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May 2013
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May 30th 2013:
Pattaya's autocratical Police
Click to read about another case of Pattaya's autocratical Police.
May 29th 2013:
Not on Pattaya Beach Please!
We are really fast
On May 23rd Deputy Public Health Minister Cholanan Srikaew said that sales of all kinds of alcoholic drinks are banned from midnight Thursday, May 23rd, until midnight Friday, May 24, because of Visakha Bucha Day, a Buddhist day.
The Return of Halo
The Return of Halo
Halo on Pattaya's Walking Street opened it's Bar and the newly designed nightclub. Halo's sexy showgirls do everything to attract you and your wallet.
Give the new club a try.
At least its PATTAYA city sign is worth a look!
It seems Bali Hai moved to the Northern entry of Walking Street...
Worthless Thai women?
Virada Somsawasdi of the Women's Studies Programme at Chiang Mai University and commissioner at the Law Reform Commission of Thailand said Thai society sees women as lowly and this is reflected in the use of sexist slurs by both sides of the political divide.
Many Thai men are hypocritical as they use the service of sex workers and push the notion of prostitute to elevate themselves and degrade women at the same time, the lady said.
She's right! You have the proof almost daily on Pattaya Beach Promenade.
The Successor of Shenanigans opened as Acorn
The Successor of Shenanigans opened as Acorn
The Successor of the defunct Shenanigans Irish Pub at Pattaya's Avenue Complex opened as Acorn Family Pub & Restaurant.
The new Pub looks about the same as Shenanigans before but features an additional playground for your or your girlfriend's children.
Same procedure everywhere?
Chinese sex workers are treated as if they have no rights, Human Rights Watch reported on May 14th, 2013.
They are subjected to widespread abuse by authorities, including beatings and torture in police custody and detention without trial, the report says.
Sex workers who have reported crimes against them, including rape, have themselves been arrested after revealing to police what they do for a living...
OOPS: We are fast
On May 15th Pattaya Today posted a report that Officials from Thai Airways are urging tourists and locals to join in trash-collecting on Pattaya Beach.
The event is scheduled for May 7th, Pattaya Today writes on May 15th...
In reality it is too late to save Pattaya's Beach, Pattaya City Hall is already destroying it.
The Loris are back again on Pattaya's Walking Street
The Loris are back again
The Loris are back again on Walking Street, but our thoughtful Police can't see them.
On May 14th Police was patrolling with two electric cars on Walking Street, but they couldn't see the pitiful animals in front of the La Notte Pub & Restaurant or the Windy Inn Hotel.
myLady™ told me why:
Our Police is drugged.
Thai people believe that with the right medicine our Police not even can see an elephant.
The Way it runs in Pattaya?
A usualy well informed person told us:
Pattaya's Pharmacy's are getting hit hard by the cops. Some have been fined up to two million Baht for selling steroids. And after the fine they have to pay ten thousand Baht every month if they want keep selling.
Steroids have become a great earn for Pattaya's Police.
Revitalizing Lucifer
Work is on the way to 'renovate' the front part of Walking Street's Lucifer Disco.
Idle Thailand
Thailand had to urged the US not to downgrade the country in its latest review of Thailand's human trafficking situation.
The US expressed concern over Thailand's slow procedures in tackling the cases.
The US administration has to understand that Thailand's Officials have the same working habits as Thailand's High-Tech Internet: If it's working, Thailand's internet is terribly slow.
Welcome back
Welcome back
On May 10th, 2013, Joy Bar Beer reopened its former Coyote Club on Soi Buakhaow! The venue closed during March 2013 and opened as a simple bar on Walking Street.
The management replaced the stage for the coyote dancers with a pool table.
Bangkok Hospital Pattaya on Soi Prathamnak
Bangkok Hospital Pattaya on Soi Prathamnak
Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is on the way to open an information center and First Aid Point on Soi Prathamnak for Pattaya's guest from Arab countries.
Goodbye Jenny!
