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March 2010
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New Minimum Fare
The Pattaya Baht Bus Co-operative says that the Chonburi Traffic Department approved its new base fare of 10 baht and its new long-distance rate of 20 baht for its blue taxi services.
As usual in Thailand, we could not get any information how many kilometers are included in the base fare and when long-distance starts.
Please note: The new fares apply only to regular services. The price of hiring a blue Baht bus taxi for a private group would continue to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

In the Spotlights
In the spotlights
Since a few days the Russian dancers at Moulin Rouge, the one on Walkingstreet, have to do their duties in full spotlight.
On Soi Yamato is a bar with the same name, but with real Thai ladies, not imported ones.

New Start for Club 23
New Start for Club 23
On March 25th Club 23 on Soi 8 was closed, but reopened on March 26th with a lot of sexy girls.

Made in Thailand
Quality Made in Thailand
In use since December 2009 and already 'on the rocks'...

Soho Square announces again
Soho Square, the ailing shop complex on Walking Street, announces another new venue to open during 2010: A bar called Abbey Road will bring music from the 60's to Pattaya.
Soho Square has to hurry up with the opening of the new club - before the last eyewitnesses and possible customers already passed away.
There are now 4 new venues announced to open at that place: Abbey Road, Black Canyon Coffee, Planet Rock and Jazzmine's Jazz Club. I hope, it isn't someones dream only.

French Bistro closed
French Bistro closed
The French Bistro, also known as Petit France at the entry to New Living Dolls One on Walking Street, closed. It was a 'short time' business: The venue opened during November 2009.

Amazing Pattaya
Amazing Pattaya
The official Music Festival 2010 shirt was on sale in a lot of different colors.
You had the choice between orange, pink, green, blue, black, white and purple shirts, but not red or yellow ones... Smile

No more security problems?
During the Cowboy Music Carnival police refused the selling of goods at the Southern end of Walking Street because of security concerns.
During the Pattaya Music Festival police didn't voice any concerns: The resellers had to pay a hefty rent for the boothes to the organizer of the event. Money solves any possible problem...
TiP (This is Pattaya)! Smile

Reopen and reclose
Ling Bar closed and reopened
After being closed for a few days, Ling Bar on Walking Street, opposite of Soho Square, reopened on March 18th with a small party for a few friends.
The successor of Ling Bar
In the meantime the Bar changed its name to Yes I Benji Bar....
The successor of Ling Bar
...but on March 23rd the sign was naked again.
Back again
...but on March 24th the sign was shining again.

Closed again
Illusion, the ailing A Go-Go Club with entries on Soi 14 and Soi 15, closed again on March 18th.
In the middle of December 2009 the club already closed for a few days, but reopened on December 17th 2009.

Rent your Illusions
Rent your Illusions
This is Pattaya: You can rent almost everything...
with the right amount of money - and a lot of self-belief - even a complete A Go-Go on Soi 14 & 15.

Coyotes: Where
they come from?
A nice, but somewhat noisy lady from Korat was working a few months at one of the few donut outlets at Carrefour's 1st floor until she decided to earn her money as a coyote dancer. She left her Thai boyfriend and is now looking for farangs.
The driving force behind her move? Money! As fast and as much as possible.
She tries to get 3'000 Baht for a shorttime job...

Blu got Green
To celebrate St. Patrick's Day Pattaya's most successful Coyote Club changed its color.
All Club Blu girls worn sexy green outfits.
I couldn't spot one single greenhorn - everybody did a professional job.

The end of Dine for 99?
The end of Dine for 99?
Since March 15th 2010 Dine for 99 on Soi Diana Inn is in the dark and locked by chains.

White Women
White Women
This Robot-Women are Walking Street's latest attraction.
White Women
According to my understanding it is a parody of the ever growing number of white skinned women working in Walking Street's clubs, but my lady is alleging that it is a warning from Thailand's Health Ministry: The women used to much Nivea Whitener...
Whatsoever, if they have to join you on a photo, don't forget to place a small tip into their buckets (about 20 Baht is OK).

