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August 2011
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Still Empty!
Produced, installed and paid, but never used.
Produced, installed during May 2010 and paid, but never used.
On December 16th 2010 the Chief of the Sea Rescue Teams of Pattaya promised to rectify this shortfall in the near future.
Nevertheless, the observation towers are still empty...
Obviously City Hall likes to waste the taxpayer's money.

End of Month
& Empty Pockets?
On Monday Night, August 29th, at about midnight, a handfull of policemen captured 3 pic-ups full of Pattaya's nicest ladies at their famous catwalk along Pattaya's Beach Road.
As almost every month the handsome officials escorted them to their headquarters on Soi 9.
Police aren't Gentlemen: The ladies had to pay for the involuntarily excursion ...
On Tuesday night the same procedure:
Police are collecting ladies.
The question remains, why they don't collect the porno dealers on the other side of the street, the Thais that illegaly extort parking fees from tourists and the lenders of motorcycles that are occupying almost all parking lots from Soi Yamoto up to Walking Street.
Perhaps our police don't know what really happens in Pattaya - or their are already participating...

20 Years www!
Do you remember August 6th 1991?
It's the birthday of our World Wide Web*!
Tim Berners-Lee, a british physicist working at the CERN in Geneva (Switzerland), is (was) the inventor of our internet. Thank you Tim! You changed the world forever.
*In Thailand often known as World Wide Waiting...

New Record!
During the last few rainy days we experienced a new internet record:
Dtac's Aircard managed to offer download connections with 5 - 10 kbps throughput. With connections like that it wasn't possible to upload any files...
Same disappointing experiences with truemove's HI-SPEED NET SIM connections.
It's like running on my first 4'800 bps modem some 25 years ago...
That's High Tech in Thailand!

True Hi-Speed?
Do not believe any advertisement:
True move is currently promoting a HI-SPEED NET SIM card.
To upload a 100k file to our server true move needs an average of 85 seconds on a 3.5G aircard.
With Dtac's SIM card and the same hardware you can do the same job within 13 seconds...

AIS 1-2-call
The AIS NetSIM card provides about the same disappointing results as the true move card.
In many cases it is impossible to download two pages at the same time. The attempt ends with time-out messages.
With the AIS as well as with the true move SIM cards we had big problems to connect with Skype.

Gambling is not allowed in the Kingdom of Thailand.
Therefore Thai politicians run casinos in neighbouring countries to finance their election campaigns.
Nevertheless, high-ranking police officers in Bangkok operate illegal casinos on Bangkok's Ratchadaphisek 18 Road and in apartment buildings on Lat Phrao Road. The casinos are overseen by local police and allowed in only high-stakes gamblers.
Illegal drugs were available in toilets of almost all entertainment venues in Bangkok.
Almost all of Bangkok's Taxi drivers know the addresses but Bangkok's Sutthisan police station insisted it was unable to find any illegal gambling dens in its jurisdiction...
On August 29th 2011 Thailand's new Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung ordered the Metropolitan police to shutdown all casinos operating in Tao Poon, Kingphet, Yai Hong and Bang Na areas within three days.
He said he had information that a small casino paid under-the-table money to authorities at the rate of 80'000 baht per hour for eight hours per day and a large casino paid 150'000 baht per hour!
No wonder that Bangkok's police can't find its sponsors...
TiT (This is Thailand).

Red Mill closed!
Red Mill closed!
Since a few days Walking Street's Moulin Rouge on top of King Seafood is closed.
Probably the end of the 'rip-off bar'.

Hallo Halo!
Halo Pub will be the name of the venue replacing Walking Street's well-known Nok Bar. The Classy Inn Hotel sign disappeared, but the rooms are still available.

Beer & Coffee
Beer & Coffee
Beer & Coffee is the name of a nice venue on Soi Buakhaow, just opposite to the entry to Soi Honey (Soi 11).

Reopened - but still on the block!
Amsterdamaged on Soi 6 reopened with girls in front of the bar - but not in its windos. The bar is still on the block.

