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Be Warned!
During the last few weeks a bunch of Farangs have been drugged and robbed by women they had met on the streets of Pattaya.

Life expectancy in Cambodia:
Females: 49.75 years
Male: 46.81 years Average: 48.24 years
Who is average, a ladyboy?

Closed Eyes
Closed Eyes
On May 24th we discovered that Irish Eyes, a bar on Soi Diamond and behind the Heaven Above A Go-Go Club, shot down the lights.

Moulin Rouge
Moulin Rouge
On May 24th Moulin Rouge, the club presenting mainly white skinned women on Pattaya's Walking Street, was closed.
Moulin Rouge
Two days later the club was open, its touting ladies back on the street, but its preview window was empty.
Tourists from Russia told us in their language, some kind of english and with the help of 'hand and feet' that they can't go home - 'no plane' they tried to tell us.

The Dome closed
The Dome, the 'extraordinary' restaurant on Soi Phettrakun, a few meters from Hollywood Disco, closed. It served Pattaya's clientel during a few months only.

Soi 8 A Go-Go closed!
Sexy Girls A Go-Go closed for renovation
Sexy Girls A Go-Go, the popular bar across from Soi 8' famous Kebab booth, closed for renovation.
A perfect timing: Tourist arrivals at Suvarnabhumi Airport fell to 10'000, compared with a daily normal number of 30'000.
The political unrest is expected to cost Thai tourism at least 100 billion baht.
Update: The club reopened on May 26th.

More Construction Sites on Walking Street
Former Location of Tip's Restaurant
The location of the closed Tip's Restaurant: Vague information about designated use.
The Renovation of a Gem Shop
The entry to Soi 13/4: The Gem Shop does a complete renovation - holidays for your pocket!

Another closure on Soho Square
Pyramida Snooker Club: Closed
On May 16th we discovered that Soho Square's Snooker club Pyramida had closed. It already closed during July 2009 but reopened later.
There are now just 3 survivors at the once most beautiful place on Pattaya's Walking Street: The Utopia Lounge, the Utopia A Go-Go and the FSG (Fantasy Sports Grill), the former Wildcat Bar.

Covent Garden News
From Sin City to Show Girl
From Sin City
to Show Girl?
Club Sin City on Soi 16 (also known as Covent Garden) changed its sign and is emphasizing Show Girl instead of Club Sin City.
At the same location as Pattaya's first Iran Disco Irony, in a building known as Covent Garden the new Mammon Disco celebrated its Grand Opening on May 14th 2010. Mammon is one of the few discos in Pattaya that opens when other venues have to close.
According to Wikipedia Mammon is a term used to describe material wealth or greed, most often personified as a deity. The word itself is a transliteration from the modern Hebrew word mamon, which means money, but with a negative meaning.
Do you really can serve both God and Mammon or Iran and Israel?

Tattoo on the Block
The well-known Tattoo Bar on Soi 7 is on the Block (again?).

presents new EcoBra
Triumph presents new EcoBra
Triumph, known for its sexy bras and Sloggi® pants, presented the personal rice growing bra.
Last year's triumphal joke.
Last year's triumphal joke:
The Chopsticks Bra, another sample of Triumph's eco-minded concept bras.
Keep in mind:
Even worlwide market leaders have to remain in the news.

Pattaya suffers
On my last visit at Royal Garden Plaza I counted more than 12 closed shops.
With the the exception of Foodwave, Starbucks and Zen, all restaurants on its 4th floor are closed.
Many shops at the new CentralFestival had to close too.
Some of them bear Pattaya's well-known longtime slogan:
Coming Soon!

