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April 2010
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April 1st 2010
April 1st 2010 Jokes
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Do your job with honesty and faithfulness.
His Majesty the King of Thailand said to newly-appointed judges on April 26th: 'There may be some people in the country who forget to perform their duty. You should set an example by doing your job with honesty and faithfulness'.

Paris still alive
Paris A Go-Go on Soi Diamond was open and its girls were dancing whole the night on April 27th, despite some reports on internet sites mentioning the closure of the bar.

Low Season
Since a few days almost every woman, even the one that never had a smile for me, call me a 'handsome man'.
This low season must be very low...

The worldwide acting carriers contribute 1.6% NO2 only to the global output.
New discovery in Australia shows that the surface of the sun expanded significantly. The scientists say this phenomenon is responsible for the global warming and not NO2!
I'am just waiting for Greenpeace: Who is responsible for the expansion of the sun?

Doner Mania
Doner Mania
Since a few months Pattaya is a Doner-City.
Doner Kebab is almost everywhere in Pattaya.
Doner even conquered Carrefour's Foodcourt.

Compare Prices!
Compare Prices!
Seen on Pattaya's Beach Road, a few meters from Mike Shopping Mall.
On Soi Hollywood, South Pattaya, you can get it for 80 Baht...

Compare Prices!
Euro 79.99
Aldi in Belgium sells the popular 720p HD Video Camera from Creative for less than 80 Euro (about 3'400 Baht)!
Big C sells the Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD100 1080p HD Video Camera for 3990 Baht!

Compare Prices!
A pack of 20 pcs of Ovaltine's popular 3in1 sticks costs 97 Baht at BigC, but 116 Baht at Carrefour (+20%!).

Ads for a closed disco
Ads for a closed disco
The LED Billboard at the entry to Walking Street is always publishing advertisements for the closed B-52 on Soho Square.
It also announces the following new venues for the ailing place: Planet Rock, Abbey Road, Temptation, Jazzmine's and Coffee World.
Formerly announced Black Canyon Coffee disappeared from the list.

Out of money!
Tour operators are urging the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to help hundreds of tourists from Scandinavia.
They have been stuck at Suvarnabhumi Airport for four days after most flights to Europe were cancelled due to Iceland's volcanic ash cloud over European skies.
Many of the independent tourists have no money and have to stay many nights at the airport, Apichart Sankary, an honorary adviser to the Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA), said.

No help from Thai!
Thai Travel Agents Association (TAA) said more than 10'000 Thai tourists were stuck in Europe.
Many Thai tourists report that Thai Airways hasn't lent a hand to help passengers over there, but Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa had taken care of their clients as much as possible, by arranging free accommodation and some meals.

3D TV without glasses!
Before you buy a 3D Television Set consider that a German company just demonstrated a series of 3D naked-eye displays at the Finetech Japan 2010 in Tokyo.
The new parallax barrier technology allows the viewer to see the 3D images without wearing glasses!
For more information click NewSight GmbH

Heavy rain
stops water splashing!
We report - with a suggestion of irony - that on Saturday, April 17th 2010, heavy rain inter-
rupted residents and tourists to splash each other with ice cold & dirty water...

On Friday April 16th at 16:30 a short-circuit at an air-conditioner caused a fire at Tahitian Queen A Go-Go on Pattaya's Beach Road.
The venue, also known as TQ 1, had to close.
It is said that the bar will reopen 'as soon as possible'.

100% closed
B52 closed again
A few days ago B-52, the nightclub on Soho Square, closed its first floor. Since April 16th the second and the third floor of the venue are closed too.

Good business
Sexy Girls A Go-Go on Soi 8 seems to do some good business. The venue is enlarging its showcase.

Bad business?
Since Wednesday, April 14th, Paradies A Go-Go on Soi Buakhaow is closed.
During November 2009 and January 2010 the venue already turned off the lights for a few days.

Thaitans' Climax
Thaitans Climax
Utopia Lounge's popular noisemaker, the Climax Band, changed its name to Thaitans (of Rock).