Same Same
but Different!
Same Same but Different!
Big C Supercenter recently forayed into Thailand's cash-and-carry wholesale market with the launch of its new Big C Jumbo store format.
In Pattaya the company transfered its BigC Supermarket in Southern Pattaya into a BigC Jumbo cash-and-carry market as a direct competitor to the makro cash-and-carry market in the same area. The new store opened on August 18th.
If you go there it's a different story: It's the same 'old' supermarket, but as an owner of a restaurant or a hotel you can get additional discounts on some products.
A friend of mine, who runs a restaurant, told me: It's a deception package. At last for me it's no alternative to makro or Foodland.

As anticipated:
As anticipated: Closed!
Natali, the small disco across the Grand Sole Hotel on Pattaya's 2nd Road, closed. It missed the targeted customers.
Some people here in Pattaya open venues against all reason...

Nana closed
Nana Bar & Massage on Pattaya's 3rd Road, famous for its Happy Hand Massage, closed again. Probably it will reopen during September, as last year - but we couldn't find any message on its door...

- and closed again!
Baby Boom A Go-Go on Soi Buakhaow closed for renovation - and reopened mid August after a successful face lifting - but on Saturday, August 20th the club was closed. It's good to have a few alternatives in the neighbourhood.

New Life!
Motoroom, the closed A Go-Go and Coyote Club on top of King (Seafood) Café on Walking Street, announced to reopen on September 10th 2011!

News from Soi 16
Morning Star closed.
Morning Star, Pattaya's famous Irish Bar on Soi 16, closed - and reopend as Irooni Bar.
irooni bar
irooni bar
Its neighbour, the Black & Blue Bar, also changed its seats to please the new clientele.
Club Relaxxx, the A Go-Go on Soi 16, was closed a few days for refurbishing. It reopened on August 9th.

For your Honeymoon reports that the Samed Resort on Soi Carrefour changed its name.
You can spend your 'honeymoon' now at Honeymoon Inn!
A shorttime room (3hrs.) costs 250 Baht. For a night long 'honeymoon' you have to pay 450 Baht at the nice motel.

More Loveinns!
Rose Inn added 2 Love Inn motels to its ever growing page of Shorttime Motels:
The Rose Inn (above) & the Star Love Inn (below).
Star Love Inn
Both motels are located on Sukhumvit Soi 42, also known as Soi Arunotai Soi 1.

Funny Pattaya
Seen at the vendor's homepage:
ITALIAN SAUSAGE PIZZA, authentic Italian (American) style...
On it's leaflets the same pizza is announced with fresh fennel ground pork, New York style...
Perhaps they should sell it as Mai Lu Si Pizza!

Abbes Bar disappeared
X-Zyte shopping?
Abbes Bar & Restaurant, a well-known meeting point on Walking Street, disappeared from the picture.
Currently, the venue runs without name.

The End of X-Zyte?
X-Zyte shopping?
Last month we reported that Pattaya's popular X-Zyte Disco was closed down for renovation.
Today we learned from rumours that whole the venue will be transfered into a shopping center...

No Shutdown!
The State Railway of Thailand denied a rumour it will soon close down the Airport Rail Link system.
The company's decision to slash the fare for the system's Express Line from 150 Baht to 90 Baht per trip resulted in an increase of the number of passengers on the Express Line from about 300 a day to around 2'000 a day.

On the Way to Pattaya
Two controversial shopping giants are on the way to Pattaya:
On the Way to Pattaya
Amway (Thailand) is preparing a large shopping center on Sukhumvit Road, between Pattaya Central Road and Pattaya South Road.
On the Way to Pattaya
King Power, the self-declared King of Duty Free, selected the same location for his first 'Duty Free' outlet in Pattaya.
Both shops should be ready for Pattaya's High Season, if we get one.

Sexy A Go-Go reopened!
Sexy A Go-Go reopened!
Sexy A Go-Go on Soi 7 reopened on August 1st.
It was closed for a few weeks for refurbishing.

Mum Bar opens!
Mum Bar opens!
Mum Bar, the venue replacing the failed Paris / Atlantis A Go-Go clubs, opened on August 1st 2011.
It's an open bar with coyote dancers located on Soi Diamond between Carousel A-Go-Go and the Rocket Club.

