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October 2014
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'Security' guards attacked Kuwaiti Army Officer
During the early hours of October 22nd the Kuwaiti army officer and two of his companionswere approached by Thai men who convinced them they could see sexy dance shows at the newly opened 2nd floor Spicy Girl A Go-Go Bar for 500 Baht each.
After entering the bar, they found there were no naked girls on the stage as they had been promised.
When they left the bar they complained that they had been deceived.
Outside of the bar a guard came up and punched the army officer in the face. Another 3-4 guards joined the attacker and assaulted the Kuwaiti.
Pattaya Police arrested the main attacker and hope to arrest the other guards involved in the assault soon.
Every few month Police arrest some of Walking Street's touts. In the time between our lazy Police closes the eyes.
It's time Police remove the street's touts on a daily basis.
For an unknown reason the incident wasn't reported on local media until it was covered by Pattaya News Flash and Bangkok Post.
Update (October 24th):
Officials from Bang Lamung inspected Spicy Girl A Go-Go as well as Champion A Go-Go on October 23rd and ordered the closure of both venues.
Both clubs are managed by Mr. Somchart Kiyapat, a 50-year old Thai.
The officials also ordered the closure of Insomnia's i-bar for selling hookah and constructing an 'illegal building overlapping into Pattaya sea'.
Spicy Girl A Go-Go claims to reopen on October 27th, 2014, but Sakchai Taeng-hor, chief of Chon Buri's Bang Lamung district announced that he ordered the closure of the venue for 60 days. He claims the incident had tarnished the country's image...
Let's wait who wins, the order or the money.
Update (October 25th):
Champion A Go-Go and Insomnia's i-bar opened last night. The reasons mentioned for a closure obviously were not sound enough...
Nevertheless, Walking Street was full of touts advertising (alleged) sex shows.
Update (October 30th):
A court closed Champion A Go-Go too. As mentioned above, Champion and Spicy Girl are managed by the same people.
The greatest Lie in the East...
Sophon Cable TV
A few drops of rain and Sophon Cable replaces all its cable TV channels with snow - for hours!
It happens since many years. The company never solved the problem.
Sophon Cable claims in its advertisements to be The most reliable cable TV in the East.
Obviously the greatest Lie in the East...
Thailand definitely faces a Drug Problem
Thailand's authorities reveald that they arrested 364'587 drug suspects between October 2013 and September 2014.
During the same periode Police seized more than 1.46 billion Baht worth of assets linked to drug trafficking and confiscated more than 96 million methamphetamine tablets, 1'072 kilos of crystal methamphetamine, 497 kilos of heroin, and 28'103 kilos of marijuana.
Pattaya's Condominium Operators do not pay invoices
Mr.Sanit Boonchai, a member of Pattaya City Council, informed that especially Pattaya's Condominium operators do not pay the tax and fee invoices for waste water treatment...
It drastically shows the reliability of these people and their businesses.
A service you don't get at Bangkok's Airports
Enjoy the movie and you will agree: Bangkok's International Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) as well as Don Mueang Airport (DMK) have still a lot to learn.
Birthday Party for wellknown Criminal
The Khunplome Familiy hold a big birthday party for Somchai Khumploem, the jailed Godfather of Chonburi. He is also known as Kamnan Poh and the father of Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome.
Please read the report published by Bangkok Post.
Money justifies the means.
Taxi Mafia is back on Phuket's streets
Phuket Gazette reports that Phukets notorious Taxi mafia is back on the streets.
Be careful: They will scam you again...
Police News
Pattaya's lousy Police walloped Volunteer
Because a civil volunteer beeped his horn at a car about 10 police officers attacked him. Later he even had to pay a 500 Baht fine...
Click here to read the story
Be aware of a laughing fit
On Monday afternoon Banglamung's notorious Police managed to lose two prisoners who were being transported to the Pattaya Court.
