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May 2015
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Satisfied with Thailand's Military Junta
According to a Dusit Poll most people in Thailand are satisfied with the work of Thailand's Military Junta.
Dusit Poll supported Suthep Thaugsuban, one of Thailand's most currupt politicians, and his (antidemocratic) People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) during his month long demonstration in Bangkok with its own booth at Suthep's 'headquater'.
Never trust a statistic - unless you manipulated it yourself.
If you should be interested in the results of the poll please read the report published by The Nation.
Human Trafficking is big Business in Thailand
Human trafficking is big business in Thailand. High ranking officials from immigration detention centres as well as police, the military and whole communities are involved in the trade, a report from BBC reveals.
Greed for money is their reason.
Please read too: Thai Navy denies threatening Rohingya Boat with Guns.
Same Procedure as Everytime
Deputy Transport Minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisith will plead with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) for a one-month extension of the deadline from next month to July for it to solve its aviation safety problems.
Ministries in this country usually request to extend a deadline. They seldom finish their work in time.
Please read the report published by Bangkok Post.
Rohingya Are Illegal Migrants, Not Refugees
General Udomdet Sitabutr, currently Thailand's Army Chief, claimed yesterday that Rohingya migrants fleeing persecution in Myanmar do not qualify for refugee status in Thailand, and will be treated as illegal migrants.
Please read the report published by Khaosud englisch.
Funny Thailand
The Tourism Authority of Thailand, a state enterprise, presented its latest idea to boost Thailand's ailing tourism:
TAT (short for Tourism Authority of Thailand) wants to make Thailand a destination for couples seeking to save failing marriages and stagnant relationships.
Tanes Petsuwan, TAT's lovely executive director for Europe said that while Thailand already markets itself successfully as a honeymoon location, he also wants Thailand to be a destination for couples looking to ignite a spark into their relationships.
We recommend him to make Pattaya the world's leading destination for people seeking a divorce.
Thailand needs to boost tourism. Widespread political unrest, a military coup and the currently acting Military Junta contributed to a terrible 2014 for tourism in Thailand.
Alleged Exploiter leaves Cambodia
Asia's largest sugar producer, Thailand's Mitr Phol Sugar Corporation, has pulled out of three plantations in Cambodia.
Instead of investing millions of dollars and creating 5'000 jobs, as promised, the company allegedly confiscated thousands of hectares of land from villagers, but planted sugar on only 219 hectares.
For more information please read the report published by The Phnom Penh Post
Thailand's Storyteller
General Prayuth Chan-ocha, Thailand's Leader of the Military Junta, is not only the country's Prime Minister he is also the Kingdom's most prominent Storyteller: Thailand more than ready for AEC, he claims.
Thailand's Comedians
Thailand's Army has still country's best Comedians:
Perhaps history will tell us that General Prayuth Chan-ocha's Coup d'état on May 22nd, 2014, was the result of a Misunderstanding too...
Thailand's Toilets
Don't use Thailand's public toilets before July 5th, 2015: They are dirty.
Thailand's Minister of Sports and Tourism says that cleaning public restrooms is a top priority for the agency this year.
Thailand's Officials announced a nationwide cleaning of restrooms in bus terminals, train stations, and ferry ports on 4 July, 2015.
The State Railway of Thailand already announced in March that it will overhaul restrooms in train stations and toilets on trains over the next six months.
Keep in mind that in Thailand an announcement isn't a guarantee that something will happen.
Quakes rock Phuket
Since May 6th three quakes rocked Phuket and Koh Yao Islands, as well as Phang Nga.
The epicenter was about eight kilometers under Koh Yao's surface.
The quakes were of magnitudes of 4.6, 3.2 and 4.7 respectively.
No damages have been reported from the first two quakes.
Nevertheless, it is expected that Thailand's Military Junta Leader and Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha will order the Officials in Phuket to immediately stop the rattling because the quakes could be politically motivated and disturb the countries reconciliation...
The Junta Leader already sets 10-day deadline to expunge trafficking.
3 - 0
Barcelona disenchants Bayern Munich and its coach Josep Guardiola.
With slow motion football you can win the German Bundesliga but not an international competition.
Thai Officials are still supporting Slavery
You won't believe it, but there are still Thai Officials and members of Thailand's so called Democratic Party supporting slavery, human trafficking and obviously child labour too as long the involved industries can optimize profits!
For more information please read the report published by The Nation.
The statements show drastically that, despite using the latest gadgets, the thinking and education of Thailand's Elite is still 70 to 120 years behind western countries.
Jail Lottery Vendors!
Jail every Lottery Vendor selling lottery tickets at prices higher than their face value General Prayuth Chan-ocha ordered.
The General issued the new order under Section 44 of the interim charter.
For more information please read the report published by Bangkok Post.
Under pressure from Thailand's Military Junta Chonburi enacted a new regulation. It requires that a ride of five kilometers or less on a motorcycle taxi cost 20 Baht.
Pattaya drivers ignore the regulation and City Officials and and our lazy Police do not enforce the transport law.