Goodbye Jenny!
One of Pattaya's most popular Ladyboy bars had to give place for the reorientation of Marine Disco and closed.
Jenny Bar at least was the most pictured Ladyboy bar in Pattaya.
Stinky Fishsauce
Director-general Niphon Popattanachai revealed that his Medical Science Department Laboratory tested 242 fish sauce and 229 mixed fish sauce samples collected from nationwide markets.
Only 62.8 per cent of fish sauces and 37.1 per cent of mixed fish sauces met Thailand's quality standards.
He said the laboratory found protein and nitrogen were to be present in quantities that were either too high or too low.
The amount of protein may show the fish sauce was not made from real fish, but from animal bones.
Cheap as well as expensive brands failed the tests.
Niphon Popattanachai didn't reveal the tested brands, neither the good ones, nor the bad ones.
A useless information from Thailand's Medical Science Department.
Thai Universities
Some newspaper here in Thailand are touting that seven Thai universities are among the world's top 200 institutions.
The lists seems to be made that every country has the opportunity to place some of its universities at least on one of the many tables...
We prefer the 2012-2013 Times Higher Education World University Rankings' Engineering and Technology tables.
They don't list any Thai University in the first 200 rankings.
Never believe in statistics, unless you made it yourself.
Ma Mak moved
Ma Mak Rompho
Ma Mak, a Bar on Pattaya's Soi 16, off Walking Street, closed and moved to Jomtien.
The Rompho Bar Complex is now the current address of the Ma Mak Bar.
The popular Ma Mak Bar located on New Plaza, off Pattaya's Second Road, is still working strong.
Ma Mak = many will come or many dogs, the meaning changes according your pronunciation!
Songkran Flashback
The 2013 Songkran water-festivities have seen Pattaya hotels fuller than at any time since the heady days of the 1990s, Ms.Surapong Techaruvichit, president of the Thai Hotels Association, said. Hotels had a 90% occupancy - or even more.
Perhaps we should celebrate Songkran all the year round.
Deadly Dengue Fever
Thailand's Disease Control Department reports over 26'000 cases of dengue fever during January 1st to April 30th, 2013.
33 of the patients died.
Pattaya Mafia
The Brother of a member of our local government is assaulting a Pattaya City Hall Security Officer on a video that appeared on YouTube and Facebook.
The attacker was identified as Mr. Pradit Boonmachai, aged 53.
He is running a speedboat business here in Pattaya. One of his boats is named Song Pheenong (Thai for: two siblings).
We are disappoined but not surprised
The annual Special 301 Report published by the US Trade Representative places Algeria, Argentina, Chile, China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand, and Venezuela on the priority watch list of the world's worst violators of intellectual property.
Thai officials said they were disappoined but not surprised by the decision.
Patchima Thanasanti, head of Thailand's Department of Intellectual Property, said that the US was unhappy with IP protection in Thailand.
Other countries too!
Bars on Soi 8 closed
All Bars closed
With the exception of Rolling Live 3 Bar and two smaller Bars to its left all bars in front of Soi 8's Baron Hotel are now closed.
Price hike
Bangkok's Skytrain, also known as BTS, announced that it will rice its fares moderately.
The new fares will take effect on June 1st, 2010.
Yummy Yum
Yummy Yum
Yummy Yum is the name of the new venue that replaces the failed Frozzen Ice Cream outlet on Walking Street.
The new (Turkish) restaurant not only sells Ice Creams, but also Kebab, Bakery and Sandwiches, its banner likes to inform us.
Guugle remains closed
Guugle remains closed
Guugle, the failed A Go-Go Club on Pattaya's Walking Street, remains closed. As mentioned last month, the venue is on the block.
Rumors in the Web told the bar will re-open on April 28th, 2013.
It didn't happen.
Still closed
Club Blu remains closed
At the end of February 2013 Pattaya Police ordered the closure of Soi Buakhaow's Club Blu for 30 days for running without valid licences.
