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January 2018
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Global Warming
This morning Tokyo experienced coldest day in 48 years, Bangkok Post reports.
Please read too:
Renowned Scientists are predicting a new Ice Age
Nobel Prize winner Ivar Giaever calls Global Warming a new religion and says it is amazing how stable temperature has been over the last 150 years.
Ultraconservative news agency bought The Nation
To rescue The Nation from insolvency, an ultraconservative news agency acquired the media conglomerate behind Thailand's No. 2 English-language newspaper, Khaosod English reports.
Sontiyan Chuenruetainaidhama, the new owner of The Nation is known as an ultra-royalist and pro-junta person and supporter of Suthep Thaugsuban, one of Thailand's most corrupt politicians.
Update (January 27th):
Death of The Nation as we knew it
The Power of Dictatorship
The Power of Dictatorship:
  • Khaosod English:
    Police Blocks Equal Rights March From Bangkok to Khon Kaen
  • Bangkok Post:
    Hundreds of Police officers prevent anti-government demonstrators from leaving Thammasat Rangsit campus on planned march to Khon Kaen
No Customers
High Season?
According to TAT (Tourist Authority of Thailand) and the country's ruling Military Junta it's High Season in Thailand.
Nevertheless, many hotels - large and small ones - in this country offer already up to 50% Discount for Online Booking(s) to fill up their empty rooms...
Thailand is heading at full speed to a dark, dictatorial past
Thailand is heading at full speed to a dark, dictatorial past, said Brad Adams, Asia director of the U.S.-based Human Rights Watch, in an report published by Khaosod English.
The Military as well as Bangkok's Elite are manipulating the constitution to stay in power at all costs, some people believe.
Thailand's illegal Profession speaks
Prostitution is illegal in this amazing country. Nevertheless, today the country's sex workers are meeting more than 15 million men every year from every corner of the world.
Why they try to make men happy and what they think, you can read it here in a publication from Empower Foundation, which represents about 50'000 Thai sex workers.
Do you know?
Over the last 61 years, Thailand has had 11 Prime Ministers from military or police backgrounds, who altogether have controlled the country for 41 years.
Spike reports from Wonderfruit Festival
Spike from Pattaya Days reports from Pattaya's Wonderfruit Festival.
Enjoy his beautiful photos.
City Hall's impossible Dream
No Coconut Ghosts on Pattaya Beach Promenade
For additional Information about the current situation in Thailand please read:
Police News
Pattaya News Flash does not report about the daily crimes in Pattaya.
It you are interested in - and you should for your very own security - then please click Pattaya Daily News and Pattaya One.
Pattaya News Flash reports about the funny side(s) of this World Class Resort.
Corrupt Police Officers transferred
Just a day after DSI (Thailand's FBI) raidéd Victoria's Secret, a Massage Parlour in Bangkok selling sex (what else?!), five senior police officers have been transferred to inactive posts.
The man running the massage parlour was arrested. He usually dealt with officials from Wang Thonglang police station when problems occurred.
Reports say that DSI officers found a list of special guests who received discounted services. Among them were high-ranking officials from the Royal Thai Police and the Revenue Department.
An uncountable number of massage parlors in this country, including Pattaya, must have slipped under the radar for the last 20 to 30 years..
Please read too:
After the Military coup in 2014, the number of departments demanding kickbacks grew significantly, Prachatai reports
As expected:
Bangkok Police, Officials deny getting brothel freebies, because police are not allowed to do that, they say...
Do you know?
Despite a huge spike in the size of drug seizures, Thailand's Police and the country's 'Security Forces' arrested low-level drug suspects only.
During 2017 Thailand's Police seized 411.25 kilogrammes of heroin compared to only 147.54kg in 2016, while the seizures of methamphetamine - also known as YaBa - jumped from 97.64 million to 215.58 million tablets.
One can only speculate that it is considerably easier and safer - and probably a lot more lucrative - for the men in uniforms to exempt the big fishes...
