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April 1st 2011
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Stop the Press
An unusually good informed source just advised the press that America's famous lawers are preparing class action lawsuits against the originator(s) of Japan's latest earthquake and its tremendous tsunami.
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Pattaya's Mayor says:
I have enough!
Clean up the Streets!

I have enough, Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunpluem told the police today.
If you don't clean up all the parking lots that are illegaly occupied by motorcycle taxis, motorcyle hirers and food vendors until April 8th 2011, I will do it myself!
City Hall makes available the parking lots for all motorized customers. Pattaya spends a lot of money each year for the marking of this parking spaces. We do it for the benefit of our citizens and not for a few mercenary Mafia Bosses, Itthiphol Khunpluem said. I don't understand why you don't do your duty. We pay the police millions of Baht each year to support our citizens, but what you do? You take any opportunity to enrich yourself! I know your game and your cards have been marked, he told them.
It's in the Genes!
Bangkok Hospital Pattaya discovered a seldom disease!
Pattaya Scientists at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya (BHP) discovered that most of Pattaya's drivers face a seldom disease: As soon as they have to drive a vehicle, the drivers get colour-blind on round-shaped colors. They can't distinguish red from green or yellow anymore, Dr. Iain Corness from BHP explains.
What you (probably) will see.
What you (probably) will see.
We started the research when one of our doctors had to pay a fine for allegedly crossing the street by red. The doctor always asserted that he never could see a light on that particular junction. And we had to believe him. He was known as the only person in our hospital telling the true to everybody, Dr. Iain Corness said.
What patients see.
What PTS-Patients see (PTS: Pattaya Traffic Syndrom).
We started the reseach last year, the doctor said, but we failed first to find an explanation. One day , during a meeting, we discussed the facts and just wanted to close 'the book', when one of the attending nurses said: It's in the genes.
We ask her, why she thinks that's in the genes. I don't know it, but in our department we have a patient, a well known photographer from Belgium. He believes that all failures in human's behaviour are the result of faulty genes, the nurse said. If nobody takes responsibilty, we use his words for everything that goes wrong in our department, the nurse added.
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The successful approach.
We had a good laugh about her explanation, but we decided to restart the research.
And for sure, when we tested the DNA of our patients we succeded: We found the same defective gene in all affected persons.
We decided to call this specific genetic disorder PTS, short for Pattaya Traffic Syndrom, Dr. Iain Corness from Bangkok Hospital Pattaya told us today.
Be warned: According to the Scientists at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya the Pattaya Traffic Syndrom can be easily transmitted by physical contacts.
Health experts all over the world fear the possible outbreak of a pandemic.
The World Health Organization already issued a warning: In a worst-case scenario millions of people can be affected across the world with the Pattaya Traffic Syndrom. We strongly recommend not to spend your holidays in Pattaya, the WHO said in today's telephone news conference.
There is no cure available, not even from Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, but we are monitoring the infection rates, WHO director general Dr Margaret Chan said.

Police said the discovery of the Pattaya Traffic Syndrom is a pitty.
We can't fine people with an obvious defect in their genes.
In the future we have to fine Farang traffic offenders only, a spokesperson from Soi 9 explained the current situation, at least as long they can't produce an official PTS certificate from Bangkok Hospital Pattaya.
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