Asia's most corrupt countries:
1. Indonesia
2. Cambodia
3. Vietnam
4. Philippines
5. Thailand
6. India
7. China
8. Malaysia
9. Taiwan
Asia's least corrupt country:
Singapore. Congratulation!

GoodFellas (Swiss)
Mafia presents its Girlz
Maffia presents its Girlz

BlackBerry at Tukcom
Almost all boothes at the second floor of Tukcom Shopping Center on South Pattaya Road are selling ('original' copies of) BlackBerry phones bearing the ('original') BlackBerry brandname on the cases. Prices start as low as 2590 Baht...

I like them too!
I like them too!

Price hike at
Buffet Restaurants
About 3 years ago the 'unlimited' food at Pattaya's popular Buffet Restaurants was 99 Baht per person, excluding drinks.
Today an evening at a Buffet Restaurants costs between 129 and 179 Baht/person (again excluding drinks).
The proprietors claim the latest price increase in vegetables, rice and meat forced them to adjust their prices again.

Compare Prices
La Vache qui rit, the popular creamy cheese from France, was outsold during the last few weeks almost everywhere in Pattaya.
La vache qui rit
Since March 6th the packages are back on the shelves at Carrefour for 128 Baht and at Tesco/Lotus for 140 Baht.
My lady smiles again - and her daughter too...
Before I can catch one single piece they already had their hands on!
BigC now sells Scott's Vitamin C Pastilles:
20 pcs for 59 Baht, but 50 pcs for 159 Baht!
Smile: BigC sells the large box 8% more expensive than the small one!
A larger package isn't always a bargain in Thailand. Use the calculator in your mobile phone to check the offers - especially when buying detergents and chocolate!
Carrefour is selling its Carrefour chocolate bar with nuts (100 grams) for 43 Baht, but its 3-pack (3x100 grams of exactly the same product) for 147 Baht!
Carrefour Chocolate au Lait
Carrefour sells its 100-gram bar of Carrefour milk chocolate for 24 Baht, but its 3-pack (3x100 grams of exactly the same product) for 119 Baht!
The prices for Coke, Pepsi, Fanta & Mirinda at Pattaya's shopping centers are changing almost daily.
Freebies announced by Tesco/Lotus for buying 4 bottles of Coke are mostly out of stock!

200 Grams of my prefered café, real café - not the instant treated one, cost 85.50 Baht at Tesco/Lotus and at BigC, but 92 Baht at Carrefour.
Update:During the 3rd week of March Carrefour reduced the price of my café for a few days to 75.25 Baht...
One of the better 2.1ch Computer Speaker Systems cost 790 Baht at Tesco/Lotus, but 890 Baht at Carrefour and Tukcom.
A DVD Player with an integrated AM/FM Receiver costs 1'990 Baht at Tesco/Lotus, but 2'390 Baht at Carrefour.
Update: From March 12th to March 25th Carrefour sold the DVD/Receiver for 1790 Baht.
Some prices react like ice creams - they are smelting in the sun!

Tony's goes Russia
Tony's on Walking Street announces to have Walking Street's most beautiful Russian dancers.
Perhaps I am outdated, but if I should have the desire to meet Russian ladies, I would book a flight to Russia and would stop strolling on Pattaya's Walking Street!
Stop the Press: Smile
A source close to Tony's told me, with the new attraction Tony's likes to show the world how much nicer Thai girls are...

Elegant Doggy
Elegant Doggy
Elegant Doggy is the name of the shop for your fashion-conscious dog at the 3rd Road / Central Road intersection.
The shop sells everything your doggy likes, including clothes for four-legged Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United fans. Smile

Thai law...
Thai law...
According to the new law, discos have to close at 03:00, but Thailand's intelligent lawmakers forgot(?) to regulate the opening time.
Therefore some venues can stay open into the morning hours - if they open 1 second after the official closing time...
Amazing Thailand! Smile

Rodeo Girls are back on Soi Pattayaland 2
Rodeo Girls are back on Soi Pattayaland
Rodeo Girls, the struggling A Go-Go Club on Soi Pattayaland is back with a new management team.
A faultily neon sign over a longer periode tells a lot about the professional skills and/or the financial situation of the actual owner(s) of a company...

