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September 2011
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Still Empty!
Produced, installed and paid, but never used.
Produced, installed during May 2010 and paid, but never used.
On December 16th 2010 the Chief of the Sea Rescue Teams of Pattaya promised to rectify this shortfall in the near future.
Nevertheless, the observation towers are still empty...

Pat'ya closed!
Pat'ya, a Pub & Restaurant located near the Northern end of Pattaya's 3rd Road, closed. The venue was the successor of Marocco and opened on May 27th 2011.
Short life: We not even had the time to shoot some photos...

X Zone A Go-Go closed!
PattayaSweethearts reports that the X-Zone A Go-Go Club on Soi 16, off Walking Street, has closed its door.
Update: On Thursday September 29th the club re-opened with all its neon signs in full action.

Duncan's Beer Bar closed!
Duncan's Beer Bar on Soi Buakhaow, located near the Soi's Nightmarket, closed.

Until June 2011 I had to pay 85 Baht for 200 grams of my prefered Café. During July Tesco/Lotus 'corrected' the price to 95 Baht, since September 22nd my packet costs 105 Baht at the very same shop...

New Name
Money Motel
PattayaSweethearts reports that the popular LoveInn on Pattaya's North Road, formerly known as Privacy Motel, got a new name: Money Motel.
With the new name the motel also got a complete rejuvenating cure.
Shorttime Rent (3hrs) is 280 Baht, Longtime 450 Baht at the time of writing.

Closed & reopened!
MUM closed!
MUM, the Coyote Bar on Soi Diamond, closed on September 18th.
It is said that the bar will install a Pool-table and will reopen in a few days...
On September 24th on our Tour de Pattaya Mum was open but without the promised Pool-table.
Update: According to Brian, the manager, the pool table is on its way from Bangkok to Pattaya.
Good things take time in Thailand.

Travel Warning!
Malaysia warned against non-essential travel to Southern Thailand.
Bomb attacks in the insurgency-plagued region already killed four of its nationals during the last few days.
The seven-year rebellion in Thailand's Muslim-majority South has left thousands dead.

Mirage opened on September 24th
Mirage delayed
Mirage on Soi Diamond announced the openning of its A Go-Go Club for the 15th of September, but we had to wait until September 24th for a first look into the remodeled venue.
Mirage opened on September 24th

Tomboy Club
T.M. Tomboy Club at Pattaya Klang Plaza.
After the closure of Shela, once located opposite to Hollywood Disco, we got a lot of mails asking for an alternative.
We found one:
The T.M. Tomboy Club is located at the end of Pattaya Klang Plaza, a relatively new shopping-house area about 200 meters behind the former Carrefour Supermarket on Soi Paniad Chang, also known as Soi Yume.

Cheapest Draught
Beer in this City
Cheapest Draft Beer in this City.
Dolphin Beer Garden on Pattaya's Beach Road, at the entry to Central Road, is still serving Pattaya's cheapest Draft Beer: 28 Baht/glass!

Pattaya under Water!
Thanks to heavy rains during September 10th & 11th a large part of Pattaya was 'under water', including Sukhumvit Road and Pattaya's 2nd & 3rd Road and parts of Soi Buakhaow.
The good side: You don't had to go to the sea for swimming. You could do it in front of your door.
The bad side: As usual Sophon's high-tech cable TV collapsed in many parts of the city. Non-swimmers had a sulky time...
Click here for spectacular Pictures from Pattaya Mail and the responsible for the flooding, at least according to Pattaya's officials...

The loser announced
a new political crisis!
Thailand should be prepared for a new round of political crisis which may occur in six months, Democrat Party deputy spokesman Atthaporn Polabutr said on September 11th 2011.
Thailand's so called Democratic Party was the big loser of the recent election, but the party has the support of Thailand's 'Elite' and the Army.

Thai people believe in occultism, in clairvoyants & fortunetellers and in disastrous numbers.
9/11 ia such a number, 4/11 is another one.
MyLady™ is just thinking if she should change her habit and buy her goods at the nearby Family Mart instead of driving her motorcycle to 7/11.

Dengue Fever outbreak!
A public health inspector warned the public of dengue fever outbreak as almost 40'000 people across the country have already developed the symptoms.
The Central region has been reported with the highest number of patients.
People who have the disease will develop a headache, sore eyes, a fever and red rashes or a nose bleed. They should seek medical attention immediately.

