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October 2009
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Soi 6 A-Go-Go
New on Soi 6
Works are on the way on Soi 6 for a new A-Go-Go. It will be called Passion Dance Club.

Titty Twister
Twitty Twister
Titty Twister, a new bar, opened on October 24th 2009 at 19:00 off Sai Nernplabwan (also known as Sai Muslim).

Club Mirage
Club Mirage
Club Mirage, the Go-Go Club on the back of Soi Diamond, opened on October 23rd 2009 under a new management from France.

Onset of Winter
Onset of Winter
Wintertime is back on Walking Street with a cold snap of -16ºC, at least inside the reopened
Soi Happy V2O Icebar.

TiP (This is Pattaya)!
A professional Thai photographer comes with his own Sherpa...

Open your Eyes
Open your Eyes
This lovely battery operated plastic train set from China costs 129 Baht only at the South Pattaya Market on Soi Buakhaow.
At a toy-selling booth at CentralFestival the very same toy costs
385 Baht...

Blue Sky
on Walking Street
Blue Sky 3
On Marine Disco's 30th anniversary Blue Sky opened its Blue Sky 3 bar and restaurant at the corner of Walking Street and Soi 15.
The venue has a stage for its band, a sophisticated sound system and old-fashioned, but comfortable wooden-benches and tables.
Blue Sky 3

99 Baht Food
Pattaya's famous
Le Stroganoff de Pierre restaurant on Soi Yamato introduced a daily changing 3 course menu for 99 Baht only.
Beat the recession
the French way!

Coyotes on Soi 8
Coyotes on Soi 8
Club 23, one of these icy bars, opened on Soi 8 and is featuring dancing ladies in showy dresses.

Utopia reopened its A-Go-Go Club on the second floor of its building on Soho Square.
Utopia Lounge, on the ground floor, got a new layout and added a description to its name: Rock Club.

Chinese Food
B-52, the failed Disco Club on Soho Square, dedicated mainly to entertain guest from Russia, seems to reopen with a new format:
A new sign informs: Club B-52 - Chinese Food...

The Comeback
of Devil's Den
The Comeback of Devil's Den
I was told that the removal of the signs at Devil's Den was part of an entire clean-up of the venue.
The bar already reopened with new signs presenting a new logo.

Coyotee's closed again
Coyotee's closed again
Coyotee's A-Go-Go on Soi Lucky Star / Soi Marine Plaza had to close.
Official Closure
A paper on the door suggests an official closure.

Thumbs up
On October 07 German firm DB International GmbH, which is in charge to operate the express rail link to Suvarnabhumi Airport, started trial runs.
Further trial runs will be held on October 14, 21 and 28 and November 04.
Daily trial runs will be held from December 05 to April. The test runs from Makkasan station to Suvarnabhumi Airport.
The first passengers gave the service a thumbs up.

40 Gangs
40 Gangs are controlling Suvarnabhumi Airport - but AoT says that all problems would not deter Thailand's plan to make Suvarnabhumi one of the wolrd's best airports.
Some people like to live with illusions...

It's no Illusion
- it's Fantasy!
New A-Go-Go
Pattaya's smallest A-Go-Go Club opens at the new Simon Bar Complex on Walking Street. In front of the club is a beer bar of the same name: Fantasy.

Forced Misprint
North Korea told China it is willing to return to Sex-Party.

Miss Siam closed
Miss Siam closed
Miss Siam, the restaurant, and Noodi, the noodle bar, both located at Pattaya City Walk in front of Beach Road, had to close.

Covent Garden,
Soi 16, gets Mini-Mart
Covent Garden Mini-Mart
3 adjacent bars on Soi 16, also known as Covent Garden, get converted into a new Mini-Mart called 'Orange Mart'.

Byblos, the A-Go-Go at the corner of Soi Diamond / 2nd Road, presents its dancers in a small window on Soi Diamond.
Wi(n)dow Dancers?

A sign of this Time
A sign of this Time
Spaghetti-Steak & Wine
Everything for sale.

Do you know?
Wood DNA contains 60 times more information than human DNA.
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Pattaya News Flash October 2009
NightWalker's News
from Pattaya, the city of clock watchers.
Utapao Pattaya International Airport recommends:
Fly Pattaya Itthiphol Airways.
Latest News from Walking Street
Smile Rock Girls closed
Closed for refitting
Smile Rock Girls on Soi 15 closed for refitting. According to its managers, the club will reopen on October 29 2009.