Thais love Thai
As a regular reader of this column you remember our report in our April 2011 publication about Thais Loves Thai - or their very own Language.
Now we learned that the Royal Institute is producing a dictionary of local literature in order to help conserve Thai dialects while it is encouraging children not to be shy when they speak their own dialects.
Students should be encouraged to speak dialects, but learning the central Thai language is also essential, the Royal Institute says.
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Pattaya News Flash August 2011 - The Source
NightWalker's News
from Pattaya, where anything is on sale.
NightWalker recommends Phatthaya
BigC Extra!
Check prices of all goods - before you pay!
108 Baht - or 88 Baht?!
BigC Extra! calculates on August 20th 2011: 99 - 69 = 10!
On Saturday, August 20th 2011, we discovered this announcement at BigC's Extra! store in Central Pattaya.
A packet of NESCAFÉ Rich Aroma 3-in-1 for 88 Baht instead of the usual 108 Baht.
The surprice came at the cashier. She ask the regular price of 108 Baht!
I protested and after waiting for about 10 minutes I got the packet for the announced 88 Baht.
About an hour later I tried it again: BigC's checkpoint showed still the 108 Baht!
Protesting customers can get the goods for the announced discount-price, all others have to pay the full price!
How you would call business practices like this? Scandalous or what?
99 - 69 = 10!!!
Pattaya News
Pattaya changes its face almost every day!
Soi Buakhaow Night Market
Soi Buakhaow: The Family Mart at the entry to Soi Buakhaow's Night Market and the small shops behind it had to make space for a new shop house, similar to the new hangar for the new Made in Thailand Night Market, I was told.
New Night Market
Second Road: The hangar for the new Made in Thailand Night Market takes shape. Scheduled opening: October 2011.
Bar Complex Soi 2
Bar Complex Soi 2
Soi 2: Demolition mood - the bar complex at the entry to Soi 2 makes space for another new hotel in that area.
Sizzler at Royal Garden Plaza
Sizzler at Royal Garden Plaza
Paulaner Bier Garten
New Sizzler at Royal Garden Plaza!
Sizzler at Royal Garden Plaza left its outlet on the ground floor and opened an all new and beautiful restaurant on the 3rd floor of the shopping center, just to the left of Pattaya's famous Paulaner Bier Garten.

Please remember: Royal Garden Plaza's Ground Floor is the 1st Floor at other shopping centers in the city. Therefore RGP's 3rd floor is its 4th floor...
No New A Go-Go on Soi 15
For Sale!
Eazy Room doesn't opens
The heavy announced Eazy Room A Go-Go opening on Soi 15, off Walking Street, was a flop!
The club should replace the failed Fun Room A Go-Go, but failed itself!.
On the opening date a large FOR SALE banner greeted the revellers...
TIP (This is Pattaya)!

