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Welcome to Pattaya
Welcome to Pattaya
Central Pattaya and Jomtien are part of a gigantic construction site
On October 5th, 2019, Pattaya Officials claimed that the work will be completed in February 2020.
But on October 28th The Pattaya News reported that the work will last until middle of next year.
myLady™ believes that the work will never end. Pattaya City Hall will always find a new way to open the same streets again and again, she said.
News Flash Report #1Updated
Do we live in a dirty Country?
Do we live in a dirty Country?
Last month, the Thai government decided to grab the bull by the horns and condemn the wholesalers to no longer hand out plastic shopping bags to their customers from January 2020.
Everything, of course, for the sake of the environment without first getting the opinion of customers and professionals. Experts have known for a long time that bags made from paper and fabric have a significantly worse environmental balance than plastic bags.
But if you haven't learned to think logically at school, your whole life will be full of bloody meaning.
We do not deny that plastic damages the environment. Only: It is the people who cause the environmental damage with the improper handling of the plastic.
I still remember when I invited my Thai girlfriends to stay for three months in my home country.
On the way to my house everyone was surprised that there was no rubbish to be seen on the roads or in the fields.
Arriving at home I showed them first of all how waste is separated and disposed of in Switzerland. The Thai ladies learned very quickly and disposed of the waste perfectly.
The disillusionment came only after the return to Thailand. Already after the first purchase all shopping bags landed either on the street in front of the house or immediately in my garden.
When I asked them if they hadn't learned anything in Switzerland, the answer was about the same for all Thai ladies: We are now back in Thailand and in Thailand we dispose the garbage this way!
Environmental awareness is therefore a question of education and this should begin at kindergarden or at school at the latest. But as long as subordinates are not allowed to criticize the higher ones, there will never be anything for the better in Thailand.
On October 10th, even The Nation Thailand reported that Lack of critical thinking makes Thailand's competitiveness ranking slip.
The Nation Thailand also reported on October 31st that The amount of waste shipped to Thailand from around the world skyrocketed by 2,000-7,000 per cent between 2017 and this year.
Updated The Pattaya News reported on November 9th that Pattaya City aims to be cleaner and trash free, strict enforcement of littering with a 2000 baht immediate fine in place.
Do we live in a dirty Country?
Waste disposal in Thailand. Environmentally friendly waste incineration plants are largely unknown in this country
News Flash Report #2Updated
Big Brother is watching you!
I have my GPS Implant!
Surveillance State Thailand
Since Thailand's military took power in a coup d'├ętat in 2014, Thailand - once known as the Land of the Free - has developed more and more into a surveillance state that follows its visitors on every step and every stroke.
Obviously every tourist is first considered a potential gangster who wants to inflict evil on the country.
It starts at the Immigration point. In addition to your Passport (and Visa) you need to submit a dully filled Thailand Arrival/Departure Card, known as T.M.6 Form.
Not only does the immigration want to know which plane or ship you have entered the country with, they also want to know your exact home address as well as your address in Thailand and, moreover, all the data already listed in your passport.
Thereafter, each hotel owner must inform the immigration within 24 hours of your whereabouts with the help of the T.M. 30 Form. If the hotel does not report or you stay with private individuals, you must report every new whereabouts within 24 hours. Otherwise, you may be fined or imprisoned.
it is therefore advisable to keep all accommodation documents carefully so that they can be presented to the authorities on departure.
The latest monitoring initiative requires that every private car be equipped with a GPS tracker. It allows the police (and the military) to determine the exact location of the vehicle and its driver at any given time.  Updated  On November 5th, Thailand's Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob said the policy will not be compulsory and ordered the Department of Land Transport (DLT) to study the feasibility of the plan.
Mooreover, Puttipong Punnakan, Thailand's Minister of Digital Economy, ordered cafe and restaurant operators with free wifi service to collect internet traffic data used by their customers up to 90 days, or face punishment.
According to a study by Comparitech Thailand placed in the bottom five out of 47 countries ranked for privacy protection.
To go on holiday in Thailand is not funny anymore.
News Flash Report #3
Actual Traffic Fines in Thailand
Traffic Fines in Thailand
Traffic Fines in Thailand
Riding a Motorbike without a Helmet: Fine(s) not applicable to Pattaya Officials!?!
Traffic Fines in Thailand
Empty threats or exceptions for the few lucky ones!?!
Traffic Fines in Thailand
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Please come back in a few days.
There was a time Naklua had a Garden Lodge Hotel
There was a time Naklua had a Garden Lodge Hotel
There was a time Naklua had a Garden Lodge Hotel. Something completely new is now emerging behind these barriers.
It's not the only construction site in this part of Pattaya.
On Naklua Road and Naklua's part of 3rd Road as well as on Soi Photisarn many new hotels and condominiums are being built at the moment.
We try our best to keep you up-to-date.
Hippopotamus left CentralFestival
Hippopotamus left CentralFestival
Hippopotamus, a French steakhouse chain on the 6th floor at CentralFestival Beach Pattaya, closed down. Republic took over the rooms and try to sell its steaks and pizzas.
The new Restaurant does not have any connection with the new Republic Nightclub in Soi Lucky Star (Walking Street).
Moshi Moshi now at CentralFestival too
Moshi Moshi at CentralFestival
Moshi Moshi, the popular gadget store known from Terminal21, opened a branch at CentralFestival Beach Pattaya.
Past Time
Past Time
The Past Time is the name of a new shopping area to attract Chinese visitors on Soi 1 in North Pattaya.
It's an extention of the already popular Thalad Khang Keng on Pattaya 2nd Road, also a Chinese Tourist attraction.
