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July 2010
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Dine without Fine
Dine without Fine
published a new page for lovers of fresh and tasty foods at reasonable prices.

Intelligent Dogs
For intelligent dogs
This picture is not from Pattaya but from Belgium.
Nevertheless, Pattaya City Hall already saw it and decided spontaneously to install similar signs along Pattaya Beach.
Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunpluem immediately informed the media 'this sign is an excellent idea. It will show the world that Pattaya's dogs are more intelligent than their counterparts in other countries. Pattaya's dogs will find a loophole in the regulation that allows them to ignore the law - as well as the sign...'
All information published on this page are as accurate as possible, but this one is a joke - describing Thailand's current state of life.

The state of emergency will remain in effect in Bangkok indefinitely, the Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation (CRES) says.
The military led CRES fears of possible red shirt activities...

Rebirth of Pattaya
On July 28th at 00:00 the famous City of Pattaya awaked from a 3-day long deep sleep.
The cause for the 3-day long holiday weekend were 2 Buddhist holy days, the Asalaha Bucha Day on July 26th and the Khao Pansaa on July 27th.
Bangkok residents flocked to Pattaya. Pattaya and Jomtien Beach were crowded with a number of tourists from Bangkok eating seafood on the beach.
Roads into and out of Pattaya were packed with vehicles and both beach roads showed the usual holiday traffic jams. But the bars and disco in the city remained closed.
Even the heavy thunderstorms you had to survive without alcohol...

Beep Beep
During the holidays we spotted workers at Nok's Bar on Pattaya's Walking Street.
According to a paper fixed at the entry to the bar, the bird (Nok) is interested in attractive coyote dancers.
It seems the ladies have to shake their bodies deep in the seaside end of the bar.

New Bar
at CentralFestival
Mulligan's Irish Bar and Restaurant
LifeBrandz Limited, a mainboard listed company from Singapore will open Mulligan's Irish Bar and Restaurant at the beachfront side of Pattaya's popular shopping mall.
The bar is expected to open on July 31st, 2010.
To run the venue the company incorporated two companies in Thailand: Lifebrandz (Thailand) Co., Ltd. with a paid-up capital of 3'920'000 Baht and Mulligan's Co., Ltd. with 2'000'000 Baht.
Lifestyle giant LifeBrandz already runs 11 entertainment and nightlife outlets in Singapore, known as Borgata, Café Del Mar, Clinic, Lunar, Mulligan's, Nectarie, Rebel, Yello Jello, Yue and Zirca.
Mulligan's Irish Bar and Restaurant
It is not known why Pattaya Police moved its Monkey-House car in front of Mulligan's. Perhaps they want some of the money too...

Walking Advertisement
Walking Advertisement
Seen at the Carnival Float Festival 2010:
I hope the lady didn't had do drink all the bottles herself to get all that Seagram's 100 Piper boxes for her sexy outfit.

A paper on the door of the former Carousel A-Go-Go on Soi Diamond tells that the venue will reopen on October 1st 2010 as Carousel Entertainment.
The owners are still searching partner(s) to run the establishment.

Open Eyes
Irish Eyes, a bar behind the entry to Heaven Above on Soi Diamond is open again.
The venue was closed at the end of May 2010.

A Silhouette of Linekers Sport's Bar
On Second Road Linekers Sport's Bar makes space for a new club called Silhouettes.
The new venue is currently looking for beautiful and english speaking Thai ladies.

Generous City Hall
Generous City Hall
The observation platforms installed along Pattaya's Beach are not used by Baywatchers as we anticipated last month, but by Fishermen during high tide.
During the day the platforms are beach decorations only, like flowers and trees...

the French way
37 Baht on July 15th.
On July 15th I bought 1Kg of Carrefour's detergent powder for 37 Baht.
Now Carrefour is announcing a new promotion for July 16-29:
48 Baht for 1 bag or
79 Baht for 2 bags...
48 or 79 Baht

Carrefour will exit Thailand
Carrefour announced that it will exit Thailand as well as Singapore and Malaysia.
According to its management, markets in India, Indonesia and China are more promising...

One Stop Service
On July 9th Pattaya Police opened the renovated Banglamung Police Station and introduced its new One Stop Service Project.
Pattaya City Hall invested 1.9 million Baht into the new facilities.

The end of the
Lesbian A-Go-Go Club?
The end of the Lesbian A-Go-Go Club
The Hot Love Pub on Pattaya's 2nd Road, announced as a Tom Boy A-Go-Go Club, seems to got closed by the Police before it even could open...
Reason unknown. A paper at the door warns that Police will arrest everybody trying to open the door.

