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July 2009
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Free Tourist Visa
Click here to read all about Thailand's new Free Tourist VISA regulations.

Swine Flu update
On July 29, 2009 Thailand's Public Health Ministry announced that 65 people have died of the A(H1N1) flu so far.
The total number of confirmed infections in Thailand stays at 8'877.

Amazing Thailand
Thai Government continues to hunt former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra as thousands of Thai citizens all over Thailand celebrated his birthday on July 26th...
Thailand's current political turmoil was stemmed from the September 19, 2006 military coup.

Pattaya Police:
A bunch of
clock watchers.
According to Pattaya Police Superintendent Col. Sarayut Sa-nguanpokai Pattaya's police officers were a bunch of clock watchers.
Their poor work ethic is giving Pattaya's police force its bad name in national law enforcement, the Superintendent said.
Apparently Pattaya's Superintendent thinks this city should be a holiday resort for tourists only...

Streamline Bar, the bar 'For Every Body', on Soi 7 reopened, it closed a few weeks for renovation.

Thai Food
Thai Food
Fra Pattaya is the name of a new restaurant opposite of the world famous Bamboo Bar on South Pattaya Road.

Pink Dolphin closed
Pink Dolphin closed
Pink Dolphin, widely announced as a 'live music club with restaurant and massage' on Soi Buakhaow, closed.

Fun has gone
Last month we published the favourable news that Fun Room A Go-Go reopend its small door.
Today we have to announce the closure of the very same venue.
In Pattaya fun comes - and goes - on short legs.

A Go-Go reopens
A Go-Go reopens
Sakura Club 69, the A Go-Go on Soi 15, reopened under a new management.

Disco closed again
Ocean 10 closed again
Ocean 10, the disco club on Walking Street, closed again for renovation.

Pyramida closed
Pyramida closed
Pyramida, the snooker club on Soho Square, closed the door.

New Motel
New Motel
A few meters from Hollywood Disco, on Soi Phettrakun, T.K. Resort opened.
New Love Nest
The motel has beautiful rooms for couples.

New Name
Fantasy Sports Grill
Wildcats Bar on Soho Square not only got new managers but also a new name: FSG (Fantasy Sports Grill). The bar features Booze, Babes, Billiards and Food.

Memories remain alive
Memories remain alive
Memories seem to be alive forever, at least on Soi Buakhaow. The sign for the defunct A-Go-Go Bar is still in place...

I love Thailand
On Saturday July 4th Thailand launched the 'I love Thailand' project. It is intended to restore Thailand's badly damaged image.
The Government is urging Thai people to join hands and to solve Thailand's problems of drugs, sex and violence.

Basilisk Bar
Basilisk Bar
The funny sign of Basilisk Bar at the new Simon Bar Complex on Walking Street.

TAT on Koh Samui
The number of visitors to Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan is down 40-50 per cent, TAT reports.
Nevertheless, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) expects Thailand's industry will improve next year, generating income of 959 billion Baht and attracting 14 million foreign arrivals...
Thai government agreed to extend the exemption of visa fees for tourists until March 4, 2010.
The exemption will apply to all applicants at all international airports in Thailand.