My Lady says
Don't stop!
I'm coming soon

Dirty Water
Dirty Tap Water in Pattaya and Naklua
City Hall promised 'no water problems in Pattaya!', but since May 2nd tap-water in Naklua has all kind of colors and looks very dirty - usually a sign that Pattaya's reservoir(s) are depleted.
Keep in mind:
Restaurants, Hotels and Hospitals get the same 'quality' of water. You have to take your shower with this water, your clothes get washed with it and the dishes of your food get cleaned with this water - unappetizingly.
Pattaya City Hall already warned all households that Pattaya's water isn't drinking water...
Do you always think Pattaya is a healthy place for your holidays?

No Tramps
No Tramps
Since Thursday May 6th the Tramps A Go-Go Club on Soi Diamond is closed. The venue was known as Tramps Showbar until to its closure during May 2008. It reopened as Tramps A Go-Go Bar on January 29th, 2010.

No Liquids
On Thursday May 6th the Liquid Lounge on Soi Buakhaow was closed - but the venue re-opened on May 7th.

Not with Thais
Not with Thais
On Soi 6 Amsterdamaged opened as a replacement for the former Love Club.
According to my lady The Amsterdam Experience will flop, at least with Thai ladies.
All the girls she interviewed said that it's a funny idea, but not one single lady likes to work in a window.
Thais are used to work in a group - and sometimes as a team - but sitting alone in a window, on a small and uncomfortable chair without any possibility to watch TV, that's not Thailand's way of life, she told me.
Asia isn't Europe, but some Farangs will never realise the difference...
Not with Thais

New Love Inn
New Love Inn
In the neighbourhood of Jomtien's famous Floating Market
Sweet Love Inn opened its 24hrs short- & long-time motel. For using its beautiful rooms during 3 hours you have to pay 280 Baht only.
For more information please visit PattayaSweethearts.

A Go-Go closed
A Go-Go closed
On April 30th Sakura 69 closed its door.
The A Go-Go Club on Soi 15 already closed on February 2009, but reopened during July 2009 with a new management.
Sakura is the 4th club forced to close during the last few weeks on Soi 15:
On February 16th 2010 Fun Room A Go-Go closed. On March 17th Saphire Club, the successor of Gamebird 2, closed and on March 18th Illusion A Go-Go shut down the lights.
The closed Saphire Club will reopen as a Go-Go Club - a billboard tells.

BigC Scam?
BigC (North Pattaya) announces its 3in1 Malt-Chocolate floured drink powder (6 x 30 g.) for 25 Baht only on the shelf. At the cashier you have to pay 39 Baht (56% more!). If you tell the incident to the staff, you get a nice smile only...
Update: In the meantime BigC corrected the salesprice at the cashier to 25 Baht.

Cheap Café
Since a few days 200 grams of my prefered café, real café - not the instant treated one, costs 65.50 Baht only at Carrefour, but 85.50 Baht at Tesco/Lotus and at BigC.
Update: On May 15th we discovered that Carrefour 'restored' the price to 92 Baht!

The unanswered question
The unanswered question
It's a legitimate question: Once he - or it - was almost everywhere...

Beach Bar closed
The original Beach Bar on Soi 8 closed. The venue was the successor of the failed Party Club which closed during September 2009.
The venues in front of Sunshinehotel closed.
Update: All the neighbours of the Beach Bar, including a drugstore and the small but popular 7/11 shop, had to close too. It is said that the Sunshine Hotel is enlarging its premises.

cheapest Hotel
Pattaya cheapest Hotel
Pattaya Beach is Pattaya's cheapest 'hotel'.

Booming business
During the last few weeks I could spot a lot of 'new' kratoyes on Pattaya's streets and shopping centers.
Must be a healthy business for the specialized surgeons...

Bub flopped
Bub flopped
The loudly announced Thai disco club behind the almost non-existence Moonlight Complex (2nd Road) already closed.

Compare Prices!
I-mobile Hitz 2206
This phone from i-mobile costs 1'690 Baht at Carrefour and at Power Buy (CentralFestival).
Boothes at Tukcom's 2nd floor try to sell the very same phone for 2'990 Baht...
Update: Some boothes at Tukcom reduced the price to 1'990 Baht. Short time promotion they told me...

