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February 2010
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New requirements
to enter Thailand
All passengers arriving in Thailand must have sufficient funds before entry is permitted, the Immigration Department says.
Transit Visa holder:
Must hold minimum 10'000 Baht per passenger or 20'000 Baht per family.
Tourist Visa holder:
Must hold minimum 20'000 Baht per passenger or 40'000 Baht per family.
Visa on Arrival:
Must hold minimum 10'000 Baht per passenger or 20'000 Baht per family.
Non Immigrant Visa holder:
Must hold minimum 20'000 Baht per passenger or 40'000 Baht per family.

Right Spot closed
Right Spot, the large bar on Pattaya Beach Road near the entry to Soi Yamato, closed for something new. Its sign as well as the one from its neighbour, the new Daiquiri Hous, both disappeared.
Nevertheless, the Daiquiri Hous, its coyote girls and its two lovely touts on Beach Road, they all worked hard.

Scam Warning!
You or someone entered your information for an opportunity to participate at the 2010 Nokia New Year Promo and we are using this medium to officially notify you that the result of the promo was recently released as shown below:
You won:
450'000.00 Euro!
Do not answer to this or a similar e-mail! It is a scam originated first in India. The people want your money!
Same scam: You get an SMS in Thailand that tells you to callback a certain number. Your call will then be diverted to a chargeable phonenumber.
These criminals are working internationally, but are using local phonenumbers.
The only help you get from police is this advice:
Never callback an unknown number!

Begging Letters
Do not answer or send money to addresses mentioned in e-mails, even if you get the impression the mail was sent by an international organisation.
Almost all of this e-mails are launched by the 'Nigerian Mafia'. It is working internationally now, not only from Nigeria, but also from Thailand, Spain and a lot of other countries.
If you want to help the victims in Madeira, Haiti or in any other country contact well-known organization in your country.

The Food Fair Lounge on Walking Street, a few meters from Soho Square, is a popular meeting point with drinkers and dancers from Russia. It is packed with happy visitors almost every evening. The band plays predominantly songs from Russia.

The End of Fun
Fun Room A Go-Go on Soi 15 closed down again. The club got black during March 2008. A German led management reopend the bar on June 12th 2009, closed the club again on July 20th, but reopened the venue two weeks later.
The End of Fun
During October 2009 the same management opened Titty Twister, a club located near Sai Nernplabwan, and closed its B.J. A Go-Go on Soi BJ, off Walking Street. The management promised to reopen the bar during December, but it never happened.
Let's drink a beer and wait what happens next - with Titty Twister...

They never will learn
They never learn
Some vendors still believe that cold french fries are a delicacy...

The Go-Go has gone
The Go-Go has gone
On February 16th 2010 an artist pasted over the
A Go-Go reference on Blue Lagoon's signs.

Choose wisely
If you buy your new mobile phone on Tukcom's 2nd floor be careful. Your iPhone can be a mTm-phone in reality, your new BlackBerry a BlueBerry or a RaspBerry and your Nokia something else...
A bargain isn't always a bargain at Tukcom.

La Bamba
closed the Lights
La Bamba, the kratoey club on Soi Yamato, closed the lights.

Old Wisdom
If a bar change its format from mainly Ladies to mainly Kratoeys, the venue isn't far from a major collapse.

without Cowgirls?
Rodeo Girls, an ailing A Go-Go Club on Soi Pattayaland 2, closed.
On February 11th the bar was open again, with a few nice girls waiting outside but with no action and no customers inside the venue, at least during the about 45 minutes I was on the street. Same impression on February 15th, 2010.
Perhaps the owners of the club should try something new:
Do it yourself A Go-Go.

Don Joe
Don Joe
Don Joe is enlarging his famous Italian Restaurant on Walking Street.

Price Hike
All the well-known hairdressers in Soi Hollywood (South Pattaya) rised their prices for a man's hair-cut from 60 to 80 Baht, no matter if you are a Thai or a Farang.
On Soi Photisarn (Naklua) some hairdressers are asking 60-70 Baht only for Thai customers, but up to 200 Baht if the head belongs to a Farang.
TiP (This is Pattaya).

What's the official name of Beach Road?
What's the correct name of Beach Road?
The correct name is:
Pattaya Sai Nueng
(Pattaya 1st Road).
It starts at the Dolphin Roundabout and ends at the Bali Hai Pier.