Blah-Blah for
stupid Journalists!
A few days ago the deputy governor of the Provincial Waterworks Authority claimed at Laem Chabang Municipality Hall that the tap water is clean and safe enough to drink.
The 'clean and safe drinking water' that comes out of my tap has a yellow/brown color - and is now on the way to a well known european laboratory for testing.
My Thai doctor says:
Never drink tap water in Thailand!

Next Year?
Next Year - Perhaps?
Motoroom installed a new sign in front of its Night-Club, just above its announcement to reopen the venue on September 10th - nevertheless the club is still closed.
OK, the management didn't mention the year of the planned re-opening:
Perhaps next year?
Next Year - Perhaps?
If the motoroom ever should reopen - you will read it here!

Joy's Paradies
Joy's Paradies
Joy's Bar Beer is replacing the former Paradies A Go-Go Club on Soi Buakhaow. The open bar presents some nice Coyote dancers.

Okinawa closed!
Okinawa closed!
Okinawa, the small Thai Japanese Restaurant on Soi Diamond, closed.

Same Same
- Nothing Changed!
Roong Reuang Coach, the company that connects Pattaya with Ekamai and Morchit, still tells its passengers that Pattaya is 150km or 2½ hours from Bangkok.
They should know it. They run their busses every day on the new rocking tracks, gracefully called Highways in Thailand.

Activated Police
Police News
Daily 'Crackdowns'
Since the end of August Pattaya Police is strolling daily from the Northern end of the beach to the entrance of Walking Street in South Pattaya and is picking up suspected prostitutes, usually a mixture of gays, women and transsexuals.
According to the police Pattaya's street prostitutes could give the city a bad reputation.
The effectiveness of the crackdown is in doubt:
Each person gets fined 100 Baht. One hour after being taken off the beach, they all return...
We are afraid that the daily crackdowns are damaging the already hampered image of Pattaya's police for ever.
These 'crackdowns' are simply ridiculous. They disclose the full potential of Pattaya's police officials...

on Foreign Beggars
Pattaya police announced a crackdown on foreign workers in Pattaya, in particular those working as beggars using infants to gain money from tourists.
Pattaya police said they already rounded up 35 foreign beggars who were found to be living in the kingdom illegally and begging for a living.
Begging is big business in Pattaya with mafia-like organisations collecting the money.
Police usually 'don't touch' the influent people behind the beggars.
If the tourists would stop 'sponsoring' the beggars the problem would solve itself.

Last month we reported that high-ranking police officers in Bangkok operate(d) a few illegal casinos.
On September 1st Thailand's new Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung announced that he would get tough with more than 40(!) illicit casinos in central Bangkok.
Almost all illegal dens came into bloom during the reign of the former military supported government.
Should Bangkok's casinos get closed, Thailand's notorious gamblers have to go back to Cambodia to dispose their money.
It is anticipated that Cambodia's larger casinos generate between 13-15 billion Baht a year in revenue and smaller ones about 500-700 million Baht a year.
Most of them are located on Cambodia's border to Thailand. They provide shuttle buses and vans to and from Bangkok. The vans and buses are operated by nine tour companies, mostly based in Bangkok.
Cambodia's casinos are mainly joint ventures between Cambodian businesses and foreign partners, including Thai businesspeople and politicians.
Thais are big gamblers, but gambling is prohibited in the Kingdom.

Pattaya Police Officer is extorting cash from entertainment venues
Thailand's Department of Special Investigations (DSI) has arrested a man accused of illegaly extorting money from entertainment venues on behalf of a Pattaya Police Officer.
The DSI have refused to name the officer.
Collecting money in return for protection of bars is a common but illegal practice around Thailand.

Police your first friend
You got the slogan!?

The Wheel turns again...
The Wheel turns again...
On September 1st Pattaya's Moulin Rouge reopened its club.

From Girlies to Men...
From Girlies to Men...
In the rooms of the failed Powers A Go-Go Club Walking Street's City Man Club opened on September 9th 2011. The new club is designated to attract Ladies - and not Gays, as anticipated first.
Nevertheless, MyLady™ said she don't will visit the club, she likes real men (with money? added by the editor) and not Milky Boys! In addition she hates climbing stairs...