Chinese Snacks
Chinese Snacks
At the entry to Walking Street's New Living Dolls 1 A-Go-Go a Chinese Snack Bar is replacing the failed French Bistro.

Seen at CentralFestival
The real one or a copy?
CentralFestival announces that a 'Mcdonald's' will open at its shopping center, but the writing suggests it will be a copy, rather than the original...

Time-out 1
La Grillade, the famous french restaurant near the Southern end of Walking Street, takes its yearly time-out from June 27th until July 15th 2010.
Happy holidays!

Time-out 2
First A-Go-Go on Soi 8 takes a time-out too and closes the door.
It will re-open on September 25th 2010, the management promised.
'Good for the management and its pocket - but what happens with the ladies?' my lady asked...

Time-out 3
Venus Lounge on Pattaya 3rd Road takes a time-out and closed the door.
It will re-open on August 2nd 2010, the management says.

Moulin Rouge closed
Moulin Rouge closed
Moulin Rouge on Walking Street closed.
According to our information it will reopen in a few weeks after a major facelifting.

Workers at Hospital
Workers at Hospital
At the failed Hospital Club, next to Moulin Rouge on Walking Street, we could spot some new activities too.
We keep you informed.

Workers at Casnovy
Workers at Casnovy
Casnovy A-Go-Go on Walking Street is enlarging its club.
It is integrating the mostly unused 'bar' in front of its venue.

We discovered intensive works at the former Ice Club on Soi Lk Metro.

The owners of the Chicken Shed bar and restaurand at the Sangkaew Bar Complex on Walking Street, opposite of Soho Square, decided to close the venue. They already removed the signs. The Grill opened on June 27 2009.

The management of the Pattaya Beer House (not to confound with Pattaya Beer Garden) on Pattaya City Walk, next to Royal Garden Plaza, decided to close the restaurant.

Esprit's esprit
Esprit's esprit
Esprit, at CentralFestival, presents a new kind of women for Pattaya. Not just what I - and you - are looking for.

A lady-tout on Walking Street suggested last night:
'Please come inside!'
Inside who?
Previous Publications
Pattaya News Flash July 2010 - The Source
NightWalker's News
from Pattaya, the City that touches your Body.
NightWalker recommends
We like to touch your Body!
We take care of your Body
Relax at Soi Honey's all new Body Massage Parlour. Soi Honey is also known as Soi 11 and connects Pattaya's Second Road with Soi Buakhaow.
Real Love - you can find it even in Pattaya...
Real Love on Pattaya's Beach Road
All information published on this page are as accurate as possible, but this title is a joke...
Another unannounced event...
...happened on Pattaya Beach Promenade
Another unannounced market happened on Pattaya Beach Promenade and frightened away Pattaya's famous models from their ancestral working places.
The event started on July 22, 2010 at Soi 4 with boothes from Chantaburi presenting nice and mostly handmade OTOP goods.
At the Loma fountain on Central Road a Singha Beergarden was waiting for dursty visitors. The Singha and Leo adverisments weren't covered, as required by a law.
The new law seems to be effective for Walking Street's Insomnia Club only...
The event was announced at, Pattaya's official Website in Thai only. The Website, updated on July 22nd, said that it would be an OTOP fair happening from July 22 - 25, 2010. The fair would be open from 10:00 - 24:00, the website announced. In reality most vendors steped in after 15:00 only...
Amazing Pattaya
Students on their way to the Carnival Float Festival 2010
July 20, 2010: Students on their way to the Carnival Float Festival 2010.
East meets West at the Carnival Float Festival 2010
East meets West at the Carnival Float Festival 2010.
Carnival Float Festival 2010
Carnival Float Festival 2010
Bangkok impose a 10'000 Baht fine on Tourists
Feeding an Elephant in Bangkok gets expensive!
Bangkok authorities said on July 12th anyone caught handing bunches of bananas or sugar cane to elephants faces a 10'000 Baht fine.
The Thai authorities have repeatedly attempted to stamp out the problem of elephant handlers, known as mahouts. They are walking the creatures in the capital and selling bananas and sugar cane for people to feed them.
Typically a tourist would pay 20 Baht for the privilege of handing a bunch of fruit or vegetables into the elephant's trunk.
Friends of the Asian Elephant, a Thai non-government group, called the fines a good start and hopes other Thai cities would follow suit.
It is a question of time only until Pattaya City Hall is introducing similar fines. Rumors already tell that Pattaya Police on Soi 9 is considering to fine Farangs for taking photos with Monkeys and Snakes on Walking Street, visiting weird shows at Pattaya's A-Go-Go Clubs, hiring Models on Pattaya's Beach Promenade and feeding Pattaya's famous Bar Ladies. Everybody walking in Pattaya with a Thai Lady and not being married to her will be fined too. The fine in Pattaya will be 9'999 Baht. (9 is Thailand's lucky number.)
I like the idea to fine Farangs, a virtual police official told me. Farangs have all the money to boost my income, he said.
All information published on this page are as accurate as possible. The first part of this story is true, the second part is fiction, but one that can come to reality in the very near future...
Bad Times
A few well-known Thai Establishments had to close during the last weeks too!
Gentlemen Massage & Spa on Pattaya 3rd Road closed.
All establishments are on the block.