On June 26th, 2014, the NCPO ordered to take control of the transportation services in Pattaya and during July 2014 we reported that Capt. Sittichai Chamsawat of the 14th Military Circle in Chonburi announced that motorbike taxis will have to adhere to the existing, but currently ignored, Land Transport Department fare regulations.
Both actions just lasted a few days only...
Just another knock down for General Prayuth Chan-ocha and his Military Junta.
Police News
A Symbol of Buddhism
Amazing Police
On Tuesday Night Pattaya Tourist Police together with a team from the Chonburi Provincial Police Special Operations Unit raided two shops on Pattaya's South Road selling Penis and Breast-shaped soaps to locals and Tourists.
Police seized a total of 11 boxes containing 1'263 Penis-shaped soaps and arrested two shop workers because they could not find the owner(s) of the venues.
The soaps are on sale all over Pattaya at street boothes as well as at shops selling cosmetics and are in high demand.
Penis shaped wooden blocks can be found too at many bars in the city as well as in Buddhist temples.
Penis amulets are popular in Thailand and are made by monks who specialize in their manufacture.
Drukpa Kunley, the greatest of all Bhutanese Buddhist masters, inspired a whole nation to put an erected penis over every doorway.
When the Master turned up in a town he told the people I have come without prejudice to help you, where can I find the best booze and most beautiful women, the lore tells.
Each year, Kawasaki, a Japanese city, is home of the giant pink penis festival, an event centered on only one thing: the male's reproductive organ.
It is believed the symbol increases the fertility of both men and women, while also boosting the health of mothers and babies.
Pnis-shaped lollipops and ice-cream sticks
During the festival many souvenirs in the shape of penis are available to visitors, including penis-shaped lollipops and ice-cream sticks.
It seems that Pattaya's Tourist Police and the people from the Chonburi Provincial Police Special Operations Unit try to change tradition, belief and history.
Pattaya Police Volunteers extort money
Thai Police involved in Human Trafficking
Thappraya 2310 Volunteers attack Man
On May 2nd Volunteers from City Hall's very own Thappraya 2310 'Security Forces' attacked a man on his way back home.
Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome's Thappraya 2310 Security Group has every equipment a real Police Organization is dreaming of: New cars, roadside emergency telephones, communication tools and an uniform duping a real police organisation.
Some of Thappraya 2310's Volunteer even have the behavior of real Police Men...
For more information please read the report from Pattaya Daily News.
Nothing to protect
Nothing to protect
According to people living in the area this official can be seen almost daily driving his motorcycle to Pattaya's North Road.
People ask why ordinary people not wearing a helmet get fined, but Pattaya's Officials not.
Why Officials can still ignore Thailand's laws?
The Military Junta ordered Thailand to be Happy.
We are supporting the order:
Spike's Cat
Cat Driver
Unemployed Driver
Angry Cat
Mad Cat
Jailed Cat
Waiting for the Sun
Pattaya Darling
Clever Dog
I'm for the Birds
Alien in Pattaya
Do not sit on Crocodile
Painter in Pattaya
Riding Monks
Riding Monks
Return Happiness to the People
How to distroy a country for dummies
The Great Dictator
Respect my Coup
I insist that the military takeover in Thailand is not a coup, theoretically speaking.
It was in fact a revolution to install stability.
Don Paramatwinai
Thailand's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs 2014-2015
Be Quiet
Einstein in Pattaya
Pattaya News Flash May 2015 - The Source
NightWalker's News
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Greece runs out of money!
Greece could default on its €1.55 billion bill to the International Monetary Fund next month and trigger the collapse of the eurozone.
Greece will be unable to meet pension and wage bills in June, it announces.
Greece won't have the money it is due to repay to the International Monetary Fund next month unless it strikes a deal with international creditors over further rescue funding.
The Politicians from the European Union and Mario Draghi and his European Central Bank are responsible for the coming disaster, but they will wash their hands in innocence - and you and your children will have to pay for their megalomania!
Thailand 'Celebrates' the General's Coup d'état
Thailand Celebrates
General Prayut Chan-o-cha threatens Thailand's Citiziens: If you don't accept my new constitution I will remain in power until you do...
On May 19th, 2015, Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam already announced that Thailand's general election planned for early 2016 will be delayed until August or September at the earliest.
Many people believe that the coup d'état was well planned by Thailand's Military and Bangkok's Elite, like the one in September 2006. They all have a very similar pattern.
As in September 2006 the Generals told the people even hours before the coup Thailand's Military has no plans for a Coup d'état...
Self appointed Military Junta Leader and Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has expressed satisfaction with the achievements of his year-old regime, Bangkok Post reports.
Thais spend an average of 1'499 Baht/night/room...
Miss Suladda Sarutilawan, the Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand's Pattaya office, told the press that her Happy Pattaya 365 Days activity that has been going since March 1st 2015 has been very successful.
She claims that a lot of Thai tourists have reserved rooms in 57 hotels in the city and pay an average of 1'499 Baht/night.
Perhaps the lovely lady has an explanation for the fact that Pattaya's beaches are mostly empty, despite the fact that visitors can discover a sight that is absolutely unique in this world.