New Airline
Thai Airways announced the launch of a new low-fare airline under the name Thai Smile Air.
Thai Smile Air will operate out of Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok and will initially fly domestically.
Set to start during July 2012 the new airline will serve Khon Kaen, Ubon Ratchathani, Chiang Rai and Surat Thani.
Thai Airways also plans to launch Thai Smile Air internationally in 2013.
Thai Smile Air will be a light-premium Airline: Less service than the National Carrier but 'better' than a low cost airline. Singapore Airlines and Qantas launched this type of carrier already.
Thai Airways already runs NOK Air, a low cost airline, and announced Thai Tiger as an alternative to the very successful Thai AirAsia.
Thai Tiger should start offering services in the first quarter of 2011, but thanks to some wrangling between the Thai finance and transport ministries the airline is still grounded...

Pay hike!
Starting from January 1st 2012 the minimum monthly income for state employees with a bachelor's degree will be 15'000 baht per month.
There are now 649'323 government officials and employees receiving less than 15'000 baht per month. Of these, 346'365 have a bachelor's degree or better and 302'958 do not.
Officials without a degree but earning more than 9'000 baht per month would get a subsistence allowance to lift their income to 12'285 baht per month.
Those on less than 9'000 baht per month would get an allowance to increase their income to 9'000 baht per month.
Does your girlfriend(s) have a bachelor's degree or not? Check it! Perhaps you have to adjust your payment(s) accordingly.
Ignore her wails!
According to Pattaya police there are currently less Farangs in town than ladies...

Pattaya signs Tourism Master Plan
To receive up to 15 billion baht in funding Pattaya's local government officials have signed a 10-year master plan for so-called 'greenovative tourism' projects. The list includes 132 projects worth more than 15 billion baht.
Do you remember?
A few years ago Bangkok Post wrote: Give a Thai 5 Baht and he will go to the next shop to buy goods for 20 Baht...
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Pattaya News Flash September 2011 - The Source
NightWalker's News
from Pattaya, the City of Opportunities.
Welcome to Pattaya Beach Road
Pattaya Beach Road welcomes Pattaya-at-Night
Johnnie Walker's attempt to destroy Paloma
Let him walk, but never drive a car!
Johnnie Walker's attempt to destroy Paloma
On September 12th 2011 the driver of this Johnnie Walker's Red Label car missed the right moment to drive his car from Pattaya's Central Road into Pattaya's Beach Road. Obviously Johnnie Walker didn't realize that Pattaya's Beach Promenade isn't a suitably place to park a car...
Johnnie Walker's attempt to destroy Paloma
Johnnie Walker's attempt to destroy Paloma
Prepared for the next Floods...
Walking Street: Prepared for the next Floods...
Soi Buakhaow & Soi Chaiyapoon on September 12th
After 48 hours of heavy rain in Pattaya
After 48 hours of heavy rain in Pattaya
After 48 hours of heavy rain in Pattaya

Click here for spectacular Pictures from Pattaya Mail and the Responsible Canal for the flooding, at least according to Pattaya's officials...
Experts say
Switzerland is the world's most competitive country!
On September 07 2011 the World Economic Forum, also known as WEF, published its annual competitiveness report and ranked Switzerland, one of the world's smallest country, on top, followed by Singapore, Sweden, Finland, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Canada.
The report ranked Thailand on position 39, out of 142.
The WEF said Thailand's most problematic factors for doing business are:
Government instability/coups
Policy instability
Inefficient government bureaucracy
Inadequately educated workforce
The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a Swiss non-profit foundation founded by a German-born business professor at the University of Geneva.
Please do not mistake the WEF (World Economic Forum) with the WEF (Water Environment Federation).
Understanding Thailand
Lights over Pattaya
Pattaya for Newbies

At Home in Pattaya
Pattaya lives for and with its tourist. The city provides a lot of facilities to give every single tourist the feeling to stay at home:
For tourists from West-European countries the City installed Pedestrian Traffic Lights to help people not used to cross the streets without the help of flashing lights. They are operating 24hrs/day from Monday to Thursday.
On Friday, Saturday and Sunday Pattaya's Trafic Lights are shut down. It gives tourists from Asian and East-European countries the possibility to use Pattaya's Streets as a racing circuit.
Tourists from Arab countries are invited to uses Pattaya's streets as their meeting points, preferably at the center of the street's intersections.
Please do not use Pattaya's sidewalks for your daily stroll(s). In Pattaya the sidewalks are designed to be used by street vendors and telephone boothes.
Pattaya's Beach Promenade is designed exclusively for the city's tourists. The police has the order to remove all local Thais immediately. The beach offers a very limited number of seats and they have to be available for tourists.
Because there is a very small number of wast bins available in the city, Pattaya City Hall is asking the tourists to dispose PET bottles as well as cans directly on the beach. A lot of Thais - and Farangs - are happy to collect the rubbish for a living.
Traffic in Pattaya
Lights over PattayaAs almost every other country Thailand has its traffic regulations, but because most people never had the possibility to read them, Pattaya introduced its very own rule: The driver of a larger vehicle has more rights.
Lights over Pattaya

