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October 2010
Good & funny news only.
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Good News only...
This month we try to publish Good & Funny News only from Pattaya to the rest of world - to please City Hall and Pattaya's beloved Mayor Itthiphol Khunpluem.

Since October 15th most of Pattaya's new traffic lights for pedestrians are unlocked (or blinking).
In old tradition:
Sometimes they are on - sometimes not...
Sometimes the lights are clearly visible - sometimes perfectly covered by trees.
Be warned: Motorcycle drivers and 'very important people' already seem to know that the red lights are shining for ordinary people only!
Some dogs on Beach Road are quick on the uptake and are already waiting until the lights change. Pattaya's dogs seem to be more intelligent than its citizen...

not as free as its name suggests
Thailand, the Land of the Free, is not as free as its name suggests.
Reporters without Borders (Reporters Sans Frontières) just released their latest world press freedom index covering 178 countries.
Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland are heading the list.
Burma, Iran, Turkmenistan, North Korea and Eritrea are listed as the the world's most repressive countries.
Thailand ranks 153rd!
Unfortunately, the trend in the world's most authoritarian countries is not one of improvement, Reporters without Borders say.

Do you speak Carrefour?
Do you speak Carrefour?

Joking Tesco/Lotus?
Joking Tesco/Lotus
139 or 119 Baht?

Hard Times
Some Bar Ladies and Go-Go Girls reported 'hard times' with all that Sailors from USS George Washington and the Boys from Leicester City Football Club here in town.

Tit for Tat?
Tit for tat
Just days after Surat Mike Mekhavarakul, the chairman of the Mike Group, strongly criticized Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunpluem's Monorail project as a waste of money Pol. Major Nattagit Meesook, from Thai Government Anti Piracy Department Region 4, made an unexpected inspection at Mike Shopping Mall and discovered many counterfeit items including handbags, clothes and watches worth hundreds of thousand baht...
What a coincidence!
As usually a lot of noise only: Pattaya's Mayor is still wasting taxpayers money and Mike's Shopping Mall is still full of copycat products.

More copies confiscated
On Tuesday night, October 12th, the men from Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center, Region 2, entered Pattaya Plaza at the Loma Roundabout and confiscated copies of famous international football club sport clothes, copies of brand name watches such as Gucci & Rolex and a lot of other goods bearing faked trademarks.
Deputy Superintendent Pol. Lt. Col. Chaiyadit Panna arrested 2 offenders, a few other other vendors left the place when police arrived...
No problem for you:
If the goods you are looking for shouldn't be available anymore at this location, you can buy them everywhere else in copycat paradise Pattaya.
As this example shows, police arrests the small resellers only - and not the producers of this goods - for the benefit of all: Copycat products never will disappear from Thailand's shops and the police can justify its monthly salaries...

No maintenance
No maintenance
Since many weeks City Hall's Solar powered LED Light Show on Pattaya's 1st Road, also known as Beach Road, doesn't work correctly anymore.
City Hall will never learn that such applications need some maintenance, especially if they are Made in Thailand.

Monthly Escapades
On October 11th Pattaya Police kidnapped once more its darlings from Pattaya's Beach Promenade and carried them, cramped on an uncomfortable truck, to a secret address on Soi 9.
I don't understand why the officials' wives don't stop these monthly escapades of their husbands...

New face
Pattaya gets a new face (again):
Reconstruction and redocoration apparently everywhere in Pattaya, but mostly on Soi Buakhaow, Soi Lengkee, Soi 8 and on Walking Street.
Pattaya's entrepreneurs always believe in a good future: On our Tour the Pattaya on September 30th we discovered a lot of new bars.

Sin City reopened - and closed again.
Sin City reopened
Club Sin City, the former A-Go-Go Club on Soi 16, reopened as International Night Club - or in other words - as a disco. But it closed after a few nights - workers are turning the venue upside down.

