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October 2012
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Coming Soon

Parking at Bali Hai
Parking at Bali Hai
Pattaya's fully automated multi-storey car park will open soon at Bali Hai Pier. We hope you have a good insurance. High-Tech in Pattaya usually doesn't work as expected...

New A Go-Go
New A Go-Go
Dreams Bar, a Coyote Club located on Soi 8, closed and will open soon as an A Go-Go Bar!

New Bakery
Loaf Bakery
A new Loaf Bakery will open across from Friendship Supermarket on Pattaya South Road.

New Cedars
The Cedars Club
For our guests from Lebanon The Cedars Club will open during November 2012 on Soho Square.


Silver Star is back!
Silver Star A Go-Go, a well-known Bar on Soi 8 re-opened on October 26th 2012.
The venue was closed since April 30th 2012.

Hooty's is back!
Hooty's on Walking Street is back as Hooty's Showgirls. It re-opened its new door on October 5th 2012.
The venue was closed since June 3rd 2011 and was known as Hooty's A Go-Go.

Sexy A Go-Go reopened on Soi 7
Sexy A Go-Go reopened on Soi 7
Sexy A Go-Go on Soi 7 reopened on October 6th 2012.
The venue was closed since the middle of December 2011.

Don Mueang Airport reopened
Thai AirAsia
On October 1st 2012 Bangkok's old airport reopend. On the first day 281 domestic and international flights used the airport, but according to officials it will handle 350 - 370 flights per day in the future.
A spokesman of the airport said it is expected that the number of people travelling through Don Mueang will reach about 22 million a year.
During the first three months parking will be free for travellers.
Don Mueang Airport is more than 90 years old, nevertheless, luggage X-ray screening only took two minutes per passenger, compared with 10-15 minutes at Bangkok's new Suvarnabhumi Airport...

Air travellers will have to pay more for passenger service at Suvarnabhumi Airport after operator Airports of Thailand (AoT) announced plans to increase the charges next year.
Passenger service charge for international flights would be increased to 800 Baht from the current 700 Baht.
Passenger service charge for domestic flights would be raised to 150 Baht from 100 Baht currently.

A Taxi ride from Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport to Bangkok's Don Mueang Airport will cost you at least 300 Baht if you get a honest driver (or a lot more if you get a ordinary one).

U-Tapao Airport is in the News again: A committee chaired by the chairman of the Bank of Thailand recommends that U-Tapao military airport in Rayong should be upgraded to a commercial airport to reduce congestion at Suvarnabhumi. The services should be designated mainly for private and charter flights carrying foreign visitors to Pattaya...

Loosing Seats
American Airlines has to inspect 48 of its Boeing 757 jets for problems with loose seats. Blocks of seats have become loose on at least three AA flights...

Schwaben Stube reopened
Soi Arunotai's famous Schwaben Stube reopened. Enjoy its tasty German food at reasonable prices.

Good News - Bad News

By no means heavenly
A Bar with Guesthouse on Soi Buakhaow isn't paying its staff...

Pattaya flooded
Pattaya flooded
On Friday, October 5th, all major roads in Pattaya were flooded. A heavy rain started at about 22:00 and set Beach Road, 2nd Road, Soi Buakhaow, 3rd Road, Central Road, Sukhumvit Road and most Sois inbetween under water. Traffic restarted after 02:30.

Big Brother is watching you!
Big Brother is watching you!
Pattaya Police now runs a mobile surveillance tower at the entry to Walking Street. Perhaps to control the works of the Tourist Police, just placed in front of them...

Software confiscated
On October 4th 2012 Pattaya's alert Police confiscated Computer Software and Games at Pattaya's notorious Tukcom Center in South Pattaya.

Avoid traveling to the South of Thailand! There are still daily shootings in Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat provinces.

Be aware
2012 is the Year of English Speaking, the Thai Ministry of Education announced.
The program will be initiated in schools and will involve plenty of academic activities. It will let teachers and students have opportunities to speak English and build their confidence in using it without excessive concern about grammatical errors.
NightWalker and his Team have the same approach - since many years...