The venue seems to need a longer time to recover from the incident. It was still closed on May 1st.
Rumours tell that the bar will open under a new management and - probably - a very new format, not so new for Soi Buakhaow but for the Soi LK Metro area. Pooh!
Police News
Another Police Officier suspended
Pattaya's currently acting Police Superintendent suspended Sen. Sgt. Maj. Rungphet Champi.
While Rungphet was jailing prisoners on Soi 9's second floor, Chaiyaporn Thaicharoen, a 36-year old well-known drug dealer, could escape - just a few hours after he was arrested.
Allegedly Rungphet supported Chaiyaporn's escape...
Better Job without Boss?
During the early morning hours of May 13th Pattaya Police arrested seven illegal and annoying Sex Guides on Walking Street.
The purpose of the operation was to target touts who carry laminated cards with information of sex shows and other x-rated attractions available for foreign tourists.
Perhaps our headless Police will arrest the owners of this establishments too and will close the involved businesses in the near future.
On May 7th, Thailand's National Police Chief Police re-assigned Pattaya's Superintendent Suwan Chiewnawinthawat a non-active position. Since then Pattaya Police seems to do a much better job...
Coconut Ghosts arrested
In the early morning hours of May 7th 20 Police Officers and Civil Volunteers had to sweep Pattaya's already destroyed Beach Promenade to remove 'all' its prostitutes.
Police arrested more than 35 Coconut Ghosts. The Officers accompained them to Soi 9, fined them, recorded their personal data and let them go back to their working places.
Same procedure as every time.
Pol. Col. Suwan Chiewnawinthawat, director of Pattaya's Police station, announced that the police would continue to arrest the Promenade's freelance sex workers almost daily.
It was his last action.
Hours later he was moved to an inactive position by Thailand's National Police Chief...
Bribe taking Policeman dismissed
Thanks to a video that appeared on YouTube Bangkok's deputy metropolitan police chief Anuchai Lekbamrung had to dismiss Pol Snr Sgt Maj Niphon Sokhai.
As shown in a YouTube video clip, Pol Snr Sgt Maj Niphon is taking bribes under a skytrain station from motorists and bikers instead of issuing them tickets.
We love YouTube!
Latest Police Vehicle
Latest Police Vehicle
Exclusive design for Pattaya Soi 9 & Tourist Police and for all the other people that don't like to wear a helmet.
Police arrest Police
A Police Officer and his wife were arrested on April 26th in Singburi after police discovered 400'000 Baht in cash and a bank account book containing 15 million Baht in their home.
Police seized the couple's money, the account book as well as their assets which include an 8-million-Baht property, two fertiliser stores worth 2 million Baht, and a few vehicles.
Thailand's Narcotics Control Board had conducted investigations since 2007 and found out that the officer was involved in illegal drug distribution...
Police probe Police
The chief of Bangkok's Din Daeng station has ordered an investigation of a Police Officer accused of attempting to blackmail a woman into having sex with him.
A video clip published on YouTube shows the incident.
It also shows two Police arriving at the scene on a patrol motorcycle.
The uniformed Senior Sergeant Major is seen leaving the scene with the two Officers.
Din Daeng police chief Panop Voratanatchakul identified the Officer in the clip as Pol Sr Sgt Maj Voravit Nukulkit.
On April 29th Thailand's Metropolitan Police Bureau said it suspended the police officers implicated in the sex crime.
But the best
is yet to come:
We update NightWalker's News Page as soon as we get new information.
Remember Songkran
Beautiful Songkran
Pattaya News Flash May 2013 - The Source
NightWalker's News
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Pattaya's Rainy Times just started
The picture shows the Paloma intersection on May 28th at 00:20. As every year and since more than 20 years a large part of Pattaya, including Pattaya's Beach Road, was under water. Pattaya City Hall still doesn't like to invest its money in useful improvements. Our Mayor prefers to place his Dolphins all over Pattaya.
