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April 2016
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Release Facebook commenters now!
Yesterday Amnesty International called for the immediate and unconditionally release of Thailand's Facebook commenters.
At least a dozen Facebook commenters have been detained or charged on April 27th under a draconian new Order issued by the head of the military government, as reported below.
Military Junta is still abducting its Opponents
At least three people in Bangkok and two in Khon Kaen were abducted from their homes by Thailand's Military this morning.
Col Somchai Khanpachai, deputy commander of the 23rd Army Circle, claims the military was empowered by an NCPO order to detain them for seven days for interrogation.
It reads as East Germany's Stasi celebrates its incarnation in Thailand, once known and touted as the Land of the Free Man.
Harsh Referendum Law
Yesterday the Royal Gazette published Thailand's Referendum Act.
Section 7 of the new law gives a person a freedom to express and propagate opinions honestly and in line with the laws, but Section 61 says that text, pictures or sounds that are inconsistent with the truth or in a violent, aggressive, rude, inciting or threatening manner aimed at preventing a voter from casting a ballot or vote in any direction or to not vote shall be considered disrupting the referendum..
The law was released just hours after Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, the United Nations human rights commissioner, said that an open and dynamic public debate on the draft constitution would foster national unity, strengthen the legitimacy and acceptance of the constitution and provide a sense of collective ownership. Extending the military's powers is not the answer to rebuilding Thailand's political landscape.
Individuals expressing strong opinion(s) for or against the law could face up to 10 years in jail. If a group of more than five people commit the offence, each one will face imprisonment of 1-10 years, a fine from 20'000 to 200'000 Baht and a 10-year revocation of voting rights.
For more information please read:
Thailand's Dictator and his Ghost
Thailand's Dictator General Prayuth Chan-ocha knows who is behind the protests against his hand-picked Military Junta: Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.
It seems that the Dictator exactly knows that of the citizens of this funny country only one single person is capable of thinking. In his eyes obviously all other people are stupid followers.
The train of thought of a typical military leader.
Reporters Without Borders, an international media watchdog, describes Thailand's Dictator as a New Predator of Information.
Update (April 22nd): Thaksin not the mastermind behind the protests his spokesman Noppadon Patama says.
Yingluck denies Thaksin's involvement.
Protesters arrested
Yesterday evening security forces arrested several activist leaders at Bangkok's Victory Monument.
They protested against the arrest of Watana Muangsook for Attitude Adjustment.
Please read too:
Watana defiant as he turns himself in at Army Base
Activists promise protest if Watana not released by Military
Watana's daughter makes a case with European Union
Four activists were detained by Military for several hours
Update (April 21st): Watana unexpectedly granted conditional bail.
Update (April 22nd): Next step is jail, the Dictator warns Watana and announces letters to be be sent to all the ambassadors to Thailand and to human rights groups to explain his move(s).
Mass Surveillance of Expats
Mass Surveillance of Expats
Thai Immigration asks Foreigners for Bank Accounts, Social Media and Hangouts among other private information, Khaosod English reports.
Update (18:15): Confusion over controversial new Immigration Form.
Update (April 22nd): Intrusive form irks travellers and expats, Bangkok Posts claims.
Stasi and Gestapo are sending their regards...
Deadly Songkran
Road accidents during Songkran have claimed 442 lives, 78 more than last year.
Please read Drink, Drive & Die published by Bangkok Post for additional information.
Family Ties
In Thai families everybody tries to help each other.
Therefore it is no surprise that Preecha Chan-ocha, the brother of Thailand's Dictator General Prayuth Chan-ocha, signed an order to give his 25-year old son Patipat Chan-ocha a post in the army and a lieutenancy.
Patipat will receive 15'000 Baht/month for his position in the Civilian Affairs Department of the Third Region Army.
For more information about this case please read Khaosod English.
Update (April 17th): The Dictator's Brother defends the promotion of his Son.
Update (April 19th): The Dictator's Brother abused power.
The Dictator defends Brother.
Update (April 20th): Gen Preecha feels the heat.
Update (April 21st): Nepotism is not normal.
Please read too: Nepotism is the name of the game.
Remember: What the Military Junta and its handpicked members do is good for the country - no matter how they do it, but what others say or claim is bad.
Not understand...
Col Winthai Suwaree, the spokesman of Thailand's Military Junta, also known as the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), told the press that he doesn't understand why the US 'refuses to understand' Thailand's attitude adjustment detentions.
