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February 2014
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Not worth the Paper
Thailand's Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and the Environment and Health Impact Assessment (EHIA) studies are carried out with such outdated frameworks and laws that they fail to provide locals with the right to protect and preserve their natural resources as is guaranteed by the constitution.
Projects that pass the EIA and EHIA studies still end up destroying the environment and endangering their communities.
70% of about 4'000 projects with EIA approval have no reports of monitoring subsequent impacts, which means they did not proceed with any mitigation plans required by the EIA and EHIA studies.
EIA and EHIA certificats at not even worth the paper they are written on...
Be warned
Thailand's undemocratic Democrat Party, the gamete of Thailand's unrest, opened a Pattaya headquarter in Soi Town-in-Town Hotel, off Pattaya Central Road (just a few meters from Foodland).
The party is the home of Suthep Thaugsuban, Thailand's trouble maker #1, the self-appointed secretary-general of the People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) and one of the country's most corrupt politicians.
Abhisit Vejjajiva, a former Prime Minister and the actual head of the party, chaired the opening ceremony.
Abhisit studied in England, but apparently forget everything he once learned in England.
Thailand's Democrat Party enjoys the support of Bangkok's Elite and the top brass of Thailand's Military.
Goodbye Suthep & Co.
Nikon Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation announced that they will be shifting parts of their production bases from Thailand to Laos and some of the 7'000 Japanese companies based in Thailand are considering a move too.
The Japan External Trade Organization (Jetro), which assists Japanese companies in their overseas operations, plans to open an office in Vientiane this year.
Japanese investment in Laos hit US$405.7 million last year, up 15% year-on-year.
Closed Bars and Clubs
February 14th 2014 not only marked Valentine's Day but also Magha Puja, known as Makha Bucha too, a Buddhist Holiday.
Therefore the day was 'free of alcoholic beverages'.
Most bars in Pattaya were closed.
The open ones served soft drinks and drinking water only, but some provided beers and spirits in coffee mugs - as every time on Buddhist Days.
TiP (This is Pattaya).
No Change
No Change
Just a month ago Chonburi's lovely Province Governor officially opened 17 pick-up and drop-off zones for Baht Busses along Pattaya's Beach Road.
  • All drivers of vehicles ignore them.
  • Pattaya's Police ignore them
  • The drivers of Pattaya's Baht Bus Cooperative ignore them
  • Pattaya's Tourists ignore them
It's a new case of wasted money, but for shure, somebody made a lot of money with this sh*t.
Do you know who it is?
No Change
Not even this banner helps!
Thanks to its (Google ?) translation most Farangs do not understand its meaning.
Police News
Bank robbed by
Traffic Volunteer
Thinakorn Thong-antang, a Traffic Volunteer from Tha Phra Police Station and a motorcycle taxi driver, was arrested in Bang Kae district for allegedly robbing a Kasikornbank branch and stealing 500'000 Baht in cash.
Pattaya Police Officer runs illegal Pub
Pattaya Police and Region 2 Police Investigators raided the MC2 Pub in Soi 4 off the South Pattaya Road.
The notorious late opening pub is run by a Pattaya Police Officer without any licenses for consumption and sale of Alcohol.
At about 8am, the time of the raid, over 200 patrons were inside and almost half of them were under the minimum legal age for patrons to enter and consume alcohol in a licensed premise.
We learned that the authorities this time probably will shut the venue down.
Why they don't arrest the apparently criminal owner too?
Russian Tour Guides
Thailand's Eastern Branch of the Department of Special Investigations (DSI) started a crackdown on Tour Companies that are illegally employing Russian Tour Guides.
The intervention of Thailand's FBI was necessary because many companies are 'allowed to employ' illegal Tour Guides without beeing prosecuted by Pattaya's generous Police...
According to Pattaya's Police this City doesn't have a Russian Mafia.
What some Farangs call Russian Mafia are our Police's Best Friends...
TiP (This is Pattaya).
New Boss
Pattaya's famous Police Station on Soi 9 got a new Boss - again.
Police Colonel Supachai Phuykaeokam, the former Banglamung Police Chief, is now the Superintendent at Pattaya Police Station.
The new Superintendent and his wife allegedly are active supporters of the recently rebranded Red Shirts. Red is now White.