Not the Right Spot!
Daiquiri Hous, the Coyote Bar at the Right Spot bar complex on Pattaya Beach Road, closed on October 15th.
The venue opened on October 16th 2009.

Bier-Kutsche closed
The old-established Bier-Kutsche on Walking Street, located between Powers A-Go-Go and the Goodfellas Mafia-Girls, closed.

Quiet Start
Ready to Start
Motoroom, the new Coyote Club on top of King Café on Walking Street opened very quietly during the last days of October - with dancers in the window and a motorcycle in front of them.
Ready to Start with Coyote Dancers

New at Soho Square
New at Soho Square TITLE=
Works are on the way to transfer the failed B-52 dancing into an European (?) Restaurant. It will be called Apelsin (swedish for Orange), but the term Europian is used in Albania and Estonia only.
Let's hope the cook at least knows what he tries to prepare...

New on Soi 16
New on Soi 16
The former Fantasy Sports Grill from Soho Square relocated its girls and its pool table to Soi 16 and changed its name to Black & Blue Sports Bar.
New on Soi 16

New on Soi Lengkee
Soi Lengkee got two new hotels:
Pattaya Noble Place on Soi Lengkee
The Vogue Hotel on Soi Lengkee / 3rd Road

Sakura Club 69 reopened & closed again.
Sakura Club 69 reopened
Sakura Club 69 on Soi 15 reopened as promised on October 1st as an A Go-Go club, but it closed down its lights on October 21st without prior information...

Carousel Club remained in the dark, but...
Carousel Club remained in the dark
It was announced that the former Carousel Club on Soi Diamond would reopen on October 1st as Carousel Entertainment, but the venue remained in the dark.
Carousel A Go-Go announced to open on November 1st.
Since October 6th a banner is looking for staff to open Carousel A Go-Go on November 1st.
Carousel A Go-Go Paylist

Color of Hope?
Limmatquai 18
The former Limmatquai 18 Club on Soi Diamond shines since many months in green.
It faces an undetermined future.
Green, at least, is the color of hopes...

Fiik Bar on Soi 8
Fiik Bar
Just in front of Soi 8 Sexy Girls A Go-Go the all new fiik bar opened with a bunch of lovely ladies.

Surprise, Surprise
Surprise, Surprise
On Friday, October 1st, the bars at Pattaya New Plaza, behind the ninety-four coffee shop had more visitors then the bars on Soi 8...

No more Go-Go
First Lounge
The former First A Go-Go on Soi 8 reopened on September 30th as First Gentlemen's Club or First Lounge (choose what you prefer...)
The venue replaced its dancers by a Pool Table.
Sorry: We replaced Gentlement by Gentlemen and Tabel by Table without permission from the club's management.

Garage reopens
Garage, the Bar Beer on Naklua Road, reopened during the first week of October.
The venue closed the door and its Website during the first days of August 2010.

Price Hike
at BellaExpress
(Pattaya Central Road)
BellaExpress announced new Buffet rates:
Breakfast Buffet: 120 Baht (up from 99 Baht). Diner Buffet: 150 Baht (18:00 - 19:00 only),
after 19:00: 180 Baht.
Effective from Oct. 1st.

Seen on a T-shirt
Seen on a T-shirt

Thai Hybrids
think different
For Shemales in Pattaya a Cabaret Show with Lady Boys is a Cabarat Show.
Thai Hybrids think different

New Menus
for hip, cool and modern customers!
The Angry Wooper
Burger King restaurants announced that it is reorienting its menu. Burger King's new offerings will focus more on local customers.
Burger King's first-half sales dropped by 20-30% year-on-year, mostly at tourist destinations.
The company said it will facelift existing stores.
The refurbished stores will be 'hip, cool and modern' to reconnect with local customers, Burger King said.
Its rivals A&W, KFC and McDonald's already introduced 'Thai menus'.