The pair were transported on the back of a regular Police truck instead of a secure prison vehicle. The two men slipped out of the handcuffs and jumped off the truck on Sukhumvit Road in North Pattaya, close to Soi Sawang Far.
Horse walks into Police Station
BBC reports that a (real) horse walked into a Police Station in Cheshire.
Click to enjoy the movie.
No Bribes
Pattaya's Immigration Police report that an arrested Russian offered officers 700'000 Baht in cash to secure his release.
The officers refused to accept the bribe.
Click to read the report.
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Don't miss Halloween
Don't miss Halloween and Spike's striking pictures of his wasps on Pattaya Days.
Mike Baird's Cartoons
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Pattaya's highly educated Officials at City Hall start rebuilding Pattaya's Second Road just at the beginning of our City's High Season...
The work of Pattaya's highly educated Professionals
We close the flume. It didn't help preventing floods and, because we do not place waste bins on our streets, people used it to depose their litters.
And if the flumes are out of sight, nobody will ever ask where the money for them trickled away...
We close everything
Pattaya Park
Street Dogs enjoy free entry at Pattaya Park
Pattaya Park is a well-known and popular entertainment park with a large swimming area in Jomtien.
Since a few months it is not only frequented by tourists from all over the world, but also from many of the nearby street dogs.
In full contrast to human visitors the dogs enjoy free entry.
The dogs eat the deposited food and use the area as their toilet.
It seems the management of the park do not have any health awareness...
Take a rest
Never expect Professional Workmanship in Pattaya
The picture shows what EGAT (Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand) and Pattaya's City Hall present its citizens and tourists:
Life threatening electro installations on Pattaya's new Beach Promenade.
Imagine what could happen if your children start playing with this cables...
Let's hope you have a good insurance, Pattaya City Hall doesn't pay one single Baht should anything happen.
Professional Workmanship in Pattaya
Professional Workmanship in Pattaya
Left picture: Only about 100 meters from the installation documented above we discovered another masterpiece of Pattaya's professionals...
We cut and forget!
Professional Workmanship in Pattaya
Professional Workmanship in Pattaya
Professional Workmanship in Pattaya
Preparing a worst case scenario
The price you have to pay for not using your brain
That's the result when Thailand's highly educated professionals construct a Beach Road, a new Beach Promenade and try to secure Pattaya's Beach.
Pattaya Beach
No Pass
No Pass for handycapped and wheelchair users
Destroyed by 20 Minutes of Tropical Rain
The Work of Pattaya's highly educated Professionals
Pattaya Beach
Ripley's recommends:
Scream in the dark
Bali Hai - the home of a large Rat population
Pattaya's Public Health and Environment Department claims it has been exterminating rats for more than seven years. Either it's a lie - or Pattaya's Officials simply do not know what they are speaking about.
Fact is that Bali Hai's Beach area is the home of a gigantic rat colony and its 'residents' spread over all remaining areas - not only beaches - in Pattaya.
If you like this creatures we recommend to book a hotel room in this area - or even buy one of the many new condominiums, then you can study the exciting life of these nasty animals almost free of charge.
Wheelchair Path still blocked!
On Soi Phaniatchang, also known as Soi Yume or Soi Carrefour, City Hall spent 3 million Baht for a wheelchair path. Pattaya's large-hearted road users are happy to block the path with their vehicles and say thank you for the new parking lane.
It seems that nobody takes care of the about 850 students from the Soi's Redemptorist Vocational School - not even our lazy police. They close the eyes.
PS: On July 28th Officials from City Hall inspected the area. They discovered that people drive their vehicles to fast in this small Soi and (as documented on this website since June 2014) are parking cars and motorcycles on the wheelchair way. Pattaya's Officials urge the people not to be selfish...
And that's the result!
And that's the result of City Hall's 3 million Baht investment...
Update: On October 21st Pattaya Deputy Mayor Ronnakit Aegasing paid a visit to the area and saw himself that irresponsible people are obstructing the stretch. Therefore the lovely Deputy Mayor arranged a meeting for October 24th to discuss the matter...