Good Bye Elvis
A local character known as Elvis Pattaya had been found dead in his room in Soi Yensabai on April 7th. Medics estimate Pakorn Boonlakorn had died 3 days previously.
Originally Pakorn lived in Bangkok and worked as a teacher. He was a passionate fan of Elvis Presley and moved to Pattaya to perform Elvis songs at local bars and clubs.
There were no signs of any foul play, nevertheless the body was taken away for examination.
The 68 year old man was a local character in his white Elvis costumes.

Pattaya announces another Guinness World Record attempt
On April 26th 2010 Pattaya is organizing a new Guinness World Record attempt.
The Sunlight washing liquid challenge is organised by City Hall in association with Unilever Thai Trading Company.
It will be held along Pattaya Beach, on April 26th 2010, with 10'000 dishes paraded over a distance of 2.5 km, from North Pattaya until the famous Walking Street.

Adieu Moulin Rouge
Moulin Rouge, the one with real Thai ladies on Soi Yamato, closed the door.

New in Pattaya
New in Pattaya
This dog is definitely new in Pattaya.
To make some money a dog has to pose with a bottle of Beer Chang, smoke a cigarette and wear sunglasses from Ray Ban.
That's the way it works in Pattaya
An old hand dog shows how you have to deal with tourists.

Barbie A Go-Go
Do you know that Mattel's Barbies are copies of Pattaya's A Go-Go girls? Barbies never are wearing underwear...

