and (once) 'managed' by the father of our new Mayor, already has its Bang Saen Grand Prix.
Pattaya is world-class entertainment - with or without Formula One!
But with Formula One in Pattaya venues like Sisterz, Super Baby, Super Girl & Co. would get just another opportunity to jacking up the price of their barfines and our beloved Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome could top his father.
30 Cases of Swine Flu Infections in Pattaya
60 Epidemiologists travelled to Pattaya to keep a close watch
After returning from Pattaya three Taiwanese visitors were reported to have caught the virus while staying in Thailand. They were diagnosed on their return to Taiwan.
On Wednesday June 10 2009, after the press reported the cases in Taiwan, Public Health Minister Witthaya Kaewparadai was scheduled to visit Bang Lamung Hospital in Pattaya to check on virus control preparations.
On Thursday Public Health Minister Witthaya Kaewparadai said 21 new infections were confirmed in Pattaya and another 9 new cases of A(H1N1) influenza infections were reported from other parts of Thailand. All Pattaya cases have caught the virus at entertainment venues, the Minister said.
The spread of the flu has sparked alarm in Pattaya. It is unknown why Pattaya's authorities and/or hospitals didn't report the cases themself.
On Wednesday, when Taiwan's media published the allegations, Thailand's Public Health Minister said 'People and tourists should not panic about the report as his ministry has stepped up measures to prevent a pandemic of the deadly virus'.
On Thursday Mr Witthaya said 60 epidemiologists travelled to Pattaya to keep close watch on the patients there.
The question remains: Who did suppress early reports from Pattaya and why?
The Kasikorn Research Centre said the economy would lose between nine billion and 28 billion Baht as a result of the flu outbreak, and 65 per cent of that would be in the tourism sector.
Deputy permanent secretary Paichit Varachit from the Public Health Ministry said people can protect themselves from being infected by maintaining good health, getting enough rest and avoiding alcoholic drinks. People are advised to wear masks, wash their hands often and avoid close contact with others to reduce the chance of the virus spreading, he said.
Officials in Phuket asked entertainment businesses to close for a five-day cleaning to fight the fast-spreading flu.
Thermal scanners will be installed at bus terminals in Bangkok to screen passengers leaving the capital.
Most H1N1 flu patients can recover without treatment within 3-4 days and do not need medicine, Thailand's new treatment guidelines say.
Kantana & Channel 3 were here
Kantana was here
Channel 3 News On Thursday June 11 2009 Kantana, one of Thailand's largest TV-show and news producers, was on Beach Road and made some recordings in Pattaya's dirty water.
A lot of policemen secured the event, but according to a Farang, the police didn't give any explanation. Another Farang told me that the TV crew is searching the beach for the swine flu. The dirty water would be a perfect hiding-place for the virus, he told me.
I don't think the film crew is as stupid as their TV Shows & their Soap Operas are. Nevertheless I doubt they could see - or even find - anything in that water.
Later this evening Channel 3 arrived with at least 4 cars, also protected by police. On Walking Street I could spot another camera team in front of Casnovy A-Go-Go, surprisingly enough without assistance from our police. They all had to shoot the latest pictures from 'influenza threatened Pattaya'. Bad News are Good News, at least for TV teams in Thailand and - probably - around the world.
Swine Flu
We here in Pattaya are just waiting for the latest TV news from Belgium, the Nederlands, from Germany and Great Britain telling us that Swine Flu eradicated Pattaya's Nightlife, its entertainers, its visitors and its citizen...
Help me - and I will help you
'Be Our Guest' will cost 17 million Baht
Chonburi Provincial Government officials and Pattaya City Hall are spending 17 million Baht on an advertising campaign to bring back local Tourists to Pattaya. Its main slogan will be 'Pattaya: Be Our Guest'.
Advertisements will run on Thai television channels, Thai radio stations, on billboards, websites and in major newspapers and magazines.
GMM Media Co. Ltd. will handle the production and the distribution of the advertisements.
You remember: GMM Media, GMM Live and Wittaya Khunplome, the brother of Pattaya's Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome, have been the organizers of the Pattaya International Music Festival earlier this year...
Wittaya Khunplome is also Chonburi's Provincial Administration Organization Mayor.
Wasting Money
Pattaya's CCTV system is out of order!
In 2004 City Hall invested more than 55 million Baht to install 237 CCTV cameras on Pattaya Beach and at other 'important tourism areas' in Pattaya.
Today 85% of Pattaya's CCTV system is out of order, nevertheless City Hall is preparing to assemble a 60-million baht budget for additional installments of another 200 CCTV cameras...
The repair of the current CCTV system will cost the city another 15 million Baht.
CCTV system vendors must have good sales persons - or very good connections.