Pattaya loves its Pedestrians
We do everything to keep crossing a street as simple as possible,
but we do it without using our brain.
City Hall installed Loudspeakers
City Hall installed Loudspeakers along Pattaya's Beach Road to distribute the latest news provided by Thailand's Military Junta.
The news are distributed by radiowaves and use the latest technology.
Rain, wind, salt, dust and missing maintenance will certainly shorten the noisemakers' life cycle.
Some Farangs already bet how long it will take until these 'high-tech' gadgets stop working...
Some even believe the installation will not even survive the Junta.
We recommend City Hall to use the speakers to warn Pattaya's Coconut Ghosts ahead of a planned Police raid...
Noisemaker on Pattaya Beach Road
Be aware:
Pattaya Police is cheating you
On September 27th Pattaya Police ransacked the apartment of Tim Ward, aka Sharky, and arrest him for drug use.
During the raid Pattaya's Police Mafia placed two crack pipes in Sharky's bedroom.
Sharky demanded to have his blood tested for drugs. He never was given a blood test. Police never produced a search warrant - but well over 1 million Baht of currency and gold have gone...
Please click into Sharky's picture to read the story.
I smell
The Masterwork of Thailand's Police:
It's the proof that Thai police are in a class of their own
The Nation: Myanmar men say their colleagues were tortured prior to confessing
Bangkok Post: Call for an independent review of the police investigation
Khaosod: Police Say Forensic Tests Implicate 2 Burmese in Koh Tao Murder
Khaosod: Burmese Migrant Confesses To Koh Tao Murders: Police
Khaosod: Independent Test of Koh Tao Suspects' DNA Needed
Khaosod: Police Clarify Koh Tao Victim's Cellphone 'Planting'
Bangkok Post: Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha rejects scapegoat jibes
Bangkok Post: Police defend Koh Tao investigation
Bangkok Post: Govt insists missions OK with probe
Bangkok Post: Koh Tao case shatters faith in our police
Bangkok Post: Amnesty International asks Koh Tao torture probe
Bangkok Post: Myanmar suspects 'recant confessions'
Bangkok Post: Thailand's most-respected forensics specialist rips investigation
Khaosod: Prison Chief fears Koh Tao suspects may commit suicide
Bangkok Post: Myanmar 'witness' did not see murders
Bangkok Post: Police deny confessions retracted
Bangkok Post: The big issue: The unsolved murders
The Guardian:
UK Foreign Office calls in Thai diplomat over murder inquiry concerns
Bangkok Post: Koh Tao witnesses didn't witness much
Bangkok Post: London protest over Koh Tao murders
Khaosod: Police claims flaws in Koh Tao murder case fixed
The Nation: Foreign investigators barred from Thailand: Police chief
The Nation: Thailand agrees to British Police help over murders
The Nation: Thailand's PM: UK cops 'to only observe'...
Bangkok Post: Thailand's PM denies UK role in murder case
Bangkok Post: Right panel opens inquiry after finding Koh Tao suspects abused
Khaosod: Koh Tao Murder Suspects Retract Confessions, Describe Torture
Bangkok Post: Observers from UK police arrive next week
Bangkok Post: Parents visit Koh Tao suspects
Bangkok Post: British authorities at Koh Tao crime scene
Khaosod: Junta Leader offers second DNA test to Koh Tao suspects
Bangkok Post: DNA swab taken from Koh Tao leader's son
Khaosod: Koh Tao Leader's Son Gives DNA Sample to Quell Controversy
Poised to continue
Russians have to stay at home
As the Russian ruble continues weakening and even slids below 38 per dollar for the first time ever - pressured by concerns about new sanctions by Western countries - journeys abroad simply get to expensive for most Russians.
Insteat of partying in sunny Pattaya many Russians have to stay at home.
Just another threat for Thailand's already damaged economy.
Before you buy some Property
Before you buy some Property here in Pattaya, no matter if it's a House or a Condominium, check if the owner of the building owns the land too.