Washington must fix its attitude problem, the Dictator's hand-picked spokeman claims.
In the meantime Thailand's Military Junta are waiting to take former Pheu Thai MP Watana Muangsook into custody for another attitude adjustment session and Meechai Ruchupan, the chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee, claims that he don't feel safe and ask for protection when he goes on the road to publicise the charter.
Ignoring the Dictator's Rules
Ignoring the Dictator's Rules
During the first two days of Thailand's water splashing festival, also known as Songkran or Thailand's New Year, most people simply ignored General Prayuth Chan-ocha's dress code and his advice to splash water the gentle way, but in many parts of country people reported that the water wars provided a lot less fun this year.
TiT (This is Thailand).
Prayut's warning
If you are voting down the draft constitution in the August 7th referendum I will writing a new one from the scratch and no past charter will be used in its place, Thailand's Dictator warned the country's citizens.
Constitution Drafting Commission (CDC) spokesman Amorn Wanitwiwat warned a day later that Thailand's people would face fewer risks by accepting the draft charter because they have had a chance to check every article and the draft has been revised. But if they reject the draft, then they will face greater risks because they will not know what the next charter will be like.
Prayut also recommends to read Chinese leader Xi Jinping's book The Governance of China. It suits Thailand, the Dictator claims.
Perhaps you should read this book too - before booking your holidays.
Dangerous Songkran
Dangerous Songkran
The second day of the Songkran festival's seven dangerous days saw 116 people lose their lives on the nation's roads, nearly double last year's two-day tally, Bangkok Post writes.
We recommend to stay at home reading Pattaya News Flash!
Dangerous Songkran
Paranoid Leaders?
Red bowls, medicine boxes and towel giveaways are a threat to National Security General Prayuth Chan-ocha and his hand-picked National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) decided and seized thousands of new year (Songkran) giveaways from Thailand's leading parties, Bangkok Post reports.
TiT (This is Thailand).
Overpriced Don Mueang Airport
Overpriced Don Mueang Airport
Food and beverages sold at Don Mueang airport are overpriced. Products are sold 40% to 200% higher than downtown, Bangkok Post reports.
TiT (This is Thailand).
Don't trust any Number!
Don't trust any Number!
Since many years we are questioning the numbers of tourists published by the Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT).
A few days ago Thailand's Immigration Bureau claimed that during October 2015 and March 2016 its Officials deported about 2'700 foreigners/day for overstaying their visas.
Just a day later Thailand's Police announced to have arrested 20'172 suspects wanted by arrest warrants between April 1st and April 10th.
But the best 'joke' was published by Thailand's Ministry of Interior's Information and Communications Technology Center last Monday.
Their 'data' told the world that Kalasin is the country's richest province with an average monthly income per household of over 24 million Baht and not generally poor as stated by Wikipedia (among others).
If the Ministry's statistic would be true, Kalasins's households would be one thousand times richer than those in Luxembourg, usually known to have the highest median household income in the world.
For more information about Thailand's highly educated Officials and their publication(s) please read the report published by Khaosod English.
Obviously Statistics as well as Polls published by Thailand's many Organisations are made to Return Happiness to Thailand's People.
Freaked out once again
Freaked out
- once again
After Thailand's Pheu Thai Party called for people to reject the draft charter and demanded free speech on charter Thailand's 'Democrat Party' played a similar horn and slammed senate PM move and charter.
Obviously this was to much opposition to Thailand's 'beloved' Dictator General Prayuth Chan-ocha and his plan to extend indefinitely the power of Thailand's Military and its supporters widely known as Bangkok's Elite.
He first spurned the political parties' opposition to draft charter.
A day later he blasted the parties for attacking CDC draft. 'Do you understand the word POWER', he asked the Party leaders and threatened to arrest them.
Nevertheless, Privy Council president Gen Prem Tinsulanonda supported Thailand's Dictator by saying that he hopes that all the Prime Minister wants to do for the country and for the people comes true. What the Prime Minister is doing is protecting the country. He has been doing his job as a Thai and deserves to be a role model.
Gen Prem Tinsulanonda, is known to carefully choose the words in his speeches, therefore it is recommended to read his recent remarks equally careful.
Gen Prem Tinsulanonda's words are very illuminating for people believing that he masterminded Thailand's recent coup d'état(s).
