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November 2009
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Soi 7 Bar closed
Sunisa, the bar opposite of the O-La-La Restaurant on Soi 7, closed.
The venue is on the block.

Too cold
for Ice Cream?
Too cold for Ice Cream?
TimeOut takes a time out and closed its ice cream outlet on Walking Street. Its lovely comic figures disappeared too.

Global Warming?
Wide parts of Asia, including Thailand, Japan and China, are facing temperature 4 to 8 degrees below average...
Keep in mind:
Global Warming®™ is big business and not a reality - but Climate Change is a reality - since many millions of years.

99 Baht Breakfast
99 Baht Breakfast
Every morning from 07:00 to 14:00 Dine for 99 Baht on Soi Diana Inn is now serving a breakfast for 99 Baht.

Increasingly corrupt
According to Transparency International 'people of the business community and country analysts see Thailand as an increasingly corrupt country'.

Coyotee Club closed
Coyotee Club closed
The Girls, the Coyotee Club on Pattaya's Third Road closed.
Some months ago The Girls replaced the failing Embassy Club on the same location.

The Bed
The Bed Pattaya
Amari Nova Suites on Soi Sukrudee (Soi A.R.) announced the opening of a completely new kind of entertainment:
The Bed!
The new bar features private bed and dining areas, DJs, hostesses and exclusive floor shows.

New in Jomtien
New in Jomtien: Just Burgers
Just Burgers, a small open booth, on Jomtien Beach Road.
New in Jomtien: Tomas
Tomas, the Wine Bar and Restaurant, also on Jomtien Beach Road.

Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon A-Go-Go at the back of Best Friends Bar Complex on Pattaya Beach Road closed (temporarily?).
The closure isn't the consequence of global warming - Pattaya is badly missing its Farangs.

is back in Town
Paradise A-Go-Go on Soi Buakhaow reopened its venue on November 12th, after celebrating its 10th anniversary the night before.
Its 'angels' shouted a warm 'welcome' at all passing strangers.
A city featuring Heaven and Hell is in need for a real Paradise too.

Gaming in Thailand
Almost all kind of games are banned in the Kingdom of Thailand, nevertheless a reliable internet connection remains a game of chance in this country.

'High Tech' Thailand
Internet connection to international Websites are slow in this beautiful country, mostly below 50kb/s.
Connection rates of up to 300kb/s are available for local Thai sites only...
If you connect mainly to international sites you don't need an expensive High Speed connection here in Thailand...

Buakhaow Market
At the entry to the popular daily night market on Soi Buakhaow a well-known Thai bank is building an office. It will include an exchange booth and ATM facilities.

Fantasy A-Go-Go
Fantasy A-Go-Go, Pattaya's smallest Go-Go Club at the new Simon Bar Complex on Walking Street already closed.
Fantasy had its opening during the last week of October 2009...

Tesco/Lotus sells a War College Set at its Supermarkets in Pattaya.

Not impressed
Not impressed in Money
Apparently this dog isn't impressed in money...

Jenny Bar closed
Jenny Bar on Soi 8 closed.
The bar is on the block.

Soho Square News
Soho Square News
Pyramida reopened as Russian Billard Club.
B-52 reopened as Discotheque with European Girls and Chinese Food...
Southern Swing Saloon closed.
Widely announced Night Market got shelved.
As mentioned last month, Utopia reopened its A-Go-Go on the second floor and its Rock Club Lounge got a new layout.
The Wild Cat Bar got a new management and a new name: Fantasy Sports Grill.
All other facilities remain closed and are available for new investors.

2 Airports in Bangkok
Thailand's Government decided to keep both Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi international airports operating.
To create competition between the two airports the Transport Ministry will set up a new company to manage (military-owned) Don Mueang Airport.

Beach Road Market
Beach Road Market
Beach Road Market from October 26 to November 2nd. The Beach Road Promenade was crowded with hungry Thai people.

Credit Card Fraud
During October 2009 Pattaya Police arrested 3 Russians for using forged credit cards to withdraw money in Pattaya.

Fat Joe's Halal Food
Fat Joe's Halal Food on Walking Street is now selling Kebab too - and, as expected, more expensive than other outlets.