Fall in Love with Pattaya's Best Indian Cuisine? Smile
From Fall in Love to Pattaya's Best Indian Cuisine
Fall in Love, the Coyote Club on 2nd Road, closed during the last week of January 2010.
Since a few days Tandoori House opened at that location as Pattaya's Best Indian Cuisine.

Last month Pattaya inaugurated its 4th police superintendent in less than a year!
For more information about Pattaya's promotion scandals read our February 2010 News.
TiP (This is Pattaya)! Smile

Pay Day!
On February 25th 2010 Pattaya Police collected over 100 Ladyboys and real Ladies on Pattaya Beach Promenade and ordered them to visit their headquarter on Soi 9 to pay their monthly 'fee(s)' for using Beach Road as their daily business place.
Same procedure
as every month
. Smile

Amazing Thailand
On February 28th was Makha Bucha Day, a Buddhist day without alcohol and, as usual, without soda water.
Many bars closed or served soft drinks in the light of a running TV set, but visiting a restaurant I could drink my Coke in plain light. Smile

For God's sake!
According to the latest statistic every single Japanese adult drinks seven liter of sake during a year.
Sake is Japan's Rice Wine. Its alcoholic content is up to 20%.

Save Bluefin Tuna!
Save Bluefin Tuna - abstain to eat sushi or order sushi prepared without Bluefin Tuna!
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Silly Alliances
If I am booking my flight with Thai International I want to travel in a plane and with the service provided by Thai International and not being pushed into an aircraft from Swiss, Qatar or Lufthansa.
It is like booking holidays in Thailand - but waking up in Russia.
I hate this worldwide carrier alliances.
iFarang™ ©2010
For Ladies only!
For Ladies only!
A new club for all ladies in need of a break out from the more usual relationships.
There are quite a large number of Thai ladies dreaming to have a partnership with a person from the same sex.
The club is located on the same road as Hollywood Disco and Club Noir. It connects Soi Phettrakun with Pattaya 3rd Road, but has no name so far.
Low Season?
On Motorcycle
On Friday March 26th I was inspecting Pattaya on bicycle, but when I saw Beach Road I returned home very fast to the job by motorcycle.
From Naklua until Walking Street and back on Second Road to the Dolphin Roundabout I could drive my bike almost whole the way in its 5th gear.
I can't remember the last time I had the same experience.
I had to drive the circuit a second time to believe it...
Don't miss the Pictures from Pattaya Music Festival
Don't miss: Pattaya Music Festival
The pictures from Pattaya International Music Festival 2010 are here!
The Game is Over
The Game is Over
Lights closed
Sapphire Club replaces Soi 15's Gamebird 2, once an Irish Pub. On March 17th 2010 the new club shot down the lights.
Looking for workers
Since March 19th the club is searching new staff with this billboard.
For 'powerful' and sexy girls the club is ready to pay between 9'000 and 12'500 Baht. Touts can earn up to 6'000 Baht and service girls (waiters) will get basic wages of 5'000 Baht. The cashier gets 8'000 Baht.
From The Pier to Siren Square
A new Shopping Center?
A new Shopping Center?
The bars on top of Pattaya Beer Garden disappeared, the Pier sign too and the new sign suggests a new type of business taking place - without the hectic atmosphere of a bar life...
From the 22 shops available on the second floor of the building 20 shops are already booked, the company says. The second floor will open in April 2010 and can be reached with the help of an escalator.
It's no Illusion
Club Mirage closed!
It's no Illusion
PattayaSweethearts reports the closure of Club Mirage, an A Go-Go Club on Soi Diamond, off Soi Phratamnak.
New Club A Go-Go
Walking Street on the way to a Dancing Street
Powers Club on Walking Street
On the second floor of Champion A Go-Go and the Ring The Bell Bar was once a Karaoke Bar called Maya Club. During the last few weeks the venue got remodelled into an A Go-Go Club.
Powers Club A Go-Go