Do you know?
Do you know why the dresses of Pattaya's ladies are so short?
Smile Thailand's clothmaker are manufacturing one size fit all only and believe that all Thai ladies are 140.25cm high.
But please don't ask me why the skirts of Pattaya's small ladies are too short too!
My lady says Pattaya's girls are always short of money and can't afford clothes made from larger fabrics.
TiP (This is Pattaya)!
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Pattaya News Flash April 2010 - The Source
NightWalker's News
from Pattaya, the City of (n)everlasting Beauties.
NightWalker recommends
GoodFellas Swiss Mafia presents its Coyote Dancers
Chameleons in Pattaya
Chameleons are demonstrating in Pattaya
Chameleons are demonstrating in Pattaya
People supporting the Thai military and wearing yellow, pink or ordinairy clothes organized their happening on April 28th in front of City Hall on Pattaya North Road - and as last time, when wearing yellow clothes, the group installed an ear-shattering loud speaker system drowning out every other kind of noise.
The Cavern - the replacement for Sisterz A Go-Go on Walking Street - obviously inspired by Joe Louis and his Traditional Thai Puppet Theater on Pattaya City Walk and NOK's Bar.
Doomed to die
Bars are closing
Bars are closing
Many, if not most Bars at the Bar Complex on 2nd Road / Soi 9 closed. Rumors tell that a new Hotel will overtake the place.
Fun left Soi 7
Since a few days the door to Soi 7 Fun Bar, a few meters only from Beach Road, are closed too.
Long time rumor says
Since a few years a rumor tells that all the bars on Soi 8, between Central Station (Soi 8) and We are the World (Beach Road) have to make space for another new hotel project...
Naklua unaffected
Serving mostly tourists and expats from Germany, Austria and Russia, Naklua's Bars seem to be unaffected from the current problems.
New Hotel
All the Bars between Soi 8 and Soi 9 closed
All the Bars between Soi  8 and Soi 9 closed
All the bars on Pattaya's Beach Road, from the entry of Soi 8 to Pattaya's Police Station on Soi 9, closed. They have to make space for a new hotel of Pattaya's Eastiny Group. It will be built in front of the well-known Flipper Hotel on Soi 8.
It seems some people believe Thailand will recover from its current turmoil...
Asian Elephants go London
Elephants in London
Pattaya - as well as most other cities in Thailand - try to ban elephants from their streets.
Not so London: From May 23rd until the end of July 2010 about 265 Asian elephants created by local artists, designers and celebrities will be set up in and around London.
The Elephant Family is organising the spectacular show. It is being billed as London's biggest public art exhibition. The elephants will appear around the capital in streets, parks and squares. Each of the elephants in the city wide exhibition is the size of a real life adolescent elephant.
After the street exhibition ends, the elephants will be sold in a headline grabbing charity auction at Sotheby's to raise money to protect India's elephants. Elephant parades have already been held in Antwerp and Rotterdam, and after London it will move to New York and Milan. It follows the format of the Cow Parade, which began in Zürich (Switzerland) in 1998 to raise money for charity.
Background information: In just 100 years the elephant population has shrunk by more than 90 per cent, dropping from 250'000 to an estimated 25'000. If current trends continue the Asian elephant will cease to exist in the wild by 2050.
Change of Name
From Beach Promenade to Pattaya Catwalk
From Beach Promenade to Pattaya Catwalk
From Beach Promenade to Pattaya Catwalk
From Beach Promenade to Pattaya Catwalk
From Beach Promenade to Pattaya Catwalk
Pattaya tried to got another entry in the Guinness Book of World Records. This time with the world's largest Catwalk - 1.6 km!
The highlight of the 4-day Pattaya Fashion Week from April 8th to April 11th was the world record trial, which started at CentralFestival Beach Road, U-turned at Central Road and got back to Pattaya's stinky pumpstation at the entry to Walking Street. During the trial Beach Road was closed for traffic.
On April 9th, the night of the catwalk, Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome was one of the many participants. As all other models, Mayor Itthiphol successfully completed the full course.
Yamaha, one of the main sponsors, used the catwalk to presents its latest versions of Fino motorcycles.
If the attempt gets recognized, it is anticipated that City Hall will change the term Beach Promenade to the more international term Pattaya Catwalk.
According to our information, City Hall already asked the press - as well as the police - not to use the term prostitutes anymore for the ladies and ladyboys working on Pattaya's new Catwalk, but the more expressive word models.
It is said that City Hall will also pay the monthly fees to the police for all the ladies and ladyboys working on Pattaya's Catwalk. They are our best-known ambassadors, NightWalker cited Pattaya's Mayor IItthiphol Kunplome.
Rip-Off on Beach Road
Be careful buying a cheap suit in Thailand
The running of a tailor shop has became a huge industry generating large profits.
That's the reason why there are so many tailor shops at almost all tourist destinations in Thailand.
But be careful, according an investigation conducted by Bangkok Post's Spectrum only 5% of these shops are honest.
You can be shure that shops on Pattaya's Beach Road employing toots trying to catch your hands or arms are out to make quick money only and do not deliver quality clothes.
Spectacular Views over Northern Pattaya!
Don't believe into the Pictures in your Brochure -
This is the Real Face of Pattaya!
Clean Pattaya
Clean Pattaya
Clean Pattaya
Clean Pattaya
Clean Pattaya
NightWalker shot this pictures not 'somewhere else', but in the middle of Pattaya, only a few meters behind a well-known Shopping Center, in the neighbourhood of Pattaya City Hall and a few meters in front of a large living area.
People are ditching everything:
Plastic bags, garbage cans, toilet seats and complete toilets, bookshelves, edibles and even ghost houses...
The area is now a popular meeting point for straying dogs and rats.
NightWalker knows this quarter for more than 4 years.
During all that time nobody made the slightest attempt to clean up the place.
From time to time a despaired resident tries to set a fire to remove the stench from the Garbage Street.
TiP-too (This is Pattaya too)!
The popular tempel festival with traditional Thai Theater happened at Wat Chaimongkon on South Road from April 1st until April 7th.
From 5 Baht to 100 Baht you could buy almost everything: Food, drinks, shoes, watches and clothes for people, animals and Mattel's Barbies...
For real animals you had to pay a few Baht more.
Siren Square opens...
Ready to take off: Siren Square
Siren Square
On April 1st the new shopping complex on the southern end of Beach Road opened with a dangerously sloped and slippery entry.
Siren Square
In front of the building and visible from Beach Road is a bar with some coyote girls (or ladyboys?).
Siren Square
Siren Square
Inside of Siren Square is space for shops. A coming boulevard café will provide a panoramic view over Pattaya's beach...
Siren Square
...but also a not very attractive outlook on the nearby and sometimes stinky pumping station.
Most shops were not ready to attract visitors on April 1st.
Obviously it will take some time until you can enjoy whole the place.
There are still some shops waiting for investors...
Movie on Walking Street
Chang on Walking Street
Chang on Walking Street
Until April 2nd a professional movie company filmed sequences for Chang Beer advertisings on Walking Street. Visitors acted as supernumeraries.
The new movie seems to suggest Beer Chang and Chang Drinking Water are the perfect drinks for athletes...
Chang on Walking Street
Chang on Walking Street
Chang on Walking Street
Obviously the new clips will 'entertain' you during the football world cup transmissions from South Africa.
Chang on Walking Street