Wear Pink
instead of Red
Wearing red clothes during Chinese New Year is an old tradition.
But a new campaign announced by the chairman of the Chinese Thais Association and Thailand's TV stations was urgeing people to wear pink clothes to celebrate Chinese New Year.
Red has become a symbol of social division in the country, the promoters said.
Supporters of the anti-government United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) are wearing red shirts...

Walking Street's
latest Attractions
Walking Street's latest Attraction
Walking Street is the preferred destination for all eye-catching people.
alking Street's latest Attraction

Naklua's Walking Street closed
On February 7th 2010 Pattaya Deputy Mayor Wattana Jantawalanon closed Naklua's Walking Street.
The project was set up in November 2009 to promote the area as a tourist attraction and it attracted many tourists and local residents.
It is planned to re-open the event again sometime in November 2010 for another three months.

What you really need
in amazing Thailand.
I got a new neighbour.
The 30-year old Thai man moved in with a few clothes, 2 pairs of shoes, 3 towels, a pack of soaps, a 29-inch LG Flat Screen TV, two mobile phones and - a Toyota Vigo.
Nothing else...

Soho Square announces
Soho Square announces that 'later this year' Jazzmine's Jazz Club will open its door to the public.
Planet Rock, another new venue, remains on Soho Square's billboard.
Some rumors also tell that Black Canyon Coffee will open a branch at Soho Square.

Thailand produces about 40'000 tons of garbage a day, Pattaya up to 400 tons during the same periode, second only to Bangkok.
Therefore Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome signed an agreement with the Provincial Electricity Authority to become the pilot project for PEA's first waste-to-energy plant.
True move already powers (some of) its mobile phone relay stations with energy gained from Pattaya's steady winds.

Nice back
Nice back
Even a nice back can be very informative!.

New Netbooks
During March 2010 all major netbook manufacturer will present their new computers based on Intel's upgraded Atom N470 CPU.
Furthermore Taiwan's major ODM notebook makers have been cooperating with panel makers to develop slim models equipped with frameless screens which are expected to hit the market in second half of 2010. Acer, Sony as well as HP are among their ODM clients.
As usual, the new models will bring down the prices of the current products.

Happy New Year
We do our best to keep you smiling every day.
Even Immigration Police told its officers to smile to their visitors.
Our customers have to leave our office with a good impression of the service they received, a police instructor said.
Lost Virginity
The Verdict
There is sufficient evidence and sufficient legal grounds to seize all the money, said Kaewsan Atipho, a member of the military-appointed Assets Scrutiny Committee that investigated Thaksin after the coup. Therefore it was clear for the nine Supreme Court judges how they had to conclude a case that began after the army ousted Thaksin in 2006.

No matter
Since today, living in Thailand or in Burma is the same, a neighbour told me tonight with tears in his eyes.

There will be another Military Coup this Year
Thailand will see another military coup before the end of this year and Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, deputy army commander-in-chief, will become the next prime minister, rumours say.

Political situation
in Thailand is
tense and uncertain
The Australian Embassy advised its citizens to exercise a high degree of caution because of the current political instability.
The British Embassy said British citizens should stay indoors and monitor the media.
The United States is urging US citizens to avoid demonstrations and to exercise caution within the vicinity of any demonstrations.

from 27 countries
So far, 27 countries are suggesting their citizens be careful while visiting Thailand over the coming weekend.
TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) says it is prepared for crisis.
But are the hotels and all other businesses 'prepared' too?

Bored Thais
A poll says 87.5 per cent of Thais were getting bored with the ongoing political conflict.
According to the same poll, only 28.6 per cent of the quizzed people are supporting prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. He assumed office under unusual circumstances...

The real power in amazing Thailand?
Thailand's prime minister is the most powerful person in the executive branch - so long as he does not try to use his power against the commander of the country's 200'000-strong military.
Thai PMs invariably have to 'be nice' to the army chief, former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra wasn't nice to the army. He tried to clean up the military.

put on hold
The planned deportation of about 1'700 Karen refugees back to Burma by the 3rd Thai Army has been shelved temporarily because of mounting domestic and international pressure.
The Karen refugees fled to Thailand last year following a summer military offensive by Burma's military junta.
Police's Notebook
Cobra Gold 2010
Cobra Gold, which is usually held in May, took place between Feb 1 and 11 this year so that soldiers from participating countries could train in cooler and more comfortable weather.
The annual drill, in which Thai, US, Singaporean, Japanese, Indonesian, and Korean soldiers participated, happened in the navy compound in the coastal province of Rayong and jointly included exercises on disaster mitigation and humanitarian aids, to avoid doubts that the drill is only a war game.
Pattaya's businesses as well as its ladies welcomed the soldiers with open arms.