Empty Beaches in Pattaya
Almost every visitor of the beach has up to 100 meter between him/her and the next neighbour. The same is true for deckchairs: You can choose from dozens of unused umbrellas and chairs
Unique in this world
Unique in this world: Pattaya's #1 Beach Attraction
Deadly Roads in Pattaya
Please drive carefully on Pattaya's Roads!
During the first 10 days of this month Pattaya's media reported a few deadly accidents in this city.
Many roads in this city are substandard, bumpy, covered by sand and/or 'decorated' with deep holes and unprofessionaly fixed sewage covers.
For an unknown reason Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome and his City Hall obviously prefer to work with people not knowing to carry out jobs according to international standards.
World Class Beach Resort
Do you remember?
Do you remember the good old times when you could walk on Pattaya's Beach Promenade fully protected by natural shadow?
Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome and his City Hall destroyed the Idyll.
Pattaya Beach today
Eat all you can
Pattaya Buffet: The Fish
The Fish Buffet on Pattaya's Soi 1
Buffet Restaurants are popular among Thai people. The eateries usually offer a large variety of foods at reasonable prices.
For many years The Fish, located on Pattaya's Soi 1, was the favaorite of myLady
When we first visited the The Fish we had to pay 99 Baht/Person for the food. In the meantime the inflation pushed the prices at most Thai Buffet Restaurants to 199 Baht/Person. Water, Beer, Wine or other kind of drinks are available but are not included in the price.
After the opening of BigEye and the resulting invasion of Chinese Tourist Busses, The Fish modified its range of foods and cancelled Pork and Chicken steaks.
The missing steaks, plus the noise of the busses and its passengers, were the main reasons to look out for another source of tasty foods.
Pattaya Buffet Comparison
Nai Por Buffet Restaurant on Pattaya's North Road
Nai Por on Pattaya's North Road was the perfect 'replacement'.
It not only offers about the same range of foods as The Fish, it has also a wide variety of Sushi, Chicken-, Pork- and Beef-Steaks and a very large (and clean!) salad buffet. Price at the time of writing is 199 Baht/Person.
Nai Por is easy to find: The restaurant is located just across from Pattaya's well-known Bus Terminal on Pattaya's North Road.
On the back of the restaurant, on Soi Yume (Soi Phaniatchang), the venue has a large parking area.
Pattaya Buffet Comparison
The large Salat Buffet at Nai Por's Buffet Restaurant
Over the years a large number of local and international hotel joined the Buffet Bandwagon and opened buffet restaurants not only for breakfasts but also for diner.
Prices at these restaurants are varying between about 299 Baht and 2000 Baht or more...
The more expensive a restaurant is, the less is included in the price: e.g. prices over 500 Baht usually are NET Prices, not including VAT, service tax etc.
A few months ago a friend from England came with the idea to compare the Thai and International Buffet Restaurants.
Pattaya Buffet Comparison
Big Fish Restaurant at Siam @ Siam on Pattaya's 2nd Road
We phoned a few friends and asked them if they are interested to spend a few nights with their wifes or girlfriends at Buffet Restaurants.
Finaly we had a few groups of expats and visitors consisting of people coming from England, Switzerland, Germany, China and Japan. NightWalker suggested to add a Gay and his Thai Boyfriend as well as a Ladyboy with his sponsor. No 'Food Tester' ever worked for a Michelin Guide, Gault Millau or another fooding guide.
The different groups had to visite every restaurant at least two times.
At the end of the exercise eveybody could choose his or her restaurant for a free diner sponsored by NightWalker.
Pattaya Buffet Comparison
Sweets Buffet at Thai Garden Resort on Pattaya's North Road
We choosed the following restaurants:
  • Bella Express on Central Road (250 Baht/Person)
  • Thai Garden Resort, North Road (399 Baht/Person)
  • Big Fish at Siam@Siam, Second Road (555 Baht netto/Person)
  • Nai Por, North Road (199 Baht/Person).
The main differences listed by the participants:
  • At Thai Buffets you have to eat from plastic tableware
  • Knives and forks at Thai Buffets are made from a cheap sheet of metal
  • The restaurant at Bella Express has the charme of a canteen
  • If the weather is ok, Thai Garden Resort serves the Buffet at its beautiful pool
  • Big Fish at Siam@Siam provides a really exclusive atmosphere
  • Thai Buffet Restaurants have the 'charme' of a Bavarian Beer Garden
  • No other Buffet tops the choice available at Nai Por, some not even reach the quality of its foods
Pattaya Buffet Comparison
Bella Express Buffet Restaurant on Pattaya's Central Road
The verdict:
For the free food almost all participants choose the Nai Por Buffet on Pattaya's North Road, not only for its large choice, but because of the quality of its food.
Exceptions, as predicted by NightWalker, were the Gays as well as the Ladyboy and his supporter. They prefered to take the free diner at the Big Fish at Siam@Siam.
As in real life: Some people eat with the palate, others with their eyes only.
Jeffer Steak at Royal Garden Plaza's Wine Village Pattaya
Jeffer Steak at Wine Village Pattaya
Pattaya Second Road: This is the entry to Jeffer Steak at Royal Garden Plaza
Jeffer Steak at Wine Village Pattaya
Jeffer Steak at Wine Village Pattaya
Jeffer Steak at Wine Village Pattaya
Tasty Steaks starting from 89 Baht!