Logistics in Thailand
On Sunday, September 30th, 2012, Tesco/Lotus (North Pattaya) run out of shopping bags...


Guugle closed
Guugle, the A Go-Go Club on Walking Street, was closed on October 24th. A small banner promised (in Thai only!) that the club will open the next day.
The club reopened the day after...

Oktoberfest ended
Octoberfest ended
Munich's famous Oktoberfest ended on Sunday October 6th 2012. About 6.4 million people from all over the world visited the event. They drunk 6.9 million 'Mass Bier'. One 'Mass Bier' is (or should contain) exactly 1 litre German Beer.
See you again next year! Prost!

Pattaya Steak House closed
Pattaya Steak House closed
The Pattaya Steak House, located on Pattaya North Road and across from Pattaya's OTOP Outlet, closed. The venue is on the blocks.

The end of Cartier
Cartier closed
Cartier, a Karaoke Club - and once known as Boy's A Go-Go Bar, closed on Soi Lenkee and is on the block.
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Some visitors of our Website informed us that unwanted and unsubscribed SMS messages are withdrawing and plundering large sums from their AIS operated 1-2-call Mobile Phone accounts.
To test the claims we bought a cheap (original) Samsung phone and a 1-2-call SIM-card from Tukcom.
At home we inserted the SIM-card and called the 1-2-call service number to get a phone number and to activate our new account. Then we topped our account with 50 Baht and checked the balance of the account.
It tooks a few hours only until the first SMS message arrived. At the end of the day we had 5 (FIVE!) SMS messages on the new phone and our 1-2-call account showed a balance of 3 (THREE!) Baht!
The next day we got back to the nice ladies from Telewiz, an AIS owned company, and the official distributor of 1-2-call SIM-cards.
We explained the incident to a lady. She worked a few seconds on the computer and assured that she already blocked the access of all SMS advertisements. We then updated our account again - with another 50 Baht.
The very same evening we checked the phone again. Another 5 SMS messages withdraw another 47 Baht from our account.
In civilized you can report an offence against an unacquainted person with the police. In Pattaya the police tells you to contact AIS (via Telewiz). Same answer if you call Thailand's National Consumer Protection Board.

In our News Flash published on January 2011 we already reported a similar (apparently unsued) criminal attack on Mobile Phone accounts from True move, but this one seems to be even perkier. The attacks stop if your account doesn't have enough of money to withdraw, but starts again as soon as you refile your phome. It seems the gangsters can directly check the amount of money in your 1-2-call account.
Thailand bans Regular Petrol!
Thailand bans Regular Petrol!
Energy Minister Arak Chonlatanon announced on October 4th 2012 that petrol 91 be phased out in December 2012 in line with the Ministry's policy to promote greater use of ethanol-based fuel in transportation.
The decision comes despite the facts published by Mitsubishi Motors. Mitsubishi showed that Thailand's fuel containing an ethanol additive produced by the PTT Group is of poor quality compared with bio fuel from neighboring countries. Thailand's ethanol-based fuel can be a threat for your car and/or your motorcycle.
Heineken got the Tiger
Heineken will take control of Asia Pacific Breweries (APB), which makes the popular Tiger beer.
The decision comes after a battle between Heineken and Thai billionaire Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi, the producer of Chang Beer, for the strategic asset.
APB is behind some of the most popular beers in South East Asia.
Silver Star A Go-Go reopened on Soi 8
Silver Star reopened on Soi 8
New on Walking Street
On Ocober 15th Ginza A Go-Go opened on Walking Street in the premises of the former Playboy Tailor Shop.
New on Soi LK Metro
Showgirls Entertainment Centre, an A Go-Go and Coyote Club on 3 floors, opened on October 4th 2012 on Soi LK Metro. The new club even has an escalator to present its most beautiful and sexiest ladies!
World Wide A Go-Go reopened
World Wide A Go-Go, located on Pattaya's Beach Road between Soi 7 and Soi 8, reopened on October 4th 2012 after a successful renovation of its premises.
Mandarin on Walking Street
On Walking Street Mandarin A Go-Go Club opened on October 1st 2012.
New on Soi 16
On September 27th Pe Pé Club A Go-Go opened on Soi 16, off Walking Street.
Tony's on Soi Buakhaow
Tony's Fitness Gym & Sports Bar on Soi Buakhaow in full swing!
The only one to remember?
Oasis Club A Go-Go changed its logo!
Oasis on Soi Buakhaow changed its logo to The Club A Go-Go..
Absolute Name Change
Absolute Name Change