If he leased the land, your house or condominium is virtually worthless.
If he owns the land, check his landtitle carefully. A few of Thailand's landtitles are not even worth the paper they are written on...
For more information please read
Spike's experiences,
our recommendations
and keep in mind that according to some researchers the
Rising Sea could ruin Thailand's East Coast in 30 years.
Mike Baird's Cartoons
For more Cartoons please click into the Picture or here for Mike's Original Cartoon.
The Jet Ski Operators still destroy Pattaya's reputation in this world.
69 Show
69 Show
Naklua got an impressive 69 Show temple mainly for Pattaya's Asian Tourist groups and Russians. Here they can see everything that happens in this town (and a lot more) without visiting Beach Road and Walking Street and its bars. Everything our Government likes to eradicate on one single stage and out of the sight of our busy Police...
TiP (This is Pattaya)! Sanctimonious Thailand.
69 Show
Also on Naklua Soi 29/1
Also on Soi 29/1 and just in front of 69 Show are Number One and Fantasy Show. A few dozens tour buses and mini vans transport the spectators every evening to the showcases. With entry fees of 1'500 Baht (and more) obviously a lucrative business.
Three similar 'entertainment' shows are performed in venues in Soi 1, off Second Road.
VIP Center Bar
Former Best Friends Bar Complex gets VIP Center Bar
Naklua's new VIP Center Bar, obviously a Thai 'pun', will open soon on Naklua Road.
Poised to continue
Marks & Spencer
New at CentralFestival
Marks & Spencer opened an outlet at Pattaya's CentralFestival.
Premium Outlet
Pattaya Avenue, the ailing shopping complex on Pattaya's Second Road retries a recommencement as a Premium Outlet.
On three floors they present about the same goods at the same prices as at South Pattaya's Outlet Mall. Many of the goods you can find at Royal Garden Plaza and CentralFestival too. The sellers are the same, as are the prices of the goods.
Hotel Eden closed
Eden closed
Hotel Eden, a well-known Hotel in Southern Pattaya, closed.
Its Website is still accessable, but doesn't accept any reservation.
Las Vegas III closed but reopened
Las Vegas III, an A Go-Go Bar located on Soi Yamato, closed and is on the block.
Update: Las Vegas III reopened a day after we published the message, but it is still looking out for an investor.
Honey food & drinks
New Dehli closed
Pattaya Sweethearts reports that Soi Phratamnak's New Delhi Dance Club closed.
The venue was - or at least would be - an Indian Dance Club. Works are now on the way to transfer the bar into a Fine Multi Cuisine Restaurant, called Honey Food & Drinks.
Improving Loma
City Hall's new attempt to impove the Loma Roundabout
After a few cars unsuccessfully tried to remove the heavy concrete barriers at North Pattaya's Roundabout, Pattaya's City Hall removed the fences and replace them with (solarpowered?) LED operated traffic signs.
Let's hope it works...
Illegal Bus parking
Ignoring Pedestrians
Pedestrian crossings are useless not only on Pattaya's Beach Road but also on Pattaya's North Road. Drivers not only ignore the red lights but tour bus drivers park their cars on the zebra and constantly ignore all street markings.
Police close their eyes...
Poised to continue
Stalactite cave
Stalactite cave
Works are on the way on Soi LK Metro to transfer some kind of a Stalactite cave into an A Go-Go Club.
Poised to continue
Palace A Go-Go
New A Go-Go
Walking Street's latest A Go-Go Club located next door to Sweethearts and known as Palace A Go-Go opened its door on October 17th with a bunch of attractive Dancers and Showgirls.
It's not the last new opening for this year, a few new clubs are already in planning or even in the works on Pattaya's most famous street.
It seems it has a never ending bunch of Thai Ladies in this country that like to show their bodies...
Palace A Go-Go
These people were responsible that the club could open as planned. They never lost their good mood, not even when NightWalker pulled out his camera. Let's hope their work will survive the next few years.