New Vegetarian Restaurant
New Vegetarian Restaurant
In Soi 8, directly opposite the famous Monna Beer Bar, an Indian restaurant called Ganesh opened. It offers pure vegetarian cuisine.
Soi Buakhao
What a pity!
Nice Diner closed down
Nice Diner, a small breakfast and food bar, closed down.
Let's hope that the closing is only for a short time.
We will keep you up-to-date
Sweethearts Bar changed the Format
Sweethearts Bar changed the Format
Since a few weeks time, the former Sweethearts Restaurant & Bar is an already popular Meeting Point for Ladyboys and their admirers.
The venue was on the block for a very long time. It doesn't have - nor had - any connection with!
Tree Town's Foodcourt takes off
Tree Town's Foodcourt takes off
Tree Town's new Foodcourt is now ready to serve you with Thai and Western Food as well as Kebab from Döner King, known as the Original from Berlin.
The seating is quite comfortable despite the concrete construction.
New opening hours
New opening hours
The still popular Chunky Monkey food outlet annonced new opening hours.
The restaurant is now open from 07:15 until 01:00 next morning.
Soi 6
Take a Lollipop on Soi 6
Take a Lollipop on Soi 6
In the rooms of a former Travel office the Lollipop Bar opened on November 1st.
Restaurant replaces closed Bar
Restaurant replaces closed Bar
Kiss Restaurant is announced to replace the Coming Bar.
During June 2019, the Bang Lamung District Chief closed the Coming Bar for 5 years for allowing prostitution (!) in Pattaya.
The bar opened during November 2018 and was managed by a consortium of Chinese, Taiwanese and Thai Nationals. The foreign owners are being deported and blacklisted.
We will keep you up-to-date.
Walking Street
Preterm Birth
Pacha A Go-Go
Pacha A Go-Go did not open on November 9, 2019 as previously announced, but already on November 8, 2019.
Never mind, #9 is the lucky number of the Thais, #8 but that of the Chinese.
Emergency Brake pulled? Updated
Golden Club A Go-Go closed down
Golden Club A Go-Go opened on October 15th, 2019, but closed down on November 8th without giving reasons.
Updated The Bar reopened a day later.
It is simply a sign of bad management to leave customers standing in front of closed doors without giving reasons.
Not earned enough? Updated
Rich A Go-Go closed down
On November 8th Rich A Go-Go closed down without giving reasons.
The Club opened on April 11th, 2019, in the rooms of the former Mandarin A Go-Go Bar.
Updated The Bar reopened a day later.
It is simply a sign of bad management to leave customers standing in front of closed doors without giving reasons.
Pacha A Go-Go
Pacha A Go-Go is announced to open on November 9th, 2019, as the successor of Crazy House A Go-Go.
Pacha A Go-Go at Abbe's Bar
A Bar with the very same name but a different logo was announced to open on February 2017 in the rooms of the now defunct Abbe's Bar to the left of Baccara A Go-Go.
The rooms are still empty - the venue never opened ...
We will keep you up-to-date.
King Seafood shines in new splendour
Since a few days King Seafood shines in new splendour. The renovation work seems to have come to a happy end.
Bollywood bites the Dust
If one believes the numbers published by TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand), Thailand is literally overrun by Indian tourists. The problem is that the Indians are coming in thrusts. On some days the Walking Street is fully in the hands of tourists from the Indian Subcontinent, on other days one searches them in vain.
This can be a problem for businesses that have prepared themselves for customers from India. The latest victim of this phenomenon is Bollywood Club. It has closed the doors.
The End of the Sushi Boom?
Since the end of October 2019, Boom Boom Sushi Room in front of Insomnia closed down for good. The venue is on the block.
Republic gets ready
Republic, Pattaya's latest Nightclub, announced to open on November 22nd, 2019, in Soi Lucky Star, off Walking Street.
Jasmine Hotel in Soi BJ closed down
Jasmine Hotel in Soi BJ, off Walking Street, closed down for maintanance.
No reason to despair: There is still another Hotel in Soi BJ that offers VIP rooms at 300 Baht for short-time activities ...
The End of Crazy House
Construction Workers are in the former Crazy House A Go-Go to create something new.
We will keep you up-to-date.
Did you ever try some Crocdoile meat?
In front of the 'old' Simon Bar Complex (near Soi 16) Crokki opened a Crocodile BBQ booth.
Give it a try!
Updated There is a second Crocodile meat outlet a few meters only from the Holly Tree:
Did you ever try some Crocdoile meat?
Western Brews?
For more than a year, Western Brews has been announcing the opening of their restaurant 'soon'.
After all, we were able to observe that the dust and dirt in recent days has been removed from the existing tables and chairs.
Updated  On November 7th we've discovered that the dust has returned ...
We will keep you up-to-date.
Hops Bar opened in Soi Diamond
During the last weekend of October the new Hops Bar opened on Soi Diamond, off Walking Street. It replaces the defunct Wicked Hippo Bar.
According to our information the new venue has no connection to the Hops Brewhouse at Pattaya Beach Road.
The end of Carousel?
Since October 29th the New Carousel Bar & Restaurant on Soi Diamond, off Walking Street, is closed.
We will keep you up-to-date.
Reincarnation of Lobster Pot
Lobster Pot opened in November 1st.
The once popular Steak and Seafood Restaurant closed down a long time ago because of serious hygiene problems.
It seems that the complete renovation of the premises has brought a significant improvement.
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Dreaming of Pattaya?
Dreaming of Pattaya?
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Big Bike in Thailand
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Security First?
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That's Thailand
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That's Thailand too
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Grown up in Switzerland
Grown up in Switzerland
Nightlife in Switzerland
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