Muse, a formerly popular venue on 3rd Road closed.
Red Heaven, a once popular Pub on Pattaya's 3rd Road closed.
Pattaya Marathon Chaos
Pattaya's latest chaos event organised by the Khunpluem Brothers
Pattaya's famous Marathon will take place on July 18th 2010 from 04:00 to 12:00.
This date was announced during a press conference on Tuesday June 22nd (!) 2010 from 10.00 - 11.30 at the GMM Grammy Place in Bangkok by GMM Grammy, Pattaya City Mayor Itthiphol Khunpluem and his brother Sontaya Khunpluem*.
During the event the organizer(s) announced that the event will be sponsored by a company called Power Plus Drink, better known as Chang Drinking Water and more... Thai Beverage Co. Ltd.
Furthermore, the organizer(s) promised, Grammy artists will enjoy attendants with a mini concert. The event will be broadcasted through Thai TV Channel 9. And an official Website was announced too:
Until that date a Website known as was online, telling its visitors that the marathon will happen from July 30 until August 1, 2010. This address isn't active anymore, but its visitors were redirected to, Pattaya's official Website.
Nevertheless, the Tourism Authority of Thailand News Room - EVENT UPDATES page always announces Pattaya's International Chaos Marathon for July 30 - August 1, 2010 (on July 10th, the time of writing this information). A lot of other sites on the internet are mentioning July 30 - August 1, 2010 as the date of the event too...
Advertisements are mentioning TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) as a co-sponsor of the event. Obviously TAT's left hand doesn't know what its right hand is sponsoring!

It seems that the famous last minute events organized by The Khunpluem Brothers - mostly supported by GMM Grammy and Chang Drinking Water and more... (or some of their affiliates) - always have to be accompanied by a chaos.
*Sontaya Khunpluem started his political career as a Chonburi councilor and became the first Chonburi MP under the Samakkeetham Party. He then left Samakkeetham and moved to the Chart Pattana Party. 1995 Sontaya joined the Chat Thai Party. Later, as a Chat Thai Party secretary-general he defected with his 20-member Chon Buri faction to Thaksin Shinawatra's Thai Rak Thai Party. When Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was ousted by the military he rejoined with his men to Chat Thai.
Sontaya Khunpluem has held many positions in Bangkok including Deputy Minister of industry, Deputy Minister of communications, Minister of science, technology and the environment, and Minister of tourism and sports.
Today Sontaya Khunpluem is the president of Pattaya United, Pattaya's football club. Wittaya Khunpluem, a younger brother, holds the same position at the FC Chonburi and is a chief executive of the provincial administrative organisation. Itthiphol Khunpluem is the Mayor of Pattaya.
The father of the three Khunpluem brothers, Somchai Khunpluem, widely known as 'Kamnan Poh', is (or was?) a most influential local politician. During many years Somchai Khunpluem was the mayor of Saen Suk and was involved in the expansion of Bang Saen. He had (or probably even has) very good connections to other communities in Chonburi. Some years ago he was being accused of masterminding the murder of another local leader, Mr. Prayoon Sitthichoti, known as Kamnan Yoon. But 'Kamnan Poh' was set free on a 10-million Baht government-bond bail by Thailand's Criminal Court. However, the court barred him from leaving the kingdom.
Nevertheless, Somchai Khunpluem escaped and is currently hiding himself in Cambodia.
Thailand's Police is still hunting the father of the three Khunpluem brothers for corruption and a few other offences, including the murder case mentioned above.
Is Thailand's Police corrupt?
No Advertisements for Alcoholic Beverages...?!
On July 7th at about 21:00 the Royal Thai Police Inspection Division 7 raided Insomnia Disco on Walking Street and arrested the manager of the venue.
He 'forget' to cover the advertisements of alcoholic beverages in his bar.
Thailand's Health Departments are enforcing the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act which bans both external and internal signs and advertisements for any kind of alcoholic beverages.
Signs have to be removed or covered up, including beer taps.
No problems for Chang & Singha (no-beer) signs: The two companies already launched their drinking waters.
But ads for their Soda Waters (!) are banned too, perhaps to show the whole world the stupidity of the responsible law makers.
Light McDonald's
Nevertheless, McDonald's at Royal Garden Plaza didn't (had to) cover its large Singha Light Beer 'distribution center' in the middle of its food outlet yet.
But what will happen with Pattaya Beer Garden and all that Beer Bar and Bar Beer signs around the town? They all are promoting the popular juice made from malted barley and water.
And what happens with menue cards mentioning alcoholics...?
Is the exposure of Red Kimchi's Micro-Brewery at Royal Garden Plaza an alcoholic advertisement or not?
Hopf House
And what this sign tells Thailand's law maker(s)?
Same, same
but very different
At Carrefour and at CentralFestival OTOP's are presenting their Thai wines made from grapes and any other kind of Thai fruits without covering any advertisements - and are selling the bottles whole the day...
Will police arrest everybody wearing a Heineken T-shirt - or will they fine the people only?
TiT (This is Thailand).
Not covered - not fined
Not covered - not fined
Seen at CentralFestival
on July 14th 2010 too:
Not covered - not fined