US Sailors
After participating in the Cobra Gold exercises, more than 4'000 US Sailors are restoring their 4 ships anchoring at Lam Chabang port.
During their leisure time the commanders organize excursions to Pattaya and other parts of Thailand. An army spokesman said that the soldiers like Pattaya because of its unsurpassed hospitality.
In fact Pattaya is an eye-opener for all this people. At home, in the States, they will tell their families, friends and neighbours with sparkling eyes that our world provides a lot more than General Motors, McDonald's and Disneyland.
We don't understand why Pattaya Police equate this important cultural encounter with prostitution.
Sometimes our Police seems to suffer from 'professional deformations'.

Bribe taking Policechief
The chief of Police Region 2, which covers Chon Buri (including Pattaya) and the eastern provinces, has been transferred to an inactive post following allegations that he accepted bribes from officers in return for their promotion.
Any senior police officers who were found to have paid for their positions would be revoked of their promotion, my source said.
And the Tsunami reached Pattaya...
Col. Noppadon Wongnom was revoked from his position as Pattaya Police Superintendent as well as Royal Thai Police Secretary Lt. Gen. Achin Chotiwong and many of the ranking staff in the Pattaya Police Station have been demoted and transferred.
Also out are Col. Sutham Chaoseethong, deputy superintendent for crime suppression at the Pattaya Police Station, Lt. Col. Chanapat Nawalak, deputy chief of detectives as well as inquiry inspectors Lt. Col. Sumet Hanwisai and Lt. Col. Samroeng Ratananam together with six other investigative inspectors.
Inspector Lt. Col. Suwan Un-Anan from Pattaya Tourist Police was demoted too.
Most of them denied the allegations and claimed that it is natural in amazing Thailand that those in power appoint those loyal to them.
Promotions in Thailand happen between friends, if you don't have any you have to buy some.
Happy holidays!
There are also questions how Pattaya’s new police superintendent, Nantawut Wasuwanla-Ong, secured his job. He is the fourth superintendent in Pattaya in less than a year!
A never ending story...

Don't tell Police
Don't tell Police what you do with your darling after you barfine her.
Police believe, but doesn't know(!), that many of these rendezvous are sexually related - and that is prostitution, which is illegal in this country.
Therefore Pattaya's Police announced a crackdown on barfines.
If the barfine goes into a pocket of a foreigner then his visa will be revoked and he will be expelled from the Kingdom, if the beneficiary is a Thai he will be arrested for sex for sale, Police says.
According to the Police the crackdown will start this month, but I guess they have to stop their (fundraising) campaign, Thailand's prisons are already overcrowded and the police itself can't stand the loss of many of its best people (or - at least - their wives) ...