Parking in Pattaya
Marked parking lots, as you know them from your country, can be used by motorcyle taxi drivers, by lenders of motorcycles and by street vendors only.
If some parking lots should remain unused, Thailand's males have the right to let the space to stupid tourists. The parking fee has to be 20 Baht or more.
Wear a Helmet
If you drive a motorcycle you have to wear a helmet in Pattaya. If you don't wear one, the police has the right to collect a fine. The amount of the fine is a matter of discretion.
Pattaya's Mayor Itthiphol Khunpluem is supporting an explicit helmet duty, but exceptions are provided: At times when schools open and close police on duties have to be in their baracks. Pattaya's students have the right to drive without helmets and mortal fears. People with an already fully damaged brain are allowed to drive without helmets too. The city is full of them.
For more Information
If you think you need some more information, please call 1337, Pattaya City Hall's Call Center.

Update September 2nd: We just learned that Pattaya City Hall discussed the problem with unorganised street vendors who are obstructing pathways and roads and disturbing passing tourists and the problem with the lack of parking spaces that motorcycle taxis and bike rental businesses have commandeered. City Hall says that fines have been imposed but apparently they don't seem to deter the vendors. City Hall will meet with bike rental businesses and motorcycle taxi rank leaders in the near future (!) to discuss the matter for the benefit of Pattaya in general.
Sorry, but City Hall tells Garbage!
City Hall tells garbage
On September 02 we 'observed' two teams of officials from Pattaya police departements on their duties on Pattaya Beach Road during about 90 minutes.
Wherever the police appeared, the street vendors on the pavements disappeared as fast as possible, with a very few exceptions only. The unlucky ones had to pay a fine.
City Hall tells garbage
In full contrast to City Hall's explanations the vendors working from the illegally occupied parking lots remained untouched.
City Hall tells garbage
The motorcycle taxi drivers too didn't fear the police. They even could defend their illegally occupied places with crosswise parked motorcycles ...
City Hall tells garbage
... or simply with their presence. The police ignored them all!
City Hall tells garbage
When police arrived at the parking space in front of Pattaya's pump station, near the entry to Walking Street, almost all the street vendors and all the 'parking attendants' disappeared into the night...
The 'parking attendants' usually try to collect between 10 and 20 Baht for every parked motorcycle.
A few days ago, when I told them that they don't have the right to collect money they told me that they do it on behalf of Pattaya City Hall. As recommended last month, you don't have to pay. Parking is still free on Pattaya's streets.
Use your mobile phone and call Pattaya's Tourist Police on 1155!
If the Officer on duty should co-operate with the mafia call City Hall's Call Center on 1337.
Do never pay the police to do their job! Thailand's police is paid to do their duties, to protect people and to stamp out corruption, not to be part of it!
Wasting Money
City Hall is wasting Taxpayer's Money!
City Hall's Information Terminals...
A few years ago Pattaya City Hall announced the purchase of Information Terminals and said they would be installed around the city to inform its citizens as well as the tourists about the news and the possibilities of this funny town. The terminals also should display an actual map of Pattaya and use the latest technologies, including touch screens.
The terminals never worked and rotted at Pattaya's City Hall.
Wasted Money
LED Display: Not working!
City Hall installed this Storage Boxes along Pattaya's Beach Promenade. They are equipped with LED displays to distribute City Hall's messages and advertisements.
They never worked correctly.
On most boxes City Hall already removed the displays.
The remaining ones display garbage as seen on the picture!
Wasted Money
Information Screen
These giant Information Screens are located on Sukhumvit Road at the entries to South Pattaya Road and Pattaya's Central Road. They display Information from City Hall, the current date and since many months the wrong time!
But, what's even more revealing, is the fact that with the exception of NightWalker almost everybody is ignoring the display.
From interviews we made during the last few months we learned that the road users are observing the traffic lights and not the display...
Wasted Money
Traffic Lights!
Last year City Hall installed traffic lights in Pattaya and Jomtien to help pedestrians to cross the streets. But the signals are useless: Pattaya's road users are ignoring them and Pattaya's police don't like them!
The traffic lights are active now from Monday to Thursday only. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday - when the city is full of visitors - the signals are street art only.
Pattaya Police themself ordered the closure of the lights during weekends...
Wasted Money
Beach Watcher?
During May 2010 City Hall installed this Beach Watchers.
Pattaya's Sea Rescue Teams should use them.
The rised hides remained unused until today and are corroding...
Wasted Money
Floodlighted Beach Promenade
Last Year Pattaya installed 38 floodlights along its Beach Promenade for a total cost of about 56 million Baht.
The emiters are beaming now with full energy above all the trees. It looks beautiful - if you have the possibility to enjoy the lightening from a high rise building. If you are walking on the ground we recommend to use a torch. The former illumination was not only better, but a lot cheaper too.
Wasted Money
Pattaya's Skytrain
Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunpluem had the dream to bring a Skytrain to his small town of Pattaya.
The meetings, the studies and presentations devoured millions of Baht and ended in a foreseeable fiasco.
IKEA opens Branch in Thailand!
IKEA opens Branch in Thailand!
On November 3rd 2011 IKEA will open its frist shop in Bangkok Bangna.
IKEA already planed to open branches a few years ago, but stalled its plans when the Thai military ousted then Prime Minister Taksin Shinawatra.
It seems that the world's largest furniture chain now regained confidence in the country with Thailand's new government headed by Taksin's sister.
Let's hope that IKEA will open a branch in Pattaya soon, if only to teach Pattaya's sellers of condominiums the Western or European standards of furniture.
The European standard of building a house, a flat or a condo they will never reach with their 7-cm walls and the quality and precision of their doors, windows and ceilings and the installation kills of their electricity and water workforce...
New at CentralCenter
New Netbook and Tablet Shop!
New Netbook and Tablet Shop!
7-inch Netbook
3'990 Baht!
On the 2nd floor of North Pattaya's CentralCenter (BigC) a new shop called Computer City opened a few days ago.
It sells tablets and netbooks for and with Windows Embedded CE & Google's Android operating systems.
Prices for Netbooks and Tablets start at 3'990 Baht - or less!