But the best
is yet to come:
We update NightWalker's News Page as soon as we get new information.
Affordable & Tasty Foods in Pattaya
Free WiFi along Pattaya Beach
Free WiFi on Pattaya Beach
Pol Maj Gen Pinit Maneerat, the Military Junta's spokesman for Pattaya, announced that the city has invested 24 million Baht* to install a free WiFi system along Pattaya Beach for the general public and tourists.
It's the third time City Hall announces a Free WiFi service during the last 10 years or so.
The last two times TOT Public Company Limited, a Thai state-owned telecommunications company, was responsible for the (failed) service.
This time City Hall claims that they made a 1-year contract with state enterprise CAT Telecom Plc.
According to Pol Maj Gen Pinit Maneerat CAT installed 24 hotspots along Pattaya Beach, from Dusit Thani to the Bali Hai pier area.
To use the Free WiFi users have to register with their personal details. In return they will get two hours of free access per day.
For its Thai citizens Pattaya City Hall published an instruction to register (automatically?) - but not for the City's real breadwinner - the tourists.
*On November 26th, a spokesman from City Hall corrected the press release and said that the City has to pay 14 million Baht/year for the 24 hotspots.
Our Testrun on November 25th shows that - at least for tourists - the announced service is not usable.
Using a smartphone communicating in another language as Thai it is impossible to do the required registration.
When connecting to @Pattaya City Free WiFi the display immediately asks for the passwort.
Moreover, the signal strength is satisfying only in front of a hotspot, in between it's mediocre and the signal is characterised by strong fluctuations with a maximum throughput of 1 Mbps.
The whole announcement of @Pattaya Free Wifi doesn't make sense.
It's nothing else than a bad joke!
Obviously the Government tries everything that Thailand remains a laughing stock
Update (December 1st):
Pattaya Mail writes that Surfing has taken on a whole new meaning on Pattaya Beach after the city launched free wireless internet access.
But they didn't check if the service is reliable - or not...
Immigration News
Important Notice
Since General Prayuth Chan-ocha and his Military Junta launched their Coup d'état on May 22nd, 2014, Thailand's Visa ground rules are constantly changing. More over, not every consulate can issue all the different Visas. Some smaller consulates even display notices to the effect that non-immigrant visas are unavailable.
Our advice: Before booking your holidays please contact the Embassy in your country to obtain information about Thailand's latest regulation(s) and check the Chonburi Immigration Website or the website of Thailand's Immigration Police.
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Welcome to our World Class Beach Resort
We don't know the term 'maintenance'. We let everything go rack and ruin.
TAT spends 143.5 million Baht for Michelin Stars
Wasting Taxpayers' money for the upper ten thousand
TAT, also known as the Tourism Authority of Thailand, spent 143.5 million Baht to partner with Michelin to devise an edition of its guide for Bangkok and later Thailand for five years.
According to a TAT April 2017 news release, the aim was to allow food lovers to explore Thailand's culinary scene, raise the profile of Thai restaurants and boost the economy.
The inaugural edition awarded 14 restaurants one star and three luxury establishments earned two stars but no restaurant received a three-star rating.
Even a street food eatery, which is known for its Thai-style crabmeat omelette priced from 800 to 2'000 (!) Baht, was awarded a star.
Please read City street eats not made for ordinary folk, published by Bangkok Post.
Affordable and Tasty Foods 2018 recommended by Cartoonist Mike Baird and NightWalker
You can get Tasty Foods a lot cheaper: Simply click into the picture above!
PS, nobody sponsored our Tasty Food Survey, not even TAT's Pattaya Branch
Hi-tech Noses and Tongues certifying Cuisine Standards
Artificial Street Food?
Thailand's National Food Institute announced that it will display a new technology next month at the Street Food 4.0 Fair to make Thai street fare even more world-famous.