Dear Police
The ladies working here in Pattaya aren't prostitutes.
They are the world's best storytelling entertainers and that's the only reason we barfine them.
If the ladies like to do some additional exercises we usualy don't say no. We are gentlemen and are enjoying every single minute.
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No Smoking Area
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Pattaya News Flash February 2010 - The Source!
NightWalker's News
from Pattaya, a city dreaming of a monorail transportation system.
NightWalker recommends: Do not believe everything!
Pattaya's Sky Train - expensive and not at all as comfortable as promised by our Mayor!
Pattaya's Sky Train - traveling by the projected monorail transportation system will be a lot more expensive than a Baht Bus ride and will not be as comfortable as promised by our Mayor and his consultants!
But - we like the picture and the idea! Sightseeing à la Disneyland.
Not so free education in Pattaya
Pattaya's policy of 15 years of free education for students has caused some confusion, Pattaya City Hall says.
City Hall clarifies that items such as practice books, education instruments and uniforms, must be provided by parents of the students.
We are confused too, but about the quality of Thailand's education system.
Being educated for 15 (?) years, most Thai people aren't able to calculate the fuel consumption of their motorcycles or cars.
New Hotel on Soi Buakhaow
New Hotel on Soi Buakhaow
On February 14th 2010 the all new Nature View Hotel on Soi Buakhaow opened. It is located opposite of Soi 15 in the southern part of Soi Buakhaow and offers attractive room rates during its promotion period:
Room rates start at 800 Baht/night instead of 1'200 Baht.
The rooms are air-conditioned, have 29-inch Satellite connected TV-sets and wireless internet connections. Tel: 038-489595-97
Jomtien's Biker Festival
Jomtien's Biker Festival
We have a lot of pictures from the Burapa Biker Weekend on a new page.
January 2010 ended with a funny Bed Race
Pattaya Bed Race 2010
We relocated the pictures from Pattaya's funny Bed Race to a new page.
Lunar New Year Festival at Bali Hai Pier
Lunar New Year Festival at Bali Hai Pier
The Lunar New Year Festival at Bali Hai Pier provided a small temple to celebrate Chinese New Year. The festival happened from February 14th - February 16th, 2010 with free concerts, food boothes and a small market.
Lunar New Year Festival
On Walking Street Lunar New Year started shortly after midnight with sacrificial offerings and the usual fire-crackers.
Lunar New Year Festival
Pattaya officials promised to create a Pattaya Chinatown for the three days of the Chinese New Year Festival at the Bali Hai Pier, but the installation looked a lot more like a small SinghaTown with boothes selling Thai Food, Thai Souvenirs, Thai Wine and the tasty Singha Beer.
Lunar New Year Festival
The colorful stage attracted a lot of people, but surprisingly more Farangs than Chinese. During the first night the concerts were performed mainly by top artists from Hong Kong and China. The following days Thai artists tried to entertain the visitors.
Annoying People
Annoying People:
The most annoying people at almost any Thai event are the announcers.
The Chinese New Year wasn't an exception. Their never ending chatter was to much for some of my Thai neighbours: They left the event.
Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year: The busses arrived by the dozens, 24 hours a day - some with squeaky brakes, 'singing' clutches and not working stop lights, but mostly with happy travellers.
New Year Fortune
New Year Fortune
Spend up to 2'000 Baht (in Royal Garden Plaza's shops) and you will receive Chinese amuletes bringing good fortune on this Tiger year. Some people still believe money can buy fortune. In a corrupt country their vision perhaps can come true, but in Pattaya?!
If you still believe in horoscopes (we call it horrorscopes) and/or fortunetellers then we have the following recommendations:
The perfect dog for the year of the Tiger Spend a day at Underwater World's Tiger Fish show on Sukhumvit Road.
Enjoy a daily massage with Tiger Balm!
End each day of this year with an icecold Tiger Beer.
The year of the Tiger will bring you a fortune, Hong Kong's clairvoyants say, but if your name is Tiger Woods, it will be a disaster.
If you get a lucky day, you can meet this lovely 'Tiger-Dog' on Pattaya's Beach Promenade (opposite of Soi 7)!
News from Soi 8
Build on Sand
Build on Sand
The Beach Bar brought new life into the ruins of Soi 8's former Party Club. Its 'sanded floor' gives the impression to sit on the beach - you only miss the sea.

The Real Girls are back
Real Girls are back
Highway Star is the successor of the unsuccessful Legs Bar. The new bar also changed the format. Its workforce are now real girls.

Central Station
Central Station
Central Bar hopes to be the Central Station for Itthiphol Kunplome's Sky Train. At least its new sign already suggests a real train station.
New Hotel on North Road
Hotel J Pattaya
Hotel J Pattaya
Hotel J opened on Pattaya's North Road, a few meters only from City Hall and Tesco/Lotus. Please click into the picture for more information.
From Disco to Health
Health seems to be the New Trend in Pattaya
From Disco to Health
The building that was the home of the former Palladium Disco and its failed successors get transformed into a health center. 24 new shops will take care of you. We keep you informed how much health you really can expect - as soon as the center opens. In the meantime the masseuses at the popular Palladium Massage in front of the new center can bring relaxation to your sweated body.
The ever changing Walking Street: Latest News
As hinted in our December news...
The Nokout for Pleasure Dome
February 16th 2010:
Pleasure Dome's knockout is official now.
Big dreams are hard to realize, Pattaya is no exception.