Pattaya-at-Night's Dreambook!
Pattaya-at-Night's Dreambook!
We all at Pattaya-at-Night are looking for a 5-inch netbook built with the technology of the above mentioned computers.
Running Windows and/or Android operating systems, having a good quality 5-inch 1024x600 or 800x480 pixel display, an operating time of several hours and a similar pricetag like the computers above, we would buy them immediately.
It's possible to realize it: The overpriced electronic dictionaries already prove it.
Pattaya-at-Night's Dreambook!
We just learned from a reader in China, that our Dreambook is already on the (chinese) market.
It's built around an Intel Atom Z515 and has an 5-inch 800x480 pixel display.
Supported Operating Systems:
Linux, Windows XP, Vista and Win7.
Supported Graphics:
DirectX 9.0L, Shader Model 3.0+, Core frequency 200MHz, VGA, LDVS, SDVO AV out, H.264, MPEG2, MPEG4, VC1
and WMV9 HD(high definition) hardware decode.
Supported Networks:
WiMax wirelss Net module, Wireless Lan: build-in WiFi (IEEE 802.11b/g), Bluetooth: built-in Bluetooth 2.0+EDR.
7.4V/1850mAH rechargeable battery, duration is 2-3 hours, stand-by 60-80hours.

To reduce the cost, perhaps somebody can built it with a VIA-ARM VT8650, a VIA-ARM VT8500 or a Samsung Cortex A8 CPU processor as the tablets above...
Nana reopened Happy Hand Massage!
Nana Hand Massage reopened!
September 07 2011:
Nana, Pattaya's famous Snack Bar on Pattaya's Third Road reopened on September 07, after being closed for a few weeks. The venue is well-known for its Happy Hand Massage.
Nana Hand Massage reopened!
Walking Street
Halo Club opened on Walking Street
Halo Club opened on Walking Street
Hallo Halo!
Halo Club opened on September 07 2011 and is replacing the NOK Bar Complex near the entry to Walking Street.
Halo is a disco club with coyote dancers and a Website.
Walking Street's most attractive entry!
Living in Thailand is gymnastic for your brain: Jomtein means the same as Chomtian and Chom-Tien. It simply means Jomtien, which is a vital part of Pattaya, but Na Jomtien tells you that you stay in Sattahip...
Linda's Restaurant closed
Linda's famous restaurant on Thappraya Road closed do to the never ending works on Jomtien's Thappraya & Second Roads.
To NoWhereLand
Since years Jomtien's 2nd Road ends a few meters in front of Chaiyapruek Road, in the middle of NoWhere Land...
Light show on Jomtien's new NOW Hotel
Light show on Jomtien's new NOW Hotel located directly on Jomtien's Beach Road.