If you are a visitor of a business only do not try to open a venue in Pattaya.
Even for successful professionals it is hard to hit their business plans in Thailand.
With all that tea money, key money and the various licences it is almost impossible to make a reliable calculation.
Enjoy the beauty - and the beauties - of Thailand and let your money where it is!
Second Road should read as Soi Phratamnak
Since many months an otherwise reliable publication is publishing a map with a completely wrong street designation. The street shown on the map is not Second Road but Soi Phratamnak - and the shown part of Beach Road is usually known as Walking Street.
New Name, new Price & everything on Sale!
Bodrum for Sale!
Istanbul Palace on Walking Street reopened on July 23rd after some refurbishing.
On August 18th it not only got a new name (Bodrum Kebap House) but also adjusted the price of its kebaps: 99 Baht, up from 79 Baht.
Bodrum for Sale!
The renovated venue is on the block too!
Since a few days work is on the way on Soi Diamond's Club Mirage to revitalize the former A Go-Go Bar.
Do not Ride Jet Ski in Pattaya and Jomtien!
Do not use Jet Skis in Pattaya and Jomtien!
Everybody in the Government and at Pattaya's Police Stations knows it, but nobody stamps-out the scams of Pattaya's Jet Ski operators!
Mike Baird's Cartoons
During the last few years Pattaya-at-Night warned its visitors a few times of the illegal activities of Pattaya's Jet Ski operators. A few other publication, local and international ones did the same, but nothing ever happened.
Sometimes the local authorities announced a meeting or a hearing to tackle the problem but they never launched definitive actions to stamp-out the scams.
A few weeks ago Channel 3, a national TV channel, broadcasted a Jet Ski Scam operating on Pattaya Beach and our officials sought answers as to why this illegal activity has been allowed to occur for many years.
Until our government does its job properly we will warn our visitors and recommend:
NOT to ride any Jet Ski in Pattaya or Jomtien!
Update #1: City Hall informs that just another meeting took place between Deputy Mayor Ronnakit Aegasing and representatives from the Jet Ski Operators from Pattaya and Jomtien. It was decided that further information is needed to be collected before decisions are given in the very near future...
We must apologize!
In our March 2011 Newsflash we reported about an outburst of our beloved Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunpluem. He reportedly warned the unethical Jet Ski Operators. I have enough! I know your game and your cards have been marked!, he told them.
In retrospect it seems his outburst was nothing else than a stage-managed show to impress the media.
We present our deepest apologies to our readers. It wasn't our intention to misguide our visitors. We really had the impression that City Hall - or at least our Mayor - will tackle the problem seriously.
Update #2: Pattaya Mail reports on August 5th that Pattaya officials are still talking. A day later PattayaOne says the seabed will be a rosy place because all jet-ski operators will have to be licensed on a yearly renewable basis.
Update #3: On August 12th Pattaya Mail reports Pattaya officials finally move against jet ski vendors.
We are waiting for the results - more often than not it was simply blabla by City Hall's officials...
Funny Thailand
Thailand's publishing industry fears copyright theft!
Thailand's new government announced it will deliver a first batch of tablet computers to 800'000 Prathom 1 students in the next academic year.
The announcement created an outcry among Thailand's Publishers and Booksellers. They say the government's plan to distribute tablets to each Grade 1 student would hit both state-run and private textbook publishers as demand for printed textbooks dwindles. Jobs would be at stake.
'Armed' with tablets, all of Thailand's students will be copyright violator, they fear - or already know from their own experiences?!
New Love Inn in Central Pattaya
Love 24 Inn
New Love Inn in Central Pattaya
PattayaSweethearts presents the new Love 24 Inn on its popular Love Inn Page. The new motel is located near Sukhumvit Road on Soi Phon Prapha Nimit 2. As usual PattayaSweethearts published a map to the motel.
Wrong Impression - Unrealised Promises
Wrong Impression
Wrong Impression
During some days Pattaya is full of Tourist Busses. They are responsible for Pattaya's traffic jams and they are occupying Pattaya's last parking lots.
They give the impression that Pattaya is full of tourists. The impression is wrong.
The busses are carring the wrong kind of tourists. They have to visit jewelry shops, Thai massage parlours, an exotic restaurant on the sea and have to leave Pattaya as fast as possible. Most of these tourists stay not longer than 2 (two!) nights, some even less!
Short time tourists. They don't have the time to visit Pattaya's Beaches, Pattaya's Shopping Centers and Pattaya's other attractions. The tourists are so short of time, they not even have the time to visit Pattaya's Shorttime bars.
Nevertheless, some people seem to make a lot of money with this tourists.
Perhaps also the wrong ones...
Wrong Impression
During his election campaign our beloved Mayor of Pattaya promised to keep Pattaya's City free of tourist busses. Times change fast - promises too!
Kiss Food & Drink (and Walk-through)
Cheap Charlies' Accommodation
Cheap Charlies' Accommodation
Cheap Charlies' Accommodation
Now with an
integrated sidewalk!
During the last 2 weeks Kiss Food & Drinks renovated its restaurant on Pattaya's 2nd Road, at the entry to Soi Diana, and integrated the former sidewalk right into the venue.
It's now a bar...
Probably implementable only in a country like - Pattaya!
Kiss Food and Drink's Classroom Benches
Kiss Food and Drink's all new classroom benches - at least easy to clean.
Scream in the Dark!
Scream in the Dark!
Royal Garden Plaza is preparing a new Horror Show on its popular 2nd floor.