Mike Baird, our Cartoonist, not only designs great cartoons, he likes great foods too.
This month Mike recommends Jeffer Steak, located on the first floor of Pattaya's Royal Garden Plaza. Take the Wine Village entry from Pattaya's Second Road and you are just in Jeffer Steak's nice and clean two floor steak house.
Jeffer Steak serves Steaks and Pasta at reasonable prices, starting from 89 Baht.
Don't trust Recommendations from Taxi Drivers!
On May 8th, 2015, four Chinese Tourists asked a taxi driver in Bangkok to recommend a good seafood restaurant. He drove them to the SriaYudhya Seafood Market on Si Ayutthaya Road, Bangkok 10400, Thailand, Phone +66 022455247.
When the tourist asked for the bill, the total charge was 8'840 Baht, including a 17% VAT and a (charged) tip of 800 Baht. (Official VAT is 7%!).
The cashier from the SriaYudhya Seafood Market on Si Ayutthaya Road charged 1'600 Baht for a crab, 1'750 Baht for four tiger prawns, 1'800 Baht for a snapper and 960 Baht for a dish of stir fried octopus mixed with salted egg.
SriaYudhya Seafood Market on Si Ayutthaya Road
The SriaYudhya Seafood Market on Si Ayutthaya Road
The bill from SriaYudhya Seafood Market on Si Ayutthaya Road
The original bill from the SriaYudhya Seafood Market on Si Ayutthaya Road
The sign from SriaYudhya Seafood Market on Si Ayutthaya Road
The 'premium' SriaYudhya Seafood Market on Si Ayutthaya Road is eyemarked on tripadviser for many years for its scams.
Do not trust taxi and tuk-tuk drivers. Many of them are part of a mafia like organisation driving tourist to scamming shops and restaurants.
Left: The sign of the SriaYudhya Seafood Market on Si Ayutthaya Road.
Respect the warning light on top of the sign!
Thailand's actual Unemployment Rate at 0.82%!
Thailand's Hardworking Citizens
Hard working Thai Farmers
If you believe the latest numbers published by the Bank of Thailand only 0.82% of Thailand's workforce is without job.
Australia publishes an Unemployment Rate of 6.10%, France's number stays at 10.40%, Germany's at 4.80% and China's at 4.10%.
Thailand seems to be a World Leader in this category.
Thailand's Hardworking Citizens
Hard working Thai Politicians
Underemployment and off-season unemployment people, mostly farmers, are counted as employed in Thailand's statistics, a report published by Bangkok Post claims. Politicians, of course, face a full time 24/7 job.
Thailand's Hardworking Citizens
Pattaya's hard working Coconut Ghosts
Prostitution is illegal in Thailand, nevertheless the about 500'000 to 1'000'000 people making their living from selling their body aren't regarded as jobless...
Thailand's Hardworking Citizens
Hard working Construction Workers are 'imported' from Cambodia and Myanmar
Mike Baird's Cartoons
For more Cartoons please click into the Picture
Moonlight Buffet closed
Moonlight Buffet closed
Jomtien's Moonlight Buffet Restaurant, located at the Rompho Bar Complex, closed at the end of April 2015.
The Buffet Restaurant opened on June 13th, 2014.
Let's hope it's a temporary closure only.
Poised to continue
No news worth mentioning so far
Poised to continue
Area 51
New Sports Bar on Soi Diana
Located on Soi Diana between the Sawadee Hotel and the Diana Dragon Apartments an all new Area 51 Sports Bar will open soon.
Cyclone in a Tunnel
Cyclone in a Tunnel
Alcazar reactivated the rooms of the failed Fusion and Konfusion night-clubs and opened Cyclone as a Discotheque and Tunnel as a Meeting Point.
The Disco Club even got a motto: It begins, never to end.
Let's wait and see...
Welkom Inn closed
Welkom Inn closed
At the end of last month Welkom Inn Hotel and Restarant closed. The hotel was located on North Pattaya's Soi 3 and was popular among European Customers, mainly from Belgium, France, Holland and Germany.
The hotel opened during 1987 and was known as Pattaya's smallest resort.
As our picture shows, demolition already started...
Tomboy Bar and Karaoke
New Tomboy Bar and Karaoke on Pattaya 3rd Road
After the closure of Honeymoon and Tomboy Paradise, both located on Pattaya 3rd Road, and Snoop on Soi Phettrakun a new Tomboy Club and Karaoke opened on Pattaya's 3rd Road between South Road and the entry to Pattaya's Fire Brigade. It's called A & K Happy Choice.
A Cloak and Dagger Operation
During the night from May 4th to May 5th a large crew from Noong Nooch Garden replaced all the high palms in front of Pattaya's CentralFestival by much smaller and nicer ones.
The many Thais following the action were amazed how fast the mainly Cambodian worker worked. A Policeman obviously couldn't believe the pace of work. He pulled out a camera and filmed whole the action...