Military Junta violates human rights
Military Junta violates human rights
The Dictator's hand-picked National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) rejects accusations from Thailand's Pheu Thai Party, Human Rights Activists and the Ambassadors from the European Union that with the use of NCPO order No 13/2016 under Article 44 the Junta violates human rights.
NCPO spokesman Winthai Suvaree even claims that the authorities' action under the order is justified and can be explained to the public. He also maintained that soldiers were strictly enforcing the law, which he said cannot be considered a violation of human rights. He is 100% wrong.
In the meantime an opinion survey published by Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, a long-time supporter of Thailand's Military Junta, claims that a majority of Thai people agree to having an extra question in the constitution referendum, but Khaosod English writes that the Charter vote is a time bomb in the making.
Copycat Products at Wat Chaimongkhon Tempel Market
Crackdown on Copycat products
Bangkok Post reports that the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP), Department of Special Investigation (DSI) and Economic Crime Suppression Division (ECSD) decided to launch surprised raids to shut down Thailand's massive market for pirated goods.
We suppose the announcement is not a lot more than the usual blah-blah: The recent temple market at Wat Chaimongkhon (South Pattaya Road, held from April 1st - 8th) was full of copycat products - and not one of the agencies mentioned above was interested in - not even Pattaya's lovely Police Organisations.
TiT (This is Thailand)
Kanamara 2016
Kanamara Penis Festival 2016
NightWalker reports from this year's Kanamara Penis Festival in Tokyo.
Obviously a Penis can still provide some Fun and Happiness - at least in Japan
Mafia in the Eyes of the Junta
Thailand's Military Junta is denouncing grassroots environmentalists as Mafia Figures.
TiT (This is Thailand)
The Pretties hit back!
Thailand's Dictator General Prayuth Chan-ocha called for legal changes to allow stricter controls on scantily clad models and provocative performances at car shows.
Now the Pretties hit back, saying they love their job and they do the work simply for the joy of it.
For more information please read the report published by Bangkok Post. It includes some photos of the disputed models.
Obviously the General's mouth is still working faster than his brain.
Freedom of Speak in Pattaya...
Vote No Campaigners stopped by Pattaya Police, Khaosod English reports.
TiT (This is Thailand)
Thailand's Military Junta slams Education
Hundreds of thousand children will lose their chance for senior secondary or vocational education if the current charter draft sails through the public referendum, The Nation reports.
During Suthep Thaugsuban's shutdown of Bangkok the daughter of the Singha brewery owner already claimed that many Thais lack a true understanding of democracy - especially in the rural areas. The 'apparently well educated lady' damned every single rural voter as an idiot.
Some other people of Suthep's People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) questioned the right to vote for citizens with low education level and people not paying taxes (People with an yearly income of less than 150'000 Baht do not have to pay taxes in Thailand).
Obviously Thailand's Military as well as its supporters from Bangkok's Elite prefer to deal with stupid and uneducated people.
Update (April 5th):
CDC defends move to change free education
The new regulation opens the door to massive corruption: Not the poor will get help but the influent and rich ones...
Quo Vadis Spike?
Please read Spike's Pattaya Days Website today!
Tomorrow it's perhaps already too late...
Flight Delays
Difficulties with a new air traffic management system will caused delays up to 105 minutes for flights at Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports during the next few days until Thailand's air controllers become fully familiar with it, Aerothai vice-president Thinnakorn Chuwong warned Tourists.
TiT (This is Thailand)
Stasi, KBG and Gestapo are sending their regards...
Thailand's Dictator General Prayuth Chan-ocha and his hand-picked National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) authorized all officers from the three armed services with the rank of sub-lieutenant and higher to take action of crimes under 27 laws, including extortion, abuse of labour, human trafficking, robbery, fraud, document forgery, defamation, debt collection, alien workers, gambling, immigration, child protection, tour guide services, forests, prostitution,excise taxation, price collusion, customs, loan sharking, entertainment venues and firearms.
They are authorised to search any place, seize assets, suspend financial transactions and ban suspects from travelling, all without a court warrant.
Human rights advocates have slammed General Prayuth Chan-ocha's decision. The new order is an abuse of power and it would lead to an abuse of power, they say.
Thailand's Dictator General Prayuth Chan-ocha also announced that his military regime will hold a training course for those who have been summoned for attitude adjustment several times but still failed to cooperate.
