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May 2011
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1st Aniversairy!
Produced, installed and paid, but never used.
Produced, installed during May 2010 and paid, but never used.
On December 16th the Chief of the Sea Rescue Teams of Pattaya promised to rectify this shortfall in the near future.
Nevertheless, the observation towers are still empty...
TiP (This is Pattaya)!

In the dark
In the dark
On May 24th, after some heavy rain, part of Walking Street remained in the dark: The bars at the entry to Happy A-Go-Go, as well as Calypso Bar, G-U-Y Club, the Pharmacy, Blue Sky II, and Champion A-Go-Go had to close that night or entertain their customers in the dark. And as usual, Pattaya's High Tech Sophon TV was also a victim of the rain. In some parts of Pattaya the hyped cable network was down whole the night!
You pay - but you get nothing for your money.
TiP (This is Pattaya)!

Pattaya gets
e x p e n s i v e!
The Fish, a popular Buffet Restaurant on Soi 1, increased the price for the food from 169 Baht to 199 Baht.
Steak Buffet, located on Pattaya's 3rd Road, asks now 159 Baht for its food - up from 129 Baht.
Kebab in Soi 7 costs now the same as on Walking Street: 70 Baht (up from 60 Baht)!
Candy Candy, a small (Thai) steak house near BigC (North Pattaya) increased its prices too - from 89 Baht to 109 Baht!
Brassieres you buy for 25(!) Baht at markets near the Cambodian border cost 100 Baht right here in Pattaya...

No Money
No Honey
No Water?
No Money - No Water?
TiP (This is Pattaya)!

Closures on 3rd Road
Marocco, a pub & restaurant, closed (for a larger refitting?). The venue opened during January 2011.
On May 27th Marocco was replaced by a Pub & Restaurant called Pat'Ya...
Lun-La, a pub partly owned by a Police official from Chonburi, who insisted to have the right to run the venue without licence(s), got 'permanently' closed by Pattaya Police.
Update: Mid May Luna-La opened again. With or without licence(s) - we don't know...
Venus closes and reopens!
Venus Lounge, a Gentleman's Club on Pattaya Third Road, closed - but since May 4th we can see an open door, an empty bar and a blackboard that tells that the bar is searching ladies.
It seems the venue closes every few months for a few days to be in the news again...
On May 10th the Venus Lounge was closed again.
No other place in Pattaya is replacing venues at such a high pace as 3rd Road. It's also Pattaya's most dangerous street, at least for Thais, featuring gunfights almost every week.

The Child and Women Protection Unit, a division of Police Region 2, raided the House of Condoms at the second floor of North Pattaya's CentralCenter and closed the shop.

Rent a Nightclub!
Rent a Nightclub!
At Tony's on Walking Street you can rent a complete Nightclub...

Big Difference
A unit (1 Kg) of NGV (Natural Gas for Vehicles) - also known as CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) - costs 8.55 Baht in Chonburi but 10.05 Baht in Kabin Buri - up 18%.

Thailand a Top Pirate!
The US Trade Representative shows in its latest report that Thailand has shown a continuing commitment to improving protection and enforcement, but has failed to make substantial progress.
Piracy and counterfeiting, including illegal downloading of pirated works from the Internet, and the theft of cable and satellite signals, remain rampant in Thailand, the report says.
The Thai government is disappointed that the United States has decided to keep Thailand on its Priority Watch List and says Thailand has been serious about suppressing products that violate intellectual property rights.
You are cordially invited to judge yourself how serious the efforts really are by visiting Mike Shopping Mall, Mike Shopping Arcade, Tukcom, Pattaya's Markets and its street vendors. Happy shopping!
Update #1: On May 17th 30 police officers raided the two shopping malls and seized over 10'000 pieces of copycat products with a street value of over 5 Million baht. Thailand's National Police Department ordered the police to cleaning up black markets to restore the images of the country - but as long as Thailand's police ignore the producer and importers of these products - and 'protect' the mutual benefits of their high ranking officials - they never will succeed.
'Original' copies of Levis' 501 for 270 Baht...
Update #2: On May 19th we discovered these 'original' copies of Levi's 501 jeans at Chong Chom's famous Khmer market for 270 Baht only... Read next month more from our trip to the Cambodian border.
Update #3: On May 23rd we toured around Pattaya's Shopping Centers. At Mike Shopping Mall all the big brands were back again as Thailand's famous original copies: Billabong, Calvin Klein, Camel, Chanel, D&G, Diesel, Dior, Ed Hardy, Guess, Lacoste, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Versace, Yves Laurent.
As usual: Big noise, but no real results.