Since March 12th 2010 Walking Street's newest A Go-Go, Powers Club, presents its ladies on the second floor of the building. The venue features a preview window, a popular feature on this part of the street.
At Powers Club A Go-Go showgirls can earn up to 15'000 Baht/month, dancers and coyotes up to 10'000 Baht (+ incidental earnings).
A second life for Blue Lagoon?
A second life for Blue Lagoon?
The former Blue Lagon A Go-Go at the Best Friend Bar Complex on Pattaya's Beach Road is preparing a comeback as a Blue Lagoon Coyote Dance Bar.
The neon signs are already installed, but the customers are still missing the coyote girls - or - because of the missing customers there are no coyote girls. Who knows?
Clean Up!
Clean Up!
Wait until you die!
After the recent clean-up at Pattaya's Police Stations and the removal of some of the corrupt chiefs it should be possible to remove Pattaya's most stupid traffic regulations too. The photo on top shows that almost everybody is ignoring the 'odd and even dates' parking regulation on Pattaya South Road - as predicted by NightWalker last year.
In addition to South Road and Walking Street, the Southern part of Soi Phratamnak got these crazy 'odd and even dates' parking regulation too.
On Walking Street cars and motorcycles are parking in 2 rows, on Soi Phratamnak many drivers simply ignore the regulation.
Another stupidity: The sign at the Central Road / Second Road intersection tells you to wait for the signal for turn left, but the signal never opens...
In every other country you will get a complete (and correct) signal, why not in Pattaya?
Warning: Don't turn left during red lights - the police is waiting at the police box - just around the corner - almost whole the day to lighten your wallet!
A similar sign was at the Central Road / Third Road intersection, but it disappeared (or was removed) some time ago. Nevertheless, police captures road users turning left during red lights and is asking a hefty fine.
Most trafic lights in Pattaya have signals for pedestrians too, but these signals display a red color whole the day. They never turn green.
TiP (This is Pattaya)!
People responsible for dully works like that would be remove immediately in Europe as well as in other parts of this world, but in Pattaya they get paid for their stupidity.
Update: Since a few days some signals for pedestrians got shut off, for instance the signals at the South Pattaya Road / 2nd Road intersection.
Copycat Raids
Copycat Raid
On March 9th 2010 Police raided Soi Buakhaow Market for copycat products - they confiscated all illegal copies of Thai music and Thai video CDs & DVDs.
Copycat Raid
The lovely Police didn't touch any products violating international copyrights. Apparently Pattaya Police is protecting Thai brandnames & products only...
Update: Police informs that in the ongoing crackdown on counterfeit designer name products, Chonburi Provincial Police organised another inspection of shops along Beach Road on March 10th. They arrested two women for selling fake Adidas and Puma designer shoes as well as another woman selling fake designer clothings.
Apparently Police missed to pay a visit to 2 well-known Shopping Centers on Pattaya's Beach Road usually full of fake designer goods. Both shops belong to a honorable member of Pattaya's High Society. It seems Police catch the small dealers only and let the big ones do their business...
An Era ends on Beach Road
Tip's closed
Tip's closed
Thip on Pattaya Central Road
The company runs another restaurant at the intersection 3rd Road / Central Road, about 100 meters in front of Carrefour, called THIP.
Tip's, one of Beach Road's oldest restaurant had its last working day on February 28th 2010.
During my first stay in Pattaya in 1985 I just knew 3 restaurants, The Boat Bakery on 2nd Road, The Nang Nual on Walking Street and Tip's on Beach Road. At all this three food outlets my wife could enjoy her Thai- and Sea-food and I my western dishes.
About 10 years ago one of my neighbours was working at Tip's. When she had to stop her work for a family related reason, she cried whole the night:
Most ladies enjoyed to work at Tip's.