May 21st 2013:
Thailand's mobile operators not only sell their (not existing) services at exorbitant prices, they not even are able to deliver 3G services at the obliged speeds. The licence require a minimum download speed of 345 kilobits per second and 153 Kbps for uploads.
Actual download speed is about 35kbs, upload speed is about 25kbs.
Consumers should file complaints with Thailand's National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC).
May 18th 2013:
We just learned that City Hall moved Pattaya's Colors of the East Festival out of the city to Jomtien Beach.
Previous festivals have been held on Pattaya Beach Road. They always caused massive traffic problems, as do all the other events in Pattaya.
The festival was announced first on May 7th by Chonburi Governor Khomsan Ekachai in Bangkok(!) with no further information from Pattaya City Hall.
The event was sponsored by the provinces of Chonburi, Rayong, Chantaburi and Trat. It featured food - and lot of them -, sales of locally made goods, tourist souvenirs and other cheap merchandise mainly made in China.
The festival featured traditional Thai musical performances too as well as Pattaya's traditional traffic chaos.
The Colors of the East Festival happened on Jomtien Beach Road from May 23rd until May 26th, 2013.
The real reason for the unexpected move, but not mentioned by our lovely officials, is the works on Pattaya's new Beach Promenade. There is simply no place available for a festival.
Jomtien prepares the Colors of the East
The Festval happened from May 23rd until May 26th on Jomtien's Beach Road from Thappraya Road until the Sea Breeze Hotel.
May 8th 2013:
Pattaya's famous Police Superintendent Suwan Chiewnawinthawat has been urgently re-assigned to a non-active position on May 7th, 2013.
Thailand's National Police Chief, Police General Adul, ordered the re-assignment.
The order was issued after a high profile gambling arrest took place on May 2nd, 2013, in Central Pattaya where 17 slot machines were confiscated from a shop.
A successor to Police Colonel Suwan will be announced soon.
To make his name as well as his face popular among the community, the lovely Superintendent started a publicity campaign a few weeks ago: Noisy advertisement cars with his face and his phone number cruised around Pattaya.
Update May 21st: To justify their dilettantish action Pattaya Police said they conducted the operation on Pattaya Beach as a response to the recent stabbing of a Frenchman on Pattaya Beach, They forget to tell the press that the attacker was a man and not a woman. Hunting an unknown attacker needs some brainwork - arresting Beach Ladies needs a begging bowl only. With actions like this, Pattaya Police never will get the much needed support from the public.
Please use the buttons above to navigate between the pictures!
Same Same isn't always the Same
Game on Soho Square
Last month we reported that Pattaya Police's new anti-gambling unit closed down a fairground attraction at the car park of Tesco/Lotus North Pattaya but left untouched a few boothes that offered the same entertainment during a temple fair at the Chaimongkon Temple on Pattaya South Road.
On April 30th we learned that our inglorious Police arrested a few balloon dart operators and seized a few of the dolls and prizes at a fairground on the site of the old Xzyte Discotheque on Pattaya's 3rd Road.
Perhaps you have to be a member of Pattaya's Police to understand the difference between an 'illegal' balloon dart game at Tesco/Lotus and on 3rd Road and 'legal' balloon dart game boothes at a temple fair or at Soho Square.
The one at Soho Square, pictured above, runs since many months every night - obviously without any problems...
On May 12th we made our Tour de Walking Street and discovered that Soho Square's balloon dart game booth was closed down.
We couldn't get any information what closed the business, an order from the police or simply missing customers.
Please use the buttons above to navigate between the pictures!
Sunset at Tesco/Lotus North Pattaya
Sunset at Tesco/Lotus North Pattaya
SIR Richard, we are waiting you!
Sir Richard, we are waiting you!
On May 12th, 2013, SIR Richard Branson, the 63-year-old billionaire boss of Virgin Australia was fulfilling a bet he lost to AirAsia CEO, Tony Fernandes, by dressing and serving as an AirAsia flight attendant.