Funny Pattaya
Funny Pattaya
Previous Publications
Pattaya News Flash May 2010 - The Source
NightWalker's News
from Pattaya, the City of (n)everlasting Optimism.
NightWalker recommends
See you at Pattaya International Airport - once known as U-Tapao Military Airport.
Unrest in Bangkok
Turmoil in Thailand
New A Go-Go on Soi 15
Sapphire Club opened on May 23rd.
New A Go-Go
Grand opening
On May 23rd Sapphire Club A Go-Go opened on Soi 15, off Walking Street.
The new club is located opposite of Pattaya's famous Angelwitch Rock Dancers Club and is the successor of Gamebird 2 Bar, once a well-known Irish bar.
New A Go-Go on Walking Street
The Cavern opened on May 22nd.
New A Go-Go
Stepping into
the Lions Ladies Den
Pattaya's latest A Go-Go was scheduled to open on May 14th 2010 on Walking Street, but missed the date.
The opening was delayed by Bangkok's unrest and the curfew.
With the early lifting of the curfew in Pattaya the new club could open on Saturday night with the assistance of some girls from the other clubs of the group, mainly with dancers from Baccara.
The Cavern is the successor of Sisterz and is managed by the owners of Happy A Go-Go, Peppermint Palace, Beach Club and Baccara.
Curfew lifted in Pattaya
On Friday, May 21st, CRES (the Centre for the Resolution of Emergency Situation) lifted the curfew in Pattaya immediately.
Nevertheless Pattaya Police intensified its presence on Pattaya's streets.
Armed military is guarding the CentralFestival and the CentralCenter during the nights.
Both shopping centers belong to the CP Group. The group is managed by Dhanin Chearavanont, not only one of Asia's richest men, but also the most prominent member of Bangkok's controversial Elite.
Bangkok's CentralWorld mall, also owned by the CP Group, suffered huge fire damage when Thai military troops forced protesters out of the area.
Pattaya's skilled Workforces don't know what they do
but they get paid for their stupidity!
Pattaya's skilled Workforces get paid for their stupidity
We showed the photo to traffic police in Europe. They all got a laughing fit.
The photo shows the new street painting at the Soi Phortisan / Naklua Road intersection.
The people responsible for that garbage really don't know what they do, they not even know the traffic regulations, but they are painting double-lines now everywhere in Pattaya...
The double-lines on the Northern part of 3rd Road are almost uninterrupted solid lines, but, surprisingly, Central Road's double-lines are painted correctly.
Even / Odd day parking regulation
What happens if stupid people do stupid regulations? The second picture shows it: Everybody, including Pattaya Police, is ignoring the even / odd day parking regulation on Pattaya South Road.
Walking Street's A Go-Go Clubs in the dark
Walking Street's A Go-Go Clubs in the dark
Walking Street's A Go-Go Clubs in the dark
On Wednesday May 12th a short circuit at the notorious transformer at the entry to Soi Happy shut down the lights at most A Go-Go Clubs between Soi Diamond and Soi Happy.
Pattaya's highly skilled Workforces invested about 2 hours of hard work to fix the problem and to restore the power.
The installations surrounding the transformer is a sight for sore eyes, a real masterpiece, showing the high-precision skills of Thailand's electrical engineers. The place could be the pinnacle of any sightseeing tour in Pattaya...
On May 14th at about 22:00 a part of the Southern Beach Road was without power too. Same problem and same 'high-tech installations'.
Bosco's closed
Bosco's closed
Bosco's, the Irish pub beneath the famous Alibaba Restaurant on Pattaya's Central Road, had to close. The monthly rent of 70'000 Baht, in the light of today's dwindling numbers of visitors, was simply too expensive.
New Movie
New Movie
New Movie
Movie on Walking Street
On May 11th a filmcrew from India was working again on Walking Street.
According to crewmembers pictures from Pattaya's Walking Street are still popular in India.
