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January 2010
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Happy New Year
Happy New Year
A Happy New Year to all Friends and Visitors of Pattaya-at-Night! We will do our best to keep you smiling whole the year.

Thai i-Phone!?
Thai i-Phone
At Tukom, South Pattaya, boothes are selling a Thai i-Phone for 2'990 Baht only.
The cases on show bear Apple's original apple.
The box shows a mTm (modern Technology mobile) logo.
On the internet the phone appears without the apple...

Not this time!
After showing its muscles on Monday January 25th 2010 by driving 22 armoured vehicles through the streets of Bangkok Thailand's military said 'there is no coup - not this time'.
However, many Thais now feel it is difficult to believe military leaders.
There are rumours about tensions in the army.

Thai Politics
Thailand's current government, which assumed office under unusual circumstances, is trying to criminalise its opponents, the supporters of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra with all kind of false reports & ridiculous presumptions.

Electric Blue
Electric Blue
Electric Blue, a failed venue on Soi Diamond, is on the block.

Bye Bye Europe
Bye Bye Europe
Tony's Europa Club on Soi 16 closed, but its Fitness Club at the same address remains open, I was told.

Tramp's Showbar, a former A-Go-Go club above Windmill on Soi Diamond, is looking for dancers and is ready to pay up to 17'000 Baht for show girls.
Therefore it is likely that a tramp is trying to bring back the past into a new and successful future.

Paradise reopened
Paradise, the A-Go-Go club on Soi Buakhaow, reopened again.
The venue closed during the first few days of November 2009, but reopend a few days later to celebrate its 10th anniversary. During the first week of January the club closed again. Neighbours told me on January 11th, they think this time it's unlikely that the venue will reopen again - nevertheless it did, but the question remains: For how long?

The comeback
of Fantasy...
Tries to reopen.

A&W got it!
A&W got it!
At A&W, CentralFestival's new fastfood outlet, you can order a breakfast during whole the day and not only until 11:00 as at McDonald's & Co.

New Attraction?
New Attraction?
Goodfellas on Walking Street is searching Coyotes as service girls. For attractive and good looking ladies the venue will pay between 10'000 & 30'000 (!) Baht a month.

Hospital closed
Hospital closed
Hospital, the newly opend disco on Walking Street, already closed.

Show Stage
Show Stage
The renovated and improved stairs to the exclusive Galaxy and Lady's Shadow clubs are now an attractive show stage for the dancers.

Limmatquai 80 closed
Limmatquai 80 closed
Limmatquai 80 on Soi Diamond, Pattaya's first Lady Boy A-Go-Go bar, closed. It was named after a similar venue in Zürich (Switzerland). Limmatquai and the Niederdorf are Zürich's "Walking Street".

Wasting power
No end of waste
After a few days of 'holidays', the luminous and sometimes irritating advertisement display at the entry to Walking Street is back and lights up Beach Road with full power.

Betty Boup reopend
Betty Boup the popular A-Go-Go club on Soi 6, reopened on January 11th, 2010.

Tesco/Lotus seems to have a real logistic problem: During our recent visits of the 2 main stores the company runs in Pattaya we discovered every time a few products marked with the wrong price.
In most cases the products 'cost less' on the shelf than on the checkout.
The difference can be up to the double of the marked price!
But sometimes you also get a positive surprise:
We discovered a DVD player marked with a pricetag of 1'990 Baht, but the price at the cashier was 1'890 Baht only.
We advice to use Tesco/Lotus' own checkpoints before you buy any goods at their shops.

Protecting Thai People
Thailand's Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said he was deeply concerned about the social problems the idea of an online lottery could cause.
He said the scheme would lead to an increase in gambling and it would be difficult to prevent young people from indulging in the practice.
I will find a way to cancel the online lottery, Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva said.
The online lottery was initiated by the Thaksin Shinawatra administration to tackle the problem of ticket overpricing and illegal underground betting.
The influent people running the (illegal) underground lotteries can start their parties...