Must read:
Attitude camps, course and detainee lists readied
Election to take place in 2017, but not in July as planned earlier
Thailand's Military Junta remains in Power after 'Election'
Red Bowls distributors may get sent to junta re-education 'course'.
Thailand's Dictator complains
Thailand's Dictator General Prayuth Chan-ocha complains that many countries pay no attention to what really happened in Thailand and why he became the prime minister, but instead listen to an outlaw and liar who had fled the country.
For more information please read the report published by Bangkok Post.
What really happened, you can read it here and here.
The Rats are back!
Don't let your children play on Pattaya Beach!
The Rats are back!
The rats are back on Pattaya Beach and our Officials from City Hall close their eyes.
According to a report published by Pattaya Mail on March 11th, the City already launched a new offensive on beachfront rats.
It seems the 'offensive' was launched for publicity only. The rats still enjoy a happy life on Pattaya's Beach and its Promenade...
For additional Information about the current situation in Thailand please read:
Police News
Pattaya News Flash does not report about the daily crimes in Pattaya.
It you are interested in - and you should for your very own security - then please click Pattaya Daily News and Pattaya One.
Pattaya News Flash reports about the funny side(s) of this World Class Resort.
Busy Police
To curb crime over Thailand's Songkran Festival, Thailand's Police arrested 20'172 suspects wanted under 42'915 arrest warrants nationwide between April 1st and 10th, 2016.
Police is asking people to report crimes or suspicious activities immediately to Police at local stations or by using the hotline phone numbers 191 and 1599.
Both numbers are available around the clock, Police promise.
Foreigners injured in Pattaya Bus accident
More than 20 passengers were injured when a Rungruang Tour Bus plunged into a roadside ditch and overturned in the northeastern province of Buriram.
The bus carried about 40 passengers from Pattaya to Mukdahan. It left the Bus Terminal on Pattaya North Road at about 21:30 on Friday.
The accident happened between kilometre makers 14 and 15 in tambon Sakaeprong at about 06:30.
Rescue workers took the injured to a nearby hospital.
Police arrested the driver to test him for drugs and/or alcohol.
But the best
is yet to come:
We update NightWalker's News Page as soon as we get new information.
Immigration News
Important Notice
Since General Prayuth Chan-ocha and his Military Junta launched their Coup d'état on May 22nd, 2014, Thailand's Visa ground rules are constantly changing. More over, not every consulate can issue all the different Visas. Some smaller consulates even display notices to the effect that non-immigrant visas are unavailable.
Our advice: Before booking your holidays please contact the Embassy in your country to obtain information about Thailand's latest regulation(s) and check the Chonburi Immigration Website or the website of Thailand's Immigration Police.
Update (March 2016):
New Overstay Regulations
Thailand's new immigration policy will take effect on March 20th of this year.
Please click for details!
Busy Immigration
Pol Lt Gen Nathathorn Prousoontorn, chief of the Immigration Bureau, informed the media that between October 2015 and March 2016 Thailand's Immigration deported a total of 486'947 foreigners who overstayed their visas. Another 323'575 foreigners overstaying their visas still remain at large.
If the numbers mentioned above are correct, the Immigration Bureau deported about 2'700 people a day...
Never trust a statistic that you have not manipulated yourself!
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A Feast for your Ears
Featuring Stefan Sanchez, Artistic Director of Grand Opera (Thailand) and European Chamber Opera and talented young Thai singers:
Pichaya Kemasingki (Pub), Pimluk Vessawasdi (Mai), Nattida Gumchai (Pang), Potprecha Cholvijarn (Jak), Saran Senavinin (Rain), Chalisar Jongcharoenchaikul (Belle), Ittinat Seeboonruang (Aor), Kittiphong Klabpratum (Ohm), and accompanist Morakot Cherdchoo-gnarm
With music by Verdi, Puccini, Donizetti, Bellini, Lehár, Johann Strauss II, Mozart, Handel and from the popular musicals
Mike Baird's Cartoons
Welcome to Pattaya
Songkran in Pattaya
Same as every year: The Pattaya Water Splashing Festival happened from April 13th to April 19th. Police tried to stop the spraying of water after 18:00.
The Ladyboy Bars across the entry to Soi LK Metro on Soi Buakaow already started spraying water shortly after 00:00 on April 12th.
