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November 2010
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On the way to hell?
Bangkok is sinking an average of 3cm per year.

Security First?
During Loy Kratong, November 21st, and on November 27th & 28th Pattaya shut down all Traffic Lights on Pattaya Beach Road...
Are the new Traffic Lights a danger for Pattaya's Pedestrians?

No KissMas
in Pattaya
From an usually well informed source we heard that Pattaya does not copy London's latest hit, the Kissmas Tree.
Pattaya's ladies do not have a passion for kisses City Hall and Ripley's said.
But Ripley's at Royal Garden Plaza is considering to launch a CheatMak competition with Pattaya's Businesses.

New Nok
New Nok
Nok, the bar near the entry to Walking Street, changed its layout again: A small orchestra is now entertaining the visitors.
Nok's coyote dancers ended in smoke.

No Disco
No Coyote Club
Nok's Birdsnest
On top of Nok's Bar on Walking Street the bird will open a Bird's Nest or - in other words - short and long time rooms.

Performance Bar reopened!
Performance Bar reopened!
Performance Bar on Walking Street reopened on November 27th with a new management and a mixture of real ladies and fake ones.
The bar closed November 15, 2010 - during its last few weeks the bar was working with Lady Boys only.

No life without ladies!
No life without ladies
First's Lounge, the former First's A Go-Go on Soi 8, also known as First's Gentlemen Club, closed.

First's Return
First's Return
November 27th, 2010:
After a few aberrations during the last few months First's on Soi 8 is back as a Go-Go Lounge.

A few ladies melted in tears as the mamasan told them that she has to close down her bar at the Siren Bar Complex.
For many ladies 'her' bar is a second home.

Hip, Cool and Modern
Hip, Cool and Modern
According to Burger King its refurbished outlet at Royal Garden Plaza is Hip, Cool and Modern.

Redlite ready for members
Redlite, the new private club on Walking Street, opposite to the well-known Soho Square area, is ready to welcome its members.

Paris A Go-Go on Soi Diamond, off Walking Street, changed its name to Atlantis A Go-Go.

Au bon pain
Au bon pain
Au bon pain opened a nice boulevard café at Royal Garden Plaza. It replaces Délifrance, the french restaurant.

Club Relaxxx A Go-Go
Club Relaxxx A Go-Go opened on November 6th at Covent Garden (Soi 16), off Walking Street. It replaces the former Sin City A Go-Go, but in a refurbished environment.

Short Time Resort
New Short Time Resort
A new Short Time Resort opened on Soi Paniad Chang (also known as Soi Carrefour or Soi Yume).
Samed Resort is a Bungalow Type Motel at the end of a very small Soi, about 200 meters from the main road and perfectly hidden by wood.
More information on:

Short Time
Short Time Rooms
The Royal Hotel near the end of Soi BJ, off Walking Street, offers rooms for short time & full time activities.
More information on:

Marine Pool Pub and Bar reopened
Marine Pool Pub and Bar, the venue at Pattaya's loudest place, reopened a few weeks ago.

U-Tapao News
Lao Airlines
Lao Airlines operates a twuce weekly service on Friday and Sunday to Pattaya International U-Tapao Airport.
Since October 29th 2010 the airline connects
U-Tapao with Vientiane and Luang Prabang.
For more information:
Lao Airlines

30 Baht!
Sunglasses starts now at 30 Baht!
Sunglasses starts now at 30 Baht, down from 50 Baht. Also a sign of Thailand's downturn?

Motoroom closed!
Pattaya's newest Coyote Club, Motoroom, on Walking Street already closed on November 15, 2010.

Venus Lounge closed!
Venus Lounge on Pattaya 3rd Road closed November 15, 2010 - but a banner tells that it is searching new girls...

Carrefour sold!
Dhanin Chearavanont, one of Asia's richest men and owner of the Charoen Pokphand Group (CP), takes over Carrefour (Thailand).
Carrefour's shopping centers will be integrated into his BigC imperium.
The purchase was made by French retailer Casino Group.
After the acquisition, Casino, whose Thai subsidiary is Big C Supercenter Plc, will own 111 hypermarkets in the Kingdom.
Update: On November 17th I could spot some people wearing I love Casino T-shirts.
Perhaps Carrefour will be renamed into Casino.
In some parts of Thailand Dhanin Chearavanont and his BigC markets aren't very popular. He is known as a main promoter of the yellow shirts.
Carrefour decided not to sell its businesses in Malaysia and Singapore.