In our August issue we reported about a funny new sign on Walking Street's Absolute Entertainment Bar Complex. In the meantime the owner replaced the Faux Pas.
Quality Made in Pattaya

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Buccaneers in Pattaya?
Buccaneers in Pattaya?
At this location a huge shopping center was announced for the last few years. After failing to attract enough investors a company is now announcing a pirates themed condominium at the very same place.
When myLady™ saw the advertisements the construction company placed all over the city, she asked me: What will they announce next time?
Advertised, but not finished
The Koral:
Still cheaper than rent?
Regular visitors of this town will still remember this advertisement and the beautiful showroom the company had at Pattaya's CentralFestival during April, May and June 2010.
During the presale promotion campaign the sexy sales ladies told that the condo will be ready to move in during 2012.
At the announced location on Jomtien's Soi Chaiyapruek you still wait for the beginning of the construction...
Koral Showroom
Still a Dream?
Do you remember the heavy announced Moonlight Complex at Pattaya's Second Road? Since 2008 the ruin is still waiting for investors...

Never invest in an unfinished project.
Pattaya's 'Historical' Buildings
Pattaya's Historical Buildings
A rusty legacy of the HVIDSTEN Group on a prime location on Jomtien's Beach Road: Unfinished since many years...

All pictures published on this page are as accurate as possible - this one too!
Funny Nippon
Which company will be first to introduce this kind of a real minimarket in Pattaya?
7-ELEVEN, FamilyMart, Tesco/Lotus, Tops daily, BigC, Foodland, Friendship or Best?
October 15th 2012
Silagra - a Viagra® equivalent produced in Thailand got on sale on October 15th 2012. The 50mg tablet sells nationwide at 25 Baht, the 100mg tablet at 45 Baht.
An other Kind of Nightturns on Pattaya Beach
Observed on October 18th 2012 by our Photographer.
Stay at home!
No activities at Pattaya during October 2012

According to City Hall's event calendar published on Pattaya's official website there are still no activities in Pattaya during October 2012 and the rest of this year. No Halloween, no Loy Kratong, no Countdown 2013? Pattaya a sleeping town - or simply lazy officials?
Rats on Pattaya's Beach Promenade
Rats on Pattaya's Beach Promenade

Pattaya Beach Promenade not only is a popular meeting place for Farangs. Rats like to live there too. Everybody can see them, but not Pattaya's officials. They ignore them since many years and give the rats the opportunity to increase their population with every month.
The Miracle Year of Amazing Thaiand
For more information please visit
September 29th 2012:
In 2005 Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar agreed to relax the immigration procedures to attract more non-Asean visitors. They created the Five Countries One Destination campaign. A Single Visa should attract tourists from outside the region, especially from Europe, North America and Australia. During July 2012 Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam launched the Single Visa, but not Thailand. Thailand refused to join the agreement! Thailand fears a loss of revenue from visa fees. According to the Single Visa agreement, tourists have to pay the fee at the country of entry...