The media sensitized the revellers to take care of their valuables, because well organized Ladyboy gangs were active during Songkran everywhere in this town. As during the last few years too, the Gangs were specially active on Soi Buakaow, Central Road, Pattaya Beach Promenade and on Walking Street. Snatch theft was commonplace.
Welcome to Pattaya
On Mach 27th Bangkok Post posted a message saying that the Thai Government has denied a report on social media that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has issued an order to allow splashing of water only on April 13th, the Songkran Day.
Update (April 1st):
Military Junta orders: Instead of water just throw rice!
Do not splash water with a red bucket:
Red bowels are a threat to National Security, Thailand's Military Junta believes. People using - or simply posing with - a red bucket face a possible prison term of 7 years if found guilty!
Thailand's Dictator General Prayuth Chan-ocha even slammed ex-MPs of Pheu Thai Party for having possessed red bowls with former PM Thaksin Shinawatra's signature and Songkran wishes. 'It is a sense of right or wrong' he claims.
On April 3rd the BBC writes that the incident sounds like a late April Fool's joke...
Government spokesman Maj Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd warns that giving out red bowls will mean 'attitude' camp....
On April 4th Bangkok Post claims that Thailand's Dictator is bewildered by Thaksin's red bowls.
On April 9th soldiers confiscated more than 500 red bowls near Surin, Bangkok Post reports. Police arrested the owner of the bowls and told him that his red bowls represent a political statement.
Please Click for The Telegraph
Even The Telegraph reports how Thailand's Military Junta confiscates Red Bowls!
Pheu Thai tells Junta to curb its paranoia over red bowls.
Doctors claim:
Paranoids have a fatal tendency to look for the enemy in the wrong place.
No Nudity!
Women who show too much sexuality or skin during the upcoming Songkran holiday will be arrested, Thailand's Dictator announced on April 6th!
On April 8th during his weekly broadcast Thailand's Dictator was sending a strong message to people planning to dress "indecently" during the Songkran Festival. There are laws governing indecent exposure, which will be enforced he warned and added refrain from harassing others or dressing indecently in public places.
Update (April 13th): Police in Chiang Mai fined a Farang man 100 Baht for splashing water topless at about 41°.
Provocative dances, revealing clothes and red bowls emblazoned with the name Thaksin Shinawatra will be banned during the upcoming Songkran Festival.
Females or Transvestites found performing sexually provocative dance moves on pickups or trucks during the festival will be arrested immediately.
Furthermore, Police will take swift action against any Songkran celebrant who gets drunk or wears too revealing clothes. Revellers were also warned to be cautious about applying powder on others or risk being punished for sexual harassment.
Perhaps you should stay at home and remember last year's festival...
Respect the Ladys!
A survey shows that 86% of the Women dislike sexual harassment during Songkran and want steps taken to stop it. The remaining 14% say it is normal and that such behaviour is acceptable - but not all of them live in Pattaya!
Drought? What drought?
Thailand's Military Junta has instructed the Tourism Ministry to make sure foreign tourists don't misunderstand the severity of the drought and cancel holiday plans out of concerns the water supply will be cut off, Khaosod English reports.
After all, there are millions of dollars at stake.
Update (April 13th): In parts of Chaiyaphum people have no water to celebrate the Songkran water festival.
Much needed Tourists arriving in Pattaya!
Welcome to Pattaya!
Mike Baird's Cartoons
For more Cartoons please click into the Picture.
Please Click for the Trailer
On April 21st people could enjoy an award winning film in selected SF Cinemas in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.
In Thailand the movie was shown in German with subtitles in Thai and English.
Let's hope all the people who missed the date will get another chance to see this heart touching movie.
Please click into the picture for the trailer.
The Award:
On April 8th Patong Girl got the coveted Grimme Award. The movie is a German TV Production for ZDF - a National TV Station. It tells the story of a young boy falling in love with an enigmatic Thai woman. At the end of the vacation, he decides to simply stay longer - even though he has yet to discover the true mystery behind the beautiful lady.
What the press writes:
A witty and clever experiment with prejudices and gender roles. epd Film
It's a small masterpiece with a great sense for situational humor. SWR Kunscht!
Comically and cleverly. The movie draws up wonderful characters and tells a magically romantic intercultural love story. Kieler Nachrichten
Tourists in Thailand are urged to save Water
This year sees the lowest irrigation water level since 1994
Suthep Noipairoj, Director-General of the Royal Irrigation Department told the press
Save Water!