California Grill closed
California Grill on the first floor at Carrefour closed.

Lima passed away!
All the works for the widely announced Lima Lima Club on Bali Hai's Entertainment Complex are stopped. The nice curved front wall of the venue already disappeared...
But on the second floor of the building a Caramel fresh food & drink restaurant is announced to open in a few days.

As predicted:
Amsterdamaged is a Flop!
Not with Thais
As predicted in NightWalker's News Flash from May 2010 by his Lady, The Amsterdam Experience, on Soi 6 flopped.
Thais are used to work in a group - and sometimes as a team - but sitting alone in a window, on a small and uncomfortable chair without any possibility to watch TV, that's not Thailand's way of life, she told our readers.
NightWalker's Lady was right: Amsterdamaged is on the block.

Before & After
Europian Food
Before: Europian Food
As published last month.
European Food
After: European Food
The Apelsin Restaurant on Soho Square is open now - and you don't have to eat alone: An orchestra is accompanying ever single bite live with international hits...
In the restaurant itself, all the signs from the former B-52 nightclub are still in place.

High Season starts
The Turkish Ice Cream Show is back in town!
The Turkish Ice Cream Show is back on Pattaya's Walking Street!!!
The Turkish Ice Cream Show is back in town!
The tourists from Russia are back too:
Their prefered playground at Walking Street's Food Fair is sold out almost every evening.
It is recommended to place a reservation - or you don't get a seat.
The tourists from Russia are back

Spa - what Spa?
First Spa opened its shop at Royal Garden Plaza. The venue is touting (facial) Massage and is promising you the earth, but unfortunately we couldn't spot any water.
The word Spa comes from the Latin phrase, 'sanus per aquam', or 'health through water', but not from creams...

Do you love yourself?
She loves herself
A Taiwanese woman, not a Thai one, says she has married herself.
The 30-year-old Chen Wei-yi held her ceremony at a hotel in Taipei, together with relatives and friends.
She says people need to love themselves before they can love others.
Marrying herself would show the world she accepts herself for who she is.
She must be a delight for all that couch doctors...

Back on Catwalk
Back on Catwalk
Pattaya's famous Tiger Dog is back on Pattaya's Beach Promenade, near Soi 8, with his lady.

What a shame!
New Signal
Every new Traffic Light for Pedestrians got this code chart during the last days.
It doesn't help!
The drivers do not stop in front of the red lights. They even use their horns if a pedestrian tries to cross the street...
New Signal: Parking Space
On Pattaya's 3rd Road the motorcycle taxi drivers use the Zebra crossings to park their vehicles...
No protest, but stupidity!
Seen on Pattaya's Beach Road: No protest, but Thai stupidity!
Is this Thailand's educated workforce?
Living Traffic Light
Update: Since November 16th volunteers have to support the traffic lights and to stop the drivers during daytime - during nighttime pedestrians have to take care themself.
What a shame for Thailand's drivers!

Stop the Police!
Since Wednesday night, November 10th 2010, Bangkok's Royal Thai Police is enforcing a 02:00 early closing time here in Pattaya with rides particularly on Pattaya's Walking Street...
It seems the police is trying to chase away the last tourists from an already suffering Pattaya.
The TAT (Tourist Authority of Thailand) is investing millions of Baht to bring back the missing tourists, but Thailand's police is torpedoing all the endeavours.
TIT (This is Thailand).

It's not Soi 9!
Our source from Soi 9 told us that it is not Soi 9 that is carrying out the stupid raids on Walking Street.
It is the same Crime Suppression Division of Bangkok's Royal Thai Police that obsessed Soi 6 a few weeks ago that is trying to enforce a 02:00 early closing time her in Pattaya.
Perhaps the troupe from Soi 9 should travel to Bangkok to clean up the capital from its 'cigarette police', the Nigerian & the Airport Maffia and Thailand's unscrupulous politicians...