Seen on a T-shirt
Seen on a T-shirt

More Money
On September 21st the Thai cabinet approved a bill to give teachers an 8% pay rise.
Their maximum pay ceiling is now set at the same level as that of medical and legal professionals.
According to Thailand's Education Ministry a total of 432'942 teachers would be entitled to a pay rise between 2'000 and 3'000 Baht a month each.
The maximum pay ceiling for teachers will increase from 64'340 to 66'480 Baht.
But the average salary of a teacher will be somewhere between 25'000 and 37'500 Baht/month.
And how much do you pay your lady?
I know a Thai lady that asked her Farang lover to support her (Thai made) 12-year old daughter with € 1'500/month (about 60'000 Baht)...

Beer Bar or Bar Beer?
Usually the term Bar Beer points to a Thai ownership, but in this case - what you think?
French Bakery or Bakery French?
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NightWalker's News
from Pattaya, the One & Only Paradise on Earth.
NightWalker recommends Phatthaya
Compact News
Nok Disco
The second floor of Nok's Snow House on Walking Street will get a Disco Club.
Beer House reopened
The Beer House on Pattaya City Walk reopened. It even could welcome its first visitors.
Performance Bar
Warning: The majority of the 'ladies' working at the Performance Bar on Pattaya's Walking Street are now Hybrids, also known as Kratoeys.
And as stated by NightWalker a few month ago: If a bar change its format from mainly ladies to mainly hybrids, something else usually will change too - Performance is on the block!
Hilton Hotel opened
Hilton opened its hotel on top of Pattaya's CentralFestival shopping center. NightWalker could not yet spot Paris Hilton here in Pattaya, but he will keep an eye on here...

Au Bon Pain comes back to Royal Garden Plaza
Au Bon Pain comes back to Royal Garden Plaza and replaces Délifrance.
Burger King already started the recently announced face-lifting
Burger King already started the recently announced face-lifting at its Royal Garden Plaza outlet. The refurbished store will be 'hip, cool and modern', the company promises.
Hot Tuna Bar
Warning: The majority of the 'ladies' working at the Hot Tuna Bar at the Beach Inn Beer Garden on Pattaya's Walking Street are now Hybrids...
New Bars in Naklua
The face-lifting of the bars at the entry to Soi 31 in Naklua already happened. The roof is now wind- & waterproof and the bars ready for nice & beautiful ladies and their worshippers.
No Entertainment on Soi 10
No entertainment on Soi 10
No entertainment on Soi 10
Last February, Soi 10, the Soi behind Soi Honey, announced a new entertainment area around the Sawasdee Sabai Hotel.
The project is stalled.
No entertainment on Soi 10
The area on the back of Honey Body Massage is now used as a parking lot for visitors and employes of the hotel and the massage parlour.
No entertainment on Soi 10
South Pattaya Road
Coffee & Beer, a new coffee-shop on Pattaya South Road, open a few days only, but already a popular expats meeting point.
That seems to be the new trend:
A nice local where you can drink your beer or your café without hassle and therefore without hostesses.
Soi Buakhaow
The new Hospital on the Southern Part of Soi Buakhaow is ready for the interior construction.
Soi Buakhaow
Bobby's Too is the name of a new bar on Soi Buakhaow. The bar opened a few days ago a few meters only from Soi Buakhaow's famous Night Market.

South Pattaya Road
Bakery French, also new on Pattaya South Road and a few meters only from Friendship Supermarket, attracts a lot of farangs too.
Soi Buakhaow
Pook Swan House, a well-known meeting point for kratoeys on Soi Buakhaow, currently gets a face-lifting during the day. Nevertheless, it re-opens every night for your distraction.
Soi Lengkee
Rinya House & Kitchen, located on Soi Lengkee, closed its (Pizza) Restaurant for renovations, but not its rooms, I was told.
Please come back for more news!
New on Walking Street
New Entertainment Temple?
New Entertainment Temple

Between Walking Street's Jewels Creation and Bangkok Bank's Exchange Booth a new building erupts across the ailing Soho Square.
It looks likes a copy of the successful Insomnia Club.
We keep you informed!
Pattaya makes it happen
The dream of every prisoner comes true!
The dream of every prisoner comes true!
Walking Street's new Monkey House...