Fatties Restaurant on Second Road: Closed
Fatties Restaurant on Second Road, opposite BigC Central Center, closed during June 2009.
Pattaya's famous Night Market on Second Road (North Pattaya, near Dolphin Roundabout) closed too. The market will be replaced by a hotel, a neighbour told me.
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Pattaya News Flash July 2009
NightWalker's News
from Pattaya, the city that never sleeps
Utapao International Airport recommends:
Fly Pattaya Itthiphol Airways.
Tony's reactivated the 'Cool Spot', Tony's version of an expat party club.
Scams at Thailand's new Airport!?
Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva criticised officials.
On July 21 2009 Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva criticised Thailand's Transport Minister Sohpon Zarum, Airports of Thailand (AoT) President Serirat Prasutanond and senior officials for failing to keep Suvarnabhumi airport to international standards.
The complaint was made following a BBC report of an alleged scam being run at Thailand's new airport.
According to many reports in the medias, passengers say valuables were stolen from their luggage by airport staff, buyers at King Power Group's duty free shops were victims of an extortion scam after being accused of shoplifting.
At the meeting Mr Sohpon, Thailand's Transport Minister, blamed the airlines for the baggage handling problems.
Mr Serirat, President of 'Airports of Thailand' said AoT was not responsible for the problems at King Power Group's duty free shops. The allegations were being handled by police, he said.
Deputy chairman Chulchit Bunyaketu from King Power Group said the company made available a copy of the security footage of the incident(s) at its Website.
It is said that the victim of the scams had to pay up to 400'000 Baht for fines and other 'services' before they could leave the Rachathewa police station, but Pol Col Theeradej Panurak, chief of Rachathewa police station, denied police took any bribe(s).
For many years King Power Group's duty free shops have a very low reputation among international airline crew members.
Another source for the bad press of Thailand's main Airport(s), but (wisely?) not mentioned by Thailand's Prime Minister, is Bangkok's notorious Airport Taxi 'Organisation'.
During the last 20 years almost every new Transport Minister promised to solve the taxi problems at Bangkok's airports - but nothing ever happened. It seems that the influent people behind the airport's taxi drivers have more power than anybody else in the responsible ministry and the AoT.
Until the problems at Bangkok's airports are solved, we recommend: Avoid duty free shops and taxi services at Bangkok Airports. If possible travel with cabin baggage only.
On July 23rd Airports of Thailand Plc (AoT) announced a 'major crackdown on illegal taxis and unlicensed guides' at Suvarnabhumi airport. The crackdown will start July 28, 2009, but why AoT has to announce the crackdown in advance...?
Every bad guy will stay at home during AoT's 'crackdown-days'...
Update: On July 28, 2009 AoT said it would start cracking down on illegal tour guides and taxis from next month. It was hard to stop the illegal operations because most of those involved were either related to or close to AoT staff, a spokesman from AOT said.
Good Bye Simpl
Another 'Institution' closed.
Good Bye Simpl
Zum Simpl, one of Pattaya's best known German Food restaurants, closed. It opened its doors in 1979. Good Bye Simpl - a lot of people will miss you!
The venue will reopen in a few weeks as an Indian Restaurant with a new name.
New Airport Bus Service
Roong Reuang Coach Ltd. starts new Service
New Airport Bus Service
New Airport Bus Service starts opposite of Pan Pan Restaurant on Thappraya Road in Jomtien. Located on Thappraya Road in Jomtien, opposite of Pan Pan Restaurant and near Jomtien's Thepprasit Road, Roong Reuang Coach Ltd. runs 32-Seat-VIP buses to connect Suvarnabhumi Airport with Pattaya and Jomtien.
You will find Roong Reuang's blue and white buses at Suvarnabhumi Airport's Gate 8 on the 1st floor.
A one way ticket costs 124 Baht only.
If required, the buses stop along Sukhumvit Road in Naklua and Pattaya.
Please check the Pattaya Airport Bus Website for more information.
New Airport Bus Service
Traffic Police to enforce traffic laws!
Traffic Police is strictly enforcing traffic laws.
The new campaign was launched out of concern that more and more road users were violating traffic rules. The traffic law would be strictly enforced for road users who flouted the rules, the police said.
Drivers risk up to a 1'000 baht fine if they fail to stop their car for pedestrians at a zebra crossing while pedestrians face up to a 200 baht fine if they do not use the crossings.
Traffic Police kicked off the new campaign on Wednesday July 15th 2009 in Bangkok. From the information we got it is not clear if the new campaign will reach Pattaya.
Compare Prices before you place your Order
Big Price differences for the same food.
Burger King at CentralFestival
BK CentralFestival: Moderate pricing
Burger King at Roayal Garden Plaza
BK Royal Garden Plaza: Expensive
Burger King's 'menues' at its outlet at Royal Garden Plaza cost between 20 and 36 Baht more than at its CentralFestival booth (a surchage of up to 33%!):
BK Chick'n Crisp: 99 Baht at CentralFestival, 119 Baht at Royal Garden Plaza
BK Wooper Jr.: 109 Baht at CentralFestival, 145 Baht at Royal Garden Plaza
Rodeo BBQ: 150 Baht at CentralFestival, 175 Baht at Royal Garden Plaza
Burger King
A surcharge of 50% at CentralFestival!
Thanks to nearby McDonalds the small KFC cornet of softice costs 9 Baht only at its Royal Garden Plaza outlet.
At KFCs located at Tesco/Lotus and Carrefour you have to pay a moderate 10 Baht, but at KFC's outlet at CentralFestival the company is grabbing deep into your pocket:
15 Baht for the same small 'fattener'!
Good NEWS:
CentralFestival's Food Park added menu descriptions in english as well as photos of its food. Bravo!
The Food Court on the ground floor of the new shopping center is a popular meeting point for Thais and Farangs.
Thailand closed the Bars on Buddha Days
Did the Bars close? Not everywhere!
On Tuesday July 07 (Asamha Bucha Day) and Wednesday July 08 2009 (Buddhist Lent Day) Thailand's bars and all other entertainment venues had to close by the order of banning all kinds of alcohol, including soda water. It was just another blow from Thailand's unelected (and largely unpopular) Government to the already-battered tourism and entertainment industry.
The order was published, but, as usual, not everybody got the message...
ZAP on Walking Street
ZAP on Walking Street was open and its band played the popular songs just in front of Pattaya's Tourist Police.
Beavers on Walking Street
Beavers, the table dance club on Walking Street and a few meters only from Pattaya's Tourist Police was open.
Club Misty's
Club Misty's on Soi 15 had its door open, but without touting its services.
Airport Club
Airport Club on Walking Street was also attracting tourists.
Hot Girls
Hot Girls A Go-Go, on Walking Street, was working too and its toots in front of the venue told everybody 'have show'.