On July 14th we made the following pictures within 500 meters on Pattaya 3rd Road:
Not covered - not fined
Not covered - not fined
Not covered - not fined
Not covered - not fined
Not covered - not fined
Not covered - not fined
Seen at CentralFestival on July 14th 2010 too:
Not covered - not fined
To run a successful business in Thailand you don't need the support of a corrupt family - but it could help a lot!
Pattaya Police - Perhaps Your Best Friend, but...
Never take Pattaya Police as an Example!
Never take Pattaya Police as an Example!
Never take Pattaya Police as an Example!
Top: Pattaya Police has a marked preference to park its cars on zebra crossings and in clearly marked parking prohibition areas, not in emergency cases, but during whole the day or even weeks.
Left: Pattaya officials refuse to wear helmets on motorcycles. Officials driving motorcycles without wearing helmets can be spotted almost daily at the North Road / 3rd Road intersection, on Central Road's intersections with 2nd and 3rd Roads, along Pattaya South Road and on Soi 9 of course.
If officials decide to wear helmets, they mostly forget to close the helmet's fastener...
Bottom: Pattaya Police prefers to park its cars in clearly marked areas designated for motorcycles only.
Never take Pattaya Police as an Example!
No Helmet
Left: July 1st 2010 at about 18:10 on Central Road. Before my camera was ready the policeman made a telephone call during driving his motorcycle with his right hand only...
He even greeted some of his colleagues on duty on Central Road, but not one single fellow told him that he forgot to put on his helmet!
On June 19th at about 22:30 I spoted six officials from Pattaya Police on four motorcycles cruising on Soi Photisarn - all without wearing any helmets...
No Helmet
Almost every evening Pattaya Police is fining motorcycle drivers at the South Road / Second Road intersection for not wearing helmets.
The highlight:
About one third of the policemen arriving on motorcycles do not wearing helmets too.
Why they don't get fined?
It seems that Pattaya Police consists of a bunch of lawbreaking individuals.
Pattaya Baht Bus Mafia
The Baht Bus Mafia is overcharging Farangs again!
Since March 2010 the Pattaya Baht Bus Co-operative can ask a base fare of 10 Baht and a long-distance rate of 20 Baht.
The new fare was approved by the Chonburi Traffic Department to be charged for Thais and non-Thais as well.
But since a few week the drivers from the Pattaya Baht Bus mafia, the Pattaya Baht Bus Corporation, is asking 10 Baht for Thai passengers and 20 Baht for all non-Thai people.
It's time the Chonburi Traffic Department clarifies that they approved the new fare for all passengers, independent of their race and the color of their skins.
We recommend to ignore the Baht Busses and walk the few hundred meters to the next destination - and tell your lady why she has to walk too!.
Do not forget to call 1337 and tell the ladies at Pattaya City Hall's Call Center that you don't will accept this kind of overcharging anymore.
Pattaya Film Academy
Change the Image of Pattaya!
An organisation called Pattaya Film Academy is trying to change the image of Pattaya forever.
Next year - perhaps - the Pattaya Film Academy likes to host the International Pattaya Filmfestival and let the whole world know that the famous City of Beer Bars vanished into thin air.
Did the organizer ever visit Cannes and/or Los Angeles during their festivals? There is always an influx of prostitutes, often called Starlets to use an nicer word.
Pattaya-at-Night already started to use the word Models for the daily users of Pattaya's Catwalk, the famous Beach Promenade - but perhaps we should call them Starlets too...
At least the ladies bring back some glamour to the seamy Beach Promenade.
Latest Closures
Discovered during Saturday July 10th:
Double 6 closed
Rodeo Girls closed
Blue Lagoon closed
Double 6 Club on Walking Street, the dancing featuring coyote dancers: Closed.
Rodeo Girls, an A-Go-Go club on Soi Pattayaland: Closed.
Blue Lagoon, the coyote club at Beach Road's Best Friend Bar Complex: Closed.
Walking Street enlightened by LEDs
New Peppermint
As predicted in NightWalker's News Flash from March 2010:
The all new Peppermint A-Go-Go got a new LED sign too.
We are just waiting for the new sign for The Cavern. Work is in full progress...
The influx of new and nice LED-Signs is far from over: The groups latest acquisition of Carousel A-Go-Go will need a new sign too. And - perhaps - the Happy A-Go-Go Group is considering to buy or create some new businesses again - who knows? Possibly its CEO...
Colors of the East
The 'OTOP' - Festival
Colors of the East
Colors of the East
The widely announced 'The Color of the Eastern Seaboard OTOP Fair' turned out to be a large fair occupying Pattaya's Beach Promenade from Soi 1 up to Walking Street and selling everything you can import from China and from India - plus a few products (possibly) Made in Thailand.
Colors of the East
Foods from all the participating provinces were the most popular items on the fair:
Chonburi, Rayong, Trat and Chantaburi presented their specialities from July 1st to July 4th 2010.
Colors of the East
We even discovered original Chicken Doner Kebab in the Chantaburi section...