In this building, just across of Walking Street's King Seafood Restaurant and at the entry to Soi 15, a replica of Alcatraz' Jailhouse will entertain its prisoners - or vice versa.
The coming Alcatraz A-Go-Go gives room for a lot of speculations and jokes:
It is said that Pattaya Police on Soi 9 will displace all its inmates to Alcatraz to ensure the venue has enough personel and fun during its opening day(s).
Alcatraz A Go-Go welcomes everybody, not only former or future felons, the management says. Let's hope at least the inmates will enjoy Walking Street's first 'jail'.
Alcatraz opening soon
New Bar and Meeting Point on Soi 7
Pandora in Pattaya!
Pandora means All-Giving
Pandora means All-Giving
According to Greek mythology Pandora was the first woman. Each Greek God helped create her by giving her unique gifts. According to the British Museum her second name was Anesidora.
The literature tells that Pandora opened a jar releasing all the evils of mankind and leaving only hope inside once she had closed the jar again.
Pandora opened the jar out of simple curiosity and not as a malicious act.
The story has several versions, but according to the latest interpretation of the mythic Pandora means all-giving.
Let's hope the beautiful ladies working at the new bar understand the Greek mythology, are working accordingly and are giving away all the nice things we are dreaming of...
Pandora means All-Giving
The new Pandora Bar on Soi 7 opened on September 17th 2010 and can get the next meeting point in Pattaya. It's airy and luxurious, has a perfect service and you can overlook a great part of one of Pattaya's most popular Soi.
Thailand Charters, an Exclusive Motor Yacht Charter Service in Pattaya
The managment of Soi 7's new Pandora Bar also runs Thailand Charters, an exclusive motor yacht charter service, right here in Pattaya.
New on Pattaya Beach Road
Dolphin Beer Garden
New on Pattaya Beach Road
Dolphin Beer Garden opened on Pattaya Beach Road / Central Road, just in front of the Centera Beach Hotel.
'Earthquake' hit Soho Square
It was once Walking Street's nicest place...
Earthquake hit Soho Square
Undermining local authorities - or what?
Is Pattaya's Police a bunch of clock watchers*?
*Estimated August 2009 by Pattaya Police Superintendent Col. Sarayut Sa-nguanpokai
During the last few weeks you could get this impression:
On October 12th 2010 Deputy Superintendent Pol. Lt. Col. Chaiyadit Panna and his men from Bangkok's Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center, Region 2, raided Pattaya Plaza, confiscated fake goods and arrested 2 dealers.
Only a few days before Pol. Major Nattagit Meesook, from Thai Government Anti Piracy Department Region 4 visited Mike Shopping Mall and 'accidentally' discovered fake goods worth hundreds of thousand baht.
On the 7th of October 2010 Lieutenant Colonel Khuanphichai Manojarernsap and his team of Crime Suppression Special Unit officers from Bangkok conducted a sting operation on the Mandarin Bar in Soi 6 and arrested 17 women including the female manager of the bar.
On the 9th of October 2010 Lieutenant Colonel Choosak Kaytong conducted a sting operation at the Soho Bar with his team of Crime Suppression Special Unit officers from Bangkok: They arrested seven ladies and the female manager of the venue.
It seems that this operations are undermining local authorities, but perhaps this men are simply missing any works at Bangkok and like to enjoy the good air of Paradise Pattaya - and used the raids to justify and to finance the journey.
My friend at Soi 9 has another explanation. He told me that the men had the order to clean up City Hall, but their newly installed GPS devices misled the pitiable people.
Nevertheless, I don't understand why Bangkok's police doesn't do its homework first and clean up Bangcock...
Enhanced Short Time in Pattaya
Naklua's Red Horse Resort has 29 different Rooms!
Red Horse Resort has 29 different Rooms
The Red Horse Resort on Soi 33, off Sukhumvit Road, is a Bungalow type Short and Long Time Motel and offers 29 different room styles.
Look out for the Red Horse advertisement on Sukhumvit Road near Mini Siam and follow the signs.
You can't miss it - and not only your lady will like it enthusiastically!
Red Horse Resort has 29 different Rooms