Beaver's reopened
February 5th 2010:
Club Beaver's A Go-Go on Walking Street reopened after being closed for 3 days only for refurbishing its interior decoration.
Some clubs on Walking Street seem to profit from professional managements.
Beaver's Club is one of them.

Siren Bar Complex at the entry to Walking Street is installing a moving staircase to its 2nd floor
February 5th 2010:
Siren Bar Complex, at the entry to Walking Street, is installing an escalator to its 2nd floor and hopes to attract new investors to fill up the empty spaces.
According to our latest information all 22 shops got investors - but wait until the opening day(s)...

Simon's Bar Complex, the old one across from Tony's Disco, installed a new Sign.
February 5th 2010:
Simon's Bar Complex, the old one across from Tony's Disco, installed a new Sign.

There is life in the old dog yet.
On the back of the new sign we discovered an old relic:
The club has gone a long time ago, but not its sign.
Afterlife: The club has gone a long time ago, but not its sign...
No more Ice Cream
... as Simon's weather beaten old sign. Probably this sign will survive the next generation of bargirls - perhaps even a second or a third one - and it will tell Walking Street's visitors from the good times it had during the nineteennineties.

Sisterz closed
February 1st 2010:
As announced by its managing director, Sisterz A Go-Go had its last night on January 31, 2010.
The venue will reopen after a complete re-modelling.
Pattaya Sweethearts informed us that Sisterz A Go-Go shares the same professional management as the Beach Club on Soi 15, Happy A Go-Go on Soi Happy, Peppermint A Go-Go and Baccara on Walking Street.
According to this information Peppermint A Go-Go will be re-located to the ground floor of the marine complex - later this year.
New: On a new small stage at the Soi 15 entry of the Beach Club you can now 'preview' some of its dancers.

Happy A-Go-Go
Happy A-Go-Go got a new sign made in LED Technology - and probably more reliable than the usual neon signs - but keep in mind, it's made in Thailand too.

No more Ice Cream
The Ice Cream booth at the large Tuna Bar across from Double Six (66) Disco closed. The management removed the shop and relocated the band to the front.
No more Ice Cream
The back of the bar, formerly the stage of the band, has filled up with snooker tables. Since the band plays in front of the bar, the venue is packed with visitors almost every evening.

From Catz to Toyz
Catz A-Go-Go on Soi 16, off Walking Street, closed and reopened as ToyZ A-Go-Go.

The last letter of the alphabet seems to be popular in Pattaya: CatZ, ToyZ, SisterZ, TeaZerS ... Any explanation(Z)?