The Comeback
of Fantasy
Fantasy A Go-Go at the new Simon Bar Complex on Walking Street reopened as an A Go-Go Club on Demand.
The club was closed since November 2009.

Simply Unbelievable
Police in Chiang Mai arrested a 40-year old Thai who allegedly made millions of baht from robbing ATM machines since 1996, using a simple trick. The affected banks kept quiet - they worried about their reputation...
Read the full story.
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NightWalker recommends Phatthaya
China Circus Show
Pattaya's Attraction for the Next Two Months!
Pattaya's Attraction for the Next two Months
Do not miss Pattaya's China Circus Show and the Chinese Latern Festival between Soi 6 and the Hard Rock Hotel. It's a festival for your eyes!
If you stay in Pattaya please visit the Circus yourself. Entry fee is 300 Baht only. The shows start daily at 18:30, 20:00 and 21:30. Please click for some pictures.
Illegal Parking Fees
Illegal Parking Fees

At this parking area on Pattaya Beach Road, a few meters in front of Walking Street, unscrupulous Thai men try to cash a 20 Baht parking fee from Farangs parking their motorcycles. It's illegal, parking was (and is still) free in this area, even during the night.
Futhermore, at least 2 Thai men offered Ice and/or Marijuana to Farangs passing this area. Illegal too.
Pattaya Police seems to ignore this area - gracefully...
NightWalker is the world's oldest citizen!
The way Thais are calculating...
According to his lady, our NightWalker is the world's oldest citizen. He was born in Switzerland during 1943, but stays now in Pattaya in the Thai year 2554.
His lady insists he's a 611-year old methuselah.
May 2011 Closures
May Closure 01
The bar at the entry to Soi Diamond, a long time ago the home of Otto's famous Calypso Bar, closed for a new A-Go-Go Club.

May Closure 02
Apelsin, a restaurant at a place formerly known as Soho Square, closed.
May Closure 03
Pyramida, a snooker club at a place formerly known as Soho Square, closed.

May Closure 04
Motoroom at Walking Street - and on top of King Café - never reopend after the closure by the police on May 9th.
May Closure 07

Moulin Rouge with Blackouts...
On May 9th the police closed the Moulin Rouge A Go-Go at Walking Street too, but the club with the Russian dancers reopened on May 10th. On May 30th, 2011 the venue was closed again, but was open on May 31st.
May Closure 05
Liquid Lounge at the corner of Soi Buakhaow and Soi LK-Metro closed. It will be transfered into a Coyote or another Soi LK-Metro Go-Go Club.

May Closure 06
It was once a Beaver on Pattaya's famous Walking Street...
Where are the conservationists?
Thailand's House of Representatives dissolved!
His Majesty the King of Thailand has issued a royal command to dissolve the House of Representatives.
The decree came into force after it was published in the Royal Gazette on May 10th 2011.
Thailand's general election has tentatively been scheduled for July 3rd 2011.
No Coincidence!
The death of five people in Chiang Mai was not a coincidence as Thai authorities have said.
After New Year five people died from unexplained causes in Chiang Mai.
Thai authorities said the deaths were a coincidence.
An independent investigation broadcasted on a New Zealand television show reports that traces of chlorpyrifos was found in the rooms of Chiang Mai's Downtown Inn Hotel.
Chlorpyrifos is used to kill bedbugs. It has been banned in most countries, but not in Thailand. It is very likely that several other tourists who died after staying at that hotel died of chlorpyrifos poisoning too.
Traces of chlorpyrifos were found three months after the death of a New Zealand tourist. His room was cleaned (several times?) in the meantime, therefore it is suggested that the concentration of the poison was very high.
But Thai experts from the Public Health Ministry and the Department of Agriculture said on May 10th 2011 they did not think chlorpyrifos killed the tourists. According to Thailand's experts the deaths still remain a mystery...
Scam at Tesco/Lotus
Never trust any touted price at Tesco/Lotus!
Tesco/Lotus South Pattaya cheated its costumers all day long!
Shortly after noon on May 1st 2011 we tried to get the touted Ovaltine 3in1 package for the touted price, but the cashier asked 108 Baht. At about 18:00 we returned with a camera and tried it again: The price tag was always 104 Baht and the cashier always asked 108 Baht. Therefore we have to anticipate that Tesco/Lotus cheated its customers all day long.
We recommend to check all the goods at Tesco/Lotus at its checkpoint(s). If the checkpoints don't work we do not buy any goods at Tesco/Lotus.
Update: On May 2nd a friend was shopping at BigC's Carrefour in Central Pattaya. He discovered nice sandals for 160 Baht. When he wanted to pay them, the cashier asked 180 Baht. He protested and the cashier called her chief. She checked the matter and decided that he don't have to pay the sandals. He got them free - that's service!
Dangerous Steps get marked!
Dangerous Steps get marked!
On May 2nd the dangerous steps at the Paloma Beach Promenade in Central Pattaya finally get their markings. Day after day pedestrians are tumbling over the nice but completely useless and often invisible steps.
Update: A Farang initiated the painting and his Thai friends implemented the task, not Pattaya City Hall...
The Bars on Pattaya's Dark Side
The Bars on Pattaya's Dark Side
Pattaya's famous cartoonist Mike Baird designed a map showing almost all of the bars on Pattaya's dark side. Please click for the Fullsize Map.