CentralFestival with the new smaller Palms
Imperial Hotel
Beach Hotel changed name
Imperial Hotel is the new name for the former Pattaya Montien Hotel. Thanks God, the new management changed the name only and not the beautiful trees.
All Montien Hotels in Thailand are now part of the Imperial Group of Hotels & Resorts.
Imperial Hotel
Cottage Café
Hollywood Disco revamps the area
In front of Hollywood Disco the management is building a Cottage Café & Bar. The Thai Restaurant on Soi Phetrakun already had to move back to Hollywoods Karaoke venue. Next to the new bar a Bag & Shoe shop opened. A clever idea: The ladies can replace their broken 100 Baht shoes immediately and don't have to suspend dancing.
Central Road
Central Road Dive Shop and Bar disappeared
The Padi Dive Center and its bar closed. The shops are already removed.
Third Road
Buffet Reastaurant, Massage Parlour and more disapeared
The popular Buffet Restaurant on the Southern End of Pattaya 3rd Road had to close, as well as the Massage Parlour, the Lebanese Restaurant, the furniture outlet as well as a few smaller shops.
New Beach Road Hotel
New Beach Road Hotel
During January 2015 work started on Pattaya's Beach Road for a new Hotel. It is located between the Twin Palm Hotel and the Hard Rock Hotel, but until today without an official name.
New Apartments
New Apartments
At Soi Buakhaow's well-known Night Market an all new apartment house called Sophon 350 will open soon. The rooms are located on the second, the third and the fourth floor of the building occupied by a branch from Siam Commercial Bank.
Parkinghouse opened
Parkinghouse opened in Bali Hai
Bali Hai's 'fully automatic' parking facility opened and is announced to work 24 hrs/day.
Lebanon Palace
Lebanon Palace to open soon
Lebanon Palace will open soon its new restaurant at Soi Phratamnak. Its management claims to run the best Lebanese restaurant in town. An easy claim: As far as we know it is currently the only Lebanese eatery in town.
We were told that they will close their current outlet at the entry to the Miracle Suite on Pattaya's 3rd Road as soon as the new restaurant is ready.
Lebanon Palace is not a newcomer. It offers Lebanese foods in Pattaya since 2009.
Thong Yoo
Thong Yoo replaces The Vault
Thong Yoo is a new Boutique Guesthouse on Soi Phratamnak. It replaces a former hotel known as The Vault.
Poised to continue
One Stop Service Center
One Stop Service Center
We were told that the White Room Bar transfered itself into a Coyote Bar.
At the time of writing the venue also operates a One Stop Service Center: For 2'000 Baht you can get two hours in-house fun with a girl of your choice.
Amethyst A Go-Go
Amethyst A Go-Go
On April 29th we reported that Amethyst A Go-Go was closed. Today we can tell you that on May 1st the Go-Go Club reopened.
According to the management the venue was closed for two days because of a private celebration.
It is incomprehensible why it's impossible to inform potential customers about a temporary closure by a message fixed at the door.
Twenty years in this business learned us that a brief closure at the end or at the beginning of a month usually announces the beginning of an end....
Poised to continue
Wood Ball
Karaoke goes Waking Street
Wood Ball opened on May 29th on the 3rd floor of the L'Italiano Restaurant building.
Wood Ball is a Japanese Style Karaoke Bar and opens daily from 18:00 until 04:00 next day, its management claims. The bar can be reached easily with the help of a 'see-through' elevator.
Happy singing with (slightly?) elevated Japanese Style pricing!
Skyfall A Go-Go Club reopen on May 17th with a party and a small buffet.
The venue was closed since April 6th, 2015, because one of the bar's Doorman smashed a metal rod over the head of a drunken Polish tourist.
Spicy Girl closed
Spicy Girl closed
PattayaSweethearts reports that Spicy Girl A Go-Go, a second floor bar located across The Pier Discotheque, closed on May 15th.
The venue opened on September 14th, 2014, with the same management team as Champion A Go-Go at the very same location.
Spicy Girl 'enjoyed' some attention from international media on October 22nd, 2015, when Security Guards of both venues attacked a Kuwaiti Army Officer after he complained that he and his friends had been deceived by a tout. After the incident a court closed the bar for 60 days.
ZAP 70s
ZAP 70s
In front of Walking Street's E-san Music House, known as ZAP, a small Rock Bar opened. It's advertised as ZAP 70s.
It seems the ZAP management tries to repeat the great success of the Stone's House just across the street, probably the noisiest place in town.
And what's the result? Each band tries to drown out its competitor on the other side of the street. A complete cacophony at the entry of Walking Street.
ZAP 70s
Zap 70s flopped!
Obviously nobody was interested in additional noise.
A few days ago the management rebranded the bar to ZAP MAN. It welcomes now football fans.
Rhino with Entry Fee
Rhino Club, located near the entry to Soi 16, asks now an entry fee of 100 Baht.
The fee includes a (small) drink.
New McDonald's?
Rumours have it that McDonald's kiosk in front of Soho Square will be transfered into a large Fastfood Outlet incorporating the former (and now empty) Bag Shop to the left of the kiosk.
The great success of the kiosk (even during a very, very low season) is the reason for the expansion, we were told.