New Closure
Well-known Meeting Point closed
Well-known Meeting Points close
Premierships Sports, Pattaya's No 1 Sports Bar and Restaurant, on Soi Diana Inn closed.
Amazing Sophon Cable TV
Every few days another surprise!
Sophon Cable is Pattaya's largest Cable TV provider. I had to live with it for the last 15 years.
A few weeks ago the company introduced a new policy.
The 'highly skilled workforce' at Sophon Cable decided to provide its viewer with a new surprise every few days.
A few month ago Sophon removed Channel News Asia from its network. Since June 10th 2009 Channel News Asia is back. It replaces CNN. A few days before the lovely people from Sophon replaced CNBC by Aljazeera, a channel that they removed last year.
With Sophon Cable you never know if your preferred TV channel is where it was used to be - or if it vanished with the dust.
The only thing that never changed during all that years: During heavy rain falls, just when you have the time to look television, all channels get 'replaced by heavy snow'.
People working at Sophon Cable must be 'real professionals'.
New Nightmarket
New Nightmarket
To attract people Soho Square, off Walking Street, opened a small Night Market.
On June 18th Soho Square abandoned this activity too.
Corruption in Thailand
Bad Marks for Thai Police and other State Agencies
A study funded by Thailand's National Anti-Corruption Commission shows that Thailand's police force, including highways and traffic police officers, is the most corrupt state agency.
According to the study businessmen had to pay 'extra money' to the Land Department (72.22%), tambon administration organisations (68.52%), provincial administration organisations (60.52%), highways and traffic police (59.08%), local politicians and so called influential figures (Thais don't like to use the correct term 'Mafia') (44.76%).
17% of the interviewed businessmen said they had come into contact with corrupt politicians.
Disco in the Dark
Disco in the Dark
Republica Disco on Walking Street got closed for a second time.
There is no fool like an old fool
Police arrested 80-year-old Drug Dealer
Pattaya Police arrested an 80-year-old woman as the ringleader of a marijuana-sales operation.
She run her business from a small grocery shop in Pattaya.
Police seized more than 2 kilo of dried marijuana and about 100 ganja-filled plastic bags.
The woman told police that she already had been jailed for selling drugs. She left the jail about two years ago, she said. Some people never change their habits...
'New' A-Go-Go on Soi 16
New A-Go-Go on Soi 16
In the room(s) of the former Black and White A-Go-Go at Covent Garden (Soi 16, off Walking Street) a new bar opened on Friday June 5th 2009. Called Club Sin City A-Go-Go, the bar presents a bunch of lovely Thai Ladies.
Funny Advertisement in Pattaya
Advertisement in Pattaya
No comment.
Funny Advertisement in Pattaya 2
Funny Advertisement in Pattaya 2
Drama in Pattaya?
Baracuda in Naklua
Baracuda in Naklua
The Baracuda Bar in Naklua, located on Naklua Road, has its very own beautiful Tuk-Tuk. Hopefully it doesn't have to transport drunken visitors.
Another Reality in Pattaya
Pattaya's South Road on June 1st 2009, just after a few minutes of heavy rain
Pattaya's South Road after a few minutes of heavy rain
Pattaya's South Road after a few minutes of heavy rain
Stranded in front of Tukcom on Pattaya's South Road.
Apparently City Hall doesn't have the money to improve the situation on Pattaya's main roads. Pattaya's government seems to uses the money to finance expensive studies to bring sky trains (and other dreams of our beloved Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome) to Pattaya.
Tony's new 'Hotel' on Pattaya Third Road
It's not a joke...
Tony's new 'Hotel'
Tony's new 'Hotel
It is expected that Tony's will built up 'Tony's Original Pattaya Airport' on this location - later this year...
Neighbours told me that they already saw workmen preparing a 'run-away'.
15 new Bars on Walking Street
15 new Bars on Walking Street
15 new Bars on Walking StreetWork is on the way for new bars on Walking Street.
Using the phone numbers on the left you can book your very own bar!
The bars will be ready to move in in a few weeks.
Hard Times
Hard Times
'La Dolce Vita will be closing its doors due to the economic climate from the first of June to the End of July !'.
NHK - a well-known Japanese TV Station - reports that 80% of Japanese Tourists cancelled their bookings for Thailand after the outbreak of flus in Thailand.
A Question
I just learned that Thailand's Public Health Minister ordered 60 Epidemiologists to Pattaya to keep close watch on the patients infected by the A(H1N1) influenza.
What that Epidemiologists do if there isn't any influenza in this country?
iFarang™ ©2009
What's wrong?
Most major airlines lose a lot of money and are shutting down flights to some destinations.
On the other hand Ryanair's CEO says that the company will have to order 200 to 300 more aircrafts - in addition to the about 100 jets Ryanair already ordered.
One reason: Ryanair doesn't have to replace its executives with every new government.
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