According to Yongwut Saowapruek, the director of the institute, electronic noses and tongues are able to certify dishes as genuinely Thai by their smell and taste. The institute has so far established standards for 13 dishes that can be certified as Thai food, he said and added that the new devices already can certify somtam (papaya salad), phad thai (noodles), kaprao moo (rice with pork), tom yam kung nam khon (spicy shrimp soup with coconut milk), tom yam kung nam sai (shrimp soup without coconut milk), mussaman kai (chicken curry), sateh kai (barbecued chicken on a skewer), laarb moo (northeastern spicy minced pork), tom kha kai (chicken soup with coconut and galangal), panaeg nua (curried beef), kaek khiew wan kai (spicy green chicken soup), tup tim krob (water chestnuts in coconut syrup) and khao niew mamuang nam dokmai (sweet sticky rice with barracuda mango).
In the near future Thailand not only will be reigned by men in uniform, Thailand's dishes too will taste uniform.
Bon appetit!
Tax the Meat!
New Tax discovered by Governments worldwide
Since some Analysts calculated that the global livestock industry causes 15% of all global greenhouse gas emissions, parliaments in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and even in Thailand are argueing that meat has to follow the same path as tobacco, carbon emissions and sugar.
As implementation of the Paris climate agreement progresses we're highly likely to see government action to reduce the environmental impact of the global livestock sector. On the current pathway we may well see some form of meat tax emerge within five to 10 years, Maria Lettini, director of Fairr, an investor network, says and Jeremy Coller, the founder of Fairr and the chief investment officer at the private equity firm Coller Capital even claims that if policymakers are to cover the true cost of human epidemics like obesity, diabetes and cancer, and livestock epidemics like avian flu, while also tackling the twin challenges of climate change and antibiotic resistance, then a shift from subsidisation to taxation of the meat industry looks inevitable.
The lovely man even ignores that meat, according to the latest scientific knowledge, isn't responsible for obesity, diabetes and perhaps even cancer. It's quite the opposite! Meat is a lot healthier than rice, pasta and/or potatoes, Mr. Dummkopf!
Tax the Meat
You no free
Thailand's Military Junta unsettles tourists by launching new regulations almost every few weeks
Here are some of the Junta's new regulations:
No Drinks
Do not smoke Cigars or Cigarettes at Thailand's Beaches
Do not drink Alcohol at Thailand's Beaches
Do not blare at Thailand's Beaches
Do not smoke Cigars or Cigarettes at Thailand's National Parks
Do not drink Alcohol at Thailand's National Parks
Do not bring your Pet(s) to Thailand's National Parks
Do not drive your (big) Motorcycle into Thailand's National Parks
Do not partying at Thailand's National Parks
Do not blare in Thailand's National Parks
New Regulations for Thailand's National Parks
Sihanoukville is getting ready to attract wealthy Tourists and Gamblers
Construction boom in Sihanoukville
The formerly quiet Beach resort is currently characterized by an indescribable building boom.
Investors from Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea are piling condos, hotels and gambling rooms and are devastating the beautiful village.
Due to heavy truck traffic, the roads are mostly dusty and bumpy
Relaxing holidays are currently hard to enjoy.
But in a few years time Sihanoukville will absorb Pattaya's wealthy tourists.
Construction boom in Sihanoukville
Thailand's first Wind Turbine Project a Complete Fiasco.
Wind Turbines on Koh Larn
During 2007 Pattaya City Hall launched Thailand's first wind turbine project on Koh Larn Island. The installation of the 45 wind turbines took almost 3 years. As the project was completed, then Pattaya Deputy Mayor Ronnakij Aekkasingh told the press that the project has been a great success, and that the country's scientists have gathered a huge amount of vital data, to help develop this new technology well into the future.
Fact is, that the administration never allocated a budget for mantainance. Therefore it is no surprise that the whole project was closed down shortly after the official launch - and never was used again.
The same happened to a small solar plant at the very same location: There was no maintenance of the solar panels and the related equipments. Most equipments, including the capacitors, are defective and can not be used anymore.