Tomboys go Walking
Tomboys go Walking
The former Tiger Club at the entry to Soi Diamond reopened as a Tomboy Bar.
A surprising large number of ladies making their money with Farangs do not spend their easy earned Baht with Thai boyfriends but with Tomboys. You can see them walking together in CentralFestival and some other shopping areas.
Nevertheless, most bars addressing lesbian couples failed in Pattaya. Let's have a look what happens with the Tiger Tomboy Club.
PS.: In our April publication NightWalker already recommended to replace Walking Street's aggressive security men with tomboys. Obviously Tiger A Go-Go goes one step further.
Update: On our 'Tour de Walking', on May 10th, the club was closed. We were not the only ones waiting in front of a closed door, two Tomboys with their beautiful girls looked stunned at the switched off neon signs. They later moved to Happy Choice on 3rd Road.
Neighbours told us that Tomboy Tiger was open for two days only. Should the management decide to reopen you will read it here.
Gentlemen's Club closed
Gentlemen's Club closed
PattayaSweethearts reports that during the first week of May Soi Diamond's Gentlemen's Club closed its door.
The venue started its life as Insomnia Gentlemen's Club as successor of Supermodels A Go-Go. Since April 13th, 2012, a new management tried to bring a new life into the old rooms. Obviously it didn't work.
Electric Blue A Go-Go
Bangkok's Club Electric Blue tries it again and opened on May 2nd an A Go-Go bar in the rooms of the former Privat Dancer venue in Soi 15, off Walking Street.
The Bangkok based management already tried twice to get a foothold in Pattaya, first with a Club Electric Blue A Go-Go (CEB) on Walking Street, currently known as Hooty's A Go-Go, the formerly Roxy, and later with a Club Electric Blue Junior in Soi Diamond.
Both times the bars failed miserably.
Poised to continue
Wheelchair Path still blocked!
On Soi Phaniatchang, also known as Soi Yume or Soi Carrefour, City Hall spent 3 million Baht for a wheelchair path. Pattaya's large-hearted road users are happy to block the path with their vehicles and say thank you for the new parking lane.
It seems that nobody takes care of the about 850 students from the Soi's Redemptorist Vocational School - not even our lazy police. They close the eyes.
PS: On July 28th Officials from City Hall inspected the area. They discovered that people drive their vehicles to fast in this small Soi and (as documented on this website since June 2014) are parking cars and motorcycles on the wheelchair way. Pattaya's Officials urge the people not to be selfish...
Update: On October 21st Pattaya Deputy Mayor Ronnakit Aegasing paid a visit to the area and saw himself that irresponsible people are obstructing the stretch.
Therefore the lovely Deputy Mayor arranged a meeting for October 24th to discuss the matter...
Nothing than empty words from Pattaya's Officials!
Obviously the 3 million Baht weren't spend to help the Handicapped,
but to fill up someone's pocket...
Batteries are not allowed in your luggage
Batteries are not allowed in your luggage. Read the latest baggage restrictions.
Don't shake your head! Lithium-ion batteries are really dangerous.
Read the report published by Nature Communications
and watch the VIDEO provided by UCL [University College London].
We ignore the Rules
We igmore the Rules
We park our busses the way we want, even on pedestrian crossings.
Rules are made for ordinary people, not for idiots like us...
Unsuccessful Street Repair
During the last week of April City Hall tried to repair a persistent hole on Soi Photisarn. The professionals filled up a part of the street with tar but the tar never dried out. It sticks to shoes and tires.
According to myLady™ Pattaya's City Hall forget to mix the tar with Viagra.
Without Viagra it never will get hard, she claims.
Thailand's Runways face same Problems as its Streets
Thailand's Runways obviously face same Problems as the Country's Streets
On May 2nd, 2015, a Boeing 737-900 from Thailand's Lion Air hits a pothole on the runway at Hat Yai Airport in Songkhla (Southern Thailand).
Passengers had to leave the airliner so Airport personnel could move the plane off the pothole. Obviously Thailand's runways face the same problems as the country's streets and highways.
New Life for Pattaya's unsuccessful Beach Promenade
New Uses for Pattaya's unsuccessful Beach Promenade Renovation
Weekend guests from Bangkok discovered Pattaya's unsuccessful Beach Promenade as a free parking and picnic area.
NightWalker's favorite activity
Practice makes it
You can't teach an old dog new tricks
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Pattaya's Professionals proudly present their Achievements
Thai Professionals are Perfectionists.
Nowhere in this World you can see this kind of Workmanship.
Since many years we publish photos from 'Pattaya's Cable Salad'. In the meantime it is known worldwide. Nevertheless nothing ever happened to improve the situation.
Not even after Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome and his crew from City Hall decided during a meeting that on Wednesday April 11, 2012 from 9am. - 16.30pm, all sectors will have to check their cables. Unused cable have to be cut off. If a division has more than 10 cables, they must bundle the cables together into one big cable for reason of safety of the people and the traffic, the new regulation said.
We do not know if City Hall's workers simply ignore all orders from their boss or if Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome simply tells Blah-Blah to the media.
