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December 2009
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Air Port A Go-Go
Air Port A Go-Go
Air Port A Go-Go on Walking Street announces its very own 'Sexy Airline'. Fortunately the new airline didn't got a Clearance for Take Off, therefore it has to remain in Pattaya...

Jail for all
drunken drivers
Jail for all drunken drivers
Road accidents over the New Year period tend to be more than double normal times, therefore representatives of the police, the courts and the high profile Don't Drive Drunk Foundation agreed to jail motorists driving while drunk over the New Year period, with no chance of a suspended sentence.

Messy Holidays
Red shirted Thai citizen announced new nation wide protests for December 27th and 28th 2009 to oust its current government, a military-crafted puppet regime.
Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, who assumed office under unusual circumstances a year ago, already had to cancel a planned visit to the North of Thailand. Chiang Mai's citizen weren't in the mood to welcome their unelected Premier.

Santa Claus arrived
Santa Claus arrived
Santa Claus arrived in Pattaya.

The official distributor of Puma on Naklua Road used the holidays to sell its inventory (clothes & shoes) with large discounts.

Crackdown announced
Thailand's government will be pressing ahead with its crackdown on counterfeit products during the New Year period.
The crackdown will happen at Klong Thom market, Saphan Lek, Ban Mor, Pantip Plaza, MBK, on Patpong and on Silom Roads and Sukhumvit Road from Soi 3 to Soi 19 in Bangkok as well as in Chiang Mai, Phuket, Surat Thani, Chon Buri, Songkhla, Krabi and Prachuap Khiri Khan.
We do not have any information if Pattaya Police will join the crackdown and will look out for fake goods at Mike Department Store (also known as Mike Plaza), Mike Shopping Mall, Tukcom or other well-known intellectual property violation places.
Read also 'Empty Words' elsewhere on this page.

Fish & Chip
Fish & Chip
From Intel® or AMD®?

Baccara open
Baccara, the new A-Go-Go on Walking Street first should open on December 15th, then it was rescheduled to the 16th, later I was informed, the club will open on December 18th.
This is Thailand!
On December 17th at 16:00 the people at Baccara told me, the club will open definitely on December 18th. At about 20:00 a girlfriend phoned me, the club prepares to open tonight. At 20:29 I shoot the photos and the bar made its latest sound checks. A few minutes later Baccara announced Draft Beer 59 Baht!

Soho Square
announces big News!
Soho Square announces that a venue called Planet Rock will open during next year.
We do not have any information if the new club will replace Utopia's Rock Lounge or will be a completely new venue.

No - or new - Illusion
No Illusion
Illusion, a struggling A-Go-Go with entries on Soi 14 & Soi 15, didn't show any activities on December 16th. The venue's doors were closed and the lights down. On December 17th Illusion was open (for new dreams?) and fully working.

Snow & Ice at Nok
Snow & Ice at Nok
SnowIce, the new A-Go-Go at Nok's Beer Bar Complex, got its own sign, nevertheless, the door remains closed...

No Pleasure this year
No Pleasure
The Pleasure Dome was scheduled to open on December 10th, but it is still closed and the ceiling is still missing. If they ever will open, then not this year - perhaps next year or so, a neighbour told me.
Coming soon doesn't have the same meaning in Thailand...

New Shopping Paradise
Makro Cash & Carry opened on December 16th 2009 on Sukhumvit Road, South Pattaya.
As long as you don't have a Makro membercard the prices for their goods are comparable to what you have to pay at BigC, Carrefour or Tesco/Lotus.
Even with a membercard some products don't get any discounts (e.g. diary products etc).
But buying at Makro is a whole new experience (for Pattaya):
Makro doesn't pack the goods into plastic bags. You have to bring along your own bag(s) - or backpack(s).
If you bought to much:
Just in front of Makro is a (second-hand) car dealer. And if you want to see lively seafood, Underwater World is a few meters in front of the two 'shophouses'.

White Skin
White Skin
The new Lady's Shadow Club at the Polo Entertainment Complex on Pattaya's Walking Street opened on December 20th 2009 with white skinned dancers from all over Europe and expensive drinks.

