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Somchai Khunploem, the Godfather of Chonburi
Still Influential
Bangkok Post reports that Thailand's Dictator General Prayuth Chan-ocha appointed Sonthaya Kunploem as adviser to the Prime Minister and Itthiphol Kunploem as assistant to the Tourist and Sports Minister.
The two are sons of Somchai Kunploem, the Godfather of Chon Buri.
Somchai Kunploem has served as one of the leading figures in Thailand's political and criminal spheres.
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The next general election is still several months away but it seems preparations are under way for General Prayut Chan-o-cha to return as prime minister
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Prayuth defends role for Kunplomes
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Regime moving chess pieces into place
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Scholars see political deal in Prayuth's recruiting former Thaksin Minister
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The Kunplomes
The Tip of an Iceberg
Bangkok Post reports that a Bangkok school director has been expelled for taking bribe.
He was hit with the most severe disciplinary penalty for having received 400'000 Baht in exchange for admitting a student to Mathayom 1 (grade 7): He loses all pension and welfare benefits.
The case is just the tip of an iceberg. Corruption is omnipresent in Thailand's education system. It even starts in kindergartens and reaches its peak at the country's Universities.
Pattaya News Flash: Thailand's Greedy Officials
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Not even the Military Junta can trust Thailand's Officials
Not even the Military Junta can trust Thailand's Officials
To spur investment and the economy in general and to help impowerd people and farmers, the Military Junta started to inject a total of 150 billion Baht into more than 82'000 villages nationwide.
The project got harsh criticism from academics and politicians all over the country for its populist measures.
Before all the money reached the needed
  • A corruption case of public funds has been uncovered in Chiang Mai, where ethnic groups said they never received disbursed welfare aids worth almost 68 million baht in total
  • About 88 million Baht from a fund to help vulnerable young women got missing
  • Welfare allowances for the poor in 53 provinces of at least 107 million Baht dissapeared
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    Corruption cases swamp govt schemes for the poor
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    Fund scandal nets top official
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    B107m welfare fraud found in 53 provinces
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    Official sacked over B88m theft from education fund
  • Bangkok Post
    Government urged to blitz corruption
  • Bangkok Post
    Graft-busters search education official's home
  • Bangkok Post
    B68m aid for Chiang Mai ethnic people disappears
  • Bangkok Post
    Regime under fire as it rains cash on villagers
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    Overwhelmed PACC detects graft at 5 more welfare centres
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    Welfare Fraud: Gadfly wants top officials probed
  • Khaosod English
    Top Officials suspended as theft of welfare funds probed
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    New Welfare Cards a boost for rich or poor?
  • Bangkok Post
    Not 88 million Baht but almost 120 million Baht are missing from education fund
  • Bangkok Post
    Three high-ranking officials involved in graft scandal
  • Bangkok Post
    Army: Schools in the southernmost border provinces embezzling funds to support insurgency
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    Heads tumble in theft from the poor scandal
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    Giant haul for welfare dragnet
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    At least 24 more officials face probe in education fund corruption scandal
  • Bangkok Post
    250 officials involved in welfare fund fraud
  • Bangkok Post
    Top official tied to welfare scam
  • Bangkok Post
    The Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) finds blankets scam in Sing Buri
  • Bangkok Post
    Top officials linked to education fund theft
  • Bangkok Post
    217 low and high-ranking officials involved in the embezzlement of the state funds
  • Bangkok Post
    25 current and former high-ranking officials at Thailand's Education Ministry were involved in 'irregularities' in an embezzlement-hit welfare fund intended to assist poor students
  • Bangkok Post
    Arrest warrants have been issued for 11 suspects, including a former Special Branch deputy superintendent, for allegedly extorting money from vendors at Don Muang New Market
  • The Nation
    The Criminal Court has approved eight arrest warrants for a former deputy superintendent at the Special-Branch Police Division over allegations of extortion at the Donmuang Modern Market
  • Bangkok Post
    Ex-police officer surrenders in market extortion case
  • The Nation
    I will never be defeated. I will sue every single one of them, Special-Branch Police Division former deputy superintendent Pol Lt-Colonel Santhana Prayoonrat vowed, as he was brought to the Criminal Court for the first 12-day period of detention
Our Officials destroy the 'Good Image' of Thailand - nobody else
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