The whole project was a result of a cooperation between Pattaya City Hall and the Rajamangala University of Technology.
It's just another proof of the real 'qualities' of Thailand's Universities.
Update (January 26th):
Additional Information on Koh Larn
Our Officials destroy the 'Good Image' of Pattaya - nobody else
Drive your vehicle into the sea
After reopening Soi 10, off Jomtien Beach Road, our highgly educated but obviously still stupid Officials installed new traffic signals.
Driving left or driving right is possible, but driving your vehicle straight, as suggested by the signal, goes straight into the sea.
In our Juanuar 2014 publication we prensented a similar bullshit from Pattaya North Road. Obviously City Hall's officials are not capable to learn from their mistakes.
Our Officials destroy the 'Good Image' of Pattaya - nobody else
Blaring in Pattaya's Public Areas prohibited
Police discovered a new Source of Income
New Source of Revenue
Police on Walking Street discovered a new source of income
Some members of the corps are even so greedy that they even forget to play with their smartphones, otherwise their favourite activity.
Before you pay, read the banner carefully:
It clearly says maximum penalty is 2000 Baht.
Even better: Smile at the marshal(s) and use the litterbox!
Please Click for Mike Baird's Cartoons
For more Cartoons please click into the Picture or here for Mike Baird's Original.
Emergency Room
Midnight Pattaya
During August 2016 an Egicogroup announced a prestigious project on our old fashioned Walking Street.
To the left and to the right of the entrance to Soi BJ the company claimed it will built two modern glass palaces with Coyote Clubs, Bars, Night Clubs and a Hotel with a large parking space.
Midnight Pattaya also claimed that the first venues will open during 2016 and 2017.
With the exeption of a Liquer outlet on Marine Plaza nothing ever happened. The whole area is still a (quiet) working place.
Midnight Pattaya
Midnight Pattaya
Midnight Pattaya
Midnight Pattaya
In recent weeks, a few activities have been spottet in an open area behind the liqueur shop, where the Midnight Pattaya website announces a beer garden. Nevertheless, the whole place is surrounded by walls. It looks like a ghetto and does not seem like a very welcoming place.
The whole project looks like a reprise of the Soho Square disaster.
Midnight Pattaya: The Terrace
The area behind the liqueur shop is announced to open as
The Terrace, Open Air Club and Restaurant
We keep you posted
Should the patient survives our emergency room, you will read it here.
Poised to continue
Chinese Food Plaza
Jomtien Hostel
On Thappraya Road, at the entrance to Jomtien Complex a new Hostel creates a Chinese Food Plaza in a building that was empty for years.
Naughty Girl Bar, Rompho Bar Complex Jomtien
Lanna Bar, Rompho Bar Complex Jomtien
The Magic Bar, Rompho Bar Complex Jomtien
I love this Bar, Rompho Bar Complex Jomtien
Naughty Girl, Lanna, The Magic as well as I Love This Bar opened during the last few weeks at the Rompho Bar Complex on Jomtien's Second Road,
Wow Bar, Rompho Bar Complex Jomtien
but the WOW Bar, also located at Rompho Bar Complex, is on the block.
Poised to continue
Ann's International Küche is on the block
Ann's International Küche, located on Naklua Road, is on the block.
If you are interested please call 098-8245320.
Demolishing Best Friends
Demolishing Best Friends
Demolishing Best Friends
Demolishing Best Friends
Since January 1st, Best Friends Bar Complex, located on Naklua Road at the entrance to Soi 31, get demolished.
Until 2014, the year Thailand's Military Junta took over the power, the venue was a popular meeting point of tourists from Germany and Austria.
That's history now.
In full contrast to reports released by TAT (Tourist Authority of Thailand) and the ruling Military Junta, businesses in the region claim that 2017 was the worst year Pattaya ever experienced.
Camel active outlet at CentralFestival closes down
Not only small businesses have to close down, big brands feel the change too:
In Pattaya's major shopping centers, dozens of stores are unused or filled with temporary shops.