Please remember: Royal Garden Plaza's Ground Floor is the 1st Floor at other shopping centers in the city. Therefore RGP's 2nd floor is its 3rd floor...
Cheap Charlies' Accommodation
Cheap Charlies' Accommodation
M.C. Place
is this month recommendation for tourists that like to spend their money somewhere else, but not for the few hours they need for the recreation of their body.
The motel is located on a small, quiet Soi on Pattaya's South Road, a few meters from South Road's Soi 7. Just opposite of Pattaya City Resort.
A room cooled by fan(s) costs 220 Baht/night, rooms equipped with an air conditioner cost 450 Baht/night. The motel opens 24 hours.
In full contrast to Pattaya's 3rd Road, Baht Busses are cruising 24 hours a day on Pattaya's South Road. You seldom have to wait longer than a minute until you can jump on one of Pattaya's most popular public carrier.
Beach Road Weekend Markets
Weekend Markets occupy Pattaya's Beach Promenade
From August 5th to August 7th one of Pattaya's notorious Beach Markets occupied a large part of Pattaya's Beach Promenade and made it almost impossible to have a healthy walk along the sea.
The market was jointly organized by Pattaya City Hall, TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) and a few other organisations and businesses to honor the 11th Food & Hoteliers Expo at the Royal Cliff Beach Resort in Jomtien.
If you wanted to see the sea you had to move over to Jomtien.
In our September 2010 Issue we already reported that around 120 Thai Residents and Business Owners protested against the use of Pattaya's Beach Promenade for temporary markets. Pattaya's City Hall apparently never learns.
No McDonald's at Jomtien
Enjoy your Burger at Jomtien's Cable Grill!
Enjoy your Burger at Jomtien's Cable Grill!
Jomtien's lovely alternative choice to Pattaya's McDonald's: The San Francisco Cable Grill at the entry of Jomtien's Beach Road.
Funny Signs in Pattaya
eataly, 2nd Road Jomtien. Why not? We recommend to eat Italy's debts too.
Fantasialand Thailand
Pattaya not only knows 7-nine, 7-ten and 7-eleven outlets, since a few weeks you can buy phone accessories, SIMM cards, all other phone necessities as well as the market's latest phones at a 7-phone shop on Naklua's Soi Photisarn.
Obviously Thais like puns.
Understanding Thailand
Thailand's Language is different
In Thai the most important part of a description comes first, then the less important part and so on, therefore you can read Bar Beer instead of Beer Bar. For Thai's at least, the Bar is the more important word, not the Beer...
Could be a Bar Beer - but it isn't!
The Thai language knows singular words only. To describe a plural Thais are using category words: Thais are describing two Beer Bars as Bar Beer 2 (sorng) tii (places).
The problem, at least for Farangs, is that almost every word has its own category word: The category word for round goods is bai, but for small goods like glasses it is an. It even can get more tricky, for counting goods having some kind of legs, like tables, stools, any kind of animals and even shirts(!) you have to use dtua. But never use dtua to describe a number of people. With people you have to use khon, with the exeption of monks. The category word for monks is ruup and for small animals you have to use luuk...
Thoorasap is the Thai word for a corded phone, motue describes a mobile phone, but the better educated people, like the ones at Pattaya's Sophon Cable TV Station, use electrosap to describe a phone, ignoring completely that Bangkok's Elite never uses a mobile phone but a BlackBerry or an iPhone or something even more exclusive...
It is said that Thai people are very friendly people. At the end of almost every sentence men use the word krap, women say kha. The words do not have a real meaning, they are some kind of phrase of civility.
Bangkok's Elite and its TV Stations do not like people spreading converse views. Therefore most TV 'debates' are monologues with a few guests. The guests usualy are nodding their heads after each statement of the speaker and are supporting him with a clearly audible krap or kha. With the money they earn with their kraps or khas they can easily finance their life.
But there are some exeptions: Some politician can speak hours without using krap or kha a single time! Nevertheless, Thai people are electing these misfits as their representatives.
Politicians of all colours also like to use the term phii-noong during their speeches. With it they simply call all citizen of the nation brothers and sisters.
Pattaya's Workforce adapted the idea immediately. With the exeption of her mother and the Mamasan all of your lady's cousins, aunts and girlfriends are sisters and all her male teammates, oncles and Thai lovers are brothers.
If you like to give the impression of a good Farang then simply accept the explanation of your lady and say krap.
In Thailand only stupid people ask questions.
Coffee Time
It's Coffee Time
It's Coffee Time at BigC's Extra! Food Court in Central Pattaya.
Clever Police
Bangkok's Police discovered a new source of revenue!
Bangkok is know as one of the world's dirtiest cities.
The never ending traffic is the main source of the air pollution.
Therefore Bangkok Police decided to clean up the air. They started to stop all taxi drivers and checked their licence(s). If a car reached a certain age the police ordered the owner of the taxi to buy an all new vehicle - or to pay 20'000 Baht in cash to the police...
Colorful BigC
Pattaya StreetArt
Colorful BigC
During the last days of July BigC Extra! added some red and white colors on both sides of its entranceway. It seems the motorcycle drivers do not know the meaning of this colors - or the drivers think BigC's management don't know what they painted. Perhaps BigC should replace the (hidden) sign with a correct one...
This is my Place
It's my Place
Dogs in Pattaya are different and sometimes stubborn...
Extremes meet
Extremes meet at Utopia
Extremes meet on Walking Street at Utopia.
Lay Down in Pattaya...
Obviously Thai people can sleep anywhere...
Do not believe any advertisement! You don't need an expensive mattress or a 5-Star Hotel to have a good sleep - all you need is to lay down in Pattaya...
Phone Operators in Thailand
Fixed Line Operators
Cellular Phone Operators (Mobile Phone Operators)
AIS, Advanced Info Service Public Co. Ltd.
Also known as one-2-call.
Current concession will end in 2015.
Current concession will end in 2018.
True Move
Current concession will end in 2013, but since CAT Telecom granted True Move a complicated new marketing contract to operate the former Hutch business the new contract could extend True Move's life by 14 years...
Last Month
McDonald's Walking Street
Sugar Sugar Buakhaow
The Moon Club A Go-Go
Natali Disco, 2nd Road
Dream A Go-Go Soi 16
Mama's Café Soi 6
Basaya Model Club
3D Haunted House
Tiger A Go-Go
NOK Walking Street
MOS Burger CentralFestival
DQ Burgers CentralFestival
Yanee's PIZZA PIZZA CentralFestival
Thailand Tourism Development Centre Walking Street
Toyz A Go-Go Soi 16
Lollipop Pub Soi 11
Toys "R" Us BigC
Honey Pot Soi 2
Sexy A Go-Go Soi 7
X-Zyte 3rd Road
Beer House City Walk
Amsterdamaged Soi 6
Joe Louis' Traditional Thai Puppet Theater
Big Events:
China Circus Show
Cultural Festival of Pattaya and Chonburi
Beach Food Festival