Remove that Government!
December 10th 2009: Over 1 million red shirted Thai citizen are on Bangkok streets and are demanding the removal of the Thai government.
The current government was introduced (and is supported) by the Thai Military in a 'silent coup'.
Thai Airways International has filed a civil suit against 36 people, including acting Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya, demanding 575 million baht in damages for the (yellow shirted) People's Alliance for Democracy's (PAD) blockades of Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports from November 24th to December 3rd last year.

News from the Fastfood Corner
Burger King is now offering breakfast menues for early birds from 07:00 until 11:00.
At its Royal Garden outlet McDonald's installed a Singha Light Beer Bar: McSingha?
KFC and A&W both are offering Thai style menues with chicken and rice. The ones from KFC are really spicy, even if you order them without chilli. I like them, but for most of my western friends they are too hot!
The 'spicy' menues from A&W seem to be designed for westeners and not for Thais. They aren't really hot.

French Kebab?
French Kebab?
The French Bistro on Walking Street is now selling Kebab too!

In the Woods
Despite all his denials, Tiger Woods, the world-famous golfer, seems to be a real Thai man (his mother is a Thai): He prefered to spend his time with (16!) mia nois.
Golf seems to be a good replacement for Viagra...

New Netbooks
On January 11th 2010 all major PC manufacturer will launch their latest Netbooks using Intel's new Atom N450 processor.
Netbooks running on Intel's N280 (or lower) should significantly drop in price.
In addition to its Atom N450, Intel will launch an upgraded Atom N470 CPU during March 2010.

From Switzerland
to England
on Soi Buakhaow!
La Swiss Olé on Soi Buakhaow is now in English hands. The bar also changed the name to Save the Golly.

Almost every evening this lovely cat is 'selling' lighters on Pattaya's Beach Road.

New Format
New Format
Hottie's Club at Smile's Avenue, opposite of Mike Shopping Mall on Pattaya's Second Road, changed its format and its name: Hottie's A-Go-Go.

Wax Works
Wax Works
Louis Tussaud's Wax Works is open now and is waiting for customers - as everybody else in Pattaya too...

Global Warming?
Seven districts in Mae Hong Son (Thailand) have been declared as disaster-hit areas. More than 138'200 people in 44 tambons are suffering from severe cold weather.
Keep in mind:
Global Warming®™ is big business and not a reality - but Climate Change is a reality - since many millions of years.

