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Edward Snowden did his country a great service. Let him come home.
It is ironic that it is Snowden who is being treated like a spy when his act of courage drew attention to the fact that the US and UK governments were illegally spying on millions of people without their consent.
Signatures urging Obama to pardon Snowden are being collected through the websites and Amnesty International.
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September 2016
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New opening Hours
New opening Hours for Pattaya's Bars, Clubs & Dancings
On July 7th, 2016, Pattaya Police Chief Col. Apichai Klobpetch announced new opening hours for Sin City:
Venues located on Walking Street and on Pattaya Beach Road can stay open until 04:00, bars, clubs and dancings outside this area must close at 02:00.
A Go-Go Bars are not allowed to open before 18:00. (This rule seems to be suspended, at least A Go-Go Bars on Soi Post Office and Soi Yamato resumed afternoon opening).
The police chief stressed that the new closing times would be strictly enforced.
Venues found to be flouting the rules would be prosecuted and shutdown for five years, Pattaya Police Chief Col. Apichai Klobpetch said.
Like Father, Like Son
Taen Thaugsuban, the son of former deputy prime minister Suthep Thaugsuban, was sentenced to three years in jail by Thailand's Criminal Court.
Suthep Thaugsuban himself is known as one of Thailand's most corrupt politician as well as the self-appointed Secretary-general of the People's Democratic Reform Committee, which was conducting mass protests in 2013/2014 to unseat the government of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.
The mass protests finally paved the way for General Prayuth Chan-ocha to launch his military coup on May 22nd, 2014.
Suthep's months long protests on Bangkok streets was made possible by generous donations from Bangkok's Elite.
I did what I had to do
Gen. Sonthi Boonyaratglin, the man that toppled Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra with his coup d'état on September 19th, 2006, still claims that I did what I had to do.
Thaksin's sister Yingluck Shinawatra meanwhile expressed her wish to be Thailand's last coup victim.
Birthday Present
Spike from Pattaya Days shows the world how to surprise a Thai Lady on her Birthday.
No Progress in Red Bull case
Thailand's National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) announced to investigate the delays in the case of Red Bull heir Vorayudh Yoovidhaya, Bangkok Post reports.
Please read too:
Thailand's Rich and Famous play Cat & Mouse with Thailand's 'Justice'
Nevertheless, Red Bull profits soar 35%
The End of Chinese Tourists Invasion?
Yesterday Thailand's Authorities impounded 2'155 buses and assets of about 4.7 billion Baht from the countries biggest zero dollar tour network including OA Transport Co., Pattaya's largest air polluter.
At the time of writing this news it's not known what will happen to the tourists already 'enjoying' their holidays in this country.
For additional information please read the Bangkok Post.
Update: 2'155 impounded busses means that Thailand's hotels will miss about 60'000 overnight stays/day as well as about 384 million Baht/day on spending - if TAT (Tourism Autority of Thailand)'s numbers for the daily expenditure (6'400 Baht) of Chinese tourists are correct...
Update (September 13th): Zero-dollar clampdown hits arrivals, Bangkok Post writes.
Supporting a Blackleg
Sondhi Limthongkul, the one-time leader of the yellow shirts, sentenced to 20 years in prison.
Thailand's Supreme Court ruled that Sondhi is guilty for forging a report to obtain a 1.08 billion baht loan without seeking approval from the Manager’s board.
Sondhi Limthongkul was the uncrowned leader of the yellow shirts movement that led to the downfall of Taksin Shinavatra.
As the yellow shirt leader Sondhi's actions enjoyed the full financial support of Bangkok's Elite.
For addidional information please read the reports published by Khaosod English, Bangkok Post and The Nation.
Update (September 11th): Bangkok Post writes that Sondhi Limthongkul was already a criminal and on his way to prison before he formed the yellow shirts and helped to overthrow two governments...
Garbage Island
Pattaya City Hall is unable to clean up Koh Lan from garbage because of limited manpower and funds.
On the popular Sam Beach tourists already can smell and see the 30'000-ton eyesore.
Part of it comes from more than 2'000 households and illegal resorts while the rest is a result of the increasing number of visitors to the island, Bangkok Post writes.
It seems that Pattaya's former government, led by Itthiphol Khunplome, was able to initiate big projects only and ignored (or perhabs even benevolently supported) the set up of illegal buildings.
Escaping the grim Reaper
According to Spike's wife and her girlfriends he luckily escaped the grim reaper.
Read his story and enjoy his fabulous pictures.