Club BJ A-Go-Go closed
Closed for at least 30 days...
Club BJ on Soi BJ closed. According to information it will reopen in about 30 days. The Girls and the management relocated to their new Titty Twister Club, off Sai Nernplabwan...

NightWalker shut off the Lights on Walking Street
Walking Street in the dark
Walking Street in the dark
Monday, October 26th 2009: During strolling on Walking Street NightWalker discovered an upcoming problem on a transformer at the entry to Soi Happy A-Go-Go.
He ordered the official electricians to the Soi. They then decided to shut down the electricity. Happy A-Go-Go and some other bars in the area disappeared in the dark...

New Simons Bar Complex got dark...
New Simons Bar Complex got dark...
On Monday, October 26th, New Simons Bar Complex had some problems with its electricity too:
Every few minutes the lights at all the bars shut down.
Interestingly enough the advertisements, the skylights and the stereo equipment didn't loose any power...
Most ladies enjoyed the evening. It was a new but funny experience.

On the Block
On the Block
Coyotee's A-Go-Go on Soi Marine Plaza is closed and on the block.
On the Block
Call 089 09 585 22 (or send an SMS) if you should be interested.
You also can contact

From Ocean 10 to Double Six
From Ocean 10 to Double Six
From Ocean 10 to Double Six
Double Six Disco will replace the failed Ocean 10 Club in a few days.
The Pier
The Pier
The Pier at the entry to Walking Street, also known as the Siren Square Bar Complex, is searching investors for its deserted second floor.
Coyotes on Beach Road
Daiquiri Hous opened
Coyotes on Beach Road
Coyotes on Beach Road
On Friday October 16th 2009 Daiquiri Hous opened at the Right Spot Bar Complex on Pattaya Beach Road.
It's an 'icy' bar with some coyote dancers and apparently a supporter of Beerlao, Thailand's latest 'Premium Beer' addition.
Happy Birthday
30-Years Marine Disco
30-Years Marine Disco
30-Years Marine Disco
30-Years Marine Disco
30-Years Marine Disco
Marine Disco celebrated its 30th anniversary on October 15th 2009 with a big party night featuring Thailand's No.1 entertainer Carabao. Dozens of Harley-Davidsons as well as a lot of would be Harleys from Yamaha and Honda were parked in the middle of Walking Street.
The street in front of the Marine Entertainment Complex was crowded with fascinated spectators and self-exposers. Marine Disco was full of beautiful ladies, as during the last 30 years.
Resort in the Water
Resort in the Water
On Sunday, October 10, 2009, from 16:30 until late into the night, Typhoon Ketsana set parts of Pattaya under water. Pattaya Beach Road, Second Road, Soi Buakhaow, Third Road, Sukhumvit Road and almost all Sois in between, from Pattaya South Road down to Central Road, were fully covered by water.
In some parts of the city the water stood up to 50cm high.
The northern part of Pattaya as well as Naklua didn't report any problems.
Pattaya City Hall blames the worldwide climat change for the flooding.
But that's only half of the story: Flooding has been a problem for decades but, despite many complaints to City Hall, nothing has been done to correct it.
BigC Nightmarket
BigC Nightmarket
BigC Nightmarket
BigC Nightmarket
Nightmarkets seem to get popular in the resort. After the big success of The Avenue's Nightmarket BigC Central Center in Northern Pattaya decided to organize its own Nightmarket just in front of its Heineken Beergarden.
The market opens at about 17:00 and closes around midnight.
Nightmarkets usualy provide a lot of fun and sometimes even some real bargains - or - a new girlfriend.