The Demolition Bucket is Everywhere in Pattaya
Its latest victims:
The SP Swiss Bar and the Scandinavia Beer Bar
The Demolition Bucket is Everywhere
The demolition bucket destroyed the well-known Skandinavia Beer Bar and its neighbour, the SP Swiss Bar in front of the Daiquiri Hous Coyote Club on Pattaya Beach Road, near the entry to Soi Yamato.
The Demolition Bucket is Everywhere
Almost everything has to made new.
The former Right Spot Bar
The former Right Spot Bar also suffered the visit of the demolition bucket, but revived after being in a coma for a few days without remembering its name, but with a colorful new bar, new seats and something that looks like a new waterproof roof.
Not fully finished but already in full swing
Since March 24th all 3 bars in front of Daiquiri Hous Coyote Club are open, not fully finished but this apparently doesn't irritate any visitors.
Peppermint is coming down
Peppermint is coming down
Right: Rumors say that the Happy A Go-Go/Peppermint Group acquired Limmatquai 80, the former Lady Boy club, on Soi Diamond.
Since March 1st 2010 Pattaya's Top 10 Beer Bar below the famous Marine Disco is closed. Obviously the first victim of Peppermint Palace A Go-Go's moves downstairs.
Peppermint's management faces a hot season: It not only has to supervise the works at the club's new location, it also turns Sisterz A Go-Go upside down.
At Sisterz everthing gets new, even the name.
It will reopen as The Cavern.
Limmatquai 80
Pepermint Palace A Go-Go pays its dancers between 8'000 and 15'000 Baht/month, but promise that an initiative and sexy Lady can manage a monthly income of 35'000 to 40'000 Baht with Lady Drinks and shorttime works.
Corporate Identity
New Beach Club Sign
New Beach Club Sign
After the group's flagship got a new sign The Beach Club shines with a similar LED eyecatcher as Happy A Go-Go. We anticipate that Pepermint Palace and The Cave will try to attract your eyes the same way.
All new Sign
Living Dolls new Sign
New Sign
Goodfellas Coyote
Coyote dancers on the terrace
Goodfellas presents its coyote girls every evening on its terrace on the second floor. Don't forget your binoculars when strolling on Walking Street!
Tiger Dog on Pattaya Beach Promenade
Your request...
Tiger Dog
Last month we published a small pictures from a 'Tiger Dog'. Many visitors requested larger pictures of the lovely dog. Here they are!
Tiger Dog
And as a special Bonus...
Pattaya's most popular clochard - even our police likes him. At least the police doesn't fine dogs sleeping on the beach without wearing clothes - with tourists from Russia Pattaya police is proceeding differently...
A Shifter
Pattaya Pete is back with another great Idea!
Pattaya Peter is back with another great Idea!
Since September 2009 Pattaya Pete's Pattaya Beer Garden Website was almost silent, without any activities.
But now the shifter is back with a great new idea:
Pattaya Pete barfines you if you take out one of the beautiful ladies from his even more beautiful bar and restaurant on Pattaya Beach Road!
Read more about the rules on his Website!
Good bait catches fine fish!
We recommend: Schnitzel mit Bratkartoffeln
Schnitzel mit Bratkartoffeln
Schnitzel mit Bratkartoffeln for 119 Baht only!
Schnitzel mit Bratkartoffeln
This unnamed and inconspicuous restaurant is on Naklua Road, about 150 meters in front of the turn-off to Soi Phothisan (or Photisarn).
A nice Thai lady runs the kitchen. She likes preparing delicious German food and is happy if you appreciate her cooking!
Development Aid
If you understand the mechanisms of development aid it is an easy task to redirect the millions into your own pocket.
Development aid is made to enrich politicians and not to help the neediest.
iFarang™ ©2010
Hot WeekendRed Weeks
Amazing Greyland
To show their 'neutrality' news presenters at state run and state controlled TV stations are wearing grey clothes only...
So we do!