At the very same location on Soi 16 a new 'international discotheque' called Irony installed its signs and opened its lights - closed them a few days later - and opened them again.
Nowadays obviously a popular game in this part of Walking Street...
Soi Thai Pannit
Soi Thai Pannit
With the opening of this branch at Soi Buakhaow's (night)market, Siam Commercial Bank (in Thai: Thai Pannit) runs 3 boothes within about 500 meters. We recommend to rename Soi Buakhaow to Soi Thai Pannit.
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day
Valentine's day is an important day whole over Asia and Pattaya is no exception: City Hall and its staff prepared a nice garden with an illuminated heart near the entry to Walking Street. Popular with visitors from all over the world.
EZ often means lazy
EZ means lazy
Sometimes a real lady is working here - and then you get a tasty meal and a perfect service with a smile.
EZ runs its EZ'S Kitchen at Carrefour, at CentralFestival and at Tesco/Lotus' South Pattaya branch. The boothes prepare food that is popular among Farangs as well as Thais.
It seems that EZ'S management prefer to work with Gays and Ladyboys and that's the problem:
At Carrefour the booth is without a cook about 2 out of 3 visits. The cook is somewhere else, but not at his working place. The people working in the neighbourhood know it - and are smiling only.
At CentralFestival the Ladyboy starts cleaning his kitchen shortly after 20:00 . If you try to place an order he regularly answer that he ran out of rice (or spaghetti, depending on your order). Here too, the neighbours have a smile only for his answer.
At Tesco/Lotus the Gay cook told me twice at around 20:00 that he already is working overtime and don't will accept any orders anymore.
We took the picture on February 02, 2010 at 16:19 at Carrefour Central Pattaya. The booth was empty for about 20 minutes.
Next Major Tennis Event
Pattaya Open 2010
Women's World Tour Tennis 2010
Women's World Tour Tennis 2010 happened in Pattaya from February 07 - 14, 2010, at the Dusit Thani Hotel at Pattaya's Dolphin Roundabout.
We tried to collect more information in front of the tournament, but we couldn't get any, not on Pattaya Business & Tourism Association, their latest information dated back to December 31, 2009 and not on Pattaya City, Pattaya's official Website (written in Thai only), nor on Pentanglepromotions, Thailand's largest sport event promoter and in charge for this event, they had comments about last year's event only - and at Sony Ericsson, the main sponsor, we could find the 2010 Sony Ericsson WTA Tour Tournament Calendar only. At last it mentioned Pattaya's tournament.
Nevertheless, at the Dolphin Turnabout the two Khunplome (or Khunpleum) brothers welcomed all visitors of Pattaya with a big smile... TiP (This is Pattaya!)
The Khunpleum brothers
Stickman closes his Website
Stickman closes
'The sector of Thailand's commercial sex industry for foreigners is a major blight on the country's image. The women lured into it often leave in a much worse situation than when they entered. If the industry was shut down, Thailand would be better off' Stickman wrotes. He announced to shut down his website in favor of a new blog devoted to traditional Thai culture and family values.
But he is wrong:
It's not the so called Sex Industrie that is destroying Thailand's image in the world, Thailand's politicians, Thailand's military, Thailand's police, Bangkok's Elite, Thailand's investment policy, the wide spread and widely accepted corruption and Thailand's underdeveloped education system are constantly destroying Thailand's reputation.
Compared with the ladies working upcountry in Thai brothels for Thai men the ladies working for and with Farangs can enjoy a comfortable life - and many even like their job.
Thai ladies working at Thai brothels and Thai Karaoke bars for Thai customers outnumbers by far the girls selling their services to Farangs.
The Tramps are Back
The Tramps are Back
Tramps A Go-Go opened on Soi Diamond. The venue is located on top of the famous Windmill Club. The bar was closed since May 2008.
New on Soi Honey
New on Soi Honey Inn
Lollipop Pub opened on Soi Honey. The new venue is located across from Sawasdee Hotel, about 30 meters in front of Soi Buakhaow.
The new bar has a similar layout as the popular Anna Jet Beer Bar on Soi 7.
From New to New
Some people seem to have too much money...
Some people seem to have too much money...
Honey Inn, the hotel on Soi Honey (also known as Soi 11) opened during October 2007 after a complete rebuilding. Since a few weeks, and in the middle of Pattaya's High Season, the hotel closed again for renovations.
A very unusual practice, even in Amazing Thailand...
Honey Inn Hotel
On the back of the hotel, on Soi 10
On the back of the Honey Inn Hotel, on Soi 10, there is a large building site. A sign tells that, in a few month, there will be a new entertainment area with bars, karaoke and massage premises.
During the last few weeks I visited Soi Honey - or Soi 11 - a few times, and the small bars were packed like sardines every single evening. Don't ask me why. I don't have any explanation for the phenomenon.
My lady has one: The ladies in Soi Honey are clever and catch the guests from the Soi's hotels and guesthouses before they are able to leave the street...
Act now!
From Miss Siam & Noodi to Goldfinger
From Miss Siam to Goldfinger
The Gold Finger Massage Center replaces Miss Siam, the restaurant, and Noodi, the noodle bar on Baywalk City Walk on Pattaya Beach Road. The restaurants closed during October 2009.
Sometimes I get the impression Pattaya must have as many massage shops as beer bars - or even more. I am just waiting until the city (or somebody else) opens a Soi Nuat (Soi Massage) or a Massage Shopping Center right here in Pattaya.
I am shure it will happen in the very near future...
Or how about a Pattaya Massage People or a Pattaya Massage Mail newspaper?
Israel's Mosad and its supporting politicians showed their real face in Dubai.
It's time that western countries terminate their support for people solving their problems like Italian's Mafia.
iFarang™ ©2010
Some years ago the CIA provided the world with completely false information about Irak's weapons of mass destruction.
Why I should believe in any of their latest datas published about Iran and North Korea?
iFarang™ ©2010
Carbon reduction:
Save the Earth: Replant the Planet.
Replant the planet.
This world spends 1'340 billion US$ every year on arms.
Think about it.
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Silly PitPit says
Gillette™ -
the best a man can get.
The second best you will get in Pattaya. Go for it!
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