Colors of the East
... and 'Chinese Marroni' somewhere else in the One Tambon One Product (OTOP) Fair.
Colors of the East
Red Wine called Koh Chang (like the island) made from Grapes (real ones, I was told) or Mangosteens (real ones too! the lady said) and bootled at the Chateau De Ban Thai Wang Wangkrajae, Trat was on display and available free for degustation.
Colors of the East
Many OTOP's presented Cosmetics, Creams against pain and (yellow) Oils for massage,
Colors of the East
hand-made Flowers delighted the visitors
Colors of the East
and Needleworks showed the capabilities of Thailand's women.
Colors of the East
Chonburi presented its foods, its hotels and Pattaya's Ladyboys.
Colors of the East
Police was omnipresent as well as the resellers of cheap 100 Baht watches and the 50 Baht sunglasses.
During the first few hours of the fair I could spot some sunglasses (sunplastics would be the correct word for that goods) for as little as 39 Baht, but most dealers changed the prices later to 49 or 50 Baht...
During Saturday night some re-introduced the 39 Baht price tag!
When I was on the look-out for OTOP-Products my lady asked me 'Why Farangs always think that everything has to be exactly as Thai people say?. City Hall announced a fair - and here is it. Sometimes City Hall calls it Red Shirt's Fair, sometimes Culture from the City of the Sea and sometimes Color of the Eastern Seaboard OTOP, but it remains a fair. Everything else is Fantasy or simply fun!'.
'You mean, if a Thai director tells me that his hotel is 5-Star hotel it hasn't to be one in reality?' I asked here. 'Now you got it! His hotel is a hotel - everything else is leaving to his fantasy and to the imagination of his guests...' she told me.
Nevertheless, the event was a nice fair with a lot of beautiful ladies, good foods, piles of smiles and new phone numbers and a few interesting OTOPs, but unfortunately repeatedly interrupted by heavy rains.
Walking Shops
Markets like the Color of the Eastern Seaboard OTOP Fair are called 'thalart doen' or 'thalart khon doen' by Thai people, which means walking market in a loose translation. Sometimes I also heard 'larn doen', which means walking shop(s).
Most Thai people like markets, but hate walking. Therefore the correct translation would be 'rambling market' or 'extended market' and already implies a warning...
If you steal my customers I go to the people
If you steal my customers I go to the people
If you steal my customers I go to the people
Since a few days smoking is prohibited at health-related venues, primary and secondary schools, public transport outlets and religious centres.
Smoking is allowed at government offices, universities, petrol stations and international airports, but smoking areas must be located outside.
Public places are required to carry signs with the message smoke-free area.
Is it therefore that the Thailand Tabacco Monopoly occupied one of Beach Promenade's nicest places during the Color of the Eastern Seaboard OTOP Fair?
Carrefour Thailand - a Scammer?
Carrefour Scam
Dishonest Carrefour?
A girlfriend told me that she wanted to buy a DVD Player on June 25th 2010 as announced by Carrefour in its shop and its advertisements, but the salesman at Carrefour told her at about 16:00 that all the players already are sold out. He then tried to sell her a similar player from A.J. at more than double the price.
The 50% discounted item was announced nationwide by Carrefour on its website, its bimonthly brochure and on large billboards in- and outside of Carrefour.
Carrefour announced, that the nano DVD player, as well as all other discounted items, will be on sale from June 25th until July 1st 2010 for 1'445 Baht, but only as long as available. But on some large banners (to the right) Carrefour suggests the player will be on sale from June 25th until July 15th 2010 (Thai year 2553).
Carrefour Scam
Carrefour Scam
After the incident I visited Carrefour's shop on Pattaya's Central Road every day and asked for the DVD player.
The salespersons all the time told me the same: Already sold out.
On June 30th I ask a salesman at Carrefour, if he ever saw the product in this shop.
He told me: No!
In Europe we call advertisements like that a scam. Shame on you!
Carrefour never removed the banners announcing the 1'445 Baht DVD player.
Carrefour is touting a 4x80-gram multipack of LUX soaps too, for 49 Baht.
Tesco/Lotus sells the same soaps in a 4x115-gram multipack for the very same 49 Baht and the 4x80-gram multipack for 39 Baht!
Recommendation: Before buying at Carrefour check the offers at all the other shops and shopping centers carefully!
24 Hours Happy Hour
24 Hours Happy Hour
The new Hang Loose Bar opened on Soi 8, about 30 meters from Beach Road. The bar promises 24 hours happy hour and free Wi-Fi. All beers 55 Baht, Bacardi, Gin or Vodka 60 Baht/glas. The bar has a few very nice ladies too...
Dreams come True at Dream's
Dreams come true at Dream's
Dream's Bar Beer is not only a see through bar, but a nice coyote club on Soi 8 with beautiful dancing ladies in daily changing themed costumes.
The Vuvuzela isn't the poor man's Alphorn!
Last month we published that South Africa's blowing horn is the poor man's Alphorn.