For more information
click July News.
Stop Nuclear Plants!
No Nuke Please!
Never forget Tschernobyl, Hiroshima & Fukushima!
Decomposing Fukushima's nuclear reactors will take 20 years or more.

Tepco Japan August 2011
Do not ride Jet Ski in Pattaya!
Pattaya City Hall doesn't do anything to stop the scam!
Thailand's army has more than 200 helicopters but fewer than half of them are ready to fly.
Last month Thailand's army lost three helicopters and 17 people in crashes.
During the past 10 years Thailand's army lost more than 20 aircraft in similar accidents.
Army chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha quickly shot down speculation that the three choppers went down because they were poorly maintained.
However, he did admit that the army's helicopter fleet is old and the army does not have enough money to keep them in shape.
The Army's Aviation Centre is located in Lop Buri. It takes 'care' of of 240 choppers but only about 90-100 are airworthy.
The army says the tight budget is the problem but it is known that the army often shifted the maintenance budget to purchasing.
Therefore some of the grounded helicopters are carcasses: They have been taken apart and left for three to 10 years.
Gen Prayuth declared 2011 will be the year of weapons. He would push for the purchase of 30 more helicopters.
On August 12th the army's controversial 350 million baht surveillance airship had to made an emergency landing because of problems with its propellers.
During the emergency landing the airship's propellers and engine hit the ground and the bottom part of the craft was partially damaged.
The army would have to pay for the repair costs. The airship's insurance expired on July 23. US-based Arial International Corporation, the supplier of the craft, has refused to extend its warranty...
Chonburi's Senator Surachai Chaitrakulthong is luring potential investors from Taiwan and other countries by promising 'Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled workforce'.
The contrary is true, Thailand's problem is the lack of a skilled workforce.
Stop Corruption!
It starts with a simple tip.

iScientist™ ©2011
Never stop asking -
except in Thailand!

iFarang™ ©2011
MyLady™ says
I'm upcountry.
I need money.

MyLady™ ©2011
It's completely wrong to help people with money!
You can see it with your lady, her family and all over the world:
The people get lazy, ask more and more and bring down your account.
Politicians and lovers will never savvy the reality.

iExpert™ ©2011
Development Aid
Development aid is big business where a lot of people suffer and a favoured few make big money.
Billions Wasted!
The US wasted over $30 billion in Afghanistan and Iraq alone...