Don't buy from illegal Beach Vendors!
Pattaya authorities on Thursday sought cooperation from tourist bus and boat operators to discourage their clients from buying food or goods from illegal street vendors, Bangkok Post reports.
The Rats are back!
Don't let your children play on Pattaya Beach!
The Rats are back!
The rats are back on Pattaya Beach and our Officials from City Hall close their eyes.
According to a report published by Pattaya Mail on March 11th, the City already launched a new offensive on beachfront rats.
It seems the 'offensive' was launched for publicity only. The rats still enjoy a happy life on Pattaya's Beach and its Promenade...
For additional Information about the current situation in Thailand please read:
Police News
Pattaya News Flash does not report about the daily crimes in Pattaya.
It you are interested in - and you should for your very own security - then please click Pattaya Daily News and Pattaya One.
Pattaya News Flash reports about the funny side(s) of this World Class Resort.
Credt Card Tricksters nabbed
Police nabbed a gang that allegedly cheated and almost snatched 15 million baht from a housing estate administrator in Chon Buri in an offline credit card reader plot, Bangkok Post reports.
A mysterious Death
The death of a Land Official at Thailand's Department of Special Investigation (DSI) is surrounded by mystery as the DSI presents 3 (three !) different versions of his alleged suicide - and the autopsy a forth one, The Nation reports.
The autopsy challenges the DSI, Khaosod English writes.
Update (September 2nd):
Cremation of Land Official indefinitely halted in last second, Bangkok Post reports.
The Nation reports on September 2nd that Two forensic teams join Tawatchai death probe.
Bangkok Post claims on September 3rd DSI integrity at stake.
The Nation reports on September 5th that Land official's death might be linked to a powerful crime network.
Bangkok Post writes on September 5th that Thawatchai's death only fuels suspicion.
The Nation reports on September 6th that Police probe possible murder in DSI custody.
Bangkok Post reports on the same day that Brother raises doubts over DSI account.
On September 9th The Nation reports that DSI says no CCTV footage about Tawatchai’s death because of faulty server...
During the last year an alarming number of (political) inmates committed 'suicide' in this country, many of them detained in military prisons.
Immigration News
Important Notice
Since General Prayuth Chan-ocha and his Military Junta launched their Coup d'état on May 22nd, 2014, Thailand's Visa ground rules are constantly changing. More over, not every consulate can issue all the different Visas. Some smaller consulates even display notices to the effect that non-immigrant visas are unavailable.
Our advice: Before booking your holidays please contact the Embassy in your country to obtain information about Thailand's latest regulation(s) and check the Chonburi Immigration Website or the website of Thailand's Immigration Police.
Update (March 2016):
New Overstay Regulations
Thailand's new immigration policy will take effect on March 20th of this year.
Please click for details!
Busy Immigration
Pol Lt Gen Nathathorn Prousoontorn, chief of the Immigration Bureau, informed the media that between October 2015 and March 2016 Thailand's Immigration deported a total of 486'947 foreigners who overstayed their visas. Another 323'575 foreigners overstaying their visas still remain at large.
If the numbers mentioned above are correct, the Immigration Bureau deported about 2'700 people a day...
Never trust a statistic that you have not manipulated yourself!
Pattaya News Flash September 2016 - The Source
NightWalker\'s News
from the City where your Passion is still a Possibility©
Welcome to Pattaya
It's rainy season now
Aedes aegypti mosquito
This Aedes Aegypti Mosquito spreads Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya and Yellow Fever Viruses
Can you trust Thailand's Officials?
On February 2nd, 2016, Thailand's Department of Disease Control within the Ministry of Public Health relased a statement saying the Zika virus is not an epidemic in Thailand, nor is the virus new to Thailand. The first confirmed case of infection in Thailand was reported back in 2012. The average rate of infection was less than 5 cases per year since and all of the cases of infection were one-offs.
The statement was distributed through Reuters and therefor it was published worldwide by international media.
On August 30th, 2016, Newspapers informed their readers that Thailand is on red alert. Thailand had most Zika cases of any Southeast Asia country over last 3 months.
But on September 1st Thailand's Public Health Authorities have played down fears of a Zika virus outbreak in Thailand following a rise in infections in Singapore.
Director-general Amnuay Gajeena of the Department of Disease Control (DDC) even dismissed information released by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control that categorises Thailand as having increasing or widespread transmission of the Zika virus.