Surapong Techaruvichit, President of the Thai Hotels Association (THA), urged the members of his organisation to run water-saving campaigns after being warned that this year's drought will be the worst in a decade. We have asked for cooperation from our member hotels to help save water. The drought is expected to be a big problem the whole nation will face together, he said.
Thailand's Tourism and Sports Ministry plans to encourage Thais and Tourists to enjoy the Songkran festival in a traditional way by using a small (but not red) bowl to pour water instead of a big bucket.
Tourism Minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul has ordered officials to provide information about the severe drought Thailand will face to foreign tourists who visit Thailand during Songkran - but Wiboonlasana Ruamraksa, director-general of the Internal Trade Department, insisted that consumers can rest assured that the drought will have no impact on the supply of drinking water in the hot season...
As far as we have discussed with the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) and the Provincial Waterworks Authority, both agencies have confirmed they have reserved enough water supply throughout the the dry season, which is expected to last until July, the lovely lady claims.
Nevertheless, in some parts of the country the agencies have already reduced the pressure in the tap water distribution system and launched a campaign to encourage people to save water during the dry season.
Drought is spreadingThe Royal Irrigation Department claims.
TiT (This is Thailand):
Everybody tells a different story
Some years ago Thai people hold Western Tourists responsible for all the waste found on the Kingdom's Beaches. Nowadays they claim that Tourists from (Big) China are the "Bad Boys".
But in the meantime the world knows that Thai citizens themself are responsible for most of the environmental problems in their country.
It is known that among long term residents of Phuket there is a alarming high rate of cancer cases. Phuket has a lot of Cadmium, Copper and Lead, but the most of the problems are man made; the toxins are in the waste distributed uncontrolled into the island's air and water. The garbage problem growth with the tourists. but responsible for the removal are Thais and they violate most of the laws according to reports from Greenpeace.
The main source of air pollution include open cooking and agricultural burning practices, including deliberate forest fires, all made by Thais, not the country's Tourists. Agricultural burning in the North of Thailand often creates a health threatening haze.
Deforestation is another problem, not only on Phuket Island but all over Thailand:
Thai Tourists are a threat to our environment
A well documented example is Bhu Thap Boek, an emerging Thai Tourist destination on a 1'794 m high mountain in Phetchabun Province overrun by illegal resorts, restaurants and buildings and usually congested with cars and (Thai) people almost every weekend.
Bhu Thap Boek is not a national park, but it had been set aside by the Thai Government to preserve the lifestyle(s) of Hmong Hill-Tribe people.
In the meantime more than 60 resorts have been built by unscrupulous Thai investors. With mostly illegal encroachments they caused serious damage to Phetchabun highest peak.
Update (April 11th): Several Investors in Bhu Thap Boek use Hmong Hill-Tribe people to front resorts, Bangkok Post reports.
Thai Tourists are a threat to our environment
Thai Tourists are a threat to our environment
Thai Tourists are a threat to our environment
Beaches in Pattaya and Jomtien after a busy weekend, evoked by Tourists from neighbouring provinces as well as 'well educated' Bangkokians:
Thai Tourists are a threat to our environment
Thai Tourists are a threat to our environment
Update (April 1st):
Air Pollution due to forest fires in Thailand's Northern Provinces of Mae Hong Son, Chiang Rai and Phayao rose beyond safety levels again with figures standing at 152 micrograms, 138 to 182mcg, and 128mcg respectively.
Update (April 4th):
A new destination soon to share the same fate as Phu Tub Berk is Samed Nang Chee, Bangkok Post claims.
A never ending Story?
Pieces of buoy pipes used to surround Pattaya Marina can be seen floating of Pattaya Beaches.
Pattaya Marina was initiated by Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome and his City Hall and built between 2008 and 2014 - but never opened.
Malicious tongues even claim that Pattaya Marina was built with the sole purpose to make possible the Waterfront eyesore.
Fact is that with Pattaya Marina our City Hall produced another 700 mllion Baht expensive ruin.
Still in the news: Bali Hai
Still in the news: Bali Hai
Still in the news: Bali Hai
Songkran News
Left or Right A Go-Go, Rompho Entertainment Complex, is closed since April 10th until April 30th, 2016. Nevertheless - or perhaps because of it, its management wishes you a Happy Songkran.
Poised to continue
No News yet, please come back in a few days.