September 30th 2012:
Suvarnabhumi International Airport was opened on Sept 28, 2006. It was announced as Thailand's Pride. Today we know it better: Bangkok's airport is and remains the country's eyeshore. Illegal tour guides and taxi drivers are still preying on both Thai and foreign passengers at Suvarnabhumi airport six years after its opening. Bringing travellers from inside the passenger terminal to taxi drivers tour guides receive 100 Baht to 500 Baht per passenger. The drivers then charge fares that are five to 10 times higher than standard fares. As an example, taxi drivers charge 1'300 Baht to 1'500 Baht for a ride from Suvarnabhumi airport to Pattaya where they also receive commissions from the hotels and shops they bring tourists to...

October 1st 2012:
A regional security officer said: The region's lawlessness is still a massive test for all countries in the region, including China. The drugs and other crimes are not going to go away, unless the governments in the region tackle those making the big money - on all sides of the border - from illegal logging, drugs, gambling and trafficking.

October 3rd 2012:
National park officials from Tab Lan are urging tourists to avoid staying in more than 70 resorts and guest houses that are encroaching on park land. Land surveys have revealed more than 100 commercial establishments and dwellings have overstepped boundaries and were built on park land:
Muang Nai Mork, Ban Pha Ngam Resort, Raimoowarn, Raikrissanawarn, Imphuill, Banlek Payai, Bansuan Khunyai, Bantorfan, Jungle Ville, Banrai Ville, Phu Praingam, Rimnam Plaiphu, Banrai Khunphaka, Suansukho, Ban Teppitak, Raihangkhunkhao, Rai Warissara, Ban Kungking, Lalandao, Ban Khun Add, Ban Larnphraya, Lifestyle Homestay, Krua Khwanlak, Bantamfan, Le Cool Resort, Phupha Waree Nutchanart Resort, Bansuan Teparak, Rai Paranee, Inglom Chommork, Kiat-Sarin Hill, Rai Panadao, Kiangmork Chalet, Tonnam Homestay, Taksina Garden, Chomjan Hut, Rablom-Chomdao, Ban Rabianglom, Duen kab Tawan Thai- German, Bansuan Sanguansuk, Bansuan Rimpha, Suan Indra, Suan Phasawarn, Nern Dorkput, Raikafae Wangnamkhiao, Rimmai Rimphu, Suankatechai 9, Tawanpandao, Banrai Khunanan, Tan Tawan, SiriTarn, Nonsee Rimtarn, Rai Fakiangdao, Bansuan Maihorm, Phupruksa, Imok Imjai, Sapsuwarn Homestay, Suan Saproongrueng, Suan Nueng-Nuch, Rai Phupimanmork, Vogue Banlangmek, Ban Phu Areerak, Rai Phunamkhang, Ranpinkaeo, I Ozone, and Nonsee Stake Hut.
It seems that all this resorts were errected over night - or with the help of some very influential officials.

October 4th 2012:
Mouldy walls, leaking roofs and damaged paintwork are the result of a 480-million-baht renovation of the Saranrom Palace, which is used to house the Foreign Ministry. The 'renovation' was carried out by Christiani & Nielsen with StoneHenge serving as a consultant. The companies attributed the shortcomings to bad design and low-quality labourers...
Nevertheless, a senator is luring potential investors from Taiwan and other countries by promising 'Thailand's plus is the availability of a skilled workforce'.

October 9th 2012:
A spokesman from the Royal Thai Police Office told the press that rice millers cheated at least 760 of Thailand's rice farmers with damages estimated at around 307 million Baht. Rice millers under investigation are located in Buri Ram and Phetchabun. The authorities also confiscated about 200 tonnes of rice smuggled into Sa Kaeo from a neighbouring country to sell as domestically produced paddy under Thailand's pledging scheme. Officials from the Public Warehouse Organisation and some level 5-6 state officials supported the cheating.

October 22nd 2012:
Thailand's National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) launched an auction for 3G mobile phone service licences. Nine slots of bandwidth were available in last week's auction and there are only three major mobile phone service providers in the country. Advanced Info Service (AIS, also known as 1-2-call) bid 14.6 billion baht, while Total Access Communications (Dtac) and True Corp bid 13.5 billion baht to win their licences. According to many observers this was a "fake" auction. Compared to similar auctions held for 3G bandwidth around the world the revenue generated from the 3G auction in Thailand is one of the lowest.Thailand's three major operators won three slots each for a bargain.