He announced to focus on Tourist protection and gun and drug crimes.
We hope that he will Pattaya free of Thailand's anti-democratic trouble makers too.
Pattaya News Flash February 2014 - The Source
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No Maintenace
Update: February 23rd 2014:
As usual in Pattaya, as well as everywhere else in this country, there isn't any maintenance. Since a few days only about two-thirds of the lights are running, the rest is out of order. Police and other officials are there almost every evening, but nobody cares. TiP (This is Pattaya).
Update: February 25th 2014:
Just a few hours after we published the obove report, Pattaya City Hall fixed the problem. Tourists can enjoy the popular attraction again.
Burapa Bike Week 2014
Pedestrians are still fair game in Pattaya
Fair Game Pedestrians
Lights over Pattaya
Never Trust a Light in Pattaya

Say Goodbye to Pattaya's Pedestrian lights?
Pattaya City Hall installed the Pedestrian Lights during September 2010. The Lights never worked correctly. Even if the buttons are not activated the signals are peeping. The counter first count up before counting the seconds down.
Our Police never liked the signals. They ordered that the signals have to shut down during weekends. Our Police never fined drivers ignoring the red lights.
It is still dangerous for pedestrians to use the lights.
The control elements are installed to high, handicapped visitors in wheelchairs can't operating them.
Therefore it is no surprise that since a few weeks rumours tell that City Hall decided to remove the unpopular and mostly ignored pedestrian lights.
Pattaya Police
Pattaya's Police gossip a few meters in front of the lights. They ignore lawbreaker. Pattaya's road users can ingnore almost all regulations and jeopardize the city's pedestrians.
Lights over Pattaya
No Chance
Your money doesn't help any more...
Bra Technology
this bra opens only if the Lady (or Ladyboy) is in love.
Ravijour, a Japanese Lingerie Company, has introduced a new exquisite bra that only unhooks when its wearer is in true love. It is connected to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. It's clasp will only open when in-built sensors in the lingerie sense true love, i.e., when the user's pulse rate reaches the True Love Rate. The sensors detect a woman's heart beat increase caused by 'adrenal medulla.' The adrenal medulla secretes catechlomine, which affects the automatic nerve, and apparently increases the heart rate. The sensors then study the heart signal and dispatch it to the app for examination. The app then calculates the True Love Rate based on the heart rate changes. When the True Love Rate exceeds a certain level, the bra unhooks automatically. It is not known if the company will launch underpants using the same technology to replace the unconvenient chastity belt(s) your lady still (has to) wear(s).
Hidden but Tasty
PizzaItaly is located on a small unnamed Soi out of Soi Buakhaow. At Pattaya's new Hospital look out for Asia BackPacker's Hotel and take the small Soi in front of it. After a few meter turn right. Now you got it!
La Taverna del Passatore
La Taverna del Passatore is located on a small unnamed Soi out of Soi Buakhaow, just acrosss of Pattaya's new Hospital.
Tuxedo is preparing its comeback at its new Illusion Hall on Soi 2, located between Pattaya's Second Road and Soi Phettrakun, just behind North Pattaya's BigC.
Alcazar on Pattaya's Second Road replaced the Triangle Club with a new venue called Fin. The club presents Live Bands and DJs. Admission fee: 200 Baht including a (free?!!) Beer.
On Pattaya's Beach Road, between the Tropicana Hotel and the Hard Rock Hotel, the landlord of the otherwise empty grounds initiated a copy of Jomtien's successful night market, including a Food Center with small restaurants and a stage for live music and/or Karaoke 'singing'.
Siamese Cuisine
On Naklua Road, just a few meters after the now defunctioned roundabout, a beautiful upmarket Thai restaurant opened: Siamese Cuisine.
We made the photo on February 3rd, 2014. The Hippopotamus is still closed, together with about 10 other shop units at Pattaya's CentralFestival. Most of them stay empty since many months. It seems to emphasise that the numbers of tourists published by Thailand's Tourist Authority (TAT) are far from reality.
Mike is continuing to upgrade its Shopping Mall. The management removed some of its fake goods vendors on the first floor and replace them with international fastfood outlets. The Coffee Bean and Tea Loaf seems to be the most popular. You can easily overlook the Beach Promenade and its busy ladies.