on Walking Street
Comeback on Walking Street
The Turkish Ice Cream Show, last years crowd puller, is back on Walking Street.
In addition to last year's inventor, Don Joe's Restaurante Italiano, King Sea Food presents an Ice Cream Show too.
Comeback on Walking Street
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Pattaya News Flash December 2009
NightWalker's News
from Pattaya, the only City with daily Festivals & Fireworks.
Amazing Pattaya - Amazing Countdown
City Hall's Last Minute Announcements
Our City is famous for its last minute announcements. The lastest incident: About a month ago City Hall informed the people of Pattaya that this year the popular Pattaya Countdown will happen during 5 days only, from December 27 to December 31. Last week the very same City Hall told its audience that Pattaya Countdown will starts December 25th 2009, the same procedure as all the years before.
Pattaya Countdown happens at Bali Hai Pier and is a big party with free concerts and a nightly firework, if City Hall doesn't change its mind again...
Pattaya Countdown 2010
Pattaya Countdown 2010
Pattaya Countdown 2010 at Bali Hai Pier will be another success for its main sponsors, Beer Chang and TOT (Telecom of Thailand).
Every evening from 20:20 - 20:30 there will be a great firework at the Pier, but on December 31st, the firework will happen from 23:45 until 00:15.
Countdown Stage
Concerts usually start at 22:00 and end at 24:00, but on December 31 concerts start at 21:15 and run until the early morning hours. The following artists will be on stage:
December 25
December 26
December 27
December 28
December 29
December 30
Tik Shiro
Pek Palichoke
The Star 4
Chin Chninawut
from 23:00
from 23:00
from 23:00
from 23:00
from 23:00
from 23:00
Da Endorphine
Ruj Suparuj
December 31
So Cool, Buddha Bless, The Star 5, Bodyslam, Hangman
We are in Thailand, therefore times can vary significantly.
On December 25th, GMM media, the 'exploiter' of the artists, presented in front of Tik Shiro a previously not announced artist, one of its many 'singers' that neither know to sing nor to dance. His performance was a threat for the eyes and the ears of a great part of the audience.
Nevertheless, Tik Shiro's show was the highlight of the evening (and the whole event). Tik simply is Thailand's best entertainer. A friend told me, 'don't forget to mention that Tik Shiro is Thailand's Sammy Davis Jr. - but he is not a copy of Sammy Davis Jr. He is even better'.
According to Pattaya's Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome, Modern Nine TV, in Thailand also known as Channel 9, is broadcasting the event into 17 countries.
Pattaya Countdown 2010
Intellectual Property Violation
Is Obama violating NightWalker's Intellectual Property?
Just when I heard that Delta Airlines landed in Detroit with an alleged terrorist on board I tipped in my computer ' How it is possible that a man packed with explosives can pass the security checks in Amsterdam'?
A few days later, on December 27th, US President Barack Obama asked exactly the same question - my question.
Who is the owner of this question? Mr. Obama or Nobody NightWalker?
To whom the authorities from Amsterdam's airport have to answer - to Mr. Obama or Nobody NightWalker?
Is the question in question the property of NightWalker or of Mr. Obama?
You see - that is just the dilemma every single policeman in Pattaya face, when he gets the order to capture the distributer of an alleged copycat product!
What was first on the market, the alleged copy or the so-called original, the Thai-shirt or the T-shirt, the watch or the (S)watch and who is the person behind the product in question? Who is helping the police to do their duties and spends the whisky for their parties, the faceless company in Paris speaking a gibberish language or the influent people here in Thailand that not only have good words, but understand the problems and the dreams of every single policeman?
Therefore Pattaya's police arrests the small fishes only - the poor ones without any lawyer - and let the big ones do their business unmolested...
Despite the announced crackdowns nothing will really happen. You can buy all that copycat products today as well as in the future. Thailand's Police is a lot more clever than America's stupid Intelligence and Amsterdam's inattentively security staff ...
Thailand's Obama is selling Blended Spirits
Prost - Amazing Thailand
Latest Rumor
UN, GreenPeace and Pattaya are changing their Strategy
After the failure of their Global Warming talks GreenPeace and the UnitedNations decided to change their strategy.
'The recent influx of severe cold all over the world shows that our prediction of a global warming was wrong. We know believe that a new glacial, as already announced worldwide by almost all powerful journalists during the 60's, will be the new threat to our world'.