Update: Since a few days Mike Shopping Mall tries to initiate a small Nightmarket at its entry on Pattaya's Second Road.
Stupid People
No Police - No Helmet
During the evening hours on October 09, 2009, Pattaya, including Walking Street, was virtually free of police. From 19:00 to 01:30 I just could spot 3 men in uniforms, two at the stinking pumpstation on Beach Road and one lonely 'cowboy' on his motorcycle checking Soi 1 and the Drinking Street.
Therefore most motorcycle drivers in Pattaya, Thais as well as Farangs, decided to drive their bikes without wearing helmets... TiP (This is Pattaya)!
Pattaya's Clocks keep bad Times
Pattaya's Clock Tower isn't the Exception
Do not watch Pattaya's Clocks
As mentioned earlier this year, the watches on Pattaya's beautiful Clock Tower mostly do not show the correct time.
On October 05 2009 all clocks showed 08:50 during whole the day - and they will do so during the next few days - or even weeks... TiP (This is Pattaya)!
Corporate Identity
Pattaya Immigration Office got a new Name
On September 24, 2009, the Immigration Office on Jomtien Soi 5 had to change its name. Known until recently as the Pattaya Immigration Office the branch was renamed Chonburi Immigration Office. The new Immigration Office will also be responsible for Sriracha and Koh Si Chang, those branches will remain open, but had to change their names as well.
'The new name reflects the fast-growing nature of Chonburi and Immigration's efforts to provide quality service', a spokesperson explained the new identity.
New Bus Terminals in Pattaya and Jomtien
An Update
New Bus Terminals in Pattaya and Jomtien
Jomtien's main bus terminal is on Soi Chaiyapruek, about 100 meters from Jomtien's Beach Road. The airport buses serving Suvarnabhumi Airport every 2 hours from 07:40 to 19:40.
New Bus Terminals in Pattaya and Jomtien
Jomtien's second bus terminal is located on Thappraya Road near the well-known Trattoria Italiana and opposite of the Pan-Pan Pizza outlet.
The buses are connecting Jomtien with Suvarnabhumi Airport only. The 32 seat coaches start every 2 hours from 08:00 to 20:00.
For more information please check the Website.
New Bus Terminals in Pattaya and Jomtien
A new bus terminal on Sukhumvit Road, a few meter in front of the Sukhumvit / Central Road intersection, provides Pattaya's connetions to Ubon Ratchathani, Phitsanulok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and some other destinations.
For more information please check the Website.
New Bus Terminals in Pattaya and Jomtien
Also on Sukhumvit Road and just on the other side of the street is Nakhongchai's new bus terminal with bus connetions to Loei, Chaiyaphum, Dankhun Thot and a few other destinations.
For more information please check the Website.
New Bus Terminals in Pattaya and Jomtien
The Yellow Bus to Mukdahan starts as usual at Pattaya's well-known bus terminal on North Road, but on its way back to Pattaya it stops at a new terminal at the Shell gasoline station on Sukhumvit Road, just in front of Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, but not at the bus terminal on North Road.
New Bus Terminals in Pattaya and Jomtien
Pattaya's best terminal:
It connects Pattaya with its Beach.
The world's best destination for all people searching the perfect sunburn.
Coming soon to Walking Street
New A-Go-Gos hit Walking Street
Coming soon to Walking Street
Cozy A-Go-Go, one of Pattaya's smallest A-Go-Go, opens below Polo Entertainment's expensive Galaxy Club.
Coming soon to Walking Street
On the second floor of CandyShop's open air dancing a Go-Go Club called The Pleasure Dome will replace the failed Hammer Disco.
Thailand's biggest adult playground with 100's of girls...
Opened October 1st 2009
The Iron Club with its 'exclusive wild girls' is the successor of Republica, one of Walking Street's failed dancing clubs.
The Iron Club opened on October 1st 2009.
Coming soon to Walking Street
A restaurant serving western food is replacing the bar at the corner to Soi BJ, opposite of New Living Dolls One.
The same people that made the Casnovy A Go-Go a success are in charge of the new venue.
The building is known as the House of Pain. It got its name from the Tatoo shop on its second floor and not from the bar and its ladies.
Coming soon to Walking Street
Molly Malone on Walking Street is history too. The irish pub makes space for the Baccara A-Go-Go club featuring a 'see through' glass floor. If you should got a cricked neck - a drug store is just across the street.
Coming soon to Walking Street
The shops to the left of the open air restaurant, formerly known as Angels A-GoGo - and later a failed Indian Restaurant - will be transformed into an exclusive leather goods shop selling shoes and bags.
Coming soon to Walking Street
Coming soon to Soi Diamond
Club Mirage on Soi Diamond reopened on October 23rd 2009 with a new management, but featuring the same format as before.
Parking Street
Parking Street
Walking Street: During the day a Parking Street. Since the 'genial' introduction of 'even - odd day parking' by Pattaya's Traffic Inspector Lt. Col. Pijet Sangsong the drivers park their cars in two rows. TiP (This is Pattaya)!
Sleeping Street
Walking Street: The Sleeping Street