Quiet Military Coup!?
The current situation is like a quiet military coup and Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva is merely a puppet, a leader of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) said.
Everything is under military command.
More military personnel are appearing on television making statements than cabinet members.
In a democratic country, soldiers have little chance to appear on TV.

Thai Military back in Power
The Thai government has announced that it will invoke the Internal Security Act (ISA) from 11-23 March 2010, in Bangkok and seven surrounding provinces.
The ISA could be extended until April 7 if the red shirt demonstration continues, Thai government said.
The ISA puts the military in charge, with powers to impose curfews, restrict numbers at gatherings and man check points if they deem such measures necessary.
The Thai army is now in charge to keep Abhisit Vejjajiva's unpopular government in power.

Army fears invasion
Army Regions 2 and 3 have sent an additional 20 companies of troops to protect the 11th Infantry Regiment in Bangkhen district against any invasion by red-shirts...

Thailand's RobotCop
About 300 Thai soldiers are wearing the new anti-riot uniforms to shield Thailand's Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.
The new 'uniforms' are made of fibreglass and weigh between 8 & 9 kilos, depending on the size. It looks cool, but it's very hot and heavy, a solder said.
Thai Army's new look will cost 177 million Baht.

Pay Day
Defence Minister General Prawit Wongsuwon told Thai military to prepare their weapons procurement plans for submission to the government.
This strategy is seen as a move to cement the government's ties with the generals.
The current government has had the support of the military since the government was established. The military always helped the government in dealing with the red shirts.
Thailand's Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has the full backing of the Thai military.
During the Red Shirts rally Army staff receive special daily allowances of 300 Baht each in addition to their usual daily allowance of between 120 and 180 baht.
Now the big ones in the military can cash in to purchase weapons worth an estimated 400 billion Baht.

Very strange Situation in Thailand,
Bloomberg TV channel says.
We have no gun, no arms, but what we all have is our blood. And we will use it to ask for true democracy, Red Shirts say.

Thailand's foreign minister's secretary, Chavanont Intarakomalsut, said on Wednesday the United Arab Emirates has been asked not to allow former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra to continue to stay in Dubai.
On Friday Mr Chavanont informed the press that the Foreign Ministry is checking a report that former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra has been expelled by the United Arab Emirates.
On Saturday Mr. Panich Vikitsreth, assistant to Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya, said that a high ranking government official of the UAE has confirmed that the fugitive ex-premier has been asked to leave the United Arab Emirates.
Thaksin Shinawatra denied the report as groundless.
No official statement from the United Arab Emirates was available...
... but according to his legal adviser Noppadon Pattama, the ex-premier was neither banned nor arrested on arrival to the UAE. Mr Thaksin had returned to Dubai from Montenegro.
On March 24th Thailand's Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya summoned the United Arab Emirates (UAE) envoy to emphasise Thailand's stance over the moves of ousted ex-Thai premier Thaksin Shinawatra. This move indicates that previous announcements from Thailand's Foreign Ministery where lies...

Psychological Warfare?
Thailand's Health Ministry warned the Red Shirts of possible H1N1 infections and the outbreak of tuberculosise.
The ministry said it identified some disease agents among Red Shirt health care supporters...
After Puea Thai Party on Tuesday, March 23rd, issued a statement calling on the government to dissolve the House of Representatives, cars of MPs of the opposition Puea Thai Party were not allowed to go to parking lots inside the parliament's building compound on Wednesday morning...

PM's Clear View?
After regarding last weeks blood spilling Thailand's Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said during an interview broadcasted by Bloomberg TV 'I see much clearer now'.
It is not known if this remark was His Master's (the military) Voice or if it was his privat view. At least neither the interview nor its content was mentioned yet in Thailand's Military controlled medias.
I have never thought about giving up. I have to do my duty and take care of the country, Thailand's Prime Minister said on March 10th.
I will not hold on to power. If the House dissolution or my departure will make things better, I have no problem at all, Mr Abhisit stated on March 11th.
After facing a barrage of jeers, insults and boos from about 200 red shirt protesters on the first stop of his planned inspection of drought-hit areas in Nong Khai, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has abruptly called it quits on March 23rd.
Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva already cancelled a planned trip to Australia.