On September 2nd Bangkok Post reports two more Zika cases in Chiang Mai and The Nation claims that according to researchers up to 2.6 billion people are living in Zika risk areas in Africa and Asia.
On September 6th The Nation reports two women in Bangkok infected with Zika virus.
On September 6th too, Bangkok Post reveals that 20 new Zika cases have been found in 4 provinces.
On September 10th, Bangkok Post reports that Bangkok's central business district Sathon found twenty-one new cases of Zika virus infections.
On September 12th, The Nation hits the point: Thailand's authorities downplay the Zika risk, because disclosing information would damage the country's tourism industry.
Zika cases balloon, Bangkok Post writes on September 13th and reports that Doctors are awaiting Zika tests on another 30 people.
On September 15th The Nation reports that the chief of the Department of Disease Control (DDC) has instructed all 12 Emergency Operations Centres (EOCs) around the country to scale up their response from Level 1 to Level 2 to contain the Zika virus outbreak.
On September 27th The Nation reported that Experts will release results of Zika tests on two babies born with small heads.
On September 30th Thai health authorities confirmed that microcephaly in two babies was caused by the Zika virus.
Can you trust Thailand's Officials? Judge yourself!
The Zika Virus
The Zika Virus is primarily spread by the female Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is active mostly in the daytime. But recent research have found the virus in common Culex house mosquitoes as well.
The female Aedes aegypti mosquito not only is responsible for the spread of the Zika fever but also for the dengue fever, chikungunya and yellow fever viruses.
According to the International Society for Infectious Diseases, there have been more than 31'000 dengue cases in Thailand this year to August 19th, including 25 fatalities.
Zika Virus: Symptoms, Facts, Diagnosis
Free Rabies Vaccinations
The Thai Red Cross Society is offering people free vaccination against rabies until September 30th, 2016, following recent incidents of rabies infection.
The End of Fun?
The End of Fun?
Pattaya's Military-appointed City Council to kill Pattaya Music Festival and New Year's Countdown?
During the August 18th meeting City Council Chairman Anan Angkanawisan announced that he will cut up to 40 million Baht from City Projects.
The Chairman said that Pattaya's former elected leaders, i.e. Itthiphol Khunplome and his City Hall, wasted public funds by duplicating projects, such as neighborhood cleanups and youth football tournaments and argued that 30-40 million Baht allocated to projects like the Pattaya Music Festival and the New Year's Countdown are no longer necessary as they don't attract the crowds they once did.
The money should be used to flood and trash control, he insisted.
A very interested decision because the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) just announced to promote local tourism. Perhaps Thai tourists enjoy Pattaya's dirty Beaches a lot more than foreign tourists do and therefore don't need any entertainment - or they come to our City simply to log into Facebook or to chase Pokémon Go creatures.
According to a report published by Pattaya Mail Thanet Supornsahatrangsi, vice president of the Tourism Council of Thailand, said that budgets for the Pattaya Music Festival and the Pattaya Countdown will not be cut.
Don't forget: There are still another 3 months until Pattaya Countdown and another 6 months until the Pattaya Music Festival will happen - and this country is known for its ability to change its mind over night, with or without activating the controversial Section 44.
Mike Baird's Cartoons
For more Cartoons please click into the Picture or here for his Original Cartoon.
J-Bun Seafood
Seafood on Jomtien Beach Road
J-Bun opened its Seafood Restaurant on Jomtien Beach Road, located where the well-known Burger Booth was.
The Burger Bar is history now. To enjoy a Burger in Jomtien you have to move your body to the Rompho Bar Complex on Jomtien Second Road.
Poised to continue
Tony's Fitness
Tony's Fitness closed branch(es)
Tony's Fitness closed its branch on Soi Photisarn.
The club had a short life: It opened during December 2014.
More trouble for Tony's: Because of unpaid rents at other locations some Landlords confiscated Tony's equipment.
According to Tony's, people can still use Tony's Fitness on Pattaya 3rd Road.
Anton Soi 27
Anton re-introduces his German Buffet
Anton, since August 22nd, 2015, located on Soi Roi Lung, also known as Soi 27, announced that the Restaurant will re-introduces the once very popular German Food Buffet.
Poised to continue
Beer Town Soi Buakhaow
Coming soon to Soi Buakhaow
A Beer Town will open in a few days time at an empty space between the Bangkok Bank Branch and the all new Fresh Mart on Soi Buakaow.
In the months to come the Beer Town will be surrounded by a lot of small boothes providing everything from clothes to sweets and/or drinks.