Stupid Billboard
stupid advertisement on Sukhumvit Road
Louis Tussaud's Waxwork's stupid advertisement on the main road to Pattaya.
The billboard told Thai people: 'Hitler isn't dead'.
Motorcycle helmets bearing Nazi symbols remain popular in Thailand and are on sale at many shops along Pattaya's Beach Road and on Walking Street. During the last few years Nazi imagery even appeared in local advertisements.
Sometimes Thai entrepreneurs do not think a lot.
Perhaps you can still remember the unsaintly Bin Laden Bar Complex on Pattaya's Second Road or the new Tito Fashion Tailor on Beach Road...
It shows again that good education doesn't have a high priority in Thailand.

Soi 6/2, the dark street behind the popular Soi Yodsak (Soi Sexpresso) is now fully 'in the hand' of kratoeys...

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Pattaya News Flash November 2009
NightWalker's News
from Pattaya, the City of highly skilled Thai Workforces.
NightWalker recommends:
Pattaya, the city that starts every single day with a new surprise.
Walking Street in Naklua
Walking Street in Naklua
Walking Street in Naklua
On Saturday November 21st 2009 Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome opened Naklua's 'Walking Street' at the 'Northern end' of Naklua's Main Road.
The street was crowded with - hungry - Thai people and the street-vendors had a lot of tasty Thai food to offer.
I could spot a lot of happy faces, faces I never could see at Pattaya's famous Walking Street.
The organizer opened also a Singha Beer Garden at the small bridge at the end of the road.
During the next few months the Naklua Walking Street market will open every Saturday and Sunday.
Naklua isn't Pattaya - it's Thailand.
Walking Street in Naklua
New A-Go-Go
Baby Boom A-Go-Go
Baby Boom A-Go-Go
The way to Baby Boom A-Go-Go
The entry to the (nameless?) Soi is between Pattaya's famous 'Rich Bar' and the 7-eleven store.
The way to Baby Boom A-Go-Go
Opposite of the well-known Siam Sawasdee Hotel on Soi Buakhaow is a small Soi connecting Soi Buakaow with Soi X-Zyte. This Soi is the home of a new club. The name of the new venue is Baby Boom A-Go-Go. The new club is part of the OUD Bar at the knee in this Soi.
New Disco on Walking Street
New Disco on Walking Street
On Thursday December 10th 2009 HSPTL plans to open its new Discotheque on the second floor of King's Café on Pattaya's Walking Street.
Thailand Championship
Superbike 2009
Thailand Championship
On November 15th Thailand Championship Superbike 2009 happened at the Bira Circuit in Pattaya with the famous Thierry Perenon from France. The well-known Champion is spending his life together with his beautiful wife from Northern Thailand right here in Pattaya.
Happy Birthday!
7 Years Simon Beer Bar Complex
7 Years Simon Beer Bar Complex
On November 7th 2009 Simon Beer Bar Complex partied its 7th anniversary.
What a pity that they forget to renovate the Simon Beer Bar sign for the party!
The all new Pattaya I
Announced to open around November 1st 2009
Pleasure Dome
Pleasure Dome, the new A-Go-Go on Walking Street, featuring 'hundreds of beautiful ladies'. The new venue was not ready to open on November 1st.

Cosy's A-Go-Go
Cosy's A-Go-Go on Walking Street, just in front of Bartime's. Opened on November 1st 2009.

Baccara A-Go-Go
Baccara A-Go-Go on Walking Street, the bar with the 'see through' glass floor. The successor of Molly Malone's Pub was not ready to open on November 1st.

Double Six Disco
Double Six Disco Club on Walking Street already opened on October 31.

Passion Dance Club
Passion Dance Club, the new A-Go-Go on Soi 6 opened on November 1st 2009 for 1 (one) single night only. The club is located opposite of the popular Betty Boup Dance Club , also an A-Go-Go bar. Both clubs share the same ownership.
The Passion Dance Club will reopen as soon as the owners recruited an adequate number of sexy ladies, I was told.

Discover the all new Pattaya!

French Bistro
French Bistro
Announced as 'New in Thailand', a French Bistro called 'Petit France in Pattaya' opened at the entry to New Living Dolls One A-Go-Go on Walking Street.
The stall offers a variety of baquettes.
Prices start at about 70 Baht for a so called 'French Hamburger', but the venue 'adjusted' the prices daily.
The all new Pattaya II
New Attraction
Rolling Stone Bar 2
The new outfit of the Rolling Stone Bar 2 is Walking Street's latest attraction.