'Global Warming or Global Glacial, it doesn't matter, the main thing is to be up there in the medias, keep our leaders traveling around the world and keep the money from our sponsors flowing into our pockets', spokesmen and -women from the organisations said.
Our beloved Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome immediatly announced during a press conference 'Pattaya is ready for the latest challenge. If necessary, Pattaya will be the No. 1 destination for all skiers. A few years ago Royal Cliff Resort already proved during its New Year festivities the possibility to bring snow to Pattaya'.
'Instead of introducing Sky- and Cable-Trains to Pattaya, as announced earlier, I will bring real snow into the city. Snow on Pattaya's Beach Road will solve all our traffic problems and will stop all traffic jams caused by tourist busses. Snow in Pattaya will solve all our problems and will stop Pattaya's ladies wearing their sexy clothes on Beach Promenade. With snow we will be the perfect destination for all families of this world. Snow simply is beautiful!' our Mayor said.
Pattaya is always on top of the pack, Amari Nova Suites already opened their -5º Bar on Soi Sukrudee (Soi A.R.), sometimes also called Soi Petchtrakool, we have down to -20º at the V2O Bar on Soi Happy, off Walking Street, Nok's Beer Bar Complex on Walking Street is already covered by (artificial) snow and - I was told - the SnowIce A-Go-Go at Nok's will reopen as soon as the real snow comes to Pattaya...
Food & Fair at Soho Square
Food & Fair at Soho Square
From December 28th 2009 until January 3rd 2010 Soho Square staged a Food & Fair Festival with a lot of dart games, but their advertisements used a new term...
Soho Square's Food & Fair Fastival.
Teazers opens on Walking Street
Teazers opens on Walking Street
Teazers, the new Coyote club in front of New Living Dolls One A-Go-Go, opened its door and presents Walking Street's most beautiful manikins in its windows.
Teazers opens on Walking Street
Enlarged Rolling Stone
Enlarged Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone 2, the popular live music bar, enlarged its venue on Soi 16, off Walking Street. The bar always has a bunch of nice Thai ladies and good music.
Best of E-Sarn 2009
Best of E-Sarn 2009
The 3-day festival started with a parade on Pattaya 2nd Road to the fairground near the Tropicana Hotel, a few meters from Soi 6. The festival itself was announced by Pattaya City Hall on December 9th (!) 2009, but the people forget to mention the parade. E-Sarn 2009 happened from December 18th to December 20th and presented 'authentic' E-Sarn food (including Sushi, french fries & Döner Kebab), concerts, the making of Thai Silk as well as a lot of other goods (e.g. 'original' CK Perfume) and toys, mainly imported from neighbour China...
Best of E-Sarn 2009 Pattaya
Best of E-Sarn 2009 Pattaya
The festival was a big success and confirmed the fact that Pattaya is an enclave of the E-Sarn (also known as Isarn).
The festival was also a must for all 'Surround Sound' fans: Contemporaneously concerts on two stages, piped music and announcements from most boothes - and all that lovely ladies on their phones...
Best of E-Sarn 2009 Pattaya
Best of E-Sarn 2009 Pattaya
Best of E-Sarn 2009 Pattaya
Best of E-Sarn 2009 Pattaya
New Vodka Outlet
New Vodka Outlet
The small shop near Marine Disco, a popular beer selling and Walking Street onlookers place, apparently gets transformed into another Vodka outlet.
Christmas on Soi Diamond
Christmas on Soi Diamond
The Tiger/Shark Club and its ladies are 'in the mood for Christmas'.
New Hospital on Walking Street
New Hospital on Walking Street
On December 10th the announced HSPTL Club opened under its full name as Hospital Club. It's a discotheque with some Coyote dancers on the second floor of the King Café on Pattaya's Walking Street.
New Irish Pub in Pattaya
New Irish Pub in Pattaya
Dicey Reilly's at the Marriot Hotel on Second Road already opened and is advertising to have Pattaya's Best Beers, Best Music and Best Food. Check it out!
Amazing Seafood
Amazing Seafood
Amazing SeafoodDuring the Great SeafoodFestival at CentralFestival some boothes sold chicken, pork and duck - probably raised in seawater...
The SeafoodFestival happened from December 8th to December 13th 2009 and attracted a lot of people.
Seafood Festival
Wind and Solar Power not suitable for Thailand
- but Chinese Nuclear Power is, says Egat...
According to Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand's existing power development plan, Egat would build two nuclear power plants from China's Guangdong Nuclear Power Group with a total capacity of 1,000 megawatts to begin operating in 2021 and 2022. Five potential locations have been selected and a final decision will be made in the middle of next year.
Solar Power is not suitable for Thailand because its power is available during daytimes only, Wind Power isn't an opportunity for Thailand, because wind is available in Thailand during night-times only, Egat's experts say.