Players closed
Players Lounge closed
Players Lounge, located on Soi Buakhaow a few meters only from the popular Rich Bar, closed and is on the block.
From February 28th, 2014, until September 2015 the venue was known as Booze Lounge and was managed by the same people running the now defunct Oscar A Go-Go as well as the Booze Party Boat.
Before all that 'escapades' the building was the home of the Winner Inn Hotel.
P.S. The picture above we shot on September 13th at about 21:30. On September 19th the bar was open again, with customers obviously celebrating a farewell party.
KFC temporarily closed
KFC temporarily closed
KFC's North Road Branch, located at North Pattaya's Tesco/Lotus, is closed for renovation from September 5th, 2016, until October 8th, 2016.
Temporarily Inactive:
Temporarily Inactive
Temporarily Inactive
Because of missing customers, Pattaya's latest Nightclubs, both located in North Pattaya, are temporarily inactive.
Thailand's 'booming' economy sends its greetings !
On the Block
World Wide Shutdown...
World Wide A Go-Go, located on Pattaya Beach Road between Soi 7 and Soi 8, closed on September 1st and is on the block.
Kiss, Sit and Drink
Kiss, Sit and Drink
Third Road's most popular Pub, called Mauboori (≈ Kiss, Sit and Drink), changed the side. It moved from its former site located in front of a car wash booth to a new premise just on the other side of the street.
Even during low season and the country's less than thrilling economic situation the venue is overcrowded with young Thai revellers.
Poised to continue
Champagne A Go-Go
New Champagne
Prepare your bottle of Champagne, Champagne A Go-Go will present in a few days (or weeks) the result of its latest refurbishing attempt.
Kiss A Go-Go reopened
Improved Kiss
Kiss A Go-Go reopened on September 16th after beeing closed for a two and a half months long renovation.
Poised to continue
Bad Girl goes Burger
Bad Girl goes Burger
A Burger World will replace the once announced but never realized Bad Girl A Go-Go Bar.
XD Cinema
On the Block
XD Cinema, located to the right of Walking Street's holy tree, is on the block.
Blue Sky III closed
Blue Sky III closed
To make space for Midnight Pattaya, Walking Street's new glass palaces, Blue Sky III at the entrance to Soi BJ closed.
Discos still open
Bali Hai Discos still open
Contrary to reports in some media, Mixx, LimaLima and Brooklyn Discotheques at the troubled Bali Hai Entertainment Complex are still open every night. It even seems that the ordered tear down of the building has been stopped.
Chinese Restaurant on Soho Square
Chinese Restaurant on Soho Square
A Chinese Restaurant opened on Soho Square.
Coming soon on Soho Square
Coming soon on Soho Square?
Once again the still ailing Soho Square announces that a World Super Clubs Entertainment Complex will coming soon.
EROS Women's Club
EROS Women's Club
The former entrance to the Deja Vu Club on Soho Square got a new sign announcing an EROS Women's Club.
Lucifer temporarily closed
The Hell is temporarily closed
Lucifer closed temporarily for a renovation of the venue's rooms.
Pattaya Rock Street
Pattaya Rock Street
During the last days of August Blue Sky Group's newest Music Bar, the Pattaya Rock Street, opened to create an all new cacophony on the first few meters of Pattaya's world famous nigtlife adventure street.
The new venue replaces Blue Sky's Cosnovy A Go-Go Club.
As the latest picture shows, Johnnie the relentless Walker is now a loyal regular at the new venue...
Poised to continue
Mike Baird's Cartoons
For more Cartoons please click into the Picture or here for his Original Cartoon.
Invasion of Tourists, but empty Shops?
Invasion of Tourists, but empty Shops?
Shops waiting for tenants
Month after month the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is publishing new record beating numbers of tourists visiting Thailand.
But the reality shows another picture:
At Pattaya's #1 shopping temple, the CentralFestival Pattaya Beach, every single floor has at least one shop waiting for a tenant. In addition, one or two location(s) on each floor are occupied by temporary outlets only to fill up otherwise empty spaces between the regular shops.
CentralFestival is the perfect reflection of the country's current economic situation.
Invation of Tourists, but empty Shops?
Temporary Shops (stopgaps)
Back to the Roots
Traditional Thai Clothing
On August 30th, 2016, Thailand's Dictator General Prayuth Chan-ocha encouraged Thais to wear traditional Thai costumes, to use traditional Thai herbal medicine and to eat traditional Thai herbs with their foods.
He warned his citizens if they only dress in 'modern' style, traditional costumes would eventually disappear in the near future.