Update: Linda's restaurant reopened during the last few days of September.
Mike Baird's New Bar Hopping Guide
Please click for Mike Baird's New Full Size Bar Hopping Guide!
We just got Mike Baird's latest version of his Bar Hopping Guide! Please click into the picture for a readable full size version.
Soho Square announces
New Club on Soho Square
New Club on Soho Square
New Club on Soho Square
Flexx Club
On the back of Soho Square, on the second floor of the building the Flexx Club opened on September 09 2011.
The new club is designed to attract Hip-Hop and Reggae Fans.
You enter the club by climbing an adventurous staircase. Don't use it if you are drunken...

Back to Soho Square?
During March 2011 we were told that the Soho Square area will be renamed in Walking Street Plaza. In the meantime the sign announcing the new name disappeared. 'Never change a winning horse... even if it failed!'
New Name
Fraser Resort Pattaya changed its name!
now AYA Boutique Hotel
New name
to justify lower rates?
The Fraser Resort located on City Walk, off Beach Road, changed its name to AYA Boutique Hotel.
We also got informed that the hotel reduced its roomrates.
The AYA Boutique Hotel runs a tuktuk service for its guests.

City Walk is a prime location, located between Pattaya's 2nd Road and Pattaya's Beach Road, just a few meters from Pattaya's famous Royal Garden Plaza.
Nevertheless the street and its shops are struggling to attract people.
Love Inn
New Shorttime Motel opens in Central Pattaya!
New Shorttime Motel opens in Central Pattaya!
Soi Yume Market Place
This month Pattaya's newest Love Inn will open on Soi Paniad Chang, also known as Soi Carrefour or Soi Yume.
Announced as VIVA Luv Motel, the new short-time hotel is located about 800 meters after BigC Extra!, just behind the popular night-market.

To read more about Pattays's Short-Time Motels please click here!
Love Inn too
New Shorttime Motel opened in South Pattaya!
New Shorttime Motel opened in South Pattaya!
New Shorttime Motel opened in South Pattaya!
Heaven Land Resort
A few weeks ago the Heaven Land Resort opened in South Pattaya, only a few meters from two other popular motels on Soi Bongkot.
The Heaven Land Resort offers 21 modern style bungalow type rooms. Parking is provided in front of the rooms.
Love Inns seem to enjoy an ever increasing popularity in Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunpluem's designated Family Resort of Pattaya.

To read more about Pattays's Short-Time Motels please click here!
New Restaurant
New Restaurant
Fortune, a restaurant preparing European, Italian (Italy isn't Europe?) and Thai Food, opened on the second floor of Siren Square at the entry to Walking Street.
Another Fiasco at the former Soho Square?
Another Fiasco at the former Soho Square?
About a year ago an Iranian investor bought the failed Soho Square buildings and announced the opening of a World Super Club. Nothing happened until today, with the exception that the 'big' investor is seeking business partners...
Good Bye X-Zyte!
The End of X-Zyte...
According to our information the former dancing on Pattaya's Third Road will be replaced by a Shopping Center. We anticipate the investor knows that almost all shopping centers in this city currently face problems to fill up all their shops...
Another informant told us that the area will get a new hotel, not a shopping center. This information seems to be wrong.
The latest news says that the site will be occupied by a Shopping Plaza, similar to Bangkok's Pantip Plaza but with additional Jewelry Shops, with conference rooms and an additional office building.
Let's hope that at least the jewellers will abstain from selling counterfeits.
Marching Band Festival
Marching Band Festival
On September 8th 2011 Pattaya City housed the Pattaya International Marching Band Festival with a lot of musicians, a little bit of music and - as usual - almost never ending speeches by some very important people.
Inflation in Pattaya
Inflation in Pattaya
Inflation in Pattaya
Price hike at Pattaya's markets!
MyLady™ is asking more money with this photos.
Hot Pants and Shorts costs now 89 Baht, up from 79 Baht, and Jeans starts at 250 Baht instead of 199 Baht, she told me.
I told her to buy less. If she and her girlfriends stop buying the prices will come down again.
You are a cheapskate (in Thai: Khieniau), she told me.
Nevertheless, she stopped asking for money, but I got a guilty conscience:
For my Ovaltine I have to pay 108 Baht or more, up from 98 Baht and my coffee costs now 95 Baht, instead of 85 Baht (or less) - and I didn't stop drinking them...
Obviously I am great in advising!
Back to School!
Calculating at Tesco Lotus
Calculating at Tesco Lotus North Pattaya
5490 - 3990 = 1000!
Calculating at Tesco Lotus North Pattaya
3990 - 2690 = 1100!