About 300 passengers on board the flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur were treated to a skyhigh show, with Branson - sporting AirAsia's short, tight red uniform and a full face of makeup. He even performed the safety demonstration.
AirAsia donated $100 from each seat sold on the flight to a charity organization.
A Ladyboy from Walking Street told NightWalker that Pattaya's Katoeys like funny people like Richard Branson. It would be a great honor - not a horror - for Pattaya's Ladyboys to welcome Miss Richard Branson.
During the second week of May 2013 Pattaya City Hall let close a part of North Pattaya's Roundabout.
Obviously City Hall's months long information campaign didn't work up.
It seems Pattaya's road users are simply too stupid to understand Thailand's traffic regulations.
English is too difficult to learn!
Moter Bike or Mother Bike - that's the question...
Moter Bike or Mother Bike - that's the question...
2012 was the Year of English Speaking, initiated by the Thai Ministry of Education.
English is too difficult to learn!
Run out of space for for the last letter
Run out of space for the last letter - or what?
2012 was the Year of English Speaking, initiated by the Thai Ministry of Education.
Nothing than empty words!
Pattaya without Busses?
Bus Parking in Pattaya
During Itthiphol Kunplome's first meeting on June 2 2008 the newly elected Mayor of Pattaya presented his development strategy for Pattaya:
1. Providing car parks for large tour busses to prevent them entering the city. failed
2. The adjustment of traffic lights and traffic lanes. failed
3. To close Pattaya Beach Road to traffic from Friday to Sunday. failed
4. A closer control of entertainment outlets and other places such as internet cafes. failed
5. The management of public places in accordance with official regulations. failed
6. Better security of lives and property for residents and visitors. failed
7. Efficient collection and disposal of garbage and wastewater. failed
With every single month more and more tourist busses are obstructing Pattaya's traffic, and most of them are real 'dirty bastards' - old stinkers and polluters of Pattaya's roads and Pattaya's air. The drivers ignore almost all traffic regulations and are parking their vehicles wherever they can find a suitable space.
Moreover, most of Pattaya's Sois are not constructed to withstand the weight of this busses, and the right-angled entries to most of Pattaya's Sois are a big obstacle for a trouble-free traffic.
Pattaya's new Hospital?
Pattaya City Hospital
During September 2012 our lovely Mayor told the press that Pattaya's new City Hospital on Soi Buakhaow will open during February or March 2013. failed
On May 1st, 2013, the hospital was still closed.
Construction started on March 19th, 2009. The new hospital was expected to be fully operational at the beginning of 2012...
Pattaya ready for Bicycles?
During his second election campaign Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome announced to transform the city into a bicycle friendly place. failed
Pattaya's main street are so bumpy that they not only are an impertinence for every single bicycle but also for the back of its rider!
Not one single street in this city features a bicycle lane.
For Pattaya's High-Speed Traffic we remove all the Green we can!
Green Pattaya
As mentioned above Pattaya's Mayor announced to close Pattaya Beach Road to traffic from Friday to Sunday. failed
Instead of implementing Itthiphol Kunplome promises Pattaya City Hall closes the the traffic lights during weekends and is upgrading Pattaya's Beach Road into a 3-lane Racing Circuit.
Green Pattaya
The 3rd lane of Pattaya's new Racing Circuit, until today known as Pattaya Beach Road. But before you can use it you have to wait in the daily traffic jam. The small strip to the right will host Pattaya's new Beach Promenade. Small, but large enough to inhale all the gases distributed by Thailand's tourist busses. Enjoy a 'healthy' walk on the oddments of Pattaya's Beach.
Please use the buttons above to navigate between the pictures!
Please use the buttons above to navigate between the pictures!
Please use the buttons above to navigate between the pictures!
To enjoy Pattaya's 'old' Beach Promenade please visite Google's Street View!
The Wave Pattaya's latest hotel on its famous Beach Road: +66(0) 3841 0577
Flandria, the Belgian Bar & Guest House, as well as Lolitas, the former Blow Job Bar, both located on Soi LK Metro, are on the way to new destinations.