Take Camel active, located at CentralFestival Pattaya Beach, as an example: The brand has just announced that it will close down its sales outlet on the second floor of Pattaya's largest shopping mall.
Poised to continue
Pattaya Countdown 2018
The Motto of Pattaya Countdown 2018 bounces back
First Pattaya's Military Junta dominated City Hall announced that the City will celebrate the New Year traditionally - without rowdy rock concerts.
Later on, on December 29th Pattaya Mail reported that City Hall decided on December 19th to launch a one Night long Pattaya Countdown at Bali Hai on December 31st featuring Seksan Sek Loso Sukpimai, former frontman of a 90s Thai rock band.
But on December 30th a Provincial Court approved an arrest warrant for Sek Loso for firing gunshots into the air and the ground in front of the statue of King Taksin the Great in Nakhon Sri Thammarat.
On December 31st Police arrested Sek Loso in the bedroom on the second floor of his house in the Nantawan housing estate in Bang Khen district.
All this happened under Pattaya's Countdown Motto WE'VE WAITED ALL YEAR FOR THIS.
How true!
The laugh is always on the loser
New Plaza, Pattaya's Party Street
New Plaza, Pattaya's Party Street
As during Christmas Eve, a lot of happy people celebrated the New Year's Eve at the New Plaza Party Nights with lots of fluids, good food and pretty girls.
Short Appearance
In our November Edition we reported that Bronx Pizza had to move from Soi Diana to Tipp Plaza.
Today we have to report that Bronx Pizza already closed down its outlet.
Pattaya Avenue
At Pattaya Avenue a new restaurant had its soft openeing. It's called Firepork and claims to be an Authentic Korean Barbeque.
The venue will celebrate a Grand-Opening on January 26th, 27th and 28th, 2018.
Little Walk
To replace the former Index Living Mall building, a lovely shopping arcade called Little Walk is announced on Sukhumvit Road.
We keep you posted.
Pattaya Mujra closed again
On January 13th Pattaya Mujra, the Indian Dance Club located on Soi 14, of Pattaya 2nd Road, closed down again.
The Club opened during August 2017, but closed down during the last week of the same month, but reopend in the second week of September 2017.
We keep you posted.
Starbucks opened a second Coffee Shop at CentralFestival Pattaya Beach in the rooms of the failed Zico's Brazilian Grill and Bar. The Brazilian Restaurant closed down during March 2015.
Texas Chicken
Texas Chicken, an American fast food chain etablished during 1952 in San Antonio (Texas) as Church's Fried Chicken to Go, opened an outlet at the successful CentralMarina Shopping Mall in North Pattaya.
Texas Chicken is located to the left of McDonald's.
We renounce a pun...
Pizza Company
Good News for lovers of Pizza tasting like Donuts
Pizza Company opened an outlet on Pattaya South Road, opposite Friendship Supermarket, just at the entrance to Pattaya Week Market.
Wear a T-Shirt of your very own Design
KemScreen, personal prining service
KemScreen opened a personal printing service for t-shirts, mugs, and a lot of other things in a small shop at Pattaya Week Market on Soi Buakhaow. Show the people your creativity!
Spirit of India
Taste the difference
The defunct Ashwin Kitchen, an Indian Restaurant located to the left of Silver Star A Go-Go on Soi 8, got a successor called Spirit of India. Very often, Indian food is tastier than Thai food - perhaps because most Indian Restaurants in this City are a lot cleaner than their counterparts. At least: Taste the difference!
WakaWaka closed down
WakaWaka, a bar located on Pattayaland 2, also known as Soi 13/4, closed down during the last days of December, because Pattayaland 2 will get the same treatment as Pattayaland 1 a few weeks ago.
The venue promising to show Bellies, Booties and Boobies opened on July 14th, 2017.
It announced to reopen in about 2 months time.
Poised to continue
Wait for a Surprise
Wait for a Surprise and a walk on the wild side...