October 24th 2012:
Boonlert Kaewprasit, a retired general of the Thai Army, said he would have staged a coup by now if he was in a position to do so. The unconvincable general claims Thailand is being run by a puppet government to rob the country. The general's Protecting Siam group is planning a rally on Sunday, October 28th 2012, to Stop the Crisis and Catastrophe...

October 24th 2012:
Pol Sgt Manas Suapho of the Bangkok Metropolitan Traffic Police surrendered himself to the authorities. He was on the run for three days leaving his vehicle behind him with drugs worth about 760 million baht. The police man confessed he had transported drugs about 10 times since 2010 and earned between one million and 2.2 million baht for each delivery. My friend, who is a former police officer at Pracha Chuen police station, asked me to join the drug trafficking ring, he said...

October 25th 2012:
Army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha has warned General Boonlert Kaewprasit and his Pitak Siam group that their anti-government rally on Sunday must respect democratic principles and that protesters must not put pressure on the military.

October 27th 2012:
The Anti-Money Laundering Office (Amlo) has found more than 345 billion Baht was smuggled out of Thailand in the past five years. The malpractice has been around for a long time. The lion's share of the outgoing money was transferred between Thailand and Hong Kong. There were about 10 money laundering gangs operating in Thailand. They serve corrupt politicians.

Last month we published another set of Miraculous Stories from Amazing Thailand.
Fun on Pattaya Beach
Fun on Pattaya Beach
Clean up in Pattaya
The area behind North Pattaya's Tesco/Lotus after a clean-up.
Safety First?
Can be seen on Jomtien's Beach Road daily - since the beginning of October 2012...
Seen on Marine Plaza
Seen on Marine Plaza
Be aware: 2012 is Thailand's Year of English Speaking

Seen at BigC Extra! Central Pattaya.
Inspired by George Bernard Shaw?
Inspired by George Bernard Shaw?
I am watching you!
Safety in Pattaya
Policemen are the biggest risk to personal safety in Pattaya.

Seen on Pattaya Days.
Joke of the Year
The Nobel Peace Prize goes to the European Union...

We award the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences with our Noble Beer Prize: Skål!
Last Month
Las Vega III A Go-Go
Pe Pé Club A Go-Go
Punyapha Place Hotel 2nd Road
SCL Saltlake Restaurant
Skydive Pattaya Soi 8
Tony's Fitness Center
Soi Buakhaow
Smile Rock Girls A Go-Go Soi 15
Robin's Nest Soi Diana
Koyo No. 7
Calif Exclusive
My Corner
Club 23 Soi 8
Name Change:
Tops super
now Tops market
The Avenue Pattaya
now The Pattaya Avenue
Big Event:
Fortune Teller Festival

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click September News.
Free Parking
Parking in Pattaya is free, collecting money is illegal!
Don't pay the unauthorized parking fee collectors at Beach Road's parking area near the entry to Walking Street!
In case of difficulties call Tourist Police (1155) or Pattaya's Call Center (1337).
Do not call Pattaya Police:
It seems that at least two officials from Soi 9 are involved in the scam!
PS: Since mid of September 2012 the entry to the parking area is blocked by heavy barriers...
Warning #1
Do not ride Jet Ski in Pattaya!
Pattaya City Hall doesn't do anything to stop the scam!
Warning #2
Do not sit under a Coconut Tree!
Before you sit down on Pattaya's Beach Promenade please check if there are some coconuts above your head. Dropping coconuts can be deadly.
They kill worldwide 150 people every year.
Warning #3
No Thai Ladies please!
Warning #4
Warning #5
Date-rape drug warning
Latest incidents reported
October 25th 2012: Italian Tourist drugged and robbed!
October 28th 2012: German Tourist drugged and robbed!