Change of Name
Changed the Name
Changed the Name
The Classroom Beer Bar and the Classroom A-Go-Go, both located on Soi 2 (opposite of BigC CentralCenter), changed their names to Lek's Classroom Beer Bar, respectively Lek's Classroom A-Go-Go.

Pattaya Beer Garden not only is Pattaya's Number One Meeting Point, it seems to be a goldmine too. It is always full of lovely people coming from every corner of this world to spend their holidays in beautiful Pattaya - and, of course, at Pattaya's Beer Garden.

The Grand Beer Night Plaza on 2nd Road got demolished for the second time.
It will reopen somewhere in the future as Golden Dragon Bar Complex.
Halloween Festival 2009
Just another Last Minute Festival
Halloween Festival 2009
On October 30th and October 31 the Kunplome Brothers, together with the Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Beer Chang, organized the Holloween Festival 2009. The Festival attracted a lot of people and presented many popular Thai stars at the beach end of Pattaya's Central Road.
It remains a mystery why City Hall did not announce the festival or the concerts a few months in advance. Until October 25th 2009, the day the first banners appeared, almost nobody had the slightest idea that Pattaya was organizing a Halloween Festival.
But the Kunplome Brothers and TAT will have reasons to surprise the community with last minute events.
I suppose that they are simply not interested in any kind of festival tourism and are working hard and do their best to entertain the citizens of Pattaya only.
Halloween Festival 2009
Halloween Festival 2009
Halloween Festival 2009
Halloween Festival 2009
Halloween Festival 2009
Halloween Festival 2009
German Food
Echte Hausmannskost gibt's in Naklua ab 99 Baht!
Echte Hausmannskost gibt's in Naklua ab 99 Baht!
An der Naklua Road, etwa 100 Meter vor der Kreuzung mit der Soi Photisarn, gibt es ein kleines nur mit einer Zeltblache abgedecktes Restaurant mit sechs Tischen.
Unscheinbar, aber von bester Qualität!
Egal was Sie bestellen, Schnitzel mit Bratkartoffeln, einen strammen Max oder eine Bratwurst mit Kartoffelpürree - alles von Hand zubereitet, keine Fabrikware, wie bei Muttern zuhause!
Aber nicht nur Deutsche Hausmannskost ist von guter Qualität, auch viele Thais loben das Thai Food dieses Lokals. Sie können zum Schlemmen also ohne Bedenken auch Ihre Freundin mitnehmen.
Echte Hausmannskost gibt's in Naklua ab 99 Baht!
If you like authentic German Food, try this small Restaurant on Naklua Road, about 100 meters in front of the Soi Photisarn crossover. The food is worth every single Baht.
Official Scam
Thailand's plus is a skilled Workforce...
Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled work force...
Pattaya Beach Promenade after some rain: The Promenade got an expensive restoration a few years ago - realised by Thailand's 'highly skilled workforce'. Pattaya's taxpayers had to pay many millions of Baht for this stuporous work.
Chonburi's Senator Surachai Chaitrakulthong is luring potential investors from Taiwan and other countries by promising 'Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled workforce...' - but he gracefully forget to mention that the output by one Singaporean is equal to that of eight (!!!!!!!!) lazy Thai workers.
Pattaya Police does not know the law
Parking on Zebra Crossings is prohibited by Law
Parking on Zebra Crossing is prohibited by Law
Pattaya's Police never was a shining example: Drivers in Bangkok risk a 1'000 baht fine if they stop their cars at a zebra crossing, but Pattaya's Police seems to ignore every single law - or doesn't know any.
Working in Pattaya
Working in Pattaya isn't always a Pleasure
Working in Pattaya isn't always a Pleasure
Hard working people in Soi Yamato.
The latest news from Dubai prove true it again:
Experts and Analysts are worthless and completely superfluous people.
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Silly PitPit says
I am recycled.
Ahead into the Past
In its trailer to World Watch Channel News Asia shows that the world is a disc and not a globe.
We are already planting the seeds for the next crisis.
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Silly PitSilly Pit asks...
Why I get punished with a high price, when I am buying a drink for a lovely bar lady?
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