Lights shut down
Lights shut down
Despite the icy times in China, Korea, Europe and other parts of our world, snow and ice are missing Pattaya and SnowIce A-Go-Go on Walking Street. Therefore the venue shut down its lights, at least for the moment.
The management also removed the small stages at the entry to Nok's Bar Complex.
Nevertheless: There is a guarded hope that a new Glacial will replace Global Warming...

Fish Spa
Fish Spa
Share your body with the excrements of hundreds of innocent fishes and the bacteriums of your predecessors.
Hygiene at its best.

Good News
Good News
Good News for all drivers of Platinum motorcycles. The well-known JRD sales point on Pattaya's 3rd Road, about 100 meters from Central Road, not only started selling Platinum motorcycles, its service department is ready for all service and repair works on Platinum motorbikes too.
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End of Month News
Dine for 99 changes the format
Dine for 99 changes the format!
Dine for 99 changes the format!
Dine for 99 Baht at the Renaissance Hotel on Soi Diana changes its format and gets another outlet for Pizzas (and more).
Dine for 99 opened during August 2009 and changed its menus daily.
It seems that the 99 Baht breakfast, introduced in November 2009, remains on the table.

Coyote Club on 2nd Road closed!
Second Road's Fall in Love coyote club closed.
The club was known first as Bad Cat Club.
Fall in Love

The Tramps are Back in Town!
The Tramps are Back in Town!
Tramps A Go-Go Bar reopened on Soi Diamond on Friday January 29th 2010.
Tramps Bar is located on the second floor of the famous Windmill Club and promises new sexy girls on a daily basis. Check it out!
The venue was closed since May 2008. It was known as Tramps Showbar.

Tony's Powerstation
Tony's closed the Europa Club on Soi 16, but reopened the fitness club at the same address as a GYM & SPA Powerstation!
Tony's introduced new (higher prices) for using its fitness clubs:
A single visit costs now 220 Baht.
A 1 month ticket costs 3'499 Baht and the 3 month ticket 4'499 Baht.
A 1 year membership is 7'999 Baht.
A lifetime membership costs 28'000 Baht.
Tony's Powerstation

Ice is on the Block
Ice is on the Block
Ice, the former Coyote Club on Soi LK Metro and its Guesthouse are on the block.
The venue was also known as Memories and later as Memories A Go-Go.