According to Pattaya Police, it is common that foreign tourists get drugged and robbed by prostitutes in their hotel rooms.
Be Aware
No parking for bicycles!
At CentralFestival, Mike's Shopping Mall and Tukcom you can not park nor lock your bicyle!
Stop Nuclear Plants!
No Nuke Please!
Never forget Chernobyl, Hiroshima & Fukushima!
Bikers wear Helmets
Real Bikers wear Helmets!
Wasted Money
Wasted Money
Installed during May 2010 along Pattaya's and Jomtien's Beaches but never used!
Wasted Money
During the day pigeons are observing the beach, during the night homeless people.
Wasted Money
Exception: The tower in front of CentralFestival is sometimes populated with volunteers provided by Thai Life Savers. During Sundays a tower on Jomtien's beach is also used by Life Savers.
Silly PitPit claims
I grow my ice in my fridge. I don't need any in the Arctic.
Not yet in Pattaya
Silly PitPit claims
20 years ago I had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope and Steve Jobs.
Now I have no Cash, no Hope and no Jobs.
Pattaya Sport Shirt
Pattaya Sport: I love Pattaya, Beautiful Beach & Walking Street
Pattaya Sport Thailand
I love Pattaya, Beautiful Beach & Walking Street, the shirt claims!
How to beat your debts:
Make new debts!
The USA and the Eurozone do it too!

iExpert™ ©2012
Hi-Tech Toilet!
Hi-Tech too!
Hi-Tech Shower Head!
Technology News
Say Goodbye to Windows!
Say good bye to Windows!
Since October 26th 2012 Windows 8 degenerates your PC and Notebook to a smartphone inspired gaming device.

Must be seen!
The future of glass
as seen by Corning.

Apple's new miniPad
On October Apple presented its new miniPad and, according to the medias, surprised the analysts with the larger than expected '7-inch' display.
All this gurus missed our Newflash from July 2012!
In our Technology News from July 2012 we already announced that Apple's new mini will have a 7.85-inch large display.
Today we simply announce that Apple's minipad is overpriced.

New $249 Netbook from Samsung
New $249 Netbook from Samsung
Samsung and Google just presented their latest Netbook. Its display has a 1366 x 768 resolution and it needs an Internet connection to run the programs. The new computer doesn't provide a harddisk.
It runs on Google's Chrome Operating System, which is a deviant of Linux.
For more information please click here:
The Chromebook
Chrome OS Guided Tour

A blow to Intel
Ultrabook sales are falling short of expectations amid high pricing, says market research firm IHS iSuppli.
Ultrabooks employ solid state drives, which remain far more costly than traditional hard drives.

Samsung's new Galaxy Note II
Samsung's new Galaxy Note II - powered by Google's Android software - is equipped with a new 1.6 GHz quad-core processor that helps run multiple applications faster than the dual-core processor of the previous version.
It allows users to split the screen in half to view two programmes at once.

Low-priced Quad-Core Smartphones are coming!
We estimate that quad-core handsets priced at about US$150/unit will hit the market by the second half of 2013, by the end of 2013 it is likely the price of quad-core smartphones will fall to US$100/unit - or below!
Most of these advanced entry-level smartphones will run on MediaTek's MT6588 quad-core chip and Qualcomm's recently announced MSM8x25Q.

NightWalker's Technology News
Stupid Officials
Stupid Officials
Perfect Officials
Perfect Officials
Isan at McDonald's
Isan food at McDonald's!
Namtok is back at McDonald's!
Namtok Chicken, Pork or Beef is a well-known dish from Thailand's Isan. A few months ago McDonald's launched the popular food in a disciplined version, but still spicy and tasty. After a few month the company replaced it with an unenjoyable Japanese inspired creation. Now Namtok is back at most of McDonald's outlets. Try it! I like it!
Poor people have to help rich people to get richer.

iFarang™ ©2012
Your best investment in Thailand is no investment!

iExpert™ ©2012
I invested in Pattaya
I invested in Pattaya
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Real Apple
Apple(s) too could run aground.
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