Poised to continue
Harbor Mall
Harbor Mall
Harbor Mall, the City's latest Shopping Paradies located on Pattaya Central Road, opened on April 1st. Some years ago, the shopping mall was announced as Tukcom 2, but changed its name about a year ago to Harbor Pattaya.
Sriracha as well as Laemchabang already have a Harbor Mall. The Pattaya version of the mall has a large playground for children, probably to support Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Khunplome's (stupid) dream of a Pattaya Family Resort.
As expected, only a small part of the shops were ready to serve customers. The larger part of the available shops remained closed or had craftsmen in trying to fix the latest problems. A surprisingly large number of shops are still empty.
Two floors seem to be reserved for shops selling electronic goods like computers and phones. One (noisy) floor is housing the Food-Port (one of this popular food courts) and a lot of the even more popular game machines (responsible for the noise).
On the ground floor you will find a 24 hrs supermarket called MaxValu. Please test yourself if the name keeps its promise.
ThaiExpress and Sizzler
ThaiExpress, a Thai food outlet, and Sizzler, a Steak house, opened on April 1st in the former rooms of McDonald's at Royal Garden Plaza.
Poised to continue
No News yet, please come back in a few days.
Poised to continue
New Beach Club on Soi Happy A Go-Go
Beach Club reopened on Soi Happy A Go-Go
Walking Street's new Beach Club opened on April 28th on Soi Happy A Go-Go.
New Entrance to Happy A Go-Go
Happy A Go-Go got an all new entrance
Infinity is back!
Infinity A Go-Go reopened its bar during the first week of April.
The venue closed in the middle of March without explanation.
TiT (This is Thailand)
Infinity is Back
Champion in Soi Lucky
A lucky Champion plays the Blues
After closing its venue on Walking Street, Champion A Go-Go opened a new club on Soi Lucky Star in the rooms of the defunct Blues Factory.
As mentioned last month, the very same management unveiled also The Champion A Go-Go on Soho Square, off Walking Street.
At the moment of writing Champion on Soi Lucky Star doesn't have a sign on Walking Street, but the Heart Rock Bar, claiming to play The Best Live Music, despite the fact that the bar replaced its stage and all its musicians by a Discjockey. TiT (This is Thailand).
Heart Rock
The Sea closed
The Sea closed
The Sea, an A Go-Go Club located on Soi Diamond, off Walking Street, closed at the beginning of April.
Ring the Bell closed
Ring the Bell closed too
Together with Champion A Go-Go the Ring the Bell Bar closed too.
No more Water
No more Water
Nam Bar (english: Water Bar), formerly known as Otto's Calypso Bar, closed.
Poised to continue
Mike Baird's Cartoons
For more Cartoons please click into the Picture or here for his Original Cartoon.
A Biker-Mekka in Thailand
The Velo's Hotel
Located in Aranyaprathet in the Sa Kaeo Province Region the stunning Velo's Hotel with an integrated Pumptrack opened.
The hotel provides 'ordinairy' hotel rooms as well as bungalows and offers 24-hour services too.
For more information please click into a picture!
A Biker-Mekka in Thailand
A Biker-Mekka in Thailand
Pattaya Taxi Driver
We love our English skills
We love our English skills
We are perfect workers
We are perfect workers
We take care of everything. Therefore we do our best to irritate all Customers.
We are perfect workers
How to use an ATM
Pattaya Police action immortalized on Google Map
Pattaya Police action immortalized on Google Map
A fine documented on Google Map
Just passed Thailand's Vehicle Licensing Authority
Pattaya in Love
Any resemblance to a living person is purely coincidental
Mike Baird's Cartoons
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The Daily Question
This Month
Anwar Lebanese Restaurant
Muze Thai Club
Taste by Cool House
414 Restaurant
Bliss A Go-Go
Eating Pool Soho Square
The Champion A Go-Go
Beach Club A Go-Go on Soi 15, off Walking Street, renamed as Spice Club A Go-Go.
Temporarily closed:
La Brasserie Wine Bar
Upstairs A Go-Go
White Room Coyote Bar
Kakadu Naklua
Beerfest Second Road
Infinity A Go-Go
Champion A Go-Go
Big Event:
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More Information
No Alcohol Days
Thailand's National No Alcohol Days include Buddhist holidays and election days.
On all oher days alcohol can only be sold between 11:00-14:00 and 17:00-24:00.