A case of megalomania?
Payungsak Chartsuthipol, the chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI), said on November 11th 2010 that Thai government and Thailand's automobile industries must join forces if Thailand is to maintain its status as the region's leader in vehicle manufacturing.
It seems the man doesn't know what he is speaking about: China produced 13.79 million vehicles during 2009 and Japan 7.93 million, but Thailand will (probably) reach 1.7 million cars only in 2010 and a projected 1.8 million in 2011.

Mayor Itthiphol's object-lesson
The problems Pattaya faces with its new Trafic Lights for Pedestrians shows what will happen if Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunpluem's Monorail Project would be built in Pattaya:
Every few days we would be able to spot Itthiphol's sightseeing train for a few minutes - before it collapse again...

Pattaya's most reckless drivers are the one in the yellow/green and yellow/blue cabs. They are not only a danger for all other road users but also for their passengers.

New Police Boxes
7-eleven stores will support Pattaya Police on cracking down on Pattaya's crime scene.
150 7-eleven stores around the City will become crime-reporting stations allowing those needing police assistance to call for an officer.
7-eleven stores are open around the clock and will help Pattaya's Police to boost the City's safety image, Tourist Police say.
If successful, similar Police Boxes will be opened at tourist areas located in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui and Phuket.
Crime report forms will be available in four languages. 7-eleven employees will get some training on how to handle victims and call for police.

Some Countries are banning Pattaya Road Shows!
A proposed world tour of travel fairs by the TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) to promote Pattaya as a family tourist destination has encountered problems:
Some countries have banned the Road Show because of Pattaya's tarnished reputation.
It seems these countries don't like that Pattaya changes its image...
And they are right:
Never change a winning horse!

What's your Size?
Trousers & Underwear:
S = 26-28
M = 29-31
L = 32-34
. XL = 35-37
XXL = 38-40
Other kind of clothes:
Thailand's Size L corresponds your country's Size M.
You see:
Thailand is different!
Thailand is always larger than you may expect...

Do not ignore this sign!
Do not ignore this sign!
On all major junction Pattaya Police installed new warning signs, sometimes even perfectly hidden behind trees. Most Thai drivers simply ignore the signs. Don't do it! It can get very expensive: Police is lurking just around the corner!
Do not ignore this perfectly hidden sign!

Chonburi Immigration:
For Thais only!?
On September 24, 2009 the former Pattaya Immigration Office in Jomtien was renamed as Chonburi Immigration Office.
The new name reflects the fast-growing nature of Chonburi and Immigration's efforts to provide quality service, a spokesperson explained the new identity then.
Since 2009 the Chonburi Immigration Office even runs its own website:
In Thai only...

Determent or What?
I never will understand why managers of Girlie A-Go-Go Clubs think they can attract customers by employing something else but female touts...


It's not your
Credit Card!
If the point of sale card reader at Tesco/Lotus can't read your Credit Card it's a problem with the card reader and not with your card. Some readers at its shops here in Pattaya not even can connect correctly to the net.
It's not a new problem. Tesco/Lotus face the problem for many years. People here don't understand that readers need some maintenance.