Tony's closed Abyzz and Ankor
What happens at Tony's?
Tony's closed two clubs at the entertainment complex: Abyzz and Ankor are closed. Tony's recommends to use his Apple...
Rhino Club closed
Rhino Club closed
Rhino Club, a Coyote Bar on Walking Street, closed and is on the block.
XO club
XO Club reopened
XO Club, a Coyote Bar presenting European Girls (or Ladies) on Walking Street, reopened across from Crazy House A Go-Go.
Dream Club for sale
The End of a Dream?
Dream Club, a Coyote Bar on Soi Diamond, off Walking Street is on the block.
Pepe Club A Go-Go
We close and open every few weeks...
On October 6th Pe Pé Club A Go-Go on Soi 16 (off Waking Street) and Shark Club A Go-Go on Soi Diamond (off Walking Street) where closed.
We will have a close look to tell you if the closures were because of the really bad weather here in Pattaya - or if the venue(s) closed permanently.
Update (October 8th, 2014): According to Pattaya Sweethearts the closure of both clubs is as 'permanently' as it can be in funny Pattaya...
Shark reopened during the second week of October, as did Pe Pé Club A Go-Go, but his neighbour on Soi 16, known as Moonlight A Go-Go, closed its door.
Marine Disco
Marine Disco without Escalators
Marine Disco removed the Escalators to its venue. Revellers have to climb more than 20 stairs to reach the venue in renovation. Let's hope they have still the power to dance...
From Pulse to Fever to Heart Attack?
From Pulse to Fever to Heart Attack?
From Pulse to Fever to Heart Attack?
Fever, Pattaya's newest Disco Club opened on October 11th at about 22:00 on the second floor of the Fair Food Complex near the Southern end of Walking Street.
A Thai Singing Star (Becki Sritanya) and some Belly Dancing presented by Ms. Sapphire had to enjoy the guests at the launch party.
The discotheque provided free entry and free drinks for ladies.
Fair Food is known for its popular Russian Cafe.
Fever replaces the failed Pulse Club.
Bad timing: The announced Website isn't ready, not even at the opening date of the club. TiP (This is Pattaya)!
Halo closed
Pattaya Sweethearts reports that Halo closed.
The venue tried almost everything in its short life:
It was a small Bar Complex, a Dancing, a Go-Go Club and a Coyote Bar.
During its last days it was just a simple bar with some Ladyboys.
Therefore the closure was foreseeable: Ladyboys usually announce the coming decease.
Looking back, the venue suffered a death by a thousand cuts.
May it rest in peace.
Glass House
The Glass House got it
The new management of The Glass House A Go-Go Club installed at least four new signs to bring some additional lights to Walking Street.
Swiss Food
The well-known Swiss Food Restaurant announces now short-time rooms for 380 Baht.
Nice rooms with a 'healthy' price tag...
New Kebab Booth
Has - Antalya is the name of Walking Street's latest Kebab outlet.
It is located between the re-opened FLB Bar and the Insomnia Club.
Arena Cafe & Resturant
A Resturant opened on Walking Street
During the last week of September the Arena Cafe & Resturant opened across from the now defunct Pulse Disco Club.
We didn't test the food because Google couldn't tell us the difference between a Restaurant and a Resturant and therefore myLady™ feared that the cook probably doesn't know to read her order and I wasn't sure if the venue will serve a Tee insteat of an ordered tea...
Starbucks, the Coffee chain, left the Bali Hai area and closed its outlet at the Bali Hai Entertainment Center.
Mask, Mixx and LimaLima are still open.
Starbucks left Bali Hai
Poised to continue
High Tech in Thailand
High Tech in Pattaya
High Tech in Vietnam
High Tech Transportation to Pattaya's Soho Square
Real Love
Please do your Job
Same Problem everywhere
A General and his Bodyguards
Happy Halloween
Welcome to the City of headless people.
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Blue Moon Bar Naklua
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Pulse Walking Street
Hot and Cold A Go-Go
Big Event:
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click September News.