KFC, Dairy Queen and Auntie Anne's are there too, among some others to follow. At least The Coffee Bean and Tea Loaf and KFC have a premium price scheme at this outlets: Every single meal os snack costs about 30 to 35% more than at KFC's outlets at Tesco/Lotus and BigC South Pattaya...
myLady™ claims Mike's first floor looks like a copy of Royal Garden Plaza...
Booze Lounge
On the first floor of the Winner Inn Hotel on Soi Buakhaow the Booze Lounge will open soon.
Thai Isan Kitchen
The former Subway Sandwich outlet on the Northern part of Pattaya's 2nd Road, located a few meters after BigC, is now a Thai Isan Kitchen. Isan Food costs between 80 and about 150 Baht at the new venue.
Poised to continue
Paradise closed
Paradise A Go-Go Club is closed since January 14th, 2014.
Neighbours told me that the closure is presumedly for refurbishing the venue.
Visa to Bar: The former Key Visa office on Soi LK Metro will get a closed bar.
LK Metro's well-known 3 Som Bar closed.
PattayaSweethearts reports that on February 8th Destiny on Soi LK Metro celebrated the successful comeback of its Club and Guesthouse with a party.
Poised to continue
Tiger A Go-Go
Tiger, a 2nd floor A Go-Go and Coyote Club at the entry to Soi Diamond, reopened after being closed since November 30th, 2013.
The Cedars Club, a Lebanese venue located on Soho Square, off Walking Street, has closed again. The bar is/was part of the obviously completely failed World's Super Clubs concept.
Poised to continue
Please sit down
City Hall brought the first benches to Pattaya's new Beach Promenade. Now, at least some people can sit down between the Tropical Hotel and Paloma and in front of CentralFestival.
Poised to continue
Amazing Pattaya
We found this banner at the entry to Tukcom, Pattaya's (un)famous Shopping Complex for (pirated) electronic goods.
Observation Tower
Observation Tower
Tourists from Russia discovered this Observation Towers as a popular meeting point. Pattaya's City Hall installed them a few years ago, but never used them...
Recommended Thai Breakfast
Recommended Thai Food
Recommended Japanese Food
Recommended Western Food
Safety First in Pattaya
Safety First in Pattaya
The artist is balancing about 4 to 5 meters above ground on Pattaya's North Road - unsecured but wearing slippers...
Enlightened Beach Road
Enlightened Beach Road
Beach Road
Since January 29th, 2014, Pattaya's Beach Road is illuminated by a new, but very clever concept:
The main light brightening the road is white.
The arm of the installation shines in strong blue.
The small lamp installed on (most) poles distributes a yellow light.
The white, and especially the blue lighsts, distribute a lot of ultraviolet light and can attract the mosquitoes. The yellow lights are helping to enlight the Beach Promenade but don't attract fiends. Yellow light distributes almost no UV.
Bravo - and a big thank you to the clever people!
Enlightened Beach Road
Say Goodbye to Pattaya's Beach
Say Goodbye to Pattaya's Beach
Say Goodbye to Pattaya's Beach
Bye Bye
Since many years Pattaya City Hall is missing any maintenance: The sea is degrading the sand.
Day after Day.
Year after Year.
Beach Resorts in other countries are pumping back the sand.
Not so Pattaya City Hall.
City Hall blames the Global Warming for the incident and not its own inactivity.
Smart TVs are a waste of money
Smart PC
A Smart TV is a TV that has internet access built in allowing it to access a range of online services including video on demand, social networking and instant messaging. Some TVs even feature a full web browser to allow access to most websites.
The features available on a Smart TV will vary depending on the make and model of theTV but most will allow access to popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Some feature applications like Skype and, with the addition of an optional webcam, some higher end TVs will even allow you to do full screen video calling with your friends and family.
It is known that some Internet-connected smart television can transmit detailed information to their makers including the times and channels users are watching. They even reveal the names of all computer video files stored on connected USB drives over the internet.
A Smart TV needs a small computer and an operating system to do its tasks. Both are built-in into the TV set.
As your smartphone shows, technology and software still are changing very fast. In a few months only your new smartphone is outdated.