Mental Health affected
A member of the Political Development Council said the political conflict had affected the mental health of Bangkok residents. What we (Bangkok's so called Elite) need is just to be able to live in a peaceful city, Mr. Surasak Intaraprasit said.

Red Motorcade
Red Corso
On Friday, March 12th, a few hundert Red-Shirts on motorcycles and cars got applauded by onlookers during their parade on Pattaya's South Road.
Red Corso
The Red-Shirts run People Radio stations nationwide and People Television, a cabel TV channel.
Red Corso
Traffic Police escorted the peaceful demonstration.

On the way to Bangkok
A large number of Red-Shirts from Nong Khai, Udon Thani and Nong Bua Lamphu provinces departed Udon Thani town on Friday afternoon on 500 pick-up trucks.
10 large trucks loaded with rice and food supplies are supporting the Red-Shirts' convoy.
The authorities had set up many checkpoints in a bid to delay the convoys and are frustrating participants by lengthy searches on key routes leading to Bangkok.

Demonstrating Monks
Hundreds of monks from northern and northeastern parts of Thailand arrived in Bangkok on Sunday to take part in the mass rally of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD).

Stranded red supporters
Hundreds of supporters have been left stranded at Ayutthaya and Nonthaburi piers.
Boat operators refused to rent their boats for fear of punishment by government officers...

Banks close
All Bangkok branches of the Government Housing Banks were ordered closed at 2pm on Friday for the 'safety of staff and customers'.
The Bank's Pattaya branch on 2nd Road closed too.

Thai Citizen against Bangkok's Elite
The Red-Shirts rally would officially begin at noon on Sunday, March 14th, when leaders of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) would read out a statement demanding the government of the aristocratic elite to dissolve the House of Representatives and hold a general election.
Acting Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban said tough action will be taken against law breakers during the Red-Shirts protests.
Starting Wednesday night, a total of 50'000 soldiers, police, civilians and volunters had been deployed for peace-keeping operations. They include 30'000 troops.
Only a few companies of special forces, on special missions, were armed, Mr Suthep said.
A so called peace-keeping centre is located in a safe place inside the compound of the 11th Infantry Regiment. Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban will stay there during the rally, Mr Suthep added.
Army commander-in-chief Gen Anupong Paojinda reaffirmed on Thursday that he, navy chief Adm Kamthorn Phumhiran, air force chief ACM Itthaporn Supphawong and all their subordinates will not stage a military coup.

Red Shirts against CP
Charoen Pokphand Group
CP Logo(CP) is the most prominent member of Bangkok's controversial Elite.
Managed by Dhanin Chearavanont, one of Asia's richest men, CP runs Thailand's largest chicken farms (CPF) and a lot of other businesses including the True group of companies.

Does Thai Military
ever tell the true?
General Chea Tara, a Cambodian army official, said on March 24 his troops have killed at least 88 Thai soldiers over the past two years in clashes near an ancient temple on a disputed frontier.
38 Thai soldiers were killed in October 2008 and another 50 in April 2009, 2 Cambodian soldiers were killed during the clashes.
We helped them to find the bodies but they (the Thai army) still hide the figure, General Chea Tara said.
Thai army spokesman Colonel Sunsern Kaewkumnerd denied the claims.
But a neighbour told me, don't believe a word of it, the army is a bunch of liars.
Since its September 19th 2006 coup Thai military not only lost its face but also its support from the majority of Thai citizens.
Resolve the European Union before its politicians waste your last cent.
They financed all that unfinishid 'projects' all over Greece, Portugal and all the other 'underdeveloped' European countries.
These people are responsible for todays problems. Stop their behaviour as soon as possible.
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