Red Horse Resort has 29 different Rooms

For more information about Pattaya's Short Time Motels please click
iFarang™: Happy Birthday Pattaya!
Since 25 Years the Paradise promises the Earth.
25 years ago I discovered Pattaya during a day of heavy rainfalls. Many streets were covered by water. A chaos dominated the City, but the receptionist at the hotel told me that everything will be over the next morning.
The lady also told me that Pattaya's City Hall promised to upgrade the drains around Pattaya because the drains cannot cope with the tropical rainstorms that are experienced here on an annual basis.
That was 25 years ago.
On October 14th 2010, at about 03:00, I and my motorcycle were trapped on Pattaya's Second Road as well as on South Road by knee-deep water.
The hotel didn't survive the last 25 years (it got replaced by the new dusitD2 and The Avenue), but the drains apparently did.
The flooding in Pattaya (and all over Thailand) isn't the result of 'Global Warming', but the result of missing forethought and missing planning.
Pattaya's swans remain geeses...
iFarang™ ©2010
Pattaya for Newbies
The Streets of Pattaya.
Pattaya has two types of streets: Streets with sidewalks and streets without sidewalks.
Streets without sidewalks are designated for vehicles only, not for pedestrians. Vehicles are buses, cars and motorcycles. A bicycle isn't a vehicle in Pattaya. Bicycle riders in Pattaya are treated like pedestrians.
Streets with sidewalks can be used for walking, as long as pedestrians do not disturb the traffic. Sidewalks are earmarking a pedestrian area only and are not recommended for any kind of walking. Sidewalks in Pattaya are places to build up police boxes, phone boothes, cookshops and any other kind of small businesses or even night markets.
Never use any street in Pattaya as a meeting point, even if you are used to do it in your country. Traffic regulations in Pattaya are very different from the ones you know in Pakistan, India, Italy, Southern France or any Arab country.
Pattaya has its very own traffic regulation: The larger the vehicle, the more rights its driver has, independent of what the actual Thai law suggests.
And keep in mind: All Traffic Lights in Pattaya are Street Art, ignore them or you will disturb Pattaya's flow of traffic.
All information published on this page are as accurate as possible, but this one is a joke: Pattaya doesn't have any streets, it has Sois, Sais and Thanons. These are areas that can be used for any kind of traffic, as parking lots, as business places or as water canals...
New Traffic Lights
Pattaya Police on Soi 9 gets Traffic Lights!
Pattaya Police on Soi 9 gets traffic lights!
Pattaya Police on Soi 9 gets traffic lights!
Picture top:
Police already barricaded the way to Soi 8 and the nearby bars...

Not Pattaya's CentralFestival, but the nearby Pattaya Police Station on Soi 9 gets the new traffic lights for pedestrians.
CentralFestival is Pattaya's best frequented shopping center, but we were told by an usually well informed source, that Pattaya's Police will significantly intensify its work to outnumber the daily number of visitors of the shopping center...
If the people don't like to come spontaneous, we will escort them ourself to the Police Station, our usually well informed Soi 9 source said.
Made by Thailand's highly skilled Workforce:
Pattaya Police on Soi 9 gets traffic lights!

Work not even finished, but vital parts already completely corroded.
Chonburi's Senator Surachai Chaitrakulthong is luring potential investors from Taiwan and other countries by promising 'Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled workforce'.
A job from skilled workers!?
New in Pattaya
And - perhaps - ready to use soon...
To cross the street, please press the button!