But it seems that at least Pattaya's media wake up: Pattaya Daily News published a report on May 12th, 2015, to tackle the problem of Electric Wires Hanging Down Onto Footpath.
Mike Baird's Cartoons
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Thailand's people like cleanliness
Your Guidebook tells shit: Thailand's people put cleanliness above all
Thainess - Chiness?
Thainess, Chiness - but Chiness Food?
Great Saying
But who needs love if you can get Pattaya's exciting sex?
This Month
Cinemas in Pattaya
Free Internet
Don't touch Internet
Thailand's Military Junta has authorised internet providers in Thailand to shut down any websites with content that threatens the national security or violates Section 112 (also known as lese majeste) "in 30 seconds" without seeking approval from any authority.
The move is seen in response to a lack of cooperation by foreign media companies in removing content the Thai government finds offensive. For example, 2014 Google did not remove any content requested by Thailand's Military Junta.
More Information
May - November, 2015
November 25th, 2015
December 25th - 31st, 2015
The Godfather's Story
The Kunplomes
Coup Leader
Military Junta Leader and Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha pushed back general election promised for late 2015, saying that election must come with a new constitution and eleven reform areas. Therefore he can stretch election into 2016 or 2017...
The Dictator and his wife have declared a joint worth of 128 million Baht in assets and 654'745 Baht in debt. He said he could not remember the details, but all of the items could be examined and verified. I can justify my personal wealth, he claims.
On May 9th, 2013, the General sold nine plots of land totalling 50 rai located in Bangkok's Bang Bon district to 69 Property Co Ltd. The company has a British Virgin Islands address, was registered just 7 days before the deal and belongs to Thailand's liquor and property billionaire Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi.
When Thaksin Shinawatra sold his AIS to Temasek Holdings, a company owned by the Government of Singapore, the very same Bangkok Elite called the deal a foulplay...
Selling assets to a foreign company is a legal way for Thai citizens to avoid paying taxes, but it seems it is a big difference if a member of Bangkok's Elite does the deal or a newcomer from Chiang Mai.
The Junta Leader ordered the media not publishing news about Thailand's former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Dictator Prayuth Chan-ocha claims that Thaksin Shinawatra violated Thailand's law.
Be aware of the NSA
Be aware of the NSA
The National Security Agency has built a network that can access as much as 75% of all U.S. Web traffic. With the help of Great Britain's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), they control whole of Europe too.
New Zealand supports the Criminals from NSA
Documents released by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden show that New Zealand's Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) spies on Vietnam, China, India, Pakistan, South American nations and a range of other countries to help fill gaps in worldwide surveillance operations by the United States National Security Agency (NSA).
Please click here to read the report published by New Zealand Herald News and The Intercept.
Germany's Bundes Nachrichten Dienst (BND) supported the Criminals from NSA
Germnany's Bundes Nachrichten Dienst (BND) supported the Criminals from NSA during many years and spied European politicians and corporations for the NSA Gangsters.
Please click here to read the report published by The Guardian.
NSA mass phone surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden ruled illegal
The US court of appeals has ruled that the bulk collection of telephone metadata is unlawful.
Let's hope this ruling opens the door to 'free' Edward Snowden and to bring the Gangsters from NSA behind bars.
Please click here to read the report published by The Guardian.
SIM Cards hacked
The Criminals from The National Security Agency (NSA) and Great Britain's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) hacked into the internal computer network of the largest manufacturer of SIM cards to get the encryption keys used to protect the privacy of cellphone communications across the globe.
Click here to read the report published by The Intercept
NSA chief Admiral Michael Rogers declined to comment on the latest reports that the NSA implanted spyware on commercially made hard drives, and that it worked with British intelligence to hack into the world's biggest maker of SIM cards to be able to access mobile communications.
Disolve the EU!
Disolve the European Union! It's nothing else than a gigantic Mafia Organisation wasting the Taxpayers money.
Disolve the EU!
The bureaucrats in the European Union are supporting Monsanto, Dupont, Syngenta, Bayer Crop Science and KWS and endanger with their regulations the biodiversity of our foods, plants and animals.
Stop these idiots, before it's too late!
Disolve the
European Union!
We tell it since many year but now Neil Woodford, one of the UK's most successful fund managers, claims that the eurozone is not viable in its current form.
The Eurozone is fundamentally flawed, he says.
Global Warming
Global Warming:
It's a Myth!
Nature isn't predictable
1968 scientists predicted the comeback of the Ice-Time. What they will tell you tomorrow?
We do not ignore 'Climat Change', but we know that this planet faces 'Climate Changes' since millions of years - some even a lot more dramatic than today and without the help of humans.
Todays 'Climat Change' is nothing else than a very lucrative business idea.
The United Nations Environment Programme (Unep) claims:
Global Warming could cost almost three times as much as thought...
The CO2 emissions tax doesn't reduce any CO2 emission, its just another way to extort money from the taxpayers.
The United Nations as well as the European Union are some of the world's most useless organisations.
Milk the Cow before somebody else does it, that's their motto!
Avoid Electric Vehicles
Electric Vehicles use batteries and batteries are not only a threat to our planet during manufacturing, the 'Recycling' of batteries is still an unsolved problem in most countries.