No maintenance
Last month we pilloried the Solar powered LED Light Show on Pattaya's 1st Road.
In the meantime City Hall removed the not properly working signs.
Perhaps this page really has a reader....
Update: The signals are back in place, but 2 of them don't work correctly again!
Unskilled workforce!
Previous Publications
Pattaya News Flash November 2010 - The Source
NightWalker's News
from Pattaya, the World's unique Pedestrian Resort!
NightWalker recommends Phatthaya
New Bar Zoning Regulations
Entertainment Venues
on Walking Street can stay open until 03:00!
Just a few days after Bangkok's apparently jobless Royal Thai Police tried to enforce a 02:00 closure of Pattaya's Walking Street bars, City Hall introduced new bar zoning regulations around Pattaya on Thursday, November 25th 2010.
Venues in selected areas in South Pattaya, including Walking Street, can stay open until 03:00, outside of the main zone, bars are permitted to open until 02:00. Thailand's national laws requiring entertainment venues to close at 02:00.
Provincial Police from Chonburi along with Pattaya Police will enforce the new regulations.
With the possibility of an application being made to the Interior Ministry for 24 hour licenses in the near future it is essential venues comply with the current regulations, an official said.
According to Mayor Itthiphol Khunpluem Pattaya is a special administrative zone and a hub for the country's tourism industry. Closing down the town during the nights hurts the city's reputation and the income of its business owners.
Nevertheless, instead of cleaning up the capital from its 'cigarette police', the Nigerian & the Airport Maffia and Thailand's unscrupulous politicians Bangkok's Royal Thai Police is showing its unscrupulous power in Pattaya with nightly raids in Soi Buakhaow, North Pattaya and Naklua.
Exercise your Jailbreak in Pattaya!
Exercise your Jailbreak in Pattaya!
AlcatraZ on Pattaya's Walking Street, the world's most amusing jail, will open in a few days.
Unrelenting Business
Loy Kratong is one of Thailand's most beautiful and most popular festival.
People widely believe that those couples who celebrate the festival together will continue to have a strong relationship during the following year.
Nevertheless, thousands of people, alone here in Pattaya, didn't got the slightest chance to celebrate the festival with their best friends. They had to work at hospitals, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, bars, A-Go-Go clubs and dancings.
Loy Kratong Greetings from Pandora Bar Soi 7
The Beauties from Pandora Bar on Soi 7 are celebrating Loy Kratong.
More Pictures from Loy Kratong Festival 2010
Amazing Thailand
In Thailand you can buy and wear almost everything. Helmets, sandals and shirts with pictures and emblems from Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Che Guevera, Mike Jagger, D&G, Dior, Boss, Ed Hardy, Marlboro, Camel, McDonald's, KFC and all the well-known European football clubs, but not T-shirts with photos or printings remembering Thailand's May 19 2010 violence or its important figures.
The military authorities ordered a ban for this kind of souvenirs. Thailand's CRES (Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation) fears disunity in society.
People found guilty of breaching the ban could face up to two years in jail and a maximum fine of 40'000 baht. Thailand's army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha signed the decree.
It is said that Gen Prayuth was upset when he came across T-shirts and sandals carrying photos mocking important (Thai) figures.
Thailand's military officials must be mimosas. How long it will take until Thailand's CRES will ban the mirrors in restrooms and all other public places?
On November 20th, Thailand's Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said he wants the Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation (CRES) to reconsider the ban of items such as T-shirts and sandals bearing images of prominent people.
He said the ban itself could lead to disunity.
Not NightWalker's Works!
Not NightWalker's Translation!
But it reads like a translation from Google....
Pattaya's new Traffic Lights for Pedestrians
It's Working

Pattaya's new Sound & Light Show!
Pattaya's new Traffic Lights for Pedestrians are switched on.
It's a perfect Sound & Light Show!
And the show is simply overwhelming.
I watched a taxi driver at Mike Shopping Mall on Beach Road. He pushed the button again and again.
He didn't want to cross the street.
He simply couldn't believe it.
I like it! It's Pattaya's most amazing toy! You can't see any police, but most drivers stop their vehicles! I can't believe it!, he told me.
Pattaya City Hall installed 42 Pedestrian crossings in and around the world famous Pedestrian City of Pattaya, Thailand's unique Beach Resort.
Be warned: As said before, many cars stop, but not Pattaya's notorious motorcycle drivers. Dangerous!
A Bad Design and therefore just another waste of money.
During the last few days we tested some of Pattaya's new traffic lights and as expected, the new pedestrian lights are a Light & Sound Show only, nothing else! Blinking and peeping 24 hours a day.
Some did work on October 27th only, the first day of our tests.
On November 3rd we tested 10 installations on Pattaya's Beach Road. Not one single installation was working as expected!
About half of them were blinking in yellow only, indicating that they aren't ready to protect pedestrian.
The other half had a constant green light, indicating the traffic that there are no pedestrian allowed to cross the street.
Giant knobPushing the giant knobs didn't start any action, not even at the traffic light in front of Mike Shopping Mall. This sign was working on October 27th, but it was disclosing a blatant design flaw: If you pressed the button, there was no immediate indication that the terminal was working. After pressing the button you had to wait about another 15 seconds until the display started to count down the seconds...
On November 5th & November 6th a few of Beach Road's new signs worked again, but without immediate indication if the terminal is working - and the drivers apparently don't like to stop anymore!
The traffic light on Beach Road, in front of Soi 9's Police Station, shines in green during 24hrs. You can push the button whole the day: Nothing happens.
At a working sign on 3rd Road a driver parked his car on the Zebra crossing just when we could start to cross the street...
It seems like a good friend of somebody at City Hall did the design and the installation - and not a real professional. Adjustments for the timing of the traffic light circuits are made by simple trimmers, not by software, not even by binary switches. It needs 3 people to change the timing of an installation!
But according to Pattaya's Mayor Itthiphol Khunpluem the lights will be coordinated by a citywide computerized traffic management system - in the future...
We recommend not use the Zebra crossings. It's simply too dangerous. The yellow and especially the green lights indicate the drivers that it's safe for them to push down the accelerator - and so they do!
We recommend City Hall to shut down the lights immediately! At least until the constructing company can guarantee a faultlessly function of all installed traffic lights.
All drivers are ingoring the red lights!
The lights are on red, but Baht Busses, Taxis and almost all other vehicle drivers are ignoring the signals. For eating, drinking or looking the world's most stupid soap operas, time doesn't count for Thais. But when driving a car or a motorcycle, then they save every single second! That's Pattaya!
Update: On November 23rd we discovered that the designer of Pattaya's new traffic lights added a new 'show' to some Pedestrian crossings: The green lights for the pedestrian first start to count up, before they count down the remaining seconds. The display shows 5-6-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0 ! It seems the company can't fix a problem without adding a new one...
Paulaner Beer Garten
Paulaner Beer Garten
If you miss the Paulaner (Beer) Garten on Royal Garden Plaza's Beach front: The venue is now on the 4th floor (3rd floor according to RGP's notification) of the building and will be very happy to see you again.
How Hot is Pattaya?
We have the Fahrenheit Calculator!
How hot is Pattaya?
November 12th 2010: Fahrenheit A Go-Go opened on Walking Street.
Carousel is back in town!
Carousel is back in town!
Carousel A-Go-Go opened
Carousel A-Go-Go opened