A new venue called Surprise yourself will open soon opposite the Asia BackPackers Hostel.
We keep you posted.
Wait for a Surprise
Poised to continue
Out of Chaos
Chaos Club A Go-Go changed its name back to Kiss A Go-Go.
Poised to continue
No News so far
We are collecting the latest news. Please come back in a few days.
Poised to continue
Mandarin A Go-Go reopened on January 19th, 2018. The management celebrated the reincarnation of the Bar with a Barbeque Party.
The venue closed its door on December 7th, 2017, e.g. in the middle of Pattaya's 'high season'.
It was not the first time the bar shut down the lights. It already closed down on July 1st, 2017, but reopened a few weeks later on July 28th.
Top One A Go-Go reopened
On January 14th Soho Square's new Top One A Go-Go reopened (again).
The Club opened on January 1st, 2018, but closed down on January 9th.
We keep you posted.
Top One A Go-Go
Top One A Go-Go already in the dark?
On December 9th, Top One, the newly opened A Go-Go Club on Soho Square, off Walking Street, was already in the dark.
On January 11th the bar was still closed. Obviously the club caused a false start...
We keep you posted.
To its left you can see the previous entrance to the obviously successful Irany Disco. It is closed now. Irany opened a new entrance and restaurant to the left of Soho Square's Subway sandwich outlet.
Irany's new Restaurant
Irany's new Restaurant and Entrance to its Night Club
The Terasse
The Terrace, announced as an Open Air Club and Restaurant
A look at The Terrace, obviously an Open Air Club and Restaurant, but first announced as a Beer Garden at Midnight Pattaya.
The Terrace will be located behind the liqueur shop on Marine Plaza, off Walking Street.
Opening still undetermined.
5th Name change within 2 months
The former Burger World outlet changed its brand for the 5th time within two month only. the venue is called now meDina. It claims to be an Indian food outlet.
Update (January 25th): Since the last week of January the BurgerWorld brand is back on the sign together with MeDina.
We keep you posted about its next change of name.
Top One A Go-Go
New A Go-Go opened on Soho Square
On January 1st a new A Go-Go Club opened on Soho Square, off Walking Street, in the rooms of the former Irany Bar & Restaurant. The new bar is called Top One A Go-Go.
Top One A Go-Go
Do you remember City Hall's annoucement from June 20th, 2017? Licences for new A Go-Go clubs on Walking Street and on Soi 6 will not be issued for the foreseeable future, Police announced then. Obviously our City's Officials speak bubbles only - or something indescribable clouds their memory.
Mauja, Walking Street
On December 31st, Police hampered the reopening of Mauja, Pattaya's latest Indian Night Club
Red Tape or not? Nobody knows that, except for those directly involved. For additional information please read our report from December 30th, 2017.
Bad Girls Club A Go-Go closed down
On January 1st, Bad Girls Club A Go-Go closed down
Bad Girls Club A Go-Go closed down
The Bad Girls Club A Go-Go closed down on January 1st. The venue opened on November 7th, 2017. Just another bar having a very short life in this funny City.
Curious: The door to the bar was still open on December 3rd and 4th. The light was on, but nobody was in. Bathrobes lay on the benches and ashtrays stood uncleaned on the tables.
It looks if people left the venue in panic.
Poised to continue
No News so far
We are collecting the latest news. Please come back in a few days.
Poised to continue
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Not Beijing, it's Pattaya
Beijing is doing something about the air pollution in its city:
It runs its buses on Thailand's streets and lets distribute their dirty exhaust here.