Pattaya's Police collected its monthly allowance
On Thursday, January 28th 2010 Pattaya Police visited the Pattaya Beach Promenade with 3 cars and arrested a bunch of 'innocent' Thai ladies using the Beach Road to study the different types of Farangs. At the Police Station the ladies had to present their identity cards and pay the usual 200 Baht for the uncomfortable ride on a police car.
Same procedure as almost every month...
As Predicted
Stupid Ideas don't work in Pattaya!
Stupid Ideas don't work in Pattaya!
We made this picture on January 25th 2010 at about 21:45 and it shows that Pattaya's road users simply ignore the 'odd and even dates' parking regulation on Pattaya's South Road. The stupid idea was launched by Pattaya Police Traffic Chief Police Lieutenant Colonel Piset Saengsong. He should know that 'odd and even dates' systems failed everywhere in the world - Pattaya is no exception.
New Sign
New Sign
The Iron Club on Walking Street installed a new impressive sign board for its exclusive and sometimes really wild girls.
New Signs too
Fantasy comes back
Fantasy on Walking Street on the way back to life:
The A Go-Go already installed a new sign including guideposts at the entry to the New Simon's Bar Complex.
New too: Da Giulio & Nan
<!-- Da Giulio & Nan
On Pattaya's 2nd Road, about 50 meters from South Pattaya Road, Giulio & Nan opened a new Italian Restaurant. They promise authentic Italian and Thai food.
Cowboy Music Carnival 2010
The festival happened from January 21st until January 24th 2010. Unfortunately heavy rain affected an otherwise successful event. Nevertheless, we saw a lot of happy faces and we all hope the festival will have a comeback next year.
Cowboy Carnival
How times change: In my younger days the cowboys prefered to drink Tennessee Whiskey, but today, it seems, they have to be happy with a bottle (or a can) of Beer Chang.
Rain interrupted the Cowboy Music Carnival
Rain interrupted the Cowboy Music Carnival not only during its first night.
Good Music
No rain - but a lot of beer.
Good Music
A good singer with a pleasant voice.
Lonely Cameraman
A lonely but beautiful 'cameraman' recorded whole the show.
Horse riding
Horse riding was popular among children and sexy ladies.
Pattaya Sky Train
Pattaya Sky Train
According to consultants hired to study a proposed Sky Train system, more than 75 percent of Thai people and 71% of foreign residents and tourists support the idea. The consultants hired by the city have conceived a 71 km and a 73.5 km long train network, but neither would be built until a pilot rail system of about 6 km proves its feasibility.
Our picture shows the projected Beach Road Station in front of Mike Shopping Mall. The station will replace the observation platform at the beach, but not the trees. In the background you see the new Holiday Inn Hotel.
Riding along the beach will provide a beautiful panorama over the sea, its speedboats, the bikini girls and the trash.
Travelling in and around Pattaya will not only be a lot more expensive, but also less comfortable. The trains don't will stop at Soi 6, Soi 7, Soi 8 or at your desired destination, but at Tesco/Lotus, BigC, Carrefour, CentralFestival, Mike Shopping Mall, Royal Garden Plaza and Bali Hai.
There are no plans to install sidewalks between the train stations or to improve existing ones. Perhaps each station will have a few parking lots for Baht Busses and/or Motorcycle Taxis.
One of my neighbours, a bus driver, came up with the great idea to organize sightseeing bus tours to the new train stations.
Therefore Pattaya's streets will be as congested as before, perhaps even more...
Never believe a study (or a picture), if you didn't create or manipulate it yourself.
Polo is out!
Polo is out!
Polo Entertainment on Walking Street changed its name to Absolute Entertainment and added a new, immense advertisement to the street.
Please note the additional e in the new name...
Dreams come true...
... or not!
Dreams come true...
Siren Square, the place above Pattaya Beer Garden and at the entry to Walking Street, is scheduled to (re)open during April 2010. If you have some odd money in your pocket, take your chance! Or play in Cambodia, Macau and Las Vegas.
All about German Sausages
If you like German Sausages you should read this beautiful and informative WebSite.
Unfortunately, the Bavarian Sausage Company isn't located in Pattaya - but in Phuket.
They tell you all about Frankfurter-, Nürnberger-, Bierbeisser- and Thüringer-Sausages as well as the Weisswurst and the Leberkäs - they even list the ingredients.
Pattaya Countdown Beauties
Pattaya Countdown Beauties 2010
Failed Start into the New Year
Failed Start
For Marine Disco, Peppermint and The Doll House A-Go-Gos the new year started with a blackout. Just at midnight a short-circuit shut down the power. It was a normal blackout and not initiated by a bad ghost.