Joking Dtac!
To connect our PCs to the internet we are using Aircards with SIM-cards from Dtac - and Dtac likes to see Happy People, at least according to its advertisements.
For NightWalker's birthday Dtac sent a SMS to his computer and told him: You can enjoy FREE domestic call 24 hrs. to any fixed line and mobile number.
The only problem:
Dtac's Aircards run on PCs - and the PCs aren't phones, not even mobile ones...
It would be nicer if Dtac would stop to send their annoying advertisements.
Funny Pattaya
Seen at Tukcom, Pattaya's High-Tech Shop:
We accept coupons only. No cash!
Please move your cursor over the picture for the correct translation!
Chonburi's Senator Surachai Chaitrakulthong is luring potential investors from Taiwan and other countries by promising 'Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled workforce'.
The contrary is true, Thailand's problem is the lack of a skilled workforce.
Good Bye Pepsi

Serm Suk Plc (SSC), the local bottler of Pepsi, decided on April 30th to end the company's 58-year relationship with the US beverage giant PepsiCo. SSC had an exclusive bottling contract for Pepsi, Seven-up and Mirinda as well as all other Pepsi trademarked beverages. SCC will end producing Pepsi's beverages on April 1st 2012.
PepsiCo isn't the first company running in problems with its Thai partner. A few years ago Carlsberg made a similar disappointing expierience in Thailand.
Rebranding of Carrefour
Rebranding of Carrefour
BigC is now replacing popular Carrefour branded products with Casino branded equivalents.
Casino is the French supermarket chain that bought Carrefour (Thailand) for BigC. Casino is also the main share holder in BigC (Thailand). The Thai part of BigC is the CPN Group, the owner of Pattaya's CentralFestival & CentralCenter.
Cashing time? Casino branded replacements of Carrefour branded items cost between 10% and 20% more...
Free Pick Up and Drop Off Service in Jomtien
Free Pick Up and Drop Off Service
Jomtien's famous Aussie Bar, located off Jomtien's Soi 7, provides a free pick up and drop off service with this nice TukTuk for its Jomtien based customers.
For more information please click here!
News from World Super Club
News from World Super Club

Asia's largest Disco
Asia's largest Disco, located at an area formerly known as Soho Square, needs some investors.
If you are a citizen from Iran or from any other Arab country you are invited cordially to invest in that record breaking project...
As mentioned last month, we couldn't spot any construction workers at the site for many months. But the situation will change with new money - perhaps.
Seen on a T-shirt
Seen on a T-shirt
Recycling in Pattaya
Show is everything
Show is everything
Everything has to be a big show in Pattaya (as well as in Thailand).
F18 warplane used by Thai Army?
F18 warplane used by Thai Army?
Seen at Tesco/Lotus, customized on a Yamaha motorcycle and branded as F18.
Lay Down in Pattaya...
Obviously Thai people can sleep anywhere...
Do not believe any advertisement! You don't need an expensive mattress or a 5-Star Hotel to have a good sleep - all you need is to lay down in Pattaya...
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Royal Wedding
Royal Wedding
Royal Wedding
Royal Wedding
Royal Wedding

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Cheap Monarchy
The Monarchy costs each British citizen about 30 Baht/year. Do you know a cheaper pleasure?

iFarang™ ©2011
Election Campaign
Dully Statements
Thai culture dictates that this should stop!
Thailand's election campaigns already started with some stupid statements:
Miss Nawalat, the sister of Pattaya Deputy Mayor Wirawat Khakhai, claims that families who are coming to Pattaya on holiday are taking offence to the signs and hostesses on Walking Street and other Sois.
The lovely lady says that Thai culture dictates that this should stop.
Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunpluem propagated similar stupidities during his election campaign a few years ago.
Today his is a prominet speaker at openings of Body Massage Parlours and A-Go-Go Clubs...
Wear a Helmet - or pay
Wear a helmet or police will fine you
Do you know the difference between Osama Bin Laden and Muammar al-Gaddafi?
Colonel Gaddafi is still alive...