New Movie
Dirty Pattaya
But Pattaya's Mayor says the City is upgrading its Image with 5-Stars Hotels and Luxury Apartments.
Pattaya Mayor says the City is upgrading its Image with 5-Stars Hotels and Luxury Apartments.
Dirty Pattaya.
Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome says the City is upgrading its Image with 5-Stars Hotels and Luxury Apartments, but he forget to mention that City Hall itself does nothing to improve the situation of its citizens and guests.
Many places in the city are used as waste disposals. We made the above pictures on Soi 15, between 2nd Road and Soi Buakhaow, just behind the Pattaya Bay Resort, the Avenue Shopping Center and the Areca Lodge. Soi 15 is an emerging street in the centre of Pattaya with new and expensive condominiums and the famous Mercure Hotel.
Pattaya's City Hall seems to believe that Pattaya's visitors enjoy to pay a fortune to live with garbage and its stench.
Moreover, during hot times Pattaya is always short of clean tap water and during the rainy season Pattaya's streets turn to water canals.
But during the last 20 years City Hall didn't do anything to improve the situation.
Pattaya Mayor says the City is upgrading its Image with 5-Stars Hotels and Luxury Apartments.
NightWalker recommends
High Quality Bargain Buffet
High Quality Bargain Buffet
Bella Express Central Road
Bella Express Central Road
Bella Express Central Road
Bella Express Central Road
Bella Express on Central Road is serving daily a brunch buffet for 99 Baht and a dinner buffet for 150 Baht only.
The breakfast includes American, Continental and Thai breakfasts, including tea and coffee.
The Dinner includes Thai and Western foods, salads, vegetables, sweets, ice creams, coffee and tea!
At Bella Express you get a complete brunch or dinner without hidden costs. It's a land of milk and honey.
Do you remember what you get for 150 Baht at Thailand's international fast food restaurants and its Ketchup Pizza outlets?
Clean Food - Good Taste?
Clean Food - Good Taste?
If you can see this sign, please remember that you are in Thailand.
Thailand is not only one of the world's most corrupt country: Many of its officials don't really know what they do.
Clean Food - Good Taste?
McDonald's knows it for decades and since Bayer AG, Germany's large chemical & healthcare group, published its results from its own analyses a few years ago at least all people in the food industry should know it too:
Prepared foods degenerate after 15 minutes and should not be eaten afterwards!
It's not to understand how food boothes like this can get an official 'quality food label' in Thailand!
For All Friends of Clean and Fresh Fastfood
McDonald's opened new Drive-Thru Outlet
McDonald's opened new Drive-Thru Outlet
McDonald's opened new Drive-Thru Outlet
McDonald's opened an all new fastfood outlet on Sukhumvit Road in Southern Pattaya.
The new McDonald's has an integrated McCafé, a Drive-Thru Service and ample parking space.
Update: McDonald's opened a mini outlet at Tukcom's first floor selling drinks, ice creams and some its pies only, but no burger.
Grounded Pattaya
Grounded Pattaya
Once popular meeting points in Pattaya: Soi 9 / 2nd Road (top) and Soi 8 / Beach Road( bottom).
Grounded Pattaya
Optimistic Pattaya
Optimistic Pattaya
2nd Road / Soi 9: Since May 2nd all the bars are closed, including the Ladyboys show stage. Rumors tell the place will get a new hotel.
Optimistic Pattaya
2nd Road across from Palladium Massage: New Shopping Area with Apartments called The One.
Optimistic Pattaya
2nd Road, in front of Palladium Massage the Focus Shopping Complex is projected to attract customers and at the former Palladium Disco The Pattaya Health Center with at least 24 shops will tackling your (non)existing health problems.
Optimistic Pattaya
Dolphin Roundabout: New Shophouses, just in front of the Palm Garden Hotel.
Optimistic Pattaya