Spike from Pattaya Days has been looking for a house to purchase.
Read his blog before you buy!
You will learn that almost nobody in this country is interested in his or her job.
He or her doesn't know anything about the goods he or her sells.
People in this country are interested in money only and in playing with their mobile phone(s).
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The Godfather's Story
The Kunploemes
Be aware of the NSA
Be aware of the NSA
The National Security Agency has built a network that can access as much as 75% of all U.S. Web traffic. With the help of Great Britain's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), they control whole of Europe too.
Disolve the EU!
Disolve the European Union! It's nothing else than a gigantic Mafia Organisation.
Never forget:
It's not your Face and not your Body that makes you sexy.
It's your MONEY!
HTC camera
Better than GoPro?
HTC, the mobile phone manufacturer, presents a handheld action camera with a clever design. And it's a lot more handy than the GoPro.
Please click to read the report.
New Wintel Platforms
Microsoft and Intel have plans to release new platforms in the first half of 2015.
According to latest news from manufacturers Microsoft's new OS, Windows 10, is set to be available in the first half of 2015 and the sources expect the official release to be early in the second quarter of 2015.
Intel will launch its 14nm Y series of Broadwell processors in December and will start mass production in February of 2015.
Microsoft replaces its mega flop
On September 30th, Microsoft presented its new Operating System, the Windows 10 (Codename Threshold) - and not Windows 9 as announced by many sites on the WEB.
It will be shipped to PC vendors during 2016 and will incorporate a Start Menu as on Windows XP and Windows 7.
According to rumours all genuine Windows 8 users will get the oportunity to downlad a free update to Windows 10.
New Windows 8.1
Microsoft is providing brand vendors its Windows 8.1 with Bing solution.
It offers low Windows licensing fees enabling them to sell notebooks at US$249 or lower.
Microsoft is pushing vendors to release more Windows-based notebooks that have price tagss similar to those of the surprisingly successful (Google) Chromebooks.
The end of Touchscreen
Because the demand for touchscreen notebooks has been far weaker than expected, notebook vendors have stopped developing touch-enabled notebooks.
The 64-bit Smartphones come
With the release of Google's Android L OS (Operating System) smartphone vendors are speeding up the migration to the 64-bit architecture, making 64-bit CPUs the mainstream technology for smartphones in the second half of 2015.
Apple's next iPhone
Apple's next iPhone
NightWalker's Technology News
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Speech
Don't touch Internet
Don't touch Internet
Do not ride Jet Ski in Pattaya!
No progress on Jet Ski saga:
Pattaya City Hall still doesn't do anything to stop the scam!
All the announcements made during last year were City Hall Blah-Blah only...
As long as Jet Ski vendors - respectively their victims - fill up our officials' pockets nothing will happen!
Avoid Pattaya's Islands
The boats are overloaded, don't provide lifevests for all passengers, are badly maintaited and aren't covered by adequate insurance policies.
Pattaya's lazy and allegedly corrupt Officials promised to check owners, personnel and boats regularly, but they don't.
Avoid mosquitoes, they spread the Dengue Fever
Date-rape drug warning
According to Pattaya Police, it is common in this resort that foreign tourists get drugged and robbed in their hotel rooms, apartments or houses by prostitutes or ladyboys.
October 27th, 2014:
October 30th, 2014:
Ladyboy Pick-Pocket Gangs on Pattaya's Beach Promenade
Ladyboy Pick-Pocket Gangs are working almost daily on Pattaya's Beach Promenade!
October 10th, 2014:
October 25th, 2014:
Necklace Snatch
Never wear Gold in Pattaya!
October 7th, 2014:
October 10th, 2014:
October 17th, 2014:
October 21st, 2014:
October 22nd, 2014:
October 28th, 2014:
Pattaya has Rooms
No Nuke Please!
Never forget Chernobyl, Hiroshima & Fukushima!
Last Word
After me the deluge...
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