Well-known Bars on the Block:
Blues Factory, Soi Lucky Star
Blues Factory, Soi Lucky Star
FLB Bar, Walking Street
FLB Bar, Walking Street
Duk Dik Bar, Naklua Road
Duk Dik Bar, Naklua Road
Drum & Monkey, Naklua Road
Drum & Monkey, Naklua Road
EOR's Bar, Naklua Road
EOR's Bar, Naklua Road
New York on the Block
New York, New York, Marine Plaza
To be continued
There is no sign of a possible bubble in the property sector Thailand's Finance Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong said.
Songtham Pinto, director of the central bank's macroeconomy division, said the bank is wary of a property crisis that could result in huge losses with a slow recovery.
Pattaya has thousand's of unfinished, never started but paid, as well as finished but unsold and empty Condos and Shophouses, but some people, bankers and other investors, seem to close their eyes.
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May 1st 2013:
Thailand lost track of democracy after the government of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra was ousted by a military coup in 2006, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said on April 29th, 2013.
She said the coup destroyed the rule of law in Thailand and the country also lost international credibility. However there are still elements of anti-democratic regime. The 2007 constitution, written by a group of drafters appointed by the coup-led government, contains 'mechanisms to restrict democracy', she added.
With her speech at the 7th Ministerial Conference of the Community of Democracies, held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, on April 29, 2013 Thailand's Prime Minister doesn't will make new friends at Thailand's notorious army.
Click here to read the full text of Ms.Yingluck's speech.
58 senators, most of them members of the military-supported 'Democratic Party', has called on Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to apologise to the public over her controversial(?) speech in Mongolia.
Thailand's so-called 'Democrat Party' even sent a letter to the Mongolian president alleging that Yingluck had told lies in the speech delivered to a conference on democracy in Ulan Bator on Monday.
In a statement read at a press conference, the senators accused Yingluck of causing the international community to misunderstand Thailand and creating further rifts.
The senators call themselves Senators Who Love the Country.
In her speech Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said the story is not over. It is clear that elements of the anti-democratic regime still exist.
The reaction of the 58 senators is the proof.
The US-based Freedom House rated Thailand as "Not Free" due to heavy sentencing by courts under the lese majeste law, as well as online censorship.
The founding of the Cyber Security Operations Centre [CSOC] in late 2011 and the expansion of its work in 2012 enabled the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology to block online content without the need for a court order, the report said. The CSOC extends control and surveillance of online media and has aided the large-scale shutdown of websites and individual pages. The centre works with Internet service providers and website owners to block not only Thai-based content, but also material that is available globally, affecting thousands of sites.
A judge in the UK sentenced fake bomb-detector seller James McCormick to 10 years in jail for fraud.
A quote from the BBC World News Service states, McCormick bought novelty 'golf ball detectors' which were little more than radio aerials from the USA for less than $20 each before selling them as bomb detectors for $5'000 each.
The Royal Thai Air Force, the army's Ordnance Department, Thailand's Customs Department, Thailand's National Security Centre, Thailand's Office of the Narcotics Control Board, Thailand's Forensic Science Institute of the Justice Ministry, and Thailand's Yala, Phitsanulok and Phuket provincial administrations they all bought the bogus bomb detectors - and still claim that the toys are working...
Known in Thailand as GT200 and Alpha 6, Thai officials invested around 1.3 billion Baht in the (never working) detectors. Thailand biggest buyer was the Army Ordnance Department.
Nevertheless, it's unlikely anyone in Thailand will be held responsible or punished for wasting the taxpayers money and/or for enriching himself.
Professor Aurel Croissant, co-author of Democratization and Civilian Control in Asia, said Thailand is a high-risk coup-prone country.
It will be a long time before Thailand can achieve genuine civilian control over the military. It will depend on not just the military refraining from getting involved in politics but also on strong civilian support and consensus that civilians should have oversight of the military. the Professor said. The military's power can be exerted not just through the staging of coups d'etat but also through influence over the government's decision-making processes, he added. The military can exercise control over policy because democracy is weak.