Soi 8, between the popular We are the World Bar and the Poppy 2 Bar, from Beach Road up to the Central Station on Soi 8: Longtime rumors are announcing a new hotel project from the Flipper Group.
Optimistic Pattaya
Soi 8: The bars from Soi 8 to Pattaya Police Station on Soi 9 already closed. They make space for a new hotel from the well-known Eastiny Group.
Optimistic Pattaya
Pattaya Beach Road, at the entry to Soi 12: The LK Group is building another new Hotel.
Optimistic Pattaya
2nd Road / Soi Yamato: Across from Pattaya's famous Wonderful Beer Bar a new hotel is arising.
Optimistic Pattaya
2nd Road / Soi 9, behind the Honey Inn and the Sawadee Hotels: The Funny Entertainment Complex will be built.
Struggling Pattaya
Failed in Pattaya
Pattaya Bazar 2 on Pattaya North Road: Since a few years unfinished.
Failed in Pattaya
Pattaya Bazar 1 on Pattaya 2nd Road (Dolphin Roundabout): Many shops unused.
Failed in Pattaya
Failed in Pattaya
The Avenue on Second Road: Tries to get a second life with a mostly unpopulated Mobile Plaza.
The Night Market, starting daily at about 17:00, brings some people to the otherwise beautiful but deserted place.
Failed in Pattaya
Tipp Plaza, between Second Road and Pattaya Beach Road: Nice place with empty stores and a large untilled area.
Failed in Pattaya
Moonlight Complex on Second Road tells us since 2 years: Coming soon!
Failed in Pattaya
Soho Square on Walking Street - and behind Soi 16 - resists persistently all revitalization attempts. It was my prefered place on Walking Street until the people removed its nice fountain.
Failed in Pattaya
Bali Hai Plaza at the Southern end of Walking Street was announced as a factory outlet shopping plaza, but it failed to attract visitors. Since about a year the owners try to convert the building into an Entertainment Complex...
Be Warned
Legal Scam in Thailand
Before you buy a CD in Thailand check the inlet carefully. More often then not CDs from 'International Artists' are cover versions only, recorded in Thailand or Hong Kong.
In Thailand cover versions don't have to be marked as cover versions, even if the original artist's names are mentioned on the CD.
To make the scam legal the term 'Original Artists shown for Reference only' has to be mentioned somewhere on the inlet.
Sometimes you need an enlarger to read the hint.
Blame the Rain
Blame the Rain
Blame the Rain but not Pattaya's Engineers!
Blame the rain but not Pattaya's highly skilled Workforces for the collapse of parts of the new Thappraya Road.
Thailand's highly skilled Workforces simply can't know that this part of Thailand suffers from rain and that Pattaya's streets have to be waterproof...

Chonburi's Senator Surachai Chaitrakulthong is luring potential investors from Taiwan and other countries by promising 'Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled workforce...'.
The forgotten Festival
The forgotten Festival
The forgotten Festival
On Beach Road, between Soi 4 and Soi 6, the Pattaya Seafood Safety Festival took place from April 30th til May 2nd, but nobody knew it.
Almost all visitors I met told me that they dicovered the event by accident.
It seems Pattaya's Marketing 'Professionals' forgot to inform the public.
Therefore it isn't a surprise that they saw many empty boothes. Most sellers reported a disappointed event.
It is not the first time that Pattaya City Hall, Chonburi's Provincial Administration Organization and the TAT (Tourist Authority of Thailand) forgot to inform the public sufficiently in advance of an event.
Sometimes I got the impression that fumblers get payed for doing nothing.
Marketing Faux-Pas?
Marketing Faux-Pas?
Ballantine's - the drink for ladyboys and other queers?
Seen on Walking Street
Seen on Walking Street
Silly PitPit says
Welcome to the City of highly skilled Thai Workforces.
Same same all over the world, not only in Greece, Portugal and Spain:
The small people have to pay the mistakes of the big ones.
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