That's not correct. It's a musical instrument belonging to a church.
The Vuvuzela is a blowing horn of approximately 1 m in length. It is commonly blown by fans at football matches in South Africa and requires some lip and lung strength to blow and emits a loud monotone sound. The instrument has a sound level of up to 127 decibels. This is a dangerously high sound pressure level for unprotected ears.
South Africa's blowing horn has been used in Mexican stadiums since the 1970s. Freddie 'Saddam' Maake claims to have invented the Vuvuzela as early as 1965.
South Africa-based company Masincedane Sport began the mass-production of a plastic version in 2001. The company says that their Vuvuzela is based on kudu horn instruments, an historic African instrument, but the claim is disputed.
Nine years later, in early 2010 the Nazareth Baptist Church suddenly discovered that the Vuvuzela belongs to their church and announced legal action against the use of Vuvuzelas.
The Alphorn isn't part of the church's claim. The archaeological record of the Alphorn stretches back nearly two thousand years to the Celtic tribes that originally settled the rugged land on the northern slopes of the Alps.
As the famous Swiss Alphorn the Vuvuzela is an aerophone or labrophone. A musical instrument which produces sound primarily by causing a body of air to vibrate. A horn like the Vuvuzela or the Alphorn has no lateral openings and therefore gives the pure natural harmonic series of an open pipe. The notes of the Alphorn are tuned by nature to a scale of unique beauty. A virtous player has a range of musical expression over three full octaves! There are Alphorns manufactured by using glas fibre, carbon fibre and acrylic materials, but they never achieved the sound quality of a wooden instrument originally crafted in the hills of good old Switzerland.
Leopold Mozart as well as other famous composer created masterpieces to be played on an Alphorn.
Until today we don't know of any composition written for the Vuvuzela...
Colorful Pattaya
Colorful Pattaya
Big Sister is Watching You
Big Sister is Watching You
Dirty Pattaya Beach
Pattaya Beach
No comments.
Netbooks made easy
Walking through Intel's CPU Jungle
Today most Netbooks are built around Intel's Atom microprocessors.
The Intel Atom is Intel's line of low-power, low-cost and low-performance x86 and x86-64 microprocessors for use in Netbooks up to 10.1-inch displays.
The Atom N270 debuted on June 3, 2008 and the Atom N280 on February 6, 2009. The N270 has a clock frequency of 1600 MHz, the N280 runs at 1667 MHz. Both microprocessors are Single-Core CPUs built around 47 million transistors. Graphic and memory controllers are not integrated into the chips.
On December 21, 2009 Intel released the Atom N450 CPU and on March 1, 2010 the Atom N470. The N450 runs at 1667 MHz and the N470 at 1833 MHz. Both microprocessors are Single-Core CPUs built around 123 million transistors and have integrated graphics and memory controllers supporting DDR2-667 memory-cards.
Released in the 2nd quarter of 2010 Intel's Atom N455 and Atom N475 are virtual N450 and N470 processors but are supporting the faster DDR3-800 memory cards.
In the 3rd quarter of 2010 Intel released the Atom N550 for use in Netbooks. The new CPU is a Dual-Core microprocessor that runs at 1500 MHz. It has built-in graphic and memory controllers, uses 176 million transistors and supports DDR3-800 memory cards. Benchmarked with 7-Zip a N550 Netbook shows about twice the power of a N450 Netbook, but it also uses about 50% more power from the battery...
Designated for Sub Netbooks (e.g. Sony's VAIO P) only:
During the 2nd quarter of 2010 Intel released the Atom Z5xx serie of CPUs and announced an Atom Z6xx serie for 2011. These microprocessors are Single-Core CPUs. The Z5xx serie uses 47 million transistors and comes without integrated graphic and memory controllers. The Z6xx serie will use about 140 million transistors and will have integrated graphic and memory controllers.
Another serie of Atom processors is designated for the use in small Desktop computers:
The Atom 230 is a Single-Core and the Atom 330 a Dual-Core processor without integrated graphic and memory controllers and are running at 1800MHz.
Intel's D410 and D425 are Single-Core CPU's with integrated graphic and memory controllers and last but not least Intel released the D510 and the D525 Dual-Core microprocessors also with integrated graphic and memory controllers.
D410 and D510 are supporting DDR2-800 memory-cards, whereas the D425 and the D525 are addressing DDR3-800 memory cards.
Pattaya Police
Pattaya Policemen are driving motorcycles without wearing helmets!
July 14th, 2010 - 15:00:
Pattaya North Road.
Silly PitPit says
Thai Culture lives up in Honey.
Skilled Workforce
Skilled Workforce?
'Professional' electro installation discovered on Pattaya Beach Promenade and made by Thailand's 'highly skilled' workforce...
Chonburi's Senator Surachai Chaitrakulthong is luring potential investors from Taiwan and other countries by promising 'Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled workforce'.
The contrary is true...
Censorship is more depraving and corrupting than anything pornography can produce.