Back to life
One of Pattaya's best known A-Go-Go Club re-opened its door at its former location on Soi Diamond, off Walking Street.
The prestigious club closed during June 2010. Its former owners lost their interest in the business.
A new management re-opened the club on November 1st 2010.
No judgement from Pattaya-at-Night!
Some visitors of our site asked us to publish evaluations of the different Bars and A-Go-Go Clubs here in Pattaya.
We are sorry, but Pattaya-at-Night will not publish any reports about nightclubs. We are a team of 4 persons writing for this site and everybody prefers another kind of bars, another style of music and another type of ladies. Pattaya satisfies all tastes.
Motoroom Asia
Motoroom Asia
Motoroom is a new nightclub on top of King Café on Walking Street. The club features a dancefloor, a bikeshop, a DJ and dancing ladies from Bangkok (outsourced from Isan, as most of Pattaya's girls too).
The club was initiated by Zheka - Johny Cash - Koshelkov.
Zheka is from Khabarovsk, a larger town located some 30 km from the Chinese border and about 8'523 km from Moscow. The Russian town face temperatures between -26 ºC during January und +26 ºC during July, measured at noon.
Easy to understand that its people like Pattaya...
The 32-year old Russian is no newbie in the business. From 2003 until 2006 he ran the RAMBA nightclub in his hometown. He was the art director of Khabarovsk's well-known NEBO club and launched this year the CUBA nightclub, also located in Khabarovsk.
Khabarovsk also knows venues not associated with Zheka Koshelkov, the B-52 dancing and a very popular club called Hospital.
A club with the name Hospital was the (failed) forerunner of today's Motoroom in Pattaya.
Update: Since November 15th, 2010, the club is closed.
Private Club!
Private Club?
A Private Club is announced on Walking Street, across from Soho Square. Redlite replaces the failed Fish Spa at the same location. It is scheduled to open this month. Private Clubs are very popular all over Russia, but here in Pattaya?
Time will tell...
Grecian DivinityGrecian Divinity
Grecian Divinity
Next time when you are walking on Walking Street do not look only at the legs or the apples of the ladies! Rise your eyes toward the sky and you will discover that Tony's is transfering the discotheque into an grecian temple...
No question who will be the Godhood!
Naklua Old Town
Naklua Old Town
The revitalized Naklua Old Town Market started on November 6th 2010. The Thai style market with a lot of foods from all over Thailand opens every Saturday and Sunday from 16:00 to 22:00 until February 20th 2011 at ancient Naklua.
Clean Up at Royal Garden Plaza
Clean Up
The Phone Boothes in front of Royal Garden Plaza disappeared, but not the sometimes aggressive streetvendors. Without doubt, it looks a lot nicer.
BigC news
Refurbished Heineken Beer Garden
Chicken Kebab at BigC