700'000 people attended the Pattaya Countdown
700'000 people attended the Pattaya Countdown
According to City Hall about 700'000 people attended the Pattaya Coundown 2010 and its concerts at the Bali Hai Pier. A new record.
700'000 people attended the Pattaya Countdown
Next year, on December 31, the police should close the Beach Road for traffic - for the safety and the fun of Pattaya's visitors.
On December 31 2009, many Baht Busses cruised completely overloaded on Pattaya's main streets. Dangerous for all, for the passengers as well as the other road users.
Thai Roulettes
Thai Roulettes
According to the Thai law every kind of gaming is prohibited. Nevertheless, at markets and other events Thais like to play this simplified version of roulettes. They are playing for watches, beer, whiskey, toys and (cheap) jewellery - and the police is looking on - or is playing too!
Beer Garden Beer
Beer Garden Beer
We like Copy Cats!
Pattaya Beer Garden, the successful copy of Bangkok's Beer Garden.
Beer Garden Pattaya, the German Beer Garden on Soi 9, off Sukhumvit Road.
Garden Beer Bar, the Belgian version on Soi X-Zyte, off 3rd Road, but also accessible using Soi Buakhaow.
We are just waiting for the genius opening a Pattaya Garden Bar Beer...
Miss U.S.S.R. on Walking Street
Miss Walking Street is Miss U.S.S.R.
Miss Walking Street is Miss U.S.S.R.
'Miss' Walking Street is now posing as 'Miss' U.S.S.R. and gets new fans from all over the world. I know her for a few years now, but she never gets older. For some people at least, Walking Street must be a very healthy street.
Stereo for your Eyes
Stereo for your Eyes
Since the opening of Lady's Shadow on Walking Street you can watch white skinned ladies dancing in glass boxes on the left as well as on the right side of Polo Entertainment's building. A nightly highlight for most tourists from Asian and Arab countries - including almost all Thais. Update: At the middle of January 2010 Polo Entertainment changed its name to Absolute Entertainment.
Cages for the Beasts
Cages for the Beasts
Lady's Shadow, the new A-GoGo club on Walking Street, had to install cages for their ladies. We are just checking if the cages have to provide security for the ladies or the visitors of the venue.
The Wondrous Mutation of Pattaya's Mayor
Do you remember Itthiphol Kunplome's election campaign? He promised to eradicate Pattaya's Nightlife.
It seems our Mayor forget his promises.
During the official opening of Lady's Shadow he hold the opening speak and wished the managers of the venue prosperity for their new A-Go-Go Club presenting solely imported white skinned ladies from all over Europe...
New Minimum Wages
Thailand's Cabinet approves new Daily Wages.
New Minimum Wages
Thailand's cabinet was generous and raised the minimum daily wage for workers in 71 provinces by 1-8 baht.
The new minimum daily wage will be 206 baht a day for Bangkok and Samut, 204 baht for Phuket, 184 baht for Saraburi, 181 baht for Ayutthaya, 178 baht for Rayong, 171 baht for Chiang Mai, 157 baht for Khon Kaen and 151 baht in Nan, Phayao and Phrae.
The minimum daily wage remain unchanged in Mae Hong Son, Sukhothai, Chiang Rai, Petchabun and Uthai Thani, but it is likely that the daily wage in these five provinces would be raised later by one (!) baht, the cabinet said.
BigC, Carrefour, Makro and Tesco/Lotus pay beween 6'000 and 7'000 Baht, the ladies selling goods at the small boothes in Pattaya's shopping centers get 4'500 Baht a month plus 1% of their turnover. Thais working for Russian agencies get about 8'000 Baht/month.
Good Bye Mama!
Good Bye Mama!
Mama, the well-known and popular Swiss restaurant in the Swiss part of Soi Diamond, off Pratamnak Road, closed its door and is on the block.
Call 089-561-4397 if you are interested.
Good Bye Mama!
CES 2010 Las Vegas
Big brother is watching you in 3D!
Big brother is watching you in 3D!
During the world's largest Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas Sony, Panasonic & Co. launched 3D Television. According to the producers the next big gadget you must have.
Big brother is watching you in 3D!
Imagine all that lovely ladies in Pattaya's shops wearing this big but uncomfortable eyeglasses to fellow the latest 3D movies...
Save the Earth
Save the Earth: Replant the Planet.
Re-plant the Planet.
Good Guys go to Heaven - bad Guys go to Pattaya.
But where is Heaven?
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When is ...
... High Season?
High Season
High Season is when tourists are driving heavy motorcycles on one way streets, preferably in the wrong direction, and try to teach Thai drivers that Pattaya's Sois, no matter how small, are the perfect racing circuits.
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