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500 Baht!
500 Baht!
Netbook power
During August 2010 Acer as well as Asus will start selling netbooks with Intel's new Atom N550 chip. The new micro-processor is a Dual-Core CPU. Therefore the new netbooks will have about twice the power of a N475 Netbook but use about 50% more power.
HP, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba will launch similar models a few weeks later. It is anticipated that Sony will replace its current (overpriced) netbook with an Atom N550 model for about the same price.
All this netbooks will be produced by Compal, Pegatron and/or Quanta. None of the big names does produce netbooks itself.
It will cost a manufacturer about US$15 more to produce an Atom N550 Netbook than an N475 equipped one.
Sony's Vaio P handheld computer uses an Atom Z550 CPU, which is a single core Chip and is in no way comparable to Intels new Dual Core CPU N550!
Update: Our source insists that the first netbooks with Intel's Atom N550 chips will hit the market during August 2010, but another informant tells us 'Intel set to launch its dual-core Atom N550 processor in October 2010'.
Until today Intel restricted the use of its Atom processors to netbooks using displays of max. 10.1 inches. New information says that Intel is planning to let its Atom series processors prop up the entry-level notebook market too.

3G, also known as UMTS, is on its way to Thailand.
The new technology allows Thai ladies to speak up to 3 times faster with their counterparts...
GPRS supported 2G (your current mobile phone) allows a data transmission of up to 115 kBit/s, 3G up to 384 kBit/s and the upcoming 4G up to 14,4 MBit/s.
EDGE technology, known as 2.75G, is used in AirCards and provides peak data rates up to 236 kBit/s.
The more expensive 3G AirCard contract brings a slight improvement, from max. 236 kBit/s to up to 384 kBit/s.
Don't forget: The most important word in all this technologies is up to...