Chonburi's Senator Surachai Chaitrakulthong is luring potential investors from Taiwan and other countries by promising 'Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled workforce'.
The contrary is true, Thailand's problem is the lack of a skilled workforce.
Fun in Pattaya
School Bus?
School Bus in front of Bärzia Club and Rasputin's Body Massage: Pattaya's students have to learn early...
Fantasialand Thailand
Paradise on 3rd floor
Bad Guys go to Pattaya,
Good Guys go to Heaven.
But where is Heaven?
According to Sizzler, Thailand's Steak House, Heaven, or at least its Paradise, is in Pattaya - at Royal Garden Plaza's 3rd floor.
Now you know it!
Seen at Royal Garden Plaza too:
Seen at Royal Garden Plaza: Souvenri Store
Last Month
Beer & Coffee Buakhaow
Amsterdamaged Soi 6
BigC Jumbo South Pattaya
Irooni Bar Soi 16
Mum Bar Soi Diamond
Love 24 Inn
Bodrum Kebap House
Sexy A Go-Go Soi 7
Moulin Rouge Walking St.
Natali Disco 2nd Road
Nana Bar & Massage
Baby Boom A Go-Go
Morning Star Soi 16
Abbes Bar Walking Street
Istanbul Palace
Big Events:
China Circus Show

For more information
click August News.
Fake Dr. Dre in Pattaya
The shops at Pattaya's Tukcom 'HighTech center' are currently full of Monster's famous beats by dr.dre earphones.
The boxes look like the originals, the earphones too, but their sounds tell that they are cheap and trashy copies only.
The same is true for Heartbeats by Lady GaGa earphones!
The garbage is on sale at other centers too, for example at Royal Garden Plaza.
And as usual the Police is ignoring these counterfeits and their importer(s) and distributors.
The Fight:
We are fighting counterfeit products!
In our January News Flash we reported about Tukcom's unapproved Ferrari mobile phones.
On June 14th Chonburi Police visited the wellknown Copycat Shopping center, arrested the sellers and confiscated fake Ferrari, Nokia, Apple and Sony Ericsson phones. Press and TV reported the incident.
A few days later all the goods were back at the very same shops, unattended by the press and TV.
Now almost all vendors at Tukcom are presenting and selling the fake phones and added BMW and a few other well-known brand names too.
Is it that what our officials call fighting counterfeit products in Pattaya (and the whole of Thailand)?
Update (Sept. 19th):
Chonburi Provincial Police raided a South Pattaya Shopping Mall and seized counterfeit items, mainly wrist watches and clothes, with a street value of nearly 100 Million Baht.
Our Visitors write:
I love your frequent updates about Pattaya.
I used one of your links to find an apartment.
Great Job! I feel that I am on top of what is happening.
I always enjoy looking at your site - I learn more from your site than any other.
Stop Nuclear Plants!
No Nuke Please!
Never forget Tschernobyl, Hiroshima & Fukushima!
Do not ride Jet Ski in Pattaya!
Pattaya City Hall doesn't do anything to stop the scam!
Do not trust the
TAT Statistics!
As many other Farangs I buy every year a long-stay visa with multiple entries.
Every time I re-enter Thailand I get into TAT's visitor statistic as a new visitor of the Kingdom.
Some of my friends stay here on a 90-Day Tourist Visa. If the 90 days have elapsed they take a Visa run to a border for a further 90 days.
Every time my friends re-enter Thailand they get into the TAT statistics as new visitors too.
The more the same visitor enters Thailand the better for TAT's statistic.
It seems the TAT found a similar 'balloon' to inflate the accupancy rate of Thailand's hotels.
According to TAT's statistics the current rate stays at nearly 90%, achieved with high-end tourists from Australia, China and Russia.
If true, the shopping centers would be full of tourists and wouldn't have any problems to find tenants...
The bigger the 'balloon' the more money the TAT gets from Thailand's Government.
We are just waiting until the ballon explodes...
Update #1: Thailand's new Deputy Prime Minister and Tourism and Sports Minister Chumpol Silpa-archa has set a target to increase the number of tourist arrivals to at least 30 million by 2015. He said the targeted group is quality markets.
His ministry will promote Thailand as a location for foreign movie shooting and boost the country to become a full scale film production centre.
The ministry targets to double income from foreign tourists to 1.4 trillion Baht within five years and to increase the number of tourist arrivals from 15.9 million in 2010 to 31.8 million in 2015.
Update #2: International hotel chains with an average room rate of 3'000 Baht report a 57.8% occupancy, mid-scale hotels enjoy a 60% occupancy. Best Western Plus says its occupancy was at 36% and Best Western Hiptique was at 50% this year.
Very very far from the 90% the TAT published.
I am 2 (two) tourists.