Climate change is a major factor that makes nuclear power attractive since a nuclear power plant has zero carbon emissions, Egat's outgoing governor Sombat Sarntijaree says. It seems he never did hear anything about nuclear waste and its disposal problems...
To avoid any riks you should book your Thailand holidays before the year 2021...
Pattaya Beach Steak House
Pattaya Beach Steak House
Pattaya: World's best destination for all people searching the perfect sunburn.
At least until snow and 'Global Glacial' is reaching Pattaya...
Making Movies the Professional Way
Making Movies the Professional Way
Making Movies the Professional Way
Film Crew?
A trainee is looking on too...
During the night from December 2nd to December 3rd 2009 a filmcrew from Thailand's TV Channel 7 was shooting scenes for a movie, first between the P72 Bar and Lucifer's Disco on Walking Street, later in front of Royal Garden Plaza, Pattaya's famous shopping center on Beach Road.
Making Movies the Professional Way
Making Movies the Professional Way
TimeOut Reopens on Walking Street
TimeOut Reopens on Walking Street
TimeOut's popular Ice Cream outlet on Walking Street reopened after a successful renovation - and its lovely comic figures are back on the street too.
Timeout broadcasts Walking Street's life live on its website - right into your or your girlfriends home and on the computer displays of your wife, your employer, your co-workers and all your other enemies...
TimeOut Reopens on Walking Street
Expensive Street Vendors
Expensive Street Vendors on Pattaya Beach Road.
Expensive Street Vendors on Pattaya Beach Road
This digital photoframe is on sale every evening at boothes on Pattaya Beach Road for 3'990 Baht. The vendors call it 'a bargain'. It is not!
You can get the very same photoframe for 1'990 Baht only at every ThaiWay Products booth. The company, also known as Eye-On, runs boothes in most major shopping malls.
The same street vendors sell portable DVD players for 2'990 Baht. The players (without LCD displays) aren't worth more than 1'500 Baht.
Empty Words
Copycat Products are Everywhere!
Copycat Products are everywhere!
A few month ago Thailand announced nationwide crackdowns on pirated goods, nevertheless you can buy 'Original Copycat Products' of all major brands almost everywhere in Pattaya, at markets, street vendor boothes and in shopping malls: Ed Hardy, Lacoste, Gucci, Rolex, Rado, iPod, iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry, Sony, Microsoft, Adobe, Ninetendo, Levi's, Wrangler etc. You only have to mention your favorite brand and the sellers present it on and - sometimes - under the table(s).
Widely published crackdowns seems to be tokenism only - or actions against unwanted competitors.
Official Scam
Thailand's plus is a skilled Workforce...
Thailand's plus is a skilled Workforce...
Bali Hai Pier, now also known as 'Pattaya Port' already needs an expensive restoration. A few years ago Pattaya's taxpayers had to pay many millions of Baht for this stuporous work.
Chonburi's Senator Surachai Chaitrakulthong is luring potential investors from Taiwan and other countries by promising 'Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled workforce...'.
The Senator gracefully forget to mention that the output by one Singaporean is equal to that of eight (!!!!!!!!) Thai workers.
An European Investor told me: 'Thailand is the most preferable country for everybody interested in a lazy lifestyle - but if your company needs well educated people, a skilled and motivated workforce resulting in high productivity, then you have to invest your money elsewhere.'
Pattaya is different
Ahead into the Past?
Most western countries are replacing traffic signals by traffic circles. According to (western) police, traffic circles are improving traffic bottlenecks.
Not so in Pattaya:
Pattaya City Council will replace North Pattaya's Dolphin Roundabout by traffic signals. At certain hours the police already close parts of the circle. Drivers in Pattaya not only ignore all traffic rules in the circle, they will ignore red lights as well...
Property Market Pattaya
It's a Buyers Marketplace.
Property Market
Hundreds - if not thousands - of rooms, apartments, condos and houses in and around Pattaya are empty and are waiting for buyers. They all have one thing in common: They are completely overcalculated!
If you buy a condo in Bangkok, you can get a second, smaller one free of charge.
Vendors in Pattaya give away motorcycles, kitchen or the complete interior decoration. Sometimes they even offers discounts up to 60%!
Please keep in mind: If Thai people can buy a small 3- to 4-room town house for 800'000 to 900'000 Baht right here in Pattaya, then 3.2 million Baht for a 45sqm one bedroom apartment is usury and even 1.3 million Baht can't be called a bargain, but - probably - a scam.
Silly PitPit says
Global warming isn't cool - it's big business.
Good Guys go to Heaven - bad Guys go to Pattaya.
But where is Heaven?
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