Who tells the true?
The software that comes with your Thai EDGE/GPRS/GSM aircard usually suggest a download speed of about 160 - 225kbps.
When we checked the download speed with other software they told us that the average download speed is a whooping 20 to 28KB/s...
Who tells the true? Both! 20KB/s are 160kbps.
Web in slow-motion!

More Fun
with less Chips?
China is investigating suspected grey market handset (counterfeit phones) supplier Hualong of Suzhou and the Shanghai-based distribution centres.
The crackdown could adversely impact Mediatek, an IC designer, which is thought to supply 80% of all baseband ICs used by counterfeit phones. Its MT6223 baseband IC is the most commonly used by grey market handsets.
Your choice of products at Tukcom, Pattaya's largest IT store, will be affected by the crackdown too.
The funny side:
One of Mediatek's slogan is More Fun, less Chips...
17-year-old bug!
A 17-year-old bug in Windows will be patched by Microsoft in its latest security update.
It survived all Windows version since it was introduced in NT 3.1!
The bug was discovered by Google security researcher Tavis Ormandy in January 2010.

Never believe in 'Experts'!
'Experts' are predicting that Microsoft may not survive the post-PC era...

Smartphones will replace PCs, they say!
People telling nonsense like that never used a real application...

Totally wrong formula
Stunned Apple says that its iPhones have for years (!) been using a totally wrong formula to determine how many bars of signal strength they are getting.
We will issue a free software update within a few weeks that incorporates the corrected formula, Apple promised.
Apple's new software is adopting AT&T's recently recommended formula for calculating how many bars to display for a given signal strength.
Nevertheless, the reported antenna problem could be fixed by moving one's hand or encasing iPhones in rubber "bumper" frames that Apple sells for 30 dollars, the company says.
Gripping any mobile phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance, with certain places being worse than others depending on the placement of the antennas. This is a fact of life for every wireless phone, Apple said in a statement.

Play Paul the Octopus
Apple Corporation's Steve Job blamed the media for iPhone 4's reception problems during a press conference on Friday July 16th 2010.
The California gadget maker repeated that other phones face the same reception problems.
Other smartphones experience antenna problems. The iPhone 4's problem had been blown so out of proportion (by Consumer Reports), it's incredible, Mr. Job said.
Motorola, Nokia and Blackberry say, Steve Job's conclusion is wrong. Not all phones have antenna flaws.
We recommend to use the iPhone 4 for what it is, a game machine to play Paul the Octopus, Apple's latest application, and to make your calls with a device from a maker that has a long lasting experience in designing mobile phones.

Burning Laptops
Burning Laptops
Sony is warning its customers worldwide that a defective heat-monitoring chip in 535'000 of its VAIO F and C laptop computers may cause overheating and possible burns.
The affected VAIOs were launched in January 2010.
Sony said it is offering consumers a software application which will correct the malfunction of the chip.
Please contact your dealer for more information.
Are Readers Joking?
Readers from Travel + Leisure's magazine have been voted Bangkok as the world's best city, followed by Chiang Mai, Florence in Italy, San Miguel de Allende in Mexico and Rome, Italy!
The survey was completed in March 2010, two months before the deadly military crackdown on Red Shirt protesters.
But for you and me Pattaya remains the Number 1 spot on earth!

Amazing Thailand
is different
Amazing Thailand is different
Thailand's Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said that he wants to lift the state of emergency in this country, but (pictured) General Apichart, the boss of CRES (Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation) and the Thai military, insists that Thailand isn't ready to live in freedom as most governors wanted the emergency decree to remain in effect.
Therefore the cabinet could lift the state of emergency in Lampang, Sakon Nakhon and Roi-et only.
16 provinces remain under state of emergency and you know now who has the say in 'democratic' Thailand.

Thailand is
really different
The US Congress on Thursday July 22 2010 renewed a ban on imports from Myanmar for another year.
The law bans trade with companies tied to the ruling military in Myanmar, also known as Burma.
At the same time the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) and leading Thai businessmen met with the Union of Myanmar Federation Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) at a hotel in Mae Sod to strengthen trade and investment ties between the two countries.
Thai Industry Minister Chaiwut Bannawat, who chaired the meeting, stated that the (current military supported) Thai government supports Thai investors to invest more in Myanmar, particularly in the establishment of industrial estates and the construction of deep sea port there.

Not as bad?
According to Thai government data, tourist arrivals in Thailand fell only 2.68 percent to 14.15 million last year...

New threat?
Philippines seeks boost to tourism and is aiming to double tourism revenues in six years.
The archipelago of more than 7,000 islands boasts some of the world's most beautiful white-sand beaches and the beaches in the Philippines are better than Indonesia or Thailand, the Philippines' new Tourism Secretary Alberto Lim said.

Inflation Warning
Bank of Thailand warned that inflation could skyrocket next year.
This year inflation rate will be between 3.5 & 4%.
Last Word
Water is life. Preserve it!
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Stop Cyber Censorship
Stop Censorship
Thailand has blocked at least 113'000 websites...