This is Pattaya's latest gadget: Before crossing the street, please press the button!
Pattaya's City Hall installed traffic lights for the safety of its pedestrians all over Pattaya. If you press the button the lights should go on and perhaps Pattaya's notorious traffic will stop.
But please be careful. Pattaya's road users like to ignore almost all signals!
We hope this signals are not only additional decorations as Pattaya's new but unused 'observation towers' on its beaches.
Wasted money - or what?
Wasted money - or what?
Gentlemen's Fun Club
Gentlemen's Clubs are spreading all over Pattaya.
A Gentlemen's Club was (or still is) a members-only private club.
It originally set up by and for English upper class men in the eighteenth century.
Public entertainments, such as musical performances and the like, were not a feature of this sort of clubs. The clubs were second homes where men could mix with their friends. They also were a retreat for men who wished to get away from their female relations.
In the United States the term Gentlemen's Club is frequently used as a euphemism for strip clubs.
Here in Pattaya the term Gentlemen's Club is in most cases a synonym only for a Ripoff Club. That's the difference between Thailand and good old England...
Honest Advertisement?
Vive la différence!
Red Lable at Club 69 Pub & Karaoke
Enjoy the real one!

Johnnie Walker's Red Label (on the left) points to the Original, Red Lable (on top) probably to one of Thailand's famous copies...
Keep walking
Celebrities in Pattaya
You can meet Obama every night
at the world's most famous City of Pattaya!
Enjoy the blended
spirits of Obama!
Originally brewed and botteled in Kanchana Buri (Thailand).
Headache included -
financial crisis too!
No bail out provided for people like you and me.
Therefore be careful:
One Obama is possibly
one Obama too much!
Please keep in mind:
Buying and drinking any kind of alcohol, from Beer to Obama, is restricted by law from 11:00 to 14:00 & from 17:00 to 24:00!
Obviously Thailand's Government believes (or even knows) that its country is full off boozers.

Enjoy the spirit of Obama!
Amazing Thailand
Singing in the Rain with Beer Chang.
Singing in the Rain with Beer Chang.
Organized by Chonburi's Provincial Administrative Organisation and GMM Grammy the evening happened on September 25th between Pattaya's Soi 6 and the famous Hard Rock Hotel. Its main sponsors were Isuzu and Beer Chang.
The event was interrupted a few times by a few raindrops.
Singing in the Rain with Beer Chang.
Farangs wondered why it's possible to place advertisements of beer everywhere, when Thailand's law is forbidding any kind of promotion of alcoholic beverages.
Singing in the Rain with Beer Chang.
Whether a law gets enforced or not depens on the mood of the police, we got told. Apparently Pattaya's Police as well as Sattahip's Military Police were in a very good mood during September 25th 2010.
Bali Hai
The new venue, announced as Lima-Lima, at Bali Hai's Entertainment Complex seems to be a centenary project: A (n)ever ending story?
Do not believe the Fashion Industry
The time of cheap clothes hasn't gone!
Last month, during the London Fashion Week, the fashion industry told the mass media that the time of cheap clothes has definitely gone.
Just after the announcement the price of simple T-shirts here in Pattaya slipped down to 39 Baht for unprinted ones and to 59 Baht for stained shirts! Apparently to prove the truth of the disclosure...
In Pattaya the price of simple T-shirts just slipped down to 39 Baht!
Enjoy the real one!

