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Even under Prayut's Dictatorship
Money helps
Some people still remember the Monday morning in September 3rd, 2012, when Vorayuth Yoovidhya, an heir to Thailand's Red Bull energy-drink fortune, allegedly sped down a Bangkok street in his silver Ferrari and crashed into a police officer on motorcycle patrol. The police officer died at the scene. Vorayuth, who goes by the nickname Boss, did not stop. He drove his battered sports car home.
When police detained Vorayuth, he admitted to hitting the officer, but said the man had darted in front of his Ferrari. He was released on bail and has been free for the past few years.
A few days only after the accident the Yoovidhya family paid the officer's siblings 3 million Baht to avoid a civil lawsuit.
An examination of the suspect's Ferrari allegedly showed that Yoovidhya was travelling at an average of 177 kilometres per hour at the time of the hit-and-run - with an error margin of ± 17km/h.
He was charged of reckless driving causing death of which the statute of limitation would last until 2027.
Vorayuth's alleged crime made headlines a few times when he failed to appear for an indictment hearing in Bangkok. According to his lawyers, Vorayuth had fallen ill or was on an important business trip in a foreign country.
About eight years from the accident, two new specialist witnesses, police majors, inspected the damage to the Ferrari and the victim's motorcycle, compared it to other accidents, and agreed the Ferrari could not have been travelling at 170km/h at the time of the crash and was not exceeding 80km/h.
Another specialist who is an university engineering lecturer was brought in in 2017 to calculate the speed of both vehicles involved in the crash. He told investigators the Ferrari was likely travelling at 76.175km/h.
And in December last year (!), two other witnesses - among them an 'Air Marshal' - were interviewed. They told investigators they were driving behind the suspect and the victim just before the accident happened.
In addition, three activists claim they have evidence that Vorayuth Yoovidhya had illegal chemical substances, including cocaine, in his system during his fatal hit-and-run, but these written records from the head of the Forensic Pathology programme at Mahidol University's Faculty of Medicine at Ramathibodi Hospital were never included in a police investigation file ....
PS. According to usually well-informed sources on the internet, the 'Air Marshal' is connected to Prayut Chan-o-cha and Prawit Wongsuwon. The sources claim that 300 million Baht was donated to the government and the police, but Prayut Chan-o-cha and Prawit Wongsuwon denied the allegations.
If a person who staged the coup can grant himself immunity or a person who hid his assets under the pretext of a dead friend's watches, the Red Bull incident is just another classic case of the rotten Thai legal system being manipulated by Thailand's Elite.
Updated What a coincidence: Khaosod English reports that a key witness in 'Boss Red Bull' case died on July 30th in accident.
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Accident research has made great progress in the last decade, but so has corruption in Thailand.
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It usually only takes a few days for Thailand's security organs to know the exact whereabouts of dissidents who are forced to move abroad, but they are said to have no precise information about the location of members of wealthy parents belonging to Bangkok's Elite