It is widely accepted that Thailand's infrastructure and education system lags about 70 years behind that of Western countries.
High class tourists from all over the world will be grateful to have the opportunity to visit an authentic 'Disneyland' in the near future.
Back to the Roots
Traditional Thai Herbals
Back to the Roots
Traditional Thai Medicine
Thailand's stupid tax on sugary drinks
Tax on sugary drinks
Thailand has had the bright idea of curbing public health problems such as obesity, heart diseases and high blood sugar levels by imposing an excise tax on carbonated drinks, green tea, canned coffee, energy drinks, sour milk, soymilk as well as bottled juice.
That's nonsense, a farmer in the Korat told me. People here still drink their Thai whisky, before they buy a Fanta or a Coke.
The real reason behind their obesity is the change in their lifestyle. A few decades ago everybody walked to the local shop, to the working place, to their field or to a festive evening with their friends.
But today?
In front of every door you will find a motorcycle or even a car. The people do not walk a single meter anymore. They jump from their bed on their motorcycle and from the motorcycle back to the bed to enjoy the next TV show. That's the reason for their obesity, not the sugar.
The people have to change their behavior, their lifestyle - not to pay an additional tax. The good health will come back to our nation only if the people start using their legs again, the 80-year old farmer told me and walked away to do his daily work on his cornfield.
Thailand's Universities have to lift standards
Thailand's Universities have to lift standards
In Thailand education has to be fun, no mater if its in the fist year of a children's live or at an University's level.
Therefore Bob Stembridge, Thomson Reuters' senior patents analyst, recommends that Thailand should improve in research and innovation, strive for more collaboration between universities and the industrial sector, and learn from the United States' success in rewarding the involved parties for successful commercialisation. In terms of innovation, which is the transfer of good ideas into money, the best way is to have industry and universities working together.
Research is global, not a regional competition. For that you need to globalise talent pools and collaboration networks in order to compete in the world, he said.
Hard words for a country that always likes to be the center of the world - or at least the hub of the region.
Lights over Pattaya
High-Tech not even works in Bangkok

During September 2010 Pattaya City Hall installed Pedestrian Lights along its Beach Road and on Second Road.
Until today, the signals never worked correctly: Even when the signals are not usable, the signals are peeping and are giving Pedestrians the false hope that they can activate the lights.
Moreover, if the signals are blinking yellow for the traffic, the signals show a permanet red light for Pedestrian.
After being in use for more than 6 years, the count down for start crossing still doesn't work correctly at most of the signals.
Pattaya's Police never liked the signals. On weekends Police opens most of the signals for traffic only, during the other days our lovely Police ignore the lights completely as do most of the drivers.
Crossing a street during a green phase is still life-threatening for all Pedestrians in this City.
Without the support of Pattaya Police, Pedestrian lights on Pattaya North Road are completely useless.
Bangkok has similar problems
During August 2016 acting Metropolitan Police Bureau chief Sanit Mahathavorn ordered the city's automatic traffic light system be switched off and operated manually.
Pol Lt Gen Sanit believes that traffic lights were not suitable in Bangkok where the number of vehicles in each direction differed. Officers who still use the automated traffic light countdown system will face a penalty of three days' confinement at police headquaters, he announced.
But in the meantime Pol Lt Gen Sanit has asked officers to study areas where a new traffic management model can be applied, especially the blinking light system.
Traffic Police Division's deputy chief Ekkarak Limsangkat said he suggested a blinking red light because of his concern over drivers violating the traffic law during odd hours. And Pol Lt Sanit added that the automatic light switch may cause unnecessary waiting time when few cars are on the road. This may prompt some motorists to jump the light.
Pol Lt Sanit believes that under the blinking light regulation, drivers need only make sure there are no cars running across an intersection before moving on...
Lights over Pattaya
Men at Work
no comment
Ordering Coffee in Bangkok
Walking Menucards
A healthy Mind in a healthy Body
Cheap Cheaper, Cheapest...
Seen on August 29th on Pattaya Soi 17
The Awful English Language
A Professional Installation in Jomtien
2-Wheel Van
A White Man's Dream
Enjoy your Life
Ikea Enjoys your Life
This Month
Café Racer LK Metro
Sopar Walking Street
Big Event:
For more information click August 2016 News.
More Information
Kantah Bopha
Beat Richner
and his Children's Hospitals in Cambodia
Kantah Bopha
No Alcohol Days
Thailand's National No Alcohol Days include Buddhist holidays and election days.