iFarang™ ©2011
Thai Army warns
Thai Army chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha said on May 3rd 2011:
If Cambodia does not withdraw all of its troops from the 4.6 sq km disputed border the battle will have to continue.
Don't understand
On May 9th Malaysia's Deputy Foreign Minister Richard Riot Jaem blamed Thailand for the renewed clashes on the Thai-Cambodia border.
On May 10th Thailand's Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said Malaysia does not understand the Thai-Cambodian border situation...
On the same day Thailand's 2nd Army command has ordered an export ban of oil, natural gas and other products that can be used by Cambodian troops.
Democratic Thailand
Thailand's actual government, invented by the omnipresent Thai Army, explained what's democracy realy means in Thailand:
Without a landslide victory, Pheu Thai, the opposition party, has little chance of forming the next government even if it wins the July 3 election.
Gunmen in Action
The election campaign just started and Thailand's gunmen are already on their bikes. A Thai opposition politician close to ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra was shot in an attack in Samut Prakan in the outskirts of Bangkok on May 10th 2011.
It is an 'old tradition' to hire gunmen to shut down opponents in Thai election campaigns.
And as usual the many police agencies in Thailand will not find the culprits.
It is one of Thailand's mystery why politicians know the whereabouts of the gunmen, but Thailand's police not...
On May 14th police issued a list of 112 hitmen on
Gunmen Hitlist
Police are offering a 100'000 baht cash reward for tips leading to the arrest of any of the hitmen - but police failed to publish pictures of many criminals...
Thailand not free!
Thailand not
a free country
Freedom House, a leading US human rights organisation, downgraded Thailand from partly free to not free.
The organisation said Thailand experienced significant declines in the number of people who could gain access to free and independent media.
The report noted that repressive governments around the world have intensified efforts to exert control over new means of communication, including satellite television and the internet.
Evidence of Incapacity
The UN shows that it prefers to protect Terrorists and not their victims.
The NATO shows that it's bunch of mouthed generals are not capable to stop a bloodthirsty colonel.

iFarang™ ©2011
The Nuclear Power Lobby asserts:
Do not fear radiations from Nuclear Power Plants: It is more likely to get cancer from a burned toast than from any of our Nuclear Reactors.
iScientist™ ©2011
You don't get
better programs
with 3D TV sets.
iExpert™ ©2011
MyLady™ says
Start ahead, stay ahead and die ahead.

MyLady™ ©2011
Silly PitPit claims
You are born to have fun in the City of Pattaya!
Cable TV
Since 1998 my TV set is connected to Pattaya's Cable network, known as Sophon TV.
Sophon TV claims to be Pattaya's #1 providing over 60 different TV Channels.
From the 60 Channels you can use about 40 only, the remaining simply show to much grain.
During rainy times, just when you have time to stay at home and enjoy a TV session, Sophon TV shows its flaws: With almost every heavy rain the whole TV network collapse. The TV screen remains empty. In all that years the company promised to fix the problem - but nothing ever happened.
It seems that Thailand's highly skilled professionals are not capable to learn from their mistakes or are simpy not interested to improve a flimsy installation as long as they can collect money from an imperfect product.
Chonburi's Senator Surachai Chaitrakulthong is luring potential investors from Taiwan and other countries by promising 'Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled workforce'.
The contrary is true, Thailand's problem is the lack of a skilled workforce.
Technology News
Be warned
Google's Android 3.0 operating system for tablet PCs has some compatible issues with 7-inch screen. The company is currently busy resolving other issues and doesn't have the recources to solve the 7-inch problem.
Android 2.x is currently showing no issues supporting 7-inch panels.
Windows 7 Phones
Microsoft announced that Acer, Dell, Fujitsu, HTC, LG, Nokia, Samsung and ZTE will make smartphones using Windows Phone 7.
Start Screen Windows Phone 7
Cheaper CPUs!
In September Intel will launch its latest 32nm-based Cedar Trail platform for netbooks.
The new Cedarview-M CPUs are designed for netbooks, the Cedarview-D CPUs for nettops, both featuring dual-core designs.
The Cedarview-M CPUs will also see a significant drop in power consumption to allow thin and light, as well as fanless designs.
Intel's new CPUs will be 30-50% cheaper than its existing Atom N4xx and N5xx series...
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Say Good Bye
to Nuclear Energy.
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