Chang on Walking Street
Chang on Walking Street
Never believe in Experts
Experts are talking rubbish only!
A few weeks ago I followed a TV show. An expert explained that it isn't important to count the calories. The problem with todays population is the absence of physical exercise(s), he said.
About 40 years ago every single person walked about 24 kilometers a day. The latest survey shows that the average American walks about 400 meters, the average European about 600 meters a day, the expert explained.
Because I couldn't find find any surveys about Thai people I decided to fellow some of my neighbours during their days. The result of my survey is shattering.
Thai people park their motorcycle or car just in front of the entry to their house. The distance between their living room and their vehicle is about 5 meters only.
Arriving at their working place they park their vehicle in front of the building, the bar or the Go-Go club. If there is a prohibition for parking the businesses usually have their own drivers, parking the vehicle at a nearby parking area.
Walking distance to the working place never was more than about 10 meters.
My survey showed me, that the average Thai is walking between 20 to 40 meters only a day.
Thais really face a big problem: The complete absence of any physical exercise.
I had a look at my lady. She does excatly the same as my neighbours. Her motorcycle parks about 2 meters in front of the entry. For shopping she never goes to a shopping center. She drives her bike to the market and parks it in front of the stall and drives it to next booth if she needs something else. Visiting her girlfriends, she parks the motorcycle just at their front doors.
I try to be a shining example not only for my lady and her daughter but also for all my neighbours. I am walking a few hours every single day and ride my bicycle at least 2 hours a day. Nevertheless, I can not impress that lazy Thai people with my daily exercises.
All my neighbours are slim, without the slightest sign of some overweight.
The only one on my location that has too many kilos on his body is a farang: Me!
Never believe in experts and their statistics. They are talking rubbish only!
Update: An expert on Thai TV just claimed "all editors of Websites are overweighted". "We don't know the real reason yet, but it's a known problem of the World Wide Web. The cause is probably introduced by a virus. If you want stay healthy and in good shape, never run a Website!", the professor from a well-known Thai University said - and my lady applauded.
Henry J. Bean is history
Henry J. Bean, the pub and restaurant in front of the Amari Hotel on Beach Road closed. Its management decided that the beautiful old building needs a facelift. It will be transformed into an 'old English Pub' with traditional English food, a Pizza oven (to prepare that food?), large LCD / TV screens & video projectors for viewing world sports events and - a new name of course: The Tavern!
A tavern with Beer Chang instead of some good old French and Italian wine?
Amari Tutti Frutti would be a more suitable name...
Thai Pizza
Made the Thai Way
Ouane, a 30-year old Thai woman is working for a Pizza company in Pattaya. Her husband is working in Chiang Mai to make his living and to support his wife and his 1-year old son. Ouane has a supplementary income: During a few nights every month she is chasing Farangs on Pattaya's Walking Street.
Why I tell you this story?
Ouane's son didn't got the face of her mother or his father, but the one from his father's best friend which is living just around the corner from Ouane's appartment...
If you like stories like this, published some more...
Beautiful Pattaya
Beautiful Pattaya
Songkran Mania
Songkran Mania
Preparing the car for the Songkran Mania.
Songkran Mania
Songkran Mania in front of the new Right Spot Bar on Pattaya's Beach Road.
Silly PitPit says
Welcome to the Water Splashing City!
The word Massage seems to originate from Massacre on Aged People.
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