On all oher days alcohol can only be sold between 11:00-14:00 and 17:00-24:00.
Vendors caught breaking the ban are liable to a prison sentence of up to six months, a 10'000 Baht fine or both - but local Police use their own discretion to decide which venues need to be visited and fined...
Don't start laughing:
Do not try to buy non alcoholic beers (available from Clausthaler and Oettinger in this country).
The shops won't sell them during dry days.
Some not even sell Soda Water, because Thais and their Police associate it with (Thai) Whisky...
There's a sucker born every minute...
The Godfather's Story
The Kunplomes
Never forget:
It's not your Face and not your Body that makes you sexy.
It's your MONEY!
Electric Vehicles use batteries and batteries are not only a threat to our planet during manufacturing, the 'Recycling' of batteries is still an unsolved problem in most countries.
If the power for charging the batteries is generated by fossil or nuclear power plants than the LCA (life cycle assessment) turns completely to the worse.
Nature destroyed by solar cells
Nature destroyed by Solar Cells - Please click for a larger picture
Solar Cells are a threat to our planet:
The higher the efficiency of a Solar Cell the more Cadmium it contains.
Cadmium is banned from most products in almost all countries, but it can be used without restrictions in Solar Cells. Who controls the 'Recycling' of Solar Cells?
No Nuke Please!
Never forget Chernobyl, Hiroshima, Nagasaki & Fukushima!
Never use a technology you do not master 100%!
Expensive Software Bug
Because of a software bug General Motors has to recall nearly 4.3 million vehicles worldwide.
The sensing and diagnostic module that controls air bag deployment has a software defect that may prevent the deployment of frontal air bags in certain rare circumstances, GM explains.
Today between 50 and 100 ECUs (Electronic Control Units) are installed in every car and each ECU is run by its own software, supplied by different vendors. Additional safety systems will require even more software. In the future not the driver, but the car's software will be responsible for all the (deadly) crashes.
But who will pay?
To avoid all this problems: Buy and drive an Oldtimer without any built-in electronics.
Windows 10 Anniversary update failed completely
Tonight Microsoft tried to install the much hyped Windows 10 Anniversary update on our only a few month old Notebooks.
As expected, their attempt failed completely.
After the display showed a 83% 'success' message for a few hours, we decided to use the 'Crtl-Alt-Delete' command to reinstall the previous version.
With Microsoft products nothing ever works as announced...
Update (September 8th):
A second attempt this afternoon was successful.
Free Advertisements
Tomorrow Apple will stage a special event in San Francisco and - in today's previews - media from all over the world are speculating what Apple will present this time.
And on Wednesday, or on Thursday at the latest, all this media will report again and free of charge!
It's the result of a perfect public relation campaign initiated many years ago by the American electronics giant.
Apple needs this media support urgently. During the last few months the company's sales plunged sharply, as did its market share.
More and more people realize that they can buy better products a lot cheaper.
Apple has already passed its zenith. It's time to say goodbye.
NightWalker\'s Technology News
Milking Foreigners!
Thailand's National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department ordered that admission fees for foreigners at national parks throughout the country have to be 400 Baht.
Entry charge for Thai nationals remains 40 Baht for adults and 20 Baht for children.
To cover the inequity the local's prices are printed in Thai script only.
Do not ride Jet Ski in Pattaya!
No progress on Jet Ski saga:
Pattaya City Hall still doesn't do anything to stop the scam!
All the announcements made during last year were City Hall Blah-Blah only...
As long as Jet Ski vendors - respectively their victims - fill up our officials' pockets nothing will happen!
Avoid Pattaya's Islands
The boats are overloaded, don't provide lifevests for all passengers, are badly maintained and aren't covered by adequate insurance policies.
Pattaya's lazy and allegedly corrupt Officials promised to check owners, personnel and boats regularly, but they don't.
Avoid mosquitoes, they spread the Dengue Fever
Date-rape drug warning
According to Pattaya Police, it is common in this resort that foreign tourists get drugged and robbed in their hotel rooms, apartments or houses by prostitutes or ladyboys.
Ladyboy Pick-Pocket Gangs on Pattaya's Beach Promenade
Ladyboy Pick-Pocket Gangs are working almost daily on Pattaya's Beach Promenade!
Necklace Snatch
Never wear Gold in Pattaya!
Between 30 to 50 snatching valuables cases are reported to Pattaya's Police every single month.
If you don't define who you are, the Internet will do that for you
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