From South Pattaya down to the north of the city, everywhere you could get some entertainment and some drinks, but nowhere I could see some alcohol.
I had the impression that everybody was drinking Coke.
As estimated, the situation was very different in the small sois, in the bars and restaurants designated for locals, especially in Naklua.
Almost everywhere I could spot one of these brown bottles labeled as Leo, Chang or Singha...
One of my neighbours had his own party with about 10 people and beer and wiskey from his refrigerator.
Banning booze during Buddhist holidays is a silly idea. It hurts the tourism and entertainment industry only.
Thais themself do not have any problems to get the alcohol.
In full contrast to tourists Thais know where they have to go for a drink.
Fabulous 3rd Road
New Nana Bar with Happy Hand Massage
Fabulous on 3rd Road
The receptionist in front is artificial, but the rest of the crew was created from real flesh and blood.
Nana Bar & Massage relocated from Soi Honey to Pattaya 3rd Road (about 200 meters from Mityon's motorcycle shop).
Fabulous Biker Party on Soho Square
Biker Party on Soho SquareSoho Square organized a Biker Party on July 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
You could met a lot of hot new & old bikes and their owners.
Mityon, Pattaya's largest motorcycle dealer, converted the B-52 Night Club into a showcase for, what Yamaha beliefes, new hot motorcycles.
In my eyes, the 'old' naked motorcycles are always the most attractive ones at meetings like this.
The motorized plasticboxes usually can catch my eyes for a few seconds only, comparable to a beautiful woman eating with an open mouth...
If Soho Square is full of people it remains Walking Street's nicest place.
... and on Saturday Soho Square was full of bikes, drivers and sexy ladies.
Saturday July 04 2009
Biker Party on Soho Square
Biker Party on Soho Square
Guest at Ling Bar
Seen at Ling Bar, opposite Soho Square: Gazing at the many Harley's parking in front of his bar - sorry, but not everybody can ride one...
Fabulous Pattaya
Fabulous Pattaya
Joe Louis and his Traditional Thai Puppet Theater on Pattaya City Walk.
Fabulous new Simon Bar Complex
Fabulous new Simon
On Monday June 29 2009 the New Simon Bar Complex on Walking Street had its 'soft opening'. The bars opened without party and/or free food, but with a lot of new (and nice) faces.
It seems that at least one bar owner knows to read the signs of the times: At Frog's Bar you can sit down on comfortable chairs with small tables and enjoy the (sometimes) funny life on Walking Street.
Fabulous Views over Pattaya
A & W
No other fastfood outlet in Pattaya has such a fabulous view over Pattaya's Beaches: A&W, 6th Floor, CentralFestival.
A & W
iFarang™: Amazing Shopping
My bicycle was in need of new tires and tubes. I had a look at BigC, Carrefour and Tesco/Lotus.
Tesco/Lotus had them in stock. Their Bikeline branded tires cost at least 359 Baht a piece, for a Bikeline branded tube Tesco/Lotus asks 229 Baht.
Before buying, I decided to check the prices for tires and tubes at a specialist bicycle shop on Sukhumvit Road (Northern Pattaya). And that was the correct decision.
I left the shop with two good quality 26“ tires and two matching tubes - altogether for a 'nothing' of 540 Baht.
That's less than half of what I had to pay at an 'every day low price' shopping center.
iFarang™ ©2009
Fabulous Oranje
Fabulous Oranje
At least once a month this crew of funny Farangs brings back some actions and smiles to Walking Street. The ladies like this entertainers.
Fabulous Bollywood in Pattaya
Bollywood in Pattaya
Indian Filmcrews like Pattaya and its Walking Street.
'Pattaya provides the perfect background for our songs and dance sequences' a member of a crew told me.
iFarang™: Shocked Farmer
I don't eat here - it's too expensive!
December 1985 was the first time I was eating at Nang Nual Restaurant on Walking Street.
Until today I was a regular guest at this fine food outlet. Whenever I have some guest here in Pattaya we go to Nang Nual or Ruen Thai (Second Road) to take a dinner.
A few weeks ago I had the visit of a long time Thai friend. It was her first visit in Pattaya, usually I met her in the Korat. For the dinner I invited her to Nang Nual. She opened the menu card, stared at it a few seconds and told me: 'I don't eat here - it's too expensive!'.
My dear friend runs her own restaurant in the Korat. Her parents are farmers. They are also breeding cattle. Every morning at 04:00 they sell their vegetables to the local market(s). 7 days a week. Month after month. Year after year. Her father and her mother never had the opportunity to take some holidays during the whole of their life.
I suppose my friend knew very well what she spoked about. These farmers are working up to 16 hours a day to make a (very) poor living. I think it is very frustrating for them to see that some middlemen make the big profit - and not the hard working food producers themself...
iFarang™ ©2009
Wasted Money - Wasted Time
Wasted Money - Wasted Time
Bali Hai got a beautiful clocktower, but, as predicted a few months ago, the four watches usually do not indicate the correct time.
After a power failure there is simply nobody responsible to restart the watches with the correct time.
It's exactly the same as with Pattaya's CCTV system or Pattaya's streets - no matter how expensive it was, nobody takes care of anything.
Pictured on June 28 2009 at 23:42:22.
Silly PitPit says
Wait until the coffee is in your cup until you add the sugar - or you will lose the race to Thailand's ants.
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