The same happens to your smart TV. It's single core computer is too slow for many new applications. Nevertheless, you can't update its hardware. You have to buy a new TV...
We recommend to buy an ordinary TV equipped with at least one HDMI connector. If you need to run internet on your TV buy a Smart PC, also known as Mini PC or Smart TV, and connect it to your TV's HDMI input. They are built around a single, dual or quad core CPU. Eight core versions are already on the way. Most Smart PCs run on Android. You can connect a mouse or a keyboard via cable or bluetooth. Some, like the model pictured above, even have a built-in camera. Smart PCs uses Ethernet and/or WiFi to connect to the internet.
Thailand's Chamber of Commerce has called on the caretaker government to stop revealing publicly the names of businessmen accused of funding Suthep Thaugsuban's People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC).
Somkiat Anuras and Vichai Assarasakorn, the chamber's vice-chairmen, called in the media to counter the caretaker government's attempts to name them.
We think the public as well as potential investors not only have the right but also the obligation to know who in this country is supporting the anti-democratic movements.
Anti-democratic business partners are unreliable partners. Thailand's pitiful history of failed investments is the proof.
Last month we published another set of Miraculous Stories from Amazing Thailand.
Pattaya: Recreative Holidays for every Body
Pattaya: Recreative Holidays for every Body
Pattaya goes into the Night
Pattaya is awaiting the Night
Don't touch Internet
Don't touch Internet
Dissolve the European Union
Dissolve the European Union!
The widespread corruption in the EU costs the taxpayers around 120 billion €uros per year (US$162.19 billion or £100bn).
Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Spain and the Czech Republic are the most corrupt countries in the Union.
The problems are not with the small bribes but with the ties between the political class and the industry.
Be aware of the NSA
Be aware of the NSA
The National Security Agency has built a network that can access as much as 75% of all U.S. Web traffic. With the help of Great Britain's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), they control whole of Europe too.
Never forget:
It's not your Face and not your Body that makes you sexy.
It's your MONEY!
More Information
#1 Babbler
#1 Babbler
Barack Obama is still the world's #1 Babbler:
He can speak for hours without using the world's most popular word one single time: Eeeehhh! Bravo!
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Windroid: Windows goes Android
Microsoft' Nokia will make an Android phone codenamed Nokia X or Normandy and will cost about US$110 only.
Nokia will have its very own version of Android, Google's search engine will be replace by a Bing app supporting Microsofts search engine as well as a special Microsoft version of Skype. It is said that most apps from Google Store wil run on Windroid.
The new phone will get a 4-inch screen, a dual core processor and 512MB of RAM for starters.
Windows 7 dies
Microsoft has set October 31, 2014, as the end of sales of new consumer-grade Windows 7 PCs equipped with Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium or Ultimate.
Microsoft's practice is to stop selling an older operating system in retail one year after the launch of its successor, and halt delivery of the previous Windows edition to OEMs two years after a new version launches.
We recommend to replace Windows 7 or any other Windows version by Linux.
Download LinuxLive USB Creator.
With LinuxLive you can download a lot of different Linux versions, test them on an USB-stick and choose the one that fits your needs best.
Google branded 8-inch Tablet
With the help of Asustek Computer Google developed an 8-inch tablet.
It will be launched at the end of April with initial shipments of two million units.
No price available at the time of writing.
3G and 4G smartphone prices will drop
Our source in China claims that prices of 3G and 4G smartphone solutions will drop significantly in the second quarter of 2014 because chipset vendors are expected to adopt more aggressive pricing strategies in order to gain more orders.
The growing 4G market has attracted Qualcomm, Nvidia, Intel, Marvell Technology, Broadcom, EMP, MediaTek and Spreadtrum Communications to step into the 4G chipset segment.
The competition will drop the prices of the phones.
Fierce price competition in the Tablet market
Samsung Electronics has turned to aggressive pricing.
It is expected that Samsung's recently announced lowest-priced Galaxy Tab 3 Lite version to be available for US$129.
Other vendors, including Google, Amazon, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Lenovo, Acer and Asustek Computer, have offered 7-inch models priced at US$159-199 to promote tablet sales.