BigC North Pattaya
Top: At Big's CentralCenter the popular Heineken Beer Garden got a face-lifting with new seats and tables and improved food boothes. The stage also got some optical improvements.
Left: About 20 meters from KFC's chicken outlet a Kebab booth opened at CentralCenter selling Kebab Chicken and Fried Chicken Skin - the later delicacy is designated mainly for your Thai companion.
Chicken Kebab is known as Chicken Bab in Thai!
Speak Thai - speak short!
Police in Pattaya
Police in Pattaya
Some not even now the Traffic Regulations: Parking allowed on Zebra crossings?
Perfect Timing...
Each year has 12 months, 52 weeks or 365 days at least, but Pattaya's intelligent officials choose year for year the beginning of the high season to open Pattaya's most vital streets and places.
This year it's Soi Phratamnak.
It seems the City likes to show its visitors in real time that Thailand's 'skilled workforce' isn't capable to make a perfect street.
The last three examples:
Pattaya South Road, between Beach Road and Second Road, everything else than a masterpiece!
Thappraya Road, connecting Pattaya with Jomtien, was - and is - a nightmare!
Jomtien's Second Road, known as Pattaya's Motocross site and obviously a never ending story!
Chaiyo is the Thai word for Bravo.
Pattaya's Highly Skilled Workforce
The Work of Pattaya's highly Skilled Workforce!
The work of Pattaya's highly skilled workforce and not of Pattaya's latest flooding. No attempt to repair since more than 3 years...
Chonburi's Senator Surachai Chaitrakulthong is luring potential investors from Taiwan and other countries by promising 'Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled workforce'.
The contrary is true: Thailand's problem is the lack of a skilled workforce.
Too Fast?
Pattaya's Fine Weather Hospital
Pattaya's new Hospital on Soi Buakhaow
A few weeks ago Deputy Mayor Verawat Khakhay from Pattaya City Hall said that 'the 177.1 million Baht Hospital on Soi Buakhaow is now 90 percent finished and the final touches are being placed sooner than anticipated'.
Last weeks' rainfalls showed an 'unexpected' problem: Part of the new hospital got flooded.
It seems that City Hall has forgotten to informe Thailand's highly skilled architects that Pattaya, as the rest of Thailand, faces a 6 months long rainy season.
Thailand's highly educated Elite simply can't know everything...
Same Same, but Different! #1
Same Same, but Different!
KFC Tesco/Lotus & Carrefour

Same Same, but Different!
CentralFestival & Royal Garden Plaza
The surcharge is 10 Baht only - or a hefty 33.33%!
All other KFC meals face a surcharge of 10 to 25% too at CentralFestival & RGP.
Same Same, but Different! #2
Same Same, but Different!
CentralFestival & The Avenue.