Walking Street: The perfect Sleeping Street...
Soi Yamato
New Hotel on Soi Yamato
Westerly Hill House Soi Yamato
A small - but beautiful - hotel opened on Soi Yamato: Westerly Hill House.
Soon History?
The 'End' of Copycat Products in Thailand!?
The 'End' of Copycat Products in Thailand?
Deputy Commerce Minister Alongkorn Ponlaboot announced the ministry will soon propose amendments to the Trademark Act and Copyright Act.
Under the new draft, users and processors of counterfeit goods including computer software, music and movies would be subject to a fine of not more than 1,000 baht, while commercial-building lessors, owners and landlords would face fines ranging from 30,000 baht to 300,000 baht.
The penalty would also cover website owners operating or providing e-commerce services for pirated goods.
But what do you miss? - Correct! No source mentioned any penalties for producers and distributors of copycat products...
Thailand is on an US special watch list of nations that have failed to crack down on copyright and patent violations.
Update: Thailand's Cabinet has rejected the bill for fear that police would try to arrest only buyers instead of sellers of pirated products.
Furious Pattaya
Furious Pattaya
Typhoon Ketsana did plenty of damage to Pattaya's coastline. Dive shops had to suspend services for two days. The storm smashed a few Walking Street restaurants, at least nine passenger boats as well as a few smaller boats sunked at Pattaya Bay.
Jomtien - the Expensive Side of Pattaya
Jomtien - the Expensive Side Of Pattaya.
During the last two weeks of September, we made some tests in Jomtien and the result speaks for itself:
Most Restaurants in Jomtien are more expensive than their counterparts in Pattaya.
Most Internet Cafés in Jomtien ask 60 Baht/hour, in Pattaya internet connections usually cost between 20 and 30 Baht/hour only.
Haidressers in Jomtien working for about twice the rates of Pattaya.
Jomtien has a much larger beach than Pattaya, but it also features a lot more Beach Vendors than Pattaya. Jomtien's beach isn't a place to relax.
Jomtien doesn't have a shopping center in the neighbourhood of its beach and the hotels. Jomtien's shopping centers are located at Sukhumvit Road.
Without a vehicle you can't visit them.
Even the cheaper hotels in Jomtien are more expensive than in Pattaya.
Official Scam
Thailand's plus is a skilled work force...
Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled work force...
Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled work force...
The 'perfect' installation of halogen lamps by Thailand's skilled work force at a Gelati outlet on Walking Street.
Sign made by Thailand's skilled work force, put into service about 2 months ago, but already out of order.
Never believe any words of a politician:
According to Chonburi's Senator Surachai Chaitrakulthong Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled work force...
It seems that Chonburi's Senator has a very big fantasy - or is speaking about his dreams.
Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled work force...
A member of 'Thailand's skilled work force' installed this shiner 'the professional way' at Bali Hai's Clock Tower: Where is 'Safety first'?
Help for Owners of Platinum Motorcycles
Platinum Motorcycles now at Thepprasit Road
New Address
The bad news: A few month ago the Farang Manager closed his Platinum Motorcycle Shop on Pattaya Third Road (opposite of X-zyte Disco), opened his new 'Dine for 99 Baht' restaurant on Soi Diana Inn and let his motorcycle customers in pouring rain.
The good news: A few weeks ago a new Platinum Showroom opened on Thepprasit Road, about 1km in front of the Thepprasit/Thappraya intersection. Platinum also runs a repair shop at the same address.
New Fun starts with Trouble
Stupid: Advertisements with 'Hitler Gruss'...
New Fun
Louis Tussaud's Waxworks will open this month at Pattaya's Royal Garden Plaza, but its advertisements show the very bad taste of its publicity agency:
On the way to Pattaya Hitler is saluting Pattaya visitors.
Update: After complaints from the Israeli and German ambassadors and about 100 complaints from 'ordinary' people the waxworks museum in Pattaya has covered up the giant billboard of Adolf Hitler.
Change of Name?
Change of Name?
Since a few days advertisements in Pattaya do not mention Bali Hai Pier any more, the ads are using the term Pattaya Port instead.
Reason unknown - but perhaps just another stupidity from City Hall or Thailand's Tourism Authority.
Clock Tower
Thai Time: 24 hours the same time...
Thai Time: 24 hours the same time...
Clock watchers are everywhere in Pattaya, not only at Pattaya's police force...
Clock Watcher
Clock Watcher
Pattaya's police officers:
Bunched clock watchers.
Police Superintendent Col. Sarayut Sa-nguanpokai
Silly PitPit says
Women need a reason for enjoying sex. In Pattaya the stimulus is money.
I am organic.

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The Looser
United States of America loosed the war in Vietnam.
United States of America not succeeded in Irak.
United States of America are on the way to loose in Afghanistan.
When they will ever learn?
Military interventions never solved problems.
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