Lam Morrison Jr. at Hot Tuna Bar Walking Street
Read about Lam Morrison (the Original, born August 20th, 1949 in Udon Thani):
Thailand's King of Rock Guitar
Practice makes perfect
It's easy to look sharp
Politicians take care of us
Parking in Thailand
Cycling in Thailand
Art in Bangkok
Seen at Asoke Montri Road
Street Art in Bangkok
Stairway to the tree
Cargo in Thailand
The Way Thailand's Police is celebrating New Year
India speaks Thailish too
Amazing Switzerland
Pattaya News Flash is published in Switzerland: A Perfect Place for your Next Holiday
Pattaya News Flash formerly known as
Enjoy your Life
Ikea Enjoys your Life
This Month
Indian Nightclub, Walking Street
Tukcom, South Road
Royal Enfield
South Road, Pattaya
Indian Dance Bar, Thappraya Road
Food Park
Tree Town, Soi Buakhaow
A Go-Go Club, Soi 6
Nightclub, Walking Street
Taj on the Beach
Indian Restaurant, Walking Street
Indian Belly Dance Bar, Walking Street
Dancing, Walking Street
Shu Shu
Sake Bar, Walking Street
Kama Pattaya Club
Indian Disco, Soi 16
Austrian Restaurant, 2nd Road
Changthong Hotel
rebranded as ZIP Hotel
Snippets Sports Bar
rebranded as The Thirsty Camel
Mint Bar
Rompho Bar Complex, Jomtien
Tik Tak Bar
Rompho Bar Complex, Jomtien
EM's Bar
Baron Bar Complex, Soi 8
Ashwin Kitchen
Indian Restaurant, Soi 8
Royal Garden Plaza, Beach Road
Gold Club A Go-Go
Soi LK Metro
Russian Nightclub, Walking Street
Mandarin A Go-Go
Walking Street
Last month's Highlight:
For more information click December 2017 News.
Don't let the EU take control of the UK!
Don't let the EU take control of the UK!
The EU (read: Merkel, Jucker & Co.) asks for a special treatment for EU citizens, including the right to vote in the UK...
Note: The EU acts like a carcinoma.
More Information
Pattaya claims to be a world-class beach resort. It's a lie! The city is not even capable to present an event calendar.
Most events are announced only a few days before they happen.
Other cities or even whole regions publish event calendars or event books covering all events of a year.
Pattaya suffers from megalomania.
Events 2017: Published by Baden-Würtenberg (Germany)
Published by Baden-Würtenberg (Germany)
Kantah Bopha
Beat Richner
and his Children's Hospitals in Cambodia
Kantah Bopha
No Alcohol Days
Thailand's National No Alcohol Days include Buddhist holidays and election days.
On all other days alcohol can only be sold between 11:00-14:00 and 17:00-24:00.
Vendors caught breaking the ban are liable to a prison sentence of up to six months, a 10'000 Baht fine or both - but local Police use their own discretion to decide which venues need to be visited and fined...
Don't start laughing:
Do not try to buy non alcoholic beers (available from Clausthaler and Oettinger in this country).
The shops won't sell them during dry days.
Some not even sell Soda Water, because Thais and their Police associate it with (Thai) Whisky...
There's a sucker born every minute...
The Godfather's Story
The Kunplomes
Never forget:
It's not your Face and not your Body that makes you sexy.
It's your MONEY!
Electric Vehicles use batteries and batteries are not only a threat to our planet during manufacturing, the 'Recycling' of batteries is still an unsolved problem in most countries.
If the power for charging the batteries is generated by fossil or nuclear power plants then the LCA (life cycle assessment) turns completely to the worse.
Nature destroyed by solar cells
Nature destroyed by Solar Cells - Please click for a larger picture
Solar Cells are a threat to our planet:
The higher the efficiency of a Solar Cell the more Cadmium it contains.
Cadmium is banned from most products in almost all countries, but it can be used without restrictions in Solar Cells. Who controls the 'Recycling' of Solar Cells?
Never forget Chernobyl, Hiroshima, Nagasaki & Fukushima!
Never use a technology you do not master 100%!
February 17th, 2017:
Robot probes show Japan reactor cleanup worse than expected!
January, 2018:
Spike from Pattaya Days reports from Chernobyl:
Spike's photos show that the area never recovered from the disaster. Think about!