Same Same, but Different!
McDonald's Royal Garden Plaza and the Beach Road/Walking Street outlet.
The surcharge is 21 Baht only - or a hefty 54%!
All other McDonald's meals face a surcharge of 10 to 33% too at McDonald's Royal Garden Plaza and the Beach Road/Walking Street outlet.
Mövenpick Pattaya
Not in Pattaya, but in Jomtien...
Not in Pattaya, but in Jomtien...
During September 2009 Switzerland's Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts announced a futuristic tourism project in Pattaya, Thailand. The exclusive 5-star Mövenpick Resort & Spa Pattaya should comprise 300 rooms and suites, each of them with unrestricted views of the sea. It should open 2010, the company's website said then...
Nothing ever happened.
But on the 14th of October 2010, the same company announced The Mövenpick White Sand Beach Resort, located in Jomtien close to Pattaya. Scheduled to open by 2013, the (apparently new and/or redesigned) resort will offer a magnificent lagoon pool among many other facilities, the management promises.
Nobody mentioned the unrestricted views of the (polluted) sea anymore...
Unfortunately it is a common practice to mention Pattaya only as the address, even if a business is actually located in Naklua, Jomtien or Na-Jomtien (Sattahip).
Always read the information provided very carefully and consult our
Map of Pattaya.
No more Massage for Gentlemen?
No more Massage?
The former Gentlemen Massage & Spa near the Northern end of Pattaya's Third Road reopened as Gentlemen Spa. The new management decided that everybody knows that a Spa includes some kind of massage. And because it's no ordinary Spa, but a Gentlemen Spa, everybody knows the kind of massage the Gentlemen will get at the refurbished establishment - at least if the Gentleman is a Gentleman and opens his portemonnaie accordingly. Do you understand?
Nothing is free in Pattaya, except concerts sponsored by Beer Chang & Grammy.
Fake Pattaya
Fake foods & drinks too?
Fake foods & drinks too?
Don't Trust Today's Electronics!
Don't Trust Today's Electronics!
What temperature do you prefer: 28º, 29º, 30º or 31º? We show them all - at BigC and almost all markets in this town.
Weekend Pleasure
Weekend Pleasure
Weekend Fun for Thai Families at Pattaya's Beaches: If I do the same and don't rent a deckchair and a sunshade, my lady (and every other thai girl too here in Pattaya) would call me khieniau (a cheapskate).
Lay Down in Pattaya...
Obviously Thai people can sleep anywhere...
Do not believe any advertisement! You don't need an expensive mattress or a 5-Star Hotel to have a good sleep - all you need is to lay down in Pattaya...
Lay Down in Pattaya...
Lay Down in Pattaya...
... but if you are a lovely cat, then you can get everything you want.
New on Pattaya's Streets
New on Pattaya's Streets: Chevrolet's economical 2-wheeler...
Chevrolet's most economical 2-wheeler. Obviously GM keeps up with the time...
General Motors
A Soapbubble or not?
Let's talk about GM in about a year or two.
I just remember a similar case a few years ago: Deutsche Telekom.
Believe me or not, but History repeats.
My Lady says
Thaksin Shinawatra is Thailand's Aung San Suu Kyi. Discharge him now!
Personality Cult
in Pattaya
Personality Cult
Itthiphol Khunpluem
Mayor from Pattaya

Everywhere in Pattaya
- now even on this page!
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No Surprise
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Technology News
Don't hurry!
We are waiting for a higher throughput, but the notebook industry says it will need at least one more year before fully advancing to USB 3.0.
The current USB 3.0 controller chip market is dominated by NEC, which merged with Renesas in 2009, and the company is charging about US$4-5 for its solutions. Far too expensive for most notebook manufaturers.
Update: As smaller & cheaper USB 3.0 chipmakers are gradually receiving certification, NEC has adjusted its pricing for its USB 3.0 solutions. First-tier PC brand have to pay about US$2-3, while second-tier players have to pay between US$3-4.

Just another iPhone bug...
It seems that the world's #1 gadget company knows sunshine and white beaches only and is ignoring the dark evenings of winter...
The new bug means that although the clock on the iPhone automatically adjusts back and forth for daylight savings, the calculations for when recurring alarms should activate haven't taken that into account.
If you like toys, buy Apple's iPhone, but if you need a phone you can rely on, then you have to use a handset from a trusted manufacturer.

Microsoft to charge royalty fees to prevent Acer & Asustek from using Google's Android in their Netbooks!
Microsoft plans to impose royalty fees on Taiwan-based vendors of Android handsets for using its patents in e-mail, multimedia and other functions, with Acer and Asustek Computer being targets in an actual attempt to prevent the two vendors from adopting Android and Chrome OS for their netbook and tablet PCs.
Android is an open platform, therefore adoption of Android incurs considerably lower cost to the manufacturers than using Microsoft's Windows Software...

100 Million!
Small-scale factories and virtually unknown brands are accounting for more than 100 million mobile phones shipments/year, about 7% of the world's total handsets sales.
Skilled Workforce
Skilled Workforce?
Installed a few month ago, never used, but already sloped.
Chonburi's Senator Surachai Chaitrakulthong is luring potential investors from Taiwan and other countries by promising 'Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled workforce'.
The contrary is true, Thailand's problem is the lack of a skilled workforce.
Amazing Workforce
Amazing Workforce
on Beach Promenade.
Amazing Workforce
No Warning
Beach Promenade too...
Last A-Go-Go Word
'Ping Pong' is 'Ding Dong'!
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