Vendors caught breaking the ban are liable to a prison sentence of up to six months, a 10'000 Baht fine or both - but local Police use their own discretion to decide which venues need to be visited and fined...
Don't start laughing:
Do not try to buy non alcoholic beers (available from Clausthaler and Oettinger in this country).
The shops won't sell them during dry days.
Some not even sell Soda Water, because Thais and their Police associate it with (Thai) Whisky...
There's a sucker born every minute...
The Godfather's Story
The Kunplomes
Resolve the European Union immediately!
The European Union - and Mrs Merkel - are a Threat to every single Country in Europe.
Never forget:
It's not your Face and not your Body that makes you sexy.
It's your MONEY!
Electric Vehicles use batteries and batteries are not only a threat to our planet during manufacturing, the 'Recycling' of batteries is still an unsolved problem in most countries.
If the power for charging the batteries is generated by fossil or nuclear power plants than the LCA (life cycle assessment) turns completely to the worse.
Nature destroyed by solar cells
Nature destroyed by Solar Cells - Please click for a larger picture
Solar Cells are a threat to our planet:
The higher the efficiency of a Solar Cell the more Cadmium it contains.
Cadmium is banned from most products in almost all countries, but it can be used without restrictions in Solar Cells. Who controls the 'Recycling' of Solar Cells?
No Nuke Please!
Never forget Chernobyl, Hiroshima, Nagasaki & Fukushima!
Never use a technology you do not master 100%!
The iPhone decline
Shipments of Apple's iPhone have fallen for the first time since the (overpriced) smartphone went on the market in 2007.
Analysts are forecasting a 15% slide in iPhone shipments during 2016 from last year.
Update (April 26th): Weaker than expected: iPhone sales slide 16%! Sales of iPads decline too as did Mac sales. Only Apple Watch sales met expectations, but on a very low level...
The Flexible Sheet Camera
A team of researchers at the Computer Science Columbia University are presenting the Flexible Sheet Camera.
Intel to kill thousands of jobs
The Oregonian reports that due to sluggish PC sales Intel is preparing to layoff thousands of people.
Intel has about 107'000 employees at locations throughout the world.
The company already eliminated about 1'100 jobs last year.
Update (April 19th): Intel announced today that it will cut 12'000 employees amid an accelerating PC decline.
Phone with a Robot
Sharp just launched the RoBoHoN, a phone that is too large and too bulky for almost any pocket but will walk and dance on your table and will enjoy your children.
The latest gadget is one of the most expensive smartphones on the market and is about 20 centimeters tall and weighs 390 grams.
It has a 2 inch, 320 x 240 pixel display, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, Android 5.0 software, 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, 4G LTE, an 8MP camera, and a 1,700 mAh battery.
It also has 13 servo motors, a series of motion sensors, a projector that can display imagery at 1280 x 720 resolutions on almost any surface as well as two arms, two legs, and a head. Its brain is replaced by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor.
NightWalker's Technology News
Milking Foreigners!
Thailand's National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department ordered that admission fees for foreigners at national parks throughout the country have to be 400 Baht.
Entry charge for Thai nationals remains 40 Baht for adults and 20 Baht for children.
To cover the inequity the local's prices are printed in Thai script only.
Do not ride Jet Ski in Pattaya!
No progress on Jet Ski saga:
Pattaya City Hall still doesn't do anything to stop the scam!
All the announcements made during last year were City Hall Blah-Blah only...
As long as Jet Ski vendors - respectively their victims - fill up our officials' pockets nothing will happen!
Avoid Pattaya's Islands
The boats are overloaded, don't provide lifevests for all passengers, are badly maintained and aren't covered by adequate insurance policies.
Pattaya's lazy and allegedly corrupt Officials promised to check owners, personnel and boats regularly, but they don't.
Avoid mosquitoes, they spread the Dengue Fever
Date-rape drug warning
According to Pattaya Police, it is common in this resort that foreign tourists get drugged and robbed in their hotel rooms, apartments or houses by prostitutes or ladyboys.
Ladyboy Pick-Pocket Gangs on Pattaya's Beach Promenade
Ladyboy Pick-Pocket Gangs are working almost daily on Pattaya's Beach Promenade!
Necklace Snatch
Never wear Gold in Pattaya!
Between 30 to 50 snatching valuables cases are reported to Pattaya's Police every single month.
Never take a good woman for granted because one day another guy will come along and apperciate what you didn't
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