Thailand has experienced 18 successful military led coups since 1932!
Hundreds of houses have been built in areas in Chaiyaphum that will be under the water when two new dams are constructed. The owners of the houses are expecting profitable compensation.
Chaiyaphum Governor Pornsak Chiaranai said about 600 houses have recently been built in Nong Bua Rawe and Thep Sathit districts, where the two dams are due to be built.
The construction of a house costs about 70'000-90'000 Baht/each. The investors have the expectation these houses will be eligible for as much as one million Baht each in compensation when the dams are actually built.
So far 502 villagers have applied for compensation...
Thailand's Army Chief General Prayuth Chanocha today presented the army's idea of erecting walls along the entire Thai-Malaysia border.
According to the lovely General the wall should block the smuggling of bombs and similar devices for use in attacks by insurgents.
Thailand's commander-in-chief said that these walls would help prevent the delivery of explosives to insurgents in the deep South.
With the wall Thailand's security officials can focus on breaking down networks of bombmakers and bomb-assembly outfits.
The Great Wall of China is a success among tourists from all over the world, as are the remainings of Berlin's fortunately defunct Berlin Wall.
Perhaps Thailand's Army has the intention to sell its Thai-Malaysia Wall to the tourist industry too, as the latest attainment of Thailand's unteachable backwoodsmen...
The Southern Bangkok Criminal Court ruled that Italian journalist Fabio Polenghi was killed by a bullet fired by the security forces during the May 19, 2010 unrest.
The court said Fabio Polenghi was hit and killed by a .223 calibre high velocity bullet while he was running away from Ratchadamri Road towards Ratchaprasong intersection.
The only group that had been identified as being in that area at the time was the King's Guard Second Battalion.
According to the Court the person who fired the gun could not be identified.
Fabio Polenghi's mother Laura Chiorri was at the court for the ruling. She said she was happy that at last the family now knew who (as a group) took her son's life.
Abhisit Vejjajiva, the current leader of Thailand's 'Democrat Party' and a puppet of Thailand's Military, was Prime Minister in 2010, and Suthep Thaugsuban was his deputy and in charge of security.
Nevertheless, Thailand's Military remains untouchable, despite the court's ruling...
Update: Thailand's Army Chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha announced that the death of Italian photojournalist Fabio Polenghi still faces a lengthy court case before it reaches its closure. According to Thailand's Army the case not even entered an official judicial process yet. Soldiers have evidence as well, and the battle should be in court, don't talk about it outside the court the General said.
Last month we published another set of Miraculous Stories from Amazing Thailand.
Bangkok's Skytrain is nice and clean and air-conditioned, a fast way to get around the city.
On July 1st 2012 Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited (BTSC) launched the Rabbit Card for Thai Senior Citizens aged 60 years and over. It offers 50% discount of normal fares for travel on the BTS SkyTrain.
Passengers are able to use the Rabbit Card to travel throughout the BTS system, including both the Sukhumvit and Silom Line Extensions, totaling 30 stations, or running a distance of 30.95 kilometers.
But as stated above, the card only applies to Thais with a Thai ID card.
At MRT, Bangkok's underground train service, anyone aged 60 or over (including foreigners) can get a Senior Stored Value Card or an individual token at half price if you go to the ticket counter.
The SkyTrain policy does not create a favourable image for the BTS company and is clearly a blatant discrimination.
It seems Jack was here and got somewhere else - and with him all the beautiful Coyote dancers we usually could meet at Frog...
High-Tech Engineering in Thailand
Latest eco-design of a motorcycle engineered
by a Thai university for underdeveloped countries...
All information published on this page are as accurate as possible, but this one is a joke - inspired by actual results on research at Thailand's Universities and presented on Thai TV.
A recent survey shows that Ducatis are the dream-motorcycles of the Thais. Clever people sell now Hondas new MMSX in a Ducati design.