Enjoy the real one!
Hot-Pants still start at 79 Baht and accessories for sexy ladies are available from 50 to 100 Baht.
The mass media published a dream of Lagerfeld, Westwood & Co. only.
Prêt-à-porter in Pattaya
Prêt-à-porter in Pattaya
Ready to wear. You don't have to wait weeks or even months as in Paris, Rome and London until you can get the clothes. Prices start at 199 Baht - that's not only a lot cheaper than at Fashion Shows, the clothes are wearable too...
Pattaya's Scientists discovered:
The world gets smaller with every day.
The world gets smaller with every day.
From Central Pattaya to Phuket on 3rd Road its a few minutes only. Madrid is a few meters from Central Road only, Paris is a stone's throw from Walking Street on Soi Diamond and Hollywood is located just behind North Pattaya's BigC shopping center.
And in a few weeks you will discover that Marocco moved to the Northern End of Pattaya's Third Road. The world's map definitively needs a redesign.
Lay Down in Pattaya...
Obviously Thai people can sleep anywhere...
Do not believe any advertisement! You don't need an expensive mattress to have a good sleep - all you need is to lay down in Pattaya...
Suzuka in Pattaya
Formula 1 Racing in Pattaya - Why not?
Suzuka in Pattaya
Pattaya offers the same conditions as Suzuka - almost daily.
Latest News
Do you Contador?
Pattaya Tourist Police announced that they teamed up with Pattaya's Bar Girl Association to combat the widespread use of extramarital doping agents as Viagra and its alternatives.
Pattaya's Bar Girl Association claimed that the use of Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Kamagra threatens the health of their members. It's like working OT (overtime) without being paid for, a lady told the media. This kind of doping is a threat not a treath, she added.
Therefore Pattaya Tourist Police decided to test male tourists in Pattaya for the use of doping agents. If the analysis proofs the use of (an) erectile dysfunction pill(s) the offender will be banned for 2 years from extramarital exercises here in Pattaya as well as in the rest of the country.
According to a spokesman from Pattaya Tourist Police, the service is free of charge - at least for the ladies.
All information published on this page are as accurate as possible, but this one is a joke:
In Pattaya only concerts are free of charge, all other services have to be paid.
Sawadee Krap!
Sawadee Krap
McDonald's outlets at CentralFestival, The Avenue & on Sukhumvit Road are the company's Low Cost Restaurants. At all its other shops in Pattaya you have to pay at least 10% more.
Funny Thailand
Amazing Money
One of my Thai girlfriend called her newly born son Euro, '' for short.
The infant already has his own passport confirming his name...
No Change please!
Nelson Mandela said:
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
Bangkok's Elite don't like to change the world - not even the country...
Happy Elite
Bangkok's Elite says it is happy that Liu Xiaobo got a Nobel Prize and not Thaksin Shinawatra...
Thai Wisdom #5
If I don't wear a helmet, I can ignore traffic rules.
Thai Wisdom #6
I don't wear a helmet. I am an official from Soi 9.
Thai Wisdom #7
A helmet restricts my thinking.
Thai Wisdoms #1 - #4:
Thailand Today
No one would want a coup if the nation is peaceful and free of unrest, Thailand's new Military Commander Prayuth Cha-Ocha said.
A military coup never solved any problems, it always generated new ones.
It's simply unbelievable how fast Thailand can accommodate the demand, a friend told me.
20 years ago it was hard to find a Thai lady with really nice legs - today sexy legs are almost everywhere.
2 years ago I couldn't spot any well-nourished thai girls - today at least 30% of Pattaya's Beauties on Beach Promenade are overweighted, he said.
And because some men prefer tall & slender ladies, Pattaya provides them in two categories: Originals and Hybrids...
Thai Culture
To get an impression of Thailand's real culture you have to fellow the Soap Operas on Thai TV.
It's Thai life at its best...
iFarang™ ©2010
Bangkok Governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra and Interior Minister Chavarat Charnvirakul plan to build the world's tallest Ferris Wheel.
According the two stupid people it will be the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world, as high as 176 metres and higher than the London Eye, which is 150 metres only, the two say.
The two don't know the world: Singapore's Flyer is 165 meter and Berlin's Great Wheel should have 175 meters in diameter. It was originally planned to open in 2008 but the project encountered financial obstacles and is now on hold.
Beijing's Great Wheel (pictured above), which is under construction since 2007, will be a 208 m wheel, much larger than Bangkok's 'world's tallest Ferris Wheel'.
The two dreamers presented their plan on October 13th 2010. They will complete Bangkok's Ferris Wheel on December 5th next year.
Probably built with LEGO-blocks or the help of a magician.
Interior Minister Chavarat Charnvirakul is also Deputy Prime Minister, Bhum Jai Thai party leader and is allegedly involved in a 3.4-billion Baht computer procurement scandal, according to a recent DSI (Department of Special Investigation) report.
Technology News
InkJet Printers
made in Thailand
Canon Inc. plans to build a $175 million inkjet printer plant in Thailand.
Canon's second Thai inkjet printer factory will be located in the northeastern province of Nakhon Ratchasima. It will start production in October 2011 and will employ about 5'000 workers.
Canon's new factory will have an annual production capacity of 5.5 million printers.
Canon currently makes inkjet printers in Thailand and Vietnam.
Canon is the world's second-largest maker of inkjet printers after HP (Hewlett-Packard Co.).