Washington Post 29/08/11
Silly PitPit claims
Soi 7 offers dozens of beautiful companions for every single visitor.
State of Emergency
Italy and Spain's debt risks soared to euro-era record highs.
A dangerous development in the eurozone debt crisis.
Nevertheless, the European Commission said that debt rescue planning for Spain and Italy was not on the cards.
Let's wait a few days or weeks - until the countries will be in the same basket as Greece...
On August 12th EU, ECB and IMF okayed fresh Portugal aid of US$16.4 billion, in addition to the US$110 billion the country already got...
Where all that money comes from?
And where it goes?
Never believe an Eurocrat.
US Degraded
Chinese Dagong Agency lowers US rating from A+ to A, with negative outlook...
Be Prepared
The next financial crises is just waiting around the corner.
Urgend Update:
It already arrived.
One of the world's greatest rat calls his compatriots rats and our highly educated politicians supported that rat for years...
A terrorist remains a terrorist during whole his life. History shows it, but politicians will never learn.
On the way to
Royal Garden Plaza!
Don't forget we are in Pattaya (Thailand)!
Not the one you know, but a .... - Don't forget we are in Pattaya (Thailand)!
At Markets
in Pattaya!
Don't forget we are in Pattaya (Thailand)!
Not the one you know, but a .... - Don't forget we are in Pattaya (Thailand)!
Technology News
No Impact
The resignation of Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple Inc. will have little or no impact.
As usual the journalists are transplanting a gnat into an elephant - and a few stupid investors are following them.
The reality is that the tablet PC fever is already starting to cool down and consumers are being attracted by notebooks.
The market changes with or without Steve Jobs.
Apple overtakes Nokia and Samsung.
Apple has become the world's biggest seller of smartphones.
More cash than USA
Apple now has more cash to spend than the United States government.
At the end of July 2011 the USA had an operating cash balance of $73.7bn - Apple's reserves are at $76.4bn...
You made it possible!
Apple blocked Samsung's Galaxy Tablet in Australia
Apple Inc. won an agreement from Samsung Electronics Co. that the South Korean company won't sell the newest version of its tablet computer in Australia until a patent lawsuit in the country is resolved.
Apple's lawers say Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 infringes 10 Apple patents, including the look and feel, and the touchscreen technology of the iPad.
Should Apple lose its patent infringement lawsuit, it agreed to pay Samsung damages.
Initial tests showed that some reviewers prefered Samsung Galaxy over Apple's iPad...
Apple banned Samsung's Galaxy Tablet in Europe
Apple Inc. as obtained a temporary injunction that prevents Samsung from distributing its Galaxy 10.1-inch screen size tablet computer in all countries of the European Union except The Netherlands...
Update (Aug. 16): The ban on Samsung's latest tablet computer across Europe was lifted. Apple isn't allowed to enforce its Aug. 9 injunction outside of Germany Düsseldorf's Regional Court decided.
Keep Smiling!
The better will win.

iPad 3 start cancelled
Apple Inc. has recently canceled its iPad 3 supply schedule for the second half of 2011.
Reason: Production problems with the new 9.7-inch high resolution display panel.
Windows 8
Microsoft will launch its Windows 8 Operating System in 2012.
And as usual, the new OS will need more power and more memory...
New Operating System
China's Alibaba, one of the world's biggest internet conglomerates, announced Alyun OS, an Operating System for the mobile market.
Alyun will feature services such as email, internet search and supports web-based applications.
China made low-end mobile phones will run the operating system soon.
Cheaper PCs
HP's plan of spinning off its PC business will create fierce price competition in the 4th Q of 2011. It is expected that HP will clear its inventory in the fourth quarter.
Non-Apple tablets get cheaper
Non-Apple tablet PC players facing the fact their devices are having weaker sales than their order volumes.
It is expected that they start cutting their tablet prices by the end of September...
No-Name tablets below 3'000 Baht
Some shops at Tukcom, Pattaya's 'High Tech' shopping center, are selling no-name tablets (including an etui and a keyboard) for 2'995 Baht or less.
Thai Workforce
Thai workforce - do they really know what they do?
Thai workforce - do they really know what they do?
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