If you are interested: The shop modifying the motorcycles is located on Soi Phratamnak.
High-Tech in Pattaya
Funny Pattaya
Bar for sale - Pussy for rent
Art at Pattaya's Soho Square
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Lolitas Soi LK Metro
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Big Event:
For more information
click April News.
Too long in Pattaya?
Pattaya is different
If you don't make your monthly donation to Pattaya's Mafia, Police will close your bar or club because of 'Facilitation of Prostitution'.

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Pakistan spends 7 times more on arms than on schools.
Therefore Pakistan has one of the world`s largest out-of-school population:
7.3 millions of the poorest children aged 7 to 16 were out of school...
Bikers wear Helmets
Real Bikers wear Helmets!
Rotten Apple
Rotten Apple
An US Senate committee accuses Apple of being among America's largest tax avoiders.
That seems to be the way to make money.
8-inch Microsoft
Microsoft prepares the launch of an 8-inch Surface Tablet in June.
The company will also present a new 10.x-inch model as early as the third quarter of 2013, our source in China says.
Samsung is supplying the touch panels.
The tablets will use processors designed by Nvidia.
Pegatron, an affiliate to Asustech, is producing the tablets in China.
New Nexus
Google will launch a new version of its Nexus 7 Tablet in July.
The upcoming Nexus 7 will feature Japan Display's (JPI) 1920 by 1200 LTPS TFT panel and a Qualcomm processor.
Samsung is supplying the touch panels.
The tablets will use processors designed by Nvidia.
Pegatron, an affiliate to Asustech, is producing the tablets in China.
No security!
A gang of seven cybercriminals stole $45m by hacking into a database of prepaid debit cards and draining cash machines around the world. An eighth suspect is thought to have been murdered in April.
Too much Mobile Phones
At the end of next year there will be more mobile subscriptions than people in this crazy world.
Intel goes Google
Recognizing Microsoft's failure to stimulate global demand for notebooks, Intel has begun to promote Android tablet-convertible notebooks.
Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Toshiba, Acer and Asustek Computer will launch models featuring Intel Chip-sets and Google's Android Operating System.
Lenovo will present its 'Yoga Notebook' during this month. It is expected to feature an 11-inch display.
Acer set to launch US$399 touchscreen notebook
Acer announced the release of an 11.6-inch touchscreen notebook.
It will be priced at only US$399, including Microsoft's Windows 8 Operating System.
The touchscreen notebook and its touch panel glass are both manufactured by Wistron.
Our man in China informed us that Asustek Computer (ASUS) also plans to launch touchscreen notebooks priced at US$399.
NightWalker's Technology News
Do not ride Jet Ski in Pattaya!
No progress on jet ski saga:
Pattaya City Hall still doesn't do anything to stop the scam!
All the announcements made during last year were City Hall Blah-Blah only...
As long as Jet Ski and Speedboat vendors - respectively their victims - fill up our officials' pockets nothing will ever happen!
Warning #2
Do not sit under a Coconut Tree!
Before you sit down on Pattaya's Beach Promenade please check if there are some coconuts above your head. Dropping coconuts can be deadly.
They kill worldwide 150 people every year.
Warning #3
No Thai Ladies please!
Warning #4
Avoid mosquitoes, they spread the Dengue Fever
Over 26'000 cases of dengue fever have been reported during January 1st to April 30th, 2013; 33 of the patients died.
Warning #5
Date-rape drug warning
According to Pattaya Police, it is common in this resort that foreign tourists get drugged and robbed in their hotel rooms, apartments or houses by prostitutes.
Latest incident: May 15th
Warning #6
Ladyboy Pick-Pocket Gangs on Pattaya's Beach Promenade
Ladyboy Pick-Pocket Gangs are working almost daily on Pattaya's Beach Promenade!
Eternity must be a really underdeveloped place. It not even knows facebook.
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myLady™ says
You come - I go.

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