With the help of Intel a few China-based white-box makers have already released 7-inch tablets priced below US$100.
In the second half of 2014 some notebook vendors will launch Intel-based tablets for below US$159.
Therefore Acer, Asustek, Lenovo, HP as well as Apple will have to lower the prices of their tablets too.
Do you really need an 8-Core Phone?
China baseband chipset vendor Spreadtrum announced a new family of single-core 32-bit SoCs for smartphones.
Spreadtrum's devices are always perfectly engineered products, ignoring the latest gimmicks, but trimmed to be powerful.
I already own a smartphone built around a single-core Spreadtrum chip, not the latest one, but nevertheless faster than any dual-core devices I ever had in my hands.
Spreadtrum's new single-core 32-bit SoCs are no exception:
The new chips feature an ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, ARM Mali-400 GPU, dedicated audio codec, integrated power management unit (PMU), support for WCDMA/HSPA+ and EDGE/GPRS/GSM, and a complement of wireless interfaces, including 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and FM.
The new devices also support camera sensors up to 5 MegaPixels, 720p video, and display resolution up to WVGA on 3.5-inch displays. They run on Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) or higher.
Why pay several hundred dollars for a phone that lasts a few months or years only - and never can replace your PC?
If you buy your next phone or tablet check the specification first for SC7715 or SC6815.
Forget Apple, Samsung and Nokia!
You don't need them...
New NSA proof Operating System
The Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai-based Liantong Network Communications Technology launched a new Opreating System (OS) dubbed COS.
COS is based on Linux, as Android, and is designed for use in smartphones, tablets, TV set top boxes, and personal computers.
COS can run Java applications, supports HTML 5 web applications and games. It is said to be compatible with over 100'000 applications.
All applications are examined to be safe and non-pirated, COS only allows downloads from one official app store.
COS will come with high-grade encryption, preventing US Government's NSA Gangsters reading the data.
Let's hope Western countries do not block its distribution...
Intel out?
Reports say that Intel may exit the smartphone chip market next year if it continues to see weak performance in its handset business in 2014.
Intel enjoys a 1% market share in the smartphone chip market.
A planned collaboration with Lenovo to put x86 chips inside Lenovo hand-sets has foundered.
Apple, Qualcomm, MediaTek and Samsung are leading the market with their chips.
Apple, MediaTek and Samsung are using customised cores licensed from ARM in their handset System-on-Chips (SOCs).
Intel is said to have lost US$2.4 billion on mobile last year and plans to lose more this year as it pays mobile OEMs to use its chips.
Intel already announced to cut back its global workforce of 107'000 employees by approximately 5% this year.
NightWalker's Technology News
All Disco Clubs
Disco Clubs in Pattaya
Do not ride Jet Ski in Pattaya!
No progress on Jet Ski saga:
Pattaya City Hall still doesn't do anything to stop the scam!
All the announcements made during last year were City Hall Blah-Blah only...
As long as Jet Ski vendors - respectively their victims - fill up our officials' pockets nothing will happen!
February 14th 2014:
Avoid Pattaya's Islands
The boats are overloaded, don't provide lifevests for all passengers, are badly maintaited and aren't covered by adequate insurance policies.
Pattaya's lazy and allegedly corrupt Officials promised to check owners, personnel and boats regularly, but they don't.
Avoid mosquitoes, they spread the Dengue Fever
Date-rape drug warning
According to Pattaya Police, it is common in this resort that foreign tourists get drugged and robbed in their hotel rooms, apartments or houses by prostitutes or ladyboys.
Ladyboy Pick-Pocket Gangs on Pattaya's Beach Promenade
Ladyboy Pick-Pocket Gangs are working almost daily on Pattaya's Beach Promenade!
February 20th, 2014:
February 2nd, 2014:
No Nuke Please!
Never forget Chernobyl, Hiroshima & Fukushima!
February 20th, 2014:
February 19th, 2014:
Pattaya has Rooms
Pattaya 100%?
Pattaya's Shirt claims
My customers inject their love into me - and their money in my wallet.
As long as nobody in Thailand is capable to produce two identically sausages - sausages that have the same look, the same size, the same weight and the same taste - nobody in Thailand should ever use the term quality.
Last Word
Smart isn't always smart.
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