Don't use Solar Cells
Nature destroyed by solar cells
Nature destroyed by Solar Cells - Please click for a larger picture
Solar Cells are a threat to our planet:
The higher the efficiency of a Solar Cell the more Cadmium it contains.
Cadmium is banned from most products in almost all countries, but it can be used without restrictions in Solar Cells. Who controls the 'Recycling' of Solar Cells?
No Nuke Please!
Never forget Chernobyl, Hiroshima, Nagasaki & Fukushima!
Never use a technology you do not master 100%!
April 6th, 2015:
April 10th, 2015:
Fukushima radiation levels now fatal for Humans
Second meltdown possible, robots used to determine the state of the 3 reactors.
April 15th, 2015:
April 16th, 2015:
Robot reveals: Radiation level inside the Fukushima nuclear reactor will kill humans within 40 minutes... Radiation 9.7 sieverts
April 18th, 2015:
April 20th, 2015:
Never forget:
It's not your Face and not your Body that makes you sexy.
It's your MONEY!
Samsung ended production of TV sets in Thailand
At the end of March 2015 Samsung, the world's largest producer of smartphones, televisions and memory chips, moved the production of televisions to Vietnam.
Thailand is known to have the lowest productivity in the region.
Thailand's Labor Minister Phaithoon Kaeothong told the press on August 27th, 2009, that the output by one Singaporean is equal to that of eight (!!!!!!!!) Thai workers.
It is expected that in the future Samsung will also move the production of Air conditioning units, fridges and washing machines to its new facility in Vietnam.
Nobody needs wearables
A recently published surveys indicate that 45.7 percent of consumers stop using their wearable devices within a month. In six months, that number swells to almost 99 percent!
The survey comes from Tencent, China's popular Internet service portal.
NightWalker already claimed it many month ago: Why I should wear an iWatch? It works with an iPhone or an iPad only and needs to be charged about every 18 hours!
Wearables are the most stupid goods people can buy...
The Drone that follows you
Lily is a new kind of drone. It follows you (or your wife or girlfriend or dog or car or motorcycle or...) with its camera.
Click here for the video.
Xiaomi goes Thailand
China's Xiaomi, the world's third largest handset giant, has picked Thailand as the launch country for the company's smartphones in Southeast Asia.
A company called Brightstar obviously has been named as Thailand's authorised dealer of Xiaomi's Mi4 phone we learned at Thailand Mobile Expo 2015, running today through Sunday at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.
Brightstar Thailand is the local arm of US-based wireless distributor Brightstar Corporation, we were told.
Nevertheless, at the time of writing we couldn't find the company's Website...
But we found a website called selling Xiaomi's products about 50% more expensive than in China. The site doesn't mention Brightstar.
Thailand's Internet is still in its infancy
International connections are still terribly slow in Thailand.
An ordinary 20-25 Mbps line gives you about 15-17 Mbps on local DOWNLOAD speed, but only
  • 11 Mbps if connected to Singapore
  • 5 Mbps if connected to Hongkonk
  • 1 Mbps if connected to England
  • 0.6-1 Mbps if connected to the US
  • 0.7 Mbps if connected to France
  • 0.6 Mbps if connected to Germany
  • and well below 0.2 Mbps if connected to China
  • UPLOADS remain constant for almost all countries at about 1 - 1.5 Mbps
Don't blame your provider for the slow international connections. They all rely on CAT, a national organisation.
If you opt for a faster transmission, in most cases only local connection speed increases, international connections remain terribly slow.
TiT (This is Thailand)
NightWalker's Technology News
Milking Foreigners!
Thailand's National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department ordered that admission fees for foreigners at national parks throughout the country have to be 400 Baht.
Entry charge for Thai nationals remains 40 Baht for adults and 20 Baht for children.
To cover the inequity the local's prices are printed in Thai script only.
Do not ride Jet Ski in Pattaya!
No progress on Jet Ski saga:
Pattaya City Hall still doesn't do anything to stop the scam!
All the announcements made during last year were City Hall Blah-Blah only...
As long as Jet Ski vendors - respectively their victims - fill up our officials' pockets nothing will happen!
But Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome told Bangkok Post on March 26th, 2015:
Avoid Pattaya's Islands
The boats are overloaded, don't provide lifevests for all passengers, are badly maintaited and aren't covered by adequate insurance policies.
Pattaya's lazy and allegedly corrupt Officials promised to check owners, personnel and boats regularly, but they don't.
Avoid mosquitoes, they spread the Dengue Fever
Date-rape drug warning
According to Pattaya Police, it is common in this resort that foreign tourists get drugged and robbed in their hotel rooms, apartments or houses by prostitutes or ladyboys.
Ladyboy Pick-Pocket Gangs on Pattaya's Beach Promenade
Ladyboy Pick-Pocket Gangs are working almost daily on Pattaya's Beach Promenade!
Necklace Snatch
Never wear Gold in Pattaya!
Between 30 to 50 snatching valuables cases are reported to Pattaya's Police every single month.
Abby Tomlinson:
Ed Miliband was the best Prime Minister we never had.
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