Autopilot drives Tesla into a Fire Truck
A Tesla running on Autopilot crashed into a stalled fire truck on the highway.
The fire truck had been parked in the left emergency lane and carpool lane, blocking off the scene of a previous accident, with a California Highway Patrol vehicle behind it and to the side, the Mercury News reports
Details remain sketchy and there are a lot of unanswered questions, since Tesla and authorities have gone mum.
Tesla's owners manual states:
Warning: Traffic-Aware Cruise Control can not detect all objects and may not brake/decelerate for stationary vehicles, especially in situations when you are driving over 50 mph (80 km/h) and a vehicle you are following moves out of your driving path and a stationary vehicle or object, bicycle, or pedestrian is in front of you instead.
Apple to launch Entry-Level MacBook
Our man in China reports that Apple prepares a entry-level MacBook.
The new product will feature a 13-inch touch-screen and will be launched during the second half of 2018.
Apple's slowdown continues
Our man in China reports that Component suppliers in the iPhone supply chain are likely to be forced to prolong their Lunar New Year holidays due to low order visibility for iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.
All iPhone smartphones, but particularly iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, had declining sales already in the fourth quarter of 2017.
Some suppliers plan to temporarily halt their production in February...
PromptPay, Thailand's very own electronic payment system
PromptPay's Money Vanished
Khaosod English reports that all major banks had taken PromptPay offline.
Since Sunday morning, those transferring money via PromptPay realized payments left their accounts – but never reached the recipient.
The money just disappeared.
Affected banks told their users that they need up to 8 days to solve the problem created by software glitches related to the formatting of the calendar changing to 2018.
The recipients will receive the money when the bugs are fixed. Banks guarantee the safety of the money, a spokeswoman of Bank of Thailand said,
According to National ITM Ltd., the PromptPay operating firm, the glitches affected transactions between banks only.
The problem was caused by the central system's calendar in which the last day of 2017 incorrectly set to 2018, we learned on Monday at noon.
Just another proof that High-Tech never works the way it should in this marvelous country.
As part of Thailand's aspiration to become a cashless society, the country will soon adopt a new nationwide e-payment method using the so-called QR Code familiar to social media users.
Bangkok Bank, Government Savings Bank, Kasikornbank, Krungthai Bank and Siam Commercial Bank will introduce the QR Code e-payment service.
Good luck!
If you are involved in Electronics, you badly need
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Milking Foreigners!
Thailand's National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department ordered that admission fees for foreigners at national parks throughout the country have to be 400 Baht.
Entry charge for Thai nationals remains 40 Baht for adults and 20 Baht for children.
To cover the inequity the local's prices are printed in Thai script only.
Do not ride Jet Ski in Pattaya!
No progress on Jet Ski saga:
Pattaya City Hall still doesn't do anything to stop the scam!
All the announcements made during last year were City Hall Blah-Blah only...
As long as Jet Ski vendors - respectively their victims - fill up our officials' pockets nothing will happen!
(published by Pattaya Mail):
Problems with Jet Ski operators unsolved.
Avoid Pattaya's Islands
The boats are overloaded, don't provide lifevests for all passengers, are badly maintained and aren't covered by adequate insurance policies.
Pattaya's lazy and allegedly corrupt Officials promised to check owners, personnel and boats regularly, but they don't.
Avoid mosquitoes, they spread the Dengue Fever
Date-rape drug warning
According to Pattaya Police, it is common in this resort that foreign tourists get drugged and robbed in their hotel rooms, apartments or houses by prostitutes or ladyboys.
Ladyboy Pick-Pocket Gangs on Pattaya's Beach Promenade
Ladyboy Pick-Pocket Gangs are working almost daily on Pattaya's Beach Promenade!
Necklace Snatch
Never wear Gold in Pattaya!
Between 30 to 50 snatching valuables cases are reported to Pattaya's Police every single month.
The more Electronics you have in your car, the more problems you will have with the vehicle
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