made in Thailand
Toshiba Storage Device (Thailand) Co. will expand its local production capacity for hard disk drives (HDDs).
To increase its HDD output at its Pathum Thani plant Toshiba will investe 10.25 billion Baht.
Toshiba first invested in hard drives in Thailand in 2007 by acquiring the local unit of Fujitsu.
Toshiba's HDD expansion will generate 11'883 new jobs.
The expanded factory will produce at least 62 million of 2.5-inch HDDs a year.
Toshiba isn't the sole company producing HDDs in Thailand. Seagate runs a few factories in the Kindom too.

Lasers will replace
controversial X-rays
Scientists believe that painless laser beams could replace X-rays as a non-invasive way to diagnose disease in about five years.
The new technology would make the diagnosis of illnesses faster, cheaper and more accurate.
The method, called Raman spectroscopy is already being used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

New nano touch
Apple's new nano
Apple's new nano touch 8GB carries a bill of material cost of $43.73 and a manufacturing (in China) cost of $1.37...

Tesco is planning to roll out scan-as-you-shop technology to stores next year, the company says.
Shoppers will be able to scan goods as they put them in their shopping baskets while walking round stores.

Motorola is unveiling seven new Android phones to different marketing segments: The Bravo, Flipout and Flipside as well as the Droid Pro, the Citrus, the Defy and the Spice.

The Showman
You can't count on Steve Jobs' words. During his presentation of Apple's new iPad he predicted that tablet PCs will replace the notebook market. A few days ago the very same Steve Jobs presented Apple's new MacBook Air and called it a revolutionary product. In reality it's an old hut cased by Apple...
Silly PitPit reports
After years of research scientists in Japan confirmed results from German explorers. They discovered that Gorillas are not so different from men as anticipated.
I came to the same conclusion some sixty years ago when I first looked at a mirror.
Skilled Workforce?
The work of a 'Skilled Workforce': Seen on Pattaya Beach Road.
Chonburi's Senator Surachai Chaitrakulthong is luring potential investors from Taiwan and other countries by promising 'Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled workforce'.
The contrary is true:
Thailand's problem is the lack of a skilled workforce.
It wasn't the Chinese' Yuan that triggered the world's financial crisis, it was (and is) America's uncurbed cupidity for living beyond its means.
Instead of cleaning up its house, America is now blaming others for its very own failures.
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Don't trust the WHO!
Malaria claims more than 200'000 lives in India every year.
That's about 13 times higher than the UN's World Health Organisation estimates, a new study published by the British medical journal The Lancet says.
Hidden Truths
Politicians and military officials all over the world are lying and are dissimulating important information.
Read what really happens.
Last Word
Three things cannot be long hidden: The sun, the moon, and the truth.
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