iFarang™ ©2011
I am 3 (three) tourists.

iScientist™ ©2011
I am already 4 (four) tourists.

iExpert™ ©2011
Keep in Mind
Coca Cola contains about 7% of sugar - but your Orange or Pineapple Juice is enriched with 8% to 15% of sugar, in some cases even more!
Fun in Pattaya
Sea you later!
Fun in Pattaya
With a Tee Shirt Like This - Who Need Pants?
Fun in Pattaya
Vespa only on Soi Diamond
Fun with HTC
Fun with HTC
ChaCha is the Thai word for very very slow...
MyLady™ says
Never buy clothes without fitting them. Their size declarations are as fake as their trade names!

MyLady™ ©2011
Silly PitPit claims
The world's most stupid people are working for intelligence services.
Thai Workforce
No idea how to serve perfectly!
In its Food Fever show Pattaya Channel presented one of Pattaya's top Seafood restaurants.
The perfectly dressed waiters apparently served excellent Thai and Western food to the presenters of the show.
Unfortunately the waiters had not the slightest idea how to serve the cocktails and the foods adequately.
Not one single course was served correctly.

Chonburi's Senator Surachai Chaitrakulthong is luring potential investors from Taiwan and other countries by promising 'Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled workforce'.
The contrary is true, Thailand's problem is the lack of a skilled workforce.
At Bali Hai
Speak Thai - speak short!
Speak Thai - speak short!
3rd Road
Yes it's a bunny too!
Not the one you know, but a .... - Don't forget we are in Pattaya (Thailand)!
Technology News
Solar Powered Bangkok
Schott Solar Power for Bangkok
Schott Solar AG will be delivering 67'000 photovoltaic (PV) modules for two solar power plants that Phoenix Solar Singapore is building since June 2011 for Solarta Co Ltd, a joint venture between Yanhee Solar Power Co Ltd and the independent power supplier Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding PLC, just north of Bangkok.
The two sites will achieve peak outputs of 9.7 and 6.2 megawatts (MW).
From December 2011 on, they are expected to supply an annual yield of around 25'000 MWh of environmentally friendly solar electricity to as many as 10'000 Thai households.

AMD's fastest chip
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. said it has started to ship the first processor based on its Bulldozer x86 architecture, a 16-core x86-compatible processor codenamed Interlagos.
Many of the initial shipments are set to go supercomputer installations, AMD said.
The Bulldozer core represents the beginning of unprecedented performance scaling for x86 CPUs, AMD's senior vice president Rick Bergman said in a statement.
NetLogic Microsystems has announced sample shippings of its new 80-core(!) network processor for early next year.

The End of PCs!
Experts around the world are predicting the end of the PC era, just because HP decided to sell its PC business unit.
Fact is that Hewlett-Packard got a new CEO - and a new CEO has to show that he brings new ideas to a company and is able to make decisions - no matter how intelligent or stupid they are!
Never believe in experts or you will lose. They are talking rubbish, as some CEO's too!
It seems that HP will keep its PC business but is firing its CEO...

Production of Apple's new iPhone 5s at OEM maker Foxconn Electronics has reportedly reached 150'000 units per day!

3'990 Baht?
An 8-inch tablet with Google's Android 2.2 OS is shown with a price tag of 3'990 Baht at Tukcom South Pattaya.
With a big smile and a few nice words you can get it for 3'700 Baht.
If the lady (or ladyboy) likes you, she probably will propose a special price: 3'500 Baht.
Can you resist?

Not for your Computer
Unione Sindacale di Base
The Italian version of USB - no Universal Serial Bus!
Last Word
Pattaya's Police is paid to stamp out corruption, not to be part of it!
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